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Thank You, 2 Million Facebook Fans

Dear Photoshop Facebook Fans,

I never imagined I’d be writing this letter congratulating YOU, our Photoshop Facebook Fans, for helping us reach the 2 Million Fan mark just five months after crossing one million. But, thanks to your dedication and passion for Photoshop, we have reached this new milestone, way ahead of schedule.

The past five months have been eventful on the Photoshop team. In February, we celebrated Photoshop’s 21st birthday, last week we put the finishing touches on a new SDK and three tablet applications, all while continuing to research and innovate the core Photoshop product you use every day. And now it’s time to celebrate YOU, our Photoshop Facebook Fans!

We take your feedback seriously. We read each and every one of your comments, and are working hard to integrate your feedback directly into Photoshop. We appreciate the personal connection we’ve formed with all of you and are thrilled that you’re using our social channels as a place to get to know each other better – from meeting Gavin Hoey in person, the winner of our Next Photoshop Evangelist contest, to challenging our engineers to add background save (and many other features!) to a future version of Photoshop — the top requested feature from you, our Fans. So, let your friends know that they too can make an impact by joining our Facebook page.

This week is about YOU, our Photoshop Facebook Fans. To kick off the week and thank you for the creativity and magic you bring to our lives every day, some members of the Photoshop team put together a short video.

Check back often this week. We’re throwing a couple contests, and giving away lots of prizes. To thank you for your passion, dedication and participation, today we are giving away 50 iTunes gift certificates – to Fans selected at random – so you can be the first to download our new Photoshop iPad apps when they become available in May 2011. Simply answer this question in the comments section below: “What do you enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan?”

Thanks for following us, providing your feedback, sharing your work and most of all, keeping the team inspired!

Happy 2 Millionth Fan Week!!

Maria Yap
Product Management Director, Digital Imaging

Our Winning Fans!

Thank you to everyone for your comments, this contest is now closed! We appreciate your thoughts and enjoyed hearing what YOU enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan. Our 50 Fans randomly selected to win an iTunes gift card are listed below – we’ll be contacting you individually for more information. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the fans for helping us reach 2 million!

Gift card winners: Adam Hamilton, Aline, Alishia Baker, Amanda Murnane, Amy, Andrew Smith, Anna Guerrero, Bonnie, Brandon Grace, Caroline Bishop, Char Murray, Chris Skopec, Christin, Craig Johnson, Dan, Danny Miller, Debbie Fecher, Duncan, Elaine Beauchemin, Eric Schoolcraft, Erik, Frank Kuns, Holly, Jamie, Jason D. Moore, Jim Donahue, Johnny, Jon Nguyen, Kara T., Karen Kresge, Kerry, Kim, Kimberly Lawrence, Las Alm, Lin Prescott, Lisa P., Maria, Marlena, Mauricio Orozco, Parker L., Pawel, Rachael, Richard, Rick, Ron, Sandy Santiago, Sharon Thomas, Tracy J. South, Zeljko Kujundzic.


Photshop iPad Apps–WOW!

    I love the tips that you give on fb. I also love that we are the first to see things as they become available. Photoshop has helped me turn boxes and boxes of random photos into scrapbooks that will be enjoyed for generations. You guys ROCK!

    The tips and tutorials are great!

    Exelent way to see waths going on Ps!!!

I appreciate the constant updates for Photoshop. Thank you!

Lots of PS tips come my way! Thank you for helping me improve my mind’s eye as well as my camera eye!

To be honest, it’s awesome to see a photoshop tip/guide in my newsfeed every now and then. And you’re doing a great job of not spamming them – one every couple of days (afai’m aware) is just right. Thanks guys, awesome product :)

    I couldn’t agree more about the newsfeed available to us. Thank you very much! I was just using PS for image manipulation.

    Sorry you guys…my website is still underconstruction. Take care.


    hi tammy ron smokey sunshine
    love you
    xo xo

I love being a Photoshop Facebook Fan because of all the tricks and tips that are posted, making my life easier one day at a time!

What I enjoy the most about being a Photoshop Facebook fan is that I receive the latest updates and news about details pertaining to the Adobe Photoshop application, and occasionally learn some things from the tips and tricks posted as well.

What do you enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan?

All the cool news with some great pics coming up! 😀

Love Photoshop on Facebook – it really makes me feel like I’m part of a community, and in a way – part of the Photoshop team. PS rules!

the links to all the videos the guides / the interviews / new content etc

Being a Photoshop Facebook Fan lets me see whats new with photoshop and lets me possibly win a contest 😛

The Tutorials are amazing

Being able to keep up on what new and cool with photoshop, with tips too.

I enjoy
The tutorials and seeing what other
Folks are using this awesome product to create

keeping up to date on all things Photoshop and all the excellent tips.

Very exciting! Can’t wait! And happy to be a Facebook Fan!

Information that I would other wise miss out on is my favorite part to facebook Photoshop.

What I love about being a Photoshop-Fan is that I always hear about the latest news, tricks and tutorials for Facebook directly from the Photoshop-Team itself! Very Cool!!

I love seeing how photoshop can be used for such different creative things. For me, as a photographer, I love the tips and suggestions.

Being a Photoshop Facebook fan is great because you are always up to date on new techniques and are able to see the creativity that comes from Photoshop through other fan’s posts. Love it!

The tips on digital photography manipulation.

I like knowing what’s going on with my ‘right-hand’.

first, i love the unicorns.. a close second is being able to have access to such a creative community to get tips and help inspire me on projects

I enjoy the tips and tricks that you post every now and then

All the awesome Photoshop updates, like being the first to hear about the new iPad app straight from you guys, all the tutorials, just make being a fan of Photoshop amazing 😛

I most enjoy the occasional tutorial that pops up on the PS FB Fanpage.

Getting first hand information from the guys that make it – and checking out other fans work for inspiration. Photoshop is both an application and a community, keep up the brilliant work.
Dave Clayton (UK NAPP Evangelist)

What do you enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan?”

What I enjoy is having the latest and greates information provided to me without having to go and look. I also know what is coming aroudn the corner for new products and what will be happening in the Adobe Family before it even happens. Not to mention great advice and the “hows” of doing everything that takes Photoshop to a whole new Level. Much Appreciated – DM

Love the Photoshop Express for iPad.. Very nice to use for real fast 5 minute edits-on-the-go! But, You have more in store for us Photoshop junkies???? I can’t wait to see what comes our way!! ~About being a Facebook fan: the awesome product updates and and easy access!!

I appreciate the ability to learn through tutorials and the updates on the products. Hoping to upgrade to cs5 soon :)

I love getting to hear all the newest Photoshop related news!

