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Synchronizing metadata across Lightroom, Bridge, and Camera Raw

One topic that often comes up in discussion forums is how to synchronize metadata across Lightroom, Bridge, and Camera Raw. It’s easy enough, but our documentation hasn’t addressed it very well: Lightroom Help touched lightly on the topic; Bridge and Camera Raw Help didn’t mention it at all. Until now.

I’ve updated the Lightroom topic Synchronize Lightroom metadata with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw to more thoroughly explain how to save metadata automatically, to turn on unsaved metadata warning icons so you know when there’s a conflict, and to resolve those conflicts. And now there’s a link to Save metadata changes to a file manually, too.

I’ve also added two new pages: View Camera Raw and Lightroom metadata in Adobe Bridge to Bridge Help and Work with Camera Raw and Lightroom 2 to Camera Raw Help. The former tells you what to do if Bridge previews don’t update to display metadata changes made in Lightroom and Camera Raw. The latter tells you what to do to ensure that Camera Raw recognizes adjustments made Lightroom, and that Lightroom and Bridge recognize adjustments made in Camera Raw.

On a separate note, thanks to customer Lloyd Sarginson, who alerted me that my explanation of how to modify Graduated Filter adjustments in Camera Raw was incorrect. (That’s what happens when you’re writing on a deadline with beta software.) I’ve updated the page, Apply local adjustments with the Graduated Filter tool in Camera Raw, to fix it.

A smarter Camera Raw workflow

Smart Objects are Photoshop layers that preserve original image or vector data, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different transformations and filtering. Smart Objects are particularly well suited to raw files. If edits in Photoshop would benefit from different raw processing, simply double-click the Smart Object layer to adjust the original data in the Camera Raw dialog box.

NAPP instructor Matt Kloskowski walks you through the process in this helpful video.

For more details about Smart Objects and other flexible, layer-based editing techniques, check out these topics in Photoshop Help:

Layer basics
Layer effects and styles
Adjustment and fill layers
Nondestructive editing (with Smart Objects and Smart Filters)
Layer comps