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As a thank you for joining our page and to celebrate 20,000 Fans on Facebook, we’re giving away a bundle of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 & Premiere Elements 9 to three randomly selected Fans who comment on the post below.

Simply share why you love Photoshop Elements and we’ll choose three random winners. Don’t forget to leave us a way to contact you in the comments.

We look forward to providing you with lots more tips, tricks and fun on Facebook so comment away, and good luck!

Maria Yap
Director of Product Management, Digital Imaging


I love Adobe products, and Elements streamlines the editing process in such a way that almost anyone can do it!

I love Photoshop Elements because I such at taking pics and it can fix my issues!
Katiesmommy1 at gmail dot com

I love PSE because it is so easy to learn and use.

I LOVE the new Elements 9!! The content aware is awesome and so much easier to use!! :)

I love the fact that Elements is so easy to use at the same time your pictures look professional.

I use photoshop Elements every day for my photography. I love how it is inexpensive and still has a lot of powerful editing tools. I hope to upgrade to 9 soon.

I just *LOVE* PSE for making photo editing more understandable and accessible for the non-pro photographer! We ALL love to create beautifu images and now, even I can do it! <3 PSE!!!

Lisa Jurrens

I love that it is actually pretty simple to understand with all them awesome tutorials out there in the www.
Photoshop Elements rocks!!

I can’t say I “loved” PSE a few weeks ago because of my frustration. I am now learning and am LOVING all the possibilities. I am really enjoying learning the photo editing process.

I love Photoshop Elements it easy to use and makes my pictures look even better!

I love Adobe Photoshop Elements, it is easy to use, and I always get great results.

Layer masks, Ive learnt how to merge photos thanks guys

I love Elements because it can make my mediocre photography POP and look good!
craazyvile on twitter

My interest in dabbling in graphic design has grown into a passion. I can’t afford the full version of Photoshop right now, but Elements is an extremely powerful alternative. I’m able to do tasks that would take hours in other photo editing apps in mere minutes with Elements. I haven’t had a chance to use the new Premiere Elements, but hopefully I will win this contest and be able to use it soon! If I do win, my email is submitted with this comment, and my Twitter handle is @2Live4Him.

I love Photoshop Elements because it allowed me to do a lot of the things that full-blow Photoshop does at a fraction of the cost. Also found that some things are actually easier to do in elements with less steps.

Great job Adobe!

PS Elements is so simple and fun to use, you can get work & play done quickly and easily.

I’ve tired a number of photo editing programs and Photoshop Elements is the most powerful, most intuitive program available in it’s price range available.

I love how much easier it is to do layer mask in PSE-9. No more Ctrl+G, to have to create my own layer mask. Just one little click now. So simple! Thank you!

Love Love Love Photoshop Elements :) Everything about it ROCKS!!!!!!! :)

PSE gives me so many ways to edit my pictures. Even though I’m not the best photographer, I end up with some awesome pics, thanks to PSE!

I use photoshop elements 6 because it is easy to use and the price is fantastic, you cant beat it!! I dont have 9 as of yet!

I love the wide variety of functionality available in PS Elements. The possibilities are endless!

I love Adobe! Thanks for doing this!! :)

what’s there not to love!! Love all of it!

Photoshop elements is my choice for digital scrapbooking .. love it!

boy, was i floored by the content-aware in PSE9! i love it. :)

I love PSE because it allows me to perfect my photos with ease and is such a time saver! Awesome tutorials to help you along! Its great for organizing and managing my files too.

I love PSE because I can create some cute tags/printables to go on the cookie favors I create! I also love to create digital scrapbook pages! It’s very user friendly, too! *Ü* Thanks for the opportunity!

I love elements because it has all the tools I will ever need as a photographer, and plenty more besides…

I love Photoshop Elements because it gives me a way to make my amateur photographs look more professional!!

Sue Emery
514 Franklin St
Dundee MI 48131

Gotta love Elements for the awesome way you can correct any photo for a perfect shot!

PS elements transforms everyday photos into real artwork to display in my home. I love playing around with the details of a picture and capturing the essence of my family with one shot. It is simply amazing!

I like the organizer!

My favorite feature of PSE are the various filters, and I also love being able to adjust my pictures colors so precisely and to repair photo blemishes. It’s also nice being able to save my work in multiple formats.

I love Photoshop Elements! CS5 is simply overwhelming for what I need, and my pictures are 1,000 times better. The fact that Elements will run Actions, too, makes it a great program to have.

I love that Photoshop elements is userfriendly.

I’m still learning all the fun things I can do with adobe – I would love the newest version Thank you for the awesome offer!

I love it, its made life easier and allowed me to create things I could only imagine. My imagination always surpassed my tools until I found the adobe products. Now my imagination has to play catch up! I would be dull without the elements!

Elements has elevated my business to another level. I am a long time fan and love playing with all the features it offers!! Its like a toy I can’t put down!!

I love PSE because it really helps me organize my photographs and allows me to easily edit. It’s not intimidating. :)

Photoshop Elements gives me some very powerful, but easy to use tools for processing my raw and jpg photos. It is an awesome program. Thanks Adobe

I love the easy way it makes me look like a professional photographer!
4415 Crown Point Road NW Mandan ND 58554

My life is divided into two parts. Before and after Photoshop!

I LOVE you can take a priceless picture that was taken, that one time picture and correct the mistakes or make it even look better!

Well i got PSE 9 for Christmas and as the results of this I have since purchased a new DSL camera; signed up for a Photo class at the community college; and taken up digital scrapbooking…my husband says i know spend half of my life on PSE!

