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More flexible upgrades from CS3 or CS4

In response to customer concerns, Adobe has improved upgrade options for CS3 and CS4 customers. While subscription plans offer some big benefits for future versions, a lot of users don’t want to make that leap just yet. So you’ll be able to purchase a standard upgrade until the end of the year.

John Nack’s excellent post lays out all the options.

Searching for CS5 content?

Google sometimes favors older CS4 content simply because it’s been around longer. If that’s not what you want, just add “CS5” to any search, and bingo–the new stuff appears.

If you prefer the direct route, here are links to key CS5 pages:

Photoshop Help main page

A rundown of all the new CS5 features

Required Camera Raw reading

One of the most common tech support questions we get is, “Why doesn’t Lightroom recognize my camera’s raw photos?” Or, similarly, “Why can’t I open my camera’s raw photos in Camera Raw?”

Jeff Tranberry answers these questions in his blog Why doesn’t my version of Photoshop or Lightroom support my camera? Read it to learn how to open your files.

Keywords, troubleshooting, and other Adobe Bridge topics

I updated some woefully out-of-date Adobe Bridge support articles this week. If you’ve been looking for info on the following topics or issues for Bridge CS4 or CS5 (as opposed to for Bridge CS2 or CS3), check ‘em out:

Nested and hierarchal keywording | Adobe Bridge (kb402660)

Troubleshoot errors and freezes | Adobe Bridge | Windows, Mac OS (317912)

Manually remove Adobe Bridge (328358)

Manage the cache | Adobe Bridge CS4, CS5 (kb405357)

Camera Raw files appear as generic icons | Adobe Bridge (kb407945)

Clarifying lens correction profile support

We’ve had tons of comments on our knowledgebase article that documents lenses supported by the Lightroom 3 automatic lens correction feature. Many of you see a lens in the list but cannot find the lens in the Lens Corrections panel in the Develop module.

The reason is that there are different profiles for raw vs. JPEG images. For a complete explanation, see the updated doc, Lens profile support | Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS5, Camera Raw 6 (cpsid_84666). (You may notice that we’ve also added Photoshop and Camera Raw support to the document as well.)

If your favorite lens isn’t supported, keep in mind that we will add support for additional lenses over time. To request support for a specific lens, please use the form at

For Help using lens corrections, see  Correct image perspective and lens flaws automatically in Lightroom Community Help. The topic has links to several good community tutorials, too. And for troubleshooting problems with the feature, visit the Lightroom user forum.

Questions? Ask a Creative Suite pro

Ever wanted direct access to the leading minds of the design industry? Check out Adobe’s “Ask A CS Pro” sessions, online Q & A discussions between Creative Suite experts and everyday users. Topics range from cross-product workflows to deep dives into Photoshop, with presenters like product manager Bryan Hughes and acclaimed trainer Richard Harrington.

For archived recordings of past sessions, follow the Ask A CS Pro page on Facebook.

For notices about upcoming events, follow the Creative Suite Notes page.

Photoshop CS5 Help goes live

With the announcement of Creative Suite 5, Adobe has posted complete CS5 Help.

Here’s a list of the new features in Photoshop CS5

And here’s information about shared CS5 features, like Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw

Share your content on the Adobe website

A few weeks ago, Adobe launched the Community Publishing System. The CPS consists of an AIR-based application anyone can use to edit and publish content, as well as an Adobe-hosted website for showcasing these customer contributions.

New sites in Lightroom Community Help

I’m very excited to have added some new websites to the Lightroom Community Help custom search engine (CSE).

First is Laura Shoe’s Digital Daily Dose blog. Laura is an instructor and photographer based in Seattle, WA. Some of her tutorials include Are you clear on Clarity?, which explains the Clarity slider in both Camera Raw and Lightroom, including how to use negative values to improve certain types of shots. Another is An easier way to get your color in Lightroom, which explains how to use the color palette in Lightroom 2. Laura also wrote About your images and the Lightroom catalog, which explains the catalog concept by making an analogy to a public library.

Next is The Lightroom Lab. The writers at The Lightroom Lab, including Scott Rouse and David Marx, aren’t afraid to tackle both technical and creative topics. For example, Converting Camera Raw files to DNG in Lightroom is not exactly a glamorous subject, but it confuses many people and the tutorial explains it well. Using Photoshop actions as droplets in Lightroom, meanwhile, is a clever tutorial about expediting tasks by saving Photoshop actions as droplets so that they’re available from the Lightroom Export dialog box.

Finally, I’ve added Lightroom tutorials from the Digital Photography School. The site offers great photography tutorials, such as How to shoot in direct sunlight and Where is your subject looking and why does it matter?, as well as tutorials about working in Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements. Some of the articles now in our CSE are Working with virtual copies in Lightroom and Warning, don’t make these 5 mistakes in Lightroom, both by contributor Helen Bradley.

Check out the sites, or just read their tutorials when they come up in Lightroom Community Help search results.

Adobe forums exfoliated

Heralding the onset of spring, Adobe’s online forums have emerged from their chrysalis shell refreshed, revitalized. Join the conversation here.

Highlights include:
• Single sign on to all forums
• Updated look and feel
• E-mail participation: subscribe or post to threads
• RSS support
• Rich text options: inline images and videos, file attachments, code samples
• Improved search