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1 Million Facebook Fans for Photoshop

Dear Photoshop Facebook Fans,

When the Photoshop team began our adventure into social media, I had no idea it would be so much fun. I didn’t expect that navigating these uncharted waters would become my permanent second (night) job and one of the most exciting parts of what I do every day. On July 16, 2009, my team and I took over the Facebook Fan pages for Photoshop and Lightroom. Photoshop had 249,818 Fans and Lightroom had 7,028 Fans. Both pages were created by a former colleague, but there was little direction and no interaction with the members of the product teams.

We quickly realized the power of our Fans’ passion and creativity. Every day you were sharing images, posting comments, making suggestions and asking questions. As product managers, our jobs are to identify ways to make our products better and more useful to our customers. What better place to listen, respond and engage with our customers than our Facebook Page?

We started by asking what you wanted from the Page. We shared tips/tricks, tutorials, presets and anything we thought you would find interesting. You let us know what you liked and what you didn’t.

The Photoshop team used this as an opportunity to try new things. We focused on learning and experimenting without the fear of failure. We shared what inspired us in hopes that it too would inspire you. We shared some sneak peeks of future technologies, invited you to vote on our next Photoshop Evangelist and asked a lot of questions like “What does Photoshop mean to you?”

You responded quickly and immediately and the Photoshop team began turning to Facebook to read your reactions and gain insight from your comments.

A year and a half ago, we didn’t even have goals in mind. We wanted to spend time getting to know you and letting you get to know us. I’m proud to say that the Photoshop team’s objective on Facebook has always been to provide you value and make your experience with Photoshop better. It’s the same way we build our products at Adobe – our customer is our highest priority.

As we celebrate this milestone (1 million Facebook Fans for Photoshop), we thank you for your passion, creativity and participation, and we promise to continue our commitment to making your creative visions a reality. We hope you’ll join us throughout the week for some fun and giveaways as we celebrate YOU. Today, leave a comment below answering the question, “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” We’ll pick 5 random people from the comments to receive a free copy of both Photoshop and Lightroom as a thank you for your dedication.


Maria Yap
Director of Product Management, Digital Imaging

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Happy 1 millionith fan!!!!! I could use an upgrade, lol! :)

    Very nice. Awesome job 😀

    Congrats on the 1 million. Quite an achievement! If I had a Photoshop request it would be to add an option to make the Pen Tool behave and work exactly as it does in Illustrator. Also, why would my school stop offering the Mac version of Master Collection. They tell me I need to use boorcamp to install windows so I can use CS5 but I am an animator and use Maya and Photoshop side by side, so that will actually be a HUGE pain for me. Thanks!

    Congratulations at reaching 1 million! If I could ask for ONE new feature, it would be more of the photoshop tools to end up in Lightroom! I LOVE LIGHTROOM!

    Congratulations on your 1 Million FB fans, although, there is no doubt that there are so many of us othere there that far surpass one million! I want to give a big thank you for the invention of Lightroom as it has changed the course of my life and business. Going into my 4th year of weddings, I had been using a program from the competition. I decided to download LR3 and was astonished when I completed a FULL WEDDING in 3 days, not my average of 3 WEEKS! I have spent more time with my children (a first grader and a fiesty 3 year old) in the last 3 weeks than I did in the 3 months prior. I am hoping to purchase LR for my birthday in 2 weeks as it has given me back the gift of family. Thank you for this amazing tool that has had a profound influence on my family time, I look forward to trying out Photoshop in the very near future as well!!
    Many Blessings~
    Lindsay King

    Happy Million!! I have been a photoshop user back when it was labeled as Photoshop 5!! I love photoshop, and more RECENTLY fall in-love with Lightroom 3! Thanks.

    WooHoo. Love Photoshop and Lightroom. Happy 1 millionth

    Congratulations.. You are the best and you deserve it.

    Congratulations! Pls make calculations of effects and etc. acceleratible by video harware and make smart objects linkabe to outside file so it could reduce consumtion of recources :)

      i like that the photo shop haves alot of pics for me to look at and females :)! yes sir

    Thanks for all the hard work, guys. Your program is the revolution I needed in my teen years. Now I’m heading toward a degree!

    Congratulations on your Facebook fan base expansion! The one thing I would like to see best in both in Illustrator and Photoshop would be horizontal and vertical align center short cut keys.

    Ohhh I have loved Photoshop for YEARS and have done so many creative things with it since it first started.. OF COURSE it deserves to have MILLIONS of FANS.. And Yes I deserve to win.. I’ve been with them since the beginning.. and still loving it today! .. I already have Lighroom …. makes my photos even greater!!

    Wow!!! Congrats! I’m learning how to use Photoshop. Looking forward to checking out all the tips.

    1 million that is so cool. One thing I always liked to see is tha ability to remove mosaics from pictures or that the metedata of the pictures would maintain the original pic of any altered photo. I love burying things in photos and would like more abilities like that. To truly manipulate a photo would rock.

    Party on and keeps rocking Adobe Photoshop

Congrats on reaching the million mark!!

1 Million Strong!

Thumbs-up Team Adobe!!!

Cheers :)

Your product has been instrumental in creating my new “Labor Day” series. Thanks!

Congratulations from the Netherlands with 1 million facebook fans

Photoshop, the way to make life beautiful. Thank you for the creations I can do.

HI! Am I the first one to leave a comment? Would really loooove winning this.

Besos! Bisous! Kisses

love photoshop!!
congrats on the million!!

Photoshop is amazing software and love the FB site. It is full of great information. Thank you!!!

Yay for 1 million fans Photoshop!

Awesome! As a photographer I don’t know what I would do without Photoshop. Thanks a million! {pun intended}


Went from cs3 to cs5, WOW!!!


Well done! :)

Photoshop rocks!!! Love the tips and tutorials you guys put in your FB page, keep it up.

Some people go to bars for fun I PHOTOSHOP :)

LOVE photoshop!! :) Can’t imagine life without it. 😀

Thanks for all of the valuable information you post for us!

I use CS3 on Windows XP.
It wouldbe nice to get the latest CS product.

I like CS3 but wish it would load and work faster on my PC.

Hi there! Congrats on 1 million fans! I love Photoshop and basically use Adobe’s bundle for everything! I really need light room for my new job as a real estate photographer – please oh pretty please!

I love you PhotoShop!!!!!!

Congrats Ps team! Photoshop has always been my first love and what was got me hooked on the entire CS. Keep up the brilliant work!

Hurray Photoshop!!!

Photoshop you my only friend! Where would I be without you.

<3 Social Media! It has been good getting to know you aswell!

Make it more affordable so that more people can appreciate it’s brilliance.

    congrats to the photoshop programmers they’ve released a version with proper updates. gg rotate canvas 😀

Social media is the BEST for business! Congratulations on a million fans!

Photoshop is great for reducing and retouching photos. Can we improve photo enlargement processes? There are several plug-ins available that do this, so why hasn’t photoshop integreated this? Still operating on CS4 so if CS5 has this, please forgive.

include detailed video tutorials INTO the software

Adobe has the best products…period! Photoshop happens to be my favorite with Illustrator coming in second. Thank you Adobe!

Thanks for the wonderful info you provide on a daily basis.. I enjoy all the cool tips. Hope 2 million comes quick. Thanks!!

I would love it if there were some collage templates directly in the Photoshop software. This would be a big timesaver! Love Photoshop!!!!

Someday I will know how to use all that Photoshop has to offer. Now I just need to figure out how to live forever. Thank you for a fabulous product!

Woot! adobe is the best(:

Would be great to win this!!!

    I’d love to see tools act the same across programs in the Creative Suite — IOW have the Pen tool act the same in Photoshop as it does in Illustrator. If a user wants them to act the default way, then perhaps they could set a preference to do so.

    Gratz on the million :)

I’m loving the repousse tool. Fantastic

Photoshop is part of my work, but, more importantly, part of my happiness. When not out hiking or otherwise enjoying the great outdoors, I’m happily tweaking photos I’ve taken to finesse out power lines or litter, or just creating art.

I love this product. I’m happy to know that Adobe is listening to fans.

I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!!!!! pick me pick me!!!

♥LOVE Photoshop!!!

Congrats on reaching 1,000,000 fans! Im glad to be one of them….

I’m a fan 😀

Just love photoshop! I could not do my job without it!

Congrats on you benchmark of a million.. it could easily be doubled.. I love your products and can’t wait to better discipline myself to them. Would love to work with CS5… way to go!

I love photoshop, I use it on ALL my pictures..keep on rocking it Photoshop!!!

    I would like to have Easy to understand color management tools/workflow.

Congratulations. I don’t know what I would do without Photoshop. Keep up the good work.


i am an artist and mostly work with oil but as i am starting to learn more of photoshop im beginning to expand my work with an entirely new approach, photoshop has allowed me to do things with my art that i have never donr before. keep up the great work guys.

If you could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for me? I’d definitely have to say more control when using the filter options. Especially for blurring and the like. I’m currently using CS3, due to not having the money to upgrade to CS4 or CS5. We’ve all been there, lol. Anyway, in using CS3, I’ve had a few problems with getting the blur filters and the blur tool to work as well as I’d like. I’ve also had a few issues with the filters applying themselves to where I want. So, if you could make one improvement for me, that’s what I’d want. Easier and more control over how the filters are applied. Otherwise, I love it. (:

The improvement that I would like is having the selected item stay selected, without having to Reselect each time I do a edit on it.

Hey Photoshop…
You’re the one who helped me making my dreams turn into real…
It’s been many years since I’m in love with you, and I’ll keeping loving you forever…
You rock my world!

Lightroom has been the best thing to ever hit photography since the invention of the digital sensor. Thanks Adobe!

I absolutely love the Photoshop Fan page on Facebook! I loveeee the tutorials, especially. It transforms a boring day into an instantly creative one!

Congrats! Keep up the good work!

Hey, congratulations!

i want 1 😀

I love Photoshop for me its a easy to understand program.

A more affordable price.

it could be putting a chat system on it with a webcast of course to communicate with other artist sharing their masterpiece and exchanging some thoughts for improvement for any piece or project they have.

Many congratulations!

I’m a fannn!

I truly feel that both products are PERFECT as they are!!! I am and have always been a HUGE fan of Adobe products to include my favorites Photoshop and Lightroom! Thank you for all you do and your stellar company! :)

Hello is this where I leave a comment to win?

To answer your question: I think I would like if you could rollover the toolbox and get the quick key for that tool instead of having to click on it to see the quick key. Something for the super lazy folk, like me.

All I can say is that every single fan of the million is well deserved! thank you, dear photoshop-team, for creating the most exciting and versatile creative tool existing!

The one change to Photoshop I would wish for is to have the licensing set the way Lightroom is, so I could switch back and forth between my computers without having to transfer the license.

Love you forever,

One improvement for me would be the option to add a watermak to the photos that were Exported through Bridge. This feature exists for the PDF creation, but not for the Export functionality in Bridge.

This would save a lot of time for me when I would like to send sample photos to clients with the word ‘sample’ on it, or even my copyright watermark.

That would save a LOT of time for me.

Thank you

I have enjoyed using Photoshop for many years. When I first started using it, I only knew how to change the filters to make my photos look like different varities of paintings and sketchings. Now, I am pretty adept at Photoshop. I have created digital paintings that are just awesome and my photos are always cutting-edge. Without Photoshop, I don’t think I would have been able to push my artistic skills the way I have. Thank YOU Photoshop!

OMGosh, how can you improve?!! it’s wonderful.. hmmmm.. I think one improvement for me would be the perfect skin retouching tool. Some kind of tool made SPECIFICALLY for skin to improve the texture and blotchyness ! :)

I want the Lightroom cropping tool in PS!

The improvement i like would be to have a wallpaper of a loved on the Photoshop Work Area within the application. Fanciful thinking, i guess.


I wish that Photoshop could save PNG files in a quicker way (a 4000×3000 file takes too long). For the rest, it’s very good!
Kind regards!

If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?
My suggestion: Make it less expensive. Make Camera Raw independent from PS-Version.

one improvement to photoshop just for me?
that’s a tough question. the more i learn about photoshop, the more i realize i don’t know about photoshop.

if photoshop could only read my mind….like google instant reads my mind, then and only then could i be completely satisfied.


What a great opportunity! I don’t have lightroom yet, but have been really wanting to try it out!

I have CS3 at the moment and would love to have a right click paste feature available on my layer thumbnail. It would really save me a lot of time when I’m building albums for my clients.

I love your posts on Facebook! Keeps me informed and I love all the tips and tricks, and fun stories. You guys rock! What would the world be without Photoshop after all! :)

I am a huge Photoshop and Lightroom fan. I am a web design student at The Art Institute in California and my school gives me access to the software so needless to say I am always at school. Thank you for the amazing software.

I would love to be able to see the action w/ a picture like elements has. Sometimes I forget specifically how that action would look.

Life just wouldnt be the same without Photoshop! I use it for all my pictures!

One improvement that you could make to photoshop specifically for me is that some of the features on photoshop are hard to figure it for beginner photoshop user. If possible try to make features like mask, layer easy to use in such a way that you dont have to choose so many option to get to final result.

Thank you!

I never won anything :(
Anyway big up for 1 million!!! PS is the best!

Photoshop is the best thing since sliced bread.

hiya all i am so glad you got there well done can you enter me in to the draw plz tanya

The ability to easily import files by dragging them into a new psd file. This capability was removed in CS5 where the dragged image/file is imported into the same one. I liked the fact that it opened in a new file.

I would have to say more tutorials within photoshop.

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”

A functional and full-integrated colour-wheel would be awesome!

Lowering the price a bit would help so I can use the latest version at home.

It would be great if photoshop could use the eyedropper tool (just like in illustrator) to select the font of the text you clicked for the Text layer that is selected.

Honestly, I’m positive anything I could think of doing, PS does, I just haven’t learned how to do it yet. 😉

PS…what would I do without you!!!


Thanks so much for all the tips you all provide. In terms of an improvement, it’d be nice to make Lightroom more of a plug-in for Photoshop as opposed to Bridge so that I could incorporate the ease of flow with LR and have the powerful tools of PS at the same time.

I would love to have the option of exporting directly from Photoshop to online sites like Flickr and smugmug as well as social media like facebook

I’d like to see a boundary detector sort of thing for the content awareness Spot Healing Brush. It’s already a great tool, but trying to get rid of elements that are next to a desired element can oftentimes be a little frustrating to remove.

I love CS5. a little improvement to the content aware would be nice but its still an amazing feature.

What an amazing opportunity you give to us to make us look good!

I love Photo shop! Most of the times I can correct my photography blunders with this awesome software! Thanks ya’ll!

Congratulations! Keep up with the good work.

I’d like to see a built in font manager in the next Photoshop. Something similar to Linotype for OSX!

Since I use the bracket keys constantly for resizing the size of the Brush tool,and since my right hand is mouse bound, I would really like to exchange the bracket keys for keys nearer to my left hand, say the numbers 1 & 2 keys.

    You can do that already. Just go into the keyboard shortcuts options under the edit menu and select tools. Find the bracket keys and swap them for another key of you choice. Simple.

I’ve been using Photoshop for the last 8 years, and its popularity is a testament to its incredible abilities. Along with InDesign, I have designed 6 (six) yearbooks for the middle school and high school I attended. I can’t wait to see the first college book I’m working on with the team! Thankyou Photoshop!

If you could make one improvement in Photoshop specifically for me, it would be a better way to mask out the content that you do not want to fill a selection with when using content aware fill.

i really just love love love my photoshop…..susan

ps i would like to WIN

I love Photoshop. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

I don’t think you could make much of an improvement, Photoshop and lightroom are wonderful!!!!!!!

The action recording would have an “autodraft save” feature. Love…Photoshop!

I use photoshop a lot for portrait work and I would really love a high end skin smoothing tool. Not one that makes things look all plastic-like, but a really nice one. I currently use Portraiture plugin with photohop.

Oh dang i didnt answer the question, umm make it so i can mask out hair better

I wish Photoshop would support working in the cloud. It would be really nice to have some my work files available to me anywhere where there is a workstation with a Adobe Photoshop installed. Also, if it’s not too much to ask- I’d like Photoshop to improve its capability to create and tweak 3D objects!