I Love Adobe Products. Lightroom and Photoshop made my aftershooting work so easy and they work together so simply that I never will miss them!

I love the Adjustment layers in PSE! and pretty much everything else I can do with it to enhance the pictures I take! Would definitely love to get the new features in the PSE 9!

I love how easy it is to use!

I like using PSE as it is very easy to do photo editing with

I had Elements 4 for a long time and used it very little, but now with your tutorials, and Elements 8 I am loving the results. I am sure Elements 9 would be even better so thanks for the chance to win it.

I love Photoshop Elements becouse it is so simple to use, have all elements of the ‘big’ Photoshop that I’am using everyday and does not have elements which I don’t use 😉

And first of all it’s still Photoshop and it’s still a great instrument to work – and it’s like adjusted for me :)

I love Photoshop and can’t afford the full blown version of it. I love being able to make slide shows easily – it’s the easiest program that I’ve found! I also made my daughter’s graduation name cards last year that will be a keepsake for years to come!

I love PSE because I am a dog photographer and it is so easy to edit out leashes using the clone stamp tool. It makes my pictures look so much better! The focus can really go to the dog’s eyes without any distractions. Adding funny hats and props to the pictures is always fun too 😉

I have 7 and I love the simplicity. It has all I would ever need for my editing style and soo user friendly. I love how I can express my creativity without having to read the manual on how to do it!!

I love Elements because I learn something new & rewarding almost each time I use it…

I LOVE that you can do so many different things that you thought only the professionals can do. It makes you able to do fascinating and amazing scrapbook pages and altered pictures. Don’t know what i did before I found it!!
thank you for a great product

I have been wanting PSE for a long, long time. I have seen wonderful things done with it! I am a paper crafter and this is just what I need! And, thank you for the chance to win!

Been using Elements for a long time. My favorite
Photograph editing software. Very easy to learn
And has all the capabilities of the big apps.

Love it. Need to upgrade

Cheap and does the job for me with my pictures, who needs more than Photoshop Elements when it is the best program for your photos

I love that it is so easy to use and how affordable it is. Also, there are so many ways to turn good photos into great photos.

I love my Elements 8 but wouldn’t mind a free upgrade to 9 LOL! So put me in for the contest please!

A simple and inexpensive tool that I use to create scrapbook images of my family. PSE is awesome!

It’s easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photoshp Elements, is Great for editing photos and documents. I can not live without it. Photoshop Elements 9 & Premiere Elements 9 would enhance my business with better graphics.

What I love about PSE is there is always more to learn.

I love PSE especially for digital scrap booking! The price is just perfect vs. PS.

Adobe Elements makes me feel like a professional photographer with all of its ways I can make fantastic photos at such an inexpensive cost. Thank you!

I love that PSE has given me a way to create books to capture our family’s memories that our children will cherish forever! Keep up the great work!!!

I love PSE for its price first, very affordable and also for the fact that you don’t have to be an expert to use it, it really improves my pictures

Love the creativity of working with my photos with PES.

I love PSE started using it to create scrap layouts and then create my own digi scrap items.

I love Photoshop Elements because I can work with my pictures and make them look like a professional took them, whether it’s a picture of one of my farm animals ,one of my beautiful granddaughters, my dogs or flowers growing in the yard. I feel so proud showing off my pictures..

I have PSE6 and LOVE it. I would like to upgrade to PSE9, but finances being what they are, I will continue to use my PSE6. I do a lot of digital scrapbooking and PSE6 makes it easy to create beautiful pages. Thanks for a great program.

My fave part of using Elements is being able to change the look and feel of my images by using actions and textures!! I love PSE!!!!

I love that it’s powerful yet AFFORDABLE for the home user!

I love PSE. It makes scrap booking so easy. I would so love to win PSE9~

Another fantastic upgrade!

I love PSE so easy to use for a new beginner like me my family loves all the editing I can do My pictures look Awesome thanks to PSE….. Making a sky bluer is a big hit with my friends and all the text I can put on the picture is great too..

I love that Elemenets made it easy to convert from traditional scrapbooking to digital scrapping. My photobooks look amazing!

I like using Elements because it’s easy to use, affordable, and it brings out that extra little something to my pictures.

I love the ability its given me to improve my pictures. I am new to PSE (within the last 6 months) and its a program which is easy to understand and make changes. The website has tutorials in video which I find perfect at allowing me to understand various functions. PSE has allowed me to evolve as a photographer and have provided me with the opportunity to make lasting moments spectacular.

Comments – Round 2 (I forgot to leave a way to contact me… oops)

I have PSE6 and LOVE it. I would like to upgrade to PSE9, but finances being what they are, I will continue to use my PSE6. I do a lot of digital scrapbooking and PSE6 makes it easy to create beautiful pages. Thanks for a great program.

I also forgot to leave my info.. I love PSE so easy to use for a new beginner like me my family loves all the editing I can do My pictures look Awesome thanks to PSE….. Making a sky bluer is a big hit with my friends and all the text I can put on the picture is great too..

I love PSE because it is easy to use and don’t require a ton of extra plug ins and mimes

I am a cross-over from another photo editing program. I love discovering with PSE 9 that the possibilities are endless!

I’ve been using PSE for years and love the great results. Thanks for a wonderful product!

I love Elements because the price is right. I had never used photoshop before..I have learned how to use PSE. I enjoy being able to add actions, brushes and other fun things. PSE may not be a $500+ program but the results you can get are priceless.

I have used elements since version 2. I have progressed with my photography along with each new version of the software. What I learned recently is I can do most anything that can be done on the more expensive Photo shop. Elements 8 has been a great program to make my good and great photos even better and and creativity much easier.
It would be a great asset to have Elements 9 to continue in the grreat progresses since Elements 2, many years ago.
Thank you very much for this opportunity.

