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Photoshop Fans Help Raise $4,700 For Young Artists

Do you remember starting out as a young artist? Perhaps you’ve had a passion for digital media for as long as you can remember, maybe you found inspiration from an unexpected encounter with an artist or piece of graphic design.

Whatever your story, it likely includes hours of trials and experimentation, and no doubt you remember those breakthrough learning moments when you finally saw your work taking shape.

Adobe Youth Voices is the signature philanthropy program of the Adobe Foundation, which invests nearly $7 million a year in grants, curriculum development and classroom donations. In the last five years, more than 27,000 students across the globe, all of them in underserved and high need communities have participated in Adobe Youth Voices sponsored programs. That’s 27,000 students who have had the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, gain hands-on experience with digital literacy tools and build a portfolio of artistic work that will carry them into the future.

The Adobe Foundation is dedicated to continuing to support big ticket items, but a number of our partner sites still lack the basic supplies we take for granted, such as printer ink and paper. This past December, Adobe Youth Voices joined forces with to provide these high need classrooms with additional funding sources.

If you’re looking for a way to give back too, there’s still time to join us in lending a helping hand to support young artists and schools. Several projects are waiting to be fully funded:


Thanks so much for your support!

Maria Yap
Director of Product Management, Digital Imaging



This is really an wonderful jobs carried out by Adobe :)

wht this

Luck them!! I wish i could go to one of those schools :(

hello, i love your program. i am from Nepal. i wish i could to join your program and a part of it.

I Love this program, i hope i can go to on of those schools because i swear i love photoshop and digital art more than anything, but i’m from yemen nothing to do here, they never encourage us :( , anyways good luck 😉




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