I really can’t imagine anything more from either Lightroom or Photoshop… VIVA ADOBE!

My husband is hooked on Photoshop. I can’t get him away from the computer but he is able to create some amazing images with the software.

Photoshop is THE BEST tool anyone can have if you need to simply edit your photos or produce real art works!! It is easy yet the most complete graphics software!! :) Thanks for the opportunity to participate and hopefully win your AMAZING product!!

Have more up-to-date clip art and backgrounds. I havent used a new version of photo shop so you may have already done this! I’m currently using photo shop 5.0 so its been a while, but I love it and I would love to see what else there is to offer!

If you could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for me, it would be to add more actions that come with the program. There should be more actions that people use every day.

One feature I would love would be a 2 second re-wind on the brush tool so if I screw up at the last second I won’t undo the whole brush stroke just the last 2 seconds worth!

Don’t sell out to Microsoft!!! Oh, and some added tutorials for tablets would be great. :)

Photoshop is the best at what it does, always the choice of Pro’s!, Congrats for the success, all the hard work paid off and continues to do so!

I love photoshop its used everyday for multiply types of applications around the office and home. The software just continues to get better, I wish adobe much Success in reaching there goals….& FYI Photoshop has more than a 1,000,000,000 FaceBookers We’ll soon see!!!

Just saw the announcement on fb for the 1 millionth fan. Congratulations! There HAS to be a few more million out there that haven’t joined (probably to busy with Photoshop).
I’ve been using Photoshop since way back when it was a Macromedia product. I got converted from another COmpany that wil Remain namELess ;D
Congrats once again and here to the next million!

Congratulations to Photoshop …

Photography and Photoshop are creative partners that can never be equalled.

I love photoshop and the ability to completely change a photograph, perform graphic design and just have fun! I wish photoshop would have more filters available (polarizing, etc) just like a camera.

I great adjustment for me would be to make it possible where you can compare several adjustments on a photo all with one click. Meaning, have a key to click and see an auto contract, auto color and auto level example side-by-side on the same screen. Just a thought! :)

Congratulations, Photoshop!

This just proved how powerful and helpful this computer application is. :) More power and keep improving and innovating! :)

Dear Photoshop-Team,

i would love some better suport for graphic tablet users, like a feature were you can set your own settings for each brush or tool.
it would be awesome to see that on ps6 :)

greets sarah

I would love to see a powerful noise reduction tool.

Way to go Adobe! Always at the head of the class.

Woo Hoo-1M strong!!

To have a setting in Photoshop that would allow it to operate more like Fireworks to create vector graphics, and additionally effortlessly allow objects (like shapes) to exist on the same layer in much the same way that Fireworks does.

I think PS does his job really well! Suits me perfectly!

I love Photoshop and have had a blast over the pastyear learning the program and utilizing to make my own publications and edit photos of my kids. I think the only idea I can come up with since I think the program has a ton of easy to use features already would be to make it easier somehow to morph two photos together

I think photoshop earned it hahahahahahahah
Photoshop is SOOOOOOOO !!!!! MEGA SWORD !!!!!
ahhaahahaha LOL 😛

Change the word With Photoshop 😉

It would be great if there were some built in tutorials directly within the program for beginners like myself.

I would love it if you could make some way of projecting a separate space that works with photoshop so I could as I have been asked many times now produces live time art and show it on a projection at art shows. The virtual space in projection would not show tools just the work appearing like a time laps animation but in real time. I have so long now wanted to do live Photoshop art and this if possible would rock my socks!!! if this was possible to show the art produced in another window as it was created without showing the tools and brush it would look so good and make art at gigs partys and gallery shows such a good tool !! 😀

i currently work with cs3 and I love ittttt! please pick me =)

one specific improvement i would like? hmmm….. that one is quite a difficult one as it is really good already especially with the content aware etc… but if i was to say a specific improvement just for me.. it would be to be able to take photos in photoshop and edit them live… say if you plugged in a camera into your pc via usb or a webcam.. then you could take a picture there and then or edit it on the spot :)

I am proud to say that I am a Photoshop Professional. Few inventions in the last 20 years have changed the way we see photography and graphics as Photoshop has. Keep up the good work guys!!

I heart photoshop. It’s totally the best. (and i would heart winning a free copy)

Very hard question to answer…but if I could pick ONE thing for you awesome people at Adobe to improve…it would probably be image re-sizing. I thought maybe I could right click on the image and be able to do it from there. I re-size practically every project to put it on my deviantart website. Thanks again for such an amazing program that gives me confidence to do anything! :)

CS5 and LR3 are two of the most dynamic and useful tools for photography at virtually every level of photography. I love the new features of “content aware fill” and especially the “Tethered Capture” feature in LightRoom 3 in the studio to make real-time corrections to lighting and composition.

Keep up the great work!

If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be

I can not think of one single thing that can be improved. You have everything I need, plus there are so many tutorials out there! I have CS4 and love it and I would love to try lightroom!

I love photoshop…coz i can make my friends look funny

That’s awesome! I’ve been in love with photoshop and their products for years now, and have used them as an essential tool to help my creativity flourish. Clearly I am one in a million of other artists, photographers, innovators, designers, jacks of all trade, and those special few who strive for an excellence above the norm! congrats on your successes and keep up the good work!

I would like the unnatural ability to put cats and dogs next to each other in photos. Thanks.

I am actually happy with Photoshop. I can’t think of any improvement yet. There is a lot I still have to learn, and the additions in CS5 are amazing!

The one improvement you could make for me would be that it would be more affordable. Awesome program, not so awesome price.

Maybe im missing this feature if it slready exists but an Extremely fast way to send an open original image as an optimized jpg to email in one step. Faster than save as, drag Image into a new email etc and send. Other than that, keep up the great work.

I would like a really easy automatic way of putting a watermark or copyright on all of my photos that I immediately post to Facebook. Would save me so much time if I just had to press a couple of buttons or better yet one!

Thank you

The Adobe web site comment/FAQ/help pages have been no help in answering a question I have so I will try here. Does this site,, sell legit copies of Photoshop? Your answer is anxiously awaited. Thank you.

My wife asked me who is more important – Photoshop or she, now she is angry 😉

One improvement would be hard quicker raw processing would be nice.

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”

Put the lens correction back where it used to be in cs4 please :)

I need a way to organize and manage my files as I work on them with automatic backups falling into place without my having to archive and re-archive the working files. I get too many different projects going at once, because of client demand and my interests, and would like to have a program built in to store and backup all my changes as I make them.


Photoshop broke the 1 million Fan mark at Facebook and I am one of them – WOOOHOOO!!! I am really so happy to be a part of the big Photoshop-Family at FB. It makes so much fun, to get to know so many designers, Photoshop-artists and lovers trough your page. It’s just inspiring!

Thank you guys, for sharing your passion with us!

I love to keep updated by you at Facebook!

Yours one fan of more than a million <3


I wish photoshop had a hot key for uploading photos to private websites/blogs/social network sites

I wish that converting vectors in photoshop to Illustrator works in a better way and vice-versa. Need to get vector graphics working seamlessly between this 2 common graphic editors

I’ve been an avid PS user for the last 4 years. I only wish I had more time to learn all the latest features of CS5!

I love photoshop and lightroom just the way they are but if I had to choose 1 improvement that I would benefit from it would have to be pre installed stock images that I could access off line.

I want to thank you so much for your effort.
I would like to get some more detailed toolbar for 3D objects.

Oh Photoshop I love you so much! I think you do such an excellent job already…photoshop branded (not third party) accessories to help people understand and learn the shortcuts would be nice…only I don’t know exactly what that should be. I just keep looking how to make myself faster and faster while editing.

Hey I have enjoyed your photoshop facebook page since the very first time I saw it and started following (liking) it. It brings me so much information, so much motivation and so much inspiration. Thanks for making it what it is!

I love seeing updates and news about photoshop on facebook. i’ve been a fan and user of Photoshop since I was 14 years old, and continue to use it to this day (13 years later) as a graphic designer. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!!!

Congrats on the milestone! So many companies could learn from your social interaction with your clients/users! Keep up the good work!

I love to use Adobe products, I’m a professional. Adobe always provide really useful and easy to use products.

I do not have photoshop, just lightroom. I LOVE lightroom!

The only improvement for me whoud be a smaller price tag for the newest version. :))

If there was one thing I could change about Photoshop, it would be an easier way to make the diecut (rounded corner) frames added to a photo. I have seen at least 10 different explanations of how to do it, but the one i like the best still requires i create a new document to finalize it :(…too time consuming to do to as many photos as I would like.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, and I REALLY hope I win!!!! 😀

Was at the CS5 Creative Tour. And it was truely amazing! Adobe thank you for everything, and keep on creating amazing products.

Photoshop all the way across the sky :)

I really feel, that to add some form of wizard process into PS for new users would be highly beneficial. At first PS to new users can simply appear completely overwhelming, therefore putting a mental block on the mindset of new users.

Yes there are many tutorials etc out there,but a wizard run through showing key steps within a simple design would really promote the abilities of the software and lessen the feeling of the great unknown

Well done on the fan milestone

Andy Johnson

So very excited for this opportunity! :) Creativity is endless.

Before you my life was all washed out… my eyes hurt with a redness that even visine couldn’t get out…. i couldn’t keep myself centered…. there was just not enough light….or sometimes there was too much….
thank you photoshop….

I can live with a computer without the internet, but a computer without Photoshop is just a pile of circuits.

My Wish: make a facebook photoshop app with basic filters, crop, rotate, etc..
Happy 1million fan day!:)

I love photoshop. No!! I am ADDICTED to Photoshop! I have been using it for 10 years now and am still amazed at how many new things I continue to learn and how many things I have yet to learn!

Thank you for your dedication to excellence on behalf of your faithful followers. You have truly made Photoshop a mainstay for photographers like me. I love all the new tips and tricks you share with us.
Thank you again for everything.

Congratulations and love photoshop!

Glad I’m one of those fans! Photoshop just keeps getting better and it’s nice to have them posting new tips and techniques that I can learn from all the time. Thank you & keep up the amazing work!

Have seen the new release in action and would LOVE to have a copy ! Actually, I NEED a copy. The new painting abilities have my tongue wagging to try them out ! Might actually inspire me to get back into digi-painting the way that I should be into it =-D

CONGRATULATIONS!! Pick me! Pick me! I’m in dire need of a PS upgrade!

being a photoshop artist and classical painter aswell, i’d like to see some improvements concerning the brushes. tips simulating different media like charcoal, ballpoint pen, etc. and different paper structures would be outstanding.

Photoshop rulez!! I love it!! Sorry can’t think of anything at the moment. I need to brush up on my skills.

YAY Adobe Photoshop! I HEART YOU! proud to be one in a million!

I was jazzed when I found PhotoShop on Facebook as PhotoShop is my most frequently used and favorite application and Facebook is my addiction…LOL. To have them both in the same place is awesome!

Wow! I just realized i was the FIRST one to comment!…pretty awesome :)

Congratulations to ourselfs and the great work of this team! I just wonder why we haven’t reached the 2 million mark until now… There’s no real alternative to Lightroom & Photoshop!

Moritz (Germany)


I have been following this for quite some time and find it really great to learn all those small tricks that can really help you save a lot of time. Not to mention the other cool stuff that I never know could be done with Photoshop and Lightroom or how to do it.

I am kind of new to Digital Photography, but have been learning to use Lightroom, I find it really cool. Managing, editing and now even sharing, has never been easier. :)

A magic wand selection tool with a sharper & more true selection capability.

I would love to be able to upgrade without the cost :)

I have been trying to learn Photoshop and have given up several times, but I am now determined to learn it. I would like more tutorials on different types of photo projects. Thank you.

Thumbs up for 1.000.000 members!

Photoshop is my life :)

glad to be one of the million

The best thing to do with photoshop is to make it cheaper for private users.

I thank YOU for creating the most amazing software ever to be fathomed into existence! I am going to know it inside and out one day and use it to bring love, hope, light, faith, joy, and happiness to all. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK you!

I really think that without Photoshop and Lightroom, I’d soon be out of business! In a way it’s funny how Photoshop was the one and only choice – and then comes Lightroom and steals maybe 70% of my workflow – overnight! That was really a revelation… And today Lightroom is the Hub of my business. Nothing happens until the pictures been through LR. And Photoshop is the still like the Headmaster of the School. But it’s also changed the way I use Photoshop. Today it’s much more specific editing for web, cutout’s and the like…
But no business without your Business!
And just keep the tutorials and hint’s coming – they’re great!

Congrats on reaching a million fans. I LOVE love LOVE Cs5.

Congratulations Adobe Photoshop for having 1 million fans..
you deseve it.. keep the good work up and we wish you more success..

Easy merging of layers from a project to an other.

Grats! That’s a lot of fans and there should be, love photoshop XD. I use it for web design and photography just about every day it seems. I haven’t tried out Lightroom yet, seems pretty nice though.

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” Can’t really think of any improvements 0_o. Then..that’s not really a problem lol.

Hey Photoshop! First I gotta say that you’ve made the greatest thing ever when it comes to digital painting programs! My own improvement for photoshop would be to add a function which would understand my commands through a microphone. Like when I say “gradient” it selects the gradient tool. It would be awesome! And it would save a lot of time! Hope that I’m gonna win but also that you’ll make this happen! xoxo

Congrats on the mil, PS. This is another step forward in helping artists get the recognition they deserve. We are a creative bunch, and a lot of us have more talent in one finger than Justein Beiber, but we do not make billions of dollars, but we keep on working because it fuels our soul.

Love all the information only have Elemonts 2 so I cannot try all the stuff one day I wiil get a new program and try to follow along.thanks for help.


I just wanna say Photoshop… well all Adobe Products in general are the best of the best what ever xsists in the creative digital world!

If there would be a God, i know he didnt build the heaven and earth at the first day, he paintet everything first with photoshop and illustrator and then he animated it with Ae 😀

The best improvement for me would be introducing oome crash recoverz function like there is in InDesign. Also, option like “unlock all locked layers in seleceted group” in layers panel would be much appreciated for many webdesigners 😉

Congrats and keep up the good work =)

Q: If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?

A: AUTOSAVE!!! i know its only a shortcut away but man would i love it to autocache everything i do so when photoshop stops responding because my laptop sucks it could totally autosave that 6 hour long piece of art every 10 minutes or 10 actions or something! :)

For me it would be very useful if there was an easier way implemented in Photoshop to convert the image into looking like a specific type of film. Fx ilford delta 100 or Kodak 160NC.
Right now im using an external plugin, but i think a lot of people who are used to work with analogue camaras and films would appreciate if the same visual characteristics could be easily accessible in digital photography. Plus visually, the “look” of analogue films are very popular right now in this retro wave, so implementing different types of films in the filters would be pleasing many people.

You guys: “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”
Me: Well one thing would be to win this contest so I can have my own copy. I use photoshop in school, and I don’t think it’s the most updated version. So I can’t honestly answer the question because of that. GO PHOTOSHOP FB FAN PAGE!

Voice activated commands so i could get it right the first time :)

Oops. Didn’t answer your question. Trying to suggest a way to improve Photoshop is like trying improve a Ferrari! But, having just had a chance to experience Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro made me realize how weak PS’s HDR functioning is (albeit VASTLY improved from previous versions). Finding a way to put a more intuitive interface to this feature would be great. (Though at first glance, you guys still knock Nik’s socks off when it comes to removing ghosting in these images.)

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?

I would like better instructions!

I would like a feature, that would repair a photo if someone closes there eyes or does not smile, a tool that will intelligently replace there closed eyes/smile less face to something more fitting to that photograph.

Social networking integration


I’d make it easier to publish books / photo albums.

There is no better product like Photoshop on this planet. Maybe in an other world.

almost forgot! one improvement specifically for me. . . I would like to do borders easier straight from Photoshop as a filter rather than have to rely on an add-on program. Love borders and miss my filed out edges from the darkroom days!

It would be great if you could add in some astronomy-focused tools. Maybe a whole workspace dedicated to Astronomy imaging activities. Including tools similar to what programs like AstroStack and RegiStar do, but built into Photoshop.

The whole Photoshop team is fabulous.

