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What is Photoshop to you?

Over the past 21 years, Photoshop has meant many different things to many different people. Whether it is used to tell a story, put ideas into motion, imagine something new, visualize science or any of its other many uses – we are proud that Photoshop has touched popular culture, business and artistry around the world. On, we’ve recently been thinking about what Photoshop is and what it means to our customers and their lives.

Last year around this time, we asked you what Photoshop means to you and the response was impressive and heartening to the team. As we celebrate 2 million Fans on Facebook, we’d like to ask, “what is Photoshop to you?” How would you define its mission? What is its purpose in your life?  How do you use it?

As a special treat, we’re giving away three copies of Photoshop CS5 and one iPad to random individuals who tell us in the comments below what Photoshop is to them. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow in the comments section on the blog.

Thanks for celebrating with us this week and the team looks forward to hearing your thoughts.

Maria Yap
Product Management Director, Digital Imaging

Our Winning Fans!
Thank you to everyone for your comments, this contest is now closed! We appreciate your thoughts and enjoyed hearing what Photoshop means to YOU. We’ve randomly selected three fans to win a copy of Photoshop CS5 and the one fan to win an iPad 2. We’ll be contacting you individually for more information. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the fans for helping us reach 2 million!

Photoshop CS5 winners: Linda, Ruth, Victor Cao

iPad winner: Robert See


a daily reminder that I can do anything.

    Photoshop is the gateway to my emotions & alterego, my work in photoshop is historical picture book of phases, feelings and euphoria.

    I love Photoshop and have used it since I was introduced to it in 1995. Every computer I’ve had since then has had a ton of Photoshop documents on them. Ideas from artwork used commercially to inspired images for self expression have been made possible thanks to this wonderful software. You’ve come a long way and I look forward to more!

      The perfect working tool!

    For me, Photoshop means endless possibilities. As a student and artist, the first time I was introduced to Photoshop and the things you can accomplish was an overwhelming positive experience. I try to absorb every tutorial like a sponge to water. You guys at Adobe are so smart you can probably design a Black-hole or a Parallel Universe! Keep up the awesome work. It has been a wonderful experience for me and a sweet ride.

    Me, my camera, my macbook and my Photoshop.

    It’s my work
    It’s my life

    Photoshop is my working tool, like hammer for worker. I work with Photoshop daily.

    It opens the door to an another world :)

    I work as a tour guide and take pictures of my tourists who travel to Wroclaw in Poland and then “improve” them a bit:)) to make visitors happy:) So I know what you mean.

I use Photoshop to edit horse show photos & create memories for the people showing at those shows

My right hand.

PS is an easy way to fix minor imperfection in my digitial images and scans. First gfx prog i ever used (besides paint) and loved the layer function from the beginning. Makes creating logos, icons etc for web pages so much easier – and you can remove errors you made again


Photoshop is my capital equipment, my hobby and my sidekick when it comes to get some raw photos done!

Photoshop makes my life a lot less ordinary

Image perfection from Chaos

    Or the other way Chaos out of a perfect Image.

Photoshop is a memory maker to me. I use it to process my own images as well as client’s images. It is my go to tool to put a smile on the face of all my clients and my own family. I could not function without it.

Photoshop means that I am not limited by anything other than my imagination and creativity. Anything I can think of, I can create with photoshop.

Photoshop puts me in the picture.

love without the nag of a man =)

Photoshop to me is a way of expressing myself through my work and a way of making my mark on the digital world. It is how I spend my free time and how I make an impact on the world as an individual.

da bomb!

Photoshop helps me bring the beauty of the life around me to my photos.

Photoshop allows me to express my feelings in my pictures
in the way that I see something, not in someone else’s mind!

    I appreciate your investing your time to write this worthwhile blog post. I will take stock of your opinion on this subject.

The best way to edit my planepictures!

It is a digital image editing application.

Photoshop is my way to make my pictures look tolerable!

PS can paint your life better.

Photoshop has given me the power to show others the world as I see it. It has been irreplacable as my main creative tool to get my vision and art to the masses.

The perfect companion to my camera.

A reminder that there is always endless possibilities

Photoshop is a necessity for the career I’m pursuing. Photography and Drawing :)

creating images without limits.

Photoshop is the light of graphics design it make things brighter and much easier in the world of graphics.

What Photoshop means to me? Life; creative and constantly changing

Photoshop is a way to express my creativity and make this world a nicer place.

It is the necessary tool to keep up with 21st century’s photographs …


Photoshop Blur the lines between reality and the virtual digital world and its meant to create and share to the world. Photoshop is the ultimate Weapon 😉

Relaxation after a hard days work.

The most beautiful way to express myself.


A dream that one day I might be able to create pictures so perfect that I might inspire many to do the same….changing the world step by step !

“Smash the status quo?” Hardly. There is little that is more status quo than any Adobe product.

That said, I use you because there is no other comparable option. Others have tried and failed. They are not the industry standard and you are.

If there were to be a good – but HONEST – slogan for this product, it would be:

Photoshop. The necessary evil.

photoshop is my first and last interest ^^

adobe photoshop is my ultimate friend when it comes to photo manipulation which I usually do when enhancing an image for my profile picture in facebook; also, it helps me in doing stuff like texturing 3D objects and lay outing design.

Photoshop means a huge range of possibilities to express my inner images to the outside. It reminds me of the ability to express my thoughts freely and uncensored.

I use photoshop daily to finish the images that I take for weddings and engagements. You guys are helping to create lasting and beautiful images that will forever remind the couples of their love.

Photoshop is an extension of the creative side of my brain.

Just about the coolest software imaginable. I use it at work and amaze folks with my “ability” and it is just Photoshop magic. I do give you some of the credit.

its an adorable software …..which addicts the users n makes the possibility of creativity to be unique and endless..:)

Photoshop to me is what Cristiano Ronaldo is to football.

A means to alter the not so beautiful world and to enhance the already spectacular!

I dream therefore I can.

– a boost of possibilities, to enhance or abstract my photography.

the best prog ever.. i use it for making wallpaper and fanart.. love it so much..and dont miss it..i learn every day new things to do with photoshop..sorry my english is not the best..i´m from germany…^__^

photoshop to me is alway’s teaching me something new and a never boreing. Photoshop to me is a must have for photography and just a lot of fun. I love photoshop!!

Allows me to bring my vision to life.

Photoshop to me is the gift that keeps on giving. When I do all the wonderful things I can do in Photoshop and see the smile on the persons face that I am giving them something I have created its always priceless to me. I have had made some very close friends and family very happy with what I have done with their photos. I must say it’s the best on the market for editing!

I guess you’ll have to feel it. You can’t explain what is the composite of creativity and magic. Everything is visually possible.

Photoshop is how we edit and manipulate our digital photos. The purpose of Photoshop is to give us the tools necessary to represent our ideas. I use Photoshop to do everything digital: composite work, retouching, web design, print work and everything in between. I love Photoshop.

The workhorse of my design toolbox!

Photoshop is like a best friend to me: It helped me to design our t-shirts for school while teaching a bloody photoshop noob to work with CS4.
Photoshop is also a friend who helps me to impress girls with my skills and their polisched pictures.
Photoshop is fun to play with and the only legal way to “manipulate”
I simply cannot think of any computing without Photoshop… seriously, i can´t even imagine (though i have a wild imagination for sure sometimes ;P)

Photoshop gives life to everything it touches.

Its the right hand to my Flash development. Its vital to all graphic content production and adjustment that goes into my E-Learning modules.

Photoshop is the freedom to FLY with my mind’s eye. It reminds me of the Disney Imagineers saying “If you can dream it,we can build it”. With Photoshop there isn’t anything you can’t picture in your mind, that you can’t ‘build’. Photoshop brings vision to marketing, illustration, design, photography, etc. I use it for logos, web design, photos, and any other graphic design projects having to do with my photography business.

Photoshop is a Lifesaver!
I know I can swim but Photoshop will make me throw down the ancor so that I’ll stop and look at the picture in front of me.
In other words: I know I can make good photographs but Photoshop will make me stop and make GREAT images out of them.

Adobe Photoshop is simply creativity.
Respect is the only term I have for all involved with Adobe.

photoshop to me means at last at 62 years old i now have something i love to do and learn more about. i just finished beginners class which i really enjoyed and look forward to winter nights experimenting with adobe instead of being alone and lonely. it has bought a new meaning in my life. thank you

Id go mad if I couldn’t come home and unwind from all the pressure of work and daily life by being creative with Photoshop.

Photoshop is my Digital Oxygen!!! The Cyber-Me will die without it!!!

Photoshop lets me re-create the world in ways never before imagined. It frees me, opens my mind and allows me to enter a world of the unknown. Exploring life and its beauty is just ONE of the many ways I take advantage of all it has to offer! I am so very grateful to Photoshop for allowing such a possibility.

Photoshop is a chance to explore my photographs, and bring my vision to life. It let’s me combine my digital art with my photographs in a dual-medium package, and I love it. Happy 2 million mark, PS.

Photoshop is not only an art tool for me but also a window to my world in many ways. I have been disabled due to physical trauma for many years now and hang on to my CS3 suite, see its been a lifeline for me. I used to be able to climb and do murals for local businesses and physically got to the point it is a challenge just to navigate around home. My family got the art program along with a wacom tablet for me and it opened up a completely new outlet for creativity for me. Im able to not only learn new ways to create all of those vivid images that my muse waves in front of my mind but also able to help out some of those same business partners with art usable on their web sites and flyers, even videos for some. What is it’s purpose in my life? Photoshop is my new paintbrush. Like a magic wand I can weild and share my dreams with.

Life Support — Literally, as it is the cornerstone of my career.

I become the creator. :)

The best thing that happened after the camera.

Photoshop is my creativity and inspiration platform!

Ps in my minds eye escape hatch.

Photoshop allows me to unleash my imagination and render my dreams

Well @Maureen petru said exactly what I was going to say so I’ll say: “my left hand!” I’m ambidextrous when it comes to photography :)

The reason I love my job!

To make imaginations a reality

Photoshop is the difference between an image and a vision.

Photoshop has become part of my family. I have used it since it was born and watched it grow up to do things no one could imagine. I use it daily to bring the American Game of Baseball to millions of fans.

An extension of my creativity. A soul giver to digital art.

Photoshop is my Swiss Army Knife.

Adobe Photoshop makes dream comme true… almost :)

Photoshop is the most pleasant and creative darkroom I’ve ever have had – right there at my fingertips without bad smelling fumes and nice daylight comming through my windows.

It means I can share with the world my vision and endless creativity. I would be lost with out it!

I use Photoshop 40 hours a week for work, and also for fun! Anything and everything is possible, and without PS my life would not be what it is!

Photoshop is my right arm when it comes to creativity. Its mission is to make my ideas come to life. Its purpose is to make me work faster and more efficient and with more possibilities. I use it on a daily bases since I’m an Art director at an advertising agency and also a book cover designer and freelance graphic designer. With PS I can basically put my thoughts into images that never existed before.

… new world at our hands …

Is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I know this and more can easily be accomplished with CS5!

It is my life, my livelihood, and my first true love. If I’m awake, I’m in Photoshop.

Photoshop is my bread & butter.

My total income from the last 6 years of my life are based on using Adobe Photoshop (and also InDesign & Illustrator, but mostly PS.)

Photoshop is my portal to the infinite.

Photoshop is my creative juicer!

it’s my pencil, paper and ink!

Its much more than its name says about.Photoshop is full of wonders.exciting,amazing, gives life to things.i can say that almost all the people that belong to photography,films,whatever..everyone works on,haveto work on Ps.i feel proud to say that i am the hugest fan of photoshop ever ! Ps rocks ! love you Ps <3 !

“Creation Unfolded”

the window open on my mind to free my imagination

photoshop to me is a tool to help me enhance my photographs.

The greatest tool for my artistic endeavors.

Photoshop provides me with a way to communicate my perspective.

The power to balance my reality and fantasy.

a world of endless possibilities in my hand..

Photoshop allows me to apply the skills I had learned in a black & white darkroom and had to leave behind when I “graduated” to slides.

What a pleasure to be able to regain control of my vision of the world!

Photoshop is the most fun I’ve ever had on a computer! I use to be in awe of anyone who did any kind of photo editing or graphic design. Because a) I have my own business and b) I love taking photos, I decided to try your free trial of Photoshop Elements and discovered I loved it. A year later I tried the free trial of Photoshop CS4 and never looked back! Now I have CS4 on one computer and CS5 on another. I learn something new everyday!

Photoshop – It’s more than editing, it’s creating. Allows every day people to reach the “Final Frontier” of the art world – Digital Art

Ps is the key to my greatest creativities!

photoshop is part of my livelihood, it’s an invaluable tool in my photographic workflow, and it’s an extension of my creativity; allowing me to bring what i envision to life.

“Changing How We Look At The World, One Pixel At A Time”

Photoshop is my skill ,my talent, my art .Photoshop is the reason work is not work for me but exploration of my inner self 😀 :)

It is what I need to make my photos gain back the life they lost when I captured the photons.

Making a good photograph great.

Photoshop offers me the posibility to create and change the world in my way -> to make my own world :)

Photoshop – Life. Enhanced.

I use PS for anything that has to do with pixels. I cannot imagine anything impossible in therms of graphics.

Photoshop is my “Pixel Bending Machine” 😀

my digital life

Photoshop is my pen, my pencil, my crayon.

A toolbox full of magic and, more importantly, tools.

Oh you to me are everything
The sweetest song that I could sing…

Enough singing :)

PS is the only software that I use every day…even my OS is not that common :)

Photoshop is my tool to enhance creativity, artistry, and emotion.

Photoshop is a way to change how we see the world. A pen is mightier than the sword and a picture can tell a whole different story.

From my mind’s eye to the world’s eyes. Photoshop is the tool to make it happen.

Photoshop has changed the way EVERYONE thinks about Photography. My entire way of thinking about the work I do as a photographer and maybe more importantly the work I do as a higher education Photography teacher has evolved in terms that are almost unfathomable.

Photoshop is for me what matrix is for architect. Never ending chaos that needs to be organize with several well-chosen movements.

I use Photoshop to color my world! There are so many ways to use Photoshop and so many ways to incorporate it with other programs. It is an amazing tool to have at your fingertips to create, add feeling, depth and beauty to your work.

As a student of Graphic design
when i lose myself within myself and cant find myself to be myself, photoshop comes up with the answers!

Photoshop to me is much more than a piece of software. To me it is a tool for self expression, and creativity, that touches many people daily. Nothing is more rewarding to me, when people are amazed of what I am able to do. Photoshop is creativity with endless possibilities.

Allows me to express my creativity in so many ways possible.

Photoshop is Life how I see it!!!

Photoshop to me is simply just an awesome tool, I wish I had as a kid.
I’m 27 now and it’s great to help bring out your imagination.
I also love to use it when simply editing pics, in terms of color and brightness, and so on. The possibilities are endless.
I know a lot of people get the different plugins, but the stock tools work just fine.
I will say it may not be too user friendly at 1st, but that’s ok. It’s fun to do your research and learn how to use it. I picked it up pretty quickly by just fooling around with the tools and all the other features.
I’m still one CS3, but I still do what I have to do with it.
Thank you adobe for your beautiful creation and I hope to see more from this team in the near future 😀

Photoshop is a life to me.. a unique way to show and describe the real life.. a life that make me get INSPIRED with it and obsess it more than the IPAD or BLACKBERRY..

To become a God, to not be held back by rules and regulation only carried on wings of our imagination to propel our creation and exhibit our invention.

Photoshop is many things to many people. Most importantly, however, Photoshop is about creativity and innovation. It has allowed my to be creative in ways I never thought I could be. Photoshop is creativity for the digital generation. It gives me the freedom for creativity I CRAVE. It can evolve and grow with the internet culture fueled by the artist of our age. Personally, I am all about futurism, and Photoshop, as well as other Adobe products, give me exactly what I asked for, and many things I didn’t even know I WANTED. I love that it allow its users the ability to create their OWN tools for their digital art needs, and the internet allows us to share these tools with the world. Photoshop promotes global sharing of creativity, how DIPLOMATIC of you! In closing, Photoshop is creativity for the 23rd century, and I’m glad I’m a part of it. Photoshop, FOR the future.

Photoshop is my art.

Photoshop is my special “ME” Time and my release from the usual chaotic day I experience. When I feel stressed from the daily activities, I come home and open Photo Shop to create beautiful art with my treasured photos. Such a calming end to the day!

I am a new photographer and very new to photoshop. Photoshop has opened up a whole new world to me. I am going through a divorce, currently overseas in Bahrain and was struggling to make it through each day. Now I have a whole new outlook on my photography, my abilities and on life in general and it is all due to Photoshop! Thank you!!!

Photoshop allows me to express my self, it gives me the feeling that I’m unloading all my memories and thoughts of the day into one single abstract form. Photoshop to me is like wings to butterfly or a wheelchair for handicapped, because I couldn’t move forward without it, so thank you, thank YOU so much!

Photoshop. My work is a beautiful game.

PS to me is perfection after disaster !

Photoshop is the medium through which I express what really goes on in my crazy little world/creative mind. From simple retouches to photos or crazy photomanipulations. Photoshop just makes it easier to make it more awesome. Also an iPad 2 would be nice if I won.

photoshop is a way of living for me, i can’t imagine my day without it

Photoshop is everything to me. I’m making wallpapers, editing photos and much more with it. It’s great and i’m using it on both Windows & Mac.

My creative outlet and a reminder that there’s always something new to learn! Love PS!!!!

Photoshop, to me, is like a paint brush, or a pencil, or a pastel, or a piece of charcoal and a canvas, all in one. It’s a way for me to express myself, my creativity and my artisitic visions.

Photoshop is my darkroom, my paints, my studio, my sketchpad. Photoshop is a way for me to both conceptualize dreams and ideas, as well as a tool to make a living. Photoshop was literally the beginning of my fascination with computers, and with each new version, allows me to do more than I ever thought a software could in terms of enabling visual expression. PS allows me to “Imagine More” on a daily basis. -Thank you adobe dev team!- <3

Photoshop is the vehicle for my dreams,
the fuel for my expressions,
the key to my opportunities,
the destination from my heART.

Photoshop makes the impossible possible.

(first thing, website needs updating massively)

Photoshop for me is something i don’t like to sit and read up on. I like to find new things out and then read how to actually use it properly. For me its a way to express myself and just have fun, makes me feel like i can make something change from good to amazing or from amazing to out of this world. Or just simply ruin a photo BUT surely thats the fun of photoshop. Somethings work, some don’t. I love it. Its my second brain.

Some say that Internet would not be at all without Google. I can say creativity would be still in stoneage without Adobe.

To make something that it’s not.

