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We’re Celebrating 1 Million Fans With Wacom!

Hi Fans (again!),

Our friends at Wacom are joining the celebration. For our final give-away, you have a chance to win one of three Wacom Intuos4 pen tablets simply by answering the question below.

As many of you know, using a pen tablet can significantly improve your precision and control with Photoshop. Voice your thoughts on pen tablets and maybe you’ll be one of the random winners! What would you create with a new Wacom pen tablet?


Maria Yap
Director of Product Management, Digital Imaging


I would LOVE a wacom to be able to do even more with my digital scrapbooking. I plan on starting to design in the next month or so and this would help me sooo much with doodles! Thanks for the chance!

    I’d be able to personalize the family scrapbook/cookbook I am working on!

      why are u leeching

      Could use one of these for school for sure.

    I have used the wacom tablet before and I own a very small one now. It would be great to have a larger one to cover more surface area. The one I have is 10 years old and is getting a bit slow. Good luck to everyone they are super fun.

    Just continue with what I love doing, carry on producing paintings and sketches, but with alot more ease.

    Well I am a novice with Photoshop. I work with it everyday, and everyday I learn something new. That is the great thing about the program~ the possibilities are endless. When combined with a Wacom tablet and pen the horizons open up even further. What would I do with a new Wacom tablet and pen?~ make my fantasy Christmas card with my teenage daughters. I love being able to have people tell me that my Christmas card is still on their refrigerators nine months after I send them out.

    I am a junior at Parson, I do alot of digital work. A medium intous 4 tablet would be the best thing ever!!! 😀

    I have always wanted a Wacom tablet. Unfortunately I am a poor college student and cannot afford one. But it would change the way I edit my photos and complete my design projects. (Make it much easier to get things done)

    I’m a professional designer who just bought CS5 and a bamboo, I’d love the enhanced pressure levels and control an Intuos offers to do more graphics and tutorials for my website and portfolio.

    I use a Wacom Intuos 4 (L). This tablet has change my vision on Photoshop.
    It’s my best experience and now my work is better.

    after so many mouse-slips in Photoshop I was about to buy a wacom tablet yesterday but was a little confused over which one to get. I think a free one would be best! I’ll be sure to show it off at my local camera club…

    My designs will be more professional, I love it!

Wacom makes my work so easy. It makes it more precise and I even do my workflow way faster. I just need it! :)

    First of all i have to say “I love Wacom”.
    In the past I had some tablets of other corporations. Now i have a small one of Wacom Bamboo and i have to clarify: I never have had such an great and artful device: awesome!

    If i got the new tablet, I would start training to draw digitally and start to furter my skills. I love drawing, but currently I´ve no time for such things (school is so busy), because I´m just editing photographies in my free time.

I don;t own this product but heard good stuff about this.

    I am not lucky enough to be the proud owner of any Wacom tablet, but I would absolutely LOVE one! I’ve seen them used and how they can make a photographers workflow much more productive, add that insane touch to an image and more quality in a post production photographers work! I currently edit my images with Photoshop CS5 and I know that a Wacom tablet would put me over the edge in adding to the quality of my images.

can i haz it??

still using my old graphite2 wacom tablet from 2000…. <3

I’d draw the shit out of photoshop!

I’d finally be able to work on my animation work with a bit more freedom.

I love tablets, it makes drawing in photoshop so much easier then using a mouse. I have only borrwed it from a friend tho, i dont have enough money for a wacom board at the moment :/

i also use my sistery pen & touch whenever i color something it makes my work so much easier :)

I would love to draw with the new wacom…but i don’t have enough €.

I would love this.

My Wacom Tablet is about to broke in few days !! Too much work for it!!! Thanks for the initiative!!

Oh God, I have seriously always wanted to be able to work with Photoshop on a tablet like this. I have so much work that could be so simplified with a product like Wacom. I would love to receive this!

A tablet would really make my work so much easier, quicker and much much more precise. I’ve been wanting a tablet for quite some time now, but I have never had the chance to save up enough money for it. I’ve been looking to get into drawing, but it’s so hard with just a mouse. Thanks!

I Love Photoshop and illustrator and a tablet would make my work so much easier ^_^

The tablets do such a fantastic job when creating artwork.

I love photoshop. I am a commerical photo major and a wacom tablet would really help with my school projects!

Would LOVE to own one! Great give-away!

a comic book that ive had in my mind since i was like 10.

I would LOVE a tablet! Life would be so much easier

I LOVE Photoshop, you guys are the best!! :)

I’d love to not have to use a trackball for editing any longer

OMG… I would love to win a Tablet!!!! What an outstanding gift!!! :)

This would be great help to me as I recently started my own webdesign business and is constantly on the move. This would free up time and make sure that i could always work on my designs whereever I am.

I’m in dire need of a new tablet!!! Would live to win it :)

Definitely taking notes and graphic design.

I’ve only used a Wacom tablet once or twice for class, but I’d love to own one to improve my Graphic Designing skills.

I have wished for one of these! I would create works of arts that could end world hunger! Man, I hope I get lucky today!


I was just thinking to myself, “I wish I had a Wacom pen tablet.”

YESSSSS! i always used tablets in school! so much faster! Id looooove to have my own!


This would really be useful for my studies in the UK next year.

I don’t have one because of no money, but if i could have one, i imagine me creating a new world!!!

I would draw the same things that i draw today, but better !

Wacom tablet is essential tool for using PS. Specially for retouching.

I would create my next website with photos for sale!

I’d love to have it. It’d make cleaning and coloring so much easier.

I don’t own a Wacom tablet, but would love to check them out!


I use my Old Intous3 so much, its sadly starting to die…. I use it for just about everything, and I makes my life so much easier.

And these give aways are just awesome!! Great way; to give back to your clients. A BIG thank you from me…. Sincerely.

Man i have had my eye on this for a long long time…I love sketching generally i just wish i could do the same thing on the pc. Looks Beautiful

Well, I was just thinking of getting a wacom tablet. I am an aspiring fashion designer/illustrator and this piece of technology can help in making my work more precise and easy. My designs are about details and embellishments so this can help me execute my drawings better.

Yep. That I did. I really felt the difference when I bought my first Graphire, but that’s been years ago and stuff lasts only so long… 😉

Been thinking about settling for a small one, but the medium would be perfect. I’m in!

I would give it to my girl, who is a really talented artist!

I’ve used Wacom Tables since the early ’90s, I always insist my employer gets me one! Couldn’t imagine using Photoshop without one!

Been wishing for one of these for some time now. Would be a great win!

This looks amazing, i want one so badly, it would really speed up working with paint brushes in photoshop

Cool! A wacom just in time for my newly setup company?

Help out a CS3 user here! I`ve been using a cheap mouse (not even wireless!!) to draw all these.

I love painting in Photoshop!

A pen tablet and Photoshop – best thing ever =)
It makes you work more precise and faster.
I don’t own a pen tablet, but i’ve tried one – fantastic :)


would love to use a wacom tablet again. I had one at my old job, but have since left and now use a Mac mouse. Randomly pick me! :-)

I need it. I want it. Can I has it?! 😀

Having this would make my photo editing on Photoshop much easier, especially while masking. Hard to mask certain areas with a mouse. I saw this one in action at Photoshop World, and it looked really easy to use.

I’ve been using Photoshop since my High school years. From when I wanted to be a comic book artist to now being a professional photographer, I’ve always wanted a Wacom tablet.

Retouching photographs with a mouse it’s a killer. That is what i would do with a Intous4 :) Cheers!

I don’t own one, but can see myself doing tons with that. I can imagine it will take up a LOT of my time creating things :)

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one. Eep! What an awesome giveaway!!!

I’d love to see what I could do with a Wacom, and furthermore, I’d love to see what I could do with a free Wacom tablet!

I’d do a lot more website design (well, I’d try anyway..) and I’d probably be a lot more inclined to get back into photography if touching up photos were easier.

i’d love a wacom tablet to make my designs come to life…

in particular i create greeting cards, photography editing, blog banners and buttons…

Oh my god … it would be so cool to win one tablet … so i try … please choose me … And wacom is the just the best for tablet

If I had the Wacom pen tablet, I’d create great portraits with painterly feel! Thanks!

wow, my old boss was soo cool that he had got one for me seeing how much i loved to design and try new techniques, but since that company closed down, i have really been missing having the wacom tablet….it had made my life easier…..currently trying to save up some money so i can once again have the ease of a Wacom tablet when i design.

Would love to have it hand before i start designing my next piece…with wacom it might turn into a masterpiece.

me want wacom tablet. Make design easy.

I’m a student and don’t have a job. I really want one of these so I can practice on my design :(

Dying to get my hands on a Wacom!
Great celebration idea!

i’ve seen this demonstrated at trade shows. i want one! i need one! would make editing photos so much faster… and i’d look so cool!

Yes I absolutely do think this all the time when I’m working on projects. Sure I can get a lot done with the mouse and all but a tablet just seems like it’d be so much more natural to work with. Would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Love Adobe software more than anything else out there!

With a Wacom pen tablet, I would be able to create stunning vectors for my mixing technique artworks.
Vector illustrations comes to a new level with Wacom.

Oh, I would make lot’s of digital art.. I just need more precision in shorter time and that’s why I’d sooo love to have it 😀

Thank You Photoshop for the chance to finally make my life a bit easier! Good Luck Everyone!

Man, this could help me a lot right now! Sign me in!

Oooooh – SO hoping I win! 😀

J’aimerais tellement avoir une nouvelle tablette graphique! La mienne est maintenant un peu désuette…

I think working with a tablet will improve my production a lot! I work for a company in which I am the only designer and have to manage multiple projects. Something that is on my mind ALL THE TIME is “if I would have a tablet, this will be so much easier and faster!” especially when I design logos.

i really need & want it ! :)

I would love to use this to edit and do my graphic work on this. I’ve been eying this product for 5yrs now and couldnt afford to get it!

I’d love an intuos 4…. i’ve used wacom bamboo and just loved it :)

erm, me please?

Wacom is the best tool in making a photographer’s work look amazing. The retouching capabilities and sensitivity is AMAZING

It would change my life if I can get a tablet!

I have used a Bamboo and I would use the Wacom Intuos4 to create character sketches for a cartoon I’ve been scripting for months.

I would create my projects for my college classes with a new Wacom Pen Tablet!

I would create the same kinds of things I do using my Bamboo fun small size tablet, only much, much better!

I would create some new graphics for my website. I have a Bambu Fun tablet and ♥ it! But I also want a bigger one. Wacom Rocks my Photoshop world!!!

WOW! Congrats on a million fans!
Win this great tablet will be a dream come true!

One of those “Must haves” for digital art. Can only do so much with pencil and a scanner 😛

Wow! That’s great. I’ve always wanted a Wacom Tablet, and just started a design internship where they told me I should get one. However, they don’t realize I have about 20 dollars in the bank because it’s an UNPAID internship! 😉 This would be great since I do so much silhouetting! Thanks Wacom & Adobe for doing these giveaways.

A Wacom tablet would make my retouching work ridiculously more efficient. And fun!

I don’t have a tablet, being a student doesn’t provide me with the funds to afford decent equipment. As of now, I’m actually using my mouse for drawing, which is a real load on my aspirations.

Ive always wanted to do some photo-realistic portraits and whit this tablet it would be so much easier…

I love photoshop :)

This would be SO helpful with scrapbooking! Please pick me! ☺

I would make many many more drawings, those tablets are fantastic.

I’d love a wacom tablet built into my laptop so i can use one more easily on the move. Wacoms are great…perfect for all software :-)

I would use the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet to improve my website and make awesome drawings in Photoshop CS5!

Besides greatly improving all my works, i would learn how to manually draw anything!

Oh, WOW. *_*

I use the bamboo almost everyday and love it. Seeing how easy it is to use and how versatile it is with different programs that is why I would like a upgrade. I was thinking about buy the Intous4 but I would love to get on for FREE. I would even ware a Wacom TeeShirt for whole year to get one, or do some other crazy stunt just to have one.

I’ll make magic :)

I’m still getting the hang of using a Pen tablet but it sure beats using a mouse!

A pen tablet would make me love Photoshop even MORE! :-)

Oh how neat, I have always wanted one and was just thinking of, I wonder if this would make editing easier!

I’d love to give this a serious tryout!

I would use it for post production work on my first film


A Wacom Intuos4 would be a nice partner for me in my work and all-day use. =)

kudos for everything you’ve done for digital photograpy and art! I would love to have a tablet!

I just got a Bamboo Pen and Tocuh for my birthday and I love it! It makes my digital art so much easier, you get alot more control and felxiblity with a tablet that you can’t get with a mouse! I had it for 2 hours and I was hooked on Wacom tablets!

I love games and I love drawing so I’d create many many more cool 2D game graphics! 😀

I’ve used one at my school, it completely changes photoshop. You can do stuff with masks / extraction that doesn’t even seem possible.

i’m trying to save my pennies for one! I think it would be a wonderful aid in working with photographs!

It will make all my work easy to do, I have always wanter somthing like this and it will make all my work more easy to do. I love to doo all different designs and this will make it fun and easy to do.

I’ve had my pen tablet for 7 years. It makes my photo editing soooo much easier and precise!! I’ve just gotten into digital scrapbooking and found it to be tremendously helpful with that too!!!

let me have one, I’d be productive with it, honest :)

hey working with pen tablet could create a magic in digital world.. its a boon for the artist to have it n all thanx to wacom technologies to give us a privilage.

I would LOVE to hold a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet in my hands. I love Photoshop and use it a lot. Bought it three years ago. CS3 is still awesome!

I would create a pencil drawing of my daughter.

I would LOVE to have a Wacom tablet. I have always wanted one but was never able to purchase one.

From photo manipulation to website elements design the pen tablet is what I need to step my game up to the next level! I do everything from paths to making background layouts. This is one of the coolest tools out there.

I always wanted a graphic tablet but there is no money for a poor student so I never got the chance to buy one. Now because of that offer I try my luck and hope for me to be one of the three happy persons to win this. It’s far easier to paint cartoons this way, I think.

Please dear Graphicgod, make me happy! 😀

Wow, it would be awesome to be one of the random winners :-)
I have a Trust-tablet right now, my third one…. “Don’t trust Trust”.

Adobe is my life!

I love tablets but I don’t have enough money.

i been waiting to try those new painterly and drawing options in illustrator, so for sure the fist time i wolud create a bounch of silly drawings

I would love to be able to show my students how well this works with photoshop!

This would be so awesome for my editing workflow! I also do digital scrapbooking and this would help a ton!

I’ve seen them in action, but never had the pleasure. I’d welcome the opportunity to use the Wacom while using Photoshop as I’m sure it would cut my work time in half.

I wish I had a Wacom pen tablet. Life would be sooo much easier. ^_~.

I would make my wife the diamond ring I couldn’t afford to buy her before the cancer she has takes her.

    Oh, and I don’t even have Photoshop.
    I would probably download the trial and do it that way.

    By the way, when is the drawing for this tablet? Also I should put that I started drawing her a diamond on paper many years back and never finished it. I told her that when I got good enough with a computer I would use a drawing program to make it in. I got good enough now and I bought “Macromedia Suite 4” back when it came out and still use it. We can’t afford the new stuff, so.

Plain n simple, no sugar coating…. I want & need one sooooo much!!!!

I’d be able to retouch photographs way faster with that than with my old mouse which has only one pressure level (pretty common…). Full on. There you go. A Wacom intuos 4 would rock :)

I would love to own a Wacom Intuos4 so I could use it to help with digital art, photo manipulation and stuff 😛

This would be fantastic for doing finishing edits on the portraits I shoot. I also like to design tee shirts and this would be great for being able to make my own graphics… I am not very good at it with the mouse but do enjoying drawing.

Pen tablets make photoshop so much easier and quicker! One of my friends has a Bamboo and when I tried it out I was astonished at how natural it felt! As a digital artist without a graphics tablet I find it irritating having to control the brush setting after each stroke whereas the tablets are so intuitive!

Definitely will be using it to draw more nice wallpaper to share with everyone! ArtRage anyone? :)

I would LOVE a tablet like this to help me with my webdesign and graphic work – I’ve never won anything like this before and it would be amazing!! :)

I’ve always wanted an Intuos :l

I would love an Intuos tablet to help with artwork in Illustrator and Photoshop!

Pen tablets are what makes art on computers happen. They are so precise, and wonderful to work with…that is if you’re using a Wacom. I’ve had the pleasure of using a friends Wacom at school a few times, and let me tell you, my projects turned out a million and one times better! I love Wacom & their tablets.

Always looking for one.
I´ve testd once and it improve my drawing (oposite to the mouse) also my retouching was finished faster and better.
Still can´t afford one.

i hope that i would win this because it’s my dream to have somthing like it :)
so i really would love to win .

I’d use it for drawing — would make my life MUCH easier.

Years back, a friend of mine gave me one….lucky me!!….and she said, “Once you use this, you will never be the same.” I laughed. You know what? She was RIGHT beyond right! I don’t know what I would do with out it! Thanks Wacom!

Touched a Wacom tablet once, it was the best thing ever – not kidding. IDK but it’s definitely a thousand times better than the current China-made/branded tablet I own.

What da fantastic tablet! Amazing *O*

I often miss this kind of tool when I’m designing for the web. I would, just like everybody else here, love to have one. Regards from Sweden.

Would Love to have something new for a change

Would love to upgrade my wacom tablet so that I may work more precisely and with greater artistic flow.

Wooow that is so awesome! I wish O have one of these so bad! It would help me so much!

Wacom. Accept no substitutions.

Wacom tablets are great, always wanted one, never had one, but I once tried one and was amazed by how good they are and how brilliantly they compliment photoshop!

Why not a Cintiq ? Well, Intuos 4 is great.

“Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet” as you diligently worked on a project in Photoshop?”

Story of my life!

I have never had a tablet…from the looks of it it would make photoshopping so much easier!!!

Wacoms are the best!!! I would love to have a medium sized tablet. Comes in real handy!

I would make lot of work on it!!!! i need it!!!!

What a great giveaway…I’d love one. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

would ease the photoediting!

Every day I have to correct line drawing of our products and graphs created in Corel using Illustrator with a ball mouse. Having a Wacom would increase my productivity 20 times!

