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How Should We Make the Photoshop Facebook Page Even Better?


As our week of celebration comes to a close we wanted to end by saying thank you and offering a friendly shout out to our many winners over the past seven days. We’ve rocketed past 1 million Fans and as we head toward that next great milestone we wanted to find out from you: What do you want on YOUR Photoshop Fan page? In the comments below let us know what content you enjoy, what you like discovering, and what keeps you coming back each and every day!

We’re also excited to update you on the Top 10 Photoshop projects you submitted last Saturday! We are currently sifting through the hundreds of submissions, checking out your work, and picking our favorites, which isn’t easy to do. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned.

And finally, to stay true with the theme of this week, we’ll toss 10 lucky Fans who comment on this post a #1 Photoshop Fan t-shirt just as a thank you for stopping by.

Now, comment away; and we’ll see you at 2 million!

Maria Yap
Director of Product Management, Digital Imaging

Our Winning Fans!

Winners of Ps and Lr: Jessica Pearson, Paula Wirth, Rebecca Bell, Kimberly Sancranti, Virginia Madden, Sean Phillips, Dylan Forman, Rockney Richards, Teddy Carroll, and Martin!

Winners of the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet: Andrew Ross, Raddy, and Linda Sannuti!

Winners of Photoshop #1 Fan t-shirt: You?


New tutorials and techniques to use the million+ plus features Ps has to offer!

    give me shirt

First! Now gimme a t-shirt! :)

I would have liked to know what the top comments were. Why didn’t you include some of the best ones in the post?

making of videos and/or a sort of photoshop disasters post every week would be cool I think, something to make us think or chuckle :)

    i like this idea…

Great! I love Photoshop! :-) Greeting from Serbia!

    😀 I wanted to say “Greetings from Serbia!

    Thanks for t-shirt 😉

more interactive page!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this giveaways! 😀

Keep posting new brushes.
and Some tutorials for Elements would be great.

new tutorials.

I wear a size small 😛

I love Photoshop Express, use it very often.

:] Congrats to everyone who won!

Bring a great week of celebrations enjoyed it loads 2 million awww you guys will be there by christmas! Cheers Photoshop for everything. Top Program Top people!

Love Photoshop!
And a t-shirt to prove it would be nice.

I’ve just been made redundant and can’t afford to buy t-shirts. *cry*

Actions andf brushes

Love the tips, and just used PS Express this morning.

i don’t know what i’d do without my CS4 :)

I’d love a more discussion boards at the fan page, links to tutorials and so on. And more stuff about drawing, and designing!!

Post a link to the winners? I’d like to see their creations…

I ♥ Photoshop!

I like the new design. Reminds me of Steve Miller Band logo.

    I knew it! I couldn’t place it but thats it!


To make the FB page better, you could post tips & tricks & shortcuts daily. You could also have contests based on the tips.

That T-Shirt woud result in the best bragging rights ever.

I really enjoy reading the Photoshop Facebook Fan Page. The articles posted are amazing! I have learned so much just watching the posted videos.

me me me!

Got nothing in this very exciting week……………..but it makes me feel god that I was a part of it…….

One of the joys with ps is theres about 10 ways to skin every cat, so to speak. Cs5 has about 12. Would be nice to see the dev team put out tuts on achieving the same goal different ways. Like masking, selecting, color replacement etc etc.

I’d love Photoshop even more if I had that t-shirt in XXL 😀

I’d like to see videos about layers. On another topic, I think it’d be cool to show the advantages of photoshop for web designers.

Love all the ideas! I wear the biggest size ya got!!! lotsa room!

unfortunately i’m not a winner, but the shirt is kind of nice 😀

I would give you the shirt off my back for 1 of these 😉

I’d love iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! 😀

Great blog! I would love to win a shirt.

where’s my shirt? lol

I would love to see coming features in upcoming versions of the software with some tips and tricks that were not available before, maybe with a YouTube video of how to do this. I love the software and am eager to hear what is coming.

When you post tips & tricks I’d like to see what product and version support this, i.e. works on PE 7.0 & above.

Some more featured patterns/brushes packs would be really helpful.

Toss my name in the hat, too. Or the shirt or whatever.

Tutorials and techniques are wonderful! They keep me up to date, and allow me to learn new things about Photoshop that I hadn’t known before!

great tutorials would be nice.

