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Got PSdroid? Here’s your toolkit for bloggers and FAQ-checkers!

UPDATE | 23 November 2009

We have just completed the work to make an English language version of Mobile available internationally for Android and iPhone.

The Android application is now available in every country with an Android Market. The application has also been updated to fix the problem of automatically running in the background. To download the app globally or to patch your application in the US & Canada, click here and point your phone at the barcode.

We have submitted the iPhone version to Apple for approval. Based on the approval of our first version of Mobile for iPhone, we expect no issues with a final posting to the iPhone App Store.

* * * * * * * * * * welcomes news, reviews & feedback from our community!

This is a toolkit designed to help bloggers craft their reviews & stay in touch with online. If you write a review or create a tutorial for the new Mobile app, send us the link, and we will be posting resources on Twitter & Facebook.

Got questions? Tweet them to us at @photoshopdotcom ~ our engineers are standing by to answer your questions, and we’ll be adding FAQ to the bottom of this page.

RESOURCES: on Twitter

–> Look for the hashtag #PSdroid on Facebook

PSdroid YouTube Tutorial

PSdroid Help Page





Looking for FAQ? We’ve decided to consolidate it all under one page, which you can find here.

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