I would buy it right now but even if I inderstand it’s expensive technology I will never have enough money to buy it. But it looks soooo sexy… <3

I’ve been trying to save up money to buy one myself. I’m in university studying design and I just know having a wacom would make my projects so much better, and save me time to work on other projects aswell. I’m sure the wacom would make me improve in my illustrations, seeing as I’m left handed but on the computer have to use my right hand. It’s just not as precise. I wish I’m one of the selected, it would be beyond wonderfull.

OMG this would rock! Please oh magic ferry deliver one to my door step!

I could totally use this for my work! zomg!

Oh what would I do with a Wacom Tablet!!!! I so miss mine, and haven’t had a chance to replace it!! My son thought it would be fun to spill coffee on mine :(

I’m a graphic designer/photographer. A tablet makes my work soooo much easier!!

Nothing would help me out more than a really nice tablet pad right now! I’m having such a hard time with this project I’m working on. :/ HELP ME PHOTOSHOP GODS! <3

Honestly, I have never used one before. However with the amount of youth and local High School sports that I shoot, I can only imagine the amount of time it would save. Just a few weeks ago I shot over 1600 photos in the local cross town high school football game! Because I sell the photos to the parents and give 100% back to the football program, that would make life much easier!

Really want one one. It’s just because other expenses keep coming up that I still don’t own one.

I would use it to design the tattoo I’m currently working on. It’s a pain in the behind right now.

Other than that, I would use it for my photography. Dodging/burning and masking would be so great with a Wacom tablet!

I’ve been drooling over the new Intuos4, I’ve been considering getting one to use for school work, but it’s not really easy on the wallet…

I think this giveaway is a good idea; Adobe and Wacom gets more publicity, lucky people get a free Wacom.

this would make university work so much easier! instead of having to scan my sketches in and make them all nice, I could just draw them straight in =D
and it would look soooooo much better =]

… And I was like “Ok, why not”

Bigger is always bettter :p

Nice initiative ^^ hope to be one of the winner , in order to have a better feeling drawing and using some soft :)

PICK ME, PICK ME! A Wacom would add a whole new dimension to my Photoshop usage.

It would be so greate to replace my old Wacom at home. I love using Wacom tablets so much I used my own money to by one for my workplace as well.

I hear that Wacom tablets are just awesome. If I had one of those I wouldnt move myself from computer. I would finaly draw my own and very first manga in my country. It’s easy to edit in Photoshop with Wacom! 😀

I am a digital scrapbooker and would LOVE to have a Wacom tablet to make my scrapbooking a little easier!
I am also a mom to a 4th grade virtual school student… A Wacom tablet would take her online classes to a completely new level! Using the tablet would make it so much easier for her to work with her teachers and fellow classmates! Giving her the ability to really WRITE on the virtual whiteboard in classrooms would be a phenomenal way for her to “grow” in her online education!
Thanks so much for the chance to change the way I scrapbook and the way my daughter learns!

digital paintings!!

wow..i really want this gadget since i am a very big fan of adobe photoshop! :))

I would love the tablet to help in my small home business. I teach baby sign language through literacy. I design my own books to coordinate with my clases. I have used PS7 but recently got CS5. :) The tablet would make life so much easier. I am a mom of 8 kids at home so time is important. :)

I love using both Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 2 in my workflow. I would love to have a Wacom Tablet to see how that would affect my work.

I’d draw so many inappropriate things! And probably some appropriate things as well.

Would absolutely, definitely LURVE to have an Intuous 4 :D.

This can get some good results. I hope whoever wins puts it to good use. I would use it to illustrate this book idea I’ve been chewing on…

I would create art that would inspire the world to be inspired!

With this fantastic pen tablets I could create so many scribbles.. *__*

I would love a tablet! using this will make my production go way faster, and then i will be able to create atleast 4 tshirt designs a day!

I would create a lot more with the tablet I win than the one that has been sitting in my shopping cart for several months because of a lack of funds!!

Me! Me! ME!!! Please! Please! PLEASE!!!!!

I love Wacom products. My last tablet is really old so I’m looking for a new one.

Photoshop rocks!

I had an assignment recently where I was retouching product photos at a client’s site. They had tablets for all the photo retouchers, and now I wish I had one for my own work.

I would make a cake 😀

A tablet would make editing my photos infinitely easier, and more enjoyable.

I used to edit photos using a crappy mouse, then upgraded to a Razer, but neither relieved the pain on my wrist or made me happy until I got a simple Bamboo. And where tablets are concerned, the bigger the better!


It makes doing my work faster and easier. Love Wacom.

I have an elderly wireless tablet which I love (it sometimes saves me when my wireless mouse gets snarky) and a blazing new 27″ iMac and CS5. My social security does not cover the cost of a new Wacom but I am saving up.

I love Wacom, and I love Photoshop! Great tools for graphic design! :)

I want to win :) It is mine 😉

I would create digital paintings, and not just any painting but great ones. In traditional ways it’s easy,but digitaly, withoout a great tablet it’s very hard.

me wants!! D:

I would love to upgrade my old tablet. The old one seems to have a driver glitch. I love the Wacom for digital painting, and photo retouching is a lot easier

I would use the Wacom tablet to draw and paint illustrations on Photoshop. My goal is to finish a comic or storybook in the next 10 years! :)

I already have A Wacom but it must be 15 year old =)
A new one would definitely be useful to me as I intend one day ( hopefully next year ) to be a graphic designer 😀

Hope I’ll be one the “randomly” picked =)

Cheers guys.

Ps my favourite software! And i like tablets! tablet is essential tool for retouching.

drawing whith my mouse has been a real strain on my wrist, so a tablet would be welcome 😀

A Wacom tablet would be a fantastic addition to my workflow. I’m into photography, but I’m not a “purist”. I love to process, re-process, edit, and create with my photography and a Wacom tablet and pen would certainly be a new, yet unfamiliar, method to take my creativity to a new level.

OMG !! i would love to have MALCOM tablet .. with this SURE i would improve my graphic design skills :D:D

Photoshop is a complete adventure if u go in it. u guyz really change the world love photoshop <3

Pick Me!

A Wacom tablet is just what the design doctor prescribed for me !! what would I create with this ? its more a question of what I would not create !!!

A new Wacom would be great for photo retouching!

Being a student at Multimedia Design, an Intuos4 would definitely help me improve my designing skills! I would love to have one! And by the way, congrats for 1 million fans! :)

I think Iit would make it so much easier to retouche Portraits and wold be a huge help for composing! Hope I’ll have the chance to make this experience!

Wacom tablets are a must have to an illustrator. If I could have one, my drawings will be more natural. My all-over prints with flowers could be more realistic! Good luck everyone!

It would be incredible if I had a Wacom tablet! I used one when I worked for a photography business and loved the precision for editing pictures in Photoshop with them. Now I’m away for college, as a photography major, and I have the new CS5, but no Wacom tablet to go along with it. I’d love one to use for my digital photo classes, especially to work on my final portfolio!

I would love to have one!

With a new Wacom pen tablet, I would use it to help create a portrait of my close family friend’s grandfather who passed away recently for a Christmas gift. I would also use it in my everyday Adobe Photoshop use, as I love Wacom tablets, but cannot afford to buy one myself.

Working on a comic strip :) A Wacom Tablet would make the inking and coloring SO much easier and more fun! Been wanting one forever, but sadly I’m a starving artist.

I am currently studying design here in sweden we are a class of people burning for photoshop and design, but it is not very easy to photoshop using the touch-pad of a macbook. An Intuos4 would greatly aid us in our studies! Thanks!

I would do more realistic drawings, improve my coloring skill now that Im pointing my career for any comic book industry as a colorist artist, work as a sketch concept artist for any movie industry or independent 3d animation company like PIXAR.

Dear Photoshop, for Christmas I would love a Wacom tablet. I will leave milk and cookies for you on the mantel. Thank you.

Wacom is one the best products a designer can have! I would love to own one!

Having a digital pad to work with has made my Photoshop work so much easier. I have for some time been looking into upgrading to a Wacom because of the feathers it offers that the one I have does not.

I’d use it to enhance my black and white portraiture series of images.

The Intuos4 is a great tool! I use an Intuos3 at work and don’t know how I ever got along without one before I had it!

Grats on 1 million Fans! Wacom Tablets are great used them all the time as a Student at the Art Institute of Seattle. Good luck all.

I’m a teacher and use it all the time in class and at home. I’d love to win one to give to an outstanding student as a reward!

I think the question should be what WOULDN’T I create with a Wacom pen tablet! I would LOVE to finally be able to make my own artwork for movies that I work on :)

wow so many comments in just a few minutes
i love your giveaway week, it’s so cool to get the chance to own this stuff, i’ve always seen this only at friends

a new personal logo for myself. :)

I would use a new wacom tablet to edit my pictures with photoshop and learn new techniques for making my photos better. Wacom and photoshop make great creative partners

I find myself using Photoshop almost every day, and its awesome. Hard to imagine how much better the experience can get with a tablet-having never used one….but certainly would love to try!

Really wish I could get one of these guys on my desk!

Ahhhh Wacom! My (very old) Wacom has been such an essential tool for me!! We have definitely talked about getting a new one so this would be an amazing gift!!! The ultimate photographer’s dream editing tool!!

my name is siiiimon and I like draaawring

Just to create even more those trendy floristical drawings which makes money nowadays a lot :)

I’m not really new to photoshop, but the ladder years of my life have definately been my most inspiring, having traveled a bit, “growing up”, etc :)the point being that I find it limitless what you can do with the program. I have always been a keen sketcher and drawer, and thinks the idea of Wacom is too cool! Bringing hand sketching and handwriting digitally with a 1:1 ratio 😀

I would love to have one!! It would make work so much easier. As my skills are advancing a wireless mouse is starting to hold me back it totally lacks the persecution I need

I would be able to process my photos much more fluidly!

i´d also love to have a wacom pen tablet. would be so nice for retouching fotos easier than now.
thanks florian

I’ve been using Wacom tablets since the v1 days. Love the upgrades and now the fully wireless capabilities.

Definitively artist weapon…. I need it!!! =*,*=

Well, I’ve already bought CS5 (which is AMAZING!), but I really need that tablet. Drawing with a mouse isn’t easy!
That tablet would make my life easier, I need that :)

This would be wonderful for creating digital painting and photo art..

I love to draw on the computer using Photoshop, so I would continue to make comics and characters using the tablet! Love you Photoshop!

I just started drawing manga on paper (I’m not so good). with “Wacom Intuos4 pen tablets” I could draw in Photoshop that would be so much easier and better in every way 😀

A pen tablet sure would make drawing in Photoshop feel more natural.

LOVE Wacoms. Used a Graphire for many years before upgrading to Intuos. My one and only tablet of choice :)

Oh wow! it would be so Awesome to get Wacom! Can’t even imagine how it would change my way of working! 😀

I need this tablet to feed poor people!

Oh, I need a Wacom tablet! I’d create great things with that tablet. :)

omg ive been wanting one for so long now D:
i really wish id win one, so i dont have to save up money anymore =/

id looove to win 😀

I don’t currently have a Wacom Pad but I know they would help with my photoshop skills. Pick me, pick me!! I would love to be able to use the pen pressure tools. =)

I’d get more into the artistic side of photography. I’ve always been the ‘purist’ but finding I would like to take some of my images and ‘take them forward’ and a wacom tablet would be just the thing to help me!

Wow, what a great giveaway gift! I’ve always wanted to try one and see how it improves my workflow!!

This would be great.. FAR better than using that clunky old mouse. OR… even the touch pad on my little mac..

Oh man would I love to get my hands on a pen tablet. Not only would a pen tablet make my work so much more precise and of better quality, but it would also make me look cool using it.

I’d love to have it :)

I love Wacom, such a great tool to use in photoshop, wish i had a bigger one than the bamboo though…. imagine the possibilitys :)

I’d love one. I want to draw lots of things 😀

I love the pressure sensitivity! I have a tiny little Wacom Bamboo, and would love to have a larger tablet for more gestural freedom.

This fall was the first time I tested a Wacom tablet and I fell in love with in a day and now it’s all I use. <3 The magic mouse just sits beside the pen unused. Wacom rules

Being an art student, Wacom tablets make things so much easier and quicker to get done. I find it tedious sometimes to be designing things and being limited to a mouse when drawing things with a tablet is a lot better. A medium tablet is just perfect.

I have been wanting this for a long time. I would love this! I’m a stay at home mom starting an online business. I would use it to create designs for my website & a clothing line I’m working on for infants, toddlers,& youth!

The pen tablet will and can streamline anyone’s graphic designs or hobby projects.
If I could afford one, I would have purchased one a long time ago. Photoshop & Wacom just go together, like peas and carrots. Or Ice cream and hot days.
Just makes sense to own one when your in the graphic design industry or a hobbyist/scrapbooker.

I love the precision of the pen tablet vs. the mouse (a.k.a. “bar of soap”). I’m able to make speedy edits with the combination of keyboard shortcuts and the pen, and I love how responsive it is!

Using a Wacom tablet is the difference in drawing with a large sidewalk chalk and a fine sharpie. The only way to draw and get the desired results digitally is with a Wacom. Want!!!

I watched a CS5 Photoshop on-line course last week and the instructor highlighted CS5 brush features that work with Intuos4. Would love to try them out! I would use the pen and tablet to create posters at work!

Been using photoshop for 14 years now. It is my best friend. Would love a Wacom!!! Love you!

I just had lunch, and this post is my dessert. *DROOL*

Granted this couldn’t make PhotoShop any cooler than it already is…what a happy addition to my life it would be!

Well, this stuff will help me al lot.. easier to draw, to make a sketch with a perfect curve..

I am a wacom tablet virgin!!!
and wanting one sooo badly!
i shall dream of one now

I’m happy to be one of over one million photoshop fans. And I would be one million times happier with a new Wacom pen tablet


I would love to own and use a tablet! Great giveaway! What I would do with it? Already have some great ideas to deal with in my sketchbook that need the use of a tablet – so I would use it just after unboxing it.. :)

I would use my wacom to make some stunning digital art, paint my 3D models in Photoshop, make some intricate masks in some of my photographs, and just have fun with it! Doodling ideas, laying out thoughts for my next animation project, painting backgrounds, textures — all in Photoshop, of course!!

Oooh the pen tablet is a great tool for Photoshop and as a mouse 😉

Could the Photoshop experience be any better?! Probably not – but using it with a Wacom tablet would certainly come close! :-)

I love using the Wacom tablet. At the moment I’m using a 4×6 tablet at work and a generic tablet at for my photography. It would a huge upgrade for my home if I win the tablet

I want to create the future whit the wacom!

It would change my life more than you’ll ever know and my work desk would be most appreciative too!

I would use a Wacom tablet to trace pictures that I can use as patterns for wood carving. I can also enhance my photographs that I put on cards and sell.

This would help be so much with children’s portraits! I love making photos black and white and having one thing pop in color, and this would make that much more precise. Also, I love learning and experimenting with new tools!

I already have my Wacom tablet, but I could use a second – in the workplace.
Thank you Wacom, thank you Adobe too!

To know the joy of editing countless images with a e Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet would open up the sky and bring beams of light into my life — at least that’s what I’d like to believe.
What would I create? … Incredible images at far less time and aggravation than it currently takes me.

I haven’t been able to try it yet.

Oh Photoshop, this is just another reason why you’re amazing!

i love to have that since im in colledge before and now im working i experience to have wacom on office and when i have free time i draw my own OC using it and yes i even discover to my self that i have a potential to do or if lucky to be more expert in realistic Digital art….but now my dream is to have my own wacom athome for my scanned drawings pending to be colored and published in my future gallery and ofcourse im making art commission in vacant time so to have an own wacom is advance for young like me still exploring U_U …….

Wacom and Photoshop rock!

If given the chance to own one of these, I could design the website interfaces I design with greater ease, and with a more clear workflow. I could also use the tablet to make some killer hand-drawn buttons to be used on interfaces, as well as being able to integrate some beautiful flash into them as well, which would also be easier and more efficient to use with a tablet such as the Wacom.

My Sapphire tablet has helped add sparkle to a lot of my work.

I’d draw some awsome dinosaur scenes! I love to sketch, but can’t do it well in PS. I don’t own a tablet so I would love to have one! Thanks!

I wish I owned one of these. Maybe Santa will bring me one on 25th December!

I would love one…who wouldn’t? Pick me, pick me…please!!

I used one for years and am in need of a new one. Using a mouse is like drawing with a bar of soap – no precision and little control. I would love a new Wacom on my desk again! It is absolutely a must have for any serious designer.

Hook me up! I’m still using my original Intuos GD, so an upgrade to a 4 would be suhweet!

I would create work much more efficiently and not get behind on work because of the limited control a trackpad or mouse has.

it will definitely enhance my workflow … but what i’m going to do with is just to open Photoshop and start mix-brushing every photo i can get my hand on and go CS5 style all the way =D
plus i will keep on drawing and drawing and drawing till my finger becomes a part of the Intuos pen.
Thanks for the opportunity.

It would be so Phabulous for my Photos if I won one of theses. Because it would work so well with Photoshop CS5.. Thanks..

I use Photoshop to edit interior and architecture images. It often requires detailed selections and masks. The Wacom would not only improve the accuracy, but quite honestly, reduce the stress on my wrist and hand!

I have a dusty old wacom from 2002 that I am still using. It is tiny and definitely not wireless! A tablet is an absolutely necessary tool for making selections, if nothing else. I would LOVE to upgrade to a larger more modern tablet.

I love Wacom and Photoshop is the perfect combination. I have one in my work and as a result, I can create a world of illusion easily. Is a set of precision and creativity, the best tool and the best desing program ever seen working together.

Should i get a Intuos4 and tell my girl its from

How awesome! This would be fabulous to win!

I would love to have one, It would make drawing a lot easier and fun to do and I always wanted a tablet like this. =) Thanks!

I would be creative!

1 x wacom tablet please and thanks.

// xoxo

It would make me complete!

I have used various Wacom and all have served and will serve to have a wonderful career. I’m going to create a future!

I Would love a Wacom tablet! I’ve seen them in demos and would love to use it!

I would try to paint so much that the pen or the tablet wears out!