To be honest the facebook page couldn’t really be imporved that much, it’s all good content as is.

As a Photoshop User since V4.0 and a PhotoShop Evangelist, I think I am shirt worthy!! (XL)

Some tutorials and project samples would be great!

Maybe some interviews with digital artists? Getting to know their skills and pro experiences in the business would give newcomers and skilled photoshoppers alike some cool directions, as well as inspiration and something to strive towards. Yay for informative stuff. :)

I’m always a fan of tutorials, but the page is pretty great as it

I think you guys are doing a good job with keeping your posts interesting, practical, and informational. I’m constantly being reminded to put in some practice hours on PS because of my Facebook updates. It’s awesome.

I have used it everyday for more years than I want to say. I am truly a number one fan, because I tell everyone that to me Photoshop still is and always will be pure magic!!!

I need a t-shirt. It’s sooooo cold here in Norway. -10 C

I’d like to see more of Photoshop projects contests (prize s really optional)… it gets he little grey cells working :)

I would love to have the T-shirt. Size medium please. I would like to brag about Photoshop wearing my T-shirt!!!

Love the tshirt design. I would like to see more Lightroom tips.


I did not win ps…….. omg. i can never afford it, and i guess i will never go to any school that apply for the edu license either…………… (to old and disabled)

Better facebook pages, i dont know, those creative boys and girls that work at Adobe i am sure will make something that i will like anyway what they do, :)

    Oh well. i want a photoshop license so bad i am gonna save up for one. Guess in one year i will proudly go to the adobe online store and hit the “Add to basket” button, :)
    Ever since i saw Bert Monroy on pixelperfect i wanted PS and Illustrator so badly…….

Just when you think there couldn’t be more, another layer is discovered with the help of this blog. Such a wealth of information that helps unlocks creative imagination. Suggestion is to keep in mind the folks that haven’t upgraded to CS5.

I’d love a free shirt! 😀

Would love to win one of these t’s.

I’ll trade the shirt for a tablet!

I dont Say no….

Hoping to WIN. Photoshop you are awesome.

Susie Russell-Melendez

Congrats on your Facebook success…I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Oh Photoshop, how do I love thee… let me count the ways. And I could count them more efficiently if I were wearing one of your TShirts…

I love Ps and Lr and would really like a t-shirt :-)

still learning!! I love t-shirts!!

I would wear a PhotoShop T-Shirt proudly!!!

I ♥ The Tutorials!

“rooted in excellence” well done photoshop!!

Oh God! Photoshop T-shirt!

I never win.

I love PS, too. Am I a winner of a T-shirt????

I like all of the great technical tips. Photoshop T-Shirt!

New amazing tutorials to archiev the 2 million fans 😉

I love photoshop!!!

PS is the most awesome program ever… It’s so creative and you can do lots of things that make photos look more like art than just plain photos !!! In your fan page on facebook I wood like more tutorials, and I want that PS T-shirt badly 😉

I really like the tutorials I am always learning something new.

More contests!!!!

ooooooooo………. i really fell proud if i gate one Photoshop Fan t-shirt :)

    i want this t-shirt so give me one t-shirt :)

Nothing. You’re just f*cking awesome! ;P

photoshop contests, set us a task or give us a picture and then let’s post to the wall or an album and have some type of judging/voting go on for a winner :)

I think tha a special section based on how a very popular image/composition/logo was done,explained by the artist wil be a really nice plus.

I’d love to see more tutorials or tips….and more giveaways! You guys are awesome!

Free photoshop: pencils/pens/mugs/tee’s would be nice!!

More Robots!
And Monkeys!

A little bit more about hidden features 😉

Since I love tutorials and I’m all about trying new stuff, I’d love to see more tutorials. Maybe a weekly theme (typography, photos, layouts). I feel like I run stagnant sometimes, doing the same thing over and over. New tutorials always help get me out of my rut.

I would like to see more tutorials and some directed towards web designers and photographers (only cause those are my two fields of interest).

Thanks again for the chance to win.

Well, I missed the Wacom so I guess I’ll settle for the T-Shirt! :)

Wohoo – free T-shirts 😀

Just started working with CS5…love the changes!

Pls give me one t-shirt. i really waiting for this……….

I love seeing all of the tips and tricks already! Just keep doing what you are already doing :) Thanks Photoshop!!

