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Picture Package is dead? Long live Picture Package!

Many miss the old Picture Package feature from Photoshop CS3 and earlier. But did you know there are several ways to create packages in current Adobe apps?

Photoshop legend Michael Salinero provides several options, including a clever technique that uses Smart Objects to create flexible package layouts.

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Refine Edge = Extract on steroids

So you’ve installed Photoshop CS5 and started looking for that familiar Extract command. You could get it back by downloading an optional plug-in, but why take the time?

The new Select > Refine Edge produces far better results and is way more flexible. Fine detail like wispy hair is quickly captured, often without requiring any touch up. It’s really pretty stunning. If you want to fine-tune the results, however, non-destructive processing lets you revisit things at any time, simply by tweaking the related mask. (In contrast, the old Extract command permanently erased pixel data. Bad news when you want to revert a saved file.)

Here are a few online resources to get you started with Refine Edge:

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Talk to Photoshop

You probably spend a fair bit of your day singing praises or shouting curses at Photoshop. Why not talk directly to the Photoshop team? Here are but a few of the ways you can give your feedback to Adobe:

  • The Photoshop Facebook page, with nearly two million followers, provides tips, tricks, and breaking news direct from the product team.
  • Product manager John Nack’s blog provides insights about the future direction of the product, and explanations about decisions past.
  • Product manager Jeff Tranberry’s Twitter feed tackles thorny troubleshooting issues.
  • Quora provides a compendium of common Photoshop questions and answers.
  • And the Adobe Photoshop forums provide a complete community of product experts, from engineers to evangelists.

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Questions? Ask a Creative Suite pro

Ever wanted direct access to the leading minds of the design industry? Check out Adobe’s “Ask A CS Pro” sessions, online Q & A discussions between Creative Suite experts and everyday users. Topics range from cross-product workflows to deep dives into Photoshop, with presenters like product manager Bryan Hughes and acclaimed trainer Richard Harrington.

For archived recordings of past sessions, follow the Ask A CS Pro page on Facebook.

For notices about upcoming events, follow the Creative Suite Notes page.

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Photoshop CS5 Help goes live

With the announcement of Creative Suite 5, Adobe has posted complete CS5 Help.

Here’s a list of the new features in Photoshop CS5

And here’s information about shared CS5 features, like Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw

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Photoshop CS5: Muscle builder, mother-in-law remover

Adobe is providing some spectacular sneak peaks into upcoming Photoshop CS5 features:


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20 years of Photoshop: A generation of pixel perfection

For insight into the illustrious history of the world’s favorite image editor, check out this conversation with inventors Thomas and John Knoll.

Below, an early critic gets the guru treatment:

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Portable Photoshop training: Learn on the go with new iPhone app

Richard Harrington is a favorite Photoshop trainer who nicely balances a clear, concise style with key details when you need them. He’s a great choice whether you’re just starting out with the app or a longtime user who wants to dive deeper.

Recently, Richard introduced an iPhone app that lets you learn on the go. To learn more about these iPhone-based tutorials, check out this helpful overview.


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Share your content on the Adobe website

A few weeks ago, Adobe launched the Community Publishing System. The CPS consists of an AIR-based application anyone can use to edit and publish content, as well as an Adobe-hosted website for showcasing these customer contributions.

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Adobe forums exfoliated

Heralding the onset of spring, Adobe’s online forums have emerged from their chrysalis shell refreshed, revitalized. Join the conversation here.

Highlights include:
• Single sign on to all forums
• Updated look and feel
• E-mail participation: subscribe or post to threads
• RSS support
• Rich text options: inline images and videos, file attachments, code samples
• Improved search

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