Wacom is the BOMB!

pretty pixel please!

Pen tablets enable us digital users to feel more like artists than we do when using a mouse, the sheer beauty of the pen stroke makes your works feel like they came from within you and are more organic, because of this Tablets even encourage us to keep making new works as digital artists.

If I were to win I would use the Intuos 4 to paint a Velociraptor eating a cherry pie while a Brontosaurus takes his turn on the NES! PREHISTORIC PALS! :3

I would love an Intuos Tablet. I have an older Bamboo, but it’s just not big enough to do serious work. I’m amazed at what Photoshop CS5 has done for my work. A new tablet would make it even better.

Do i double my chances if I post twice ? 😀

This would be an amazing addition to my tool set!

Amazing 😀

Doubtless the best graphic tablet so far.

I would LOVE to have a wacom tablet! I would be able to edit my shoots so much faster!

Using a tablet in any Adobe product will revolutionise your workflow – especially Photoshop – and when it comes to tablets you dont really get better than Wacom! Pressure sensitivity with soft brushes changes the game every time.

Would love!

I love using a tablet for touch ups and digital painting, but I haven’t sprung for a nice new one.

I would create 3D sculptings and paint them with the tablet!

Me and my friends are currently working on a photoshop projekt together for the local society for free, and its requierd alot of precision. But none of us really have the money to buy a pen tablet.

so it would really help us ALOT.

All regards,


I need a tablet!

Precision is key with any Photoshop project. With the Wacom pen tablet, that would never be a problem.

Wacoms complete PS, and PS completes me.

That would be uber sweet for editing photos!

I would love to have one copy of this awesome tablet. I wanted to buy it but can’t pay so much… Thanks for the chance, you’r the best!

My tablet was my sidekick, I used it with mostly everything. It was hard at first, and I thought the idea of not drawing where you were looking was so strange. Soon I grew out of the the little tablet I owned, but it kept working for me the way I wanted it. I use it in school a lot, it makes small details look really nice.

My Wacom stayed with me for over 6 years, until recently it died on me. It was quality product, and I always recommend it to my friends. I don’t think I will ever not use a tablet anymore!

I’m doing art studies in France and I haven’t enough money to buy a tablet.
I would continue my studies and may found a job as graphic designer, who knows?

PS : Super idea to do that 😀

I could finally set my thoughts free with this Wacom Tablet and draw to my heart’s content!

A Wacom tablet is the only thing holding me back from becoming 100% productive in Photoshop & Light Room. There’s simply not enough precision in even the best mouse!

I’ve had the opportunity to play with the Intuos4 and really loved it. I would use it to make image retouching/manipulation in Photoshop MUCH quicker and easier.

Oh! If I could have a tablet, I could make some professional arts, like some great posters! 😀 I wolud love that tablet! Guys you are the best! I love Photoshop! 😀

I would make people prettier, Im my goal to make everyone look good that I shoot so they feel better about themselves… this would definitely help

I have used them on employer’s computers, just have not been able to afford my own. Great product !

I’ve been itching to get a tablet again. Used to have a cheaper one, but it died out after a year.

I’ll definitely look into it regardless if I win the contest.

Omg I want this sooo bad! Ive had a wacom tablet before but it got stolen, and i dont have the money to buy a new one:C I would be a great christmasgift:]

With a tablet I could do so much! As a student I could make some amazing kick-ass projects! :)

I have heard wonderful things about the Wacom Tablet and have done quite a bit of research, I even found a left handed tablet ;o) The precision and control you get with the tablet compared to the lack of control you get with a mouse is simply amazing. As I have 6 children in my home, I do not see myself getting a Wacom Tablet anytime soon. Please add me to your list of potential winners as it would open up a whole new world of creations for myself. Thank you so much for the opportunity.


I so wish i had a wacom tablet. It would make edits so much easier

Yes, please;)


I would LOVE to have one!!! Please Please!!

i use a wacom 3 at work and need one so badly for my machine at home. I can’t hardly stand to use my mouse anymore! Love Photoshop and Wacom!!!!!

I’d draw the INTUOS5 :3

There’s nothing more in the world I’d like than a one of these!

I’ll draw every single thing that i feel and let others know without having to say a single word.

I love it!!

I have a Bambo that I am presently using, but would love to own an Intuos4. I am left handed and this just makes it all the more fun and productive to have a tablet.

Man, timing would be so perfect, my Intuos 3 screams retirement after years of extensive use, abuse and service above and beyond the call of duty. Otherwise, I might have to go back to teh pen-paper-scanner process…

I’ve been wanting to create a webcomic with a woman superhero. It is to be set in a alternate reality where the civil war ended differently. Got a lot of ideas, Can’t wait to really use my Photoshop CS5 for more than just resizing pictures!

I would create a brand new world :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I’d love one of those new ones. I’m still using my Intuos3–not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😀

I have wanted one of these tablets for so long, have read how much they can assist with the finer details f processing photos but its just been out of my budget

Time to upgrade my 4X6 Ruby Tablet! LOL…

Thanks for doing this!

I am sure that a Wacom tablet would improve my speed and skills and would become an outstanding student in the PS training.

I will create every little piece of photomanipulation, digital painting and crazy nonsense that pass in my mind. And my mouse will finally rest – same for my brain, that collapses everytime that I need to make a good selection (to name just one thing) using the mouse.

I’ll make something that will make you proud. 😀

Have wondered what the hoopla is about and really want to try it out. Pretty please?

I dont have a tablet but when I need to draw something by hand I just draw it on paper, shoot it with cell phone, and put the photo into PS, I know its lame, but anyway guys if there’s no other way try this 😛 (to be honest i didn’t know what to write here, so this was the first thing that ran through my mind :D)

This tablet would be a great addition to my laptop. It would speed up my photoshop and animation work. Thanks for the opportunity.

Seria una experiencia Unica Poder Contar con el wacom y disfrutarlo al maximo

It’s an amazing device, I have spent many hours staring at them at Bestbuy. I work in both photography and digital media graphics and this is a must have product. A mouse will never cut it~ Oh, and by the way, I could use it desperately!

I have a Bamboo, but this top o’ the line tablet would be a nice step up!

I think that a graphics tablet is a must-have if you are looking to have any kind of control over the quality of your digital artwork. Working with a mouse is fine if you’re comfortable with only being able to have a limited amount of precision, but anything more than that requires something far more sensitive. Also, if you’re going to want to simulate the properties of a particular brush or drawing instrument, then you need to kind of pressure response that only a graphics tablet can provide. The amount of money that you invest in a tablet is worth the amount of time that you will save and the amount of quality you will gain.

I’ve used them before and they’re amazing! Would totally love to have one in the arsenal.

wacom tables are the best! I would love to own one!

I Use photoshop CS5 and I have always wanted a tablet because I draw by hand but I have never been able to incorporate that with photoshop. I love to draw hair but using the pen tool to do so makes it a lot harder so a tablet would definitely help!

I want to create shortcuts so I can toogle between layers in a Norwegian OS.

Working with Photoshop without a Wacom is like trying to drive a car without gas!

Would be cool to have such tablet. It must be a lot easier to use PS or Illustrator when you have this device.

So I have a super tiny one of these and it dramatically improved my Photoshop work. Having so much control and precision makes any line work, painting, or even masking a breeze. I could only imagine what a larger tablet help me to do…

Would love to have a Wacom tablet to enhance my volleyball and adventure race pics.

I will make a better fotoart with pentablet. Mouse sucks!

Digital paintings are made much easier with tablets. That’s what I would create.

WACOM has changed the way I use Photoshop! The experience is exhilarating! I’ve never look back without a tablet!! it’s simply AWESOME!

OMG!!! That would be fantastic to get a Wacom tablet. I have been thinking of getting one and if I got one I am sure all the other photographers in my group would have to get one as well. :)

Tablets are great! =) Make work so much easier…

I love using a Wacom tablet when doing fine tuning in any of my Adobe applications and find it especially helpful for Bezier curves and the tools that work hundreds times better with pressure sensitivity!

Well, I know that I would DEFINATELY never use my old touchpad for Photoshop again. My days of frustration would be over! A Wacom would make detailing soo much easier.

love photoshop and wacom:)
wacom is convenient in P.S

I’ve used Wacom tablets many times over the years, at different jobs, but I’ve never owned one myself. They are outstanding devices! I have numbness problems with my fingertips (30 years at a computer, started out in CAD in 1979) and perhaps using a stylus instead of a mouse would be beneficial. I’m hoping to do some fine art painting and a Wacom would be ideal.

I haven’t been feeling very creative lately and I feel that I really need a newer better tablet to work with. I love tablets because they’re more convienent then buying materials for traditional art. They are so essential in this day and age for artists. If I were to get a new tablet I would hope it would spark my creativity and help me strive to become a better artist. I think its great you’re doing this giveaway!

Haven’t found the budget to buy a Wacom tablet yet, but I’m convinced it’d make retouching my photos easier. And maybe delay the onset of carpal tunnel. :)

I got the opportunity to use my first wacom my freshman year in college (1991) at the Kansas City Art Institute. Been in love with them ever since. almost 20 years of using a pen instead of a mouse! love it!

(W2) wayne wilkes

I have used a tablet for years now. Only it was a lower end one. Not as precise as a Wacom I’ve heard. Would love, love, love to be able to have the capabilities of this type of tablet for my art and photo editing. My triplets love my art work and seeing what i create with a tablet astonishes them! They always love watching me draw and make them things they ask me to!

Photoshop + Wacom = the perfect creative experience? I’m looking forward to (hopefully) finding out! :-)

I will name my next child Adobe if you pick me.

I would use it for my digital painting 😀

I have wanted a Wacom for years but, never could afford one. I know is product would significantly improve my productivity and abilities as an artist in all the digital mediums that I work with.

Unique wacom, so you need wacom.

I can’t afford one but would get back to drawing by hand again. I used to draw a lot. This would be really convinient with my Photoshop CS5. Creating anything my imagination allows :) no boundries :)

As a photographer I can not imagine not using a Wacom tablet to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop.

The pressure sensitivity alone comes in play big-time when using the healing brush, and point selections with the pen tool is cake. The pen is a much more natural interface than a mouse by far.

I use another brand but would love to upgrade to a a Wacom!!!

Hi guys! congrats with 1 millon!! =)

Personally, I’ve just stared learning the mathematics involved with tranformation matix’es and I’m blown away by the geniousness of Photoshop. Hand down for sure!

now I hope I win a tablet. I’d really like to have one! =)

Keep up the good work! :)


if ever, this is a dream come true.. i’m dreaming of this ever since. i love art so much and this will serve as one of my tools of trade. thank you guys in advance! 😉

This would be an awesome addition to my design tools!

Uhh… I’d really love to have one of those.

I have not tried a tablet yet but I look forward to the day I get to test one out. Photoshop ROCKS!!

It would be so awesome to have a wacom tablet! I would primarily use it for editing pictures, but maybe also for making comics :)

I will use the tablet to further enhance my drawings in Photoshop, and experiment creating more hand drawn digitalized drawings for my projects, schoolwork and leisure. :p

I have the bamboo fun and it completely changed my ability to work on my photography and my ability to draw things up in photoshop. My little brother wants my fun now, and I have wanted the more advanced Intuos for a while.

my old graphite2 wacom tablet is still operating but… is getting old 😉

I would use the tablet to draw pictures and much more pictures because I like drawing! :)

I Sooooooo want… Please randomly select me!!!

would really help me with my graphic work

I’m an architectural illustrator that just graduated from school. I’ve always wanted a tablet to help with my visualizaations, but have never had the money to purchase one. I know that the typical mouse is on it’s way out, and I would really like to utilize your Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet. Then I can refer my friends and colleagues based on my own practical experience.

Thanks for the opportunity to win this tablet (always wanted one) and congratulations on 1 million+ fans. Your product is amazing and is a joy to use.

Hope to hear from you soon!

i’d use it for editing photos (retouching) and for digital drawing/painting! DAMN i’d have a lot of fun with it!

We wants it! We needs it!

What would I do with a WACOM tablet? What wouldn’t I do?

I would do everything with it! Sketching digitally (saving thousands of paper, thus, trees), digital painting, home-made animation…there’s so much to do and so little time. :(

I’ve used WACOM tablets before and they rock!

I am planning t0 start my own business…custom invites, decor and catering! This would raise the customization so greatly! Wow!

I would DIG this. :)

well, I´m using other Wacom tablet in school…And I would to have this one at home :) Cheers

My mouse broke:(
The only thing they can offer me as a replacement has a ball in the bottom of it.

A free Wacom Tablet would be like Christmas in October! I’d love to have one and have thought about getting one, but have always thought they were a fad… maybe i am wrong? If I won the tablet, I’d FB & tweet about how it works for me!

I recently lost my old but useful wacon Graphire who accompanied me 7 years I miss it. It is my extension of daily work. I really need one. What better than an Intuos 4. Adobe Thanks for the opportunity!

I would love to be able to give this to a very dear friend, Hilde. She’s a digital illustrator and it would be able to give her something this nice. Her husband is an artist and they both could use it:) It would really easen her work:) And maybe I could borrow it sometimes:)

I love Wacom and Photoshop, and I use this tablet for photo retouching =)

I’ve been working on a Quake mod for months, and doing all new textures in 24 bit .tga for the models and associated mapobjects. A top notch tablet is what is needed for this project. I’ve been using the mouse. Things look great, but the artwork needs a refinement that you can’t get without that classic stylus-in-hand feel.

Wow, this is a nice giveaway action. Im quite new to photoshop, but very interested in it ! im learning now Mediadesign Digital/Print and this tablet would power my creativity a lot more ! :) I would be very glad to win it !

Attempted design work at the dinner table…. spilt water on my laptop keyboard caps lock is stuck on and as a result i had to copy and paste this in lower case as i hate ‘shouty’ text. Please help.

I use the Bamboo, I would love the Intuos4 to take it to the next level!

Been thinking i should look seriously at tablet options to improve my workflow.

Wow! I just have the Wacom Bamboo fun… I would be the envy of the office if I had this!!! Pick me :) pick me!! :)

I have fallen in love with photoshop cs4. Its just the best, pitty im not allowed to use it at work m their pc. Whishing there was a way! Love you photoshop

If I had a Wacom tablet, I’d be able to create the comic that I’ve always wanted to make, but have always been unable to due to my mouse. :( I’d be able to create much more epic effects and projects in PS.

I could use a Wacom Pen Tablet to make it much easier to select fine details. I shoot a lot of Lacrosse games and it’s sometimes hard to select the stick when I want to do something creative with the picture.

Would love to win one of these. I am just learning how to use Photoshop as part of a media course. I have four young children so would never be able to afford one.

i dont got the money as a poor student… XD
i schould love to have one for makeing stencils and portrets in ps…

Wow, this is thé moment to start using a Wacom. Realy could use one … just like everybody else in this blog.
I would start using it to combine several pictures,extracting details and using some great brushstrokes.
This would realy help!!!!


Working with a mouse is very difficult and slow, I think it would be so much easier to be able to use a wacom tablet.

I own a Bamboo Tablet and agree that they are so much easier to use than a mouse. I love creating digital paintings and storyboarding.
My sister doesn’t have one and as much as I’d like to just get her one, I don’t have the funds, but I let her borrow it from time to time :)

it would make my painting so much easier if i had one :)

I’m a professional photographer and retoucher all photos by myself. Since I use Pen Tablet, I discovered that my productivities, feel and touch was sky-high compare to it was before.

I LOVE my Intuos 4 (can’t live without it). My 14 year old daughter is an aspiring artist and so she would create amazing fairy art with it. :)

My first experience with a pen tablet was in college in 1999. I have wanted one ever since. I have a friend who just got a Wacom, but he lives 2500 miles away so I don’t get to use it. I would love to have one of my own. The precision control when editing photographs would be awesome.

I don’t own a tablet but a friend of mine has one and omg it is wonderfull! It is so much more fun to work with Photoshop
It would help me with my work as a designstudent :)

I would create everything with a Wacom tablet! Plus, it might help with carpal tunnel so I could create for even longer hours of the day :-)

Congrats on 1 million fans!

I have tablet at the moment, a Wacom Graphire ET-0405-U. I have always wanted an Intuos4 since it came out but never had the funds! As trusty as my Graphire is, it’s on it’s last legs. I’ll probably hang it on my wall as a memento to stepping into the digital art world. I would be ecstatic to work with a model like this!

To win this Wacom Tablet would absolutly change my world. I am a recent business Start up and my budget is tiny and I am struggling with the workflow, I can’t get it done fast enough. This tablet is a million miles out of my price range and to win one would be amazing. Thanks :)

I would paint a panda for my student research project! :)

I accidentally spilled coffee over my old wacom bamboo (together with my laptop) about 3 months ago and since school has started I decided to buy a new laptop and try working without it but no matter how accurate my mouse is (5600 dpi) it’s still incredibly hard to draw even the simplest of figure without taking 5 times longer as it did with my bamboo. I was planning on waiting for some place to do a special action for buying it but winning one would be even better. 😀

Sometimes we need precision to manipulate small projects that the mouse can’t help. The alternative is Wacom instruments. It is a must for people working in the illustration, or in the Graphic Design in general!!!

A Wacom Intuos tablet has been on my Christmas list since spring! I would love to have one so I could fully utilize all the features in the CS5 I was luckily enough to update too this year. I do birth announcements, holiday cards, etc and it would be nice to add precision and more hand illustrations to my work!

    Oops, typos in the original comment. Here’s what I meant to say!

    A Wacom Intuos tablet has been on my Christmas list since spring! I would love to have one so I could fully utilize all the features in the CS5 I was lucky enough to update to this year. I do birth announcements, holiday cards, etc and it would be nice to add precision and more hand illustrations to my work!

hi im a brazilian designer, and love adobe suite, i use illustrator, photoshop and flash, a wacom tablet is a dream for me, and make my work much more easy, and give a special touch for my works, givin a unique touch to my works.

Ever since i saw this tablet i am really wanting to have my own as much as i like to learn much in manipulating photoshop…

I had the opportunity to take a workshop with the brilliant photographer and artist Joel Grimes. Over lunch one day he spoke about how much he liked using the Wacom tablet and that he was in fact on his way up to the north west to meeting with them about endorsing the product with his images.