Photoshop makes my world a beautiful place. My camera can’t always capture what I really see in a potential image…. the colors, the depth. Photoshop helps me to bring out the true beauty in a moment captured!

The one and only!

Photoshop is the tool that brings all my advertisements and creations from my imagination, to life.

Photoshop It’s like my diary, where I share my feelings and dreams day by day, my sight of the world. Where I don’t follow reallity, where I make mine. That’s Photoshop for me…

Take your photos beyond the camera!

Creating the world through my eyes!

Photoshop is my friend. =)
Its fun to take random photos and turn them into something else.

It’s digital creativity realized

Photoshop allows my creativity to soar!

I see photoshop as a way to express myself visually. I use it in photos, making something to “pop” in a pic, having fun and being creative!

To me photoshop represents the convergence of all artistic forms. I can integrate watercolors, photography and sculpture into unique new media.

A life

A continuously changing proving ground.

To me Photoshop is a new beginning. As I am a 40 yr old mother and wife, since I was 16 yrs old, who is teaching herself photography and photoshop CS5, I hope to become a wonderful Photographer one day as it is my passion. Not being able to afford to go to school for photography, I am determined to teach myself with books and online video’s from and other online sources. I have been a Photoshop Elements user for about 5 years and was sent a very special offer in the mail one day to purchase CS5 for a considerably lower price than normal for being an Elements user. I could not believe it! And my wonderful supportive husband let me purchase it when we really did not have the money to do so. But I promised to learn it and use it to further enhance my love of photography and someday make his money back! So I’m couting on you Photoshop, to help me do great things and take me places I would have never gone otherwise!
God Bless!
Darla Whisenand

Once, photoshop was an abstract idea. I heard people ‘photoshopping’ and saw funny pictures. I learned to photoshop so that I could make silly pictures of my friends. Then I kept going. Quickly I found it helped me with my work, and got me more and more into design. Now I use photoshop for a lot of my design work, but I still haven’t lost that sense of fun and curiosity. I still try to enjoy my work, and humour is still a big part of it.

I take my work seriously, but not myself. Photoshop reminds me not to lose that sense of fun and curiosity.

Its fairly simple, but that’s what photoshop is to me!

Photoshop is my soul mate!

Photoshop – Making It All Possible

Photoshop is for me the best way to express my imagination in every way i want and to make the best out of the things i create, for example photographies. Through Ptoshop and it’s uses i can even compare my creativity to that of people far away. Plus, it shows me, how imagination must not be supressed. And it lets me change the world to my own will, in a way that harms noone and surprises many.

Photoshop lets you realize your artistic vision when real life cannot.

Photoshop has the ability to fix all of life’s flaws with a little imagination. It is limited only by ones imagination!

Photoshop is Imagination…Digitized.

Photoshop became my life style
, my talent & work.
it dissolve my limits.

Photoshop is the tool I use to keep me excited about learning. I love how the only limit to what I can do is my imagination.

As Web Developer/Graphic Designer; PhotoShop is essential like how the body needs water and oxygen. I need PhotoShop!!

Cavemen use paint. I use photoshop.

I think the mission of Photoshop should be to enable artists and creators alike to take the images in their heads and set them down into a form that astounds them. Photoshop for me is a handy tool in my creative thinking and problem solving arsenal when it comes to designing characters and worlds for my characters to inhabit, or laying out a comic book page.

Photoshop is my darkroom, my livelihood.

Photoshop is my companion in the images I create in my photography. It’s mission to me is to enable me to bring to life whatever I can imagine, and sometimes more. It’s purpose in my life is help me make my photographs the best they can be. I use enhance my photos, make signs, web graphics, etc.

Photoshop has helped me develop and maintain a skill I never would have thought possible for me to have. I am a photographer, albeit amateur. It has helped me create the simplest yet most complex photos I have ever produced. Pixel art had been created. I’ve been able to compete in art shows because of Photoshop. Photoshop to me is a program that nurtures my creative skill and helps me bring my dreams and talents to life. <3

It’s a part of me, like an extra arm or eye that I can’t imagine living without. I use the program daily and feel I haven’t even scratch the service of what it has to offer.

In this ”getting older world ” PS allow me, 2 set even fire with water ,rain in hard summer and make my world as desired ..
in short u cannot define PS’s importance , its like oxygen 4 survival in bunches of creativity . . . .

Creativity Unbound!

Photoshop is the canvas I project my imagination onto.

It’s the tool that makes my vision a reality.

Photoshop is my way to express myself… My brain is the hand, and Photoshop is the good wrench to “buil ideas” 😉

Photoshop is a portal into another dimension consisting of limitless imagination pure utopia

Touch. Retouch. Redefine.

Photoshop is more of a super tool for image processing, digital design and illustration … It is a door that opens many perspectives and possibilities that always surprises us where we can get.

Photoshop is the easy way of doing things, is intuitive and very complete, is the perfect assistant, you can do with many things, you just need time and imagination.

Photoshop is the air I breathe. It allows my creative side to catch up to my imagination.

Photoshop is a way of life. 😀

Photoshop the Truth

Photoshop to me is a imaginative tool limit only by my imagination.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words only when you use Photoshop.
I use it allot for all my photos. From color correcting to imperfections. Also helps me be more creative using templates. I love using Photoshop.

Is me. Photoshop let’s me be as creative as I want to be and I get to share my passion in people’s memories! I have been using it for about 6 months and I am self teaching from all the great tutorials around the web. I am inspired to learn so much more about where my creativeness can go by using your program!

Photoshop – The World Through MY Lens.

Photoshop just pictures my mind…

Photoshop is a chance to help express myself through photos. It gives you the power to enhance a picture into an experience, to go from “oh you should have been here” to “it feels like I’m there.” Photoshop helps turn the ordinary moments to extraordinary moments.

Photoshop is the icing on the cake. I “bake the cake” and PS adds the finishing touches. =)

Photoshop is my electronic oxygen, I use it all the time, not only in my graphic arts projects, but helps me with my pics, scans and almost everything I do today. It is an essential part of my digital life and I can´t live without it.
Thanks for always trying to make it better! 😀

The most important photo I ever took showing a special person and me was saved by photoshop. Still keep it in my purse.

easy…photoshop is my life!

photoshop is my daily reminder that all i know is that i don’t know..

there is always something to learn, a new trick, a shortcut, a way to express myself and my art digitally

A key to creativity.

B.E.A.U.T.Y. :)

Photoshop is the bread and butter on top of my wacom tablet.

To show you how the world looks like according to me, not the camera.

Photoshop is the magic that turns my images from ‘nice’ to ‘cool!’

Photoshop:Images of life as we see it!

It is a world of endless imagination, making
my work and private life so colorful and interesting.
Photoshop is an endless an unpredictable story that makes
you the author…thank you Adobe!

Photoshop is my way to express myself. My brain is the hand, and Photoshop is the good wrench to “buil ideas” 😉

Photoshop helps me in my quest to create so I can inspire.

A window into my mind/life/soul. It allows me an outlet to show others the way I see life.

For me I have only used the trial version of photoshop elements. But I was completely blown away with it. How I could take my pictures and make them that much better. How I could create something even more beautiful. When I go out and take pictures its like Im in my own world. And photography has taught me to look beyond what you first see, its like seeing a whole other world. Its taught me to appreciate our world even more whether is an expression on someones face, seeing an object in a whole new way, or realizing the amazing colors there are everywhere. It calms me and makes me feel at peace. When I used the photoshop it was like adding even more to that world. Just amazing!

Photoshop — My World, My Way!

Photoshop is the larynx of my language of artistic expression. Through my photography I attempt to capture and interpret the beauty around me as I see it and as I want my friends to see it. And just as the layrnx takes the inner thoughts of the singer and shapes the stream of air from her lungs into something beautiful which can be appreciated and loved by all, Photoshop forms my raw images into beautiful images which can also be admired and loved by those who see them.

Way to say hello to the world every single day! I don’t even remember a day without Photoshop :)))

To me, Photoshop is my vision, only better.

Photoshop – Helping to make girls anorexic & devoid of self-esteem.

Photoshop gives my imagination life.

Photoshop is my life, what can i say more about it :)

Photoshop can do anything…If you have the patience to explore.

Photoshop to me is a way of expressing myself digitally. It is how I spend my free time and how I make an impact on the world wide web.

Photoshop is magic waiting to happen. It is the doorway from what is to what can be.

PS means all my friends are supermodels!

PhotoShop has allowed me to: Salvage the impossible, light paint my way to infinity, and show life in surreal moments. That’s what it’s done for me.

Photoshop allows me to bring out the creativity from within. From image adjustment in ACR to creativity in Photoshop and output to my printer Photoshop is the program I rely on.

It’s the bane of my existence sometimes. I’m not very good but it’s a necessary part of my job. There’s nothing more rewarding than having my finished product look like what I pictured in my head. I always have it ready for when inspiration strikes.


Photoshop has been a good friend since 3.0 I feel we have come a long way together from Student all the way up through Art Director and Photoshop has been riding shotgun the whole way.

Photoshop is my mirror to my personal reality

Part of my daily life, professionally & personally. Enhances what is and helps create what isn’t. The key to getting lost in time.

It helps me make the world a better place. Create things that colorize the grey mood of cities, make Internet a better be World.

Photoshop is like my best friend, it also help me to spent my boring time and help me to refreshing my mind from tired of study. It was like a savior in my life that provide a bright spot in my life. Since I’ve learned to study photoshop, my shoolmate ask me how to use photoshop, it help me to found new friends at school and make me little bit popular girl at school than before. I’m really grateful to photoshop, i become a new person like new version of photoshop and now my life is so colorful like color collection in photoshop.

The keys to a new world.

Photoshop to me is my true outlet it is something i use every day to keep me inspired and moving forward.

Photoshop to me is a significant hypothetical obligated personable helper.

Photoshop is GOD!

Photoshop is to me, an amazing gift. On one hand, it gives artists the ability to take an ordinary image and make it extraordinary through exceptionally creative design. On the other hand, Photoshop provides the ability to preserve the beauty of RAW photography and enhance already perfect images to make them breathtaking. Photoshop has created a whole new world of art design that I am sure both amateurs and professionals alike could not do without. Congrats on the milestone!

Photoshop is a way for me to tell stories. I use it for coloring comics and digital painting.

Photoshop has opened new pathways in my experiential artistic journey. With photoshop, I have created numerous websites and mock-ups of things for school projects and other related inquiries. I have slowly become a stronger “photoshop-er” and wish to continue working on my skills.

Adobe Photoshop is how I “Realize my vision”. Without Photoshop my work would not be possible.

Thank you guys for making my job FUN!

Photoshop is: What it needs, to refine reality.

Gateway to our imagination

Photoshop is the most important tool in my arsenal as a designer. It’s how I create branding for my clients, and make their visions a reality. I can’t imagine a day going by without using Photoshop. I wouldn’t be the designer I am without Photoshop. I can’t draw with a pencil and paper, but you put me in front of photoshop for a few hours and I’ll make something so beautiful that it will bring a tear to your eye.

Es una herramienta que me ayuda expresar mi creatividad, que plasma mis fantasias en foto, gracias photoshop.

my dream, my want and my need… my Photoshop!

PS is a major component in my life. I use it for work and play. It helps me build websites, magazine ads, logos, and more for my clients. In my free time, I use it (and AI) to paint, which is *so* much less expensive than wet media. On my iPhone and iPad, it is a part of my photography and mobile process. I’m always eagerly awaiting the next release and can’t wait to see the new iPad apps! Keep up the great work!

To me, Photoshop is simply


A miracle! I can take my average photos and make them sensational!

Photoshop is the balance I need in my life to keep me whole, and centered. It’s my separation from mother, or wife, or daughter, a way to connect to my artistic roots and tap into the force that exists within us all for creation and beauty. Photoshop is, for me, sanity in a time of chaos, and an old friend who understands my need to bring forth beauty.

I think Photoshop means something different to all its users. If you ask a Photographer what it means to them, they will tell you that it allows them to make their subjects or art look better. A web designer will tell you that it allows them to create stunning web interfaces. As the editor of the largest Photoshop site in the world, I get to see it from lots of perspectives. Photoshop can be whatever you need it to be. An app to create icons, websites, posters, photo manipulations, typography, basically anything a designer could ever need.

Photoshop is the amazing invention that makes me draw with out a palette.

Photoshop to me is seeing beyond what is seen with my eyes or the len of a camera…If I am not at work or sleeping, you will find me at my PC working on a project or watching tutorials on how I can approve and take each and every image to a level that takes your breathe away!

It is a staff in sorcerer’s hand or a box of crayons for a little man, it’s like autumn for leaves and ocean for fish. It’s an escape from quite often gray and dull world. It’s like my imagination only better – it gives me a possibility to show all those thoughts to the world.

It has been my artform since version 2.

To me Photoshop is an excellent way to discover my artistic side, edit my photos and just happily relax while still learning and creating.

Well, actually, I earn my living from photoshop. I am web/graphic designer and every new project starts and ends in photoshop. All other software just helps to achieve the result, but photoshop is the “GOD” :) I guess I wouldn’t be the person as I am now without photoshop.

An escape from reality!!

Is my view and work of the world, mi way of comunicattion. Built thanks to him.

Photoshop allows you to make your wildest dreams a reality.

The ultimate perfection, made possible.

Photoshop is where I can make my dreams and fantasies come true, where I can run away of this world to create one of my own. Photoshop is my rock.

Photoshop is an essential part of my life. Not only is it hobby where I can release all my creative ideas, but it is also how I make a living! I probably wouldn’t be where I am today in life without it. :)

To me, Photoshop is the way to make up for not having a DSLR yet and only having an Advanced Point and Shoot. I use it everyday and I’m always finding new things to do with it.

Photoshop is a challenge to initially undertake with the promise of potential realized in creating and shaping your vision.

Photoshop is the paint brush of my mind’s eye.

Photoshop is incredible! It allows me to turn an average photo into a good one; a good photo into a better one; and a great photo into an awesome work of art. I currently use CS3 & can hardly imagine the possibilities of CS5.

Photoshop is the white sheet, brush, pencil and hand that allows me to interact with my creativity.

Photoshop to me is an empty canvas that i can express my own imagination and bring it to life to share with others a taste and feel of my potential and creativity. It’s like escaping to your own Fiji.

It’s a magnificent piece of software that helps me take my creativeness to the maximum with no limits and great control. Thank you adobe

Photoshop is my own little world… in it I can create, edit, alter, and adjust to my hearts content! I use it primarily for editing photos, but it makes so much more than photo editing possible. It is a highly advanced creativity tool… and at the same time, one of the worlds coolest toys!

An entrance to a realm of infinite possibilities!

What is Photoshop to me? Photoshop is the antenna connecting the creativity and imagination flowing through my veins. Photoshop, allows me not only to draw create and innovate that which festers within all of our minds but edit the memories, pictures and models already created. To me Photoshop is more than a peice of software it’s a hobby a job a canvas waiting to be used. Photoshop to me is a teacher showing me how brilliant life really can be. Guiding myself and all of it’s 2 million plus fans for over two decades and continuing to do so. Photoshop is about discovery and the ability to produce a vision depicting any and all emotions.Photoshop to me is Art, Creativity, Imagination, creation.

my left hand!

My dream reality!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Photoshop is the dictionary.

Photoshop- makes reality look even better!

Photoshop is the best medicine for photos, and there is more than enough to go around once you open it..

Photoshop has to be an integral part of me now after using it so much. Love it!!! A lot…very much

My creative outlet.

Photoshop is like oxygen…can’t live without it!

Photoshop is a place where I feel safe and comfortable. Is making me calm and relax.

Photoshop allows me to digitally do everything I could do as a master printer in the wet photographic darkroom, including complex masking, bleaching, retouch and airbrush and so much more… but the real benefit is to finally be able to control every aspect of the image to fulfill an artistic vision or to capture a completely accurate reality, and to do it non-destructively, share it easily, and to retain archival originals and variations. It is indispensable for my work and my clients.

There are a lot of excellent responses, but my favorite so far is the first one “A daily reminder that I can do anything” (Michael).

For me, Photoshop is not only a creative tool, but a social tool as well. I have met so many amazing people through my association with and use of Photoshop. It’s a big part of my life.

Photoshop is my only resort for creativity. With it, I can do whatever I want for designing for websites, logos, magazines, images, you name it. I can bring my thoughts and imaginations to life which is sometimes hard with papers and crayons! I think with Photoshop, sky is your limit. Creativity and artistry never ends with this amazing product called Photoshop.


Helped in the resurrection of a long dead childhood dream.

Shape and color at my firgertips!

Photoshop is the best tool I know to make my dreams tangible.

is letting me finally following my dreams. Having the courage to share my talent and believe in myself. Letting myself shine.

Photoshop is my life source.

The freedom to unleash my creativity without fear.

It’s decades of design tools and techniques in one place! and it’s also awesome:)

Wow! Some incredibly brilliant and creative people on this site. There is no way I can ever top any of these lines written by others before me:

my way to make my pictures look tolerable!
my mind’s eye escape hatch.
unleash my imagination and render my dreams
is the difference between an image and a vision.
my Swiss Army Knife
A soul giver to digital art.
my portal to the infinite
my creative juicer!
Life. Enhanced.
destination from my heArt
makes the impossible possible

I am new to Photoshop and still learning the basics but to me this is the ultimate creative outlet! I can “create” art just lke I would with my water colors but with Photoshop there are NO limits! With an iPad I could create anywere! Thank you for the continued tips and tricks, and I really enjoy all the articles – they just keep expanding my ideas and “wish to do lists”!

Photoshop is simply this…. Magic.
It brings the magic not only to photos and graphics in general, but allows for the enhancement of all other graphic, web, and video programs, especially in the world of 3D animation. Without Photoshop, there would simply be no way for me to be a 3D artist because there would be no way to create, modify, and mend graphics and images to texture 3D objects, scenes, and characters in Maya. MAGIC!!!

limitless, an extension of me so I can reach other people!

Photoshop has become the software i need to make my designs come alive with out it i would be lost and not much of a graphic designer,or I would be some chick claiming to be a graphic designer, I have had this love for this software since my ps element days.

A powerful tool for art that I genuinely get excited about while using. It incites creativity. Knowing that I can create anything with it stretches me and my creativity.

Its the only medium that can replicate all mediums

Photoshop is amazing!

Photoshop is a magic that combines “real” with “unreal” things, turning them in art.

Photoshop is Freedom to me on so many layers. Thank you Creators!

Photoshop lets me reinvent the world the way I want it to look.

