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Introducing Adobe Photoshop Touch

We’re in sunny Los Angeles this week for Adobe MAX, our annual designer and developer conference, billed as the place where technology and artistry converge. And, if this morning’s keynote is any indication, MAX is definitely a place to get creative, exchange cool ideas and be inspired. One of the things you might be interested in is a new app we unveiled on stage called Adobe Photoshop Touch, custom-built for tablets, with core Photoshop features that allow you to really transform your images. Check out this first look at Photoshop Touch on Android with popular evangelist and senior creative director, Russell Brown:

This is just the beginning for Photoshop Touch. In the initial release, we’ve laid the foundation – a core set of Photoshop capabilities designed for a tablet such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and effects. However, we don’t want Photoshop Touch to just be a subset of our desktop imaging features. We’re exploring new ways to be creative and taking advantage of the unique characteristics of a tablet device. The Camera Fill feature does just that, feeding a live stream from your device’s camera right into an active layer or selection. We’ve populated the Photoshop YouTube channel with some more Photoshop Touch videos, so you can see this and other features in action.

Principal Product Manager John Nack and a team of talented engineers have delivered the goods with the goal of bringing Adobe digital imaging magic to a wide range of people. A tablet app allows us to deliver some features a seasoned professional can appreciate and an interface that gives new users opportunities to learn more. Photoshop users interested in mobile design and photo editing will have the freedom to brainstorm and create in Photoshop Touch, and then access their artwork through the newly announced Adobe Creative Cloud to take it further in Photoshop CS5. Anyone can enjoy Photoshop Touch for quick social photo compositing – that is to grab two images, remove the background from one, blend the results, and share it out with friends. In-app integration with Google Image Search and Facebook make this a seamless experience, and interactive tutorials help new users learn advanced techniques.

You may have heard the term “Photoshop Touch” before. We had originally used this naming convention – Photoshop Touch apps – as an umbrella term for Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav, and Adobe Color Lava. However, we felt those should be categorized as Photoshop companion apps and the new app we introduced today should be called Photoshop Touch. The Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) has also been rolled into the general Photoshop SDK.

The new Photoshop Touch app was announced by Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer at Adobe, as part of a larger rollout of Adobe Touch Apps allowing creative professionals to design, edit, and elegantly present from the convenience of a tablet device. Whether you use a stylus or just your fingertip, these six powerful apps provide easy, precise control for a variety of creative tasks. Plus, you can transfer files through Adobe Creative Cloud for refinement in Adobe Creative Suite software – or to view, access, and share from anywhere.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Photoshop Touch, follow us @PhotoshopTouch and become a fan of our Facebook page. We’ll be posting information and updates and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Alex Hughes

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Photoshop Touch


Looks great. I can imagine this being very useful for photographers when working outdoors when traveling light.

great, but nothing for. I think its better to relax at traveling. And do this much times faster on the Computer with a perfect calibrated screen.

This seems like an expensive and fun toy for soccer moms and teenagers…but I don’t think this has much practical usefulness at this point. It’s like Photoshop Lite….to go.

Why are they not developing this for iPads.

    Apple doesnt support Adobe… I love my android tablet with Adobe Flash PLayer

Hey, looks great! when is it coming for blackberry playbook?

Yes, I would love to have this for the Playbook, too!

    ME TOO!!!

I guess the interface looks nice, but is it me or the app was moving slowly even in the demo. What can we expect from real life scenarios? What tablet was used in this demo?

Is it coming out for the IPad? Thanks.

I love this new product and I want to buy it for my business ( photographer)

Works without the pen?

It looks to be coming out for iPad. On the Adobe website it has Android, which it’s initially released for $9.99, but it also says iOS, but it hasn’t been released yet.

who needs this?
its just a toy

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Horrible marketing & product! You have to use their cloud service $149/month to be able to share files to a pc, you can’t save the file on your tablet and use a sdcard or usbdrive, or email it.

There are many other free alternatives that let you do the same thing for free and transfer files for free.

I spoke with Adobe several occasions, even their staff is clueless, they have an android team, but they don’t know much, nor pre-sales, or tech support. Finally after 1 week I got an email stating it was impossible to share files outside of their expensive cloud service.

Then 90% of people who use it can’t get their files to adobe cloud anyway. Adobe is no help to them, so users have un-answered, un-resolved tech issues in adobe forums and support.

They should offer it free for 10GB or something, these apps are failures for this reason, don’t waste your money.

Is it baseed on Adobe Air technology ?

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