I’d like to have one. The work would be easier and faster =D

Photo retouching and masking is much easier, faster and more efficient with a tablet. My love for tablets, though, extends to the entire computer, since using the pen also helps reduce repetitive stress issues.

i’d love to win one to use with my Mac!!

As a hobby photographer, I am always trying to improve my images. In many cases, the work is meticulous and requires a steady hand and fine control. Using a pen is the most natural way to effect these modifications and would save strain on the hands and wrist. I am Wacom Bamboo owner and have been dreaming of owning an Intuos4. My fingers and toes are crossed that you can help me to make this dream a reality!

Would love this!

The few times I’ve worked with tablets, I’ve really loved them, and I know the Wacom would enhance my workflow tremendously. In addition, my kids would LOVE the ability to draw their masterpieces on the Mac. A very cool piece of technology indeed!

my work would be much better with one of them …. I want one

What i’ll draw…?
well of course a lot…
But most importantly, i draw the peeps that are close to my heart, those who touched it, those who love me and accept me for who i am , and those who supported me when i was down…

omg i waaaaaaaaaant one xD

I love my Wacom. I seriously can’t live without it. I never draw into my notebooks anymore, just directly into Photoshop. THe medium would be perfect to give me more range of wrist motion.

I would love to have use of a tablet like the Wacom Intuous4 pen tablet: I have an older small wacom one at this time, it’s better than a mouse and ok for small work but it would be nice to have the area for larger work. Congratulations on one million fans but it does not surprise me :-)

I love to design & draw with photoshop… unfortunately, the drawings I made only with my mouse.. it was very hard, because I wanted to go in detail… well here you can see it:

it’s my first drawing ever & I love that technique because I saw a lot of amazing pictures drawn by Melanie Delon and so on.. and she’s using a drawing tablet.. so with enough practice I can also draw some cool pictures… it’s so much fun and I love the realistic technique… you can draw anything you want… like fairy’s and make them look real.. with a tablet & photoshop.. i mean, thats so cool :)

sorry for writing too much .. but I wish to have a graphic tablet because it makes your work much easier and precise.. (so much said the same, too)

greets <3
lorey :)

Damn I would looooooove it so much – Pick me!

Leave a random quote 😀

Time for somebody else to inherit my much-loved Intuos? I hope so …

I would LOVE to have a tablet for my photo post editing.
It would be much more precise and easier to navigate with when retouching photos.

The possibilities are endless with a pen tablet, especially after reading up on the Wacom Intous4. I’ve just begun to learn techniques in photo editing and creation in addition to creating my own graphics, so this would make things easier and just open doors for me. My 13 year old daughter has also begun to create art using tools on the computer. She loves to create cartoons and has been doing a lot of glogging at school. A pen tablet would be a dream come true for her! Please pick us!!!!!!

I’ve always secretly wished I had a Wacom tablet :)

I would use the Intuos4 to edit sweet photos!

I would LOVE a new Wacom tablet. It would help with the new painting feature in Photoshop CS5, which I love so much.

Tablets are a serious lifesaver when it comes to editing. After switching from a mouse to a Wacom tablet I will probably never go back. If I had a new tablet, I probably would get a start on those engagement photographs I have been meaning to edit, 😉 but that’s just me.

I would draw all the characters & funny thing I imagine everyday on my favorite software ! (photoshooop)

These would be so useful in the classes we teach at the school. Unfortunately there’s this thing called a budget and it is getting smaller each year.

OH, I would love to have one to use in digital scrap booking. I could journal in my own hand writing and draw frame doodles.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

oooohhhh….this is on my birthday list.

If I got this tablet I would love it and hug it and I’d even go to sleep with it all the time! (besides finally getting back to drawing comics)

I do a lot of line drawings. With the tablet I don’t have to scan an illustration into photoshop. I can just draw using the pen and tablet and then work in photoshop from there!!!

I dream of having an Intuos 4 all the time. I’m not exaggerating. There are many times I’ve been really close to ordering one but then determining that my bank account would not agree with my purchase.

Wacom for the WIN! Up your game with their tablet!

I wish I had a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet . I have heard of people who have bought a tablet but then never used it. I think if I had one I would definitely use it !

I have a Wacom Bamboo Pen & Tablet I bought about a year ago and now I CANNOT imagine going back to a mouse. Overall control & selection have improved immeasurably and my efficiency has gone through the roof! I just wonder what took me so long to switch to a tablet. Tablets rock but Wacom tablets rule!

Being a media student [specializing in Motion Pictures and Television], Wacom has been my companion. Whenever I had to manipulate images to make matte paintings or do some character design work My Wacom Bamboo Pen was there for me. I use it every day and love it like anything. If I get an Intuos it will be major advancement for me. I’ll do even better as I believe that a professional device does make a lot of difference in your work. I always thought of getting an Intuos bt couldn’t because of a higher price tag.

I just got back into the groove of using Photoshop again. My computer was stolen a while back and I was running CS3. Now that I have CS5, if I had that tablet, I would get to working on my side business doing Graphics again.

I’ve been using Photoshop for many years now, and I’ve always been pleased with the software. I still use CS3, and it’s been performing fine. I do some design, photo editing, etc., but drawing doesn’t really work; not without a tablet at least.

I’ve been meaning to start doing a webcomic, but not having any money for a decent tablet is not exactly helping. It would be sweet to be able to draw using Wacom’s Intuos4.

I would love to own this and would love something good to happen in my life in what is one of the roughest years I have ever had. My computer and photoshop are the only things I can do to block out the thoughts of my husband living on borrowed time.

I love photoshop for all my school/personal projects! <3 it!

why yes, I have said that to myself MANY times!

I LOVE Wacom! Nothing makes my world run smoother on a daily basis! I could certainly use the upgrade!

Having two HD monitors is worthless without a complimentary design tool to take advantage of them! Building a photography and design business from the ground up means having to learn what tools to value the most. A new Wacom Intous4 tool would certainly help me to bridge some gaps in the schools of hard knocks, and experience!

Stephen S.
Huntsville, AL

I own an Intuos 3 tablet and I love it! I read a lot of good things on the latest model and I know it would be a big boost in productivity for my graphic design and image editing work. :)

This would be great! Hope I win!!

I would draw a kitten sticking its head out of a jack-o-lantern for Halloween ^_^

Wacom and Photoshop are the best!!!! Pick ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While I have gotten better at using a mouse as a pen, it is not the same as a pen. I would like to use an Intuos 4 to do editing and creative work for activism. I am a grad student in a film and documentary making program and I build activist history webpages thus would use it to make graphics for webpages as well as for teaching, as I think it could be useful as a teacher as well.

Tablet would be an awesome addition… I always wanted to buy one but in my country they are OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Photoshop is the best! Thank you Adobe and please continue to update and publish this awesome software!

I wish I had a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet!

My first Wacom tablet was 12×12 beige one that weighed about 5 pounds and I paid $500 used. I don’t have the latest but I think I have owned every version made.

Using a Wacom tablet really improves and speeds up my work in school and helps me perform my best while doing my internship as an illustrator.

As I’m having my internship at a skateboard company, I would draw all the guys at the office as zombies and have it printed on a skate deck!

I love digital painting. With this pen tablet it will be easier for me to paint portrait on a photoshop.

I would love to have a Wacom tablet! I’m just beginning in graphic design and drawing and this would help me out a ton!!!

The tablet transformed my digital art. No longer was I fighting to accomplish the desired results. Now I had the feeling of pencil to paper with the power of photoshop. I now feel like I can accomplish anything.

Please? I have always needed one. Have a Happy Photoshop day!

That would be amazing to have the Wacom tablet it would help a lot and make retouching a lot easier have always wanted one to use with Photoshop.

Oh – and it isn’t about *what* I would create with my Wacom … it’s about how much *more* I could create … You cannot put a price on Time, but the pen & tablet definitely add value to the Time saved!!

I could get so much done if I had one! :(

I think it’s priceless! It allow me to express my creativity in a much more concrete way. I can even move my painting to the computer.

im not goin to lie , about 2 yrs ago i would never of had a wacom tablet i always complained how the tablet wasnt easy to use etc …. but thanks to a friend of mine letting me use hers for a project i have been well and truly CONVERTED !! lol , i now use my tablet for ALL my design work , and its amazing , i now dont recall how i ever worked without it !!! , im using it on my final yr project at the mo , and my work is lookin fine 😉 !

so i would loveee to own an intuous 4 , as a fully fledged converted wacom tablet lover hahah!

:) fankx again X

I would have a much faster workflow while editing portraits with a tablet!!! I would be able to be more precise brushstrokes!

I just got Lightroom 3 and Photoshop! Editing would be a breeze with a Wacom/Adobe combo like this!
PICK ME! lol

I have always loved Wacom tablets and would love to have one to use for my drawing and photography hobby! A tablet would make both of these a lot more fun and much easier to accomplish on the computer; it really would be an invaluable tool!

Editing hurts my hand after a while…I would love to win this and throw my mouse away!!

I am a professional photographer of 9 years, and a quadriplegic incomplete, (minimal use of the hands) and I purchased a WACOM BAMBOO pad a couple years ago and love it… It allows me to not only be creative, but precise on my movements as an artist where as using a mouse hindered my functionality… I would love to step up to Intuos4 tablet…


I’ve been into art since some long time, and I just need that precision of a Tablet, you see Art’s not about drawing, or painting, it’s about expressing what’s on your mind and everyone watching it should understand it. And now, I want that medium of expression to be a wacom tablet.

I would have a better time creating digital art pieces. :)

i want a wacom so badly, it would make all of my photoshopping so much easier..
if only i was so lucky. congrats on the 1 mil.

I’m still on my “training wheels” with a Wacom Bamboo tablet, but they’re fantastic tools for freehand drawing, as well as for touch-ups. To me they’re not a replacement for a pencil or paintbrush, but rather another tool in the shed so to speak. They’re a very quick way to get some ideas down into an inherently-flexible digital format, which you can then tweak to your heart’s content.
I’d sure love a bigger tablet, for better precision if nothing else. You really need at least a medium-sized tablet to tackle the finer details when sketching.

My mother has a Wacom tablet for graphic design and I often use her computer to be able to use the tablet for my own creations. I use it to edit photos and to add my own creative touches to the picture. Using a mouse or touchpad can be very limited in what you can do, compared to a Wacom pentablet. If I were to have my own Wacom pentablet, I would use it endlessly to create awesome graphics, better photoshopped pictures, and maybe even create my own brushes!

I was initially skeptical about using a Wacom tablet in the past but have been told by many photographers that it is the ONLY way to go. I have so many things on my want list, but after researching the Wacom tablets, and seeing how it could change EVERYTHING for me, this has moved to number one on my list!!!!

Would love a tablet to use to make editing all the photographs I take easier. Thanks!

All future Wacom tablets should just be HD monitors with the touchpad also on the screen itself so you can visually make your own icon graphics for your tools and have the option to click and drag them to locations on your monitor that you prefer and make a button on the pen to make the icon/buttons appear when you need them.

Werd em up kid.

pretty please! i’d love to have one!! i always have to fiddle my way with a mouse, which sometimes is nervewrecking!

Best tool for the quick mask mode!!!!

Any hints on how to get proficient at using a tablet and stylus?

I would LOVE to have this!! using Bamboo right now, all I can afford!! Pick Me Pick Me!! :)

I would create so much beautiful art if I had a Wacom tablet. I would be able to become professional.

I would LOVE this! I have an old small Wacom Graphire and I honestly can’t work without it. It would be a DREAM to have the larger new one with all the function keys. I would lock myself in the office and edit away my photos in pure bliss :)

Blimey – if I won this I would have to spend the money I have saved on a CS5 upgrade, this is the tool that brings Photoshop (and Illustrator, don’t forget that poor chap) to life ! I played with one at Photoshop World, I think I drooled on it a little too much, luckily its easy wipe ;o)

With the magic of a tablet I wouldn’t have to only dream about turning my art into reality anymore. Instead wacom tablet will make all my dreams come true. I’ve seen art work done using a tablet…and I always wish I had one too. It will make my work so much easier..I’d have lots of fun experimenting with different techniques and ideas too; something I can’t do at the moment. I want to prove my parents that my gift of art isn’t a waste of time [: Because I do have faith in myself…and wacom will help me reach my goal.

I would use to to recreate my entire portfolio. I am graduating and starting a new internship next year and would love a Wacom to better my work. Pretty pixel please :)

What a fabulous give-away! I would love an opportunity to use a Wacom tablet!

I currently go to the Art Institute of Phoenix for a bach degree in game art and design, so with the Wacom Pen Tablet it makes my job as a game texture artist using photoshop that much easier due to the amount of control that you have with your strokes.

Would love one of these! It’s on my Christmas wishlist!

I am a GD major and would love to have my own tablet! Would come in handy when I have late night project ideas and don’t want to run to the lab. Also it will be a huge help for my future endeavors as a designer!

I would love one to give to my girlfriend she loves digital painting but is in need of a tablet ASAP!!

This would be great to help create things for use in my classroom!

would start drawing again, random stuff, just for the fun of it

I would LOVE THIS! I am a single mother struggling to start my own imaging business…THIS WOULD TURN THE CORNER FOR ME!!!

Wacom’s are the ultimate tool for precision masking and painting in Photoshop. I really think one would speed up my workflow and my overall accuracy.

I have to have one of these Intuos4 tablets. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. It will take my creativity to the next level.

Please pick me! I’d love to win!!

Yes! Photoshop and wacom are a brilliant combo. Congrats!

I would love Wacon tablet because I just don’t like using mouse for drawing!
I would use it to do personal graphics and marketing material with both Illustrator and Photoshop..

Drawing or photo editing with a mouse is like using a wet bar of soap instead of a pencil or paintbrush! In order to advance to the big-leagues a Wacom tablet is just as necessary as power for the computer.

I would love to have en Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet. I would use it along with Photoshops new Mixer Brush tool :) a match made in heaven.

It would make dealing with rendered art from engineers much easier!

I was a design course students~~~
Me now is working on a part time job coz i hope that could buy a Wacom tablet soon…
BuT its kinda expensive at here…
So i really hope that i could win one of this~~~

Still using my Graphite2. Would love to have the real estate of an Intuos4 for Photoshop.

If I were given a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablets, I’d walk your dog for a month

A wacom :)
Why not !!
thanks for your blog !

I would use it to improve all the currently design workflow as well as let the others appreciate more my own drawings!

I would create Icons, for sure :)

I would LOVE to be able to draw with my left hand then try to do my photography with a mouse (like drawing with a bar of soap) or with the laptop skating rink (like trying to control things with a finger)! My photos look great now, I can only imagine the possibilites I can explore when I “do it right with a WACOM”!! Thank you for the possibility.

My boyfriend helped me get a new wacom last christmas – I had no idea going from the ooolld pre-bamboo tablet to a newer version would have such an impact on my work. THANK YOU ! :) I would to give one to my father – he’s been looking to impact his digital art for some time, and I want to encourage his growth, even if he is an old fart 😉

would love one!!!!

Ah, just think of how much quicker my work would get done if I didn’t have to use the tablets on campus! I could finally work at home.

I’ll draw freely. I’ll do what I want. I’ll implement those things I never did when I was just using a mouse to interact with Photoshop. I’ll make a new world out of it.

I hope I win… Would love to give this to my son as a gift!

I would really love to have a Wacom tablet. I am always using my Photoshop. It is almost never closed. I current edit pictures that I take in Second Life and it would be so much easier to enhance the shadows and highlights in smaller areas with a tablet/pen than with a mouse. I love my Photoshop. It is one of my most used programs at all times. Some of my work can be seen at I am also getting ready to learn how to use InDesign. I purchased a book recently to help me.

I am currently taking college classes online working toward my Bachelor’s in IT concentration on Multimedia and Visual Communications. I obtained my Associates in this field in July 2010.

So I guess I can say that I am a geek and I love to create. Anything that can help me do this is an added bonus and greatly appreciated.

Use Photoshop every day, would love to add a Wacom table to the mix.

I have used the tablets in class, and they seem to offer greater control of your work, but they are difficult to use for the first time… Definitely something I would love the ability to practice more on, and having my own would definitely help me do that. Until then, I guess I’m sticking with the good old reliable mouse.

Yeah! I was just thinking that I needed to get a new tablet. I illustrated my first children’s book with a Wacom and pretty much wore it out. Now it’s time for the new book AND a new tablet…

I could add the Intuos to my collection. :) Already have a Bamboo and Cintiq. I’d be able to have one tablet per computer. I’d be totally set!

Good luck to all. If you’ve never used a tablet before, you need to do it. Tablets are design altering Godsends.

wow! combining a wacom tablet with photoshop really is a great idea and inspires more creativity in design! =)

Have a little tablet and I think its great just to get your hand off the mouse and feel a bit more connected to what you’re working with.

I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet and I LOVE it! I’d love the Intuos4! What a blessing that would be to help build my photography career!

I’m working in a photo-shop. It will help me to do better work with Photoshop.

my life can’t without WACOM and PHOTOSHOP forever.

Have the small tablet and love it! A larger tablet would allow more finesse, I think and possibly even more control. All my friends know how I feel about my tablet already, but I keep telling them.

the possibilities are endless…I would be using it for photo editing and scrapbooking.

A Wacom tablet would reduce the time and effort involved in all my photo editing and graphic design work – a perfect tool for freelancers!

With the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet i would be able to push my design skills to the next level !

I love my wacom, I only have a bamboo. But it took my love from a hobby into profession. It was the best choice I ever made 4 years ago. It is one of the best tools a designer can have.

Ben Calantas

Poking around with a mouse and the keyboard is a bit of a challenge … a Wacom Intuos4 would be a Godsend …. until then, still plugging away to earn a living! Many thanks for the offer….

The Wacom Intuos 4 Pen Tablet for Photoshop is like Mayonnaise on the Mimosa Egg : It tastes much better with it ! 😉

I would love to use a tablet for my photography. It could help with making small adjustments that can enhance the pictures so much! There is only so far you can go with a mouse. Choose me!! :) (p.s. I love photoshop!)


