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Looking to the Future – Photoshop & Tablet Devices…

Yesterday at the Photoshop World Orlando keynote, John Loiacono – senior vice president for Digital Media Solutions – provided a sneak peek of some technology concepts for tablet devices. While this likely won’t make it into a product for a while it served to give Photoshop fans a glimpse of what we’re exploring.

We know many Photoshop users are embracing tablet devices because touch screens are fun, interactive and immersive. It’s equally exciting for us, as we’ve enjoyed playing with these devices and dreaming up new possibilities. What we showed at Photoshop World was an experiment with a visual representation of compositing that allows any user to understand Layers. What if layers could be broken apart into a 3D animation, exposing all the steps it took to get to the final result? We’re examining ways to use the fluidity of touch to manipulate images and literally paint on edits, layer by layer.

By integrating tablets into creative workflows, Adobe believes we can radically impact the creative process. We realize creativity isn’t just limited to the desktop. World travels, meeting with friends at a café or just relaxing in the park are all opportunities for inspiration.

We’re taking a closer look at where the fun and interactivity of tablets meet the power and precision of Photoshop. Imagine being at the beach and spotting just the right shade of blue in the ocean that you want to incorporate into your design (Design Buffs: remember, the first iMac color was “Bondi Blue” after the color of the water off of Bondi Beach in Australia that inspired one of Apple’s industrial designers). What if you could use your finger to mix paints on the iPad to match that color, then turn it into a swatch, which can then be sent directly to Photoshop – without ever leaving the beach? While mixing paints with a finger tip is definitely a great experience on a tablet device, the greater potential we see is the ability to interact with Photoshop and for the tablet itself to speak to our software.

Stay tuned…the ideas are brewing…

Maria Yap
Product Management Director, Digital Imaging


What you really need is some multi-touch UI support in the full Creative Suite so that it’s easier to use on high-end Tablets like the Asus Eee PC here:

Yes, you have some multi-touch in the Mac version, but Windows 7 is the one that actually has support for touch screens (and excellent stylus input).

With 3d animation which exposures the steps taken, there exists illustrating program called OpenCanvas (where traditional pen-based tablets used) which recorded and played all the actions taken. If it could be a feature on regular photoshop rather than finger painting touchscreens which seems like what you’re limiting it to, that would be fantastic.

please update PS CS5 with 3D mapping of layers, it’s a great feature!

thank u adobe

Your blog is really helpful for photoshop tutorial & lots of tips!
many many thanks for sharing this nice post!

Android app please!! This would be really great on a device like the upcoming HTC Flyer.

Nice Photoshop work

I’m hoping for some kind of integration with a Wacom Mobile Tablet of sorts. It would sure be nice to be able to carry around photoshop on a digital sketchpad with full mobile functionality (Android OS, Pressure sensative Wacom technology and a complete full-function Photoshop). Never run out of pages in your sketchpad again, use a built-in camera from the tablet to snap pictures or color samples on the go and view references directly from the camera, interact with your desktop version of photoshop or use your mobile tablet as your computers tablet.

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