Photoshop software is a wonderful tool to have. It can change a nothing picture into something spectacular. It is the difference between night and day, it is a wonderful way to express yourself artistically, it is the topping on a dessert, it is a way to let your imagination go wild, it is something that I use daily to release tension, it is something that my husband and I enjoy together, it is used to tweak, munipulate, clone, brush, enhance,and color, it is a palate and so much more, it is something that every photographer should have and use, there is always something new about it, a new way to mask or use channels, it is an adventure everytime we open it up to do a picture. We love it!!

Take stills of film clips and edit them for online display or posters which creates an interest in my projects that I couldn’t do without Photoshop.

An Ode to Photoshop:

It owe it to photoshop! I had no graphic design experience when I starting working in a digital department. In my free time, I started teaching myself photoshop. I’ve developed a whole new skill set that has allowed for new opportunities. A few years later and I am now a web graphic designer for three major radio stations!

Create tomorrow, today.

Without Photoshop, I wouldn’t be able to make a living. Not only does it pay my bills, I just get excited every time I open it, just to see what I will come up with next!

Photoshop is the best medicine for photos, and there is more than enough to go around once you use it.. :) kris2ffer

Photoshop is a magic which can transform everything and life career for some people.

Photoshop to me is a way to unwind after a long day. It’s a way for me to create what doesn’t exist beyond the confines of my head. It lets me share, better myself and find release that my shy nature doesn’t allow me to do when left to itself. In sum, Photoshop is magic in 1’s and 0’s.

It’s an often requested digital weightloss program for my clients demonstrating that while life is imperfect in the digital world you can be anything you want to be.

Discover your image. Delimit your style.

Repair tool for (almost) everything. :)

From the darkness into the light

Photoshop is like the eyes I never had, the eyes that sees things differently to the world and our realities.

Photoshop made my life colourful… It tickles my mind in realizing my wildest imagination… I love Photoshop, and the one who taught me this will forever remain dear to my heart… ;p

my life

An invaluable tool like no other

Pictures Made Perfect. Period.

Photoshop is an integral part of my creations and dreams (upcoming creations ), which in turn means my life. Have forayed into different types of digital art/media, and even there, it’s there to help me out on my quest to aesthetic awesomeness..

Photoshop is like my coffee…couldn’t get through the day without it!
It’s a little world that we crawl into every day to get lost in the infinite possibilities of our own minds. It’s the perfect tool for the job only limited by ourselves.

Photoshop to me is The Tool to convey and express my artistic abilities and beyond.  I can sit in front of the computer all day and everyday working on a project with Photoshop and never get tired of it.  Photoshop is my inspiration and the reason why I pursued computer graphics in school.  Possibilities Unlimited!  Thank you!

Constant challenge for my skills and imagination.

Photoshop paints my life! :)

As a hobbyist it is both a chance to learn and a chance to explore. Lots of fun.

What photoshop means to me? Good question.
Photoshop is what makes me happy (if I creat a new layout) or what makes me angry (if something won’t work as I want it to). It is a way to express myself through graphics like layouts, icons, etc. or editing photos. I can also show my different feelings in my designs and photoshop is an amazing way to be creative.
That’s what photoshop means to me: A way to express myself =)

The door to the world of my imagination, where I feel like a child all over again

Photoshop to me …. my vitamins to expand creativitie …

It’s the left part of my brain. Everything I see and use is based around the creative suite; advertisements, magazines, posters and even textbooks rely on programs like inDesign and Illustrator. In school, Photoshop is my main creative outlet; all of my photos go through there for editing, and at home Lightroom is the software of choice. Adobe really does influence my world daily, and photoshop is the one piece of software that has changed who I am. It’s something that I can say I know, and feel good about knowing.

An eraser to my camera’s pencil.

Without Photoshop I wouldn’t even know I can do such an amazing things in such a short time.

“Creative Thinking – Do what you believe and you will be surprised!”

Photoshop is the window to other that let them appreciate what i see and feel! It is the simple application to infinite ideas and emotions!

Photoshop is the most powerful and versatile image creation and photo editing software on the planet.

Pixel Power!

my personal hand of god…

Photoshop is a work of art. PS is the best image editor hands down. No imitators, no competition; you guys are winning!

PS is the way to make ideas in my head visible to others’ eyes, lighting up million of 1/72-inch-wide dots.

PS is my key to the magic kingdom.

My Photoshop CS5 is done My Way .. it’s my digital magical friend ..

Photoshop is a huge step forward in my evolution as an artist and designer. After resisting it for years and insisting on doing all my work by hand-with a pencil or a brush, I’ve now embraced it as my number one tool. Being able to instantly visualize ideas, make changes and corrections and create all new effects, layouts and styles has taken my work to a new level. Every project is a learning experience that I then apply to my next , and so on and so on. It’s like the world’s most satisfying video game I have ever played. I wish I had 10 more hours a day to sit in front of my computer and create with and learn more about this remarkable program.

I studied photography as a part of my undergraduate degree in Fine Arts but I was never a great photographer. I also studied painting at the same time, but once again was never the greatest. At the time they seemed lacking, I believe now that both mediums were limited (at least in my point of view) because they are based on the very real and rigid physical system. And a true mixed or multi-media experience is difficult, perhaps impossible to crate with them because of that.
And then there is Photoshop. What is Photoshop to me? It means that I can use and simulate photography and yet not be bound by the limitations of physical light. It means that I can paint and draw without being constrained by the rules that govern how pigments and medium react to my canvas or how graphite is affected by paper. It means that I get to choose, I have a tool that I can use to work within those physical limitations to create a work that mimics reality or if I prefer, I can go beyond them, to create artwork that could never possibly exist in a real world governed by physical laws.
It’s my choice and that is what Photoshop is to me; It is my tool, my ability to choose to make a decision about my art. And that ability to choose is the most personal power that anyone can have.

“Modify your world”

With Photoshop, the possibilities are endless. It removes the limits of traditional media to allow one’s creativity to grow.

Photoshop is the tool box and the toy box; the blank slate or the uncarved block of stone as well as the tools to free the creative mind to devise and achieve what was only found within the heart and spirit, and allow the artist to share their dreams, nightmares, aspirations, emotions and visions.

From photography’s subtle adjustments to make a good photo into a great photo and the great into the extraordiary, it has evolved into the artists canvas and pallet; when things too fantastic and hyperrealistic need to be expressed, Photoshop is the way it can be achieved. It is the quintessential device for creative expression, and it just keeps getting better.

Magic in the palm of my hand!

Photoshop to me is a limitless art studio in a compact form.

Photoshop is the realization of my thoughts!

Photoshop is my daily escape from reality! It allows me to forget about everything that’s going on around me and create beautiful pictures :) I love photoshop!

Photoshop is to me “my personal shop for being creative and having special ideas”. Make people smile and getting a lot of input. It’s my way to show how I am, what I am and why I am what I am. It’s a “shop” you can erase everything and try out everything. You can get very special within this “shop” and learn more and more each day.
Long story short: Photoshop – it’s just everything.

Photoshop is my outlet. My way of unwinding after a long day, to create images that up until then only existed in my head and to bring out the best in already existing images. It’s my paint and canvas, but without the cleaning up afterwards.

Photoshop is the Key that unlocks my digital imagination!

Photoshop is my brush and my canvas is limited only by my imagination.

After a hard day of work and some wonderful time with my wife and three kids. I don’t drink wine or smoke a cigar to unwind. Instead I use Photoshop and my creativity. So Photoshop is my Massage Therapist.

Discover Creation.

To me Photoshop is a passion, a Dream, and soon to be my life.. If i didn’t have Photoshop i would go insane with boredom and my brain would explode with creativity.

Photoshop is like my morning coffee, photography is great, waking up is great but being able to sip the morning coffee and being able to add the edge to my photos with the help of photoshop is something I cannot do without. It is the magical darkroom where I am allowed to create the magic that makes people smile and say: “Wow thank you, is that really me/us!” I think it is a luxurious essential item that I have to have even if it means not having something else like an Ipad but it is a tool I believe I cannot do without. Life as a photographer without photoshop would be like life without vibrant colour or waking up and not having that first sip of coffee to welcome the new day. I simply love Photoshop!

PhotoShop gives me the ability to offer my clients a great product. Currently working with an older version of PS, even that version is a powerful tool. Every day I learn more and I find it exciting to delve further into what I can do with PS. Would love to win, but am still happy using what I’ve got. Thanks folks at PhotoShop!

It’s my second nature, it’s a piece of my Brain, it’s simply Myself… As a Graphic Designer|Artist for almost 12 years I’m proud to confess that Photoshop and all Other Adobe Products are the Revolutionary Invention of the 20th\21th Century, without it, it’s stone age again, thank you ADOBE…

Photoshop itself doesn’t mean anything
It’s just a software program.
But the thing it make it magical
it’s his abilities
and no matter what
photoshop will be my best mate

thx for listening 😉

Photoshop is to me as water is to fish,
just can’t live without it.

Reality — just better.

Photoshop allows me to “Imagine and share the impossible.”

I would have to say what Photoshop Elements is to me, it allows for much more creativity than your average photo editing software which I love. I use it for all the personal Family shots I take and the Sports Action shots I take of my husband Drag Racing. I have recently started really getting into photography and shooting more portraits for friends & family and am absoltely loving it. What a great addition to my tools would CS5 be! There is quite the competition out there in photography and I absolutely believe Photoshop by far allows for superior expression of creativity and vision of true art.

Photoshop is my go-to program for anything dealing with web, print or video graphics. I would say it’s mission is to empower creativity and make the process from idea to finished product as simple and quick as possible.

Photoshop is what I move my images through to make them even batter!

An everyday creative tool that helps me to complete my digital photographs

I love this program from early versions. Retouching, making creative websites. And many more.

PS is my right hand. I use it several times a day, at work, and then I use it at home, mostly for web graphics. I have several other similar programs, and I never fire them up.

Wow…photoshop to me is….my Superhero Sidekick! I could not put out stunning, timeless products with out the help of Photoshop! Photoshop allows me to come out of my shell and be completely creative without restriction while teaching me and helping me explore new things. I would not be where I am today as a photographer or business owner without Photoshop.

Photoshop is me and what I have to say about my work and how I relay that to others!

Photoshop is my husband’s favorite photo-editing tool!

My BFF!!

Photoshop let’s me give character and life to cold 3D images, and let’s our clients see what they can’t imagin.

The words which explain Photoshop the most (in my oppinion):
“Make your world up”

Ive never imagined what photoshop gave to me, before i thought that the creative part of me never existed, i dont have anything to do with visual arts, but a friend introduce me to this weekly classes about basic photoshop, and it opens a whole new world to me, a world i thought never existed… now im still in the learning process but everytime i made something from photoshop, i feel like i made something memorable more meaningful, and especially if someone appreciate my work… i feel like i’m born again…

‘… completes my creativity’

What Photoshop is to me:

Photoshop is that software I would use for my web-design business, but as I’m student I don’t have enough moneys to buy it, and it’s against the ToU to use the student version for business.

So Photoshop is the software that would be able to do my work better, instead of using Pixelmator, it’s great, supports psd files, but I need all the nice stuff that is in Photoshop!

Photoshop is my left and and my right hand

Photoshop is …
// creation.
// manipulation.
// touching.
// retouching.
// 3D manipulation.
// a digital darkroom.
// self expression.
// whatever I need it to be.

“Photoshop is.”

(for an example of “is”, see my website)

Photoshop is a part of my work and my hobby as well. I love it! I’m a photographer and I love photography,but without Photoshop, it wouldn’t be the same:)
I use photoshop every day,and I can’t imagine, how I could use other programs. Only Photoshop(and Lightroom:D) forever!!!:D

To me, Photoshop is an amazing tool that allows me to take the moment in time that my camera was able to produce and change it to what my mind saw in much the same way the masters used a darkroom to create their works of art!

Photoshop will be, and has always been the household stable/working horse in that last step to perfection in images! No other software could ever compare! The perfect darkroom, but without the chemicals! :)

Whatever you want it to be.

Photoshop is the Gate of my CRAZYNESS…

Photoshop is “my escape” from reality and best way to sail to dream world so i can express my creativity

a very potent tool that enables me to earn my daily bread.

Photoshop to me means taking a picture that looks “ok” and turning it into something beautiful. It means taking my photographs in a direction that my camera never could. It helps use my creativity in more ways than I can count. Photoshop to me is just as important as my camera and own eyes when it comes to producing beautiful works of art.

Photoshop lets people who have gone through life feeling they have no artistic talent now feel like they have some.

Photoshop is the difference between my business looking professional versus looking held together by tape. It’s the PS community and the plethora of tutorials and howtos that make this product so superior! I <3 Photoshop!

Photoshop Is Me.
I’m Photoshop.

Everyone using Photoshop should have a legal copy and spend some time to learn how to fix family photos, create website gfx and beautiful art. Photoshop makes everyone an artist! That’s what makes it the most amazing and useful software in the universe!

Photoshop is like a dream, where everything is possible…
Photoshop is a place for the weak to grow muscles,
Photoshop is a place for the fat to get slim,
It’s where your back yard become the Hanging Gardens of Babylon,
It’s where a desert becomes an oasis, a pond is as large as an ocean.
It’s where my mind tastes imagination.

The perfect window into my world.

To me, Photoshop is a way to find the hidden potential of my pictures.

For me Photoshop has always been there to show me, someone who has always had very little artistic talent, that you can do artistic things.

Photoshop is my digital equivalent to a wet darkroom.

Photoshop helps me capture, enhance and deliver my clients memories so that they can just enjoy the moment, knowing that I have the keepsake for them.

I work with Photoshop everyday. How lucky am I, that I’m able to work in such a playful way. Fooling around with Photoshop when I was younger gave me the opportunity to work in a job I like. And what more could you want?

The ultimate PRODUCTIVE time waster.

It is a constant reminder that I have a lot to learn and to not always think in 2 dimensions. Be different, be creative and the world is your play ground.

Photoshop is my main tool, that allows me to create the visions I see in my mind!

PS extends my creativity beyond the camera’s abilities. It’s as vital as the equipment in my camera bag.

Photoshop is my beloved, my one-and-only, my desired part of my work, my life, my living. It is … it!

A huge stress reliever! A fun thing to do everyday! An experiment of what the wonderful things I can make up. A learning tool for making my photos look spectacular or sometimes horrible, lol. An “ah-ha” moment when I find out it can do something I hadn’t yet discovered. A tool that makes my son want to try it and then get frustrated at it. Photoshop is a lot of things. I use Photoshop (elements) to make pictures better and to come up with some fantasy pictures. Photoshop is almost like brushing my teeth but not there yet, I have to do it everyday!

Photoshop is the tool that allows me to make any crazy idea reality.

Photoshop makes my ideas happen.

My past, my present and hopefully my future.

The power to turn a moment . . . into the perfect memory.

Photoshop is emotional, creative, and magical.
I recently had to use it to create some graphics for my Mom’s funeral service, so photoshop and I have shared many emotional moments together. I have been able to artistically express what I am feeling through the many tools in photoshop. It really can create some digital magic!! Thanks you adobe for creating this awesome program, which has allowed me to do so much!!!

To me, photoshop has shaped my life, to what it is right now. A couple months ago, I was asked to do a logo for a company, because they have seen some of the video work I had done in AE ( just a little shout out : )) I had never done a logo before, and knew I could’t do it in AE. So I opened Photoshop for like the 2nd or 3rd time and started messing around. After I was done making a logo I felt pretty comfortable with text and brushes, and grew a love for the program. Now I am still very much a beginner, but from making that one logo, it has brought many more logo opportunities for me, that would have never come without Photoshop. (and I could have never done it in MS. Paint) : ) I just want to say thank you to the PS team, for changing my life, and giving me the ability to have these amazing opportunities, to get myself and my creativity out there.

I think PS’s mission is to give people the tools, to help make their creativity, and ideas happen. It isn’t a program that does everything for you, which is what I love the most about it, it actually let’s you learn how to be creative.

Apparently, I can’t modify my own comment, so here we go again :)

Everyone here has a great point, with one commonality, that nothing about it’s users is common. Everyone has their own uses, reasons, and final products.

Therefore, an ever-evolving tagline would be something perfect for photoshop.

“Photoshop is ________”
// creation.
// manipulation.
// touching.
// retouching.
// 3D manipulation.
// a digital darkroom.
// self expression.
// something different to everyone.

“Photoshop is.”

(for an example of “is”, see my website – that is now fixed! yay!)

To me Photoshop is a way to express myself in a fun and beautiful way.
It’s the best thing ever happened to me in the world of pixels.

Photoshop is the diference between image editing and image enhancement.

Adobe Photoshop, is my life.
It’s everything to me and it’s my dream to feel, keep learning it to the maximum potential since the first day I’ve fall in love with Photoshop, 6 years ago in high school.
Thanks Photoshop, thanks ‘deseloper’.

Photoshop makes me shop my photos.. :)

Photoshop is my digital darkroom and then some where I can enhance my photos with adjustment layers, filters, and more as well as retouch portraits. It’s also a place where I can let my creativity run free.

Photoshop is a Tool to me. It may be the most versatile and useful tool in my arsenal but still a just a tool.

photoshop means fine-tuning your visions. creating perfection out of the imaginative.

PHOTOSHOP – my best friend.

Photoshop is picture perfect, for making pictures, perfect!

Photoshop is the raw power that can be used for good and evil simultaneously.

The Design Guru

I started using photoshop when I was just 12 years old. I learned it myself after watching friends online do shoddy chop work (I thought it was amazing at the time) to probably copyrighted images. I quickly learned the ins and out, the dos and donts (including copyrighted image donts!) and surpassed my friends. I did photomanipulations for free for my friends.
When I was 14 I took my first photoshop class. This was teh first time I had ever felt superior, being a typical average-smarts student with a slight learning disorder, it meant the world to me. I helped my teacher teach the class, since I was more advanced than even him. he came to me after class and asked if i wanted to help him officially. I did.
Two years later I took a photography class that included photoshop work. Once again, shy average-intelligence *me* wowed the class, a room full of people that had made me feel inferior since before I could remember. Finally, people saw me for someone special!
Currently I do photo editing for my friends for free. I’m in the beginning stages of starting my own photography business, but since I moved away from home (and my parents’ copy of photoshop) I am rather lacking. It would mean the world to me (and my prospective business, too!) to win either PS5 or the ipad. I’m a struggling 24 year old, getting ready to be married, trying to start my business, while finishing my last semester doing part time photography work at alocal community college, all out of my own paycheck, no parents’ help.
Please, Adobe! I’ve been a fan for years, been a “pro” for just as long. I’ve stood up for the Adobe name through it all, and converted a few friends onto the”photoshop rocks” bandwagon. If anyone deserves at least a runners up, I think it would be me…
shy, average-intelligence, but dedicated Photoshop User * < 3 *

Photoshop brings my audience one step closer to my imagination.