First of all, I got to thank all those responsible for this magnificent piece of software that had change the world of so many people. The introduction of this software had been a crucial part on the evolution of art in the past decade or so, helping millions to achieve their goals and dreams. Adobe and Photoshop achieved a mayor revolution on art and make it more easier to us painters, penciller, inkers, photographers and people that revolve around this industry, to share our crafts with others all over the world. Photoshop had become the vessel for many folks around the globe to understand and love that we do best. Thanks Adobe and most of all Photoshop for making this whole thing more beautiful.

If you could make a change especially for me? How about a couple.

1. Be able to upload to my Facebook like Lightroom (except can I please be able to post to my Business page instead of just to my personal page?)

2. Bring back the automated options that we lost from CS3

3. Add a watermark feature to the default actions that is easily customizable with an image etc.

A ‘doitformepls’ button to get my works instantly.

I don’t THINK this is possible yet, but I would love a batch processing tool to save photos for web. I can do one at a time, but really need a way to do many photos at once with the same settings.

Thank you for everything…I’ve learned so much in such a short time on my own and through video tutorials with

Keep up the good work!
Elizabeth :)

My life would be so empty without PS. Thank you for all the awesome tips/tricks you post on FB daily.

Congratulations on reaching 1M fans!
I don’t have a suggestion for change other than maybe a cheaper version for students and educators trying to get young people started in the creative world. We love all the things we can do with Photoshop!

The latest photoshop is unbelievable. i remember years ago seeing the healing brush demonstrated at a PhotoshopUser conference and wondered how amazing it seemed, but with the latest version you have gone above and beyond even that. photoshop is happily humming away with all my other apps and has been problem free since its installation. Thank you.

It would be cool have an interactive link within the programme to upload directly to the Photoshop or Lightroom Facebook pages :0)

On behalf of your one million fans, I offer up my congratulations on reaching this milestone and want to thank every member of your team for the vast knowledge that gets shared on a daily basis!!!

Adobe and Photoshop are already so awesome that it’s hard to imagine any improvements… other than, perhaps, a unique keystroke which would allow the user to add several hours to the day or slow the passage of time in order to explore and become proficient with all the functionality!

Photoshop is the best program on the planet!

I would like a cleanup tool- something that would detect stray pixels left from editing and either correct them or highlight them for inspection.

I LOVE PHOTOSHOP! I have been using it since Photoshop 5 and I think each one that comes out is better and better! I can not think of changes to make to the program other than maybe making it more affordable! :)

I would integrate better masking tools. Ive seen some third party plug ins that blow away the standard tools, but don’t integrate into PS very well.

    Congratulation to the million fans. I have been with Photoshop since Photoshop 4 cameout, I am still learning but soon I will be 75, and how soon I will upgrade to CS5? that will be a simple matter of luck to win. I would love to have that possibillity.

Make it more afforable! :)

Photoshop continues to blow me away. Don’t know if you could make a change for me. I’m still working on how to use it to take advantage of its many capabilities.

I adore your programs!! Winning these will be fabulous in my situation!!
Keep creating the programs that help the amateur photographers look like professionals!!

One improvement from Photoshop inspires millions creativity for me.. :)

I would like Photoshop to have tutorials for brush making.

As a website designer In Photoshop I would love to have an easy way of measuring objects – like I need to know how long is this box for example … In Fireworks there is the property inspector that tells you all about the selected item – you can even type the size in there to change it. I know that Photoshop works differently but I am missing this feature. Just click and see the size.

Congratulation!!!! I love your posts and i would’nt know how to do my Daily work without PS! thanks 4 all your work!!!

1 million fans isn’t quite enough! I’m surprise dit took this long to get that many fans.

I use Photoshop for digital painting, and, after trying pretty much every other software out there, I can safely say Photoshop is the best for this. So my suggestion would be some implementation of actual brush texturing (an easier way to do it).

Keep up the great work, Adobe!

Yayy! Congrats!!

Congratulations on 1 Million Fans on Facebook and Thank You for such great products over the years.
It’s always exciting to discover and learn new and enhanced Photoshop features and tools.

If I could have Photoshop improved just for me it would talk to me and tell me what I am doing wrong.

I would want the magnetic lasso tool to work with content aware selections.

A combination of PS, Elemaents, and LR. Mid priced, streamlined and less RAM/resource dependent. That make sense?

I have been using Photoshop since version 2.5. Thanks for the tips on Facebook. I can always learn something new.

Congratulations, Adobe! Congratulations, Photoshop! You are the best. And this is the proof! :-))
Your Fan

wow congrats 2 you
and btw i would really like to win :-)

My business and my images would not be possible without Photoshop. Keep up the great work. I don’t know how you keep improving, but you do. Thanks!

my only suggestion for photoshop, would be a nicer integration with lightroom, so essentially a couple more of the tools being transported from photoshop to lightroom as you guys have been doing so and vice versa, making more of the basic editing tools in lightroom more accessible via toolbars in photoshop. other than that i think you guys are doing a great job

And if I could dream some more (while I’m thinking about it).. I think I would find some way to integrate Photoshop with more painterly features.. That would be my dream program 😀 I’m still having to revert to other programs to “finish” my paintings… Photoshop just isn’t QUITE there yet, but I love that it’s almost!! Keep it up!!

OH sorry, and to answer your question on what improvement I would like is: that CS5 has a way batch re-number photos.

I am incomplete without photoshop…, started using it when I was in high school, learned it by myself, use to amaze my frends with the cool effects I used to make using it. And moved on to do a course in the same field also. Every field, no matter what it is… uses photoshop, it is a revolution!! Hats off to Adobe for changing the lives of the people of this world. Thank you so much!!

I’m not sure that I would change anything right now. I love love love everything about photoshop and use it daily!

THANK YOU for photoshop i can’t imagine a computer without it
touch photos , create different life and new level of creativity
thank you for your work and congratz 😀

I love the actions that are available, so I would just like to have more actions built into Photoshop already. Other than that, I love Photoshop and the amazing things you can do with it!

Firstly congratulation on your achievement . I am too excited and hope I win one of Five copies of Photoshop u are distributing.. And also hope u continue this exciting offers and celebration and share photoshop knowledge on Facebook Page

I’d improve photoshop by packaging more resources like templates and brushes. I’ve felt like we’ve been friends since PS3. Congratulations on the Facebook achievement!

Ken and Kelli

Good job! The facebook fan pages make it really easy for me to keep track of updates on my BlackBerry! I’m definitely looking forward to the continued flow of great content: the tips/tricks are extremely helpful!


I’d love to see the variables feature expanded. Specifically, I’d love to see the ability to set color’s as a variable. Then the variable color could be used for fills, text color, borders, etc. Even better would be to take this another step further and have themes that could be interchangeable (where a group of colors could be swapped).

This would be extremely helpful for web design.

I love Photoshop and Lightroom and would love to win! Pick me! Pick me!

I can’t think of anything to improve upon. Hmmm.. maybe the ability to change the colors of control panel to make it more personal? That might already be a feature that I’m unaware of.

Hey photoshop Team !!
you all did a great job with developing Photoshop !
keep on going and bring us even more cool filters and gadgets we need 😀

Congrats on your 1 million fans! I’ve been using Photoshop for over 6 years and I love it. Can’t wait to see what else you all have in store.

Photoshop is the best program on the planet! The only thing better it could just do all the work for me. HAHA! Thats my answer!

Some sort of independent (its own window) brush palette / browser that makes viewing, finding and selecting a lot easier; ( i often forget which preset it’s in, and spend a lot of time sifting through the right click menu)

I LOVE Photoshop! It is my favorite program in the Adobe suite, I would love to win a copy of CS5 so I can create better artwork for my websites that I am redesigning. Keep up th good work PS folks!

Having tipples to make books, cards, and collages that you can go to and can go back and resize if need. So you dont need to buy another thing.

Recently completed (July 2010) a Web Designer Program (with honours). Unfortunately I learned CS3 as CS5 was released during my program.

My comment is that I understand how the industry needs to keep up with changes in operating systems etc. but as a user and consumer, I find it’s hard to keep up with and have the time to learn all the Adobe software programs.

Is there a way to combine some of your programs?

One improvement that could be made is to incorporate more vector building options. That way it would like illustrator but with more flexibility.

I currently own a copy of Photoshop Elements 8 and have no complaints. The things that I would change are already available in the full version so…I guess I would change the version I have if it were possible! Thanks Photoshop for doing such a fantastic job!

The one thing I would change about Photoshop is having the same ease of operation that InDesign has integrated into Photoshop as with text and text boxes. Sometimes its kind of clunky to use text in Photoshop.

A Photoshop improvement just for me? That would be a ‘magic editing tool’… it would sort through all my images and cull the blinks, grimaces, and out of focus shots!

Even though Illustrator and Indesign are the best to deal with typography I would really like it if it was Type Haven in photoshop too :) It’s always kinda tiresome to work with type there!


Oh forgot to answer the question :$ Sorry, I was so excited to be able to participate LOL :$ Uhmmm if there would be an improvement in photoshop for me.. is to have my own copy! LOL so I wouldn’t have to ask my roommate if I can use her pc whenever I need to edit my pics :/ hehehe Anyways… Congratulations on the Million Facebook Fans!! *Cheers*

Thank you for all the tips, tricks and information you put out! I am a faithful follower on facebook and look forward to each new post! Congratulations on reaching 1 million fans and I am proud to say, “I am one of them!”

Love and Blessings,
Judy ♡

To answer the question: “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” I would have to say- that I know Fireworks is more for web but I know that I and a lot of other designers still use photoshop as a primary web graphic creation program, so I would answer by saying, Please make Photoshop more web friendly, and give it more web usability like it started to have a few versions back. Thanks!

As an apparel designer, it would be nice to have a more advanced (err, discriminating) magic wand when selecting segments while working. TKS!


While Photoshop is, and has been, very powerful (and extendable through plugins), that power has come at a price. And that price is usually felt in my wallet through the need to upgrade hardware. I first installed CS2 on the first model of the Intel based Mac Mini. I was able to upgrade to CS4 without a problem, but I did notice a significant loss of speed while working in Photoshop. And now I am looking at having to switch platforms to a Windows based environment just because of the hardware costs.

So, I guess, for me it would be to have the ability to make a smaller more streamlined install (or possibly startup) so that either not everything needs to be installed, or so that components could be loaded “as needed”. This could possibly reduce the amount of memory being used at one time, or the processing power being used by the CPU/GPU; thus making it less likely that a hardware upgrade would be needed at the same time as the software upgrade.

Love love LOVE all your products!! I don’t know where I would be without them. Maybe on PC using Corel? (ewww) Thank again for all your hard work!


I would like to have a save as function that saves a package (ZIP?) with multiple file formats (eg jpg color, jpg bw, gif, tif ..)

Best regards, Mr Per / Norway

We’ve entered an age of almost parallel evolution of computing, portability is becoming as important as power and more people are entering the market with less powerful machines but just as powerful ideas. For the Photoshop of the future, I want optimization. Let’s make Photoshop do more with less, so we can use our system memory for wrangling ever larger raw images from our cameras and spend less of it overhead processes that we’re not necessarily using at that moment.

I think CS5 was an amazing upgrade. I love that you guys went back to square one and looked at all options with the ease of use in mind. I love that you can now set a default for layer styles!!

One thing I would love to see is Command-J duplicating multiple layers and layer groups. And along the same note I would love when I have more than one layer selected and I hit the folder icon – adding those layers into a group.

Thank you so much for all you do!!

Y’all are doing a great job and (with no formal graphic arts training) I learn more each time from the tutorials you and others post. Thank you.

Thanks for such good ideas, keep the good work!!!!

I am not sure this qualifies as an improevment in the software, but the Thing that frustrates me the most is the cost, so I hope you choose me – I so need that giveaway……lol so it would be the cost of purchasing along with easier more involved tutorials that really go from 1 step to the next, even though you michgt think it is too minor a step to put it there. I love photoshop. Thank you. Margie

Congratulations on 1,000,000 fans; here’s to 1,000,000 more!

i just love photoshop i use it a lot for my pic i’m studing to be a photografer and it makes the pictures a lot better

To answer the question, I’d have to say the things I wanted were addressed in the last release. The one thing I can think of for ME would be that the ability to actually blend colors (yellow and blue make green)could be improved some. The color blending ability without having to use the smudge tool or low flow with a regular brush is the one thing I’ve always wanted from Photoshop. Love, love, LOVE the way they blend with a clean brush !!!! Would also love, love, LOVE the chance to get my hands on a copy and try it out for myself =-D

Many thanks for sharing though facebook!! Photoshop is the best tool ever and I just love spending time creating stuff and trying out new things!!!

Photoshop CS5 introduced tone mapping for HDR photographers. However, compared to the crowd favorite for HDR compositing that is Photomatix, Photoshop’s “Merge to HDR Pro” is lacking. I’d really love to produce the same quality of HDR photos Photomatix users can with future versions of Photoshop!

I am taking Photoshop CS5 as a college class this semester and I absolutely love it! One thing that I would like to see improved is allowing the user to hit command z to step back more than once rather than command option z. Simple, yes but I’m so used to with other programs, it would be nice if photoshop were the same!

My suggestion would be Something like pay per feature / ability to buy an “Elements”-priced package and unlock additional “full version features with purchased feature credits.

As an amateur photographer I can’t afford to keep up with all the good stuff in the full version. On the other hand “Elements” doesn’t really do it for me. The result: I am running a version of Photoshop several versions old.

    Oh… and I’m probably using 10% of the features in the full version of PS 😀

I would love for photoshop to have a live collaboration feature.

Not something amazingly advanced, but a simple canvas where two or three of your friends with photoshop can all paint/draw/interact with a photo or a painting in real-time.

An amazingly fun idea for friends, but also a productive one for work.

The client or boss could watch live from London as a graphic artist in Japan begins a concept, it gets added to on the fly by typographer from NY.

A real collaboration of skilled people until the final dynamic result which has gone trough peer-review between each collaborator with no down time. It really would allow for creativity to flow between individuals, and spawn ‘photoshop colab’ communities.

The doors it would open for teaching are also enormous.

That would be the improvement Adobe could make for me. :)

The ability to do most (if not all) image processing in the GPU, such as Lens Blur, ACR, etc.

Congrats on the milestone!! Here’s to the next million!

Wow! Congratulations on hitting the BIG mark! I believe that if it wasn’t for Photoshop, there would be a lot less creativity in the world. Regardless if you use Lightroom or any of the various Photoshops out there, there is something for everyone and every level of art. As for myself, I enjoy the works behind Lightroom and how easy it is to navigate. I enjoy the different presets and love creating my own to work with my own artistic style in phototgraphy. If you could make ONE improvement to photoshop I would have to go with something as simple as it being “user” friendly. lol I am not a “techie” and find it frustrating to use sometimes. The many tutorials out there are very helpful but I just can’t seem to find the time to watch them when I am rushed for time. II have only used Elements twice and find it a bit difficult. I would love to learn more. =)

Again, Congrats on hitting the 1,000,000 fan mark!

If I were given a chance to improve Photoshop, I will make the Environment more organize, so that I could easily find the tools, effects etc. that I will use, because even though I am using Photoshop for 3 years, I can’t memorize the locations of the tools, effects etc. hehe

Glyph support for fonts like is available in InDesign and Illustrator would be very helpful.

Congrats on 1 million FB fans! I love PS and really appreciate the tutorial videos that help me learn how to better use this powerful photo editing software.


I’d like to have the zoom button in a more comfortable place (maybe in the tob bar), easier to pick and use (mouse scroll controls zoom – I’m tired of pressing + and – buttons each time).

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to you all!!!!

I’m a beginner at using Photoshop and Bridge, and haven’t used Lightroom yet, so would be interested to see how it would improve and hasten my photography workflow.


Dear Photoshop: You changed my life about 2 years ago. You took me from “mediocre” photography skills to “Wow!” Thank you for the great products you offer, and for the amazing team of professionals that travel and teach us the tools of the trade! Congratulations on the Million mark. Love, one of your #1 fans, Barbara :)

luvs photoshop<33

Five Years ago I said I will never use a digital camera or a computer for editing. Now I’m Behind the Mac more than the Nikon. Your programs are amazing they take creativity to a whole new level. It so amazing to know that anything You can visualize You can create. I love learning new techniques, unlike so many things we had to learn in the course of becoming educated, This is something that has no dead end and will always be useful. Can’t wait to see where it will go next!!