Congrat on the 1 million fans with Wacom. i love Wacom Intuos4! Tried it out once at the store and loved it. Been wanting to get one for ages. Having one would definitely improve my graphic design and illustration skills together with Photoshop. Can i have a Wacom Intuos4 tablet please? :)

Wacom + Adobe Photoshop has the potential to bridge the computer/human interface in a more intuitive way than many input methods. It’d be fun just to be able to play and learn how to abuse the technology for creative expression. Anyway, I’d use it to make me happy and hone my process for design and digital art. :)

I’d like a Wacom board, but I’m unemployed

I would use it to improve my digital art and edits on Photoshop! :)

I would so love this. And my little bro would too

I would create a design for an umbrella.
don’t ask

I work as a photographer, but i’ve never drawed/retouched with a tablet before. I will use it for draw into pix and retouch! Yeahheah

Now why would anyone want a wacom tablet? Isn’t a mouse just as good?

I would create much better photo restorations!

Having just spent a week extracting about a bazillion product images from backgrounds for a catalog – every day I thought to myself “I REALLY, REALLY need to buy a Wacom tablet!” Of course now I’m spending the money on Carpal Tunnel treatment – ha ha

Amazing giveaway… This would be fantastic to have :)

I would create more digital art. And with the Wacom Intuos 4 i would become awsome.

NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM….I like cookies and photoshop :) it helps take away the pain on those long editing sessions all through the night

This would be amazing to have for work!

please pick me =) I Need this!

I don’t even use a mouse in Photoshop. My ancient Intuos is still my first stop when I open Photoshop. There’s something about the pen that makes more sense when applying expression in painted masks, or even taking a polygonal lasso around a specific element. And all of this is to say nothing of what a killer drawing app Photoshop becomes once you pic up the stylus. Once you go Wac, you never go back.


I am using the wancom Bamboo and for my editing purposes I desperately want this tablet you are giving away. I am the biggest fan ever!!!

I would use it to recreate my entire portfolio before I graduate and start my internship!

Ahhh-so we were supposed to voice thoughts-that’s not what it said on FB! I think for me the thing I need most is a large, affordable tablet. I love the touch options that are now available. Actual brush tips would be amazing to integrate into a tablet.

A Wacom tablet has always been on my wishlist. Hopefully Santa can bring me one for Christmas! Photoshop is an amazing executable. Using Photoshop with my photography and has been a fun adventure. Everyday I learn something new and can produce amazing results. Photography would not be same without Photoshop. Using a Wacom tablet would probably change my workflow for the better. Making changes with a pen would make me feel like an artist. I am sure my final results would be exponentially better!

As a member of the zeitgeist movement i do alot of artwork concerning global awareness, with the wacom i will be able to produce even more creative pictures
and posters.

Photoshop is amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

I wish I won a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet.. :)
unless this only applies to US fans.. then bummer.. ;P

I honestly was just thinking the other day how much easier my work would be if I had one as I tried tracing around someone’s glass to lighten them up b/c of transition lenses. As an emerging photographer, my business is picking up & I am in need of more & new equipment, but this is still only a part time job, so I can’t afford to spend on everything that I want or need. I would greatly appreciate winning one!!!
Thanks for the opportunity

Photoshop and Wacom tablets are the perfect combination of fantastic products. Born to be together!

I scraped and saved for ages to be able to afford a small bamboo tablet as it was a dream of mine owning a tablet. But since my economy wouldn’t allow any over the top spending, I could only afford the smallest one. I’ve loved it ever since I got it and I can’t even imagine being without it now! My dream was always to have a larger one though. It would open up so much more when it comes to me being able to express myself and further my own education since my dream is to some day being able to support myself as a graphics artist!

The boss has an Intuous4 he uses for Landscape perspective illustration, I occasionally get the chance to use it for rendering, and could not think of a more functional and fun device for any project.
Sun Valley, ID

I wish to have one, i’m working for years now without one, but i think retouching pictures would be so much easier und nicer – i neeeeeeed one

I love wacom tablets and i have always wanted to posses one of those!!
I love making vector arts and i so want this tablets as it is a nightmare to draw vector images using mouse with pen tool!!

I would love a Wacom Pen Tablet. It is easier to create graphics or edit with because holding a pen is more natural than with a mouse. Your wrist has more control with more precision and detail than a bulky mouse movements. Thank you in advanced.

Ooh, pick me, pick me!!!!!
I would ♥ a Wacom Tablet!!!!!

I love that WACOM tablets, i been thinking on it for buying a WACOM.. it will be a great gadget to me for my PS Works … LOVE IT so much

I love Photoshop so much that words fail to express just how MUCH!!!

And WACOM makes the very best drawing tablet in the UNIVERSE!!!

I would put both to so much great use that it will rock your world!!!

Thanks in advance for the tablet!!!

This has been on my wish list forEVER! Pick me pick me pick me

I wish I had a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet so I could design new world!

Well this contest seems to have gotten all 1 million of your fans to post a comment. I would like to have one of the tablets because all the good folks at Kelby Training swear by them. I’d love to personally find out why. Thanks, Paul

i would create…. macaroni pictures. can I haz now? I don’t really have the luxury of buying nice things like that.

I’ve been using a wacom tablet for over 6 years and I could not have ask for a better device. I will love to upgrade it since I still have my intuos 3 special edition black. YAY! for wacom!.

ohh fun! 😀

I would create beyond my imagination!

I’m a “lefty” who uses a mouse right-handed. I’d love the control of using a pen in my “native” hand!

If I had a tablet I would create fun and exciting details on my collages! Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

being 25 and starting my own business making custom invitations for every occasion i can definetly put the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet to great use!! other than that i can use it to make perfections in the portraits i shoot! i would no longer have to scan my drawing for customers… the drawings would be made right on photoshop! I would use it DAILY for so many things!

This would be amazing. Till now, I used to sketch on paper and scan my art, cleaning it up later in photoshop. That process is seriously tedious and takes a lot of time, keeping me away from sketches. The tablet would suit me just right.

Great Giveaway and Congrats on the 1 Million mark! I had an Intuos 4 Large tablet with my previous employer. No longer. Feel like someone cut off my right arm with the decreased productivity, and pretty soon they may have too….Feels like carpal tunnel is setting in from not having access to a tablet. I miss it so much. Pretty please with a whole lot of Photoshop goodness on top?

I’d draw so much new stuff!

I would love to create some sweet work to go into my portfolio. Helps boost my chances of getting into the best courses :)

WACOM! Please come ROCK MY WORLD :)

i love photoshop & wacom! illustrating & editing pics is easier with wacom & it improves my artwork! (a fan/artist from Philippines)

OMG, please, let me have one. Make one of my biggest dreams true…

Yeah! Good luck and another million.

I would create a world of my own with a Wacom CINTIQ 21 UX DTK2100!


It is a wonderful tool!!! It is great for free form drawing. I love it for erasing down to the pixels. It is easy to use ad can make using Photoshop better and bring out so much more of the software’s potential and the users.

I would love to have a Wacom tablet to enhance my photo editing and quality of my finished designs. The tablet I bought to learn with just isn’t as good as a Wacom.It would also ease the pain of my iPod dying this week!

This will be a perfect mate for my new iMac that will be reaching me this month end. Please ME ME ME ME ME :)



I got an intuos 1 since I’ve started school more than 10 years ago, my stylus die this morning, what a coincidence 😉

Cheers guys and keep on with the amazing software!


I really miss my Wacom Tablet. I used it all the dime designing for animation projects. A move and a job change made me sell it. I think it’s time I had one again to help let my creativity flow out of my weird brain.

I have wanted that tablet for a long time. I already have a Wacom tablet (typical starter) but it doesn’t work as it should anymore. So I really want a new and better one, so I can start drawing digitally again (in Photoshop, of course).

This will totally increase the work-flow of my works.

A Wacom tablet would really come in handy for the editing i do. definitely would speed up the process tenfold. I also animate in flash and the drawing process takes for ever with a mouse if i had a wacom tablet i can create even better cartoons for the world to see so this is why i hope i can get chosen for this to help progress my own skills from where they are at now and where they could be. 😀 thank you adobe for your awesome products.

I would be delighted to get a Wacom. I use Photoshop CS4 on a daily basis with my photography and would love to ass this extra tool to my art. In addition, I’m hoping to get and learn to be able to “paint” my images to give my clients additional options.

BamboOooOooo!!!!! Un mot magique qui illumine mes idées, qui me projette dans un univers aux possibilités infinies!!!! Bref, un outil génial, indispensable et qui fera bientôt partie j’espère de ma petite panoplie!!!(^_^)

It’s my birthday, so I’m making this my wish!!

The fastest way of getting ideas down is between the hand and the page. Tablets can save a lot the hassle of digitising a sketch… and the brush engine in photoshop CS5 make’s them pure bliss to work with.

I absolutely love Wacom and making digital art – drawings and paintings! As I’m an aspiring new artist a new enhanced tablet would make my work-flow faster and I could produce awesome new illustrations. I could finally replace my old one. =]

Help! I have outgrown my Bamboo!!!!!! Wacom Rocks!

I would create art.

There isn’t any other way to use Adobe Photoshop for digital retouching without a Wacom Tablet!!!

My mouse died and I’m using my old Volito to do everything.I would like to go to the next level.

Using a pen tablet would further enhance my texturing of 3d modeling as well as painting on hand drawn designs I scan into the computer. I have used several of them but as a college student stuff like that is hard to buy until you get a real job. It might also speed up concept art as well if I could use it in any of the Adobe products and email it to people I am working on the projects with.

I would die for PhotoShop, I am the biggest fan in the world.. Please let me win :)

It would make many parts of my photo editing processes a DREAM compared to what they are now!

Wacom is the choice for graphic designers and concept artists. I used one and new one will definitley come in handy … so… yeah … pick me!;)

We drew cartoons at school with a small version like this.
With a mouse or just a trackpad the result is just RIDICULOUS.

I’d looooove to have it to make funy cartoons and make fabulous designs and work for school

Excelent!!! I like to use photoshop to create what I call my digital art, and I think a Wacon pen tablet will help me to improve my designs and make them more enjoyable to create :)

Hi PS & Wacom… I would love to get my hands on one of these “advanced” tablets since I only have a Bamboo… :-(

I will us it for accurate adjustments to finish stunning photo of brides, couples and fairies.

The Bamboo has helped me a lot in learning more about PS and having the precision that comes with a Wacom Table (especially the Intous4 – i have heard) makes life in PS so much easier!

Pick me!! Pick me!!


I would use it to improve the accuracy and ease of my photo editing. Use it to help create more natural backgrounds and enhancements to many different things. Heck I might even just use it for some fun doodling!

I would make some crazy coverart for the cd from my band Druzhnik, which is comming out in a few months and wil thank Wacom for the rest of my intire life!! :-)
Greetz from belgium, the country with the silliest politics and the best beer! 😉

It would be terrific to be able to use one of these with Photoshop. Thank you for the giveaways!! :)

I wish I had a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet

As stated on FB, I’ve done some projects wondering how easier things would be with a tablet. Have really thought on buying one, but Wacom ?? Even though is the best, is too expensive for me.

I’m still using my Graphire2 Bluetooth… It’s definitely time to upgrade to an Intuos4.

Wacom is the basic for being an artist, once you get the basic every thing will be easy. With wacom i get to draw freely and easily from whatever that came to my mind. Drawing and designing will be so much easier and faster

Tablets are so useful in every form of editing/designing and Wacom make the best tablets out there so with photoshop its just perfect :)

Man, I hope my comment is random enough. Two facts: Ostriches have actually never hidden their heads in sand. And I’ve never owned a Wacom tablet. I’d like to reverse the latter, please!

I use a Bamboo and think it´s quite good but have had the chance to try the Intous4 and FELL IN LOVE!! I hope you´ll choose me and make my dream come true!

I’ve heard amazing things about the Wacom Intuos tablets, I’ve only ever used Bamboo Fun and the issues I have with it sound like they’re nonexistent in the Intuos tablets. It’s be awesome to have one! >w<

I love Photoshop and I really want tablet so i can do more amazing stuff and I have never won anything online :(

The Adobe products are just amazing :)

Thanks for making software like Photoshop and Flash.

i would be able to digitally draw my designs and present to clients. drawing on photoshop without a tablet is a pain really.

Wacom Intous 4? Is it REALY sooo gooood as the peaople say?

If I had this I could Spread my dreamy illustrations faster and easier :)

Having fallen in love with photoshop and lightroom , I have wondered about what the rage is with tablets . I guess It makes a lot of sense , I cannot draw or Dodge/Burn or select very well with a mouse ,detail work is a slow tedious nightmare . Is the Wacom tablet the solution ??

A pen tablet is the perfect instrument to integrating Photoshop with my natural skill sets, so that it all becomes intuitive. It is the ONE thing that I’ve been thinking about acquiring. Once you work on one, you will never want to go back.

Wacom tablets ROCK!!!!!

I have an Intuos 4 and have been working on it for the last half a decade – I love it and can’t imagine editing my photographs without it! I feel handicapped when I don’t have it along with my laptop – still looking for that perfect carry case 😀

I will create wonders.

I would use it to touchup and edit my wedding photos. We decided to not have any prints done but just buy the RAW images & rights to the images from the photographer. I worked for that same photographer for one summer editing his images and he had a Wcom tablet for us to use and I have been putting off editing them since I don’t have one at home and using Photoshop without a Wacom just isn’t the same.

The Pen is MIGHTER than the Mouse and I need the fire power.

I teach slum children about basic hygiene and a variety of other things like traffic rules, nutrition etc. I use photoshop to create attractive posters and pictures which are a VERY effective way of teaching. If i were to get this tablet, it would allow me express myself in more creative ways and communicate more effectively with my students. And by the way, I’m sixteen. I’m volunteer with a neighbourhood non government organisation. :)

(photoshop cs5) + (wacom intuos4 M) = 😀 me!

Since a few years I think about to buy a wacom and try something “different” as I do today. I really would love to have one to make my design standing out more.

I’d use that Wacom to navigate through this site and recommend others to it 😉

Having a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet, would not only allow me to using use photoshop in a awesome way, but it would allow me to express and show the world my imagination in graphics. It may also allow me to gain more clients, lol.

Wacom rules!!

If I won a new wacom tablet, I would pass my small wacom tablet to my neice and use it to teach her the basics of drawing using photoshop. I love using my wacom with photoshop and illustrator to adjust my images and create graphics.

I’ve been a Photoshop fan since PS7! And I plan to be one for a long time.
If I owned an Intuos tablet, or any Wacom tablet, I could finally clean and enhance my photos naturally, and I could start drawing a comic, which I have been postponing for a long time now.

Using Wacom tablets with Adobe products is a no brainer for me! Not only does it help you work more efficient it makes you totally look more professional when clients walk in!

WILL WORK FOR A WACOM!!! I had to purchase a small third party tablet because I couldnt purchase the wacom that i wanted and this one is perfect!!

Ahh the joy of being able to update from my current CTE-440
I’ve been using a Wacom CTE-440 since 2003 for photo retouching and manipulation. As a student in multimedia and communication half of my “career life” revolves around them.

As a student struggling with finances, this would be a great great great help to me as I’ve always wanted a wacom tablet!

I would love the freedom a the tablet would give me in the design process, and how much it would enhance my Photoshop and Illustrator techniques.

I need one because drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a potato!! I have a large Wacom Tablet at work and I LOVE IT! I need one for my home studio since I use one all day at work then go home and I am stuck with my yucky mouse I spend most of my life in front of Photoshop!

Definitely a dream to own a Wacom Tablet!

I would love to have this device for creating logos.

Well… I would hope I could make more money and grow my business by saving time and turning out a superior product with my wacom tablet.

I edit alot of images but i cannot afford a wacom, sure would like one to speed up my editing.

I love Wacom!

I would rather win a Cintiq 21UX but if that’s all you got…

I’d do some groovy stuff I guess.

You don’t realize how much you use a tablet until you sit at a computer that doesn’t have one. I have 2 Wacom Tablets at my office and we fight over them.

I would love a Wacom tablet for my Photoshop CS5!!

    It would help immensely in creating my Christmas card design. Not to mention the art work I could accomplish with such hand held precision. I’ve wanted a tablet for years

What would you create with a new Wacom pen tablet?
I would create the the same projects as usual… but a lot faster. :)

I’ve bought a Wacom tablet years ago and I liked it a lot, but that one was a small one. This new and excellent model would make time working in Photoshop (and Illustrator) much better!

Live and Love Photoshop and Wacom :)

I will mostly be creating illustrations in.for the magazine i’m working

Oh God, I’d experiment mixing photography with drawings :)

I’m making no effort to convince you guys that I deserve it more! Here’s to hoping for a win.

I would get a job!

A Wacom would definately help me with my tasks I get at the university. These tablets look so much fun to work with! :)

I think a tablet would be very usefully to use. As it stands right now I do not have one and would love to learn to use one!

I’m still using my old graphire wacom pad… I with a new one I’d complete my illustration for a school project, and much more.

Wow owning a Wacom surely must be like having someone construct a ladder to overcome an obstacle!

I’m an illustrator and I’ve just started working on a laptop. This would make using all my Adobe programs so much easier!

Wacom is good for designing, makes your work so easy, It makes it more precise and faster, so throw away your mouse and use this. :)

Wow, a tablet would be so useful. I have to edit 100+ product pictures a week and I loved my old tablet so much!!

As if I don’t spend too much time on Photoshop already :-) How exciting!

Wacom is beautiful! It made my life as a designer and illustrator much easier, not to say it solved my problems with carpal tunnel syndrome due to extreme use of mouse.

Cheers for wacom and adobe!

greatest invention ever. i can’t live without my wacom tablet. i don’t even you my mouse anymore!

1 million fans really is an adult number. Photoshop rules :-)

With this tablet I could create layout for my game 😀

Wacom Pentablet is one of the best technology ever made in this whole world specially in the field of art.. and a combination between Adobe photoshop cs5 is just SO AWESOME!! thank you for our life Happy! I can’t imagine the world without Wacom and Adobe :)))

Since I lost one of my fingers, I have to optimize my workflow in photoshop. With the Intuos, I can create much better photos in shorter time. I would become famous an backlink your site. 😉

I’ve been hearing many stories about Wacom pen tablet but hasn’t got the chance to try it. I’m looking forward to giving it a try and see if I can really enhance my Photoshop experience.