Photoshop allows me to do all kinds of creative stuff that I wasn’t able to do with a pencil and paper.

The key to my website – and business success! :)

It’s a portal into the boundless universe of my imagination.

Photoshop is an amazing tool that allows me to fine tune my visions and expressions through my photos and designs. I’ve used photoshop for so long, I don’t remember when I didn’t have it, and I certainly don’t know what I’d do without it!

Photoshop is my virtual art studio. At my real art studio I wish I could use “undo”, history, layers etc. :)

Photoshop brings the magic into your work!

Photoshop to me is breathing. Oh, and pretty awesome.

Photoshop: Further perfect your imagination.
Or “Manifest Your Creation.”

I’m Photoshop. My new reality have to be photoshopped. Pixel perfect reality :)


Photoshop means the world.


The world … borderless !!

photoshop is top

The reason why my kids think I am a cool mom who gets their pictures look like magazine covers!

A reason to live!

Photoshop is a possibility to make my thoughts and inner pictures to images.

Photoshop simply became a part of my life. It’s my best friend for many reasons…

When my imagination places an order photoshop delivers

Photoshop (and all of CS5, really) gives me a way to use my God-given talents to their fullest. It gives me the outlet to let me be me. :)

My room with a view!

With Photoshop there’s no limit for imagination…
Ideas, visions and feelings become touchable for everybody.
An amazing tool to express myself and to show the world the way I am.

The best tool ever designed when it comes to shaping your dreams into imagery.

Its my bread and butter…Photoshop brings food to me n my family

Photoshop allows me to be creative however I see fit. Maybe make some money while I’m at it too! Thanks Adobe!

Photoshop is for me…
…a great way to spend my time in a productive way.
…making the world more beautiful.
…perfect design and function in one product.
…much bettere than GIMP and others.
…all in all, one of the best things in life. 😀

Photoshop is everything to me, since I learned how to use it in High School I’ve managed to do awesome things, currently I have a job offer due to my Photoshop Skills.
It helps me express my feelings through my art and it’s a place where I can go and do everything I want.

Photoshop is love <3 :)

Vision verbalization.

Photoshop means I can make things that I couldn’t make otherwise.

PS let me live :)

A key element of my expensive hobby! :-)

PHOTOSHOP IS AN EXTENSION OF MY RIGHT ARM IN THE DESIGN PROCESS! Photoshop is an essential tool in my design arsenal.

Photoshop is a way to express yourself, a way to create a whole new world on a flat monitor, a way to put your imagination for others to see, to travel through your mind!!

Photoshop is like a spa treatment for my images. They can be tired, dull and gloomy going in – and energetic, exuberant and lively coming out.

Photoshop est un metier pour moi…mais elle est tellement vaste que je suis oblige de faire des tutoriaux un cours avec plume et cahier!

Photoshop is my world. I started doing headswaps on friends, putting their heads on other’s bodies. I entered photoshop contests on to get better and be inspired by all. Now I use photoshop for actual photography, whether it be panoramic stitching, correction and enhancement, and being able to turn something mundane into art. CS5 with content aware is amazing and makes me wish to own it with an iPad.

Creation based on the desire to be …

Photoshop means to me less time editing and more time photographing. I remember the darkroom fondly but I don’t want to go back.

Photoshop is:

My Work
My Hobby
My chill out zone.

My website is based around teaching people to use it and I thank Adobe for such a great product.

Photoshop keeps me working!

Photoshop is crayons for adults.

Photoshop brings the realm of impossibility to life, literally making my wildest dreams come true.

Photoshop is the largest part of my day – I spend hours on end in there editing photos, designing websites, etc.

My wife says I have become a Photography/Photoshop recluse, I often shoot a range of subjects then lose myself for hours in Photoshop.

I regularly start to work in Photoshop for an hour, then realise it’s time for bed.

With the help of Photoshop Tutorials found all over the Web I am learning more every day, I consider Photoshop to be the best Editing Software a Photographer can use and would not like to be withought it.

I remember when Photoshop 1 was available and I shown it to one of ma friend I told me “Amazing, what they can add more in this software” Some years after, we still use Photoshop and every new version it’s a huge surprise for us. New learning, earning time and a lot of “Wouah” in the office :)

Continue to like this guys, it’s always a pleasure to work with the best tool ever :)

“Photoshop is made from creatives for creatives.”

Photoshop est un metier pour moi…mais il est tellement vaste que je suis oblige de faire des tutoriaux un cours avec plume et cahier en main!

Imagine what Photoshop can do, an what it has already been done to us.
Thank you Adobe

Photoshop makes me smile and makes life more beautiful.

Endless possibilities.

Photoshop is the last decade of my life. Baseball cards, flyers, artwork, photography, and more all because I started with some simple lasso tools and a funny idea.

Blank canvas, cake icing, extra bass in the mix, finishing touches, doodles, brainstorming, the last nail, the first cut…

Photoshop is the only image editor i will use

My Best Stressbusting Pal!!

Photoshop is more useful than most people, there would be a gap in my heart with out it.

Photoshop allows me to utilize all the data in a camera raw file. As a photographer the most powerful part of Photoshop is how it processes raw files. It gives me non-destructive editing power and allows me to use all of the information in the file. What that means to me is that I can shoot knowing that all the tones will be there when I open up the raw file! That’s the kind of creative control I need to have.

It IS my digital darkroom, design studio, and overall life-line both professionally and creatively.

Without Photoshop, digital photography would just be a new way to take the same old photographs we used to take with our film cameras. It has revolutionized the industry and made it a much more beautiful place to live and work in!

Photoshop is my playground!

Photoshop is my path to creative life

Photoshop keeps food on the table for my family and clothes on my baby’s back. Without it my family’s life would be much less than it is today!


I enjoy Photoshop because it gives me more opportunities to express myself !!!!

Photoshop to me means I can create things I never could create with a pen and paper. I don’t have that skill. Photoshop gives me the tool I need to take ideas from my mind and turn them into tangible creations. Thanks, Photoshop!

My Best Stress Busting Pal!!!

Adobe Photoshop is one step closer to human perfection… :)

I use PS5 for work and hobby. This tool helps me to convey a simple message: 1) come see this band live and 2) drink my wine and/or brandy. Guess which one is work? :)

Photoshop allows me put my friends’ heads and bodies into situations that would not otherwise ever happen, in the name of making all of my other friends laugh. I’m now at least 50% more popular.

Photoshop is the only software that I would keep it if I was lost and alone on a lost island in the middle of the pacific. It is certain that I would miss an audience. Showing my creations to the worlds, would be my sole motivation to save me from this island. What a motivation, no?

Photoshop, to make my little mistakes even smaller…

Photoshop keeps me creative and allows me to enjoy art in different forms, and in my own mouse :)

photoshop is my window to what i want to see in real life

Using Photoshop for the first time and learning about layers and how intuitive the software is for a creative person like myself, reminded me of when I was sitting on my bed as a kid, with a book, and for the first time in my life I was able to read, and understand the text. All of a sudden the entire world opened up to me, all new possibilities started, everything didn’t seem so strange and distant, and I could connect with the world in a way that I could not before. Learning Photoshop had the same effect on my life, I did not feel so small and limited. I could connect with the world, and have a global voice through visual communication that was unattainable before. I hope that other people feel the same way about Photoshop, because the feeling only comes along a handful of times, if that, in a persons life.

A digital lump of clay. Something that can be molded/sculpted in any way you want – and in 3 dimensions!

My way to explore the impossible

Photoshop is my heart, but inside of my computer…

Photoshop IS MY LIFE, my everything, my free pass to wonderland :D, can’t imagine my life without it! <3 Photoshop 4eva

Photoshop has transformed the way in which I am able to express myself through art. It has expanded my horizons and allowed me a beautiful avenue with which to share my vision with the world. <3

Photoshop is my desire :)

Photoshop is my chance to make the change I want to see in the world.

    PhotoShop is a canvas and bushes of Infinite Possibilities….

Photoshop CS5 is the best purchase that I have ever made. It lets me work smarter, design faster, and accomplish more than I ever thought possible. No matter the size of the project, big or small, Photoshop is always involved.

Congrats to the PS team!! Keep up the great work!!!

i hate using microsoft OS, bring adobe to Linux and i will tell you what i think :)

Photoshop is what makes getting up in the morning worth it. Coffee is a very close second.

Photoshop is to me what a magic wand is to a wizard :)

My bread and butter 😀

I give wings to my imagination when I work and Photoshop that makes it happen.

for me, photoshop means learning something new and exciting every day (i’m just a beginner!), and loving the creativeness I didn’t know I was capable of.

Wow, where would I be without PS?!? No, really. Where?

Photoshop is digital sunshine, brightening each day with something new and exciting. I can’t live without it as a designer, much less as a creative person.

Photoshop is for me not just a tool or something. For me its more than. Its my Eyes in my real world.

Photoshop makes the impossible customer request possible.

Thanks to Photoshop I discovered the most important thing in my life right now: Graphic Design. So it means everything to me! I use it everyday for my projects and my work :)

Photoshop means making the impossible possible, dreams a reality and creativity a gift.

Photoshop is my livelihood. From work to personal projects I use the program everyday for many hours. If it is doing color adjustment, full on editing photos, are graphic design my life is in its hands. I love it!

PS shows me that my phots can POP!!! I like that; so do others!

Photoshop is, to me, “A forge for photography”. Like a modern day blacksmith, Photoshop users take raw ore (we even call it RAW sometimes, haha), and use the tools of our trade, in specific, Photoshop, to craft it into works of wonder that could never have been seen in the original rough chunks of ore.

PS is my livelihood.

it’s my life blood. its the only program i have used for design in the past 14 years. which is really a shame. i try to use other products, but adobe keeps improving with every release that it’s hard to venture and try new options. adobe photoshop (dreamweaver and illustrator included) are like a drug … and i need an intervention. please help! :-)

Photoshop is the tool that makes dreams come true, beautiful more refined, interaction smoother, smiles whiter, people happier, designers better… but most of all it is what it is.. people know it is the best… they know it by name, initials, and icons… it is the essence and the core.. Photoshop is Photoshop.

Photoshop unlocks a world of endless visual possibilities.

Photoshop is the tool with which I can visualize my dreams.

the perfect friend next to my camera.

Website layouts & turn ugly magazine scans into clean beautiful digital images =)

Everyday in my life starts with the blue icon, I’m really grateful with you guys, your products makes my work and my life more easy.

Thanks for this 5 years that I have working with you.

Luis Bajaña.


why do I like Photoshop? r u kidding me? you should see how i look without Photoshop =))

Photoshop is as much your most hardworking assistant as your buddy to go hang out with to have a night on the town and see what happens. It’s as much a tool and a toy to me as is my camera.

The only thing it can’t do, is replace your vision. But it can help you on the way there.

Painting in photoshop is a balm for my soul.

A passion that has lead to me loving what I do.

To start making my dreams happen and live the life that i want to live. Its my daily bread, its my friend,its my tool to express my self, its a hobby, its part of my life.

To come back to the computer and Photoshop after a photoshoot, to import all the RAW-files and start editing the images, gives me the same wonderful feeling as when i used to go in to my darkroom with all the sents and expections i had when i developed my prints!

Photoshop allows me to express my creativity in ways I had never before thought possible. It’s an outlet…a therapy of sorts :) Whatever I think, I can make happen :)

Life – with no limits

We need a visual… click on Photoshop Icon… Quick, a Screendesign… click Photoshop Icon… click click… Everyday in my job, in my private life, Photoshop is a part of it. Sometimes i hate it, sometimes i love it and most of the time, i`m suprised AGAIN what you can do with Photoshop. It seems, that it is the only application that you CAN´T finally master. Yes, my english is awful 😉

Photoshop is both a dessert topping and a floor cleaner.

For digital painting and photo retouching, I go to Photoshop. GETS THE JOB DONE!

PhotoShop has allowed me to be the artist I have always yearned to be. Although I can’t draw or paint, the useful tools in Photoshop let me express my creativity!

Photoshop makes work feel like the ultimate candy store, playground and amusement park all at the same time!

Photoshop is my paint brush!

Photoshop allows me to show people my dreams in full accuracy and lets me bring happiness to my clients.


Dear Photoshop, you are the reason, why I am not going to holiday this year. I am saving every penny and hope spend whole summer fresh new copy of you.


To me, photoshop is the freedom to create without limits

Color and shape at my fingertips!

The reason I get paid to do what I love.

I am just starting my photography business, so Photoshop is very important to building my business by editing my photos to perfection!
Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Photoshop means ‘Creativity’ to me.

For me, Photoshop was the step from snapping pictures to creating art. I actually feel like an artist wielding a paintbrush when I am working in Photoshop, and that in itself is motivational to me.

Photoshop and it’s long list of impressive features and uses continue to be the most valuable tool in my profession. It’s been in my life for my whole professional career. As photoshop has grown, so have I. I learn something new almost everyday that helps me do what I do the most efficient way possible. There is no way I could keep up with my clients demands without Photoshop. From web-site design to photo editing to Illustration, nothing comes close to meeting my needs or my clients. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to make this the very best software available.

Photoshop helps me take my photos of things that exist and create images of things that do not. Photoshop empowers my imagination.

photoshop means i can get what i need done fast and have the tools to power my creativity

Photoshop has helped me finesse my photos and improve my customer’s comments. Thanks!

For me, Photoshop is the best design software in the world. Not only because of all the things it can do, but also for its accesibility and versatility. And now with its mobile app, it has just made life even sweeter.
Thank you Adobe for giving Photoshop to the world and for listening to us professionals and amateurs!

Photoshop for me is a complete package of art where as we can do anything we want even if it’s impossible. Photoshop is like freestyle form of art even though i’m not professional in Photoshop I can still make my art attractable!

Photoshop is amazing. It allows me to slice up web layouts easily for coding for my clients. Something has to pay for uni!

Photoshop is what I’d dream of having if I lived 20 years earlier.

Photoshop, for me, is how my idea’s spill out onto a visual canvas that I can share with everyone :)

Love it!

Its my way how i can expres my daily creativity, i just love it!

… Just a tool. The best one!

I can not imagine a world without Photoshop. The world would be so loose color and without design.. I use Photoshop a lot in school and I would love to have it at home as well. I’m no pro but I hope I can be one some day.. without Photoshop there would not be so many jobs there are today and I had not joined the education as I go now.. I love working in Photoshop, it’s part of my life and future.

Photoshop is both my livelihood and my passion; used for both work and play. As an a self-employed graphic designer, Photoshop provides me with the tools I need to turn my clients’ visions into reality. As a consultant, Photoshop enables me to automate my clients’ workflow through the use of scripts and actions. And as a serious photographer, Photoshop enables me to turn my photos into extraordinary works of art.

Photoshop means my hobby to me. theres nothing i enjoy doing more than photoshop. considering the fact that i am in high school. photoshop is what i waste my time on rather than video games.

Getting paid to do something that I would do for free!

“Photoshop is the ultimate toybox!”

Photoshop is how I can incorporate my vision into all my projects, whether it’s a character design for a screenplay or fully colored comic page.

It is my life, my job, my spare time, simply everything.

Photoshop is a bridge to a mans passion for his/her artistic soul.. where he/she can simply express anything. It is a doorway to a persons imagination where he/she can roam free and create a masterpiece of art…

i’m using photoshop since version 3 and thought on every next edition ,what a step ahead’. the world western world wouldnt look like this, if there were no photoshop.

I use Photoshop on a daily basis, for school, for work, and for fun. I’ve used other image editing software over the years, but nothing stacks up to the near limitless abilities Photoshop presents to creative individuals/professionals.

Be it cutting something out of a picture, or a mere resize job, I wouldn’t turn to any other program.

photoshop is what i’ve grown up with since the early nineties. photoshop has given me a career. photoshop is my homeboy.

I use Photoshop almost daily.

I use it at work for our Social Media, for creating graphics, and for website design.

I use it at home with my digital scrapbooking, editing family photos, and preparing photos for our family cattle record keeping.

I use it with my church assisting them with slideshows, website photos, and graphics.

Photoshop is an part of my life!

I just cant imagine any other program to work on stuff that i do with photoshop!

Nothing is more satisfying than just being able to create something, that has a meaing to people.
Thank you for the opportunity!

Photoshop means I can express my feelings through art.

Photoshop is a catalyser of my imagination.

Thanks for this great tool.

All of you people that tell all sort of stuff about Photoshop. You don’t legally own it 😛
So, therefore, it doesn’t mean nothing to you, since you don’t own it.
If I win it, it will mean everything that everybody said to me!

Photoshop helps me bring to life the image I have in my head to reality which I can then share with those around me. It is an invaluable creative tool that helps me to express myself everyday which nothing else can

I spend more time per week with Photoshop than I do my fiance…I think at this point it’s safe to say Photoshop is my life!

Photoshop helps me get the most out of my photos.

As a graphic designer, my day starts with photoshop splash screen and finishes with a ctrl+q by the end of the day.

I literally live photoshop.

Photoshop is my creative endeavor.

wonderful and powerful tool.
depending on my mood, it could be an oasis or a really desert 😉

Photoshop is more than just a software. It is now part of the current international culture and a way to integrate art with utility, performance with fun.

Photoshop is a very powerful tool. It allows me to touch up photos and illustrations as well as design websites.

For me it’s what puts food on the table for my mom, younger siblings and myself. God and Photoshop provide for us.

Photoshop was the first program I used that allowed me to take various elements and layer them in one place without the use of pencils and paper. Ever since I touched Photoshop in 2005-2006, I got hooked. The first time I used Photoshop was for a project in college design course. ( I know it looks horrible! I almost cringe when I look at it. It reminds me of where I started. I have grown significantly since then. I use Photoshop for almost EVERYTHING I DO. What once was a hobby to me, now is a door of opportunity for me. It has allowed me to generate income part-time and one day I hope to go full-time using this program.

Thank you for the opportunity to win this.



PS means to me:
a way of let out my creativity without boundaries.
the only graphic program that you can take serious.
an adventure, always when I believe I now know every feature I explore a new one.

To me pictures are multilingual and my dream is to reach people across the world with my photos and digital art. Photoshop is my best friend, my tool to take care of, improve, and create pictures that can speak to all people in some way or another. I use it many hours a day for personal use as well as in freelancing.

With Photoshop I can create new worlds and release my creativity!

Photoshop is my soul….

Photoshop to me is a lifestyle, a means to sustain a life and express yourself in the process.

Photoshop means freedom. The freedom to create without limits, and the freedom to better myself. Because of PS I’ve pushed myself to learn about what art means to different people, and to appreciate the different forms.

