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The New Photoshop Touch Apps Are Available on the Apple App Store

Today, the highly anticipated Adobe Photoshop Touch apps – Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav – for Apple iPad are now available in the Apple App Store.

These three initial apps from Adobe were developed using the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) in order to demonstrate the potential for new interaction between Photoshop CS5 and tablet devices.

There is a FREE update available for current Photoshop CS5 owners (version 12.0.4) which allows for this new interactivity. For those who don’t own Photoshop CS5, the updated version (version 12.1) – which is now a part of Creative Suite 5.5 – will enable the Photoshop Touch app functionality.

To help you get started, I’ve created a step-by-step video to walk you through updating Photoshop CS5 to version 12.0.4, enabling Remote Connections, and connecting each of the Photoshop Touch apps to Photoshop:

Let us know what you think of the apps!

Jeffrey Tranberry
Adobe Systems, Product Manager, Chief Customer Advocate – Digital Imaging

Additional Information:

Explore for exciting ways to interact with Photoshop  using new Photoshop Touch apps

Instructions on how to install the free update for Photoshop CS5

Help Documentation for connecting Photoshop touch apps to Photoshop and using Color Lava, Eazel and Nav

Ask questions, report problems, and make feature requests at


I want these for my iPod! These are great.

thanks Jeff… as usual on the cutting edge to keep us informed!

Android please!? :)

I’ve got my keyboard and wacom what possible reason could I have to get this?
seems like another novelty app to me, and actually looks like it would get in the way if anything *Shakes head in disappointment* wasted time and money dev’ing this it seems.

    I don’t think you get it. This isn’t a new interface for photoshop. It doesn’t replace a keyboard and tablet. It’s used in conjunction with all that. How practical and useful it really is remains to be seen and I’m sure will depend on the individual using it. Looks potentially awesome. Watch the video if you haven’t already.

I am thinking of buying a PC tablet what size would I need to run Photoshop and would it be easy to use on that type of hardware

It’s awesome but is it going to be developed for Android too. I’m eager to get it!

is there talk of deveoping Adobe Illustrator apps as well? :) I like the NAV having a type of mini bridge at my finger tips will save a lot apple+tab and scroll time.

Please make these apps available for android tablets as well. Some people just don’t do Apple products, but would still like to take part in all this touching.

I don’t see Photoshop Elements mentioned? Will the Adobe Nav app for iPad connect with Elements as well as CS5?

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