If I am very rich.. I am sure that I will buy all of adobe things,, but I am too poor and wish to be betwitch so I can get free what I want… if I get free of this.. it will be bless from you .. I am too old to wait to learn… is it waste my time??

Photoshop Elements gives me the some of the most useful and productive, not to mention creative tools to edit, display, group and save my images and creations. I started out on 4.0 and now am on version 8, Only makes sense that I would want to move on and up to Adobe Photoshop Elements 9!

It’s just so easy.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is so easy to use. I’m a senior citizen and LOVE it. The possibilities for use seem endless. The same can be said for Premiere Elements. I’ve received many positive comments on many of my Photoshop Elements projects.

Photoshop Elements allow me to correct problems and repair old torn, damaged pictures that would have otherwise been lost. Memories cannot be recreated; they must be preserved.

I love that Elements is easy to use and makes my photo’s pop!

I just think it’s great to work with

Waow! What an Offer dear! Can I be a Part of this? I just Love Photoshop. and Adobe Products. This Elements Can Make My Sense Better.

PSE allows me to digital scrapbook, organize, and edit my photos all in one spot! The ease of design and understanding is the best!!!

Thanks for a wonderful product!

I’m a digital scrapbooker and I’ve used PSE since version 3. I’m so impressed with the goodies in versions 8 & 9. The program is easy to use and the learning curve was not difficult.

WOW!!! I love adbobe, I just got a new computer and can’t get my old Adobe Elements 5 to load, so I downloaded the newsest version to try and I LOVE IT!!! have to wait though to buy it becuase if financial reasons, but I will be buying it. THANK YOU FOR PRODUCING GREAT PRODUCTS that my family and I can enjoy and are easy to use!!!!!!!!

I LOVE, LOVE the fact in Elements 9 you can upload directly onto Face book! So youi can do your friends pictures in an out of bounds and upload right to your facebook and send it to them directly. How awesome is that you don’t have to save, then upload in several steps!!! I enjoyed the trial I had used to do that.
I have learned so much with your tutorials as well! You guys should have 100,000 fans and more! I keep sending your links to my friends.

I just love PSE, Ive only just started using this programme, but I am already blown away by the features, how easy it is to get the results i want and what a joy it is to work with.

I LOVE Elements because it’s VERY easy to use, and the one-click fixes are great. When the one-click fixes don’t do what I need, then I can easily go and play with the other settings. You can be as simple or as advanced as you want, and that’s fantastic!!!

What is there not to love ♥ I am always reading the praises of the program for the ease of use and all the awesome features it is capable of. At the moment I’m not able to purchase it, so hopefully I will win it. Contact me at

Love the simplicity of PS Elements for digital scrapbooking!!

I love Elements because it is a very powerful program offered at a very reasonable price!

Sorry – my email is dawnbydesign2 at gmail dot com. My original comment is directly above this one.

I love PS elements because it is easy to use and gives great results every time!

Easy to use, powerful and best of all affordable!

PSE is great for beginners. Allows newbies to learn simple editing and progress at their pace.

my son got me elements 8 for my birthday it was the best gift i could have gotten ive never had a hobby i enjoyed more i love it

i love pse because it’s so easy to use!

I love how powerful it is! I can do just about everything I can imagine!

I love Photoshop Elements because I can do it myself…!!

I love Photoshop Elements. It lets me do lots of things the full-blown Photoshop does at a much lower cost. I currently have version 8 but would love the newest version.

Elements can be used to do simple “clean ups” of family photos or do extensive editing of art or professional images. It’s easy to use right out of the box, but has enough power to satisfy the demanding photographer.

I love Photoshop Elements as it helps me be creative and allows me to edit my photos, create new images and just have a blast. The program just keeps getting better and better. It’s awesome.

I love this software. Its very simple and easy to use. I love the guided fix feature, it saves me time on editing my photos. I enjoy using PS Elements.

I love love love love love it! It makes me look oh so talented! Thank you for all you have created for us! I would LOVE to have the latest version! I could look even better! Pick me, pick me.

i make my photos stand out in a crowd. my photos become stories instead of pictures, all with the help of photoshop!

LOVE the new Guided Edits in PSE9 , especially the Out of Bounds one! With a little bit of creativity and the right photo, you can create a truly unique masterpiece!

PSE makes a my “good” images GREAT, and my GREAT images one-of-a-kind, with accents/flourishes/borders whichever may appeal to my subject! Even with PSE7, I build my print and internet marketing pieces–liveable “learning curve” to create unique, quality pieces! Love PSE!

I love how easily I can make up a card, invite or fix a picture … this busy mom needs all the help she can get 😉

I love the functionality of Elements. Can’t wait to learn it better.

I love the ease of PSE. As a mom I need all the speedy and ease it can offer.

love photoshop elements because it easy to use love all the lighting effects you can do as well

I am not a computer or software geek…so this program being as easy as it is to use,makes me absolutely LOVE IT! Thanks! 😀

I love its ease of use, and it’s affordability. I recently learned how to add a splash of color to a black and white image, and I love how easy it is to accomplish. I’ve used Adobe Elements since version 6, and it’s the only editing software that I use.

I love it, I love it, I love it ! What more can I say ?

I like PSE because it rocks!

I love PSE as it is easy to use!

Love to edit photos with so many possibilities that PSE offers!

Love the photoshop brushes! And the gradient fill! And the quick fix and much, much more 😉

New to elements but looking forward to learning and creating with your amazing software! Thank You.

I’ve been using PSE since version 4 for digital scrapbooking–perfect!