Since I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop CS1, I have been a devoted user and vocal (unofficial) representative. Keep up the good work.

i’d love to have a more intuitive and easy to use predefined photo filters :)

Hello! First of all, congratulations with the succes on Facebook. I’ve been following the Adobe Photoshop page for while now and I’m always pleased to see new updates pop up! It is a pleasure to read.
Well then. What would make Adobe Photoshop perfect for me? It already has so many things you could only wish for in the past. I guess the only thing that could make me really happy it a special mustache tool. And not one that uses the brush tool but an actual tool just for the sole purpose of adding mustaches to everything, everywhere. I would love a mustache tool. That is all. keep up the good work.

Photoshop rocks my socks off!!!! Keep up the good work!

WOW! The potential and the power of these programs is simply unending. For every possible idea it seems there are many ways to achieve it. Keeps creativity engaged on the design side and the production side. Using both sides of the ole brain. It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve tried other programs, mainly because of financial decisions, nothing compares to these programs. Still wish they were a bit more affordable to the starving artists, but worth every penny paid for the genius.

    I forgot to mention that I’ve been a Photoshop user since Photoshop 5 (yah, I know, that ages me, but I don’t care).

i think it is one of sweetest memory in whole life..being dedicated by best graphic editing software team =)there are no such thing to be said to show the true feeling..

I LOVE Photoshop! I can create an entire fantasy world using just my imagination! NOTHING compares to Photoshop! No wonder it’s been the number one tool used by graphic designers around the world! Photoshop ROCKS!!!!

If I could make one improvement, it would be an easier way to personally organize the different brush strokes.

Boombastic tool !!

Make and iPad “pallets” app that allows me to select tools and change options from my iPad. Things like the color picker would be great with touch control!

For me there are two things that would facilitate my work. One is, if Photoshop could read video in order to correct the frames specifiable without having to export the video in sequence. When saving, photoshop create a sequence in Premiere with the video, and put the frames fixed on the floor above, in the correct place. Other facilities would simulate a website, and when exporting, including the scripts with the effects and text to HTML. Thanks

Hum……what one thing would I want Photoshop to do???? The biggest thing for me is that there are sooooo many things that photoshop can do but you need a lifetime to figure it all out. I wish that that was a simple step by step tutorial that would help us that are a little older to figure this thing called photoshop out! I have Element 6 but would LOVE the new CS5! :-)

I just started taking Photoshop in college,so it is hard for me, I am 45, so it is taking me a little longer to get it, it is truly amazing what you can do with it though.. It would be a blessing to win it and Lightroom for sure, I start lightroom next week, hard when you dont have it at home.. I am excited to know what I am doing at some point. So I cant say to change anything yet, but later when I know it, I will surely let you know…lol Congratulations and thanks for always workin to make it better…and asking for the opinions of the people that use it….

What a wonderful accomplishment! Congrats! I got CS4 this year and have been learning as much as I can. Then they came out with CS5!!!! I can’t wait to upgrade and maybe get Lightroom too, I’ve read lots of great reviews about the two of them! Keep up the good work!

Well, it’s pretty much perfect for me now, thanks for that content aware -option. Thanks.

Congratolationnnnnnnnns i love photoshop

photoshop for student.made for student with cheaper price w/o forgeting the advantage of photoshop from competitors

For the question “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?
Make the Shadows/Highlights feature that is under Image/Adjustments an adjustment layer. Then I don’t have to make my layer a smart object first to be able to work non-destructively.

Because I live is a remote place( to poor to just jump on a plane :) ), where most of what we learn is through the internet your facebook page has been wonderful. I have picked up so much on how to work in Photoshop. Thanks and keep up the good stuff!!

What would the world do without Photoshop?

Don’t have complains about photoshop, its a great tool, although improvement on the selection tool would save me lots of time, instead of selecting with the pen tool all the time

I would love to have Photobook printing facility with adobe..

I make digital scrapbooks using Adobe photoshop & Adobe photoshop elementz. I then go to diffrent photobook printing company to upload and print my creation..

Instead I would prefer to have a one click printing option in adobe itself where i can print and receive the by mail.

One improvement… Include more brushes, different brushes. Each new version has the same old brushes.

P.S. I forgot to answer the question “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” – because I was so into sending my congratulation-wishes *LOL*
Here is my answer:
I wish Photoshop would have a kind of speechrecognition, like: “Use brushes”, “Open a new layer” etc.
That would be so awesome for me. It’s hard to use shortcuts for me, because of my handicap I am just working with the mouse or the graphic tablet. A speechrecognition would be a dream come true!

The idea of being able to directly talk with photoshop professionals is really great! It´s far easier than just writing e-mails to your support. And of course the are the thousands of other photoshopusers, who talk about their problems and give tips. But coming to your question: What I would like in Photoshop is a better integration of the camera raw workflow (just like in lightroom). Though Photoshop and Lightroom are developed with different aims it´s a bit annerving of having to change between these to programms every 12 minutes (depending on what you want to do with your picture). But that´s only a detail. Both products are really great stuff and I enjoy working with them.

I love Photoshop! :) i wish it had a better printing interface and a lot of more printing options

create basic template actions that are geared towards photographers rather than ppl having to buy them from multiple users.

To improve photoshop I would add a ‘blur edge to backround tool’. This would give edges a softer effect and make added layers look as though they are placed in the background to begin with.

If I were given a chance to improve Photoshop, I will make the Environment more organize, so that I could easily find the tools, effects etc. that I will use, because even though I am using Photoshop for 3 years, I can’t memorize the locations of the tools, effects etc. hehe.

Anyway thanks to Photoshop, because of Photoshop I can do many things, and because of Photoshop I can make masterpieces that I can’t make in real life. (I’m not good in Drawing in a canvass, at least I’m good in Photoshop, all I need is my Wild Imagination 😀 Thank You Guys.

Right now I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved because I’m quite satisfied using Photoshop and learning the tools! Amazing!

Create a Shadows/Highlights adjustment layer. That way every time I want to non-destructively use that adjustment I don’t have to create a smart object that can potentially bog down my file size. :)

If you could make one improvement to Photoshop just for me, I would like to see a ‘straighten horizon’ tool that is included on the tool bar so it would be easier to use.

Marvelous… Photoshop rocks as does Lightroom…

oops … so for an improvement I could use …. tutorials on new applications as well as the old and basic functions of PS. These are valuable to me…

Been using Photoshop from the first version, always has, and always will be the industry leader.

I have been using Photoshop for the past 4 years, it’s by far the greatest editing program out there! Congrats on the 1 million fans! <3

Photoshop is awesome, I just finished my college class and enjoyed learning the program so much. If one change could be made for me I would want a whole program reset button that I could easily find and see at the menu bar. I tinker in photoshop so much and with just learning I change settings and tools a lot and wish that with one click somewhere at the top of the page I could have all default setting back for all tools and everything to be put back easily.

I’ve been using various versions of Photoshop for over 15 years so I’ve sort-of grown up with it and love the latest advancements in the Creative Suite series. So many tools now!

I’m having a hard time finding a job. But with an old copy of Photoshop 7 I am able to enhance some of my photographs and sell them on cards. I downloaded the trial version of PS5. Wow! What a difference. What a fablous program!

Congrats on 1 million facebook fans!


I <3 Photoshop!!! Thank you Photoshop team for an awesome product!!!


Congratulations to the Photohop team. I’m new on the facebook page and I can’t wait to discover what your page will learn to me. (sorry if my written english is bad… I’m a french speaking person..)

My answer to the question: “An improvement of photoshop specially for Me”, it could be to use Photoshop elements on more than a computer to view the tagged pictures on my computer also, not just on my boyfriend’s one. Oh, maybe it’s possible and I don’t know how? so my dream will come true! 😉

Keep up the good work!

Congrats! I would like to see more actions for post production work.

Geee….don’t think I could ask for more improvements….You guys are spectacular in all that you do!! Ok, maybe because I don’t know everything there is to know about photoshop yet makes me not have anything to improve, but it’s wonderful the way it is!!! Congrats on the 1 million fans!!

I don’t like how the photos stack together. I am always losing photos I have opened because I accidentally drag them into another photo. Then I have to open all the photographs I have open to find where it is.

Photoshop makes creating and editing a breeze. I use it each day.

I would like to see some type of recovery. I don’t know how many times I get busy working on something only to have something crash…

Photoshop already feels like part of me, so:
A photoshop neural implant that allows me to wirelessly connect to any device capable of storing and displaying digital images and Photoshop them via the power of thought alone.

Two things actually but one is only small so it is not cheating. First I’d really like to see a live preview window in some of the older filters which currently lack one. Second I would love to see a dedicated camera filter like the excellent lens correction filter which simulates camera filters like polarizing and ND filters etc. Currently digital processing just can’t match the results you get from traditional real filters and although there are ways and means of doing this in photoshop it feels a bit clumsy and requires you to use multiple tools and layers to get the desired effect. A one stop filter were I could apply multiple camera lens filters, paint out the bits I didn’t want to use and other such opitions could really speed up my workflow and cut down on the amount of camera kit I have to carry around with me.

Always checking out the tuts for CS5 on FB – its great to be a fan! Not much room for improvement. I’d love a vector drawing tool like Illustrator’s Blob brush though. It’d save me a lot of time jumping between apps.

I would love to have Photobook printing facility with adobe..
I make digital scrapbooks using Adobe photoshop & Adobe photoshop elementz. I then go to diffrent photobook printing company to upload and print my creation..
Instead I would prefer to have a one click printing option in adobe itself where i can print and receive the by mail.

For me, the one improvement that I would like to see is a way to strip out all of the collaboration gadgets and accessories such as Device Central, Bonjour, etc for the many of use that use the application as a free standing one.

Thanks so much for the great software and for helping me feed my family using my adobe software skills. CS5 is a great release. (Adjunct Professor for Design at Begen Community College in NJ and Bloomfield College also in NJ)

I’m not gonna lie…I miss the initial implementation of Extract. It’s not that it’s a hassle to download the plugin, but it would be much better if I didn’t have to do it myself. It’s much faster than using the pen tool.

Great job Adobe!!

Congratulations.. love photoshop!

Fully support 64bit on Mac.

The one thing I would change is in elements I liked how I could use the brush tool more as a selective tool & used it in conjuction with the selection tools, and made life easier for me. I would like that to work in CS4 like it used to in old elements.

Keep up the great work guys! If I could make one improvement to Photoshop, it will be: more options in working with smart objects, vectors :)

Congrats to photoshop on there acomplishment! I Heart Photoshop!

Loves me some Photoshop :)

And thank you, Photoshop! Haha love this software.

Nowwww, let’s get to the winnings of the contest ^.^

Dear Photoshop Wizards,

I want to THANK YOU for creating and marketing such an awesome product! I now look more for Photoshop posts in my Facebook news feed rather than what my friends are up to. The tutorials and tips are very helpful and it always brightens my day when I get to learn something new in Photoshop! :)

Congrats on making it to 1 Million fans!

-Nick Morton

i love photoshop but i find it really hard to teach yourself. im all about manuals not searching help pages!

I’d love to be able to change the color scheme. Gray is good for working cause it’s neutral, but sometimes, just sometimes, I’d like to be able to change it.

I would like to see a good integration between Rhinoceros (3D CAD design package) and PSD, so that you can make and edit quality renderings from in PSD itself. Now it is a hassle, because I have to edit the 3D rendering as a real picture (1 layer). If I can export the rendering to a file with layers, I could do a lot more without having to edit my picture on 1 background layer. This would make the process a lot easier.

Anyhow, hooray for PSD! Congrats on your 1 million fans…

Yeah PS FB page fans! I love the aspect of logging into one place and being able to see updates from all my favorites! I’m currently on CS4, and know that there are a lot of improvements in CS5……

But if I could make one improvement it would be to be able to “Save to Web” a lot easier. I’ve tried creating actions, but since I’m saving the file as a different name each time, I get stuck. I am a graphic and web designer, so being able to save images easier and quicker would be my number one improvement.

Congradulations PHOTOSHOP! I love love love your product….okay, so I still only run Photoshop Elements 2, but it has always done the job for me! 😀 I would love to win that prize of an upgrade. Geez, what is this Wilma Rubble to do if I win it???

Absolutely the pinnacle of photo-manipulation programs. But, as a professional designer, I use it for so many other things, including full layouts, ads, and even some very fine illustrations. Thanks for making the program better and better. I look forward to each incarnation. (deep bow)

Well, I don’t have any realisitc suggestions at this point in time. Im still getting used to CS5 at school, but so far so good. I haven’t noticed as many bugs as I have in other Adobe CS5 programs. However, an improvement specifically for me would be to interpret my thoughts in art. I can think of great deisgns and logos for school, but they never create the way I want them too.
I am fully aware that this is not something do-able, but it would be a an improvement specifically for me, and designers everywhere :)

P.S. Congrats on 1 Mill fans! I love all the videos and questions, its way more fun being a fan of Photoshop than many other things.

Make it more affordable!! I would LOVE it, but can’t afford the price tag!

I would like to have more easier metadata and rating handling (adding/editing) and general rating system that is supported also by other applications.

Excellant software

Photoshop is the way I’ve made my living for more than a decade.
Congrats on the million mark, and here’s to a million more!

Congrats on reaching 1,000,000+ fans. Great product, part of an incredible creative suite. See you at two million!

I would love to win a copy of Photoshop and Lightroom! I graduated in May with a Bachelors degree in Fine arts with a concentration in Photography, and have been working on starting up my photography business since then. Both of those programs would be a great help in processing and editing my images from photo shoots and random side projects. :)

It would be great to see a smaller more compact edition of PS that could appeal to the novice masses. PS is great, but there are many people that will probably never use many of the more complex functions it offers. A basic version of the program could reduce the cost of the program and reach out to a broader customer base. I myself am still learning all of the intricacies of PS5 and would love to see more tutorial videos (it definitely beats spending a mint on a digital photography course at a university)!

Hooray! Congrats!


This is going to sound crazy but the one improvement I would want is, Spell Check I’m always doing homework for my graphic classes and my spelling is questionable at best some times. But I love Photoshop you guys are Awesome keep on making my photos look good, and congrats on 1,000,015 thats amazing

1,000,000 fb fans, a huge accomplishment, congratulations.

I love Photoshop!!!

Congratulations – I could do with another licence!

Love Photoshop would love to have my own copy… I currently use it at work. I enjoy the tutorials that have helped improve and in some ways lightened the work load by helping me to process images quicker and better. Favourite programme

PS, the amazing tool to freak around it.. lots of things are being achieved as a cake walk.. 1 million fans.. sounds great enough!

Forgot to read the last paragraph…

One thing I’d appreciate would be a function to adopt actionscripts from previous versions to the latest versions of photoshop. Always takes a lot of time to build them again – and time’s something you don’t have if you’re working on another guys machine since you don’t own your own PS5 Version!

Again congratulations!
Moritz (Germany)

Photoshop is amazing! It’s what I use to make some money! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Congratulations! Hmmm, I’d like to be able to see a function that allows photos edited in Lightroom and imported and further edited in Photoshop be imported and edited again back to Lightroom containing the Photoshop edits. Hope that makes sense. :)

One feature I would love for Photoshop Lightroom to have is a more advanced cloning/healing tool. For replacing small details a rounded brush does not always work especially if the shape does not offer a homogeneous background. Also when loading more than two cloned areas the software slows down a lot.

Dear Ps Team!

I think a professional 3D support in Ps would be really nice.
Like converting 2D pictures into 3D, and also manipulating 3D images
(I know this will require 3D supported TFT and video card + 3D glasses).

Keep up the good work!


Awesome! I love Photoshop’s facebook fan page! There is always something interesting in my news feed!

I would love to win a copy! Keep up the good work!

Congratz, 1milion fans is incredible!

One improvement to Photoshop just for me. That would be simple, decrease the price. =)

I love photoshop! It helps make good, or boring pictures, great!

Great work guys! A perfect example of how social media can be leveraged by a company to connect with its fans / customers and make a great product even better. The sale doesn’t end at the counter, keeping engaged with us and fantastic customer support ensures future purchases. Kudos and many more wins to come!