Thumbs up for such wonderful tool. I like!

I digital scrapbook and really would love to win the wacom tablet!!

As a digital artist, one of these (Wacom Intuos4) would REALLY broaden my medium for more experimention. Thanks for the chance.

I’m out of work and can’t afford to buy one of these awesome products. Please help me out!

I’d make drawings and sketches of my web site projects ^^

Love using Wacom since it was still in serial interface.

I would create even more vivid and amazing graphics to put into my portfolio. Hopefully create a lifetime of success!

I bought my first Wacom Intuos3 6×8 when I was 17 and never regretted it since, and it’s still my primary tool now, 4 years and 3 operating systems later. It makes everything so efficient, from the rough drafts in Photoshop when doing illustrations, to creating precise UI and websites, I absolutely love it. More power to you guys.

Drawing digital art is my passion for life, ive never been able to afford a wacom tablet to make things so much easier for my art. This would change my life because i hope to be a game designer and this would be perfect. Thank you for giving me this chance to change my life.

I want to touch the buttons, there’s a circle now!

I have Photohop and lightroom, just recently attended a Photoshop course and love, love, love them!!!

And using the WACOM with these programs is the only way to get the control I need.

Heck I can’t surf the web with out using the stylist…forget mouses!!

To tell you the truth I’m so used to work with a Wacom that I can’t really imagine how I worked before with a mouse. Long live Wacom !

And I’m probably comment one million!!

(Oh, and would LOVE a Wacom!!)

I could finish up on my daughter & her best friends senior photos!!!!! I have been wanting 1 of these FOREVER!

this is so intense.

I would update by Bamboo.

I would have much more fun with drawing since using a mouse is something different than a pen
so i guess it will be also much easier for me to draw small details and faster since i don’t have to redo the same line 10 times again ^^

oh my god it’s amazing tablet i like it & i hope get it
Because i working with mouse % i hope make my working Easier whith wacom tablet

With Wacom and Photoshop everything is possible… :)


Goodness! I’d love one of those! I have a Bamboo and it’s great, but would love some more capabilities as I edit my photos and continue my design work!

I use a tablet at work 8 hours a day. Would LOVE to upgrade to an intuos and hopefully streamline my workflow.

I would paint a realistic picture of my whole family tree with that badass! 😮

never had the chance to try a tablet, but oh the possibilities if i had one!

I would finally get to train my drawing abilities (drawing robot designs and such), as I’m going to get on Digital Graphics university next year to become a Concept Designer in future. But tablets are simply too expensive in Poland, so no chance for me to try out graphic tablets before studying.. which might be simply too late.

I might be the only one who doesn’t want or need the WACOM tablet you are giving away. I wouldn’t know how it would help me since I’ve never used one. Maybe you could convince me otherwise.

I have a Bamboo but could not afford an Intuos this would be great!

Wacom is on my long wish list of equipment. I’ve seen them in action and I need not want one.

Hi, today where I live, its really hard to get a Wacom, but when I tried one of them I fall in love, Phothoshop doesn become easier, but funny.
I will be awesome to have one of them, And the money Im saving for that could be used to buy my personal Phothoshop licence!

With a Wacom Intuos 4 I would create wonderful big photopaintings from my photos, I want to draw and paint again, and have a lot of colours on my empty office walls! I’ll paint the sun for smiling at it on rainy days, and countryside landscape to fight the grey fog of the city!

besides using it to edit photos and work on graphic design for school, i would use it to draw a portal into a digital dreamworld where every wish came true.

If I had a Wacom pen tablet I would draw myself a canoe and a paddle. I would jump in to the canoe and paddle my way towards new adventures. That is what I would do.

I will love it, and hug it and hold it forever! . I will sleep with my Wacom every night.I will draw draw and draw…

I am a graduating graphic designer and illustrator, and I own an old Wacom that I use every day- my tablet changed and improved on my whole workflow in the whole Adobe suite! I would use the Intuos4 to create exceptional design in my field in the years to come.

I would create a beautiful portrait of my new granddaughter. She is only two weeks old and there will be thousands of pictures to photoshop of her. Anyway that’s my world now.

Winning this would definitely make my fiance very happy.

Having one of those would definitely be a dream! I’ve had my other tablet for a very long time and have gotten so much use out of it. It hasn’t worked with my computer and can’t get a new one. This would be so intense!

hopefully it’ll help me w my comic coloring

The Wacom tablet would be fantastic for digital painting in Photoshop!

Boy I’d love to have me one of these puppies!!


Oh, how great it would be to use a Wacom instead of that brick of a mouse to do detailed work! Want!

I wish i had a wacom intuos4 to help me touch up my pictures. i’m hoping to open my own bussiness soon.

Wacom makes great tablets! I’ve been using an I4 for several months and could never go back to a mouse full-time. In fact, ever since realizing how natural using a tablet is, and the fact that I have no more wrist pain or hand numbness, I have hardly touched a mouse at all. The bonus for me is that it makes working in Lightroom and Photoshop a lot easier and quicker.

Would use it to continue with my digital art in Photoshop, can always improve on it


My art is evolving everyday. The need for one of this tablests is crucial. Hell, I dont have the type of money to buy one. Realize my dream and make me an employ guy.

The Bamboo Fun I already have serves me pretty well, but just imagining how great an Intuos would be puts shivers down my spine.

oooh! Gimme, gimme gimme! *drools

hello i would love a tablet because it helps me so much with my artwork. i do alot of portraits and the tablet allows me to draw the hair perfectly and get the contours of the skin just perfect. idk what i would do without my tablet, its an extension to my arm, however mine is getting fairly old :( and i would love to be one of the lucky ppl to receive a free tablet so i can keep making my art :) art is what i love to do and ppl love what arts i make for them and putting a smile on their face makes everything worth it :)

I am an 18 year old photographer from Norway who would love to have one of these! I have a photoshop licence through my school, and i hope that this incredible tool will help me to achive better results with my post processing. I hope that I one day can make a living from photography, and I neeed all the help I can get!

I think that I would be able to create art that actually appear as such instead of keep telling myself and my poor and tired mouse: Ahw, it’s ok buddy.

just started learning photoshop and have used a friend’s Wacom and I LOVED IT! It could be used for soooooo many other things as well. I’d love to have it on my desktop!

I got a Intous 3 Graphics Tablet 5 years ago because not only did it make my graphics work easier, it was easier on my hand and wrist than a regular mouse. I’ve been in the design industry for 11 years and have been using Photoshop for 14 years. Currently, I’m studying 3D modeling an animation. A tablet isn’t required to do these, but it makes things very much easier and faster (and puts less strain on the hand and wrist). Plus, my husband is starting out as an independent film maker. We are fighting over the one old tablet. I would love to have a new tablet! First, as a back up in case the old one stops working (something I worry about often). And second, so my husband and I both have one (I’d take the new one, of course). 😉 Thanks for making a great product!

I want it!!!

Oooooo Wacom makes great products too!!!

I’ve used my Wacom A6 size tablet everyday for the last five years, it barely has a nib anymore I’ve used it so much. I would love to win a new one, Ive just set up a new business as a photographer and graphic designer and my tablet along with Photoshop are the only tools I use for designing and editing. My tablet is in much need of an update, it is way too little for my current needs, and a larger one has been on my Christmas wish list for the last 2 years :)

I DREAM with have a Wacom, that make more easy my work and live like designer, the mouse don’t help me to much. THX. Like U say…It’s a DREAM-

I want it! Choose me!

I haven’t used one of the newer tablets, and don’t have the money to afford one. I have used older tablets though and they had their pros and cons. They are great for sketching, and bringing pictures onto Photoshop. Much easier to use than a mouse, and I think the results are a lot better. However, trying to back track on mistakes can be a little tough. I would use it for photography to try to create new ways of post processing photos which hasn’t been done yet. Having the ability to easily control the pressure would greatly influence this. My wife is also really big into art, most of which is drawing. She hates doing it on the computer because of the mouse. So the tablet would allow her to get a similar feeling to using a pen. So she would probably use it just as much if not more than me.

I love you, – you’re more obsession than habit. Show me some love- and send me a tablet! <3

Wow.. i could only dream of owning one of those… If only i had enough money..
but thats a great give away.. if i could get one from this THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME ! 😀 becasue i can finally set my goals straight and go fulfill my dreams! !

I love a wacom tablet!
I currently have a lower end model but a new one would be an amazing help to aid my portfolio!

I’d like so much working with this new tablet with photoshop and illustrator …
Would I be lucky ?

A tablet is THE most useful tool to use in conjunction with Photoshop. Even with other apps it trumps a mouse everytime. It’s so much more intuitive & also quick to pick up how to use it. It doesn’t hurt to get a Wacom branded tablet either as they’re the best on the market.

‎’flat’ out I need one, it’s the ‘write’ thing to ask, hoping you’ll ‘draw’ my name out, the chance would be ‘sketch’-y though, but I live in hope. ‘sign’-ing out, Creatively yours :-)

Oooohhh! I want one!

I took this space to write this clause.

I had the oportunity to try some Wacom´s but unfortunately, I haven´t been able to by my own ! because when i was going to by it I split some beer over my macbook keyboard and i had to made it fixe, anyway i have to say this is one of the most amazing tools to work with mac os and adobe software, whit this gift you will make me a happy man ! Thanks !

Geeeeeeez, what a great giveaway. What would I do with it? I would become a MUCH better PSer and spend less time doing it. This would be GREAT!

Wow.. always wanted to have a wacom. Never had a chance to work on it but I’ve heard so much about it.

oooh! Gimme, gimme gimme! *drools

OMG! I want this so much!!!! Mine is getting old and it’s little than this one! I hope I win! This will do wonders to my retouched images! 😀

1 thing to say, without any lying ! o use Photoshop like 16 hours a day .. I JUST ADORE PHOTOSHOP & I Even take courses for it :) AMAZING ADOBE PHOTOSHOP

I’de use the Wacom to continue my Mate Paintings projects that I’ve been so slow on for lack of precision ! 😀

I can’t imagine a world without a Wacom. Long live Wacom!

I want one, it makes things so much easier.

This tool will be for me the extension of my will as an artist. It will feel more naturel to me to draw an retouch images with a pen.

The natural way!

A new Wacom tablet would sure make creating artwork easier. Anyone who can edit illustrations with a mouse is a better person than me.

    I would finally be able to draw and color stuff in photoshop. Would definitely make things a lot more fun, and Wacom tablets are the best!

I really like my Wacom Bamboo but would love something even better. :)

I celebrated a birthday about a month ago but I am still accepting gifts. This would be a great one!

When I was in college I had the opportunity to work with Wacom tablets a lot, even the Wacom Cintiq 21, but since I graduated I no longer have the opportunity to do the things that I originally wanted to do with it, which is to take my sketches and origial art work, like character designs, and bring them to life in Photoshop, Ilustrator and other Adobe products. :)

I’m starting school for Digital Design and Art and the Intuos would work so much better then the old Graphire 4 I have. Plus the CS5 and Intuos would rule so much.

A wacom tablet will make my work milimeter near, precise, more accurate n all
always dream of hving one, bt its just too expensive. got a senior graphic designer hving one
wait until he go home , get hv some time wiz WACOM…lol
Thanks for the chance

I use a Wacom Tablet at work, and have been dreaming of having one to use at home. I would LOVE to win this!

The Wacom tablet is awesome for illustrating especially… shortcut buttons, choice of nibs, and pressure sensitive stylus almost makes you forget you are working on a computer. Haha…it’s like Photoshop & your computer becomes an extension of your physical self…SCARY! I’d use it to create artwork for Posters and Fliers for music clubs and bands. And this my friends, is why I would love to get my hands on a new handy dandy Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet.

Meu sonho de consumo, quero te-la para aprimorar mais ainda os meus trabalhos!!!

My dream of consumption, i want it to improve my work even more!

There really is no better way to use Photoshop than with a tablet, in my opinion. Working with a tablet has increased my productivity, comfort, and creativity options in ways that I am still discovering. I have an Intuos 3, but I’m entering to win this for my gf, who just bought me CS5.

i want one

I would use a Wacom tablet to better express my creativity. I do a lot of photo edits and manipulations.

Like everyone who has posted a comment here, I would love a wacom tablet =) With one I would try for good to concretise Comics project, and maybe try myself in computer lineart!

It would be so much easier to draw with a pen than with the mouse!

I’d create more awesome Artwork to put on people’s shirts :)

I am technically challenged from the old school of pencil and sketch book I would use a new Wacom tablet to launch myself into this century by creating drawings and sketches to continue my growth as an artist by altering and improving my photos in Photoshop and by using the Wacom tablet to create the endless possibilities for my 2 dimensional oil paintings, and to continue to learn open my brain to new ways of creating art now and in the future!

I’m a design student right now, but I am sure later on I will be making money with a mouse and a Wacom pen.

So that I can fully use my Lightroom 3 on my vast photo collection!

As someone who does quite a bit of composite stuff while creating photographic art on Photoshop, I find that the best way to do masking is by painting manually using a pen tablet. The control, precision, and time-saved using the Wacom tablet is remarkable!

Once you go Wacom, you’ll never go back.

I think it’s time for an upgrade. My Wacom Graphire2 still does the job, but I think I need to step it up a notch in the precision department. With Wacom i’m able to create better quality graphics and images.

I’d buy the Photoshop CS5 instead of buying a tablet! =)

I’ve never been a huge fan of tablets because they were so slick in the past. Have not tried one in several years. I’ve gotten pretty good with a mouse. I would love to try another one to create more earth shattering, eye popping cartoon logos for my clients to drool over.

it would be a great update to my current equipment.

A good combination with a Nikon D7000 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

To own a tablet is only a dream. BTW, what is pen sensitive?

A Wacom tablet would make photo editing so much easier!

hell yeah, my dream might come true =)

at the moment i’m just using my notebooks own touchpad to “improve” my designs..
i would be glad if i’ll be the lucky one to be a winner =)

i would use the wacom tablet to create these small kickass details that make the difference between a good and a perfect design.

I would love this to enhance my productivity when designing…

I’m gonna make a zombie movie! With a twist! Raawwwrgghfhhggg

It would be a dream to use a wacom tablet. I have heard so many good things.

Having a Wacom is a bless! Compared to a mouse, a Wacom makes your work flow fantastic! You have a faster and better control of your art since it’s like working your ideas on paper! Wacom + Photoshop or illustrator = The heaven of creativity and work flow! lol 😀

    Forgot to answer the question, lol. I would work in character designs, landscapes, edition of photos, sketches, etc.

I’m calling on the “Law of Attraction” to win one of the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablets! Thank you very much. :-)

Wacom tablets are nice (I think)!

I would properly retouch many of my old pictures and posters. Then I would complete one of my unfinished works, which needs a pen pressure tablet. It was something I started working on a long time ago, but then my tablet broke :p
Anyhow, good luck to anyone reading this message, may you have many unfinished projects to go! 😀

i want it to improve my photo manipulating
such as CG or something like that

The Wacom Intuos4 pen tablets are simply put: an extension of my own body.

I looove digital art, as well as photoshop… I would draw the next million dollar masterpiece! Tablets create a world of difference and I would love to have one of these!!!

I love Wacom :)

I love to paint with pixels in PhotoShop and my Wacom tablet is awesome for that. If I win, I’ll give it to my talented husband since I’m tired of him drooling over mine. Think of the marital harmony you could encourage! 😀

Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE a Wacom Tablet!

Oh, how I’d love to get this!!! My Bamboo’s gotten old and I’m forced to use a mouse :(

I have been looking at getting one of these for a long time. My budget hasn’t allowed for it yet. I’ve heard they are wonderful!

As a young artist, my creativity was expressed through a paintbrush. Now, a Wacom pen tablet seamlessly lets helps me bring my work into contemporary environment, with out losing it’s organic feel.

Hells YES!!

I’m an amateur photographer and have known PS since version 5.0. I always lacked time to get into PS in a more serious way, but for the past year I’ve been studying and experimenting trying to make artwork based on my own pictures. The number of times I have cursed my mouse… I had the opportunity to try out an intuos4M and it was a revelation. Certainly would open a lot more opportunities – but uhm, why do I feel like I’m writing an advertisement now ? 😉

Just started my photography business and would love to have one of these for my editing but have to earn the money to afford one…Photoshop with a mouse is so tough to do while getting hand/wrist cramps!

I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on online penny auctions trying to win one of these. I could have paid for one more than once, the idiot that I am! I’ve never used one before, but heard they are a fantastic complement to Photoshop. Sure would love to find out if it’s true ;)!!!!

Congratulations. Sure would be nice to work with.

I would create a much happier hand. Much. happier.

Not sure where I would start. I don’t currently have a device like this one. But I would love to try it.

I’ve heard great things about it. :)

I can’t get any designs or photo edits done because my cat ate my mouse and now my trackpad has potholes in it!


Pick me!!

I would to use a Wacom to draw comic strips and perhaps publish them on my blogs! 😀


if only i can get one, that makes me feel proud!

I have been trying to get a pen tablet for sometime. It is s just hard to save money since my son has autism and our money goes to his needs. I hope in the future I will get ones of these . I tried one and new I must have one. I got some opportunities with a band and this would help a lot

Ambitious designer at frugal agency seeks generous benefactor with Wacom tablet to give. Interested in heightened experiences in Photoshop and Illustrator, and long walks on the beach.

I would do lines on it.

I would happily take a new Wacom tablet off your hands.. and my son would be delighted to take my Bamboo! I love Photoshop!

I killed my last tablet… or it died of old age… either way it’s time for a new one, but only in the memory of the old one.


I am a college student and I have been wanting to buy a Wacom tablet for a long time, but other expenses always come up. I was able to buy the student version of CS4 Design Suite a long time ago, but haven’t really utilized it because I want to learn how to paint in Photoshop and do more graphics with a Wacom. I thought I would be able to buy a Wacom tablet easily, but it seems like every month I have some expensive necessity come up. I was finally able to use an Intuos3 in an animation class and it is awesome! Hopefully I get a Wacom tablet one way or another soon. I don’t know how I will pursue this career path without learning digital painting.

I am lucky?