I love Photoshop Elements because its easy to use, and i can do some a lot things that the regular photoshop dose at a much lower price. i love photoshop, and it helps me be more creative in my life, i don’t know where i would be without it.
Good Work Adobe!

I love Photoshop Elements because its easy to use, and i can do some a lot things that the regular photoshop dose at a much lower price. i love photoshop, and it helps me be more creative in my life, i don’t know where i would be without it.
Good Work Adobe!

I love Photoshop Elements because its easy to use, and i can do some a lot things that the regular photoshop dose at a much lower price. i love photoshop, and it helps me be more creative in my life, i don’t know where i would be without it.
Good Job Adobe!

I love PSE, because it’s really easy to learn and there a masses of tutorials, videos and books… Thanks for getting my pictures better!

I love PSE because it is so easy to learn and use. It has also replaces alot of other applications that I had been using.

I love the MANY wonderful editing tools on PSE–especially the Camera Raw plug-in feature so I can edit photos at their best quality!

What is there not to love? A powerful program at a fraction of the cost of big brother Photoshop!

I love elements and all adobe products! I couldn’t run my business without them.

PSE what’s not to love. Its my go to package for digiscrapping and photo editing. Its the first thing I have to replace if my computer falls over.

I use PSE 7 at the moment and love the organisation, stream lined work flow and ease of image manipulation that it brings to a luddite like me! :0)

PSE gives me the capability to do anything I need/want to do with the pictures I take.

I’ve been using Elements since v2. It’s not intimidating at all and I can do great things with the program. There are always school projects that need to be done and even my kids’ friends ask me to help them out. It really is a great program.

I use PSE for digital scapping and I love the self healing tool! Awesome photo editing and fun stuff too!

I Love my PSI7 but I know I would fall in Love with PSI9…..Love using my healing brush to take away all those nasty undesireables….

Great products…would love more!!!

I have PSE7 and as a freelance artist I like how easy (and fun) it is to edit pictures. It works great with Wacom Tablet, too!

Because it lets me edit my pictures and do away with imperfections. And because it’s so easy to use.

Started with PS3, now have PS8 and love both of them. the new version is awesome!

I just love everything about it. I use it everyday and done many amazing things with it. I have had alot of compliments on my photos. I learned on my own, with books about Elements, Elements Help feature and with all the great tutorials out there. It’s addicting….

This program is absolutely super. It lets me have fun with images and also make some corrections when needed. I can not imagine using any other photo editing program!

I love that photoshop has endless possibilities. There is something new to discover every day!

Love the fact that with my PE7 even the photos I thought I could do nothing with suddenly come to life with textures and layers. I can lose myself for hours just creating, good relaxation therapy with a great end result.

I love the organization feature and also the other tools that allows to do scrapbooking pages. Also love the photo editing tools.

I love that I can make myself or anyone else. Look glamorous! Lose weight or gain weight. Lose that double chin. Change that hair color. Whiten teeth like the celebraties. Look like a zombie. Add a cape and look like a superhero. I can place myself at the top of the Empire State Building like King Kong. I can place myself in the Maldives or Antartica with the penguins. I like that I can add frames or brush on my pictures. I like that I can switch around people’s heads onto other bodies. I could go on and on about what I like

I like using PSE to scrapbook digitally. Using the layer mask in version 9 will make it even better!

I’d be lost without my PSE! I love the organization features and I use it to scrapbook digitally.

I love Photoshop Elements for the ease of use, the affordability of the program, and the amount of things you can do with it. I used to have a full Photoshop program, but once I saw all the things you can do with Photoshop Elements, I was a convert! Plus, I can afford to upgrade more often and keep up with all the newest innovations! I tried all the different editors on the market a few years ago…. but nothing comes close to PSE!! LOVE IT!!! (PS, the hints, tips and tricks I learn from the daily dose of PSE Facebook links is AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work!)

I love how I can restore old family photos and give them new life. At the moment I’m trying to collect a photo from each generation so that I can combine them to make a family tree collage.

Love the guided feature in Elements. Makes it so easy to use!

I have used all Photoshop Elements sence the first one elements 9 is a great
upgrade. using face recionision also masking will be used more. but this is better then the full photoshop.

Content-Aware Spot Healing Brush alone is worth buying or upgrading!

I love that I can fix my photos so easily! And love that You make it so user friendly!

I love PSE because of the great value. Been using it for many years, and haven’t found a reason to upgrade to regular PS yet.

I love PSE and PRE because they’re easy to use and very affordable.

I love how easy it is to use – for both my photos and for digital scrapbooking! blaise (dot) bh (at) gmail.

Elements has not only given me countless hours of editing fun for the past 10 or so years since I started with Photoshop LT it also has allowed me to teach Elements classes for the last 5 years and to write 2 books and many small articles on its use. Actually you got me started with Adobe Deluxe when I bought my first digital camera. My most fun is in editing pictures to improve them but with not a hint that anything was done.

PSE has been a such a wonderful tool, not only for me, but my extended family as well. Its provided a way for me to edit our old photos, create beautiful collages and digital scrapbook pages, organize, share, and feed my creative soul. But, oh how I would love to upgrade to Elements 9 — pick me, pick me!! :)

Photoshop elements has helped me out alot with making my hobby that much more creative. Thank You

Photoshop is the greatest, I use elements 8 at work but can’t afford my own copy right now!!!! I brag about Adobe all day long…keep releasing great products.

I like how easy it was to learn and use!!

The clone stamp tool alone makes PSE worth the price of admission. And the integration with Lightroom makes my editing workflow a breeze!