For me Photoshop is “Life, The Universe, and Everything”. And if you ask me for an improvement that has to be more typography tools to have fun with.

I would love to be able to select and drop/drag non-pixel layers (ie. adjustment layers) from the layer palette on one photo on to the tabbed photo of another. The only way I can do that now is to change my workspace from tabbed to tiled and then add to each photo.

keep up the good work, no Ps CS6 please, just a few updates

Fantastic…congratulations. I am new to Photoshop and Lightroom, I only scratched the surface using your 30 day trial…hope to really discover what it can do when I can afford to buy it!

Perhaps the text-related features could be made a little more ‘intelligent’ – a la rudimentary wordprocessing programs, making visual/text art with excessive amounts of text slightly easier to work with. Not that it doesn’t get me by even as is, but that would be peachiER.

Congratulations on the 1M fans – quite the testament to your popularity. :)

Photoshop makes me wish I had a more creative side. I daily see the immense power of this software, and find myself wishing for the creativity to utilize it to its fullest. I think I could spend my entire life just trying to learn all of the capabilities this powerful tool has.

Biggest Fan! Enjoy the posts…

Photoshop has changed my life! Love it! (and would love an updated CS!) :-)

I am a Photoshop addict. Just wish I had the lightroom experience as well.

Congratulations !!!
It’s very cool !

Congrats and I have one improvement for you. I’m not sure what its normally called in program language, but you know when you hover your mouse over a button in a program and it either shows the name of the button, or its description during use? Do that to every button in Photoshops interface that is outside the usual constantly used tasks. There are so many buttons in corners of boxes and drop down menus, without descriptions. The only way I find out how to use them is by watching video tutorials, then I forget. Of course for the seasoned pro, a switch could be added to preferences to turn it off, but what about the rest of us newbs? This would not be a difficult addition, but would take some time. Think about it, thx

The one improvement I would make is make the licence cross platform, mac and PC. That way people with a desktop PC and a Mac laptop, or vice versa, won’t be disadvantaged.

Not surprised you’ve caught so many people’s interest. Amazing product with a lot of amazingly talented people behind it. Congrats!

well done Photoshop! 1 million FB fans and counting!

I have used Photoshop for many years and currently own versions CS3-CS5. I haven’t even begun to touch the surface of what all this program can do for you, so each day I learn something new. I not only use it for my Photography but I also use it to create digital Scrapbook pages. I highly recommend this program to anyone! If I can learn it, so can others!

Congratulations! And a big thank you for all the tips and help on your Facebook page. The one thing I’d need from Photoshop is a noise reduction tool that’s more powerful. it’s the thing I use the most in Photoshop. Thanks!


I love CS5 extended and would love to win Lightroom too. Thanks for offering such a great prize.

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”
As much as Photoshop and Lightroom work terrifically together, I often run out of RAM (32bit machine, Win7) when I’ve opened a file from lightroom to Photoshop. If I close Lightroom, save the psd and then reopen PS stuff works… but the resource hungry PS needs some work or information to us to fix it.

I have always loved Photoshop ever since my high school photography class had it equipped on all of their macs. One thing I suppose I would change is adding some sort of helpful navigation, sometimes I can’t seem to find a specific tool no matter how hard I search for it, haha. It’s amazing what you can do with all the tools and your imagination. (: Thank you so much & congratulations on 1 million Facebook fans, I am proud to be one of them.

Photoshop has changed my life.
If you could add one thing for me, it would be free access to great tutorials, such as found on, included with the price of the Adobe software. Perhaps accessible through the Help menu.
Thanks for all you do!

!!! I would love to Photoshop to make Photoshop Software that works for both Mac & PC !!! Would be neat… I love Photoshop!

YAY Photoshop for hitting 1 million fans! Now I am one in a million! I love Photoshop!

I would love for copyright/metadata to sync automatically between editing in LR & PS.

Love your software!

You’ve certainly created the best known software program used today. The name alone is used interchangeably with the purpose of the software, as it’s common to say that an image is “Photoshopped” and not simply edited. Who wouldn’t say they’re a fan of such a program? I can’t imagine being a fan of a word processor, that’s for sure.

i’d like to have my own copy and so learn how to make wonderful things.
Guys you are making wands and magiciens from all around the world use them.
Once again thanks!


Congrats on getting a million fans mark.Much continued success.

It’s really hard to think about what could be improved in Photoshop so I come to the conclusion that I don’t really _need_ anything else, my only personal improvement would be to implement more learning features in Photoshop the idea came while reading the Facebook tutorial you’re posting.

Just enable something like “learning action” someone creates a special effect on a photo/whatever; records it, uploads it and as a new user you can download the file and watch directly how the creator worked and you see it in your own workspace and you’re able to influence the process

So whats left to say, thanks for Photoshop and keep up the good work!

I have been using Photoshop since PS 6 and can’t imagine how we got along without it.
You guys ROCK!!!!

If anything could be changed for me I think it would be some built in video tutorials and also when you hover over an icon it would also tell you its shortcut on the keyboard :) MHO though
Fantastic software

I love using PSE but would love an upgrade to PS even more! :)

Well, what can i say? Photoshop is great 😀
But it would be better if it had longer trial time because college student really doesen’t have enough money to affor photoshop :(
Keep up the good work!

My bread and butter! So keep it coming so my family can eat! 😉

!!! I would love Photoshop to make Photoshop Software that works for both Mac & PC !!! Would be neat… I love Photoshop!

One improvement specifically for me? Hmmm…how about a magic button for artistic suggestions?

I love Lightroom and Photoshop! Almost my entire workflow has migrated from PS to LR except for really specialized techniques. I’d request that Photoshop (or Bridge) could open LR catalogs and have access to the LR version of images for extending what LR can do.

Congratulations Photoshop but we shouldn’t be surprise because this tool rocks, that is why is that popular.

I love all products from Photoshop!! You guys rock.

Congrats on hitting the 1 million fan mark! The only thing I would change is the price…make it a bit more affordable. I finally got CS5 after a long wait and passing up CS3 and CS4…would love to get the latest Lightroom but financially gotta wait a bit!!

CS5 is great! Look forward to Photoshop posts in Facebook.

Photoshop is such a great tool. I think the one item I wish it had more of is filters.

Congrats! Keep up the good work!


Love Photoshop! Especially love the facebook group! It’s great to get updates on tutorials and things! :) Always more to learn about using Photoshop! <3

I would love to have better integration with After Effects. Specifically the layer styles. If there were a specific window to work with the layer styles in AE similar to the one in PS I would be quite happy. Working with layer styles on the layer twirl down is a real pain. It would make it easier to work on docs that were made in PS and brought into AE.

Happy One Million Fans! I would Love this!

1 million…YEAH!!!

Congrats! Love it!

Congrats on the 1,000,000 mark.
One thing I would like to see for me would be different modes, maybe like a simplified mode and a expert mode. Like lets say you open up curves well curves is super powerful and it take a while learn but what if you could go into simple mode
with options like make darker, make lighter. I mean sometimes you don’t have time to tweak every little thing. I know in embroidery software they have the same concept, expert and in a hurry. just a thought, Thanks, Zandt King

Holy comments! It took me forever to scroll down to the bottom to leave my own. But anyway congrats on the 1 million fans! I love photoshop and I’m interested in lightroom!

woooo! congrats Photoshop!! I <3 you! I'm getting my degree right now and hopefully I'll be joining your team in 2 years!!! :)

Congrats on your one millionth fan!

Thumbs up!! Couldn’t live without Photoshop. Hugh fan!

Congratulations! I love Photoshop! I’ve just gotten CS5 and am so excited. I’ve got a lot to learn but your tips and tricks are awesome.

Congratulations to 1 Million Fans! I’m really glad that I can be one of those fans and user of Photoshop ect. because the programs are just amazing!

i would say batch process, watermarking for photoshop <3

Congrats on the success, Adobe! Keep rockin’ on all those fine suites of products!

I’ve been a Photoshop user since version 2.5, and started using LR a couple years ago when I bought my first dSLR. I love both products – Lightroom has been an absolute lifesaver! I’ve been able to toss out several external tools and streamline my workflow (and computer maintenance).

I haven’t managed to upgrade yet from PS CS3 and LR 2, so maybe this feature (or set of features) has already been implemented: I’d love to have tools that would make it easier for me to identify, tag, manage, and batch process my HDR shots. Auto-stacking in LR helps with the identification and management, but isn’t perfect. I’d love to be able to get rid of the external (and imperfect) tools I use to batch generate and process HDRs and stay in LR/PS.

I use Photoshop every day for work and personal. Love all the tutorials you post on FB. I would love to win an upgrade!

Congratulations!! 😀

The Vanishing points. I’m having a hard time with it. But Photoshop is the best program I have ever used!thank you!

Congratulations on the one million! I am only using CS3 so I’m not sure of exactly what’s in the newer versions, but I would for it to be easier to crop to a certain size. A lot of times I have a large picture and I need to make a perfect square of only a certain section, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that without resizing the picture.


Proud to be part of the million fans. Congratulations!!

Wow! 1 Million! Congratulations! I am so impressed with all you do from creating PS with such amazing tools, to reaching out to users on FB! What a nice bunch of folks! Kudos to Adobe!!

1 million is a lot — well done, well-earned. the interest is so great because the software is great. Hope you never lose sight of that! Keep it great!

I like.

1 million FaceBook fans can’t be wrong! Congratulations! I’ve been using Photoshop for about 10 years, since Photoshop v3, and I’m sure I still have a million things I can learn, especially since you keep raising the bar!

When using the polygonal lasso tool, it would be great to have a undo feature that would let you go back to the last point you clicked, as oppose to redoing the selection again.

Great job of geeting 1 million fans. Great products

This might sound odd, but be able to have virtual copies and non-destructive editing in PS like LR. I would also appreciate being able to read the metadata directly from the LR catalog. Actually, if PS would be able to integrate with the LR catalog, then virtual copies and non-destructive editing would be the by product.

In any case, having PS, LR and DW (not to minimize BR), to me, is a photographer’s and web creator’s dream. Thank you for such great tools!

Photoshop. I <3 u.

Oh my congrats! How awesome is this? I hope I am picked. I have helped so many others with my knowledge of photoshop it would be so nice to win an upgraded version of my ps7. I am very grateful for this oppurtunity. Ill be crossing my toes for one of the five wins. But if I don’t win congrats to the winners!

Thanks for all the great tips on Photoshop and Lightroom through Facebook!

I would love to be able to precisely place guide lines by entering a value, as can be done in InDesign. It takes extra steps to zoom in really really close to get accurate tic marks on the rulers to get a precise placement.

thanks Photoshop team! I’ve really enjoyed the tutorials that pop up on the facebook page!


That’s just one million *signed* fans. Believe me, you’ve got millions more. I don’t know what I’d do w/o Lr and Ps.

Thanks so much for all your hard work towards creating awesome programs!

Loves Photoshop!!! Love the new CS5 Features, hopefully I can finally win a copy!!!!!

I would like a little carrot that can be clicked and adds sequential numbers to the end of a file name. Thanks!

My addiction to Photoshop is getting worse everyday. Please help

congrats on your 1 millionth fan!.. yay!.. Photoshop is the BEST and always has been!! Here’s to reaching 2 MILLION FANS!!!!

Congratulations to both the Adobe team and all the over 1 million fans!

Happy 1 Millionth fan we need more & more adobe presents and gifts to say happy 100 millionth fan !! xD xD

Woohoo! 1 million fans is awesome! Photoshop is the best photo editing around.

Eeeeeee! Free photoshop would be lovely to allow me todo some uni work at home rather having to drag myself in each morning and wrestle for computer space!!

If I could make an improvement specifically for me, I’d say making it more affordable would be at the top of the list. Perhaps having price points for varying income levels… Some people aren’t pumping out tens of thousands of dollars worth of designs to justify the steep cost of the CS5 suites.


Congrats Photoshop! Love you like a fat kid loves cake!

I really think it’s amazing already ^.^ The only thing I could really think of…

I do a good bit of layer merging, which usually ends in me retyping the layer name 5-10 times within a few minutes to keep track of everything. If there’d be a way for it to ‘pick’ user created layer names over ‘layer 1’ or such, that would be a nice little improvement!

Congratulations on your cult following … many people benefit from this powerful tool and I am glad to be part of it … keep up the good work!

Gratz with the 1 million fans!
Let it be 1 million more!

One thing I use a lot is ctrlZ for undo (!) and I’d like to just keep using ctrlZ to undo several steps, same as in Lr. It’s an inconsistancy between the two programs that is irritating. However, I do love Ps & Lr, and Lr has greatly improved my workflow – Thank You!! :0)

Dear Photoshop, Congratulations of reaching the outrages number of fan on FB. You have been my companion for the past 10 years. You made my life easier and made my work better. I don’t think I can live without you. I think Photoshop is perfect compares to all other similar programs on the market. But I just hope… wish… the price could be a little more affordable, may be some occasional deals or sales etc.

For Photoshop I would like to be able to filter the dust and scratches without softening the rest of the photo.

for Lightroom I would like to be able to scan from within Lightroom.

Thank-you PhotoShop! You are the Cats Pajamas!

With photoshop, you certainly got one step beyond!!!

Love all the photoshop programs. I appreciate the tutotials. They have helped so much! Just keep doing what you are doing! Thanks!

I’m a Photoshop CS5 newbie and I am BLOWN AWAY at the depth of this program, the possibilities are endless!

Congratulations on all your success and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

Fantastic Job, congratulations!

There is a reason you have a million fans. You have AWESOME products that continue to be cutting edge year after year. Congrats!!

Holy shit, one million!

Awesome job and thumps up from me.

Keep going with the awesome job!

e-publication function directly from Photoshop. Don’t have to be all great as Indesign, but for small, easy to use one.

Congrats for 1 Million milestone. 😉

1 mil – congrats for the great work. Well… for the wish part… I´d love to have transform (+other adjustments: warp, perspective etc.) for smart objects – and still be able to edit the smartobject without the modifications. O_O

Congrats on 1 million fans! Thanks for the chance to win!

I would love to have a database of bitmaps to merge with the new algorithm in order to improve it

I love Adobe! WOHOO for 1 million fans

Along with all the wonderful things that PS4 does I would love to have the brain capacity to remember it all!

I’m very happy to work with your programs…
Every new version is a discovery of what first seemed impossible…

Yay for one million! I love photoshop!

broke dude needs that PS!!
lets do this!!
*crosses fingers*

Congrats! I would love to see a magic tool that cooks and serves food for me while i play in PhotoShop :) Keep up the amazing work on such a wonderful program.

Congratulations on 1 million! I love Photoshop and Lightroom the way it is. I con’t think of a way to improve any better than it is. Great job!

Not only one, Photoshop is millions miles away!

well done! Look forward to getting my free version of PS and LR

Hitting 1million mark is a child’s play. it is evidence of your quality product and how it has changed the lifes of millions around the world. A city built on a hill, they say, can never hide. May God help me to be one of the winners.

Congrats on 1 million fans!!
Love the Photoshop products. Have tried others but keep coming back to the best!!

Congrats on having 1 million fans! I am new to Photoshopping. It was overwhelming at first but the more I learn the more I love it.

i would love to win this, it would be really great

Congrats on making an awesome product, it’s enlightening to work with it for everyone.

I’m in!!

can’t think of much improvement, may be ask that some filters run quicker, but then some are complex and I expect it to take some time?

Keep the tips and tutorials coming. Thanks!

Congrats :) !!!!
I love photoshop, shame i can only use the trail! :(

Congrats Adobe Photoshop You all deserve the fan support that you get. Your products are amazing I love Photoshop and Lightroom I have been using them for a little over a year and I learn something new everyday your facebook fan page has helped me learn alot I really could use the Upgrade and Appreciate all the hard work you guys put into everything. What I would like to see is some nice wedding tutorials on editing =)
Congrats Again

I’m so intrigued by this…1 mil+ fans…great job on your efforts to propel the creative instinct within individuals.

Looking forward to future endeavours from the photoshop team.

I’m using Elements 2 and 6 interchangably. Can’t wait to see what Elements 8 can do for us. Enjoy the programs immensely.

