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Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS offers new Adobe Camera Pack for in-app purchase

For the past 17 months Adobe® Photoshop® Express has been a leader in the Apple iTunes Store’s photography category. Today, we are pleased to introduce Photoshop Express 2.0 with the new Adobe Camera Pack, our first paid feature pack available for in-app purchase. The Adobe Camera Pack consists of three features:

  • Reduce Noise: Even the best phone cameras can introduce small amounts of grain and speckling—called noise—into images. The Reduce Noise feature quickly smooths out those flaws to improve your photos.

  • Self Timer: Set a camera timer to 3- or 10-second intervals before the photo is snapped. Now you can be in the picture too!

  • Auto Review: Use the Auto Review mode to make sure you get a good shot and delete it if you don’t. Auto Review gives you a quick look at your picture before the action passes you by.

The core camera, editing, and sharing features in Photoshop Express continue to be available in the free app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. However, we are introducing paid features that deliver professional results to give more value to our customers. The Reduce Noise feature puts professional Adobe Photoshop quality in the palm of your hand.

Download Photoshop Express 2.0 and give the new Adobe Camera Pack a try. As always, let us know what you think. Your feedback is welcome!

Thanks for downloading,

Jordan L. Davis
Sr. Product Manager – Photoshop Web and Mobile



It should keep for a free upgrade!!!

Should have mentioned somewhere that it doesn’t support iPad 2 camera. It wasn’t mentioned in description when I purchased it in app either. So I basically paid for half ass app, not what expected from Adobe!

    My apologies for the lack of information on the iPad 2 camera support. We do mention it in the iTunes store, but that information isn’t easily found. If you have an iPhone 4 or 3GS you will be able to use the camera features, but right now, they are not available on the iPad 2 camera.

      I just downloaded Camera Pack to my iPad2 and then couldn’t get it to work. Now I know why! When I check in settings it says it’s installed, but it doesn’t show up anywhere else. So I wonder why the guy who led an iPad workshop in the Soho Apple store bothered to show it to us.

      I think it isn’t enough to write “my apologies”…….

I have an iPhone 4 and also an iPad . Do I need to purchase the camera pack twice if I want to use on both devices? Seems unfair and overpriced if that is the case!

    No, one purchase will work on both as long as you use the same iTunes account.

      I have the same iTunes account for all of my devices and the Effect Pack does not work on all of them. Essentially, this is a limiting feature and a waste of money – very disappointed!

Ughh, there’s a few dollars gone. It apparently doesn’t support iPad 2, even though it doesn’t say that. Hopefully you update it real soon.

I have an iPad2, and I purchased the camera pack not realizing that it doesn’t support the use of the camera of iPad2!!! Until I read the comments here! Please create an update so we can use the iPad camera.

Ditto on the lack of iPad 2 support. Disappointed that I paid for camera features that I did not receive.

I’m in the same boat. Just purchased the addon, and kapish! No camera features in the ipad². I hope the update is coming soon.

How will we know when the iPad 2 cameras are supported? Do “add on” packs get automatically updated from the Apple’s App Store? How does this happen?

    Any updates to the Camera Pack will come as a regular update to the app through the iTunes App Store.

Pfff…! Here’s another UNSATISFIED Ipad 2 user. Give my money back or add iPad 2 support real soon please!
When can we get that?

DEFINITELY you should note it doesn’t work on the iPad2.
Add me to the unsatisfied list and given the number of commments/complaints you’d think you would have got the message by now.
How corporately dense of Adobe to leave out that little bit of information and not react to fix the omission.

Give my money back or add iPad 2 support real soon please!

This is total bs the ipad2 camera isn’t supported. Add it with an update. Found this with a google search for why this wasnt working.

I know Adobe will do the right thing and get their programmers busy to get the app updated for the ipad2 ASAP. Or … Do I see a class action suit on the horizon?

I would love for the noise on the iPad2’s camera to go away! That would be phenomenal! So pretty please have an update soon for this app:):):):)

Doesnt function on a ipad2… ships… that’s not the adobe way… feel a bit…. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

For what it’s worth I’d also like to add my disappointment with Adobe for lack of support or notification about iPad 2 compatibility. It’s misleading and shows undue care given how long this has been recognized as an issue – given the ability to notify via app store or in an app update (adding notification).