I started taking digital photos about 10 years ago, so I have a lot of pictures. PSE 9 is an awesome tool to keep track of them and edit them at a great price :)

I LOVE Photoshop Elements because it is so easy to use and makes the pics come to life!! <3

Os produtos da adobe são os melhores mesmo…
The Adobe Products are the best…

I love how it makes my good pics better

I love PSE because I get to have some great tools that professionals use without breaking the bank! PSE is easy and FUN to use and there is always something new to learn and create.

I love PS Elements because it is simple to use and has everything I need without a ton of other buttons to get in my way! Elements makes editing easy!

I love PSE8 and I think version 9 would be even better! The layers are wonderful to work for! The tutorials are awesome and I always learn something from the magazine! Thanks for a chance to win!


I love PSE8 because it’s easy to start with until my post processing confidence gets higher.

I love Elements. They helped me with all my ideas much more than other tools, so I simply got rid of the others. I believe it will stay that way for a long time.

I love the versatility of Elements. I have learned so much from it the past few years!

oh i love pse! i would be thrilled to win this. i especially love the capabilities of layers. love pse!!!

I love the simplicity of elements… I’m still using 7, but it as all I need!

I Love PSE it makes my pictures look great. There are alot of tools to use to correct a less than perfected picture.

Elements is affordable.

I love how Adobe Photoshop adds so much “sparkle” and extra “love” to my photographs. People truely adore the pictures that Adobe Photoshop helps me create.

I love Photoshop Elements and have been using this software for several years. I am amazed at how easy it is to make corrections on photos. I love photography, and my greatest love is taking pictures at family gatherings and other social events. Family and friends always enjoy my pictures, and I like sharing the best possible prints. Photoshop Elements helps me achieve that goal!

I love Photoshop Elements because it’s so easy to learn and use, and it does the job!

Working in the real estate industry PSE give us the tools to enhance photos to look their best. We currently have PSE6 but love the features now available in PSE9.

I love photoshop because even the bad photos can end up being awesome! Between the tutorials, ease of ‘click it and fix it’ software, & lets not forget how this software make me (an amateur) look like a pro! Love it love it love it!!

I love what I can do with my photos–fixing ordinary ones to make them better.

Thank you all can do whatever with adobe

Thank you learning a lot here

I am a beginner photographer and recently received Photoshop Elements. I love how easy it is to create a logo to mark on my photos. Also I love the quick and easy editing for my photos. Without PSE I would not be as great at photography.

I enjoy making my photos even better with PSE using all the cool tools! Upgrading to 9 would be a nice gift….

I like the actions available and the easy guides for editing photos.

I love how it is sooooo easy to use

I am addicted to PS Elements, badly. I started with PSE2 and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Since I have discovered Digital Scrapbooking I have upgraded to 6,7,8, and yes, even 9. Sure wish there we breaks for people like me!

I would love, love, love to have the update to elements 8. I don’t really have the money to spend on full Adobe Photoshops, so Elements is a great alternative for me!

I just am starting to use Photoshop. I love the many many ways you can produce a better picture!

I love Photoshop Elements because it makes me look so good!

I LOVE the panorma feature of Elements. I bought Elements just to make panoramas, and love seeing how far I can push it.. Gotta get 9 for my MACBOOK Pro

I have been using PSE 8 for about a year now and I really like the tool and it’s functionality.
Collages and slideshows with unique themes, vintage photo restoration, fix marked or blemished photos, add a pop of color or a gaussian blur to turn an average photo into something that really catches your eye!
Adobe Bridge integration helps to keep your photos organized.
I have been using iMovie to create my slideshows but I understand that Premiere has much more functionality and flexibility. I would love to upgrade with the bundle package to see what I can do with them paired.

Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate with you. Great tips on the Facebook page! It gives you a sample of the power of this software.

absolutely love being able to watermark all my photos in one batch. Makes it much less time consuming, especially when I want to do a quick web post of unedited photos

I commented earlier, around 1:00 this afternoon, and I do not see it here. :o(

Thank you for giving the chance to win Photoshop Elements 9! I just think this photo editing and creating program is simply fantastic, I just love it so much! My Father has Elements 4 (and still does), and has been creating beautiful, artistic photos since PSE 4 came out, and I’ve drooled over his work.

I’ve been drawing since I was little, and long before “drawing pads” for computers became the norm, I’ve dreamed of drawing ON the computer, and finally, I got my first Bamboo Pen & Touch this past Christmas! I’ve been having a ball drawing on the Pen & Touch pad, with the included PSE 7. It makes my art come alive!

I am learning (and practicing) everyday, in the hopes that I can soon create sellable art made by incorporating my own drawings and adding dramatic special effects with this awesome Photoshop program!!!

Thank you!

-Michele L. Venditti

I love it! It’s just easy to use and very powerful.

What can I say PSE just makes life and photography simple!

I LOVE the new Content Aware Healing Brush. It’s really a big help.

Tried my first pano today. It was easy to do and turned out great. Proud of myself.

I love PSE! It has allowed me to learn as I go and become a better photographer. I would love to upgrade to 9. Thanks!

I just don’t like one thing I love them all. It is user friendly, I have learned so much in the past year. It seems that I learn something new each time I see the tips on Facebook. You have made us memory keepers for the past and the future… Love it… Thank you

Love… beyond words… PSE8. I’ve heard that PSE9 is even better… how can that be… I’d love to find out!

I love using PSE for layering fractals to create original works of art.

I’ve been a user of PSE since the first version came out years ago and try to keep up the all the new updated versions. I have PSE8 and would love to own the 9 version with the video. Love the new updates to the 9 version and can’t wait to try them out.