What could be improved in Photoshop for me? Hmmmm…….. I have to say a cross-platform license would be best. I use both Mac and PC, and most of my photos are on my PC as it is the machine I’ve used the longest. One of these days I’ll probably be able to afford a NEW Mac and upgrade to CS5….or 6…or 10 or whatever is current by then.

Thanks, Adobe. Your stuff is the BEST!

The only one improvement for ps and lr would be speed. And don’t change the tools places in every release!

But still, I love Photoshop and Lightroom.

Thank you Photoshop team!


for me photoshop is awesome just the way it is.
im happy for all of you guys!

Woooo Photoshop! I would love it when you use a tool that a pop-up for beginners came up offering suggestions for feathering or other useful things that could be produced with the tool to help make things more clean, and of course you could turn the option off if you were a pro and knew how to do said useful hints.

I work with photoshop since there where the version 5 and it was like “love at first sight”; after all these years I can say that I still growing with it and every upgrade is an opportunity to learn how to do my job better, faster and extraordinary.
Only photoshop can give a magic touch to what I want to express in my work.
thaks photoshop.

i love the way photoshop is…every upgrade always more amazing than before

I would LOVE a copy of lightroom!!! Happy 1 millionth fan!!!

Photoshop and lightroom, all you will ever need

Congratulations. I would say the only thing I would change would be to make photoshop and Lightroom more able to work together in conjunction or at the same time. Maybe you can and I just haven’t figured it out but it would be great to be able to use them together instead of uploading, saving and opening in the next program to do other effects. Congratulations again on the millionth fan!

I love seeing all of your status updates with tips and tricks. :) Congrats on the million fans! :)

Good job Photoshop team. Good luck and keep up the good work 😀

I would make Photoshop easier to use from a beginner standpoint. It is overwhelming for the newer people getting into it.

I would love to be able to switch fonts on and off in PS.

i remember starting out with photoshop 5 thinking it couldn’t get any better, thank you for proving me wrong all these years :)

Congratulations!!! 1 million wow.

photoshop is one of our favorite photo editing tool ever used it for over 10 year. would love to dig into lightroom heard so many great things and possiblity that it offers.
Thanks for such a great giveaway!

Congratulations on 1 million fans. Photoshop… the best thing since the creation of the internet!

As a photographer I love photoshop and I use it every single day and it took me a while to come up with something I would change, but I think having a bar of my most used buttons would be nice. I think there’s a way to do this already that I might not be aware of but I would also like to select a specific color range and change the hue and saturation of just that color range, like say changing an eye color or changing the color of the leaves of a tree, etc. Other than that right now I LOVE this software!!!!!!

Tks for exist! Photoshop is a best software for a best jobs! Congratulations team!

Congrats on achieving one million fans!

Congratulations Photoshop and to all its users and fans. Great products.

I need a copy of Photoshop CS5 :)

Love photoshop it gave me my strength back i was nothing but know after doing certification my life change love photoshop

I would like it to be a little less expensive. I would love to upgrade but can not afford it right now. As for something that I would change about the on the shadowing tools, mine always look like they are floating. Maybe I just need to practice some more.

I love Photoshop it makes my life so much easier. The biggest thing I would improve upon it the price. Maybe make some good sales or something and then I would like to be able to merge without having to retype the name over and over.

Well done on 1 million fans, makes my 20000 look a little weak. :(
The improvement I would request isn’t for you but for my employer to buy me CS5. I NEED it in my life and they won’t stump up. Please take pitty on me and make my year!!
Thanks muchly.

Congratulations!!Actually that is no wonder people become fan of your page there are soooo many interesting videos, workshops, advices going on, I’m trying them time to time.
The best improvement just for me apart from getting my own dedicated copy…:P would be if there would be a section for programming new shortcuts for menu points easier.

So sort of built in record function could be useful too. So if I was doing a demo of a technique to a friend or client then I could record a video of it in photoshop and then save it and to send it to a them. The ability to share it over CS live or import it into Premiere would be great too. It could help to pass on new techniques and allow others to pick up on mistakes and give advice. It would also be a great teaching tool for educators too.

Congrats photoshop!

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” I would love to see the overall Actions function improved, i.e., code and add plugins to Photoshop like ActionScript in Flash and control palette in Photoshop just like control scene with formula so you can change and test the all parameter at a time, not just such in each of the sequences. And YEAH a Million and still counting… 😀

Create an option where photoshop vectorises the picture (even lonely pixels in some cases where needed) in order to be able for the user to enlarge small images as much as he/she wants. Ofcourse the vectorised picture will be huge in size but it will only be temporary so that the picture will be able to be resized.

Also, turn your current default brushes (not the ones that are just a circle) into vectors, cause when I make them larger in order to use them in large pictures, they tend to become blurry and look horrible.

Also one very smart move to do in order to improve my Photoshop expirience would be to buy me a new top of the top computer since youre so concerned about me 😉 I wouldn’t say no to that!

Also you could make a window that would appear in photoshop which would come (by our choice) and show us the newest brushes and helping programs (forgot the term) and install them easilly (not having to download – go to specific folder – paste – etc etc)

As an emerging amateur photographer, I am definitely a novice at Photoshop and have only played with it at a friend’s house. The one improvement that you could make to Photoshop that would specifically help me would be Tutorials built in or bundled with the program. Photoshop is not just a purchase but it is an investment into the quality of my photographs. Having tutorials built in would help the “newbies” without having to spend precious time and money researching for tutorials and training.

With PhotoShop, artistry is only a click away! Thanks PS team for a wonderful product!

AEWWWW Aqui é um fan do BRASIL!!!!!!!
Parabens pelos 1 milhão de fans!!
e tenha a certeza de que existem muitoo mais e que esses 1 milhão gostam muitoooo do seu programa!!!

Congratulations for that 1 million fans!
and be sure there is much more than 1 million how likes your program and that 1 million really love your program! ^^

Photoshop has changed my life. A techy friend of mine and I have had conversations where we agree Photoshop would be one of the top three things we would want with us if we were left alone on a deserted island! My Photoshop teacher used some quote like “you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. You give him Photoshop, and he never needs to eat again!” I LOVE Photoshop. It is like the BIG 64 Crayola crayon box with crayon sharpener on back when we were kids! If I had nothing else to do in life, I could do Photoshop all day long and still not get bored. When I was taking my first Photoshop class, I kept feeling like I was learning MAGIC! Like if I had had those skills in some other time period, I could have manipulated empires with the skills! It is like a magician’s kit…I am in complete awe of Photoshop and I am thoroughly excited to be alive during this time on the frontier and crossroads of so many types of technology: internet, digital photography and HD, social networking, Photoshop and other amazing Adobe products…

Congrats! I read more PS postings than friends now. I want something simple….a spellchecker in text blocks. Keep up the good work.

I use Photoshop CS5 just about everyday and I also use Illustrator CS5 just about everyday. Many, no, most of the times I use both alternately, so I would LOVE to see some kind of interface that would allow me to jump back and forth from Photoshop to Illustrator and back without leaving the work window, in other words: there would be an icon on the menu bar at the top and if you clicked on it, Photoshop magically turns into Illustrator,and vice-versa.
The reason is that I work with dual screen display (the work window on the left, menus on the right) and have to minimize PS, then maximize Ai, then do the same to go back to Ps, otherwise if I don’t do this I have a right screen full of open menus/tabs etc from two different programs one on top of the other! This can and is very confusing and leads me many times to mis-click on wrong window/tab…oy vey!

Thanks for listening!

Congrats for the 1 mil FB Fans and keep on making those superb products!

Wow! Photoshop is pretty great and it’s hard to imagine something better. But that said, I’d love to see more painterly effects for the fine artist. Specifically HDR 32-bit paint that glowed while it mixed with itself and produced a range of light/colors unimaginable before!

Photoshop!! …helping me to make the impossible possible for over twenty years!!!!!!! rock-on!

Improve rulers and guides!

I agree with the comment upthread about being able to watermark images easily for upload to Flickr or other websites. That would be awesome.

Dear Adobe 😉
i think that Photoshop is perfect, but if I could iprove something it’d be only cosmetic changes of UI or somthing like that. For example zooming could be shown as a scroll bar or menu as it is in filters window. Of course it’d be great if PS could get faster, but I undersand that it’s complicated program. Speed is limited by complexity of source code, but it would be rly great. I don§t have any more comments… I just can’t imagine what could be better in photoshop… It’s the best photo editing tool… maybe the best tool ever.

Here´s another fan. Good job!

Congrats PS! Keeps getting better.

everyday i learn something new from using photoshop. Its great that there is always more than 1 way to get it done.

Congrats PS on FB!!!! Keep it up! I love working with Photoshop everyday at my job. Could really use it at home though…

1 million strong, next step world domination :) Thanks Photoshop for a quality product and all the great tips/tricks you provide!

Me = two arms, two legs, two programs. Lightroom and Photoshop are just two more appendages…

Photoshop Rocks! 1 Million Fans and counting!

I would love to see a simple (I mean really simple) single task tutorial for each tool that will aid instructors like me to help beginning students to work on their own in learning the program. I would prefer that it include written directions, illustrations, video/animation that does not depend on previous steps or tutorials. Thanks. PS I would really like a copy to use at home to explore all the new features!

Congrats on the 1-million milestone! Photoshop rocks!

The only improvement I could think of would be a “stencils” tool. Stencils being basically an image that you move around on a layer, but when painted over, only a select area be affected. (Much like the stencils in everyday life.) This would cut down the time needed for multi-layering and duplicating some images.

Nothing could be finer than to get an update anywhere anytime.

I love being a fan of Photoshop on Facebook. I learn so many things.. id also love to get Lightroom! :) Yay!

Congrats, Photoshop! Keep up the good work!

Wow! Photoshop is pretty great and it’s hard to imagine something better. But that said, I’d love to see more painterly effects for the fine artist. Specifically HDR 32-bit paint that glowed while it mixed with itself and produced a range of light/colors unimaginable before!


Well….to be honest….I would like a VERY discounted version for my students enrolled in my publishing class so they can afford more time with the software to become more proficient in it’s use. Something along the line of MS has for office. Get the students in cheap, get them hooked on it, and they won’t go to anything else!

Congratulations Photoshop! Your products are the best! :)


Secondly “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”
PS is pretty much perfect. I guess one suggestion would be for more effects.

Content aware painting…Photoshop reads your mind to figure out what you want to paint and fills it in for you. :)

LR3 is phenomenal. I don’t know if I’d change anything. I like what I’m seeing so far. 😀

You opened the doors to a bi-directional dialogue with your customers, and treated us as respected evaluation partners. No surprise then that your fan-base should grow so strong!

Keep up the good work, Team Adobe.

I would love to win a copy of Photoshop and Lightroom as up until now I have only used the trial versions.
Winning would mean I could continue using the best software since the previous version.

If I could have a feature tailored to me, it would be a floating box that would appear on a keypress which would give context sensitive help depending on the currently selected tool complete with context sensitive keystrokes.

Wow…Congrats PS…its feels great to be the part of that….

Honestly, the only thing I can think of is making RAW conversion more seamless in Photoshop.
I love Photoshop…and would really like to own Lightroom.
Congratulations on 1mil+ fans! You deserve it. Thank you for really utilizing facebook (in a way that the fanpage’s creator didn’t).

If you could make one improvement to photoshop, I would suggest more comprehensive, and easy to use 3D tools. CS3’s tools were great, but CS4’s were terrible, and neither were good enough to do anything super special, like you could possibly do in 3d max.

Granted, I’m not a cad designer, but its really awesome when you can implement 3d elements to a photomanipulation (I’ve done it once with apples on a tree).

Just a thought.

e-publication function directly from Photoshop. Don’t have to be all great as Indesign, but for small, easy to use one.
Congrats for 1 Million milestone. :)

Photoshop has truly changed the way we view designing. Whatever would we do without it!!!

Congrats! Photoshop rocks all the way!

Lightroom rocks…Photoshop rules…it’s rock and rule baby!

WOO I love the page. Get lots of tips. I am completely self taught and still using CS2 to do all my graphic work. I would simply love to win CS5 cause I could never afford it. Either way congrats on a million fans and to those that win the free copies.

Yay, I knew you could do it.


If you could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for me, then it would be to include different actions that could save time and help with creativity. I know there are many actions out there that you can buy and download such as actions for b+w, vintage, etc… I am not that trusting to download other people’s actions however. I tried to download one action and it not only didn’t work, but it messed up my brushes. If the actions were made by adobe then I would have no reason not to trust and love them!!!!

One improvement I would like to see in Photoshop, specifically for me, would be the possibility to make dashed lines following a path in a easy way like Illustrator does. With this minor improvement I wouldn’t need to keep jumping from one software to another, creating and importing dashed lines from Illustrator to Photoshop… All in all it would save me some precious time! 😉
Anyway thanks Photoshop for changing my life!! =D

Great job! Yay!

Thanks so so so much. Photoshop makes my world a fun to live in.

Love Photoshop and congratulation on de millionth fan, what I would love to see in Photoshop is a better way to manage type fonts, maybe a way to save somewhere favorites of recently used, and also a better way to preview them, thanks!!!!!!

Congrats for one million fans every change you made in Photoshop is the one I need!!! Thanks you for your existence, and my life would be much complicated without yours programs!!!

Hi adobe, I love Photoshop !

PS has helped me w/ my photography hobby and expand it to a small business. It helps me give my customers photos a little punch of color, soft light, and unwanted environmental factors with a click of mouse. Thank you PS! <3

Congrats! It´s a real pleassure to be part of this great family

congrats! My dream request would be that I have the option to have mini-bridge automatically collapse after I open images from it, if I want. 99.9% of the time I grab and image and want it closed because it’s covering up my other panels.

And I still remember using PhotoShop ’88 back in the day…

This might seem petty, but I hate waiting for PhotoShop to boot. I’d love an instant on function, perhaps where it continues initializing in the background, but lets me start working right away.

Congrats on this achievement, but please realize it is only a milestone in the journey – 5 million fans is just around the corner.

CONGRAT!!! I only have PSE 7 and could really use a BIG TIME upgrade!!!

Congratulation!!! I love your page, I can found so much tricks and ideas and brushs, and effect and…..
LOng live to you!!!

congrats! (;

I Luv! Luv! Luv! PS!!! It’s truly amazing what one can do with just one program!!! I’m a photo freak and digi scrapper and without it, the quality of my creations would not be the same! Thanx for the chance at a great product! :-)

Yeah! Huzzah for Photoshop. Best $1,000 I ever spent.

Congrats! I love Photoshop and your page.

Hey just wanna say a big thank you to the photoshop teams. Your product has really enriched my life!

I’ve only been using Photoshop for the past 5 years and I am in love with it. And my work flow would not be complete without Lightroom.
Thank you guys for such great software!

Congratulations! Photoshop and 1 million fans awesome!

I really really like the FB pages for PS and LR. As a full-time worker outside the digital photog field and just a part-time hobbiest, it is hard to find time to learn more about your programs. I have really benefitted from the tips and tricks you have shared via your pages. If you could change one thing for me, I would love it if Photoshop had the same type of crop tool that LR has.

Keep up the good work!

Hi, Photoshop is great, a little bloated since approximately version 5 or 6 but we learned to live with it.

What I would love is better integration with InDesign to resize, crop and resample images automatically according to their ID placement and effective resolution. Adding profile conversion and output sharpening would make a powerful tool for high quality pre-press without a need for a 3rd party script or solution (output sharpening is great in camera raw (which is insanely great by itself) but it is a little misplaced – it is hard to integrate it into a workflow this way because you generally need to place and resize images first before sharpening them). Such feature would be hard to sell but definitely appreciated by professionals.

What I would love you don’t do is to make things work differently in PS than in other Adobe products. For example if you add new default zoom behavior you absolutely must work with other divisions to have this feature ready too.

keep up the good work!

What a great program!! Love using it and do so all the time!! Keep up the great work!!

Congratulations! Thank you for all those great tips.

i love PS

You’re millionaires :)

Hello mates,
Congratulations for the 1 million mark!
As a professional i would like to thank all the team for make our work more fluent and to save our time with the development of all the new tools in PSCS5.

Cheers from Brazil.

I love photoshop and would love to have the Lightroom edition..