Photoshop on Facebook? What’s NOT to like?

Usage tips, guides, brushes and other addon downloads

I enjoy seeing all of the tutorials and updates about photoshop.

I enjoy learning all the different things you can do with Photoshop CS5. I really like the links to tutorials.

I love being a Photoshop Facebook Fan because it keeps me informed of all the latest things happening in Photoshop.

There is a certain Beer advert that should take lessons from the team at Adobe, the advert says they are “probably the best beer in the world” Photoshop is without doubt, not probably, but definitely the best graphics program in the world!

P.S. Thats not an opinion, its a fact :)

i can’t wait for a full photoshop app for iPad… will make my design job a LOT easier!

I enjoy the updates, announcements and especially the random tutorials.
Also it gives me a great excuse to be logged in to Facebook at work, lulz.

I like the updates with news about Photoshop, it is a very good way to keep updated.

I love the tutorials and tips!

Just the great tips and ideas that are passed along!

I like finding out about new things coming out with Photoshop like the new apps for iPad. It’s just an easy way to keep up-to-date without going all over the web looking for it.

I love being a Photoshop-Fan because the hints, tips and tutorials not only keep my processing technique sharp at work but also inspire me to stretch the boundaries of my creativity in photography.

Finding inspiration in a ever demanding digital world.

I enjoy being a fan on the Photoshop Facebook page simply because when I load Photoshop I now have a face to all those names!

In love with Photoshop. Makes me do crazy things each and every-time I use it. Just ♥ it!! :-)

I love being a Photoshop facebook fan because it allows me to be in direct contact with adobe experts and photoshop evangelists, as I aspire to become one myself in this part of the world.

Wow, 2 million!
I like seeing the news on the latest things Photoshop is doing. I also find the tips and guides invaluable as I consider myself still relatively new to Photoshop. They have helped a great deal. Thank you!

I like the tutorials and staying in touch with the Photoshop community.

I appreciate the tips and tricks that help me improve my images and the way I use photoshop.

I love all the up to date news and contests that are posted. It’s great to know what’s new and improved with my favorite program.

The sweet toots of course!

I enjoy the tutorials the most. It always offers inspiration for the rest of the day while also exposing me to new techniques that I have not used before.

It’s great to be updated on all things going on. Photoshop for the IPod lets my customers get a great preview at the shoot.

Hey! I want to win! What do I get? Huh? Huh?

What do I like the most? The tips, videos, news, tutorials, product updates … everything! What’s not to like?

I’m a big fan of the tip and shortcuts.


It is AWESOME to be able to get updates on everything NEW that y’all are working on, have coming up, revealing, or even just getting our opinions about things! Photoshop is the “bomb diggity” of all photo software, and now it is even easier to accomplish a great work by being able to edit on my Ipad. It goes everywhere with me, and is my “portable portfolio” of sorts. Friends and family LOVE to see my pictures, and having the iPad makes it a blast. With Photoshop, my photos look so professional, colorful, diverse.
Great respect for you guys, please keep up your amazing work!!

knowing about photoshop news before my officemates.

Congrats on the 2 Million! I really appreciate the tips an notifications on the fan site.

I love the tips

Love seeing all the tutorials. This is great!

Progression. My passion is driven by everyday events. news, images information. Your page very often brings inspiration into my world and I am glad to be a part of it. You as a team never stop and you always look further. A drive that seems to never end. I like that.

I love to be fed with tons of cool grapics and tutorials right in my news feed! Thanks Photoshop!

Photo Shop is a Great Product and I think it is The Best currently available. Thanks for being here on Face Book…. Freddie B……

The various helpful tutorials and design postings!
New insight to new ideas!

I love that I get the latest news & updates!

What’s not to like!!!

Being able to hear new tutorial when i least expect them. immediately firing cs5 up to try them out!

The tons of tips and updates about how to and whats new! in the world of photoshop.

I love photoshop, and being a facebook fan gives you immediate access and information to the newest versions and upgrades available. You are able to view and be inspired by the creativity of your facebook friends, and motivated to take your projects to the next level. So Keep Doing Your Thing!!!! And Ill Keep Taking Pictures Photoshop!!!!1

A Huge Fan,
Kacey Bray

What I love about being a Photoshop-Fan is that I always hear about the latest news, tricks and tutorials for Facebook directly from the Photoshop-Team itself! Fantastic

You have tips and tricks and all the latest,
in one little page which is the greatest.

Tips and updates

I love the updates, hints and tips that I get in my news feed. They are always very useful and interesting!

Considering that I am a brand new user of PS CS5, being a facebook fan provides me with so much! The tutorials, the updates and tips are amazing. This fantastic program can be very intimidating because of all the options but being a fan, helps to keep me inspired! I’m ready to take my photography to a new level and what better tool than the fb fan page. A huge thank you to the PS team. Congratulations on 2 million fans!

I really like the tips and latest news.

1. fastest way to be up-to-date about every little thing regarding PS
2. great tutorial picks and shares
3. PS community connection through hundreds of comments
4. part of the above – opinion sharing and sometimes fresh knowledge that can’t be found other way
all the best!

I love the tutorials. I pass them along to my students. I’m looking for some more iPad apps so that I can open RAW files on the road. Any tips on that? Thanks!

The updates from Adobe through FB makes make using the Photoshop software an experience that is thriving, growing up-close and a more personal process.

In being your fan I enjoy getting a lot usefull tips for PS the most.

I definitely like the tips that you guys post.

The tips are fantastic! Thank you for posting them.

I love getting all the new updates, tricks, tips and tutorials!

Tips in the newsfeed, always appreciated!

I became a fan just a couple of months ago and have gotten so much information it scary…keep it up I am learning lots of stuff that is making my photoshopping easier and more productive…

just one of your 2M fans :-)

I love the helpful hints and trying out some of the techniques that are posted…very helpful learning tool with some cool examples of the possibilities!

I enjoy the tips and tricks posted on the page. I am always a fan of learning new info.

What I love most about being a PS fan is getting a chance to see all the creative things that people share! It’s all so inspiring. There are so many talented people out there!

I love the video tutorials and all the tips and tricks!

Some of the best tips on how to maximize the Adobe Experience leading to a faster turn-around of a finished product and happy customers! Cant wait for announcements related to the Playbook SDK!

I enjoy the tips that are posted.

The tips as well as the interaction from the team!

I love being a Photoshop Facebook Fan because:

1) I’m a Photoshopaholic (my husband has been trying for the longest time to get me to switch my computer to Ubuntu Linux, but I won’t do it because Photoshop doesn’t work on Ubuntu Linux. So until Adobe makes their software available for Ubuntu Linux, I’ll keep using Windows.)