I really should have read this BEFORE wasting $5 on a feature that’s NOT compatible with my iPad 2! I see that some comments go back as far as March. This tells me that Adobe is aware the iPad users are upset, but still haven’t added “incompatible with iPad 2” to the pop-up that asks for our money. Very disappointed Adobe.

Hey does the camera pack support the ipod touch 4 camera??i was about to purchase but i dont know if its gonna work…

Jordan – agree with the others… Sorry is not enough. Give us a timeline on when you’ll get this fixed. Either fix the description (in app AND website AND AppStore) or get the app right!

Others – the noise reduction works fine and is separate from the camera features, so stop the whining about wanting noise reduction on the iPad 2 camera. You just don’t get a timer or auto review, that’s all, and you can’t use PSExpress as your one stop app.

    Photoshop Express for iphone has a “sharpen” function under “effects”. The Android version I have seen in demos online show that the only option under “effects” is “soft focus”. Is there a newer Android version of Photoshop Express that has a “sharpen” function? ALSO….will there be a “Camera Pack” app available for Android?


I also made a purchase of the camera pack and it does not work for my ipad2. I feel quite disappointed, is it possible that there will be an update to make it work on ipad2 ?

ipad2, why does not camera pack ? ooops !

paid already

How can I ?

I have an iphone 4. The Camera pack works great on it. It does not slow down the speed while reduces the grains on the image. The clearer image means alot to me. My money is paid back.

I was excited to purchase this app, but does not work with iPad 2. Very disappointed.

I just purchased camera pack for photoshop express for my ipod touch but when after I accidentally synced the apps of my ipod to the itune of my computer the camera pack tool was lose….

I have iphone4. Very interested and need the camera adobe pack especially to reduce noises in photos. How do i get it? What should i search in the appstore? Because i’ve been trying to buy via the free photoshop express, but keep being rejected. It said: you should purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item. Can you tell me the step by step how to purchase? Thanks

Any more in app purchases coming for this ?

If I already purchased the pc version of adobe (adobe photoshop cs5) do I still have to purchased the mobile version pack?

I purchased this the camera pack and then had to replace my phone. Will I need to pay again to get it on the new phone?

I want to study creative writing in college. As in to become a novelist or possibly screenplays. It doesnt really matter where as long as its an english speaking country. Anybody have any ideas of where would be best?.

I purchased camera pack for my Photoshop Express App
on my iPod touch. When I updated to IOS5,the noise
reduction and other 2 features stopped working.
I just bought an iPhone 4s and camera pack fails to work on that
as well. I would like help in restoring this.
I am not going to pay for it a second time!

Hey I was wondering if this worked on the iPad and iPod and you don’t have to buy it twice do you

I have done research on this, I just got the express free version, but nowhere does it say the price of the camera pack. How much is it? Since I would not be paying for it, I think it would be nice to know the price so I can ask before I purchase something.

I also previously purchased the Camera Pack as an in app purchase, but due to a phone failure had to reinstall, on reinstall the app does not recognize my previous purchase! There must be a way to link this right? I think this was a 5 dollar in app purchase I would be extremely disappointed if there was no way to retrieve

In my app PS Express I am not able to buy the Effects Pack. I’m told to buy the app -again. I’ve tried to restore purchases to no avail. Lars

I bought the PS Express 2.0 for my Iphone. I caught my phone updating it a couple times and reverted back to the 2.0 Now, 2.5 got downloaded by accident. I lost my copy of my back up. Please Adobe… tell me where I cen get a copy of it again? I like to be able to see how much light (by numbers) I am adding or subtracting from a pic. The plain slider bar is no help.

    You should be able to download it again from the appstore if that’s where you purchased it.

I read: No, one purchase will work on both as long as you use the same iTunes account.
What could be the reason the camera pack doesn’t work on my iPhone 5 after purchasing it on my tablet although I use the same iTunes account?

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