I love PS Elements because it helps make the best of my photos. I am an aspiring professional photographer. Elements does everything I need to do, is intuitive and user-friendly. Elements helps my photos be all that they can be. Plus, it is sometimes fun to let my creative side take over and be ‘artistic.’

Many thanks to all the people whom I discussed with, for submitting me a lot of cool ideas and remarks, supporting me and convincing me to translate this work into english. I’d never been that far without your support. Thank you again !..thangs for sharing that,s good,,,…

I love PSE because as a photographer it helps me learn how to be a better photographer.

I’ve been using PSE to help scan in my old photos and restore them. It helps to preserve our family history for generations to come.
I also get to “cut loose” and play with my creative side and have fun creating different projects and enhancing the photos I take.

I love adobe products. I’d love to have photoshop elements 9.0 to use for my scrapbooks

I like the possibility to change each situation, each reality and make some Funny Cards for my Friends and Family :-)

I’m a somewhat new PSE user, using 6 then upgrading to 8. Always get great results through helpful tutorials, and it’s actually gotten me to become a much more creative photographer through visualizing how I can adjust photos while taking them. I enjoy learning new tips and tricks everytime I use it.

I love that elements is so user friendly and so easy to use. I love how creative it allows me to be with my photographs at such an affordable price. I can’t even imagine going back to life before Elements!!! I love that I can protect my images with watermarking. I love the Elements Organizer, I love… I love it all. I’m a huge fan and would the opportunity to win Elements 9. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Ya’ll rock!

I have been a PSE user since PSE2 and never looked or even considered anything else but PSE. It’s an inexpensive but loaded…not to mention easy to learn and fun S/W to use! It has done beautiful miracles to my photos… time and again!

I love PSE. It makes me look like a much better photographer than I really am.

Love PSE! easy to use and brings out my creativity! Organizer, what can I say. I can find any photo I need. It a great package!

Photoshop Elementa is my preferred photo editing software both on my iMac and Pc. It continues to get more robust over the years. For years, I was unable to afford Photoshop and I was thrilled when Adobe came out with Elements! I continue to explore all the new features as the product evolves. I love layers, effects, cookie cutter, brushes and all the filters!!!! I cannot wait to get the newest version! Thanks…Sandy

I love the challenge of learning to do something new with PSE. It’s a lot of fun to enhance photos and design flyers and posters.

I love that Adobe Elements is an easy to use photo editing tool at a reasonable price, allowing novice photographers to create fantastic photos!

I love PSE’s face recognition abilities! It makes organizing photos so much easier.

I started with PSE2, then 3,4,5,6,and lastly PSE7. I cannot get enough of abilities this program has the how easy this is to use. It is the best discovery I have ever made. :)

I just like the way PSE allows automatic corrections. Most of the time they just go right.

Photoshop Elements has become my passion! Which is a nice way to say…. I’m addicted.

I use it daily in my life as an artist and also to create personalized greeting cards, digital scrapbooking pages and more. It’s WAY easier than CS3 which my husband has and does a lot of the same things.

I love Elements to edit portraits

I would love Elements to make my life soooo much easier!

I work with teachers daily on effective ways to integrate technology in the classroom. Use of the Elements duo allows teachers to buy into photo and video editing, with an easier learning curve and student products that can be achieved more quickly. Love it!

I love Photoshop!

I love elements to digiscrap!!! Thanks!

I am loving Photoshop — my hubby bought it for me for Christmas. One of the best gifts I’ve ever received!!

love elements to edit the photos of my kids. always makes my photos look 100% better.

I love being able to edit photos without having to pay for the cost of full-blown Photoshop. I still get great looking photos and can use any extra $ to pay for upgrading my camera equipment.

I just love adobe no matter what it is! 😉

I love Photoshop Elements!

Adobe never disappoints. I love turning an “it’s all right” photo into a cherished irreplaceable moment of time. It’s easy to experiment – it’s just the remembering all I did to get there I don’t always remember!

I love it because it’s actually easy to use, the others are so complicated!

I love PSE because it makes blogging and scrapbooking so much prettier!

I love and use PSE7 for scrapbooking. It makes my photos look beautiful! Thanks for the chance.

I love PSE and now that I am (gulp) becoming a senior citizen I really need something that is so consumer friendly.With years and years and years of photos I really do need it! Thanks :)

I love PSE because it allows me to make a good photo better. it has enhanced my creativity and is so easy to use.


I remain amazed at all the nifty, whiz-bang features that Adobe packs into Elements!
Many thanks!

Does this count? I don’t have it yet, but reading and researching lots, trying it out friends, and everyone loves it for being so easy to understand. Thanks!

I love being creative with Adobe Photoshop programs and also love how Adobe helps me revise pictures so they’re simply perfect!

I love being creative with Adobe Photoshop programs and also love how Adobe helps me revise pictures so they’re simply perfect! @AZcomm

I love Elements, its my favorite programme, I can spend many happy hours editing my photos. Thanks!

Love, Love, Love all the Adobe products! PSE has enabled me to digitally scrapbook my families memories – couldn’t live without it! Keep up the good work! Thanks for doing this fabulous giveaway!

I love spending time with my photos on Elements, its a great programme. Thanks.

I love editing my photos in Elements, its a great programme. Thanks.

I don’t own any of these programs. That’s why I’d love to win this.

It is so easy to use and make great photos

I love PSE because it is so easy to learn. And it gives me a lot of fun to work with it.

Photoshop Elements is user friendly, easy to teach, easy to learn.

I love PSE because it is so easy to use and makes me seem like a great photographer! :) (Twitter = @iowarizona)

I love Elements because I can scrapbook more, getmore pics on a page and journalso effortlessly. It is a user friendly fun product!