2)Like others have said, I love getting the posts with Photoshop tips, tricks and latest news.

3) What is there NOT to like about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan? lol

    And I REFUSE to switch to or start using Gimp instead of Photoshop! No matter how many people try to convince me that Gimp can do everything Photoshop does! Blasphemers! lol

I appreciate the updates and tips which help to improve my knowledge and skills with Photoshop. Keep up the good work!

I love reading all the tips and tricks and finding out the latest news from Photoshop first!

I love being a photoshop facebook fan because of the awesome updates and mostly because it makes me want to log into Facebook.

I love the fact that we can be updated by what the team is doing and all the helpful tutorials that come our way very once and a while. It’s like going to school, but fun.

I love the love that everyone shows to each others work…and i REALLY love the tutorials, keep up the gr8 work guys!


I like the fact that there is an official hub for people to share information, hints and tips with eachother. There have been many problems that I have overcome through using the facebook Photoshop Page.
I also like the fact that we’re all kept up-to-date with the latest information… After all, thats what this industry is about, Keeping up-to-date and using the utilities to create something that is as creative as possible.

because photoshop open the door to infinity, and beyond! 😛

Been a PS fan for many many years, The ability to take something average and turn it into something completely awesome, Or maybe just give it a few little extra touches that makes it stand out of the crowd, that is what I absolutely love about photoshop.

The great tutorial links!

Photoshop just plain rocks! Why wouldn’t I want to stay connected to one of my favorite programs? :)

I enjoy getting sniffs of photoshop goodness on a regular basis :-)

I enjoy to get the newest information about Photoshop because photoshop is for me the most used application on my desktop.

I enjoy the endless wealth of ideas to make our own!

It’s all about the tut’s!

Tutorials! They are a huge help, Thanks!!!

I enjoy all the tips and updates given on Facebook. Keep up the great work, and thanks a ton.

The hints, tips, tricks and tutorials.

I love everything about photoshop but I really enjoy the detail it gives me to work with photo…. Thanks guy I <3 what your doing

I like the prizes!

Love seeing all the cool effects and tips for stuff I would never figure out on my own!

All the news, information, PS tips and tricks, new gadgets, apps, many fans comments, tutorials, updates, many Adobe PS related events, videos… It is a great way of daily dose of PS. After installing the new CS5 at work, I follow all the info on how to use all the new things this new version offers, it’s best when it’s coming directly form the source, from Adobe. Congratulations and all the best to everyone!

I enjoying getting the timely updates and the cool tips and tricks that I can use in the school as a teacher.

Being primarily a film based photographer, your updates on tips and tricks inspire and remind me to be more creatively involved with digital imagery. Thank YOU!

The videos on the processes of various designers and artists using Photoshop are pretty interesting.

Hi I am Hokgiarto,
What I like to use Adobe Photoshop Facebook Page are:
– get latest news of Adobe Photoshop.
– get interesting totorial
– get many behind the scene / team
– this is too, some contest and price ^^

I hope Photoshop CS6 can be bring more magic like it did with CS5. I also hope that the Adobe Bridge CS 6 will support face recognition.

Thank you,
Best Regard,

What I enjoy the most about being a photoshop fan is the fact that I get all the latest Photoshop news and tips on my FB news feed! You guys are awesome!

I enjoy getting updates through Facebook. Love the tutorials. I have my students “like” your page so they can see the endless creative possibilities that Photoshop has to offer. Keep up the updates so I can use my iPad with adobe apps!

    Keep the iPad updates posted for us…Facebook is my main vehicle for keeping in touch with new developments.

I love getting all the tips and tidbits of information you offer us. I’m always looking for the next one! Keep em coming! Thanks!

Still fairly new at photoshop and I love the fact that I can find excellent tutorials, tips and tricks that continue to bring it all together for me.

I love really often tips that you guys give!

I love the awesome tutorials. Learning the tricks that you guys know really helps me with PhotoShop. You guys are great, thanks for all that you do.

Getting the most up to date info on what’s new with PS

I appreciate all the news and updates that you get from the Photoshop Team, as well as hints and tips on various features! All-in-all, it’s very informative!

I enjoy that I always knows what’s going on. I enjoy the guides you guy post.

And most of all I like the way it makes Photoshop (and Adobe) seem more personal instead of corporate ..

i like knowing what’s going on and what’s new in photo editing !

I don’t have to google about what’s happening in the Photoshop world. It’s right there below my status update!

The thing I enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan is that I get to see the “social” part of photoshop. It’s a great addition to photoshop: You use the program, and thanks to facebook and the photoshop page, you get in contact with other people using the program AND you see the human side of photoshop, like for example the people who work every day to make it even better. Makes me appreciate working with it even more!

I love the information and excellent tutorials. It helps me get in touch with new ideas for me.

I love being a PS Facebook fan because I get updates about a program that I’m obsessed with using and get to learn more for the helpful tips. :) It amazes me what all can be done to manipulate a photo.

I love that while I am in the office Photoshop news come to me. I love that their content is sometimes unexpected, things I wasn’t even looking for.

Being a Photoshop fan on facebook gives me very helpful tips & tricks from time to time as well as that I found lots of new blogs with tutorials and resources which allowed me to improve my Photoshop skills.

I enjoy the tips and tutorials…it’s like a ray of sunshine on my facebook feed…and I enjoy the contests and giveaways as well…

I think the best part of my daily routine is checking to see which tips or tutorials have been added. Its an easy way to stay fresh and up-to-date. Thanks Photoshop Team.

I love your tutorials 😀

It’s great being updated on a daily basis with tutorials, information and what’s new with Photoshop… so much so, it’s almost overwhelming because there doesn’t seem to be enough time and money to do it ALL! But I’m constantly trying to update myself and improve. Thanks Guys!

The “hidden treasures.” Little things I learn from the tutorials or helpful hints that I didn’t realize were there. Congrats PS!

I just love what possibilities in my life have been opened due to photoshop :)

Photoshop makes my day, every day.

As many others have said, the tutorials are my favorite. I enjoyed seeing sneak peeks about the new features in CS5 also.

I love that just about ANYBODY can make something look professional so easily. I have used PS since version 1 and use it everyday in my profession and in personal use as well. (PS is in my top 5 favorite things!)

I love seeing the developers in different things. Personal stories are always good!

As aPhotoshop facebook fan, I really like the tutorials and tips and tricks. It is a great way to expand my Photoshop knowledge. I also like the samples of photoshop users’ work. Some very talented people out there! Congrats on the 2million fans! Here is to millions more!