Hi, I love Adobe too much that I marry you

Hey Photoshop team, this is the actual payback that u got millions of fan and I m proud to b one of them……..


more tutorials for everyone please.

it’s real simple. photoshop has changed my life.
congrats…i know i’ll be around when the “billionth” fan signs on. :)

I love Photoshop!

I would LOVE to have Lightroom! I absolutely love PS & all that it can do!

Congratulations on 1 million fans and an exceptional product.

Think Photoshop is on one of the best inventions ever. What would I do without it!

Congrats PS! Love PS & Ai, keep up the good work! Would love to see some Ai functions intergratted into Ps, like the ability to select mtiple layers at once with just
the click of the mouse

Congratulations!! Love your postings.

Congrats Adobe team!!!! I love you and your products. :)

Photoshop, my favorite companion! And love just grows!!!

1000000 (-> ONE MILLION!!!) FAN!!! That’s great! Thumbs up for the Adobe team! Thumbs up for the Photoshop!!! 😀

I love Photoshop, but this student designer cant quite afford the software

Awesome! Congrats on 1 million!

YAY!!!! 1 Million Photoshop Fans…CONGRATULATIONS!! I’ve been using Photoshop since 6.0 and cannot remember what my life was like before I created my very first graphic. Photoshop gave me a way to take my creativity to places I could only dream of, and for this I sincerly thank you!!

Congrats!!! What an awesome giveaway!!

Photoshop ROCKS!!! Congrats on your fan milestone!

Congratulations Photoshop for hitting the 1 million mark!
As a photo enthusiast, Photoshop had always become handy for me. I loved the Lightroom most especially. I’m proud to be one of the fans! Cheers!

Congrats….how about giving the edit>fade some history states….you know you want to!

Congrats Adobe!

For me, I would love it if all shortcuts were generally set to one-hand control for a right handed person. I can’t use my left hand (ever) and I still haven’t found out a good way to set the shortcuts.

You put so many awesome things into CS5 that it’s hard to think of improvements, so here’s a little one: make the default “float all in windows” – it’s such a pain to have to set that every time. I’ve heard great things about Lightroom from a colleague – hope I get a chance to try it soon.

Congrats on 1 million fans!

Congratulations! What an accomplishment. But, Photoshop is Awesome, so I’m not surprised. If there was to be one thing, I’d have to say make the pen tool work more like Illustrator. Just a tad more… But otherwise, what would be do without Photoshop?

I would have to say that I would like you to add a way to more easily batch edit files…I know that’s vague but hey.


Wow! A million folks can’t be wrong! This is way cool!

I’m McLovin Photoshop.

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” Provide a batch processing tool for the web.

Congrats….I new this would be a smash hit

I like the CR interface and wish some of the tools and adjustments in PS would work more like CR.

Congrats on the million fans! I’m certain that there are many more of us out there.

What an amazing gift!

Congratulations on your millionth fan! I use Photoshop CS3 to create awesome book cover art for self-publishing authors all over the world. I would like to see a simple, one-touch Photoshop feature that would remove backgrounds from intricate designs (such as bare tree branches with sky/clouds in the background). I know it can be done with various tools, step by step, but I would really like to see it simplified. I know it’s a tall order, but if anyone can do it, the people at Adobe can. Thanks for everything!

I am a 20 year old college student who works for minimum wage, and my photoshop trial is almost up! I run a few websites, trying to learn some coding languages by trial and error, and various tutorials online.

Without this free offer, I will be forced to walk the earth without using this amazing product on a regular basis. Eventually i may just shrivel up and die.

I would greatly appreciate a copy of Photoshop, as Gimp in no way compares to this superior product, and, I mastered Photoshop, not Gimp.

Thank you for your consideration of me!

    Alright, I didn’t answer the question. An improvement to Photoshop? I would love a lot more textures and pre-made brushes and things. That way I don’t have to learn to make them, or search online for ones that other people have made, which may very well be viruses.

I am completely thrilled with discovering new avenues of creativity with every use of Photoshop. I am a female impersonator and use the program for enhancing photos for myself and others. If one improvement were to be made, you could add the “Not-Look-Like-A-Dude” button. Because, as talented as I am, I still have trouble turning some of these lads into ladies. Wigs, makeup, and filters can only do so much. Thanks guys for making me pretty for at least the past 8 years. Lol.

Congrats to the team. One million fans and counting….
I love Photoshop and Lightroom but am mostly self taught. I joined in on one of your online Seminars recently which I found really useful, it’s so much quicker to understand things when it’s shown to you. I’d love to see more of these and more recordings of them on adobetv.

One improvement for me would be to completely combine PhotoShop & Illustrator and call it Photostrator! That way I don’t have to swap back and forth between all the open programs on my computer 😉

A million and counting! Congrats Photoshop, Thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work!

my reaction 😀 photoshop ftw!!

I began learning PS back at the end of the last century. What tremendous improvements you have made to make it so user friendly and easy to operate.
Hmmm…one improvement just for me? Give me a quick and easy way to take red-eyes out of photos (no, I didn’t take them…lol!) I’ve always enjoyed the many things that you cover in the tips and shortcuts…Please keep them coming!!

This is a great! Good luck to everyone!

Congratulations! I work with Phostoshop from version 2.0 and its get only beter!

It’s nice to see that someone cares for their customers. Congrats on the 1 million fans on Facebook. You deserve even more!

Photoshop + Lightroom = Best combination there is!

WOW, simply amazing! Congratulations on one million fans. I’m glad to be apart of such a significant group of people!

I’m one of the photoshop fan !!! Gratz on hitting 1 mils fac ^__^
keep growing ~~~~

Many congratulations :). I hope we get to witness 2 million soon enough!

One million subscribers is quite a milestone. Congratulations on this achievement! I really look forward to your articles and enjoy reading them.

I would love to see more integration with the pen tablet. There are pen tablet options available that just don’t seem to work in PS. I would like to be able to control pen tablet options within PS and Lightroom.

I would not have my wonderful career without photoshop! And I NEED Lightroom for shizzle!

Congrats on your facebook accomplishment, but i am sure there are a lot more than 1 million user actually enjoying and using this product.

Looking forward to further achievements down the pipeline.

Best regards

Wow! This is so exciting ! Congratulations to the whole Photoshop Team and thank you guys so much for creating such a life changing tool! lol I seriously could not imagine my life without Photoshop. It has brought so much creativity out of me and in my works. I’m still Learning a lot being a Photoshop user of 5 years. As far as improvements I don’t see the need for any, it’s the perfect imaging tool for me. Thank you guys again so much!! :)

Thank you for the continued encouragement to improve my skills in Photoshop.
If I could have anything new in Photoshop, it would be a smart mask. I would take the lasso tool and loosely select an object and then let Photoshop mask the object with hair and transparent materials included. I know Photoshop can mask objects like this now, but I would like it even more simplified.

Oh, did I mention I would LOVE to be a recipient of your giveaway? No, I did not. ATTENTION INTER-WEB USERS: Gary B. Mahaffey NEEDS some sunshine in my life. Since it’s been cloudy outside, I will have to rely on the fine folks at Photoshop to bring some sunshine to my day. …or at least my photos. THAT IS ALL.

I LOVE Photoshop CS5 and lightroom – I’ve been using photoshop for quite some time, and just started using lightroom – it’s amazing how much more automated my workflow has become! I love that lightroom lets you export with watermarks and it’s so easy! Love it!


Congrats! Photoshop is awesome!

LOVE Photoshop! I have an old version, and could REALLY use an upgrade!!

leaving a comment wishing to be among the 5 lucky people..

I would like to see a procedural base paint splater tool that incorporates various attributes of physics, like gravity (for drip effects), trajectory and velocity, etc… This way one can create unique paint splatters and dripp effects without needing a brush (which presently requires multipl brushes to avoid a repetitive look).

Congrats on the 1 millionth fan!! Photoshop is an amazing product and very powerful LOVE IT

I SUPER <3 Photoshop and Lightroom. Congratulations on 1 mill fans! That ROCKS!
I would love to win :)

Amazing products not surprised to see 1 million fans on Facebook. The world would be a very different place without your products and the good thing is they just keep improving. You help free imaginations and allow us to express ourselfs as well as making quite a few folks well off along the way. Keep it up Adobe.

it feels good to see that so much people likes photoshop. thank you guys for the tips and info about Photoshop. keep going with the good work. thank you.
greetz from belgium


Congratulations to the team!
The most desired improvement for me would be adding an auto save feature!

Congrats to all! Suggestion – Bring back automated contact sheets.

Congrads on 1,000,000 Photoshop is really a great program

CONGRATULATIONS Team Photoshop!!!!!!!! Amazing product – just amazing!
I wish you did giveaways more often :)


PS is pretty much perfect but i miss the auto save

Congratulations, it’s no wonder Photoshop has 1 million fans though, it’s defines its industry. I’ve used Photoshop for years for both work and play, recently I’ve been doing a lot more photography work, so features like context aware fill are very exciting developments. Keep pushing hardware acceleration as well please!

Congrats on the 1M milestone !

Love photoshop! Could so use an upgrade though!

With Photoshop, the wonders of the world come alive and the imagination soars!

My best improvement would be more extended tools for making vector images. I know that for vectors is Illustrator but I don’t like its interface so much (yes, it’s very simillar to Photoshop, but … :) ).

(sorry for my English)

Ok this is a little hard to comment on here from my blackberry but I. Couldn’t pass up the chance! So sorry if I spell something wrong! ;P. I just want to say how much I loveeee ps! I’ve been using cs3 for a about 2 years now and it is amazing, nothing compares!! There is still so much to learn I learn something new almost everytime I load it :) I use ps mainly for graphic design and my photography. I want to say congrÀts on hittin a million, I’m suprised it didn’t happen sooner!!!

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”

If I could pick one improvement it would be a simple tool button add-on that I could click to show me the “Before” and “After” of my working image with the option of saving the two images as a split screen. I like to show what I did to an image and it would be easier if there were a button that allowed this. I offer a Befre/After gallery on my blog and its a pain to save two different files and have to click back and forth between them to compare.

I love photoshop and love receiving my updates on Facebook. Thanks to the tutorials I’ve been able to make faster edits and create templates that I didnt know how to do before. THANK YOU!!!!

I love Photoshop, been using it since 5.5 came out. Love the things that I have done with it over the years
can’t say good enough things about it.

ADORE photoshop! Thanks so much for this awesome tool!

Congratulations! That’s brill. I love photoshop, would love to win this competition as I’m limited to just using it at Uni right now!

It’s great to be part of such a huge and creative community!

Greetings from Germany


Yea Photoshop! It would be really awesome if new versions of PS came with an easy way to automatically turn current actions into LR droplets without having to open them up!

Congratulations on the 1 million Fan mark on FB. :o))

Photoshop is the best, my all the time favorite piece of software! ANd congrats on the fb page, it’s really cool, I like all the links to tutorials and cool stuff, I learned new stuff this way, thanks!

Woot! Uber popularity, congrats!!

I absolutely love photoshop and love the fact that you guys leave tips on FB. Love to have some exposure to lightroom so I can combine the two. Way to go PS team and keep it coming.

Photoshop is amazing… just love it!

Congrats on one million fans! For future PS versions, I would like to see a better collaboration with companies that create PS plug-ins so that the versions of products like Noiseware and Portraiture could be created to be released at the same time, or within a few weeks of the new PS release. Causes MANY issues for people who use these in conjunction with Photoshop every day!! Thanks!

Thanks for the great products!

Great job. Very well done on both Photoshop and Lightroom. If you can provide a link or forum for FAN to discuss and share their works. This would be awesome…Flash animation for tips tutorial is best. :o)

Absolutely my two favorite – and most useful/inspiring – fan pages. Congrats on 1 million!

Just recently became a fan, and I’m loving the useful information that you provide regularly. I am still using CS3, so you may have already made this change. I started with photoshop elements, and in elements there was a paint bucket on the side panel where you could just “pour” your color. I really liked that feature. Also, I liked the action panel where you could see what your photos looked like with a quick click…such as making it look like it was painted with water colors, or pencil sketch.



Congratulations from Brazil! The Brazilian photographer’s are very happy with this 1-million fans and sure that there are much more than just 1 millon, it´s impossible to think about photography without PHOTOSHOP. Congratulations!

Congrats on the 1 million mark! I LOVE Photoshop…the best ever!

WOW! Contrats on this very important milestone!

i would love built-in collage actions. and easier batch edit!

congrats on 1mil fans!

When people ask me(ACA) how to learn photoshop/graphic design, one of the first tips I say is become fans of Photoshop/Lightroom and Illustrator on Facebook/twitter. Thank you for all your help, and here is to another million strong!

The only thing I can think of on how it could help me would be to make both a little less expensive. I have tried the trial version of lightroom, not yet for photoshop CS5, but for someone starting out in doing photography and editing it is a bit expensive to purchase especially when you have a family to support. I know a student and teacher version can be purchased if you are a student. However, if you are not it doesn’t help and if you want to use it for professional purpose it goes against the license for the product so you have to buy the non-student version at full cost. Again it you are starting out it is a bit expensive. Based off what I done with Lightroom 3 during the trial use, I am happy with the product since it seems to be easier to manage photos and now with the ability to add watermarks to them easier to protect your photos when up on social network site.

Congrats on 1,000,000 fans! I’d love to win Photoshop and Lightroom!

One improvement I’d love to see is text flow between paragraph text frames a la InDesign. Otherwise I remain thrilled at the amazing enhancements with each new release. As a graphic designer, features like puppet-warp and content-aware fill allow me to perform increasingly complex and subtle edits, and I’m able to complete them in less time. It allows me to be more productive, which is handy (and financially rewarding) when it’s time for performance reviews.
Getting more, better-quality work done in even less time = one happy camper – me.

I am just delving into photoshop through elements and its been fun and scary all at the same time…so I am not sure yet what could be done to improve the experience for me…but the more I learn, the more I love it :)

Love photoshop!

I’ve been painting in Photoshop pretty much every day for the last 7yrs – it’s the one thing on my PC I can’t do without. I mean, I bought a tablet PC so I could have Photoshop on the go – I love it.

As for an improvement, hmm. I’d just like to see more improvements to the brush system. CS5’s 3d brushes are pretty great and I love the variety of marks I can get, but I don’t know, they don’t seem to perform very well for me. I find myself working with the regular brushes all the time because of the lag, which is a shame.

Congratulations PS , you have become not only my best friend, a reason for my success; but have changed the way a generation and those to come will view the world and recreate it. From a computer program to a noun, a verb an adverb your product continues to inspire the mind and ease the workload. Thank you!

Way to go Adobe! Job well done!

Make a version for Linux :)

The best software in the world reached 1 million fans!!! But I’m sure we are more out there! You just can’t live without PHOTOSHOP!

Congrats on reaching 1 million! The one thing that will help me directly is if you can offer After Effects as part of the Design Premium Suite (although I know it can be added additionally or via Master Collection). I primarily use the programs in the Design Premium for illustration and design, but I also want the option for motion graphics/animation with After Effects. Thanks!

Good Morning Photoshop! I envision an external piece of equipment that plugs into my head and can read the image that has been imagined and recreate that image in photoshop. I know it might be a little far fetched and quite possibly the wave of the future but I thought… what a great idea. It could happen! Thanks for all the tools and making working on a computer exciting and rewarding. Keep up the great work.

some ppl read to relax; i relax & destress with photoshop! congrats on the milestone! i loves me some photoshop! thanks for all the tutes, tips & tricks! they rock!
if you could do one thing just for me…make it more affordable!

I am just learning Photoshop and each new skill I master becomes so exciting. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. I hear awesome things about Lightroom. I would be honored to win it (keeping my fingers crossed)and I would share my creations with the world!

Oh, and congratulations on 1,000,000 fans . . . surely there are more than that!!! Thanks for all you do!

Happy 1 millionth!!! Although my odds are now 1 in a million, I hope I win. I use Photoshop and Lightroom every day and could really use an upgrade.

Congrats on hitting 1,000,000!

As far as improvements go, I would suggest you continue to enhance the publishing options out of Lightroom.

I’m still back in Elements so the upgade would be great. But the thiing I would love most is the ability to batch resize & save for web a complete file of both horiz. & vertical files. Maybe it’s there and I’m just missing it :)…still in the learning curve!!