I enjoy PSE 9 because under Guilded, the different looks you can give under Fun Edit. It make some outstanding enhance photo.

I love Photoshop Elements because it is so easy to use and makes my photos look fabulous. And each with each new version it gets easier to use and better.

I like Photoshop Elements because it’s not as complex as the full blown version of Photoshop. It’s great to be able to just into the program and get what you want quickly with all the bells and whistles you need. (

Photoshop Elements is the only way to go – I have PSE 6 right now and would love an update.

I love anything that makes it appear I am a better photographer than I actually am!

Why do I love Photoshop Elementa? Because even a computer-challenged person like me can turn out work that makes people go, “Wow! How’d you do that?”

I like Photoshop Elements 9 cos you can make amateur photographer shots like my own to look professional.

I love that I can boost the color and tweak my photos to make them look phenomenal and love using PSE for digital scrapbooking which has totally changed the way I record our photos and memories!

I am a new mom and I love using Photoshop Elements to capture every wonderful moment with my baby in a fun and creative way!

I love Photoshop Elements because I can get professional looking images without costing me an arm and a leg for the program!

I LOVE PS Elements for scrap booking, photo editing, making digital graphic for the media dept at my church, making graphics for my blog, making doodads just for the fun of it…I’m sure there’s more! It’s affordable, it does sooo many amazing things, and it just gets better with every update!

I love Elements – it really is an affordable way to edit photos and make digital scrapbook pages.

I love pse! Could not digi scrap without it!

After trying Photoshop I realized that Photoshop Elements was the way to go…so much easier to learn and I can now produce such cool results with my scrapbook pages and photos!!!

Recomended by my sons photographer and watched tutorials online. Amazing!! Just need to get it now!!

There can be nothing worse than needing to touch up a photo and not having the software to make it happen. With all the advancements in Elements 9, Adobe has set a very high bar with what can be done with a photo. And all at an amazingly low price. Way to go Adobe. PSE rocks!!!!

PSE makes me look like a great photographer;)
I learn something new and really cool every week!!!

Photoshop Elements does all that I need to do with my photos, and makes for a great companion with Lightroom 3!

I like having access to so many design tools at such a fair price.

I currently use PSE7. I love the action player. I also love the ease of creating scrapbook pages digitally.

Love photoshop! I am using it right now:)

I LOVE being able to play around with textures in Photoshop Elements!
hersoccer4 (at) aol (dot) com

I love PSE because it makes things easy and look oh so lovely.

Photoshop and Premiere Elements are, by far, the easiest entry points to the Adobe world for my college students studying digital media. The interface is more intuitive and less intimidating but the programs still allow me to present the core concepts of image and video editing, as well as the most commonly used tools and commands. Even my children can grasp these programs, giving them many more options for their projects than Microsoft Paint or KidPix allow.

Photoshop and Premiere Elements are an excellent way to manage pictures and videos and be able to share your favorites with family and friends. I find them to be indispensable tools!

I can do so many fix ups and changes to my liking in Photoshop Elements.

I love it because it’s intuitive and easy to use!

I specialize in children and family photography. Do you know how many runny noses, bumps and bruises I encounter in shoots? Almost every one! Photoshop is a necessity!

I’m still using PSE 4.0 for Mac and maybe it’s time to upgrade! Love to fix and crop photos and make scrapbook pages and greeting cards.

I love the versatility! There’s so much you can do.

I like new add mask feature and sharpening improvements in Elements. Elements have everything usual user can ever need. I really don’t understand why is Photoshop so much more popular.

I love Elaments because it’s so easy to learn and streamline my editing process.

I’m doing a “365 Photos” (a picture of the day) project and use Elements as a way to add fabulous ditigal images (day & date) to the photos. Love Elements.

I love using Photoshop Elements to touch up my old film scans, using dust and scratch noise filter is absolutely magic. Sharing these revitalised images with family and friends bring back so many good memories.

I an a genealogist and a scrapper. I have found elements to be essential in my tool boxes for both tracing my roots and preserving photos. There have been many times when I needed to use elements to edit documents that I scanned or found on the Internet. There is no better tool to improve the readability of poor scans. I also depend on elements to fix old photos that I scan. With elements I have revealed the true image from Photos that were either too light or too dark. I have abstracted people from group shots and created portraits. I use the software to fix ecans of torn photos and to colorize old black and white pics. I could continue. I hope these examples show why Elements is an essential component of my genealogical tool box.

Oh that would be so cool to win. Thanks for this opportunity!

I procrastinated about learning Photoshop Elements but I was being held back by my other photo editing software. I finally bit the bullet and took a class. Now, I absolutely love it and can’t imagine not using it. Thanks for the opportunity to win a newer version.

I love PSE a beginner but I love what I can do.
thanks for a great program

Versatility! Thanks for the opportunity to win a PSE!

Love the chance to win, I love being able to edit my photos and create digital scrapbooking lay outs with Photoshop Elements!


It’s so easy to use and really well priced.

PSE is a very great tool for an amateur photographer like me. It is such a very BIG help.

Adobe products are great, and Photoshop Elements bundle makes working with images much easier, and the price is a good value for what you are getting!

Pse is the main tool I use for digiscrapping!!!

Photoshop Elements 8 is my primary image editing tool, and I’d sure love to give 9 a try!

Simple to use with great results. Wish filing taxes were this easy.

I love Photoshop Elements. It’s a great tool and quite user-friendly.

What’s not to love? I really like that I have the tools to do just about anything. Lately, I’ve started making my own digital scrapbooking elements!

Oh please! I can’t wait to try out PSE9!! I LOVE 8!