Amazing Tutorials
New Friends

Definitely the tutorials and demos. Can’t wait for the iPad apps.

The great updates and tips :)

I was just telling some friends the other day that a photoshop app would sweeten the ipad enough for me to justify getting. Wow, can’t wait!

My favorite thing about being a photoshop fb fan are the tutorials and news, like this juicy ipad nugget. Thanks so much!

The best parts are all the helpful tips I am learning to make my Photoshop experience even more enjoyable. Thanks

I love the tips and tutorials…I’ve learned quite a bit from being a FB fan.

I love seeing the tips and little tutorials! I especially like it when one comes while my little one happens to be napping so I can try them out! Thanks!!!

Late breaking Photoshop tips, tricks, tutorials, updates and news!

I like the tutorials and tips that feature tools I might not use regularly and quicker wys of doing tasks that I do frequently.

I appreciate the possibility of being kept up to date with photoshop developments.

I like being a fan because I actually read the posts unlike other companies and their spam. I enjoy getting the tutorials and trying new things. There is so much to do in Photoshop that every day I learn something new! :)

I love knowing all the news with photoshop.

I love Photoshop and other Adobe products, With these tools I can let my imagination run wild and Photoshop helps me make my ideas.Photoshop gave me a playing field to express myself in ways that I never could before. Thanks Photoshop!!!

As a Facebook fan, I feel that I have someone there to inspire me and give me new ideas to try out. My whole family loves what PS can do!!!

Much love and adoration to all of you. Just keep doing what you do and we’ll keep learning. What a team!

I like the tutorials and updates for photoshop.

Gotta love the tutorials. Makes life easier.

tips, guides and updates on all things photoshop

Every tip and trick of the trade…..and winning cool stuff is cool too.

I love all the updates that the photoshop team provides.

I would have missed a lot of PS news and tips if it hadn’t been for your timely updates on PS Facebook fan page. Keep up the good work and keep us informed!

I love seeing tips and tricks on my newsfeed. It helps to improve my PS skills.

Both the Facebook and Twitter feeds are awesome. What makes them so great si that while there’s some overlap with the tips & tricks, occasionally the two feeds offer two different updates. It’s like getting two for the price of one.

I look forward to them daily!

I love every single video. =)

All the useful photoshop tips and tricks that come our way, I learn something most days through being a fan.

The amazing giveaways!!!

I like learning new things with great tutorials. Thanks, Photoshop!

I love seeing interesting PS information in my newsfeed! It’s something informative and useful every now & then.

At most, i admire that on PS fan site, i can found a lot of awesom tutorials. I found out how to improve my works, and found new ways to do things. Photoshop its just a awesome piece of software, that cant miss in anyones computer.

I love getting updates from PS right on my newsfeed! I also really enjoy the tips and tricks that are published, it helps me be a better graphic designer and photo editor!!

Actually I enjoy seeing and leraning from the creativity of all the nerds that love Photoshop :)

and PS: iPad apps look awesome.

Being a Fan means . . . I don’t have to work on my own :-)

I love the tutorials and freebies!

Love the tips and tricks and updates

Speaking as a beginner, I love being a part of the FB community. It give me tips I didn’t know I needed!! Teaches me things I didn’t know was possible! I bookmark ALL of them! :o)

Learning, learning, learning. every time I see PS facebook updates my world in PS expands by leaps and bounds.

I love Photoshop because it makes me feel like I’m creating something wonderful every time I use it.

Why iTunes gift certificates?? There are still people on this world who refuse using Appleproducts! What’s about us? Don’t you want people as fans who don’t use Apple??!!
I’m really getting pissed off of this two-class society “Appleuser” and “Applerefuser” development!

Photoshop has changed my life. It transforms blah into Wow ! It brings out the creative side in me :)

I love the Photoshop tips, tricks and positive feedback. Thanks Adobe.

I enjoy having the latest Photoshop news and tutorials right on my news feed, plus the discussion board that allow me to ask for assistance from other Photoshop users.

I like all the informative information that keeps me informed.

The tips and tricks, the images posted and most of all the inspiration it gives me to try out new techniques I may never have done without the posts on the Wall.

Besides the tips and the various updates? I have to say that the really high moment was the video that you have posted in response to the 2 mil mark.

It was nice to see the faces of the people who help create Photoshop, but the end of the video, where you as a group laughed, that made my day. I’m glad to see that such hard-working individuals have found their niche and are enjoying it.

Thank you.

I just plain old love Photoshop for being! I don’t know how I could exist without Photoshop and I absolutely use it everyday. The awesome tutorials and tips are simply fabulous. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you.

I love being up to date and I appreciate all the tips and advice. Thank You!

I love the sweet, SWEET tutorials!

I really like the tips and updates that I see on my news feed. Then I share them with my daughter in case she missed them.

Best thing about Facebook Photoshop? It’s gotta be the great Photoshop actions and tutorials.

I just love how it’s now a conversation or a relationship with your product. It’s not here’s our product, be happy. It’s- here’s our product, talk to us, how can we do better, what do you like/dislike. That’s a brand, that’s customer service.

Thank you!

I like seeing all the tips and tutorials that are put up. Anytime I need a new idea on how to make a project better, I just hop on the PS FB and try to incorporate whatever tricks you guys are slinging out, usually with positive results!

Getting updates on what’s going on inside adobe is awesome. In the run up to CS5 I was getting so hyped by all the announcements of new stuff. Thats one of my favourite thing about being a photoshop facebook fan.

I love the great tutorials that pop up in my newsfeed. You actually benefit from following Photoshop on Facebook, unlike so many many many other company Facebook sites.

I appreciate seeing the latest news on a program that has become an integral part of my creative life. Not only do I get to see updates direct from the development team on the Photoshop Facebook page but I can also be heard and interact with other fellow creative artists or photographers that use photoshop. It’s a win win! A copy of the latest photoshop would be nice to have since I’m still on Photoshop CS. (hint, hint)

Quick tips are the best.

I love being kept up to date with the latest news, hints and tips and sharing with fellow photoshoppers :) So much to see, do and learn within the Photoshop community 😀

I love keeping up with what’s new. Reading what others are doing and seeing work done is inspiring!

I appreciate the giveaways…

Photoshop has been a life saver for me in school and at work. I am a Photographer and a Videographer and I use Photoshop in all elements of my work. I am also a college student perusing secondary education in computer information systems. I use Photoshop to produce work in my Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, and to just produce awesome work for my professors. I love Photoshop. I have been using it since it was Photoshop 5. Thank you all for all of the amazing improvements to make my life much easier!