Wacom tablets are the best! I loved my Wacom tablet until one day I had to move and it broke. I still have unfinished work and I can’t afford to get another. I need another one. ^_^

I have sketches I want to colorize, this Wacom tablet is simply the best tool for it! Then I would use it for daily design and illustration work!

See you guys and good luck to everybody!

I would like to catch up on my Illustrator skills again :)

I’m a visual design instructor and would love a tablet to demonstrate its power to my students!

Awesome AWEsome, wacom and photoshop, photoshop and wacom… thers no substitute

I would rather win a Cintiq 21UX but if that’s all you got… 😉

I’d do some groovy stuff I guess.

I would love to have one of these and I would use it to edit photos of missing children. So that it would bring more attention to the child that’s missing. I would also use it with the foundation of Sylar Newton so that we can draw attention to our site and fight against child abuse. You can only do so much with a mouse.

I wish :)

I would use a Wacom Tablet for my fledgling web/graphic design business to give me a more natural feel well creating websites and designing posters!

I used to have a tablet where I used to work but alas no more. I could go back to actually ‘painting’ organincally in my images without getting RSI in my right hand from clicking so much!!

fingers crossed (on my non-arthritic left hand) :)

Illustrate with more spontaneity and control, taking advantage of pressure-sensitive brushes! I’ve been using a Wacom Graphite ET for over 5 years and the thing has been amazing, but the drawing area is pretty small. Even the mouse operations are amazing and I prefer this mouse to any other…thought the new Apple Magic Mouse offers some slick features.

I have one Wacom tablet, but 2 PC.
I use it to edit photos in CS5 and Capture NX2. Incredible what you can do!

Ooooo… Ooooo… Pick me! Pick me! *waves hands like maniac*
I’m just starting a business and could reeeeaaally use it. Pleeeeeease???? :)

I would create a digital painting of myself!
God Bless us all!

I’m so bored with creating anything with my mouse – I need one of these !

I am an avid adobe product user and graphic designer. But I am a student so trying to afford a tablet is hard, especially one of the better tablets! It would be greatly appreciated to get one of these and make my work that much better! 😀

I really want it !

Chuck Norris doesn’t draw on the paper. Chuck Norris paper on the draw.

Photoshop and Wacom combined = an amazing duo!

It’s a dream of my life. Limitless creation.

    The Pen tablet is a HUGE improvement to the trackball and/or mouse for Photoshop.

    Imagine swatting a fly with a bazooka (this is the mouse on Photoshop) – it’ll get the job done but with very little control, then swatting a fly with an actual fly swatter (this is the Pen tablet on Photoshop)

a basic stuff for my own creation, without it, it takes more time. The same result, the least time. Life is not for waitting, I’ll take my chance, and I hope that I can spent time as useful as I can!

I think the hyper real outerspace drawing are so fascinating, but it would take eons to draw via mouse only. I would use the Wacom + Photoshop to draw my first outerspace scene!

Tired of doing Photoshop surgery with a winter glove on…

It’s easy to use a pen tablet because every point on the tablet has a matching point on the screen. When you move your pen over the tablet the cursor moves in precisely the same way on the screen. Where you touch your pen tip to the tablet is where you click. great for photo retouching!. i LOVE it n Fell Great..

I would love a Wacom tablet, if not to hasten my working with photoshop and enhance precision.

I would LOVE to have this tablet. With my son now starting college in Graphic Design and I have been using Photoshop since version 2. What a pair this would be for my future endeavors and my son’s.

Hi… realy want one…


My uncles company recently needed new graphic artists, so i showed them what wonders CS5 could create and bing!

And i did that with my old logitech mouse.
A Wacom would sure help with my new job :)

Thanks for being cool and handing out giveaways guys!

Congrats on the 1 million fans! I had an Intuos4 large tablet via my previous employer and was amazed at how much my productivity increased. No More. Without it, I feel like someone cut off my right arm. The newly surfacing carpal tunnel from all the mouse work reminds me how much I miss that amazing tool.

What would I create? Whatever my mind can conceive :-)

I’d create lots of graphic design pieces both at home for myself and at my day job. I love my current Wacom Graphire tablet and I’d love an upgrade even MORE! :)

It will be a good way to study Digital Arts.

I want that tablet, oh please Mr. Photoshop, I’m your no 1 fan, i’ve always had your shortcut written on my desktop!

Wacom completes Photoshop for the ultimate artistic expression. One should really not go without the other. You can fully feel the power with “the pen”. I’m stuck with this restrictive “mouse”. Productivity diminished. I’ll unleash soooo much creativity equipped with a Wacom. Customers will wonder and say “Wow”. Thanks ! ! A guy hoping like everyone.

i would creat different worlds with my pictures !
the problem is i am 15 years old and got not enough money
so if i would win it would be a great possibility to improve my PS skills

With Wacom Intuos4? Ah, that’d be fantastic. I’d step even further in my passion for digital painting, having more comfort with picturing my imagination and interpreting reality in my own way.
And anyways, since my work is based on drawing, new Intuos would surely make it more pleasing!

I love wacom, use my tablet everyday and would love to have an Intuos4, would speed up my workflow so much!!!

Looks great! I would love to use it to draw illustrations, process maps while doing research briefings. Draw it on Wacom, stream it to the PC streaming live content via web-conference. The perfect real-time presentation :-)

I would love to draw with the new wacom………………..its like a dream come true for me……..I am just 14yrs and it is just like a dream for me to draw something using my own wacom………..

If only more people would use a Wacom tablets rather than Bottle’s of tablets. The world would be such a greater place 😉

I use Wacom tablets in our lab at school. They’re awesome! I’d love to have one of my own 😀

I would use it for photoshop contest and photo makeup! Just few days ago I followed a new tutorial and there was a step with its not possible with mouse :( If I had a Wacom pen tablet my photoshop work will be a lot better :(

I hope I Win!!! I want it so bad!!!

Thanks Adobe

WACOM INTUOS4… I want it because it’s been on my wishlist for too long… :-)

easy way to draw nice designs and stuff, wud love one!

as a multimedia student heavilly into digital media and design, this would really help out. i already use a bamboo pen and touch, which is pretty brilliant but an upgrade would be so awesome 😀

My old wacom graphire have been accompanied me since I started learning photoshop and illustrator. It was still working fine without any hiccups. With the new Wacom tablet, I will be able to overcome the limit and improve my skill much more.

I absolutely love my Tablet, but I wish they had a “mouse” function to emulate the way a mouse moves so I could use it while browsing without having to move my arm so much!

now i am using another brand of tablet which giving a bit problem on the sensitivity of the pen. if i have a Wacom it would be more comfortable and easier to do my artwork.^^

I would love to win to help unveil the true beauty of my clients with creative editing and PS effects!

I loved my ancient Wacom! I remember the first project with it, all of a sudden it was like my skills had improved tenfold. I never let on the secret.

But that tablet doesn’t really work in the world of today. I would love to donate it to someone who could love it, so I could love another.

I’d finally able to sketch and paint digitally using only the brush tool! Making decent illustrations on photoshop before required using the pen, but it’d be great if I could finally do some freehand work.

I’ll also finally be able to retouch a photo much more precisely (namely looking at the dreaded dodge & burn technique).

I love photoshop! A Wacom would take all my projects to the next level!

it would be so great to test this wonderful tablet!

Aww man this would be sooo awesome to have. X3 oohh just think of what i can do with this *thinking about the things i can do with this. All the amazing stuff i can make*..sweeeet X’D

I used Wacom once, very good and handy. Rate it 5 stars for most productive gadget.

I could really use one of these when doing projects for school

Wacom is essential to my workflow!

After I tried it out at a shop in our town I would definitely want one for my work. Sketching is what I do the most and it would be waaay easier.

Quiro una wacom porfavorrr!!!, I want the intuos, It will really help me !!!! thnx!

I would like a wacom wablet to create a new sight of the world 😀

I’d draw some pictures for webdesigns with the Wacom tablet and I think it helps to edit my photos 😉

a tablet would be a dream come true!!!

It would be as sent from above to receive one since my beloved Intous3 broke down two days ago. I desperately need a new one since I think its basically invaluable in almost every aspect of my photoshop work flow. I would be very happy.

I have always wanted one but because of financial obligations cant really afford one sure would like to have one

Wow, I would be able to paint like mad with a Wacom pen tablet when traveling with my MacBook Pro using Photoshop CS5 :)

I’ll draw with endless possibilities!

I’ve been saving money for one for like a year and a half but still haven’t got enough.
I would use mine for masking, drawing, graphic design and more. Doing this with a touchpad just makes you loose inspiration..

Man I would love that. So much easier than drawing with a brick.

Hey it’s great gift, and I just need it to improve my skills, my pictures would be more adorable if I had that one! Great!

A photo is just the beginnig… photoshop is everything else!

WANT!!! My Aiptek tablet does the job (I’m a digital portrait artist) but the Wacom would make doing it a pleasure! *sigh*

Had a Graphire 3, now a Bamboo Pen and Touch Medium. I bought it because I am a certified Adobe Instructor and web designer. I honestly could sell them easily in class once n00bs see what is possible. I got the Pen & Touch simply because I knew I was going to throw it in my computer bag and didn’t want to ruin the 4. I do miss the extra features and need to get a 4 soon.

I think that with a wacom tablet almost anything you can imagine can be done. The closest way to feel what you’re painting. The only limit is your imagination.

I always utilized tablets in creating my Photoshop designs and precise 3d graphics. Even though i never owned a Wacom, but with all the recommendations from my fellow designers and professionals, Intous is definitely what I love to get in my next birthday, or win here :-)

Intuos4 would make my work even easier, I want it sooo much

The best buy I vere done!!!!!! Thanks Wacom, youpre amazing!!!!!
Never work with mouse again!!!!!!!!

Having used a Bamboo Fun for years, I’d LOVE a full-fledged tablet to work on!

Oh my goodness, I would love one! I know I could go so much further in my work. I’ve been looking to get one soon, that would be amazing if I was one of the three chosen to get one!

A Wacom Intuos4 graphics pad would be a dream come true. Im a graphic web design student and have been looking to get one for years but being a student its hard to save the extra cash. With it I could personalise my designs and stop using paper and a pen to plan my designs. Everyone in my year knows Wacom is the best tablets for our kind of work.

I need a wacom soooooo bad!!
Mine is dead, and I’m broke!!
<3 u forevers!

I’d draw great things – ease my work flow – make bad@ss art!!

I work on a Wacom tablet at the office. Would love one at home for my daughter’s design business. Best piece of equipment for detailed artwork! Love it!

I have been making a lot of videos for friends and for work. I thought it would be nice for once to make one for my dad. Just a video dedicated to him. He has given almost all of his life for me and my family. I make videos as part of my work, maybe I thought i could make one that I could dedicate for my father. Song would be, “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCaine. Dad, all I want is for you to be proud of me.

My neck is shot from using a mouse.. gimme the wacom..pls..

I love the Wacom + Photoshop Combination! They are made for each other. Fits just perfect and makes work a lot easier, more intuitive and faster! (:

I have used one of my friends’ WACOM before. SO NICE!! Certainly would help with my re-occuring tendonitis issues as well :) The Stylus fits naturally, as opposed to a mouse that just aggravates things.

I love my old worn old Graphire tablet. I first got mine years ago because I started to get Carpel Tunnel from using a mouse too much, the pen made it so much easier on my wrist, and it’s a whole lot easier to draw in Photoshop with it.

I don’t have one, but have been drooling over them. I think it would make life so much easier!

i love wacom and photoshop *_*

I always have dreamed of having a Wacom,animate with it would be awesome

I would also love a Wacom tablet !!!! Have been thinking about buying one for some time now :-)

I LOVE photoshop! Have never used a Wacom though, would be so great to have one :) Thanks for all the great work!

As a graphic designer I have to use many programs to design various posters, commercials, logos, etc. I am using Photoshop, InDesign, Ilustrator, Flash, and I have to say that all of these programs are best for that kind of job.Being the lucky one to win this great gift would be great.

P.S. My English isn’t great.

I would use it to demonstrate power of computer and drawing to kids who attend School Of Animation :)

Not being skilled at using my mouse with “marching ants”, I would like to improve my color layers by using a tablet.

I’ve never used a tablet before but would love to try it out.

Could it be Christmas, 2 months early? I sure hope so!

love to have one use photoshop and illustrator regurlaly

Tablets are really wonderfull! I´ve tested the intous4 on the last photokina. Really great stuff!

These things are great for getting in really upclose to fine tune selections and work wonders when it comes to speeding the workflow of any masking.

I’m a struggling photographer and am looking to increase my sales…I love photoshop and have heard wonderful things about the Wacom……but unfortunately can’t afford one!

i love the tablet i use at school and wish i had a better one at home. it makes work in photoshop much more fun. best for selection and burning and dodging. :)

please let it be me… please let it be me… I would love to dump my inadequate Bamboo

Pen tablets take Photoshop to a whole new level. All the professionals I know that use tablets use Wacom and swear by them, just as mac users are beholden to their mac. So I know this is the best. It would change my life to own one.

If i won a Wacom tablet i think i would pick up drawing and painting again a hobby that kinda died when i got into the business…

Anyways, nice with the million fans – congrats!!

😀 Kim

Im a student and i dont have money to buy such an awesome product. I would Rage a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet all day!

I would give it to my boyfriend and I would make sure he create the most amazing dragonfly for me… because I want a dragonfly tattoo!! 😀

A wacom…. yeah, would be cool to have one on my desk, in front of my wide screen when I meet with customers… not to use, just to look more professional …. :p

hm where to start ?
– create stunning photos
– illustrate superb posters
– design new webpages
– compose entertaining videos
– layout portfolios
– …

and all in half of the time !

This would be a great addition to my small business!

I’ll definitely using it to help on my designing work especially on doodling and extraction objects!Thanks for the chance to win it!

It would make editing photos so much faster, I would love to win it!

When I had an opportunity to take my illustrations digital it was the mid 90s, I was hired based on my talent, but had no computer experience. I was put on a Mac 7500 running Photoshop 3. I didn’t know what a window was or how to turn the thing on. Fortunately, there was a 6X8 Wacom attached. I learned with it, or rather, didn’t need to learn because of it. It took me a long time to figure out why tech guys sitting at my computer couldn’t use the pen. They’d all learned computers using the most talent crippling style limiting tool I’d ever seen- a mouse. There’s one somewhere on my desktop now; I’m sure if I moved some papers I’d be able to find it- it’s rear lights up. So honestly, I don’t need a new tablet. I have a GD 0608: and even Wacom technology that old is so far beyond anything else in performance that I can’t help loving what it does for my work.

Digital Painting all the way!

Please Pick Me,

I have been wanting one of these sense they came out but no such luck YET!

I’ve even been considering selling my PS3 and games just to buy the new Intuos4 medium. This would make my portfolio shine. I am transferring to a University this spring (BA in Graphic Design) and an upgrade just seems like a life time away for me. With the cost of living and books there is no money left over to save.

Good luck to everone!!!

i would make my masterpiece

with the new wacom tablet i would reedit my recent photos of my last americatrip.
greetings, Philipp

I find myself day dreaming of tablets and the smooth curvy lines I could be drawing with them.
Help make my dreams come true.

I have owned a Wacom for many years, an older model. It works flawlessly except that it doesn’t have the finer control and pen tilt of the new models. It is an excellent tool for any digital editing and indispensable for graphic art. There is no substitute.

The Wacom tablet offers outstanding precision that’s difficult to achieve using a mouse… I would love to be able to use that with my CS5 even Lightroom adjustments to cut down on editing time! I sing your praises Photoshop! Not only do I use CS5, and Lightroom, I also use for backup and storage! Your services are top notch!

I already have a wacom but is too small. But even if is small I can perform so many task with professional precision. Would be great have a bigger one :-)

I have one but would love another – I am starting to use mine for adding my own handwriting to my digital scrapbooking layouts.

A Wacom tablet would be awesome! I’d for sure use it for touching up fine details my digital photos, and in a lot of different design projects.

I would spend the time saved by the tablet for all the retouching I am doing, by going out to shoot more photographs !

good luck everyone!

I would do more digital paintings and use it for my freelance work!

I would love to have one!!

I would use the tablet to sketch the world, with every continent expressed using a different tool from Photoshop and, of course, a Wacom tablet.


Yay! Will definitely help with the design part of digital scrapbooking! Thanks so much for the chance! :) Pick me Pick me 😛

love my bamboo but i wouldn’t mind upgrading ;O)

Cool! I hope i am one of the luck one! lol

I would love to have this gadget to edit my photos that are used in ads. I feel certain it would open up all kinds of potential for creativity!

I wish I had a Wacom Intuos4 medium pen tablet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to add my signature to my work. Plus I’d just love to be able to play with the pen. Looks so awesome. :)

Love my Wacom tablet but would love the new version even more.

I am an owner of a older / smaller Bamboo tablet. I could definitly use the upgrade to a new, fabulous Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet for my illustratios and photo retouching!

I’m working on a book about my family and a lot of work in Photoshop is still in front of me.. so one of those tablets would save me a lot of time!

As a daily user of a Bamboo, I am getting more and more addicted of its possibilities. Digitally workflow with my photos are so much easier, and creating stunning and attractive web-graphics are as easy as “pen to paper”. But the Bamboo misses a couple of functions, that I would love to have, that will make it possible for me to be even more creative.

I am a college student, with a media marketing minor, would be nice to use this as an tool to get out of debt and get married.

I’ve wanted a Wacom tablet since I saw one demonstrated at a trade show more than 15 years ago. Unfortunately, essential software & hardware upgrades always take priority when spending money for the business. Sigh. I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for 20 years, but I also do illustration with pastels on paper (& asphalt for street painting venues). I’ve always wanted to see how well the Wacom tablet could be used for more subtlety when developing Photoshop graphics.

I have been saving up to get an Intuos4- I want one so bad! It would be so amazing to have one! It would be so much better for my digital art. :)

My Wacom tablet has been extremely useful, and that was only a bamboo, I can only dream of what an intuos4 would be like.

Wacom would be awesome to have!! I would love to expand into dfferent areas of my work!!

I asked for one for my birthday (24 in 5 days!) but I’m pretty positive it’s not gonna happen. I’ll have to keep saving for one. Thankfully CS5 still has enough to do to keep me entertained.