I love Photoshop even though I’m not a professional user. There’s always more to learn and do with it but it’s also simple enough for the casual user. I personally enjoy rendering portraits into works of art with different layers and patterns and effects. So fun! I’m lindseyfarrar at rocket mail dot com

I love Photoshop and Elements. They make everything so easy to do and learning how to use it was super easy too! I have a very old version and would LOVE to update!

I love it because without, my pics would be lost and undiscovered

Have been using PSE 5.0 and love how I can make beautiful scrapbook pages! phoebeharris98 at gmail dot com

I love PSE 9 because every photo can be made better with just a little effort and amazing changes can be made rather quickly. It’s so much fun to create art to use in my scrapbooking or to look at something and say I can do that!

I love PSE!! I know there was a way to get my photos to look better. I just had no idea that I could get a program that could help me with all of the little issues that keep coming up. Smooth out wrinkles, cover up the little inperfections…make me tan!! I love it!!
I biggest for me is that the company is willing to make improvements to each version. Thank you for making this great product! I am happy to be a proud consumer. Congrads on 20,000 fans ++++

I love that I can clean up acne and red eye from my pictures and lighten the shadows so easily! If definately helps me out! I’ve also made some fun things for a friend who is a senior this year, my best friends’ son playing basketball, and some other friends’ son who is getting married and needs a save the date announcement with some templates! So easy to use and so many uses! I LOVE Photoshop Elements 9! I would love to check out Premire Elements as well!

woohoo! My favorite thing about PSE is the ability to recolor my digi scrapbook elements over and over.

I love Photoshop Elements because its easy to use, and i can do some a lot things that the regular photoshop dose at a much lower price. i love photoshop, and it helps me be more creative in my life, i don’t know where i would be without it.
Nice Job Adobe!

I love Photoshop Elements because its easy to use, and i can do some a lot things that the regular photoshop dose at a much lower price. i love photoshop, and it helps me be more creative in my life, i don’t know where i would be without it.
Nice Work Adobe!

I love Photoshop Elements because its easy to use, and i can do some a lot things that the regular photoshop dose at a much lower price. i love photoshop, and it helps me be more creative in my life, i don’t know where i would be without it.
I love you Adobe!

I love Photoshop Elements because when I have the perfect photograph except for one little thing, I can take that thing out!

I have not tried the new Photoshop Elements yet. I am looking forward to the trial to see if the new tools will help me.

Elements provides the general capabilities I need, but I have been frustrated by the lack of layer masks, so I’m very interested in that feature in PSE9. The new version of the healing brush will be the other thing I’ll use frequently.

I also love being able to do scrapbooking and other design stuff on PSE I had photoshop but it was too much and too clunky I can do everything I love on PSE!

I love how Photoshop enables me to be creative in ways I didn’t think were possible! It also helps me dream. :)

I love how easy it is to use!

I would LOVE to win these. Everyone who owns anything Photoshop LOVE it! I am a paper crafter and scrapbooker and this is what I have been wanting for a long time.

I love the editing features and the tools for sharing photos. I think the software makes me a better photographer.

My first PS was 4, just got 8 and am still exploring, it is awesome! One of the feature I love of PS is the photo tagging and the editing features, so much to be able to manipulate your photos and get just what you want. Possibilities are infinite! This is great for a paper crafter/photographer.

I love how all my friends are asking “when can you do something cool like that for me!?” Photoshop gives me a way to give ifts to friends.

I love PSE because it is user friendly and very versatile

Im new to the photography world but I love adobe products and the photoshop is so awesome the editing and the way my pictures turn out are just unbelievable

I haven’t used PSE but have heard great things about it and would LOVE to try it!

Powerful and easy to use!

I love PSE as both an editing tool and an organising tool for all my photos. I find it can’t be beaten for both. The organiser makes things *so* easy and saves me considerable time organising my photos – as does the editors with the quick and full editors suiting different types of work flow.


I like Adobe products.Elements is easier to undestand for me than Corel .It`s a better product.

I recommend PS Elements to all of my as a cost effective alternative to Photoshop Proper but with all of these features being incorporated to each new version of PSE, it is becoming a better and better value!!

…all of my *students* as a cost etc. etc.

i love PSE. i have not mastered it by any means because there is just so much you can do with it but it really is easy to use. my pictures always come out looking professional 😀

Would love to have this bundle! I need to expand my skills…

would love to have pse9, currently using pse7

I love PSE because it gives me hours of pleasure digi scrapping and makes it easy to track my photos. I currently have PSE6 so would love to win.

I whant to join the facebook but peolpe say i’m under age and i’m only 14 and my birthday is on the first of JANUARY

I’m using PS Express and would love to have Elements to work with!

I love Elements, I have used it from the very first version. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Adobe.

Still loving PSE II, yep, 2! And it’s still doing almost everything I want of it (bar HDR) but I use another software for straightening and for merging panoramas; it would be nice to see how far those elements have come in the subsequent 7 versions and ease my work-flow.

Sicher zu spät zum gewinnen -ist sicher gelaufen, aber das macht nichts.

Habe PSE 8.

Ich liebe die angenehm gestaltete Oberfläche, richtig edel.

Da ich am PC eine Brille brauche, ist das Arbeiten in PSE entspannend für mich und meine Augen.

Für mich als Anfänger gibt es jeden Tag neues zu entdecken. Die Online Hilfe ist perfekt.

I love all the things that you can do with it. You are not limited and I love being able to do my scrapbooking with it. Thanks Adobe!

I love how easy it is to improve my photos, and I love, love the clone tool!

I would love to own it, so that I can try it! :)

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