I love that I can learn and keep up to date in bits that fit between all my other daily events! I can check in on my iphone! I love to learn and I love to learn PHOTOSHOP and LIGHTROOM!! Thanks so much!

I love all the tips and of course the giveaways. Most of all, I like that you actually read the comments and take customer suggestions seriously!

I love all of your tips and tricks – keeps me nimble!

This fanpage is pretty great, you guys always have awesome tutorials that I was unaware of and I definitely have used in my work, I love all the news that you guys have for your fans, and other thing is how you guys have a page for each of your products. I love your program more than any other though, so I’m so happy I clicked ‘Like’. Thanks so much for all your hard work! You guys deserved the 2 Mill!

I enjoy the tips and tutorials so I can actually use my Photoshop!

Up to date on whats coming , since im working with photoshop more than im home – i need to know what you guys come up with :)

Eveerything is as current as possible.

I love the tips and tuts that are posted. It’s also great to get the updates on what is going on over at Adobe.

Tips and Tutorials!

I appreciate the constant additions of new PS features, and your consistently reliable software:)

I like hearing the latest news from photoshop on facebook

Updates & tutorials

Love the quick tips that you post and the ability to find out about new things going on with Photoshop so much quicker.

I love learning new techniques that presented on FB.

It would have to be…
Feeling connected to a like-minded community of creative people, the helpful tutorials, and having the opportunity to interact with the team that helps make Photoshop what it is.

I love all the great and helpful information. I am new to all this so all tips and information have been a great help to me. Thank you so much.

The tutorials are an exciting way to see how folks are using this little piece of genius called PhotoShop that gets me paid every day. Keep it up!

I enjoy the tips you post on the FB page but I also enjoy the responses I read sometimes from other people using the same application I use the most! Photoshop has been and will always my best friend, thank you for ‘Photoshop’ :)

I love all the new techniques that are shared daily.

Love the tips and links to tutorials.

Oh Man, I really Love to be one of the first people to be notified about new and exciting things happening in the World of Photoshop.

because I get to take part in such giveaways!
and of course the tips!

Tips & tutes!

I love being able to receive news and excellent tips, tricks and helpful hints to make my work easier, better and more enjoyable. I also love the fact that it makes me feel a part of a wonderful and varied community of Photoshop lovers from around the world.


I absolutely a fan of PhotoShop
And i love the pages you recommend us.
I’m trying to make some cool things in photoshop
And it wouldn’t work for me without your tips and help.

Thanx alot !!!
Greetz from Belgium

The community involvement is the best feature

Well we got the facility of havin information about the photoshop and is a better way to get in touch with you people. It provide us a lot of updates and can tell us about the news on photoshop ;). Thanks 4 takin your time and for giving us what’s new on Photoshop.

It would most definitely have to be the fantastic in-depth tutorials you guys post! Keep up the fantastic work!

I have used Photoshop for years, on multiple platforms (PC & MAC) and I look forward to its progression on the Android tablets!!

Congratulations on the amazing milestone!
I absolutely love all the tips, tricks, news and reviews. Love being in the loop on whats happening and what is to come. Of course I only have Photoshop Elements at this time, but am working on obtaining CS5 and I absolutely cannot wait! Kepp up the good work!

I enjoy the tips/links and just being informed as to what’s new! Thanks!

I love feeling a part of the Photoshop community and learning more ways to make PS useful in my photography work. There is always some amazing new way to use the application to create beauty.

It’s a daily resource for inspiration and helpful tips – and always reminds me how awesome PS is :)

I love being part of a creative community!

The tutorials are the best!

I enjoy the updates about new products, tech, or just the camaraderie of other artists.

Tips, Tutorials, & INSPIRATION!!!!

The video tutorial links, I try to watch them all, such a great help!!

The tips and info so that creating new things is exciting and fun.

Tips! Tutorials! And lots and lots of ideas! Thanks, guys. :)

Now all I need is for someone to take out two of the exclamation marks in case someone from the print media catches me. 😉

I love the tutorials and tips that are posted.

Am alsways INSPIRED by the TIPS and TUTORIALS!!!!!!!

I love the constant stream of tips to help challenge me to open up to new ways to use Photoshop.

I enjoy the tips and updates but moreover I always seem to learn new functions or workflows by seeing how other people use Photoshop. It is a never ending education in what always seems to me to be a program with endless possibilities!

Just wanted to say thank you for all your insights and suggestions. I find your tutorials very helpful. Great to be associated with Photoshop via FACEBOOK. You guys are doing a great job, keep your helpful advice coming!!!

I love the tutorials that show how to do such cool things!

The three t’s – tips,tricks,tutorials!

I always look forward to tutorials on effects and editing that I may not have known earlier. I never cease to get surprised and inspired by tips and tuts you offer.

I love being a Photoshop Facebook Fan because PS is absolutely great and so I always know whats new:)

You have the best tips ever!!!

Being able to do my two favorite things… Facebook and Photoshop at the same time is awesome!! All the tips are great.. But please give more tips that apply to CS3 and Cs4!

I love the tips and tutorials you give out on Facebook. Very helpful for this newbie!

I like having Photoshop tips & tricks pop up on my news feed every once in a while.

I love the tutorials that you post. I often play video tutorials during my classes or share them with individual students who are struggling with a particular issue. It is great that they can learn skills from experts in the field. I can spend more time teaching design concepts!

It’s great to be on top of the latest news and exciting developments! You’ll hear it hear first.

Competitions and giveaways will always attract, but the tips help keep you at the forefront of “the art of the possible” :-)

I love the constant updates that you bring to your subscribers and Facebook. I also LOVE your tutorials! Being a visual person and amateur photographer, the videos take me step by step. Thanks for sharing your secrets and insights. Love to you too!

I love the video, it’s nice to see Adobe listening and interacting with their users, however, it’s nicer still to see the staff having some fun while interacting with their users. Good work Adobe, Thank’s Vampire lovers!

Tips are great! News about iPad apps and CS5 subscription – awesome!

Love the tips!

Love the fact i’m frequently updated with tips and tricks. Help is always appreciated!

I really like getting a FB note when you post a new tip or tutorial. For me, it’s the easiest way to find out what’s new.

Just another way to keep up with all the news from Adobe.

I love the tips & tricks, not to mention the info on software updates. Photoshop…you are all ROCKSTARS!!!!!

My favorite thing about being a fan of the PS fanpage is the tutorials. I love learning new things, and there is a never ending number of awesome ways to utilize photoshop. Can’t wait to play with PS for iPad. :)

I love the tips in my news feed.

