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Why Doesn’t Mobile Quit?

Guest Post by Brady Kroupa

UPDATE | 23 November 2009
The updates discussed in this blog post have just been released, and Mobile for Android is now available globally. If there is an Android Market in your country, you should be able to download the application by clicking here & pointing your phone at the barcode.

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We’re very excited that Mobile for Android, Adobe’s first foray into the world of Android, has already proved to be extremely popular in just a week since its release. We especially appreciate all of the compliments and user feedback.
The two biggest questions we’ve received from users are:
1)  Why won’t your application quit when I kill it with my task manager application?
2)  When will you release Mobile for Android worldwide?
Let me begin by saying: We are listening. We hear your feedback, loud and clear, and we’re working hard to respond. We expect to offer an update to our Android application in the very, very near future that will resolve both of these issues.
First, here’s a brief explanation of what’s going on with the application running in the background, i.e., not quitting.
One of the nice features of the Android operating system is that we can “Auto-upload” images. Users can choose to enable this feature from Mobile’s “Settings” menu if they want new images to automatically upload to when taking pictures with the device’s camera. This feature works by “watching” the images folder. It does nothing more than wait for new pictures to be added to begin an automatic upload. It actually consumes very little battery or processor resources.

The problem is that this service also runs when the auto-upload feature hasn’t yet been turned on by the user. In this case, the service isn’t doing anything, i.e. no photos are being uploaded. The app only uploads when the user explicitly asks the application do so in the “Settings” menu.
Nevertheless, because of a quirk in the Android operating system, Android will always restart a process that has an active service running, even if the user manually kills the process. Such is the case with our folder “watching” service; Mobile appears to automatically restart the service even if the user doesn’t want it to be restarted.
Based on your feedback, we’ll be changing this service in future releases to only run when auto-uploading is enabled by the user in the Settings screen. Likewise, turning off the auto-upload setting will turn off the background service.
Second, we’ve seen a huge demand for Mobile for Android in markets outside of the US and Canada, the only two countries where our application is currently available. We’re working hard with the powers that be at Adobe to clear the path to release the application in every country in which there is an Android Market. We think we’re almost there, so be on the lookout for an international release (initially in English) of Mobile for Android shortly.
Thanks again for trying our app and providing us great feedback. Look for an update very soon.
Brady Kroupa Mobile Engineering Lead

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  • By Eric - 8:17 PM on December 24, 2010  

    I have an HTC Droid Incredible – I downloaded the app and signed in with my account, but it will not find the pictures on my phone.. is anyone else having this issue?


  • By Guy - 4:07 PM on January 17, 2011  

    I have the same problem with my Droid X. It will not find the pics on my phone.