Are you serious?! If Photoshop could be liquefied and pumped into my veins, it might as well be my life line. Photoshop has opened new opportunities for me, introduced me to my own creativity, taught me discipline and hard work, and is now one of my indispensable tool as a freelancer. It has been a tool, a teacher, a friend, and sometimes an enemy that cannot be defeated while I pull my hair off. 😀 So to ask what Photoshop is for me is like asking what is the purpose of breathing for a man. :)

Photoshop means my boys will have 2 eyebrows instead of one. The simple things mean the most. 😉

Photoshop is my morning newspaper :D.

Photoshop is how I better my school by making a yearbook we can all be proud of.

Photoshop has changed my life. I used to throw away dark photos and it sat on my computer without my knowledge of how to use it except to sharpen my photos. I then joined a digital scrap-booking community and starting learning how to use it. Although I am far from being an expert, I know so much more and use Photoshop in my digital scrap-booking almost daily. I also go looking for tuts to help me be even better.
I would love to win the CS5 because I currently have PS7 and it is missing some of the wonderful things that can be done (like writing on curves).
Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Photoshop is the thing I’m best at.

Photoshop to means freedom to be creative!

PHOTOSHOP makes a photo beyond what was the actual shots taken and you can even fake, put a little magic or make fun of it. One size fits all.

Photoshop helps keep my mind young with continued learning environment. You may eventually master photoshop, but you will never master any given photo. There is always something else you can enhance.

Photoshop is a natural extension of my fantasy and lust to create. A way to fulfil dreams.

It lets me know that I do have talent.

It’s a way to express my feelings. Happiness, sadness, depression, enthusiasm, anger, etc. With Photoshop, anything is possible.

Photoshop is a technological world of limitless creativity

Freedom to create without software getting in your way.

For me, Photoshop is my life… my heart, my soul, my passion. It allows me to create and to nurture all of those things. It allows me to capture memories and create art. It plays the leading role in my business and in my play. It allows me to continue to learn, experience and enjoy. For me, Photoshop is a part of me. I simply would not be the same person without it.

Photoshop makes my life easier.

Photoshop is my favorite tool, my creative outlet and my livelihood!

I started using Photoshop and realized that I was in the wrong profession. I became a designer over 13 years ago. Photoshop brought me freedom.

I have got to say, Photoshop is an impressive piece of software. The ease of use is amazing and the quality is great.

I’m a senior citizen…don’t get around much…photoshop is my passion.

PhotoShop is both tool and toy – reminding me that life is at it’s best when you do what you love and you love what you do.

I can’t imagine my life without photoshop. I just love it, and every day i like to experiment new techniques because i love design in every form.

Cheers :)

Photoshop is not only a medium of expression — it is creativity unparalleled.

Photoshop allows me to show the real me to the world

Photoshop affords me the ability to creative and to care for my family by selling my creations.

Before photoshop (and illustrator, but I’ll have to wait until you do another give-away for that one) I was some punk kid with a pencil, once photoshop (illustrator) came unto me, my rebirth of creativity had begun! Where would I be without it? Who really knows. But I want it. I need it.

Really though, it takes my underdeveloped line art and turns it into real art. To me the pen tool just feels right.

It is my future, My Red Dress Designs…I love all the capabilities, I wouldn’t know where to start!! Thank you..

Photoshop is what started it all for me, I can still remember the first time I opened up version 4, mind = blown. It allows me to bring my creative thoughts to life in so many ways and allows me the ability to say “Yeah, I CAN do that” when the impossible is thrown at me. It’s the one of the only programs that I open EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I use photoshop to really enhance my shots it really brings out the amazing colours and light.Everyone comments on how vibrant my photos are and thats thanks to photoshop.
I do use it to pop my daughter next to a croc for her birthday card t00, which always brings a laugh.

Basically my past, my present and my future hopefully. I’d probably be homeless without learning it. Thanks for it and congrats to the team.

Photoshop is creative opportunity

Photoshop for me is my livelihood, what I’m good at, my speciality, what makes people go ‘wow’ when I show them my work, my comuter would not be complete without Photoshop.

Photoshop means a paycheck to me.

Best life plugin called photoshop

I love Photoshop because it allows me to put fourth my design skills and create Amazing websites for my customers

I use Photoshop in my classes for Web Graphics Design. I also use it for family photos, nature photos and creating graphics for my mother-in-law’s website. It’s the most awesome photo-editing-graphics-creating program I have ever used. Thank you for creating such a wonderful program!!!!!


Photoshop helps me create memories. As a photographer I love being able to take a perfect moment and create the perfect picture. Sometimes that means hours of hard work but the smiles at the end are worth it.

Photoshop is my life force! Without it, I cannot design, I cannot earn a paycheck, I cannot eat! Thank you for being there when I needed you the most!

PS is a way to be creative and productive.

Photoshop to you?” How would you define its mission? What is its purpose in your life? How do you use it?
Photoshop for me is My passion. A friend that can tell you – “You can do it!” , a mentor, to tell me how to do it, and something that can suprise you at any time with its capabilities. The mission of photoshop for me is like when somebody said that Beauty will save the world, well , Photoshop give us the means to it. The purpose for of PS in my life is my hobby, my work, my passion. I use it in my everyday life for hobby, or work, for digital design, for touching pictures from my other hobby photography.
Photoshop- beauty is avalable now!

Photoshop is my tool to communicate with the rest of the world.

Photoshop provides the opportunity to easily express creativity. I love using it. As a college student, I look forward to one day being able to purchase it. :)

I love Photoshop and use it every day, along with Bridge. They are my two favorite programs! Just wish it didn’t get new releases so often…

I use photoshop alot. I have been using it since photoshop 6, massive improvements and great tools! You realise that photoshop is a great tool to help you in your work, just like the great pencil and paper :)


Photoshop for me is My passion. A friend that can tell you – “You can do it!” , a mentor, to tell me how to do it, and something that can suprise you at any time with its capabilities. The mission of photoshop for me is like when somebody said that Beauty will save the world, well , Photoshop give us the means to it. The purpose for of PS in my life is my hobby, my work, my passion. I use it in my everyday life for hobby, or work, for digital design, for touching pictures from my other hobby photography.
Photoshop- beauty is avalable now!

Lollipops and sunshine :xD

Photoshop is amazing. I learn new things every time. Brilliant!

first and formost photoshop to me is a way for me to connect with other people just like me from around the world. i can share my ideas,feelings,emotions and love of desing through my designs on photoshop. It is not only a source of income but a way of life. i use it for church for work and for just me it is a challege and allows me to always keep my mind moving and renewed. there is always something new to learn with photoshop.

Photoshop is my whole little Photography life wrapped up in 1 programme. It allows me to express all the weird and wonderful ideas that float around in my brain, it gives me a head start in my University projects and Im a little ashamed to say it has stolen a piece of heart!

Photoshop is the way I spread some love and beauty in the world.

In our office, Photoshop helps put the “Inspired” into “Inspired Marketing Strategies”… How else would we fix our clients photos & create cool effects for our ads? Not to mention the fun of photoshopping my friend’s head on a bikini model body for her birthday…

Freedom to create

Photoshop makes my world go round, from the tiniest pixel to hundreds of layers that I create to make the best artwork I can. It brings life to so many dimensions, 2D, 3D and when you make those gifs, 4D. The only limit is that of ones mind.

When I take photos of my baby daughter she is already perfect. To also make the photos perfect, I have Photoshop.

Imagination is my soul, and Photoshop is my body!

Photoshop is a tool of expression I use all of the time.

The best photography software!

photoshop help me be creative in many ways so i eat sleep breath of photoshop!!!

It means a lot to me!

Self-esteem! Makes me realise i actually am artistic….and that beautiful images can be created without an expensive camera.

Photoshop is to make Ideas be good

Photoshop is the tool that allows me to put food on the table. More importantly, it allows me to put food in my belly. :)

Photoshop is my alternative to pencil and paper. I kinda suck at art, so it means a lot to me. Come to think, It’s the only reason that I’m not lagging behind in art class.

Photoshop is my source of work!

Awesome tool 😉

It is my means to express myself via cartoons and share with the world my vision of how things should be.

For me, it’s a gate to a world where everything is possible. To sum it in a short sentence, it would have to be “discover and create” or “make it happen”, because the images I can create with Photoshop can express my every emotion and allow me to fix or build anew anything I lack in real life.

the first program I open in the morning and the tool that allows me to put food on the table.

It means turn dreams into reality.

A trustworthy friend.

Photoshop is a hobby, a love, a passion, an expression, an extension, a way of life!

Love using the software to retouch photos; create logos, banners, websites


Photoshop means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For me, I will define photoshop as my book. A book that has many things to study and to learn and gives future in our lives.

Photoshop is a wonderful tool for creatively expressing myself!

Photoshop enables me to express my self.

Photoshop is crucial in my web work. Nothing can really replace Photoshop, unlike my text editors.

Lots of late nights but lots of fun too 😉

It is my daily used toolbox.

What does Photoshop mean to me? It’s the place where my imagination goes to play. It’s the backbone of just about everything I do! It helps me release my creativity, have fun, and provide for my family! It is the most important tool in my arsenal! I feel very privileged to even own my copy. Thank you Adobe for making the lives of 3D artists and designers everywhere a little easier.

Photoshop is my old buddy ..and my new friend :)

If my imagination were a room, Photoshop would be the window letting in the light that illuminates my ideas.

I have never actually owned Photoshop, but its curious that I have used it as a professional tool in most if not all of my contracting gigs within the last 4 years.

Photoshop is a program that is transcendent, no matter where you are, on any device, this program is an extension of you.

What is important about good design? Good design isn’t obtrusive, it helps/empowers us in a way that we can truly feel connected to our environment; and that you are empowering ourselves with our own experiences, ideas, and finesse.

Photoshop is just that good!

A Living.

it helps make a differnce

Photoshop is as routine as drinking my morning Mt. Dew! I use it in my web design work, in my document archiving and just as a way to tweak my personal photos and have fun. Photoshop is ingrained in my daily work flow to the point where I would not know how I would deal without it. Thanks for a great tool, that is only limited by my imagination.

I have been using Photoshop since version 1. I’m now retired and using CS3, because I can’t afford to go higher. It would mean so much to me to be able to continue using this fabulous software as time inexorably marches on.
A truly big fan of PS.
Thanks for this opportunity.

expressing myself through my work and a way of making my mark on the digital world

Photoshop is a reminder that I can create anything imaginable. It allows me to express my feelings through art and color. I use Photoshop Elements (and many, many layers) to recreate my dreams so I can share the with the world. Such beauty shouldn’t be kept to myself.

An integral part to creating the worth of a 1,000 words…

Ability! PS gives me the ability to show people my vision of the world the way I think it should look.

Photoshop is image editing, light-bending nirvana!

Photoshop is the sharpest tool in my shed.

Photoshop is a tool that lets me get paid to play.

Photoshop is to me a reminder that little adjustments can make a HUGE difference. Just like in life, those small changes can make a difference!

Adobe Photoshop is like… my magic wand… with it any kind of design/edit is possible =)

Is a space where i lost myself, is a new world. I love it.

Photoshop: your imagination, captured.

Photoshop is a canvas that knows no bounds. When I use it with my Wacom, I can illustrate anything I can think of.

Adobe Photoshop are the colours of my life

Photoshop to me means a future of young individuals, with dreams of starting their own business.

I use Photoshop CS4 and to me It’s the software of the future but now.

Photoshop allows me to do what I love for a living.

if i can dream it, i can photoshopped it ñ_ñ

Photoshop is the only thing that gives life to my emotions, transforming them into a wonderful work of art !

Photoshop can take your sorrow, creating beautifull layers from it, and in the end gives back happiness!

PS makes my pictures perfect 😛

As a senior in high school soon going on to an art school, Photoshop means everything to me. It is a portal connected directly into the odd little worlds in my head. It allows me to express my self and get my ideas out there for the world to see. Even when making physical art it is the best tool to start planning and creating leading to the start of something great.

I am just 18 when I found out Photoshop and my lifestyle has changed a lot after I first used it. Photoshop became my training ground in improving my skills with digital art. It gave me an idea on future possibilities of what I can be!!!
Editing photos creatively using Photoshop has brought back my real passion- ARTS!!
Endless ideas came across my mind and made me feel like I am creating a world of mine!!! Photoshop means so much to me that there would be no day that I am using it, and whenever I am not at home, I would think of things I can do with Photoshop. My heart is for the arts and Photoshop has been my blood that circulates in my body.

With Just One Click, You Can Change The Course Of Time.

Everything I have ever heard about Photo Software, Adobe Photoshop is always mentioned in the hightest reguard. I have Elements 6 and am amazed at all the wonderful things it does, I can only imagine the possiblities that I could have with PS-CS5. Great product!

Photoshop is what I use to make mockups of websites, since I forget I should be using Fireworks.

I’m a fanatic!!! Discovered photoshop 6 or 7 yrs ago, and have not stopped since. My 5 yr old son plays on the wacom and photoshop daily. Who needs tv when you have adobe.

As a graphic designer and digital artist I have been using Photoshop every single day since Photoshop 2 back in the 90’s.

As a web developer we require the use of photoshop on a daily basis for the way our designers send us graphics to implement into our web projects. We also use it when we are developing apps for iOS devices. If not for photoshop, our job and the job of our amazing designers would be lost and the time it would take to duplicate the same results would be astronomical. Thanks for a great product and a productive tool! Now if we only had an iPad to test our apps on using the photoshop software…

Photoshop in the beginning for me was sooo overwhelming, but as I grew as a designer photoshop grew with me…allowing me to open up more of it’s secrets and inherently doing what I needed it to.

To me it means the removing the word “can’t” from my graphic and design vocabulary and replacing it with “can”. Thank you Photoshop for being there for me with your amazing tools and capabilities and allowing all of us digital designers to create and be creative.

Continue to change and evolve and we will evolve with you!

EVERYTHING! Not only did Photoshop get me through my Masters program, it has gotten improved my photography, allowed me to excel at my daily job and given me side jobs to earn extra income.

Photoshop is definitely a hard working member of my family!

Photoshop has been my growing up companion. My childhood friend, my diary, my confident. When words cannot express how I feel, when feelings are not enough, I trust Him. I let Him be my right hand, my blind heart. And with every stroke, with every hint of color, I am free. I become one with my art, I can EXPRESS myself, without telling you the story, without telling them the motives. Photoshop is a piece of art, that We can acquire and mold to our likings. As I grow up, and see the steps I’ve taken, how I’ve succeeded and how I have fallen too, Photoshop is there recording those moments. If I were legally diagnosed with an addiction it would be Adobe.

Photoshop means never having to stress out about red eye.

Photoshop transforms creativity into perfect pixels!
… this is what it means to me.

Photoshop is what I use everyday in order for me to survive. AS someone who is dealing with having to deal with editing visual content I am using Photoshop more than any other program I have. Without Photoshop I don’t know what I would do…

I just like photoshop. Since childhood I wanted to deal with graphic, Gimp make my dreams real, and photoshop’ll be crown of my dreams 😀

What is Photoshop to you?: To sum up Photoshop in a mere couple sentences seems all too kind. It means many things to many people, but to me it signifies a collaboration of effort from a team of engineers / programmers who make it possible for all of us designers to make the impossible, possible… to create what isn’t there, there… in a basic sense, to have a valuable tool in a game creativity.

How would you define its mission?: Defining the mission of Photoshop is like defining the mission of well balanced human being. Is it to be kind, to help others in need, to educate? Probably all of the above. Photoshop’s mission is to wow it’s users, clients and everybody under the sun with it’s vast capabilities be it the occasional user, beginner or seasoned professional. I have found no end in sight to what it can really accomplish.

What is its purpose in your life?: In my everyday use, Photoshop serves the purpose of speeding up and completing tasks that would otherwise be impossible without it. I have impressed many clients, employers and myself with what it can do. It has landed my jobs, promotions, and even put smiles on someone’s face when they needed something done in a hurry.

How do you use it?: With as much RAM as possible of course! My use of the program has been for both personal and professional. I use it for in-depth color correction. I use it to remove an unwanted persons. I’ve used it sell a car. I use it for packaging. I use it to make something invisible. so whether it’s adjustment layers, custom brushes, filters or curves, I use Photoshop for what it’s intended for… to WOW others.

Photoshop is one of the many ‘standard’ creation tools I keep on hand. I keep it in my bag of tricks, right next to paper, pencils and imagination. It has grown up with me, and honestly it’s been exciting to watch us both expand our capabilities over the years.

The statement that describes Photoshop to me best is just one word, “Create.” It allows me to Create anything and everything I could ever want, there are no limits to what I can do thanks to the best digital world tool around. Photoshop, It allows me to Create.

Is a lot of fun!!!! :)

Is like playing God without being excommunicated O:)

Both my Wife and Son are going to school to get their Art Major, The Wife wants to be an Art teacher and our Son is a very good comic artist and can draw just about anything. Having an Ipad and Photoshop would be a great tool for them to share and enhance their artistic skills.
Photoshop means imaginative creativity driven by an incredible passion for self expression through your computer.

Photoshop allows me to try new things without being affraid of ruining a canvas I can restructure a painting anyway I choose without purchasing more paint or cleaning my paintbrushes. I can be bold and unninhibited in my art it also allows me to add dynamic elements I wouldn’t normally be able to add to my artwork without photoshop. I feel as though the world would be a different place without this software and artists would not be able to create art that exceeds even thier own imagination. Thank you photoshop!

Photoshop has shown me that I am able to express my creativity in many ways. It’s all I want to do, is design and create beautiful things.

Congratulations on the 2 million mark. What an awesome achievement. Also thank you for a chance at a couple of really awesome giveaways.

Photoshop is and always be the standard.

Photoshop makes me look good.

Photoshop is the best girlfriend I ever had. Simple as that. PS always know how to help me to understand my own ideas, never excuse itself with an unexpected headache, and to dine with its parents is never neccesary. What more could I want?

Photoshop is the new reality.

Photoshop is my life. In and out of work. LOVE…

I use it sometimes at work :)
Photoshop is my hobby 😀

I bought my first copy of Photoshop for an internship at an advertising agency when I was in high school. I took the internship because I didn’t want to spend the summer doing the same carpentry I’d done the year before. I knew nothing about the program other than I needed it to get into the internship and it was great for swapping heads in photos around, hilarious stuff. (Hey, I was in high school…)

11 years later, I have Photoshop open here at work and I don’t go more than a day or two without creating something new. Photoshop opened up a career path I didn’t expect to take, one I didn’t even realize was an option, and I can’t imagine doing anything else now.

Unleashes my creative spirit.

PS is the hands of my visions. Extension of my thoughts. True reality.