Love, love, love Photoshop CS5!! Went to my second Photoshop World conference last month and am soooo jazzed about all the bells and whistles on CS5. Thanks for keeping me inspired.

I love being in the know about all the new hottness that ADBE PS has to offer.

I love the tutorials. Every video, there is always for me to learn. Thanks :)

I love the tutorials!!! You can never get enough education.

Never spamming, always high quality content.

It is impossible for most of us (either students, photographers, designers,artists and mostly everyone) to work without photoshop. It has become a part of our life to learn new and innovative products launched by adobe.
For that facebook is a great platform to keep us updated and informed. I just love the great tutorials you guys post. keep doing this work guys!!

Thanks a lot ADOBE!!

I am always looking for new tips and tricks in Photoshop and I love seeing the tutorials, quick tips, and all the rest to help me grow as a user. I’m really excited to see the marriage between the power of Photoshop and the interactive interface of the iPad.

I love all the tips and tutorials plus finding out what new with Photoshop.

The tutorials are fantastic – so helpful !!

My favorite thing about being a facebook fan of Photoshop is that you share cool PS tips and tricks, techniques and processes–so helpful!!

I love the tips and tricks, as well as staying up to date with what is happening in the world of Photoshop.

I love being in the loop about everything Photoshop related! 😀

Love all the tips and tricks.

Love the tutorials. The updates… I am a rather slow learner, and the tips and ideas have been really inspiring.

is to learn new and cool things in photoshop! thanks!

To feel like I’m part of something innovative and creative.

Everyday I log into facebook it is always nice to see posts from PS fanpage. Sometimes it is hard to know you don’t know something. I like being able to see tutorials and being able to try new things that I wouldn’t normally do. Congrats on the 2 million fans. (It should be much higher)

What do you enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan? Well, that’s simple. All the advice, news and especially tutorials. I feel that Photoshop has no definite final use… Everyday I learn or stumble on a new technique or process and with the community being so large… others can/will stumble too. Then share share share. Love it! Thanks Photoshop!


Learning new ways to tweak pics and video along with the step by step instruction showing how. It’s great to have!

I learn something new every day!

I love being updated on the most amazing software I’ve ever useed. I cant wait to get a hold of the Photoshop App for ipad. Great job Photoshop! Keep up the good work. =}

I enjoy the tips and software updates.

All the great updates and tips!

The new ideas and tips!

I love all the tips & tricks I learn from the posts, reading about upcoming additions and the excitement that comes when I see a new feature is being added! Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

I really love being a fan of Photoshop – from the tips you post to the artwork you show. I love always feeling like I am the first to know about new Photoshop happenings. I am also extremely excited for the new iPad apps, I am a proud Adobe Ideas user (and facebook fan!).

Definately the tutorials. I love seeing them and learning and being inspired to do simular techniques.

I love the tips and tutorials. I also like to see what other people are doing it helps me get inspired to do something with my photos immediately instead of leaving it until another day.

To be honest I love getting update with whats going on. I also love seeing some of the amazing images you post of what some people make on Photoshop!

I love being a Photoshop Facebook Fan because of all the tricks and tips that are posted

I like EVERYTHING about Adobe Photoshop Facebook Page! It helps me to continually learn new things about my Photoshop, a program that I use everyday of my life! Thank you to all of you working with Adobe for sharing, informing and educating all of your loyal users! 2 million and GROWING!

Thanks for the always exciting creative challenges and the knowledge to deal with them. Please keep them coming.

being a photoshop facebook fan

I love all the tips and tutorials..I love finding out whats new and I love that the posts are relevant and interesting :)

The chance to win stuff!

The tips, tricks, and updates as well as just learning more about Photoshop and how to use it. It is such an amazing program and it can do some pretty unbelievable things with different media!

Sometimes all it takes is a snippet of information to spark a creative streak! What I love about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan is just that – the ability to see a post on something and run with it . . . Creativity trailing in the wind!

My favorite thing about being a ps Fb fan is knowing that there is a team of individuals listening on the other end and taking suggestions to make the product better. And also love reading the tips and tricks! :) thank you guys for making the impossible…possible! <3

Tutorials are by far my favorite thing, also enjoy reading updates. Finally, it is nice to have a collective of information from not just Adobe, but users too.

It’s got to be talking with and sharing opinions with the other fans.

I love the tips and tutorials and the comments from other Photoshop users.

What i like the most is that instead of researching when a new feature is available, you tell me. You also show cool tutorials that I might not have found on my own.

Love the tutorials, the advice, the news, I guess all the advantages of being on Photoshop’s “A” list

I like the tips & tutorials. I’ve learned several new things that I never would have gone searching for but saw when posted on FB. Keep ’em coming!

I love learning all the cool things you can do with Photoshop!

I love the tips, tutorials, and shortcuts!

I enjoy being able to hear the latest updates as well as all the tips and tricks that are shared.

I really like the way the photoshop team appreciate the fans and users of PS. Keeping us well updated and entertained! Thanks!

I’m motivated by the tips and tutorials and seeing what others are doing with the program. How fantastic to have people who would otherwise not know each other together in a place where they can inspire each other. Thank you!

I love the direct plug to info & updates. Ps is the best!

I really appreciate all of the tips and links you post!
Very helpful!

i had no processing skills whatsoever prior photoshop. what i appreciate most about being a fan is being able to read and learn from everyone’s best practices. it truly is one amazing community.

Love learning all the cool things you can do with Photoshop!

The tips are the best thing.

What I enjoy is being the first one in the art dept. to share the latest news with the team. You guys make me seem on the ball so early in the day. Thanks PS.

    😀 I like this reply!

What I enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook fan is a simple question to answer. By being a fan I get to hear about all the important Photoshop related news that I might otherwise miss. It’s also a much more personal way of communicating with the whole Photoshop community than just reading press releases or other announcements. Thanks for all your hard work!

Tips and Tutorials, Thanks

Reading the FB entries is like getting a surprise present every day. You never know what you will learn and enjoy.

Tips and tricks — little snippets I can put to good use right away!

Now I can justify getting an iPad! :)

I enjoy the little tips and tidbits of photoshop information that I can use.

I like all the tips and new inovative things we can do with PhotoShop!! I have an old version, and am hoping to get a newer one for Christmas this year!!

I love the updates and the links to the tips and tricks. 😀
They make me try even harder.

I love all the great links and information you post! I learn SO much from them! Thanks for all the hard work!

I love being a PS FB fan because it’s a quick way to see what’s new in the PS world first thing in the morning.

I love the tips and tutorials! :-)

I am using Photoshop last 14 years and I always have it running in the background :) Love being a fan because your page keeps me updated!