If i win the T-shirt i swap it for a Wacom….

Grats to those that won. I wouldn’t mind a shirt though.

where is my t-shirt..!!!

I ♥ Photoshop!

it you give me a t-shirt, i will give you a thanks :)

Some tutorials for others to use Photoshop better.

Tutorials! Definitely!


Darn right it will be us!~ 😀

I would love to see more tutorials!

Video’s take to long to buffer and is frustrating to the point I just leave.

Tutorials are always helpful. Time-saving shortcuts are even better.

I’m relatively new to photoshop and don’t know a lot of the lingo you use. I would be nice to have tutorials for those of us who are not familiar with photoshop at all. As a beginner, sometimes it becomes overwhelming.

I do love the program and have enjoyed all the articles you have written. Hopefully someday I’ll become as talented as some of those who’ve been on here!!

Lisa :)

PS: I collect unicorns, and think the emblem above is wonderful!!

occasional in depth focus on a related set of tools.

I would like to see more tutorials

Keep up the good work Ps! My t-shirt should be a quad xxxx large size. I could be a Photoshop billboard!!! No offense to others of size.

Congratulations to all the winners!

And to the Photoshop people, i wish you all the best and keep going!

One of them tees would come handy…;o)

Let me tell a story: once I had a pressing deadline but no photoshop at hand. I labored for hours with a competing software, but the results were crap. I relocated myself to a pc with photoshop CS5 and did the job over in less than an hour with better results. LR, Indesign and illustrator yield similar stories.

II would like to see more tutorials and tips. Maybe description on how saving files in different formats effect the picture quality and file size. Fans need referrences they can trust too!!!

I’d sport one of those bad boys around!

Love Photoshop, love Adobe products, love tshirts!

Congrats to all those lucky winners!! ;))))

2,000,000! Can’ wait!

I need a new t-shirt! =)

I would wear it!

I need a new t-shirt, too! =)

I want a t-shirt like that!!

I really am a #1 PS Fan!
Let me have a t-shirt so I can show the world! 😉

i think free brushes would be fun to get.

Omg, I need a free unicorn shirt!! ;););):):):):):):):):):)
:) :);););):):):):):):):):):)
:) :)

One small size shirt please :-)

Photoshop feeds my baby and pays my bills. I use it everyday and everyday I state…”I love Photoshop.”
Thank you.
(Can I have a funky XL Photoshop unicorn t-shirt now?)

I’d like a week or so of just tutorials on basic PS tool/functions and how to use them

Please, please send me a t-shirt… Large…

put a more detailed Tutorials and put
a Basic tutorial for newbies
and Tip of the day

I love working with photoshop learning new techniques! Looking forward to seeing more tutorials on your facebook page!

Photoshop rules!!! 😀 I just love it so much!! <3


Have a weekly or monthly challenge where you set a photoshop task, i.e. you could tell us to create an image that shows how we feel about the wonders of PS and of course anything else you could think of.
Images could be posted on the page and you do the judging.

I love these contests – I’d like to hear more about animation in Photoshop.

I would love a T Shirt. I enjoy all the workshops

I just saw the tweet about the wacom tablets, but it looks like they are already gone?

Last one wins? :)

Different tutorials every day!
Each one with a different and useful techniques! 😀

Thank you for making Photoshop better and better. I am a professional photographer and Photoshop plays an important role in what I do.

i <3 photoshop :p


Right now I’m the last one, did I win the t-shirt??? hahaha… you´re doing a great job with Photoshop, Thanks Adobe… your facebook is ok…

Agree, tutorial. And sometimes giveaway :D.

Definitely tutorials.

I do photography and I don’t think I would be anywhere without Photoshop to fine tune my photos! Thank you!

Lots of video tutorials!

T-shirt please!

I think that you give us everything we need.

All you need is:

1) Photoshop News
2) Weekly Top 10 Photoshop edits
3) Inform us about any updates
4) Tips
5) Top 10 funny Photoshop images
6) Many Giveaways
7) Free Tutorials

also needed to:

1. have weekly/ monthly event in the fan page
reason: excitement
2. more techniques/tips ^^
3. free video seminar ^^

Thanks for the t-shirt 😉
This page is amazing we need more tutorials involving photo effects.

I have to say, living without PS would be a hard pill to swollow. Not only is it part of my livelihood, but its a fun pasttime to boot!

