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Photoshop’s Fourth #1 Fan Video: Timewarp Through Time

Have you ever wished your photo was on the Photoshop box? Our #1 Fan does. Check out this Photoshop inspired music video that we think you’ll enjoy.

Watch the #1 Fan music video below and leave a note in the comments to let us know what you think and why your face should be on the Photoshop box. We’ll then select five lucky winners to receive a #1 Photoshop Fan Unicorn t-shirt and one grand prize winner who will be featured as our Photoshop Facebook profile picture for a day with their face on the Photoshop box!

We are also selecting 5 lucky winners who Retweet the following on Twitter to receive a #1 Photoshop Fan Unicorn t-shirt:

Are you Photoshop’s #1 Fan? Check out the latest Photoshop #1 Fan Music Video and tell us why: #PSFAN

We’ve got more things planned so stayed tuned; it’s gets even better!

Maria Yap
Director of Product Management, Digital Imaging


Hey, being that I was one of the few who actually used the software BEFORE it became Photoshop ( yes, our shop had BarneyScan XP) I think that I am your number 1 fan! Ask my students, they know!

Well i am you no. 1 fan been photoship for my digital drawing its been almost as if i don’t know any other software even second to photoshop. . .:-)

LOL, Love it!

Awesome! And hilarious.

put my picture on the box i think that i desereve it!!!!!!!!!

Great Video! He deserves it after making that. It would be a great commercial too, it’s just to long for a commercial. Anyways, I would love to get a free copy of Photoshop CS5 at the least. I can pass on being on the box for a free copy.

Wow! That’s not creepy at all.

I should be on the box because I can empathize with the photoshop program. I’ve been NEW, OPENed up, CUT :( ,COPIED (how flattering), FILLed with LOVE, STROKEd by possitive influences, TRANSFORMED, and being that I am a Superhero I have many costumes. I’ve used layer, vector, and clipping MASKS when I fight pixelated crimes as part of my outfit. But when trouble is right in front of me that needs immediate and precise attention, I enter QUICK MASK MODE and hit the enemy with precision. This is why I should grace the cover of the photoshop box.
This is an awesome program that has encompassed the world and I hope to continue using it in my endeavor to continuously fight these pixel based crimes.

why do i deserve to be on the box? its because photoshop is my ENERGY FOR EVERYDAY LIFE. JUST A DOSE OF IT, YOU JUST CANT GET A ENOUGH OF IT.

haha that’s one dedicated fan, I think Adobe put him on some kind of a box, doesn’t have to be that fancy :)
Why I should deserve to be on the box? well I believe there are others who deserve it much more than myself, but I would be a awesome if I was one of the lucky ones :)

good luck everybody :)

I am your average everyday John Doe but, I am Photoshops #1 fan. I use photo shop all the time for sharpening my photo’s clarity to making christmas cards. The world would be a sad place for me without photoshop.

Im photoshops #1 fan, I spent my money to upgrade to CS5 instead of repairing my car. I didn’t do homework, because I was studying to pass my Adobe Certifications. Please give me some bragging rights, and post my photo, PS #1 fan up on Photoshop’s Facebook Profile pic for a day. You won’t regret it!

I guess i am photoshops #2 fan

talk to the hand!

Well, since I know how to use Photoshop, I can put my picture on the box anytime I want, thank you! :) (not that I would, sales would surely suffer!)

I deserve to be on the box because I used the digital download option for my photoshop software so I had to make my own box. ( sad face )

Photoshop,is one of the best software ever developed.
Its responsible for making lives happier,merrier and lot more easier.
Thanks to ADOBE’s products.
And congratulations to all the fans.
Love you all.

Nice video, I use photoshop usualy for school, work and entertraiment hehe…. nice soft

The superhero genre is more popular then ever…so I made this super hero themed photoshop tutorial!

This will get my class attention introducing Photoshop! More vids coming for the rest of the Create Suite? I’ve been Photoshop’s #1 fan since version 1.0 with only 1 undo!

Ever since you came out with the first versions of Reader and PDF creator…then Photoshop, Illustrator, and the Revel and Elements I have wanted to re-acquire them as they were valuable tools to my happiness, family/friend corroborations and production materials.
I thank you and hope to continue our Adobe relationship since 1979!




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