I love the tips and tutorials! Oh, and the contests…

I love getting all new tips, tutorials, updates, and helpful info that helps me get an edge as a design student.

I love…………. EVERYTHING!!! lol
I love that I feel VIP, with the updates, tutorials, exclusive content, videos, absolutely wonderful! I’ve been using photoshop for about 4 years and with you guys it’s always brand new! thanks!!!!

I enjoy getting the updates on programs that are useful to me on the go and at my desk.

My favourite thing about Photoshop is that I’m always finding new and exciting ways to use to be creative and make cool images! I love being a PS fan on Facebook because i get a never ending stream of tips, tutorials and more to keep me inspired and learning.

My grandmother was a teacher and she would love to hear me say that I continue to learn something everyday . Thank you PS Facebook page for my continuing education!

The Awesome photoshop Tutorials !

tips and tutorials!! THANKS!!

I love keeping up to date with everything.Love all the the tips, tutorials and new websites to explore. Thank you for everything cant wait to see whats next.

I enjoy reading anything about Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Specially tips & tricks and tutorials.

The immediate Feedback…. Feeling part of ‘a great team’…. we all love Photoshop… and just giving the chance to participate through facebook with our opinions and that you consider them…. feels great! Congratulations to all!!!

How could we live with Photoshop?

I love seeing the tips and tutorials and trying to recreate them in elements (PSE). It has helped me to learn lots and once I can finally afford the BIG time (PS) I will be ready! Thank you, and congrats on your 2,000,000th fan!

I love the tips and tutorials, and all the updates.

YOu guys post great tutorials and lots of other great info

The updates and the tips. Thanks for letting me be a part of the Photoshop family!

I like the knowlegde i get out of Photoshop Page.
Tutorials are amazing and tips as well.

What do I like best about Photoshop? It gives millions of people the tool to be creative. With Photoshop and your imagination the possibilities are endless.

It’s great to know all the things you would never usually find out and the tutorials help massively!

I love seeing the tips in my newsfeed! Usually gets me thinking creatively. :)

You have the best newsfeed with such creative tips and ideas.

Just helps me, being updatet. at all times.

You can never stop learning something new about photoshop.

I love all the tutorials and updates about new features!

like the FB to keep up to date with PS and for the tips and tutorials.

I am a new fan, although I have been using PS for a couple of years. I am excited to be a fan to learn all the tips and updates :)

Always loving them tutorials !

Exelent way to see wath’s going on PS!!

Been using PS for a while now. New tips, tricks and tutorials have helped a looong way. Thanks you so much. Facebook updates helps a lot.

Keep up the awesomesause work.


I learn how to do things i never new how to do with the tips Photoshop posts

I’ve grown to love PS when I first started college and I’ve been with PS since the first Creative Suite. I rather enjoy all the tutorials and tips that you guys have posted and ALWAYS curious what you have next in store.

Love it because it’s short to the point format. Enough info. for me to decide whether it pertains to my interests or not.

Tips and tutorial blogs!!!

Well deserved milestone! As someone who lives in PS 365 days a year, I really appreciate the sharing and creativity this group offers. Way to go on 2m and counting!

I love the great tutorials. I’m a big fan of tutorials because they help out with learning tequniques as well as process inspiration.

I like the tips, product updates and community comments. It’s great to see how many other designers also like the same things.

I love the updates and especially links to tutorials.
It would also be really interesting to se interviews with professionals that use Photoshop as a tool.
Gongrats to the two million likes!

I’m technically challenged, so thanks for the tips & tuts! Congrats!

Love getting the updates, information and behind the scene peeks from time to time. As a teacher of PS….it’s invaluable to me and my students (with whom I share the updates and inspirations!)

very nice!
what would we do without photoshop!!!!
Christian Chicles

Photoshop is a part of my daily work in photography, and I love learning more about tips and tutorials – I can’t always use it directly in my work, but often enough I can find some way to apply it. :)

Thank you for all your continued work!

Just scracthing the surface on PS5. Have SOOOOO much to learn & the tips/tutorials, etc you are posting help. Thank You!!

Finger on the pulse at Photoshop HQ

P.s I thought adobe hated apple?

Love the tutorials and keeping up with the latest news.

My favorite thing about being a photoshop facebook fan, is seeing tutorials, and tips. Always love learning new tools and techniques in photoshop!

Hello from Germany: I like the tips and tutorials on facebook from you and other Fans.
Also the fast help if some one has a question

GO ON Photoshop rocks

I enjoy seeing posts of other people’s work, it’s a great way to get inspired.

Enjoy the tutorials! Always something new to learn.


What I enjoy most about being a ps fan on facebook (and in real life of course) is the great tutorials, the newsfeed and the occasional inside scoop. CS5 is the best product line out there for photographers, illustrators, designers and web enthusiasts to ensure a great and solid workflow and making it fun to learn new stuff… always you guys seem to remember that it’s all about inspiration and fun. Thanks!

I love the tips & tutorials!!

Keep them coming :)

I love that I just joined and I’m already excited about what’s to come!

I love how I feel like I’m almost a part of the team when I give input. Also, I always find your tips and tutorials really useful.

I enjoy the resources of the fan page, for tutorials as well as for upcoming Adobe updates and news!

love to be up to date with photoshop, and the tips are great too!

The PS updates.

I love to see that there is a great team out there working on our favourite products and listening to the people that make it so popular!! Thanks guys, your facebook feed is great!

I love the fact it is useful information you post! Not ads, not spam… Great tips and tricks! Thanks!

Your facebook messages arriving on my wall make me feel part of this great artistic community… and proud to be using such a great prog !

I find it extremely awesome to be a fan of the major creative area software, always instantaneously getting to know what is trending and being informed about news and improvements made on Photoshop. Moreover, the tips its facebook page provide are really useful, and so are the videos to keep us updated!

It’s great to see wht’s happening in the “Photoshop World”

I get really busy in the day-to-day workload that I don’t have a lot of time to research the latest, greatest Photoshop blogs, tutorials, resources, etc. Being a fan on Facebook basically spoons feeds me the information in a fun and convenient way.

I love getting new tips and being able to communicate with other Photoshop users. This is a huge program with new things always to be learned.

Thank you Photoshop for creating such an amazing program that keeps getting better as the years go by! :)

For me it’s all about keeping up to date.

Easy way to get access to tips and updates!

The Tips and tutorials! They have shown me things that I hadn’t thought that I could possibly do, but I will now be able to try.

I love that I can get quick tips as status’, and it makes me feel like a pro when I already know the tip that was posted!