Having a Wacom tablet would open up a whole new world of Photoshop for me!!

I want it just to start mate paintings

I never used one of those tablets… I guess I could use one, I had the chance…

I’m a photographer and have started using Photoshop to create digital paintings as well as editing and workflow. The Wacom tablet would be an awesome addition to my art!

This will help me score an “A” in my advertising designing study. ^^

Pen tablets are an absolute necessity. I literaly could not live (as an artist) without my Wacom Tablet. I started on a graphire and it was very good. I still have it at my fathers house and it is an excellent little tablet.

I could not imagine ever using a mouse or another brand besides Wacom for creating digital art. The Wacom tablet is an amazing tool one that is a must have for me. It has revolutionized the way we create in the digital format.

It along with my laptop is my digital sketch book and graphite.

I had one in college and miss using the tablet because it offers a great level of control over illustrator and photoshop projects.

I’ve always dreamed of owning a Wacom tablet as nice as this. I have a really, really tiny one, so small I have trouble getting anything done on it. That explains why it was onclerance, I guess.

Life is easier with Wacom!!!

A tablet is exactly what I need when I’m designing and painting in Photoshop. My mouse can do the job but the precision is greatly lacking.

Awesome giveaway Photoshop team & Wacom.

Winning this would rock and be awesome for photo editing :)!!!

It would be so much easier than drawing with a mouse.

This would do wonders for me on my Uni animation course.

I love wacom ? What i love wacom ? Why ? Because i can design everything with my pen, and i’m from poland i’m poor… :)

I would be in heaven retouching in PS with a Wacom. I’d also love to try it to create some original art that I’ve been thinking of for awhile. Thanks for the giveaway!!

With my new Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet, I would create a Photoshop painting so beautiful that it would inspire our political parties to embrace common ideologies, businesses would begin hiring again, and the sun wouldn’t cause skin cancer. I’m pretty sure I can do it. Not so confident about the sun/cancer thing, but the other two, piece of cake. Just need the tablet, yo.

This is the perfect product for my artist/photographer husband!

I would create some fine artwork for my eLearning projects… a task I either do by scanning in handdrawn characters or use my Bamboo pad, which leaves me depressed…

I would really appreciate a Wacom Tablet! It would definitely come in handy for my classes!

I guess this is a one in a million shot, but still, better chances than winning the lottery :). I am teaching myself to draw, I always wanted to be able to draw my ideas, I have million ideas but they never seem to transate to paper when I try to draw them, but now I’m learning. And hope I’m getting better. I know having a tablet would be a great help.

Anyway that was my shot, good luck everybody :)

wow, you guys are so gracious! would LOVE ONE!!!!

I’d use it to draw out my Photoshop ability I didn’t know I had; it would help me to not be so tied (draw) up with Photoshop; it would help me to not suck (draw in) so much at Photoshop; it would deliberately provoke (draw attention) an improvement in my photo editing skills; it would take the chance(draw a card) out of my Photoshop work; it would tighten up (draw a wire) my editing moves; it would … I think you get the picture I am drawing ….

I would make a sand castle with my Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet. In that sand castle would be a smaller version of me with a smaller version of a Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet who would be busy making something that would make MC Escher vomit.

i adore photoshop, i’m still in school and i’m pretty good at it. i think having a Wacom would be great to further my skills 😀

My first experience with a Wacom was at a job back in college. It took some getting used to at first but was a dream to use! Would love to have one for the freelance business I’m hoping to get up and running :)

A flash animation about how create WACOM IS!

If I had one, I’d know how well it works with Photoshop, but alas I don’t have one…:>(

Wacom tablet intues 4 will defintly help me to save my time, thts why I can create more in less time.
I need this.

I’d let my little girl doodle on it. :)

I have never had a tablet but how I wish to have one! Will make my work a lot more convenient.

Things, i didn’t make…….

As an Architecture student I spend most of my time designing, but I’ve hardly drawn anything on PhotoShop due to the difficulty this implies using a mouse. It’d be awesome if I had a chance to start drawing on PhotoShop with a Wacom Tablet. It’d be much more easy and pleasant.

God, all the greater things I could do with this pen tablet.
This will just make graphic-design-life easier.

I have an old Wacom and it’s still working well. I do wish I’d had a larger one. The pen tablet technology encourages a larger, looser, swooping line – especially when getting warmed up for painting, drawing, illustration. Viva Wacom!!! Living large.

I would love a tablet! I’ve been looking into getting one for awhile. I’m new in the graphic arts field and am taking an Adobe Photoshop class.

I love using tablets! They make it so much easier. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a good one, and the ones I can afford wear out in a matter of weeks…

I so want that Wacom tablet not only for pictures but especially for digitizing embroidery designs. Have wanted one for ages. Thanks for the opportunity of entering for one!

One word Fantastic

Have used a much older version but would love to have one of the newer ones. Fun fun

woow 1million!!!

its because the endless creating possibilities photoshop provides!!!!

thank you photoshop!!!!

Being on the more child-like side, I’d love to have one to create manga illustrations, and perhaps some designs for random things.

The only way I could afford the 4 is to win it … my fingers are crossed.

I would create a brand new world on my screen with that tablet!

It would be way more fun to edit my projects with a pen than with a mouse! After using a stylus on my tablet to draw basic things, having a really advanced tablet to use on my desktop would be great!

As a student, I cant afford a tablet, but getting to win one would really help my design efforts.

I realy want it, this tablet its awesome, Wacom rules!!!

A Wacom tablet would certainly help me make better selections! I’d love one!

It would be great to upgrade from my old, smaller graphire tablet.

Would really love this as im just starting out and it would really help me develop .

This would be great for flash animation!!

As a audiovisual media student, I’d love to have a new tablet!

    Oh, I almost forgot the actual question while reading all the comments! I’d use the tablet for making concept art for my movie projects 😀

I’d make… MONEY.

I’d use the tablet for art!!! 😀
There are so many new features on the intuos4 that i don’t have on my own tiny tablet. The intuos4 is so big! :O
Congrats on the million fans!

I love itttt!! Want one ASAP!!

With the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet, I’d get around to creating more of my own vector art! Then I’d create an online portfolio and post it on my website…I have yet to create that too!

my dad bought me a wacom tablet 15 years ago when i was still in high school at a mac expo.. i used to love drawing with it but never had the opportunity to use it with photoshop. i miss it dearly! i would definitely use it for drawing. right now i’m a stay at home mom with a 3 month old art would be so much easier than pulling out the pencils, charcoal, paint etc. and a mouse just doesn’t cut it!

This would be a new concept for me and would futher enhance my photography business. I have been using Photoshop 7 for years now and would love to be able to explore all the new Photoshop options–especially as the competition is so stuff out here with some wonderful photographers in the mix!

I would use this to create photos and illustrations for my dive training website and for dive training educational materials for my students.

I used a pen tablet in my photography class in high school! And now that I’m in college for photography and DON’T have one I realize how lucky I was to be able to use one every day! :)

I would recreate all my paintings in digital format…!!!

I’ve heard allot of good comments about the Intuos tablet from friends, but I’ve never used it myself. I’m still student and I havent got the funds to buy me this tablet, but it would be really usefull. Now I have to scan all my drawings and draw them again in Ai of Ps. My work would go much faster if I had a tablet. Drawing with a mouse is a pain in the hand.

I’d love a medium tablet to edit photos and digi scrap more effectively.

I am a left-handed web designer and a Wacom tablet could change my life! I would actually be more effective in my work. Also, I am pretty good at drawing and would love to draw directly on the screen… Pleeease choose me! You could really change my life!!

I’ve been recently looking to jump into animation and perhaps enroll in an Animation major at a nearby college. I know digital art is the way to go in this say and age, and although I’ve been working on pencil-to-paper for years, the missing link is this, a graphics tablet. I plan to use a tablet to quickly begin to transition to paperless art and truly take advantage of what Photoshop and Flash have to offer in terms of digital art and animating that digital art. My missing link is staring back at me on this page… I would LOVE to close the gap between my old traditional work flow and a the efficient work flow that Adobe and Wacom combined can offer!

I would try to finally transport my style from paper to a digital medium and combining it with glitch art.

the freedom to create, the ability to create your own thoughts

Tablet is top on my list of things to get for me if I ever get something for myself instead of the kids! I’d use it for retouching photos in Photoshop and for designing graphics in Illustrator.

I would create a new Wacom logo:) Scream at me Photoshop.
I am actually thinking about a project with some of the classic horror villains in battle with each other. Great contest, Thanks.

My fantasy world

My mouse blows!!! I need a Wacom tablet!!

I’d love to have one. Life would be much easier… and it’s so much fun;)

This tablet is my dream come true. Nothing paints better than Wacom.. Would definitely help me much more than the unfriendly mouse does.. especially when drawing anime. <3 love it!

I would use it to make my hand drawn websites look better. I loved getting to use one of these at a local college for a week long training camp and would love to have one of my own.

i can create endless designs working wd colours and shapes repet ideas with the tablet creating freee drawing n textiressssss:)

omg wacom are teh awesome

It’s easy to use a pen tablet because every point on the tablet has a matching point on the screen. When you move your pen over the tablet the cursor moves in precisely the same way on the screen. Where you touch your pen tip to the tablet is where you click. great for photo retouching in PHOTOSHOP..

This would make my work as an architectural student a lot easier 😀

I’d really like to win this!!

I wants one…precious!

I would love to be able to use this technology in my position as a college instructor. The things I could do and teach with this would be wonderful. Exposing students to any form of technology they’ve never used is always great for them too!

Would increase productivity at work and could have a pay rise :)

I’m just a hobbyist who love digital arts, with the aid of wacom tablet and photoshop although an amateur i feel like im capable of something wonderful; a creative illustration, a masterpiece from my imagination

O M Geeeee!!! I would LOVE to win one of those!! Thank you for offering such a great giveaway! WOW

I have wacom bamboo but would love something with more sensitivity and being able to design in more finer detail. Works great as a mouse too! :)

Photos and Logos and Designs and Landscapes and …. The list goes on and on… If you want to find out then you’d better give me that Tablet ! 😀

No signs of RSI anymore since I use a Wacom tablet and pen!

I could draw the whole world with this tablet and Photoshop.
Wings to my imagination! 😀

I would draw with my 4 year old daughter images for my photobook.

I love photoshop I use it everyday as I have for 10 years or more a wacom would be a welcome addition

I would LOVE to win a Wacom tablet because I am currently a student majoring in Graphic Design. I am still in the process of saving up for a Macbook & a DSLR that is required for my classes in school, so I borrow my friend’s one to do some detailed work, especially in Illustrator. Its a really useful tool, that combined with Adobe products, I can express my creativity in a more comfortable way. =)

Wacom is the bridge between dream and reality …

Being able to draw freehand would be a blessing!

I’d love to have one :-)

Wow, I really need one of these! These are great!

I’m studying industrial design so this tablet would be perfect to develop my projects. I love illustration as well.

Working with image editing, digital manipulation, photography and design, everything would be perfect and much easier using the “Wacom Intuos4”

Why did I need a tablet?

Hey guys at Photoshop, amazing program I love what you guys have done. I was talking to my Game Art friends when they were texturing they used content aware fill to save time on a uni project. I was talking to them about how 10 years ago that didn’t exist and you would have to repaint the area by hand.
Only thing I could ask is have a tool somewhere that does rule of thirds like the crop tool does,make it an overlay that you can turn on and off with a short cut, add the golden ratio and the rest of them composition line’s while your at it!
Cheers and keep doing what your doing!

    Oh yeah p.s tablets are awesome, I’ve tried my mates one it takes some getting used to but after awhile it’s more powerful then a pencil!

i think wacom really made a bridge between the digital world of and traditional graphics design … photoshop feels like my toolbox now not a software.

With a tablet, I’d be able to edit my images pain free (carpal tunnel). ANd I’d be sooooo much more productive!!!

Awesome ! I could start painting digital with the new PS brush tools

I’ve got a lot of Wacom Intuous4 tablets in my school, but I don’t want to steal one to work at home 😀

I think I’d do a lot more composites. I don’t have first hand experience but I think a tables would really speed up making selections.

My life would be waaaay better with a Wacom. Rock’em, Sock’em, Intous4 Wacom.

I’m a poor college student and I’ve only been able to work on a tablet once, but I LOVED it. It would make my schoolwork and professional work a lot better.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the 4! Would love to be able to use one.

One of my friends have a wacom tablet. Watching her draw on it is so cool I color a lot of art in photoshop and I am still in mouse mode, witch is starting to fail on me (My mouse). I aspire to be a manga artist and this wonderful item would help me get one step closer to my dream.

I have been using Wacoms on and off since 1998 and I had a great experience because it optimises in time when doing clipping, more precise when applying efx with brushes or pattern clonning…… besides it becomes more comfortable than using a mouse……. I would love to have one of my own!!!

This would be a great companion to use with PhotoShop. A mouse can’t compare to using a tablet.

not expert, not experienced, not a master..
still a student, still young..
want to learn, want to learn more
T_T need a tablet..can’t afford.
I’ll treat you dumplings sometimes. >.<
^^ xoxo

With a new tablet…
…I will design my new house and maybe (maybe) draw my new lovely wife!

I love Wacom Intuos tablets. They’re perfect for left-handed use. I would love to create new digital drawings and Photoshop brushes with a brand new Wacom tablet. The possibilities with Photoshop and Wacom together are endless!

Tablet speeds up the workflow in amazing amount. I really don’t know how I managed so many years without one. But this Bamboo Pen & Touch is bit smallish. Good professional one should speed up the working even more. Masking is such a joy with tablet.

I love my ancient Intuos 2, but I sure wouldn’t refuse a brand new model! LOVE Wacom! I’d create photo illustrations and use it for retouching and drawing.

I’d really love to win one… Thanks

I would start doing more freelance work!!! faster workflow = more workflow!

Just got into Photoshop in the last year or so. I love it. and the wacom would be an awesome accessory!

Who wouldn’t want to try a Wacom tablet!?!? I’ve been drooling over them for months and would LOVE to be able to take it off my Christmas List! *hint, hint*!!!

oh man….I would create the most incredible images the world has ever seen .The best part is it would save me time creating those images.
Some one said a mouse is like using a rock, for me that would be a boulder to work with !!! give me a wacom tablet and a pen/brush any day…Its all about the tools
Thanks wacom for all you do!

As a designer I rely heavily on my Wacom tablet. I would be lost without it. My son is an up and coming designer/animator/freshman in college and has recently discovered how wonderful it is to work with Photoshop and the other Adobe products using a tablet. It would be wonderful if he had his own tablet to work with as he goes through animation school learning to create the game art and 3d models he loves. Wacom tablets are used during classes but when it comes to homework, we have to share the only tablet in the house. Thanks Adobe for giving us all this chance to possibly get a tablet.

I think the question should be what else that I cant do with wacom ? when someone loves drawing and using his hands with a pin but is not so good at it and crazy about Photoshop and everything about it combine and you will have almost everything possible even 3D modelling would be more easy . because the downside of pin is you don`t have that power in the drawing but in Photoshop you don`t have that power with the tools . so when the two of them work with each other . I think miracles could happen 😀

I am not really all that great drawing with a mouse. I’ve been thinking of getting a tablet for some time now so I can work more efficiently.

Iwant one!!!
to create websites, photo manipulations, stunning compositions for work and fun!!!

Hi,Thanks for the opportunity given to express our thought…I would like to give new leash to my creativity by the very handy Wacom Intuos, which is the ultimate promissory tool, eye-candy offers of all designers…Anyways there is no end when my thoughts and photoshop joining together…sky is the start with photoshop… so i would first complete the nature themed designs…i’m on right now…
Thank you,

Wacom + PS = awesome :)

I’m a panda! i need bamboooo

I would love to own the Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet so that i can make the unreal into real and let my imaginations go wild with it.

A graphic tablet would be great, so I could improve my drawing skills at Photoshop. :)

I would create an awesome new website.


I will use it to design my latest artworks!!! 😀

I could create unlimited number of designs,sketches and animation. But the important question is “will Wacom pen tablet save your time and make it before the deadline?” and the answer is for sure is YES!

I will create a new hope. Peace and Love. The world needs Love.

I do a lot of photo editing and think a tablet would make it hugely easier to do!! The mouse just doesn’t have the precision I need. These tablets look like da bomb!

I wish I had a tablet!! Here in Chile is so difficult to get one~ they’re expensive and just sell them in Santiago, and I’m really far away from that place. And I love drawing and using Photoshop or any other media to draw, but I do thing with mouse which is really difficult…

Yay! For WACOM!! <3 Is the best ^^

I LOVE my WACOM tablet! It speeds up my workflow more than you can imagine. It makes quick enhances to hundreds of photos easy when you’re trying to edit wedding photos or photoshoots. Highly recommend getting one =)

I am a Special Make-Up Effects Artist that has been learning more CGI & Digital painting with Photoshop to help with the turning trend of Physical Effects in films being replaced with CGI Effects, I want to blend the two and show that the two can work hand in hand & not replace one or the other. To have a WACOM tablet to work with , will help me greatly in my artistic goals !

I so need a tablet, and why not want the the best one out there!
Thank you Wacom & Your Rock

I have been wanting one of these since they came out. I have been an artist/photographer/writer for years, it would come in real handy. I hope I am one of the lucky.

I….just……always…..wanted…! Fell……….the……first…..time……we…..met……awwwwwww

I have the little Bamboo but realy would like to work with the so much bigger Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet. :)

I would mos definitively start to draw my plans to own the world, whahahahahaha (evil laugh)

La verdad que ni idea!! (estaría abrumada por tener una tableta jajaja) Podría expandir un poco mas allá las ilustraciones/diseños que hago usando el mouse que no ayuda en nada en cuanto a la precisión o que queden como yo quiero T^T …..!! En ese caso el cielo serie mi limite 😛

Elijanmee!!! 😀

Wacom tablet is always the most brilliant tool that I want for my artwork. With it, I can do more with my own style design and giving meself a higher level of controlling and drawing skills.

Ooooh, I’d love to have an Intuos 4 bigger than my laptop 😀 It would really help with my Illustration studies.

My old tablet doesn’t work with Windows Seven….. No drivers available…

Shame on you. You could think to your poor customers…