I agree with others in that, a weekly tutorial would be most awesome. Maybe you could get “guest lecturers” to do the tutorials in a video format. :)

you know what.. i really really love editing ^^

I want it..plc gimme gimme,I wish I can be the lucky one.

how about technical tuesdays where you talk in depth about one specific thing in photoshop. you know things like blend modes and filters, smart objects and, well everything else. just pick a new thing in photoshop and give use the nitty gritty on it.

I’ve used photoshop since before it was called photoshop,
evan after all these years I feel there are so many things
I don’t know about the program.
If you were to give “a tip a day”…
that would keep people comming back and you would never
run out of photoshop tips… the program is that big…
Still love it after all these years….

Congrats to the the winners. TShirt, please. =D

A shirt would be cool, I guess.

Please me!




All I need on the PS FB page is links to exceptional tuts, really useful plugins and truly inspirational PS works…And possibly some random advice and experiences from the pros would be awesome!

I would love to see some “shopped” photos and the workflow to get to the final product so we can all learn from others knowledge. I wear an XXL too! Thanks.


shirt me

more giveaways … more tutorials … and yes I’d love a shirt, thanks. 2XL please :)

Tutorials! Keep them coming. XL THANKS.

Photoshop is my all-time favorite image editor. What it can do is awesome. That’s why I’d add my vote to the others above for regular tutorials. Little videos on solving image problems or on using specific Photoshop features are most helpful.

What have you not done? Besides make photoshop FREE? Keep up the tutorials and instruction..vital to the learning curve of the young and old. I am still a newbie after 10 years in the business of photo lab retail, but I am amazed at how quickly my teenagers have surpassed me with online tutorials and their simple embrace of it! I am also amazed at my senior clientele that have surpassed me with their endless thirst of knowledge and eagerness to grow with technology!! Hats off to young and old and photoshop for exploring and pushing the boundaries of what can be!!!!

thank you in advance that all you do and will do,

Catrina McKenzie
Japan Camera foto source
Victoria, BC

where iz my t-shirt …… congratz to all the winners and thnx it

I would like to read some “making of” articles about digital paintings.

Congrats to the winners btw.

But you should definately do more Tutorials on really difficult stuff. Because if you know those things you might get more in to Photoshop quicker, know what i’m sayin’ ?

Photoshop rulez!!!

My advice: Don’t focus too much on facebook. There is more than facebook. More possibilities, other customer channels, …

Cool!! Photoshop rocks

Who wouldn’t need a Unicorn Shirt?

1 st of all there should be some latest news abt photoshop graphics n New tutorials having new techniques that’s all

Lots of tips and tricks, photoshop actions would be nice, and more giveaways!!
And I WANT that shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love PhotoShop !!!

OH I would Loveeeee to get this Software but it’s sooo expensive .. one of these days! Everyone tells me how great PhotoShop is.


the chance to exhibit the artworks excites me… i just love to see the artworks from all over the world. Providing the opportunity for the fans who have the software to show off their work whether they are experienced photoshop users or beginners, even novice… really would be handy. Plus, a give away t-shirt for selected artworks based on creativity or effort, or whatever could encourage further use of photoshop?… would be great too :) Thats my opinion…

Hello Photoshop is amazing!!!

I am a PS fan
How do I get one of these great shirts ?

I’d love to see more contests on Facebook!

I would like to see tips & tutorials and maybe some fun competitions for students and professionals. BTW, I wear a small bur ant size will do!

Your Facebook page is pretty good, but if you want to improve it, you should add more Photoshop tips about how to improve different pictures. In my opinion, fans will become more interested of checking out the page more often. :)

#1 fan :)

♥♦○◘•.• would ♥ to see choice/use of font colors on PS-FB page, PS giveaways/comps, PS deck of cards ♦♣♠♥, mugs, caps, key-rings,badges and my favourite…..Teddy Bears♥♥♥ PSphreak of the week ☻♥☺ •.•◘○♦♥

I’d like more giveaways.

Adobe, Mah boi, these are the tshirts true warriors strive for.

Very interesting, I have just written some Photoshop Training tips with a few simple tips for Photoshop beginners, we all had to start somewhere!

I am homeless, because I invested all my money in CS5 Master. Now please can I have a clean shirt?

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