Love all the tips and updates

I love the quick tips, tutorials and updates!! Great way to get help for my college projects!!! I’ve learned things my Professors didn’t even know! :)

My passion for photography was sparked thanks to Photoshop!
Also <3 the tips – there's always something new and interesting to learn.

Congratulations on your milestone!I
l love being part of this Facebophotoshop community that never fails to share, inspire and challenge!
Knowing that you guys out there at Adobe actually read and take our comments on board

PS tips/updates are like nice little sticky notes on my wall. I grab them whenever I can!

I wrote a book and had it self published. I’m currently working on a second. And the fact that I use Photoshop for creating my book covers and other projects to promote my book fuels me to be a fan and stay in touch for updates or tips I might miss out on otherwise. Photoshop is a neccessity!

Keeping up to date with photoshop goings on & tips!

I love being part of this worldwide community of Photoshop that shares, inspires and challenges!
Thank YOU for the tips and updates – my world is a more create place because of them.

Love the bitesize learning!

I love tutorials…

Congrats Photoshop team! The best part of the Facebook page is that I get constant news about the program on my news feed. This way I’m up to date on the latest developments.

I love getting all the tips & knowledge!!

I love staying up to date on what’s happening (apps that communicate with Ps? Yes please!!) and finding awesome tips and tutorials without searching the inter web for hours makes my life infinitely more fun!

The Photoshop tips you guys provide are a great way to stay in the know about time saving techniques. You guys rock!

What do you enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan?” Knowing Photoshop news before the tech blogs!

I LOVE all the photoshop tips, tricks and shortcuts. You ROCK!

I love the news about new products and the feedback from all the other users. Great job, guys!

I learn something new about PS just about every day!

The Education! Invaluable!

I’m doing a interactive digital media diploma
at TAFE and I am a massive fan, I don’t
I would have made it through this far without
your amazing tutorials and fantastic tips. It
must be the best job ever working on your team!


“What do you enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan?”

well.. I just love to follow the news arround photoshop, tutorials and tips are ALWAYS welcome :) There is just so much to learn about photoshop. And there always be allot to learn 😀

PS – cant wait for the ipad apps!!!

The things I love most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan first & foremost the tips, tricks & tuts. I don’t always have time to visit Adobe TV to look something up, so it’s great that tips appear on my wall daily.

There’s also reading the thoughts, ideas, and applications of other PFF’s that enhances and expands my thoughts of design and design concepts.

Finally, the very cool freebies.

Thanks for everything Photoshop!

I enjoy the tutorials and up to date info about new PS features!

What I enjoy most about being a Photoshop Facebook Fan? I love the usage tips, tutorials, and updates! Congrats on reaching 2M fans… here’s to reaching 3M very soon!

What’s enjoyable about being a Ps facebook fan? Well obviously the news and updates.

But beyond that, Ps is just an important and irreplaceable piece of my workflow. So thank YOU Ps team for your hard work at providing an amazing tool to us creative people.

I love all the latest info i get because new media and technlogy is moving so fast it’s sometimes hard to keep track of it! thank you adobe!

I’ve gotta go with product updates and news of new thing on their way. Congratulations on the 2 million.

love the links to various tutorials on the Facebook Page!

I love the tips I have learned from being a fan of Photoshop on Facebook. They have cut my time behind my pc significantly. Thanks and congrats.

I love seeing the product updates and the tutorials! Photoshop is a huge part of my career! Keep it coming!

I’ve been using Adobe ever since I graduated from ITT Tech with my Associates and will continue to use it as I go to Westwood for my Bachelors. I’ve made a living off of Photoshop for the last 6 years. It is and will always be the only software that I use to create awesome artwork. As of right now, Im currently designing a website using Photoshop to make the layout. I’ve followed every tutorial on PhotoshopUserTV podcast, PSD tuts, and any other book, video, or site that I can.

I’m still learning Photoshop and the best thing i like about being a facebook fan is the other 2 million pshotoshop fans. Amongst them are really talented people from which i learn tips and techniques every day.

It’s got to be the strange look behind the curtain at Adobe. i’d always figured Photoshop was made by robots from the future but it turns out it’s just dudes.

What I like about being a Facebook Photoshop Fan is all the amazing posts by the other 2 million members and also, of course, your posts :)

Well, i am proud of being a user of the most revolucionary program in the centuries XX and XXI. I love the versatility of the Photoshop, it is just AMAZING!! Thank you Adobe…

I love the tutorials you post on the page. It is a great way to learn and develop skills.

I think that the number one thing that i love the most about being a facebook fan of photoshop is that it is one of the quickest ways to find out info about one of my most used programs on my computer.Also i find that the posted content is quality.

Tips, Ideas the inspiration and pics, aswell as the news, the photoshop team is brilliant and its always nice to see whos behind the curtain.!

To me photography is capturing that one moment in time.
With photoshop I can take that one moment that i caught and make it even more memorable. I can turn a simple photo into something Im proud of to show the world and say that yeah I caught that <3

I just love how I can go back to tutorials if I forget what I am supposed to do and how photoshop turns ordinary photos into very special ones.

Everyone is looking for an edge, a new technique to either save time or create something unlike that of others. As most everyone has already stated, the tips and tricks are extremely valuable. I also like that you ask us what we’d like to see in future releases and value our input on a variety of issues.

For myself I love the fact that I’m able to be at the cutting edge of what is new and upcoming for photoshop through the newsfeed. That and the many tutorials that can save time for those of us who are that lazy. As all others have stated it is lovely to see your posts in our newsfeeds, to be honest it spurs oneself onward to continue to develop skills. Thankyou dearly facebook photoshop :)

Sounds like everybody loves it. I’ve spent 2 weeks trying to get my code so that I can open my Teachers Addition, jumping through hoops, sending personal info all over the place. I am starting the school year without this “WONDERFUL” program, actually, I have it but can’t use it.
Teachers addition definitely NOT worth the hassle and breach of personal information to save $20.

Happy photo-ing to all. DS

Very Nice! Keep the quality content up!

My husband and i felt very joyous that Michael could do his investigation from your ideas he acquired while using the web site. It’s not at all simplistic to just be offering points that many other people have been trying to sell. And we also see we have got the writer to thank for this. Most of the illustrations you made, the straightforward site menu, the relationships you will give support to create it is most astounding, and it’s really leading our son and our family reason why this content is brilliant, and that is unbelievably pressing. Thank you for the whole lot!

Great post at Thank You, 2 Million Facebook Fans | PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specially the last part :) I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

awesome, going to join the 2 million…thanks a bunch:)

your blog has great info, appreciate it.


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