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Experience “Photoshop & You” in San Francisco

We’re “popping up” in San Francisco and taking over a space near Union Square – beginning Saturday, July 23 through Saturday, August 6. Whether you’re a Photoshop junkie that wants to “geek out” with the product team, someone who thrives on art and inspiration, or if you just happen to be passing through the neighborhood…we welcome you to immerse yourself in this visual and interactive experience.

The mission is simple – to connect with all of you and provide personalized instruction, cool installations and just plain Photoshop fun. We’ve got an awning with a sign that says “Photoshop & You” because it’s your ideas, feature requests and creations that ultimately help impact product development and…our visual world.

The Experience
Whether you choose to hang out in Russell Brown’s Extreme Imaging Lab with killer laser etching, cool t-shirt screening and large format printing, ask someone from the team your burning product questions, attend one of the many learning sessions or tag along on a weekend photowalk through the city with product managers Tom Hogarty & Bryan O’Neil Hughes – there are many opportunities for you to dive in deep and experience something new every time you visit.

We’ve come up with all kinds of ways to show Photoshop in action, like an opportunity for you to book an appointment to work with a product team expert to “fix-a-photo” you bring in or have free portrait photo taken and retouched to your liking. Certainly a great perk for those who want their images to look their very best!

We’ll also have some cool Photoshop gear for sale, as well as a special 15% discount off regularly priced Adobe software. The best part? The net proceeds from the sale of Photoshop gear will go directly to Adobe Youth Voices (AYV). AYV provides breakthrough learning experiences using video, multimedia, digital art, web, animation, and audio tools that enable youth to explore and comment on their world. A great cause the Black Eyed Peas and others have rallied around to keep creativity and expression flowing in elementary schools and high schools across the nation!

The Challenge
However, creativity isn’t just for kids. We know you all have hidden (or not so hidden) talents and we want to see them. Over 2 million Facebook fans LOVE Photoshop. But, what else comes to mind when you hear the word LOVE? Post a photo of something or someone you love to our Wall before NOON on Thursday and we’ll select fifteen photos to be showcased in our SF space this Friday! This is the first of a few challenges we’ll put out to all of you in order to help us decorate the space. Show us what you’ve got!

Stop By!
Store Location & Hours:
550 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA
Sun–Wed:        11 a.m.–7 p.m.
Thurs–Sat:       11 a.m.–9 p.m.

Be sure to follow our Twitter channels @Photoshop, @Lightroom and @AdobeElements this week. We’ll be sharing more details about upcoming sessions, opportunities to win prizes and evening cocktail events in our outdoor garden that you won’t want to miss.

Use this space as a place to meet up with friends or stop by for a well-deserved escape from the daily grind. Tasty lunch trucks will be pulling up to our location and we’re open later on the weekends. We look forward to meeting you and capturing some good photos and stories for future blog posts.

See you soon in SF!

Cari Gushiken & Jeff Tranberry
Customer Advocacy, Photoshop Team


i happen to be in San Francisco from the UK during thia time and I hope it’s ok for me to drop in and meet you all

Great timing – we’ll be in Union Square shooting for an epic image that will be majorly PS’d to the hilts – much like the rest of our work. We’ll have to come in and show you our stuff in person :-)

    Are you planning any follow-up events? I have heard great things about last year’s event and am interested in joining this time. Please let me know.

I wish I could be there to join the Russel Brown Lab and meet the stuff.

Will you announce the 15 images chosen for the showcase or notify us if we were selected?

my work platefome

Luckly I will be flying into San Fran for my holidays from the UK. I must try and pop in and have a look!

I will DEFINITELY be attending this event and I really can’t wait to see all of you out there! I’m so glad I moved to San Francisco.

Hey! Our photo was chosen, and we were wanting some more info on it. My boyfriend is the one in the picture playing drums, and we do photography together. We just feel like this is a very big accomplishment and can hopefully get more details. Thanks!

    I saw that particular photo! It looks awesome!!! Thumbs up!

Is there any way I could bring a Photoshop/graphic design class by?

Hi! I have received a PS black hoodie as a present. Where are you located now and can I exchange it for a different size? Please advise. Thanks.

SF is home plate for me so I was able to take advantage of several events over two weeks. Hoping Adobe will continue with this venue, it appeared to be a huge success! The “pop-up” store highlighting Photoshop and Lightroom was tremendous fun! I learned lots. Thanks to all the presenters and crew who made it all work. Thank you, Adobe!

Will you continue this pop up or do it somewhere else in the Bay area? Sorry I missed it!

I will be flying to San Fran for my holidays from Germany.
I wish I could be there to join it.

its Great its a wonderfuel land

I Was in New York, it was great time

I’m pretty interested in Russell Brown’s killer laser etching. Is there a video available? Any pointers gretaly appreciated! Thx and KR, Hans

Yes, Video would be nice.


I just went back to germany. Too sad that I will come back to SF next year. But then I def will drop in.

Would love to get such a black PS hoodie. Any pointers to where I can get one? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Axel

Are you planning any follow-up events? I have heard great things about last year’s event and am interested in joining this time. Please let me know.

Must have been a great event, are there any like this planed in good old europe?

kind regards,

Any chance for another event like this in SF? You should maybe take some video next time, so adobe fans from other countries can at least see some footage.


Photoshop is the best application ever! Thank you Adobe!

Photoshop ist one of the Best Programs ever, thank you Adobe

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