My suggestion: I’d pay more for LR if it had some of the more critical PS features for photographers. For PS, I feel like I’m paying a lot for design capabilities I have no interest in. PS tiers would work also, with potentially different license keys unlocking features.

Congrats on the 1 millon mark.
My improvement wish would be for Photoshop to have an enlargement function that equals Genuine Fractals.
Winning CS5 and LR3 would be awesome as I am starting my venture into DSLR’s

One Million strong and growing, way to go Adobe!!

Love, Love, Love PS. I like everything about it – I am always learning something new on it! I cannot think of something to add or change – I would just like to upgrade so I might learn more!

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”
Make it easier to navigate and/or lower the price!! I love Photoshop but I have only had the opportunity to use it at school for free and to use the trial version. I just got introduced to Lightroom and I LOVE IT! It’s so much easier. I still need Photoshop but I need to learn more how to use it so that it doesn’t take me a whole day to edit a photo!

Congratulations on reaching the million mark! Really like the information and updates I can get from Facebook For CS5. Keep up the great work; it makes my work a lot easier and quicker.

Congrats on the million!!

Dear Adobe,

I love you guys. Your quality, software, and people are outstanding. If there would be one change you guys could make specifically for me, it would be a simple one. There are many days I use the filter gallery but can’t access EVERY filter in the filter menu and therefore end up closing it out. That one change? To incorporate the rest of the filters (I know this is possible, after all you guys are Adobe) within the gallery so I can easily apply them (without applying one, exit, apply the next, re-open the gallery, etc.) I can honestly say the rest of Photoshop is almost flawless. Every feature I use is easy to access, simple to adjust, and fun to play with. Keep up the amazing work and some day I hope to visit you guys out in CA! :) That would be a dream come true!


i a novice in photoshop so that iwant to learn more…photoshop u rock…

Congrats on 1 million! I’m a newbie with Elements but I’m anxious to work with the real deal Photoshop and Lightroom!

You guys are awesome!

I would really like to have the profiles for my pentax lenses added in lightroom!

not much I can think of to make it better, I LOVE photoshop and can’t imagine life without it! Can you figure out a way to create a photoshop mirror so I can clone out zits and dark circles in the morning.. that would be SWEET!


Congrats Photoshop! I was looking though my old software the other day and came accross my photoshop 1.0 diskettes… I put them in a safe place, can’t believe how many versions we have go through and how far it has come. Have a creative day!

Congratulations. And thank you, for consistently developing the software and providing such an amazing array of tools so that artists and photographers can express themselves in increasingly creative ways. I’m currently a student and falling in love with the programs! Lightroom is a life saver and Photoshop/ Illustrator are such a wealth of tools, the possibilities are truely endless! I can’t wait to try CS5 and Lightroom 3.


Thanks for posting tutorials in facebook! :)

Nothing…I think CS5 Rocks!

Once, I was very surprised that the show are new versions of Photoshop. Prompted the question: what can still be improved in such a good program? Today I am still surprised by new possibilities of the program, and the answer is simple – like in the movie neverending story – fantasy has no limits, so just look at what else might happen!

Thank you Photoshop team! You make my art and photography worth viewing!

Congratulation! ^__^
an improvment especially for me… that would be (don´t know the english words. and don´t know if it changed in CS5)
if I ad more brush-nibs to the list (wich I get with right-klick) I can ad the same brushes again and again. I would prefer it would tell me “Hey, you already got these brushes in the list!”

One million and one! Congrat on the milestone. Feel free to pick me as a winner!

Simple…….there is no substitute.

Whoop-Whoop :) Congratulations on hitting 1 Million Fans. Let the party begin. While I love my Photoshop, I really would love an upgrade to the newest version. Always so much to learn and not enough hours in the day!

Congratulations! It’s tough to think of any more improvements to Photoshop. If I have to choose something, I’d like to see more slideshow options (music, timing, etc) so I don’t have to use third-party options. I know that LR has this feature, does that mean that PS might add it too?

Here’s to the second million! Congratulations to all!

The one change to Photoshop I would ask for is to be able to switch back and forth between my computers without licensing being an issue.

I have been moving around a lot and have finally been able to play around on cs3 so honestly right now I dont know of anything that I would like to be improved. I do know that I LOVE photoshop and yay for 1 million fans!

Love you guys! Keep the tutorials coming!

Congrats! For the one improvement I have noticed lately is that when using the magic selection tool, that there was a way to select one section, then maybe hold down control/cmd. and then be able to select another selection all on the same layer, and the same photo. without the two selections conjoining together for one large selection. Kind of like when you select files individually on the computer, you hold down the control/cmd button and can select them individually, while the previous file is still selected.

That would help me out quite a bit.

YEH 1milion !!
Not bad, but still, adobe deserves more !!

I could use a great noise reducer for those times when I need to use a high ISO.

congrats on reaching 1,000,000!

A Million Thank You’s for the tools to be creative!

2001 I graduated from a film and photography school. I was working with Photoshop 6.0 and I thought I was the most high tech and picture manipulating person on earth!!:-) Well things change and instead of turning into a famous photographer I turned into a mother of my 4 superstars! long story short. 2010 I was wondering what version Photoshop has out at the moment. Maybe Photoshop 14.0….? After educating myself and downloading a trial version of the famous CS5 I am in awww. If I could tell you what I would improve I would already obtain a copy and wouldn’t be in need of Photoshop and Lightroom. Improvement means to increase in value or in excellence of quality. hmmmm you guys set a pretty high standard. I think I have to work with your software a little longer to give you a detailed answer! much appreciation.

Congrats… well deserved. I would love to see RAW images workable with actions, etc right from the start to eliminate the extended process of ACR adjustments, converting and adjusting again. Another would be layers available in ACR (using CS4) to improve workflow and productivity for photo professionals using RAW images. Thanks much!

Congrats on the 1 million fans… what an amazing feet!

gotta love the Photoshop Fan page on Facebook….not to mention the useful informations videos!! Thanks Adobe :)

I LOVE Photoshop! The only thing I would like to see improved is the loading time. Otherwise, it is great the way it is! Congrats on the 1 million fans!

I love your software. I have an older version, I would def love to get a newer one! ONE MILLION FANS!! thats totally AWESOME!!

I ♥ photoshop but I am currently using Adobe Photoshop 6.0. (yikes! I know!)Yet that is how broke I am- I have never upgraded. So for me an improvement would be to make it more affordable.

Sweet I could use it for staring my business!!!!


I’d recommend changing the file size capability for Photoshop CS5.x — I think the limit for PSD files is 2 GB? I’d like to see support for larger PSD file size values in the future.

Thanks! And Congrats!



im a creative designer at a graphic company…
which means photoshop…illustrator…flash…premier…after effect…soundbooth are my career
i get them at my company.
but i wish the master collection could be more affordable to get one for my freelancing use.. i love designing :)

the best thing to have added for me on a photo shop version…
a help link on each item in each dropdown menu and each option on the photoshop maybe in a pop up small window
… explaining in brief how and when this option is used in a 1-2-3 steps
exactly like in illustrator for the “live paint bucket” tool
i wish to find that kind of help with the rest of tools, masks, adjustments, effects and every thing..
maybe short vedio tutorials as to show why does every option exist to get the main idea for these options.. and the best use for it..
photoshop and all the adobe products are my life… period

An improvement I would like for my use would be a tool which helps with selection of an object within a photo. For instance, when I select an object within a photo using the lasso or marquee tools, my selection is sometime off where I want it to be. This occurs especially in portraits when working with hair and trying to select around
The hair. My tool would allow for easier selection on small details such as hair strands. Congrats on 1,000,000!

Congrats! and THANKS!


Congratulations on your million. Photoshop has revitalised photography and changed our way of working. It’s been a revolution and a revelation.

MORE brush styles& cutter tool shapes. PHOTOSHOP ROCKS!

1,000,000, awesome! Well, considering I’m still on Photoshop 7…I may be a little behind the times here. I would like to see an “export to…” function. Export to Flickr, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.

Also, maybe include the print publishing tools that I understand are bundled with Lightroom. I wold love to be able to create a nice photo book directly from Photoshop.

Thanks for the opportunity!

LOVE Photoshop! Happy One Million then some…..!

Congrats! Love the product!

Make it cheaper! lol

CONGRATULATION!!!!!! See You in another milion :)

Congrats! You guys really deserve it. Photoshop has made my life a lot more interesting and fun. Photomanipulation has become one of my main hobbies!

If you could make it any better…I would just say to make it cheaper xD

I want to see HDR improved to get every bit of shadow/highlight detail out of a straight photo, and a really good, easier way to profile lenses that aren’t necessarily just the high end cameras makers’ lenses.

Wow thats amazing! Love your work!

Hard to imagine digital photography without photoshop, keep it up

I love PS Products. I currently am using PSE 8 and still learning my way around, but, I sure would love a copy of CS5 (or current) or Lightroom.

When I go home after work I miss Photoshop!
Thanks for that and Congratulations Adobe!!! :)

Congratulations!! that’s a lot of fans but not surprising, photoshop is the best :) An improvement… Make Camera Raw separate from Photoshop.

One way you could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for ME, would be to add an “Automatic Resizing Button” each for the various major social networking sites.

Congratulations to all you Photoshoppers!! You make it Easy! Can you make the CS series more affordable for us impoverished people? Thanks – Love ya!!

Happy to see the 1,000,000 passed and heres to millions more to join

First off, congratulations on such a superior product and on having 1 million Facebook fans!! Awesome!! To answer your question, first off I haven’t used my Photoshop in a while due to some computer issues and the fact that I could REALLY use an upgrade (I’m still working with CS3!!) So for me, the latest version and some great tutorials is what I need!

I could definitely use lightroom for my photography! I love Photo Shop and all of the great things that can be done with it.

Congrats! What a great way to work on product improvement. I would love for soft proofing to be easier. Maybe with a way for print labs to become a more integral part of the editing process.

Hi, Photoshop folks! I love the way you interact now with PS users, that’s great! One thing I would love to have is a better way to view and keep brushes organised. I would love to make groups with them and delete them one by one or as a group with one click or push of a button.
But I love Photoshop A LOT!!! :)

I love Photoshop! I am still a newbie to most of it and am trying to teach myself. So I would have to say the one thing I would improve would be adding some “how to guides” or videos built in. Trying to find good free how to guides is a pain at times.

Congratulations on 1 million fans! An improvment specifically for ME? I already create actions for frequent tasks. There may already be a way to do this, but I just don’t know how, but I would love a way to automatically restore an old photo, rather than zooming in up close and using the clone stamp to fill in scratches, etc… I would LOVE to win a copy of PhotoShop AND Lightroom!!!

I am addicted to Photoshop, thank you guys, the best addiction ever :-)
The one thing you could change for me, make my pc Photoshop version useable for a MAC!

I’ll echo previous sentiments about cost and would offer a wish for even greater integration between Photosho and Lightroom. Keep up the good work!!

congrats on the 1 million fans on face book 😀
who would use photoshop and wont fall in love with digital art and ofcourse become a fan!! :)

the photoshop products have changed my life .I knew what i wanted to do but didnt have a clue how to do it until i used photoshop ,ive used the elements that came with my camera i was intoduced to photoshop that way ,i loved this product .Then s friend gave me Photoshop cs3 and wow , i loved it eevn more .Now ive tried lightroom and im in love again .I dont think id want to work without ur products now that ive had the privlidge of useing them . Thanks keep em comming !

My random congrats message :)

Congratulations! If I could have one tool it would be improved masks. I’d like to be able to do more with masks – feather them, apply filters etc.

Congrats on this milestone!!

If Photoshop could make one improvement specifically for ME, it would be to add a selective color adjustment layer for Photoshop ELEMENTS. I can’t afford CS and feel like I’m missing some really important tools. Curves, selective color, and CMYK…

I hope I win!!

Thanks for such great software!

Congrats! Looking forward to learning more from fellow users!

I use Lightroom as a Freelance Photographer and could you combine some tools from Photoshop to the Lightroom? (i use photoshop for some more little adjustments and to put my “watermark” or my “signature”). And why not make a portable “FULL” version of both Photoshop & Lightroom because not all of has have plenty of money to buy new hard drives (my laptop is only 60GB and my external HDD is only 160GB and both are almost full). Thanks again to you guys! More power, more creativity!

If you could improve one thing about photoshop for ME it would be that if a client purchased photoshop within a year and during that time there were an upgrade to photoshop, if their computer crashed they would be able to get another copy without paying for the upgraded price. Or that one could just upgrade photoshop and not have to upgrade the entire suite. Just a personal annoyance that I recently had to encounter!

I think I NEED Photoshop after reading the comments from everyone :)

Congrats on 1 Million fans! If I could have one improvement in Photoshop, I would make the brush tool in Liquify able to be used at larger sizes. Also, when using the brackets on the keyboard to change the brush size in Liquify, they scroll extremely slow, they are not fast like in the normal editing window.

Showing my daughter-in-law how photoshop works and the new content aware features.

I absolutely love Photoshop!! I really would like to get Lightroom as well! I would say if there was one thing that I would love to have changed it would be a different skin smoothing tool. One that will run on the entire photo and smooth out skin tones and blemishes more easily in a one-step process without cloning or healing certain areas.

Make it easier to batch watermark with a logo and add position transformation to them.

CONGRATULATIONS! In keeping with the common theme of celebrating Photoshop and Facebook. Two of the worlds greatest forces, I submit my request that you add a quick upload icon/option so that you may immediately upload an image through photoshop into Facebook…..or other social media. Adobe products are so phenomenal and have got there by your ability to listen to us, the consumer and through brilliant hard work and dedication put it to the products that drive our businesses. You thanking us makes sense because of the culture your business radiates but, it’s no surprise to me that you all have reached 1,000,000 fans strong. I hope you take time to be proud of yourselves and thank one another for all of your hard work because ultimately YOU are the ones that make this happen. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!

1 milion thanks from Romania. I’m just a beginner, but after I took some lessons and graduate a Photoshop course I’ve started to work with Photoshop. These tutorials are very easy to understand and very usefull. Thanks.

I Love my Photoshop! And I’ve heard Lightroom is awesome, but I haven’t made that leap yet. One improvement… most everything that I need is there, but I saw something about an auto save. That would be great! And possibly a Filter that I could run that would just majically make me know how to use ever feature in Photoshop! LOL! Well, I can dream anyway! :)

A feature I would give a kidney for is to have CSS for text and browser like text rendering right within Photoshop! That way my web-app designs resemble the final much better which will make discussions with clients easier as well. This is my dream..

I am a second generation user. I still remember the first time I sat in the computer lab with my mom, watching her use test the program before it was released. Thank you Adobe! You changed the world.

One improvement specifially for me would be some built in actions for children’s and Senior portraits. I am new to the photography business (and would LOVE to win!), and some built in actions would make the learning process easier. Thanks and congrats!

Love PS, since v.2.5! One improvement… I shoot RAW photos underwater, often without a strobe. The white balance tool in RAW is awesome in adjusting overly-blue photos, but I have to manually choose the area to adjust to… an action or other automated way to adjust batches of photos in RAW format would be fabulous!
Thanks for the awesome tool!

More integration between Photoshop, Lightroom and Dreamweaver would be awesome. Congrats on reaching the 1M fan mark!

Photoshop – the best darkroom of digital age :)

“If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?”
Gradient tool similar to the one in Illustrator ( with the slider for controlling the gradient)

By looking at what people can produce with Photoshop, it’s not the product that needs improving!
It’s me that needs it!!
Possibly what would help some is that it could be cheaper and therefore accessible to even more talent!!!

Thank you so much for such creative software. Although I’m still learning to use my Lightroom 3 I’m truly enjoying the process.
Congrats !!!! It would be wonderful to win Photoshop and have the opportunity to learn it as well

That is an awesome acheivment! 1 000 000 fans. Woah. Could not live without photoshop for my work. Others are just a pale imitation!

Congrats to you all @ Photoshop/Lightroom, the only thing I would change would be to make it more affordable for small businesses. Loved it with my former employer, but having gone out on my own am too impoverished to afford it:-( Have had to use other products 😛 Thanks.

Love Photoshop! I wouldn’t be able to work with images with it. Congratulations!