Photoshop is the underlining piece to actually understanding where i am going in my life. After a few years of going from job to job photoshop has always been there to finally get on and do what i have always wanted to do. if it wasn’t for photoshop i wouldn’t be trying to set up my own business and would have even got into my uni course. at 22 i have finally found a program to be proud i can use.

photoshop means that I can send a unique birthday card to each one of my family members every year.

To me, Photoshop is the ability to express my imagination without limitation.

Photoshop is to me the light fantastic, the far side of the moon, and the imagination to be unleashed.

ideas come to life. It’s my swiss army knife. Ps made things come true for me I once only dreamed of. You have all these very dedicated intelligent minds making magic everday so the rest of us can do the same. We’ve all become very used to being able to “photoshop” something or create something in photoshop, but it truly is magic to the infinitum power to me.

Hi there,

Photoshop helps me to stay in life.
It is helping me to gain money for my family.

It is digital freedom.

Photoshop makes photos more beautiful and it’s a place where I can live my creativity.

My tool of everyday work, tool that makes money for me and I can do other things thanks to it :)

Photoshop is an extension of me. Without it I couldn’t be who I am.

Photoshop is an essential gear in my photography arsenal. It elevates the grounds of my artistic imagination into the best expressive gamut of ideas that i can fathom. I don’t think I can live without my CS4.

Photoshop defination to me is “SHOP YOUR PHOTOS AS YOU LIKE”

Photoshop completes a picture. When it come to editing, no other softwares come closer to it you can get all the options in one software this is “ADOBES” Best software which i have used in pixel works. Whenever i see a picture not going in to my vision i’ll bring it in photoshop and edit. This software not only help to Designers, Photographers but also to a students. In this software we can show so much creativity. Commenting on this software will never end so thanks to Adobe for giving this software to “THE WORLD OF CREATIVITY”
Thanks alot!

It mean’s how can you draw your mind

Photoshop is how I turn my dreams into reality.

Photoshop is a way for me to stretch my creativity, and expand my knowledge.

Visual Awesomeness.

Photoshop and my hands and vision to shape worlds and dreams
with creativity!

everybody is an artist with photoshop.

Photoshop is…the unlocking of the human imaginaton and the creation of something amazing that otherwise could not be done!

Photoshops the best program out there :)

Photoshop is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way for me to make as many artworks without having to worry about the cost of materials.

HOPE. It’s hope for me.
I need it to restart my business which I shut 22 years ago to raise children.
Circumstances now dictate that I quickly find a way to support us all.

Photoshop has been a part of my live for almost 6 years now and helped me to simply build a way for me to bring my foolish image Ideas to screen, paper and also to life. It’s not just something i work with everyday, its also a chance to picture the things within my mind, so that everyone can see exactly my point of view. Photoshop has alwyas been a possibility for me to build my skills and along with it a way to express my creative thoughts.


I haven’t quite figured out all of the superb features of Photoshop yet, there are so many.

Photoshop does everything bar make the coffee, or does it…

Photoshop is both my livelihood and my daily creative outlet. I use it for work and I use it for fun. I learn something new with Photoshop every day!

Photoshop is the imaginative combination of dreams and imagination for those who believes in transformation.

The light in my life.

Photoshop is just like a living room for me :-)

Eat, sleep, Photoshop.

I’m still learning it, but I already LOVE it!

Is the devil but I have simpathy for the devil

Photoshop constantly reminds that we live in a world where we are blessed with the power to create anything we like.

I want CS 5 and iPad.

Photoshop what I use to start bringing websites to life.

I use photoshop from version 1 or 2 i really dont remember (circa 1988), but right now its like my first place to look, before do nothing.
I really wish you a happy anniversary.

Regards from Patagonia Argentina.

My weapon of choice

Photoshop is to me something I could not be without. Its my survival. Its my job. It means work for me. It allows me to create what I am unable to create without.

As one person had mentioned, “it’s my digital oxygen”, it couldn’t be said any better.

Thank you Photoshop, for being everything you are and have become. You’ve definitely exceeded my expectations and as we can clearly see in these comments, hundreds, thousands, if not more would agree as well.

Thanks for your contribution to this worldwide community!

Photoshop lets you mentally project consciousness on to canvas.

For me, Photoshop is the difference between professional and amateur.
No matter how good the other alternatives get, Photoshop is invariably one step (or several) ahead.. :)

Photoshop is Gandalf’s Staff.

Photoshop is way to expensive software for way to many purposes

Basically, Photoshop saves me from selling t-shirts on I-Drive or some other terrible job.

An all encompassing essential tool in design. I could work in this product alone if i needed to!

Photoshop to me opened the door to creativity that I always had longed for as a child. To be able to make things the way I wanted. It made me work just for fun. It made me eager to take pictures just so I could work with them on my computer, and confident enough to make it a part of my daytime job. Photoshop both motivates me to experiment as well as it makes my ideas possible. And there is always new things to learn. Never gets boring.

What is Photoshop to me? …the opportunity to create everything I wan’t.

Photoshop is my huge passion and I would like very, very, very much to transform it into my work.

Photoshop application is something similar to lightsaber which one is used by Jedi Fighters, also I can tell that I can use photoshop as a tool like a Bob The Builder who is using his screwdiver.

I would prefer to get 2 things from you, So i can have my own lightsaber on iPad, and tool to work on my computer :)

photoshop is everything to me
photoshop show me the creative inside me

Photoshop is a dream catcher, it makes it real. A friend of mine told me about photoshop a while ago (CS2) and since then it totally changed my life, it gave me the opportunity to make a career, being a successful webdesigner and of course many thanks to Illustrator and Dreamwaver. Easy, fun and an inspiration for many of us. ~ Imagine a world without Photoshop, impossible. ¬

Photoshop means happier clients to me :)

Photoshop opens up unlimited opportunities to express your creativity.

since Photoshop was just photoshop, no number next to it,
it was: sleepless nights. my bread, my friend.
every day for the last …. so many years

I use photoshop for work and home. It is my main creative tool and I would be lost without it!

A playground for my visions and ideal to come alive. It has always been apart of my greatest memories as a graphic designer in both college as well as now.

Photoshop is my life. Without Photoshop I would be nowhere.

The best there is to work on pictures. Nothing can come close ….

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t open Photoshop. I use it everyday for graphic design work and just having fun.

Graphic design without limits …

As I said in a college presentation “Photoshop allows me to merge images from the past and images from the persent, to create a visual future”

It means passion, pleasure, income, and a hobby.

Creations of what I cannot see in the real world that’s what photoshop means and do for me! :) love it!

For me, Photoshop it’s the best way to win some money and have some fun while I do my job! Thanks Adobe!

Photoshop is the most important digital planning tool I know.

Photoshop has been program number one in my entire 20 years as a graphic artist!

So what is Photoshop to me? In my chosen career, Photoshop IS me!

Photoshop is a constant source of learning, inspiration and satisfaction.

I’ve been using Photoshop since v2.0 and it has made me look at the world in a different way. A truly amazing program that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on for the past 20 years.

paint the world

It means working with my family’s pictures. It means getting things done at work.

Photoshop = “Create Your Vision.”

PhotoShop rocks! it allows me to correct my artwork and photos in a timely manner and expands my artistic capabilities to far beyond reality.

Photoshop means WIN. Epic WIN. Love painting in it. Its my #1 tool for world building.

Photoshop allows me to make special cards for my family during holidays. I search for tutorials that will make interesting and creative designs, and then I use photoshop to make a card that will be unique and memorable. Photoshop lets me show my love for my family in an artistic way.

it brings creativity to my normally technical and boring job. it brings excitement to my personal projects.


Photoshop lets me design the images that otherwsie I only dream of.

My playground.

said plainly – Photoshop is a tool which lets me be as creative as I want… it makes my work so much easy, fast and fluid… can’t imagine myself working without it… cheers…!!!

Photoshop is my college education, my profession, my daily lifeblood, and the way I see the world. Photoshop means opening up my brain and pouring my imagination onto a computer screen.

Photoshop helps me create a better reality.

Photoshop is inspiration. I will get ideas and go to Photoshop to see what happens, and always am developing them as I go. I love Photoshop and how it makes my ideas flow so easily. User friendly and exciting. I feel I’m always learning and growing as an artist with Photoshop. It’s magical!

Photoshop helps me create new and interesting ways to educate our children online.

Creativity. Amazement. The world of art and imagination at your finger tips.

Over the years I’ve watched Adobe products grow and become more powerful, while providing an excellent way for people to express their ideas in so many wonderful ways. Whether through personal art, business designs, or enhancing photography, Photoshop has helped with these tasks and more. For me it has worked wonders to bring thoughts and dreams to reality on a beautiful canvas, like words to a poem or story. And with my growing need for such tools, I always come back to Adobe.

PS is the conduit that turns my ideas into pixels, and inspires new creativity along the way.


Hi Adobe!

Photoshop means my life to me as I’m using it everyday!

Thanks for creating this amazing product and i hope you guys can swing me a copy and a ipad2, it would mean a dream come true… as i am using CS3 at the moment, and cannot afford CS5 and always have dreamed of having one of these also.

I am a multimedia developer 20 years of age with great ambition for multimedia and Photoshops especially.

All the best

Kind regard

Keelan Brettner

I wouldn’t be able to do anything without the greatest program on the planet – Photoshop.

I’ve been using PhotoShop since Adobe PhotoShop 7, it brings my ideas to life and I can spend years at PhotoShop and I still haven’t learned anything about it! Thank you Adobe for producing a great application


Photoshop: It makes stuff (pretty).

PS is my creative outlet and what I use to enhance people’s memories … and to feed my family from the art I create with it!

I use Photoshop daily at work and on all my projects at home. It the best tool I have in my design arsenal.

To me Photoshop is truly an exquisite means to channel my creativity, with potentially limitless possibilities. It is also a great deal of fun to use; always rewarding; and probably the father of my 2nd youngest child (paternity tests pending). I love you, Photoshop, don’t ever leave me!

Photoshop is to me what water is to fishes…

i use photoshop either to turn ordinary pictures into stuff people just dream of or to take the stuff i draw on paper and push the limit with them.

Photoshop is just a tool!

It is not only a program that helps you a lot in design, it’s a new world where you can make it step by step, and if you like it, you continue, if not, you make it again and again until your world it’d now PHOTOSHOP!
Greetings from Spain. Remember small pices can create a entire world where you are the king, and Photoshop helps you to do it 😉

Photoshop is like a mailman. Only Photoshop does not take holidays and delivers every day.

Photoshop has transformed my art skills. Since learning it in 2005, it has been a major impact on my entire life. I was able to get into a top university, compete in business competitions and get a step further in life. I was even able to teach it to another inner city youth, and boy has he become addicted. TO THE MAKERS OF PHOTOSHOP, I THANK YOU, YOUR IMPACT ON MY LIFE CANT BE EXPLAINED IN WORDS.

Photoshop is my digital canvas where my creativity loves to flow

Photoshop helps me to create gifts for my friends and showcases my family photo’s. I also use it to repair my old family photos from generations gone by. I love Photoshop!

Its like asking a fish the meaning of water in their life.

I run a photo studio with other services like card designing, Identity Card manufacturing

photoshop is a path to unlimited enlightenment

Inspiration, innovation and creation :)

Photoshop is addictive ’cause it’s such a BLAST!! Who needs gaming when you’ve got Photoshop???

Photoshop is the perfect weapon to conquer the world of web

Photoshop lets me be a one man army!!! Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and Encore!

Photoshop has helped me in so many ways from wireframes to button creation. Thank you for providing such an amazing and dynamic graphics platform!

Photoshop’s probably one of mankind’s greatest inventions. Imagine a world without it… nope, can’t picture it!

Photoshop makes me a god in the eyes of my clients and frees me from my own creative constraints. If you can imagine it you can create it…daunting and inspiring all at once.

Photoshop is my mom…

My tool of inspiration and creativity. From which all creative possibilities are realized! Thank you for such an awesome piece of software!

I have a passion for pixel-perfect web design… Photoshop is the only tool for the job!

PHOTOSHOP or nothing, the best photo editing tool created in the history of man!

Photoshop means getting the creative things i need to get done without being bogged down by technical limitations…also it’s a ton of fun.

Photoshop is the extension of my brain in my wildest imagination :)

Endless possibilities being able to bring forth whatever my imagination brings up and being able to show how my in world is like

Photoshop, to me, is a tool. It doesn’t make the art, it helps extract that art from my brain to my hands, to the screen and then onto print or the web. It is the ULTIMATE tool and resource for most people on the planet! Thank You Photoshop and Thank You Adobe!

Yeah, thanks Adobe, for giving me an awesome tool
to earn my coffe money :)

I may be not really creative on this one, but Photoshop just made my life colorful. Before CS2 trial I’ve been a guy with no real skills or interest in art and things like that. But then I’ve found it really enjoyable because every little thing I’ve created was mine and only mine. I’ve become master over my ideas, and Photoshop made them to pop out of my head just like that:). I’m reeeeaaaaaally thankful for Photoshop – Thank you very much Adobe team!

Photoshop gives me something that life often doesn’t–a second chance to repair mistakes!

Photoshop is my life…. I can sit down at the computer, open Photoshop and not even realize 4-5 hours has passed. I get so sucked into everything I can do that I don’t notice time slipping away. Kudos to Adobe. Photoshop is my way of life!

To me, Photoshop means that I can do anything or make anything I want. It means I can use it to fuel my creativity.

Art of living for me……:)

Photoshop is everything…… 0_0 except God of course

Photoshop is the way I express myself, it is my philosophy for creativity and a visual science.

Photoshop is my everyday tool. I use it for extraction, photo retouching, composition and for motion design. Without it, there is no replacement.

To me, Photoshop is a reminder that every bit of learning, practice, and discovery can push the limits of visual art and design. Every day, it becomes easier to create the images we keep in our minds.

As a beginner, its inspire me to be creative and telling me that there is no impossible. It’s my therapy…

Photoshop is the means by which I’m able to spread my organization’s message effectively. It doesn’t make the message more important; it makes it more manageable, more inviting, more inspiring & more tangible.

Photoshop IS your mind’s eye………….

Photoshop has helped me see and create my vision in the photos I take. It helps to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Photoshop means i can do my job. And show the world what i saw, even when i make mistakes with the camera.

Since I found PS two years ago I have given up TV and other stuff so that I can spend hours each day on my new passion. I am self taught like many others and my skills grow daily. I love following tutorials in the ‘Advanced Photoshop’ magazine even if the work is not in my genre because it improves my skills and widens my horizons. With all these skills and a fabulous PS app on hand I am always ready to turn my inspiration, when it comes, into reality.

The process is sheer magic.

Photoshop helps make weddings remembered as they were intended.

Photoshop: the power to create.

Photoshop is another art media for me, and its potential is boundless. I’ve been amazed at how much inspiration I get from seeing what others create with this media from the ultra-real to surreal. I used to be more of an Illustrator fan, and I also paint on canvas, but lately I’m exploring new illustration techniques using Photoshop and I’m using the same painting techniques that I’d use with real paints and brushes in Photoshop. My creativity and artistic drive has never been higher, and in part, it’s because I’ve been seeing a lot of amazing things being done digitally, and I want to keep creating new stuff too.

Ps is my livelihood – like a Pandora box that has so much to offer.

Photoshop is my world of creativity, only limited by my imagination.
It makes me wish the Ctrl-Z for the real world.

Photoshop is like food to me! Can’t live without it!

Freedom. Creativity. Fun.

Photoshop is my bread and butter, Photoshop is my box cutter to think outside the box, Photoshop is my imagination coming to reality, but more importantly Photoshop is my life.

I have used Photoshop everyday physically possible from when I first fell in love with it in highschool in 2003. I now, in-part, owe my success as a Graphic Designer to the fine folks at Adobe who have given me the tool(s) to fully develop my ideas as a professional creative. A thousand Thank-Yous, Adobe!

Photoshop is the only real answer to the constant demand for aestethical and artistic perfection of the current generation.

An instrument of the mind in the hands of artists that makes it possible for many more talents to live, grow and breathe off their craft.

Photoshop | The greatest tool for the digital artist

Unleashed imagination.

Photoshop allows me to inspire other and express myself

Photoshop is essential. It would be impossible to do all of the different things I do in Photoshop with any other program.

Photoshop is a gateway between the cold, unforgiving world of photography and the make believe world of published images.

Photoshop is the only tool to finish my work.

I use photoshop everyday… With each new version it has made my daily task easier. I love being able to retouch photos and digital paint all in the matter of hours instead of days or weeks.

Photoshop is part of my life in so many ways. I use it for both work and play because it helps me be as creative as I can possibly be and then some. It’s amazing how it has grown over the years to be a tool not only for the professional graphic designer developing artwork to be featured in a large billboard but also the everyday Joe that is looking to spruce up his wedding pictures for his upcoming anniversary.

Photoshop has taken me from aimless and unsure of myself to someone who knows who they are and what they want to do with their life.

Photoshop, simply put, is a dream crafter. It allows me to craft powerful, arresting imagery and reminds me that if I can dream it, it can be done.

Photoshop is a Sorcerer. It makes everything possible.

I use it to make my photographs look like what my eye saw rather than what the camera managed to capture – without it my world would look so much duller.

With Photoshop my girlfriend looks prettier

Someone much wiser than me said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci. That’s how I feel about Photoshop.

Photoshop is a forgiver.
Photoshop gives me a second chance to correct my mistakes.

Without Photoshop, I wouldn’t have a job – but more importantly, it would be so much harder to follow my passion. The things you have made possible are simply amazing.

Photoshop is the best editing software I have tried. It is the tool I use for all my work


Picture perfect.

I think Photoshop is a window that makes it possible to see the physical concentration of your thoughts and a door that makes you able to enter and move around the worlds you created.

I really just want to take a moment to let Adobe know how much Photoshop has meant to me over the years. I first started using Photoshop while in college. Slowly, I became more comfortable with the program until it really became second nature. My skills in Photoshop have helped since then land my first job, design websites, and professionally edit photos for my side business. Simply put, where would any painter be without their brushes and tools? I really just want to say thanks to everyone at Adobe. Your product has really opened a lot of doors for me and it wouldn’t have been possible without Photoshop.

I love being able to paint without the mess!

Photoshop is a tool that communicates my thoughts into a physical thing. It’s amazing.

Photoshop is the icing on Lightroom’s cake!

Photoshop is where it starts and where it ends, it’s where I do my thinking.

It makes my beautiful, precious grammybabies PERFECT!! Thanks~~~~~

Photoshop is the perfection to my imperfections. The hand that creates my dreams!

Thank you photoshop for such an expressive product!

Photoshop: Digital Visual Bliss.

Photoshop means I can take “client supplied art” and make it into something useful within the ridiculous deadline demanded.

Photoshop is the link between my ideas, my thoughts and my reality. It’s also my hammer, my screwdriver, my nail. It let me share my knowledge with my alumni and keep my designs going.

