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June, 2011 Archives

Photoshop and Our Impressionable Youth

As a mother of two young children, I often have thoughts of how life will affect them. What will bring them joy and what will hurt them. Will a word make them lose their confidence? Will an image cause them to question their self-esteem? The American Medical Association (AMA) adopted some new policies at its… READ MORE

DI Direct: First Photoshop Touch Apps by 3rd Party Developer Available on Apple App Store

In our quest to find, inform and support Photoshop developers who want to take advantage of the Photoshop Touch SDK, we found none more eager than Philip Andrews of Dark Glass Media. Already using Adobe‚Äôs Digital Publishing Suite to create an engaging iPad experience for DI Magazine, Philip was interested in taking his digital publications… READ MORE

The Spotlight is on You!

When we rolled out the new one year ago today, we promised to provide cool creative content and useful resources that would encourage and energize you to be as creative as possible with your images. Showcasing outstanding images and unique stories in our Spotlights section was one way we hoped to inspire you. It… READ MORE

Your Personalized Homepage on

Starting today, introduces a personalized homepage customized especially for you! Now, when you log into your account you will be greeted with your most recent pictures, your frequently used tools and updates on your friends activities. All the valuable (important) information you need to use and stay connected to your world on… READ MORE

Photoshop Exchange Celebrates Over 10,000 Submissions

Where do you go to access over 10,000 unique Photoshop presets, templates, tutorials, plug-ins and more? Visit Photoshop Exchange, the Adobe hosted website for customers who want to discover and share Photoshop content with each other. We recently crossed the 10,000th item milestone, adding 600 new submissions since January. The majority of the content is… READ MORE