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March, 2011 Archives

Looking to the Future – Photoshop & Tablet Devices…

Yesterday at the Photoshop World Orlando keynote, John Loiacono – senior vice president for Digital Media Solutions – provided a sneak peek of some technology concepts for tablet devices. While this likely won’t make it into a product for a while it served to give Photoshop fans a glimpse of what we’re exploring. We know… READ MORE

Macintosh OS X 10.6.7 update addresses Photoshop sticky modifier key issue

We’ve heard a common challenge Macintosh users are facing when using Photoshop is that it behaves as if the option or shift key is selected. Good news is that Apple released the 10.6.7 update for OS X today. This update addresses the issue in the 10.6.5 update that affected modifier keys while using Photoshop. More… READ MORE

Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS offers new Adobe Camera Pack for in-app purchase

For the past 17 months Adobe® Photoshop® Express has been a leader in the Apple iTunes Store’s photography category. Today, we are pleased to introduce Photoshop Express 2.0 with the new Adobe Camera Pack, our first paid feature pack available for in-app purchase. The Adobe Camera Pack consists of three features: Reduce Noise: Even the… READ MORE

Your gallery gets a fresh look!

You may have noticed some recent design changes to your gallery. Photographers of all types are always looking for ways to showcase their best shots. To help your photos stand out even more on, we’re now featuring your favorite album in a “hero carousel” at the top of your gallery. This hero carousel… READ MORE

Meet the Photoshop Team

We’ve heard from the community that you want to know more about the people listed on the Photoshop splash screen. We posted a video recently to highlight the “unsung hereos” of the Photoshop Team. [A big thanks to the fans for the positive comments on Facebook and over 1,000 likes within minutes of the post!]… READ MORE