Photoshop is me! My toughts, my actions, my passions. ME!

Photoshop’s my reminder that I still have so much to learn.

If it wasn’t for Photoshop, I wouldn’t be able to do my job correctly. I wish I can work remotely with having the Mac version for my macbook!

Photoshop is my creativity unleashed.

Photoshop means I can do it.

My play, my teacher, my expression, my joy, my fun! I love, love, love, Photoshop!

Thanks Photoshop, I finally see what lateral thinking means.

Photoshop is an extension of my brain. I have used it so long that I really only need to “think” something, and I know it can happen.

Photoshop like reality for dream , dream for real .
Pixel By Pixel Because Perfect Design in Details

Photoshop makes my life easier.

When i discover PS i love it!! It’s my life, i love designs and play with the picture, the bridge is a beautiful way to see all mi pic in my computer and transfer it to PS, quickly and easy.
I love create with my tablet on PS, it’s great, i can designs all my magic world and express myselft, my ideas and capture every single moment of my family in a magic expresions that i see forever.
Simply I Love PS!!!;)

Photoshop helps to save the day

Through photoshop I have learnt new ways on how to entertain and help people in a way such that I’m also having a great time. One of the best programs ever created! Thanks Adobe crew!

Photoshop is the key i use to unleash my imagination on the world.

Photoshop enabled me to continue my 40+ years career by giving me the tools to stay current and pursue my creativity without having my hands in chemicals. I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and a debate lingers on about the effect photo chemistry might have had. Thanks for extending my love, photography.

Photoshop opened up so many opportunities for me. The 1st time I ever opened up Photoshop was almost a decade ago, then it was all about being able to make artwork on a computer. I was amazed that I could put my creativity into a machine and it be translated into something in Photoshop. Fast forward to 2011 and I make a living using Photoshop on a daily basis. Photoshop has made it possible to work with one of my all time hip-hop artists, as well as work closely with some of my hometown businesses to recreate their brands and better there business. I’ve loved every moment I’ve spent using Photoshop, and without I wouldn’t be the person I am now. Thanks for everything Adobe & the Photoshop team! Love you guys! lol

– Eric “WizKid” Odom

Photoshop is my livelihood. I spend most of my working hours in Photoshop creating designs for everything!

In my personal life, Photoshop is my go to resource for my work in photography as well as anything I like to experiment with to exercise my creative side.

I really wouldn’t know how to survive without Photoshop.

I’ve used photoshop since I was 15.. I use it to a lot of things, photomanipukations, small editing work for pictures, painting, drawing, graphic designs for poster, web sites, text/font designs, etc. it’s amazing. I also use other adobe programmes as premiere, indesign, audition, soundbooth, aftereffects, dreamweaver and flash. I’d like to learn illustrator though, just never come that far.

Photoshop is my way to escape reality.

Photoshop allows me to take people’s ideas and turn them into beautiful art. I use it every day.

Photoshop is like my radar detector. It saves me from messing up terribly on a photo but also allows me to let loose when I’m not worried about breaking the rules. It’s helps me take my photographs to the next level. I wouldn’t be without it!

Photoshop is simply the most brilliant tool of all time.

I have been using Photoshop since 2003 and it has continued to blow my expectations of what is possible through this software. I use Photoshop on a regular basis both in my job and recreation. Thanks you for making just a great product

great!!!! Photoshop is one of the most important tools and very usefull in all the fields, print, web, video, 3D just amaizing i hope you still inspiring more and more generations.


Photoshop speaks to my creative mind, and gives me the tools to get the job done for my business mind.

My neverending story…

Photo shop to me is my stress reliever, it’s always running on my computer, cause I’m always using it, my love for design and architecture finally van easily be expressed using it. Work no longer is considered work when I’m on photoshop because I’m bettering my plethora of skills and doing what I love all at once , thank you adobe !!

Photoshop is so cool it’s a noun and a verb!

Photoshop is my pathway from sketch to screen. I’ve always loved drawing and Photoshop lets me translate art to a digital medium.

Using photoshop is like a romantice love-hate relationship. You’re eager to use it to spray those pixels on the canvas, making it brighter, sharper, more stunning with each stroke.
Then you reconsider… and realize how the world around you has fallen apart and is in continuos demanding need of designers, making it a better place!
Thank you Adobe…

I use PS for many photography and web editing creations…

It got me a job!

Pick me !

Photoshop to me is real life. It is the tool that I can use to do anything an that makes me happy!

Some people say that photoshop is just a tool in design world, but to me its an endless pool of inspiration and limitless discoveries

Photoshop is my eyes to see the beauty & my hand to add the touch to this beauty & i surprise when i know this beauty is a photoshop

The Essence of Life… Therefore I Am God of the Digital Universe!

Photoshop means sharing not only what I saw, but the way I saw it and how it made me feel. Thanks guys you have made something great.

Photoshop is my ultimate tool- the medium between me and my creative work.

Photoshop is my life. I spend about 6 hours a day using it, either editing photographs, creating website layouts, designing images, and even to just mess around! :)

Photoshop is a cornucopia of possibilities: the features enable me to enhance my images and make them better and also fix them when they need it to make them better. I always say, “Photoshop is my friend!” And it is.

Photoshop ? Photoshop is like the God of pictures.

To me, Photoshop has been the portal for people to make almost any picture they take “the perfect picture”.

And while it has spawned wannabe’s, it has only made me work harder to take “that perfect picture”, a picture that is so good that people will think it has been photoshopped when it really has not.

(plus switching faces isn’t too bad either) 😀

Photoshop is LOVE

Photoshop is breakfast, lunch and dinner… and sometimes a midnight snack.

Photoshop to me is a great learning experience! I can create, edit and modify all sorts of projects. I work with my kids enhancing projects for school, they show me tips and tricks I never knew! Great for bonding time with the kiddo’s

Photoshop is my left/right hand.


To me, Photoshop means control. It makes me feel like I can do anything, photographically-speaking.

Photoshop has brought out the artistic in me that i thought i will never have. Without it I don’t know where i will be right now.

Photoshop has enabled me to achieve my dreams and beyond. It is the tool that has allowed me to be creative and express that creativity. Thankyou so very much!

Photoshop has been a part of my life since 2002 when I first started using it at my high school. ever since then I’ve used it for graphic design, web projects, photo manipulations, texturing for 3d projects as well as a myriad of other things.

Photoshop to me is what I was born to do. From my first desktop publishing class I knew I was born to design.

Photoshop to me is my future. I’ve used it for two years now and I can’t imagine a day without it. Though I don’t have much free time, I use it every chance I get to draw. I’ve expanded my art greatly with Photoshop by digital painting and effects. I can’t believe how much it has helped me improve. It is my life and what I plan to do in my future. It has helped so many people like me create for the rest of the world. It is fun and easy to use. Everything about it, I just love it. Thank you Adobe for bringing creation, a useful tool, and a digital artist’s canvas to the world. Please keep Photoshop going!

Ps is inspiration, progression, and an enhancement to the following of my passion.

Photoshop was actually one of the first software tools that I used in high school. Fast forward to today, and I still use it almost every day at work. It’s more than just a tool — it’s the philosophy that you can make anything you can think of a visual reality.

I am a long time web designer and developer who after many years of active addiction has found sobriety and finally started an LLC. Photoshop produces undoubtedly the best images for the web. However, just starting out I am not in the financial position to procure it. Someday hopefully. Although I use GIMP and manage, this is one area where I believe (and don’t get me wrong I’m a big open-source proponent) the open-source alternative does not compare.

Photoshop is my life! It’s part of my professional family, my best professional friend and assistant.

Photoshop is my hobby.

Thank Adobe for offering this tool as very useful.

photoshop is one of the best programs ever!!!I love using this program it has made my life so much fun!!!

Everything in my life revolves around Photoshop. Whether its using it at work for graphic design or using it at home for personal projects, I’m not sure what I would do without Photoshop.

Photoshop is my go to tool for getting my ideas out of my head and into a format everyone else can understand :) it is simply essential to my everyday creativity!

Photoshop is an extension of my imagination

Photoshop makes my dream come true…. i can be an artist!!!

its a new start and a new love after starting to use it a year ago when i decided to leave a job that i hated and went back to school for visual communications

Photoshop has given me the tool to make all my imaginations into visualizations!

Photoshop is the one tool I have excelled with, both professionally and personally, One moment I can become an artist and bring dreams to light and the next be a technical genius and pull off the impossible.

Photoshop says that I can do anything and be anywhere I want to, even though I may never get there in life. I can dream everyday!!!!!!

Photoshop has changed my world!

Photoshop is the most amazing software I have ever used. There are no more limits in photography anymore! Absolutely gorgeus! Thanks for this masterpiece!

Photoshop is my vision taking shape in minutes, not hours.

Well photoshop is, is…. Let me just give you this haiku
Rich, well not me for
Photoshop is forever
Priced just out of range

However this short rhyme shows what I love.
Blemish gone. Never there. With Photoshop’s content-aware

Whether you are a photographer, an artist, a graphic designer, or just someone wanting to express their creativity, Photoshop gives you the necessary tools to express the monster that is human creativity in many different and satisfying ways.

A way you make less beautiful things look more beautiful 😉

At 60 I decided to try photography. Photoshop is a large part of my life, it lets me be diversified with my images, going from realistic florals and landscapes to whimsical art. I would’t be with out it.

Photoshop has given me the tools to unravel my creativity in ways I never thought possible.

Photoshop to me mean complete freedom. Its like hooking a printer to your head and hitting print! If you can imagine something then you can create it. Don’t know where my art and business would be with out it. Thank you adobe!

PS is the best: photo, web, …

It’s a creative outlet that has opened so many doors for me and shown me I can achieve more than I ever thought possible in photography, art and life.

the second best thing i want to spend with…after illustrator :c)

Actualize my dreams :)

Photoshop to me is freedom, my daughter’s playground, my wife’s acquired taste…
Guess what…the dog is the only that’s not using it!!!
The perfect tool!

Photoshop is a source of limitless visual power. A continually advancing platform for creation!

Banker by day – Rockstar by night
I use Photoshop every day in my regular job marketing a local credit union. I also use Photoshop extensively in promoting my burgeoning musical career designing flyers and album art, retouching photos of live performances, and now the undertaking of designing a new, fully customized webage!

Photoshop has become a means of expressing myself, creating art, fulfilling wishes, surprises for my wife, decorations for my apartment, and a way to earn money. Thank you!

Photoshop is a way of creating dreams, making them into a reality.

Photoshop is an extremely useful software, first on market with merits! 😀

My photos wouldn’t be the same without it – AMAZING!!

Photoshop means working or being unemployed.

Without Photoshop, I may have never found my purpose in life.

it helps me make the world even a little bit better. (visually at least)

Awesome software, it gives me the ability to explore, and dynamic manner enlight art. Congrats Adobe. Can’t leave with PhotoShop, don’t leave it.

Photoshop helps me open up a whole new world of creativity. And also helps me look 5 lbs. lighter in photos 😉

I just love Adobe Creative Studio. Great work and congratulations

Photoshop is a critical part of what I do. Thank you so much for an amazing product!

I came across photoshop years ago in college in a graphics class and I was truly amazed. I was able use a student version thankfully because, being a student, I couldn’t afford the full version. Life through my boyfriend a curve and I found myself spending hours and hours with him in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy, having surgeries and keeping a happy and positive outlook for him. In those wee hours when I did make it home, my mind would not settle down. That’s when I would fire up the computer and let photoshop take me away. No pain, no tears, no hospitals or tubes or needles…..just inspiration and life and love flowing out of my heart and into my creations. It gave me a smile to myself, not one I felt I had to paint on for everyone, including my boyfriend when the prognosis was grim. I never did finish that degree in graph design back then but still hope to one day. My boyfriend(husband for almost 23 years) has been cancer free for 24 years.

I still use photoshop, but in the more affordable “elements” version and I still love it as much as I did back then. Thankfully, I don’t have the stress at 50 years old that I had at 25.

What does photoshop mean to me? Photoshop was my digital friend when my family was too far away for a comforting hug. It was my silent psychologist that drew in all my feelings and placed them on it’s canvas. It never looked at it’s watch, never told me I was selfish for not wanting to let go of hope when I could see my boyfriend tired and wanting to give up. It didn’t sit in judgement at my positivity that things would be ok despite all the hopelessness I saw and felt with everyone around me. It let me create until I could keep my eyes open no longer. Thank You Photoshop. Thanks for being there. Thanks for having the avenue for me to hush the noise in my right brain and let my left brain take over for a while. I hope we get to spend many more years together.

    Sorry for the errors. I know it is threw him a curve and graphic design. I’m afraid to proof the rest. :)

Like Jack for Jill and nut for bolt, an edition of Photoshop for me, how nice that’d be..

(PS CS5’s still on my wishlist).

photoshop is the combination of my imagination and reality. it makes you see things in a different perspective. and most especially it lets you express your feelings. Photoshop is something I can’t live without.

Everything and anything can be Photoshopp ‘ed!

Photoshop is my place of work. Without him I would not be the person that I am today. Without him I would not have my girlfriend, because through him we met. Without it, nothing that surrounds me, what surrounds us, it would not be the same …

Photoshop is my main tool of work, I LOVE IT!.

Photoshop is to me a way to get those random ideas out of my head and into the world. It also gives me a way to recover images thought lost to time and bring them back vibrant and fresh.

Photoshop has become the foundation for the world of all things digital art. It is the Google of digital art. When you need to find out information, you Google it. But when you need to manipulate a picture, you Photoshop it.

Photoshop is a program of many languages. Careers are built around it all over the world. Websites are dedicated to it. There are masters and there are students.

[Queue patriotic music] To me, Photoshop means working hard to be better. It means following the trails created by the creative and growing in that process to create new trails for the next generation to follow. On our own we are limited. Photoshop unites the world to create great works.

Photoshop is where im able to make the crazy things i magine come to fruition. Its nice to be able to have such a powerful tool at my disposal.

Where anything can be everything.

Photoshop is the BEST TOOL to help me create things I want to make. Photoshop is my WORK PLACE. Photoshop is my PASSION.

Don’t ask what is Photoshop for me, ask what am I to Photoshop.*


Life is not perfect. With Photoshop, we can get near perfection.

Photoshop gets me through the work day. As a designer using Photoshop 6.0 in my cubicle, it is my creative island in a sea of outbound sales reps. It is not CS5, but it’s the same version that sparked my passion to enter the graphic design field in middle school. Photoshop means so many things. The chance to restore family photos of loved ones who have past. The courage to design websites with a print design background. The opportunity to ask questions or share a story through collage. The ability to photograph what isn’t there, but lies truly in artistic vision. Without Photoshop, we could still do these all things. However Photoshop, (along with all of the Adobe programs), serves as a think tank for exploring endless creative endeavors inside and outside the computer. Thank you. <3

What Photoshop means to me?..where do I start? It’s presenting ideas to reshape the future of’s the ad you see on your local billboard, the company logo on the huge sign at a local business, on a website, on a’s nearly every aspect of’s the primary tool that’s used to share ideas and information to the human mind.

The amount of uses from Photoshop is limitless, I can’t think of one project I’ve worked on without Photoshop in my production pipeline. I’m a digital artist, and I use Photoshop as my foundation software. It’s the alpha and omega..the “God” of creation software, for lack of a better term. It’s what I use to map ideas on a storyboard, to create textures for my artwork, and as the last tool for post-production to finalize a finished piece..not to mention it’s the primary tool I use to design websites and write my tutorials to share with the world.

If Photoshop wasn’t around, the internet and the way we do business wouldn’t exist..we wouldn’t have evolved to the level we’re at and be as informed in today’s world without it..Photoshop is ultimately the most important tool in the entertainment and media industry, and every other major business on the planet that I can think of. It’s an absolutely sensational tool, and one is only limited by their imagination when using it. The program really speaks for itself..I don’t know what I can even say about it that hasn’t already been said by someone else..countless people use this amazing software for countless reasons..there really is no limit.

Photoshop is the glue that holds our lives really means more than words can describe, not only to me, but to humanity as a whole..whether most people realize it or not. Photoshop to me, means evolution. It assures me that communication and information will constantly grow and bring a bright future to man.

– Gary Smith

Photoshop, an awesome tool for my web projects and to free our creativity !

Is like taking a vision and letting it blossom into something more

Photoshop is the major meat and potatoe to a designer that you cant find elsewhere. It’s often imitated never duplicated.

PS is my creative outlet and my vehicle for exploration.

Photoshop was the first and the most important step into my career. What more can be said?


Photoshop is my soul, for some reason it’s always in my mind attached to me. I am so used to Photoshop that where ever i go its always in my mind and i try coming up with designs by looking at random things around me that i make in Photoshop. I bring my imaginations from my mind into life and i love it.Photoshop is my future.

Thanks to Adobe team for creating the BEST software ever!!!

A way to make the world a better place for myself and others.

Photoshop is a virtual artist tool. Without it the modern artists wouldn’t be able to express their imagination and people wouldn’t be able to see them.

Photoshop is my lifeline as a designer. If I am having a tough time coming up with ideas. I always turn to photoshop and let the creativeness start to flow.

Photoshop should be included in the dictionary as a verb.

ie. “Can you ‘Photoshop’ that drunk guy out of the background of my photo”

Photoshop is a better connection between my students and I. It’s the difference between information and inspiration, recollection and revolution in thought.

Photoshop is my lifeline as a graphics artist. I use it almost every day, and its an amazing tool just let my creative juices flow.

The tool that let me give my point of view of the real world.

Photoshop is my Life!
I know it might be big words to say, but I truly can not function without – you changed my life.

I don’t see Photoshop as a application, but as a important part of my life and identity. Photoshop let’s me change the world I live in and let my ideas become reality. I only see opportunities on my digital canvas and love to spend countess hours experimenting and challenge myself to achieve greater results.

My main passion and childhood dream, was to become a cartoonist, but sadly, in 2001, I encountered an artist block which would not go away.
My passion had left me, I entered a dark stressful period and even if I kept on trying to regain my former days, I would only fall deeper.

This forced me to rethink what I wanted to become in life, as my dream to become a cartoonist had bursted. In panic I decided to take a different path in life and ended up choosing an education in advertising, as a Media Graphic Designer.

The Photoshop application was not unfamiliar for me back then, since I tried it for the first time in 1998 and used it in connection the with coloring of my drawings. But my knowledge was limited since I had only scratched the surface of the application.

My education helped me gain better knowledge, became more confident and I started to know my ways around Photoshop’s big variety of features.

Later on, I landed a job at a advertising agency, and one year after hiring me, the art directors noticed my strength with Photoshop. So from 2004, until today, I have become the “Photoshop wizard” at my workplaces, and today about 80% of my assignments involved heavy retouch and manipulation work.

