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Photoshop video tutorials, a world tour

Adobe and its partners provide Photoshop video tutorials in several languages. To learn more, check out the following resources in Community Help:







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A smarter Camera Raw workflow

Smart Objects are Photoshop layers that preserve original image or vector data, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different transformations and filtering. Smart Objects are particularly well suited to raw files. If edits in Photoshop would benefit from different raw processing, simply double-click the Smart Object layer to adjust the original data in the Camera Raw dialog box.

NAPP instructor Matt Kloskowski walks you through the process in this helpful video.

For more details about Smart Objects and other flexible, layer-based editing techniques, check out these topics in Photoshop Help:

Layer basics
Layer effects and styles
Adjustment and fill layers
Nondestructive editing (with Smart Objects and Smart Filters)
Layer comps

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Get the most from Community Help

With the release of Creative Suite 4, Adobe introduced a new model for Help content. Community Help provides user comments and expert moderation on the Help pages themselves, along with optimized web searches that focus on Adobe-approved content for each application.

For a visual explanation of all the options for browsing, searching, and filtering content, check out the following content:

Community Help video:

Community Help instructions:

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