I learned a lot from my work with advertising campaigns etc. mostly due to the quality of photos used. I remember disliking many of the retouch assignments I had, because of the poor quality, due to budgets and bad photo material. This forced me to figure out ways to push a photo to the limit, to achieve a good or decent result, which I’m very thankful for today. Had I not worked with these assignment, I would never have developed the skills I have today.

Today Photoshop is my main passion, a dream come true and, I say again, the most important part of my life, I can not function without it.
I’ll keep on playing, learning and creating art with the help of Photoshop. I look forward to every joyful new Photoshop upgrade, since it only makes my world of art become larger.

So big thanks to the Adobe team for creating and keep on expanding the features of Photoshop, and for becoming part of my life :-)

If you are interested, then you are more than welcome to enjoy some of my creations at my online portfolio at

Yours Sincerely

Kim S. Brockie

Photoshop can make my imagination a reality.

I’ve been using Photoshop since I started designing on a Mac at High School in 1994 and it’s been a staple tool for me ever since, first on Mac, then on PC when it was first available as a PC application!

For me, Photoshop is creation, exploration and inspiration…..

It has more function than any other program I have used and while it’s complex, it’s also intuitive and gives me the ability to make the things in my head, come alive on my screen!
Love love love it!

I’m not an artist by trade. I don’t use Photoshop for work. I’m not paid for anything I create. Still, I can’t imagine not having Photoshop. I use it every day, and most of my hardware purchases revolve around the question, “Will this help me with my Photoshop?”. Simply put, if I were only allowed one software program for the rest of my life, hands down it would be Photoshop. Its possibilities are limited only by my imagination!

photoshop is my way to express my creativity. It’s so useful for my retouching hobby !

photoshop is limitless possibility. i am always blown away by each new thing i learn, and i feel so privileged to have such an amazing tool to work with.

Photoshop makes my work clean and complete.

Photoshop turns imperfect images into dreams.

Photoshop, to me, is… Well… What isn’t Photoshop? It’s the place where I make yearbook templates for my school. It’s where I retouch my photos for both personal and non-personal reasons. It’s where I try my hand at graphic design, which I never knew I enjoyed so much. It’s a hobby; it’s there when I need it or when I need something to do.

Photoshop lets me explore my imagination and push the boundaries of reality. It has given me the ability to let others see my dreams. I can no longer imagine my life without it!

It has taken my art to a whole new level and helped me get attention from around the world.

Photoshop allows you to explore the never before seen depths of your own creativity and imagination.

I think Photoshop is a pretty cool software, it allows you to copy and paste and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Photoshop is not just a tool but an extension of the mind to let out creativity in the most effective way. It is only limited by your imagination.

Photoshop only touches mine, and it can touch you too.

Photoshop means shoot it, make it!

Its my life

I’ve used Photoshop since the second version. It’s the primary program I’ve used to make my digital concepts a reality.

All the possibilities provided by Photoshop made me so amazed that I gave up on Law and started to study design in 2 places; college and a academy ( which is an official Adobe one in my country ).

Photoshop gave me a new life, mading itself a inviolable law for me.

It’s a useful tool.

Photoshop to me like a whole new world of possibilities opened to explore, infinity of options and if you use a little creativity, you can express your feelings and likes.

Obote op puts the color back in their eyes, erases the blemishes that are no longer there and makes my photographs more real than reality.

It has been and will always be my #1 tool in my quiver for creating the best picture ever!

It’s the tool that allows me to express my love of art and to continue to get an A+ in my graphic arts class all while knowing that the sky is most definitely not the limit (because I can photoshop myself in heaven looking down on the sky). Cheers to you, Photoshop!

Photoshop is the epitome of my life. Such an advanced program deserves the title of “Godly” Photoshop is necessary for everyday living for me. I use it everyday, wherever I go. School, work and home. My relationship with Photoshop has grown as the program itself has grown, with every new advancement making me love it even more. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death,” is true to Photoshop as any day spent on it brings eternal happiness, yet with Photoshop I never usually end up with any form of sleep. Spending more hours on Photoshop than what I’ve spent at school, with a vast amount of tools, ready for me to design beautiful pieces of art. It helps me turn dreams into reality, by creating websites and providing them for clients around the world. I have a dream…. that I will create a successful business from website development, and Photoshop will be the “Gaurdian Angel” providing insight, a path, to what should be done for me to achieve this goal.

Adobe + Apple = LOVE!!!

Photoshop everyday! :)

Photoshop means the world to me. It allows me to create anything that my mind can think up, whether it be a simple poster or a burger that looks like it could bite your hand off if you tried to eat it(I actually made this in Photoshop: It is the reason I chose to become a Graphic Designer and why I went to Full Sail University. I have been using Photoshop for around 7 years now and can not imagine where or what I would be doing without it. Honestly, without Photoshop, I’d probably have a pretty uncreative life and probably be working a cashiering job for my career. Design is the only marketable skill I have and I never would have gotten that if it wasn’t for this amazing program.

So when I say Photoshop means the world to me, I mean it. It has had such an impact on my life and has helped me get to where I am today. I see Photoshop like a part of the family rather then just a piece of software on my computer. I know that may sound weird, but something that has had such an impact on my life I can’t see any other way.

From the bottom of my heart,thank you to all the wonderful people on the Photoshop team. Your work has had not only a huge impact on my life but also on the world and continues to this day. Every time you update this program, you change the design and photography world in a profound way. I can’t imagine where the world would be without you. Keep up the great work and I look forward to CS6!

If you are interested in seeing my work, check it out here:

Photoshop is the epitome of my life. Such an advanced program deserves the title of “Godly” Photoshop is necessary for everyday living for me. I use it everyday, wherever I go. School, work and home. My relationship with Photoshop has grown as the program itself has grown, with every new advancement making me love it even more. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death,” is true to Photoshop as any day spent on it brings eternal happiness, yet with Photoshop I never usually end up with any form of sleep. Spending more hours on Photoshop than what I’ve spent at school, with a vast amount of tools, ready for me to design beautiful pieces of art. It helps me turn dreams into reality, by creating websites and providing them for clients around the world. I have a dream…. that I will create a successful business from website development, and Photoshop will be the “Gaurdian Angel” providing insight, a path, to what should be done for me to achieve this goal.

Probably the best tools to express my idea

Two fantastic products, PhotoShop + Ipad definitelly a sucesfully combination.

Photoshop is my drafting table, lightbox, sketch pad and all around magic-making machine.

Photoshop is the creative part of me.. When I “photoshopin'” I feel I’m in control and I can do anything, no matter how I feel in “real life” :) It helped me vent and overcome a lot of difficult times in my life, and also brought me some great times :)

Photoshop is the epitome of my life. Such an advanced program deserves the title of “Godly” Photoshop is necessary for everyday living for me. I use it everyday, wherever I go.

Photoshop is tools that bring my imagination true my feeling and inspiration to be a beautiful creation that peoples around me come with happy when see it…Love Photoshop, make my imagination become reality …..

The software worth a thousand words.

Photoshop is “an eye-swindler tool”. 😀

…How many times I saw (and done) some things many facts can’t argue? 😀

With out photoshop I don’t know if I could make anything as fast and easy

Pure imagination…

I use Photoshop for everything! From designing websites to adding retouches to photos! Photoshop is the only program that balances such high levels of great user interface design and high functionality.

Photoshop is ‘Shoot it, Make it!’
It makes my life beautiful by transforming my imagination into reality.
I use it for my marketing career, blog & photography interest.

Photoshop gives me the tools to reflect my creative flair… Without Ps I would be in a completely different line of work!

Without fail, there is one program that I never close. Photoshop is open from on my computer from the moment I turn it on until the moment I shut it off, always in the background, always ready to conjure up whatever concoction my misfiring mind can contemplate. From the first time I pushed a pixel until this very moment, as it sits open simultaneously on my work computer and my personal laptop propped open beside it, Photoshop has seen me grow from a hobbyist to a respected professional. I am thankful to it for everything it has done for me, my career, and my life. Here’s to another 21 years, and as a parting gift:

Photoshop is one of the most important tools in my creative arsenal. I’m thankful for the opportunity to use and create with it regularly.

Photoshop allows me turn my artistic dreams into reality.

photoshop is ruling my world

I design as if I still have only 1 layer to work with. PSD=my DNA

I do Photoshop-Botox on faces that yearn to be younger.

Photoshop is the backbone of any graphics project I undertake!
I use it to retouch images, create compositions, manipulations, websites, and video effects.
I’ve tried many other options, but I always seem to come back to Photoshop :)
Long live Photoshop!!!

PS makes my dreams come alive

Photoshop was the main catalyst in achieving my Masters of Architecture. Without it I would not have been able to communicating concepts, analysis, development, and final vision for my contributions to the world.


Photoshop gave me the extra punch my pictures needed! I take senior pictures and Photoshop helped me add a modern flair to my work that is appreciated by students and parents alike.

photoshop taught me how to be me

Photoshop to me is my art medium. Its what separates me from the crowds, allows me to impress people with my art. I use it for everything, and love every minute of it.

Photoshop allows me to replicate what I see when I close my eyes. That is to say, what I can imagine I can create. What a beautiful thing.

What Photoshop means to me is security and quality in my work. It shows others my quality in work and it gives me security in knowing that I have purchased the best product available.

people might think they know well about photoshop.
but i think that they didn’t.
photoshop is like a unknown world.
we can discover the treasure out there

Photoshop means everything to me. I use it to fix minor imperfection in my pictures.

Photoshop is allows me to make any idea come to life.

Photoshop is…

The weapon my mind uses to hunt its imagination.

Photoshop – turn imagination into images

Photoshop is not just fun or work. It’s a combination, perfect. What makes each day that I need to work with him I know that I’ll do my job and I still have fun for free. Photoshop CS5 is worth using!

Jean Paiva, from Brazil.

Photoshop is a tool that is totally breathtaking

A supreme being that helps me fix any error and create life!

Photoshop is my wings. With him, I can make fly my imagination

Is my next quest

To me Photoshop is a world standard for editing photos. The latest version CS5 is even more a magic application with more of content aware features. I am so attach to Photoshop event doing simple thing must open Photoshop. It like it. Keep it going Photoshop ^^

I am only 14, but Photoshop has helped me realize what i want to do in life, i currently take a digital photography class in high school. I always look forward to that class every day. I love learning new things and i hope to continue learning as i get older. my mom knows how passionate i am about my career as a photographer and graphic designer. But she is unable to come up with the money to buy photoshop for me to use at home. Considering she is a single mom supporting 4 kids with a teachers salary. if i am chosen it would mean a lot to me.
Thank you

Photoshop is my escape.

It inspires me.

It helps support me.

It drives me.

The best image editing software money can buy!

photoshop is a digital genie, howver it grants more than 3 wishes so i can always turn my ideas into reality

Photoshop has helped me restore over 250 photographs spanning the last century. Not only does Photoshop allow me to create new memories, it helps restore those that were once thought lost…

Thanks for this opportunity, Adobe.

Photoshop lets me open a new, shiny, perfect door of creativity and manipulation.

Photoshop is my freedom…freedom to be me, freedom to edit, freedom to create and enhance! I love it!

.. that there is no spoon!! This is the Matrix :)

Photoshop allows me to make my two granddaughters (ages 2 1/2 and 4 months) even cuter than they already are.

Freaking AWESOME! That is all.

Communicates my vision

PS is a vital part of my work experience. Everyday I learn new techniques as I work on my clients project.

Give Thanks

Photoshop makes my world as colorful and beautiful as it is in my minds eye, only better!

Photoshop to me is a digital dream catcher and interpreter it take everyday images and imbues them with visual magic.

Photoshop, simply the best.

I can afford the mortgage on my new house because of Photoshop, and I can improve the photos of each new memory with it. Photoshop got me my first job, and every job I’ve ever had. It’s the best tool in my arsenal whether it’s in designing a website, touching up photos, or just making a silly internet meme.

When i started like a developer and printer,i don’t like to use photoshop,only after when i became a photographer (i’m not famous ) i appreciated,from begining for clean the images to the end for give it a particular and special effect whit all various kinds of tools.its a big inventionfor pure creative minds.For me its not for all,because not all know what mean respect the privacy of customers service.i appreciated in adobe comunity your initiative to debated in a university the various kinds of use of photoshop,surelly will be face the topic of how its important for an adobber to become a serious adobber and not use photoshop in a wrong way.thanks for this.

Photoshop makes all my projects better! I can’t work without it! I think it’s the best product ever.

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Photoshop helped me (re)discover and (re)invent myself…All left to say is pretty much thank you.

Photoshop is my super pencil of awesome.

Photoshop brings home the bacon!

When I was 15, I discovered Photoshop and it was a creative gateway for me that has only grown throughout the years.

Life without Photoshop is like Queen without Freddie…

Photoshop has helped me bring out a creative and artistic side that I didn’t know ever existed! I used to think i had no artistic ability at all because I couldn’t drawl, over the years, photoshop has made me a confident designer and a new best friend! Thanks adobe!!!

What photoshop means to me is A LOT because I am only 14 and want to hopefully be a photographer and it would help me out so much to be able to win someone like this! I have used photoshop before and I loved it! It is so easy to use, and fun! Please consider me.

Photoshop is many things: a tool to accomplish work, an opportunity to create, an ability to produce images that affect people, a way to influence, and the list goes on. I use it for all of the above.

Photoshop MEANS design.


I am able to create amazing web designs from scratch. A real test of imagination. Oh, how I enjoy using Photoshop!

Photoshop has brought about my livelihood through iterative design and allowed me to express my creativity in the most anally retentive way possible while doing so in the most time efficient manner possible.

Photoshop is the ability to turn a good photo into a great photo, making the subject feel photogenic

Photoshop makes my photos POP…:)

Photoshop is an extension of myself. It is a medium and a tool that I can use to express myself in ways that aren’t possible in physical or other digital mediums. Its also one of the most important tools that I use to support myself as a freelance webmaster.

learning and working with photoshop has been an amazing experience. more than anything, photoshop has encouraged me to continue exploring my love for art. there are so many ways to do a single thing on photoshop and I am continually trying to explore the endless possibilities with new works almost on a daily basis. photoshop has provided an artistic release from everything else has been a blessing to work with over the last 5 or so years. thanks to you all for continually creating and developing programs like this!

Im hoping that Photoshop is going to be the centre of my career as i grow. Its what i want use as my job.

Photoshop means never having bad photos, less blur, better colors and ear (horse)placement.

Photoshop has created a whole new life for me. Before I discovered it over 4 years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life. Now, I make my living as a User Interface designer that uses Photoshop every day and would not be able to live without it. Photoshop has changed my life and has introduced me to people and things that I would not have even known existed. Photoshop is essential in my workflow and one of the most important programs on my computer. I love it.

Photoshop is an indispensable tool for making my photos look fantastic!

If I could only use one graphics tool ever again, it would be Photoshop.

Photoshop is where I relax and have fun and make some pictures incredible.

Photoshop is a skeleton key that fits all the locks on the chains that keep my creativity hostage.

photoshop: it’s my palette, my tubes, my ruler, my pencils, my brushes, my water, my oil, my easel, my studio and so many more, and above all, it keeps my hands clean! photoshop is inspiration.

What I think it becomes with Photoshop as my precious tool…I love it

Photoshop is magic!

PhotoShop has made me realize that it is not only a product to use as a hobby but, also made me realize that right now almost all around us is make with photoshop. I came to the us on 2008 and i didn’t know what to do with my life after high school and when i learned english and started using photoshop i realized i can go far with it and get a opportunity in college as a graphic designer but i dont have access to photoshop at home and i live with my mom and 4 more. my mom has low income and she is unable to buy me photoshop if i win it will be great and i’ll be very thankful.

Photoshop let’s me expand ideas from my creative mind.

Photoshop to me means creativity, imagination, opportunity, education, fun… I don’t have enough words to express everything it means!! Suffice it to say I LOVE it!


PS is the way to make my imagination come to life, efficiently

To me Photoshop represents power over imagery. I truly can create anything my mind’s eye can conjure.

Photoshop is my way of expressing myself, my designs reflect who I am and my love of the web.

    Great news to ear about the new phootoshop mobie tools. i’ll buy a tablet to take advantage of these tools in my design work

I LOVE photoshop its pretty much the only program I ise to do all my editing. I appreciate it’s flexability programs have and the fact they they are ALL USER FREINDLY its breath of fresh air.

The more I use Photoshop, the more creative I become.
PS: that’s right 😉

photoshop for me .. is the way i express my imagination with no limitation,.. making all impossible things to possible..photoshop is one tool at my finger tips…

    no one can place photoshop..

Photoshop is the link between mi infinity ideas and the rest of the world

potential for everything and anything and anyone.

Photoshop is making me forget words. Like when the sun is shining, i’m looking for a drop shadow to sit under.
And when i’m getting ready for job, i’m looking for the healing brush to cover up the pimpels..

Has provided me with a living for the last 20 years…

I use photoshop when I feel like being awesome.

Photoshop helps me to express a vision of the World I see.

Photoshop is infinite, infamous, indispensable and in-all my work!

Photoshop to me means a way to show off my pictures of my family memebers.Especially my grandsons. I use it to make my pictures clearer and sometimes to crop and pull out the special parts of the shot. I make scrapbook pages with it, desktop calendars for me and family members. I think it’s mission in my life is to help me use my imagination to heights I never thought possible.
At this time I would also like to thank those that created this program and keep upgrading it to be able to do more editing of my pictures and even help me organize my collections.

Photoshop means a lot to me. Stress all day long when I come home from university, want do edit my photos and my girlfriend is asking me why i continue that after i did it all day in my design class 😀 like it :)

The Engine Of my Imagination

With Photoshop, the sky is the limit!

Photoshop is invaluable tool without real competitor.

Photoshop is my passion and my pass time. It brings in the dough as well which is always nice.

Not a day goes by when I don’t use it, I love playing with photos!

The chance to create something magical. The only software that can take my visions to creative heights.

Photoshop is my verb.
Photoshop is my personal assitant.
Photoshop is my hobby and my paycheck.
Photoshop is a blessing.

PS is just the best photo editing software out there – nothing else like it, but I can’t afford my own copy!

Photoshop is the Ultimate Photo Manipulation program. Bar none.

I love using photoshop to create beautiful photographs, and designs.

Photoshop gives me the opportunity to overhaul my designs. Photoshop completes the demand of modification and expands professionalism in just about anywhere. Photoshop is limitless and desirable.

Photoshop gives me the power and the freedom to bring what is in my imagination to life to share with others! Thank you!

A dream. :)

Photoshop is your imagination’s best friend :)