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The Photoshop Team Remembers Steve Jobs

Photoshop was invented on a Mac. Pictured here - Steve Jobs with Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock. ©2011 Doug Menuez/ Stanford University Library/Getty Images

Pictured here – Steve Jobs with Adobe founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock. ©2011 Doug Menuez/Stanford University Library/Getty Images


We’re all still processing the news of Steve Jobs’ passing and reflecting on our interactions or influences throughout the years.

A few members of the Photoshop team wanted to share the imprint he has left on their lives. We gathered the following personal reflections and welcome your own comments and stories, as we pay homage to a brilliant man and industry icon.

“I remember clearly the day my life changed and the world changed along with me. That was the day I saw the Macintosh computer for the first time in 1984. Steve Jobs influenced the direction I took in life and was responsible for helping Adobe become the great company that it is today. He helped bring graphics and photography out of the dark ages and into the future.”

– Russell Brown, Sr. Creative Director

“Steve could be a challenging person to talk with, but those challenges were always to do better, to think harder. He had a deep understanding of technology but an even deeper understanding of how it could be a vital part of people’s lives, and a discussion with him could be wide-ranging and rich and surprising. He showed the industry that one could focus on building the ‘right’ products as opposed to the profitable products -and profits would follow. Design is about how things work not just about how things look. Focus is about choosing what not to do. We need to come back again and again to the principles he applied and the lessons he taught us. His influence will be missed. He will be missed. My condolences are with everyone who knew him far better than I did.”

– Mark Hamburg, Adobe Fellow

“I spent the first part of my career trying to get into Apple (finally did), spent the years there working on the landscape Steve created and since then – most of what I’ve done has been influenced by the way he shaped the industry. At one point in 1997, he called the Apple leadership team together to revitalize the company around a quest for excellence. That quest to find excellence in all that you do…I’ll always associate that with him whenever I approach any challenge – don’t give up, go further.

I was also watching TV last night and they were replaying the ‘Think Different’ ad. I remember when that campaign rolled out. At first when I saw it, it didn’t really sink in…but gradually, over time it did. Steve had sent out a message to the entire company when the campaign went live. The way Steve really opened up in that email impacted me…he said the concept was very personal for him and hoped that everyone else would be as impacted by it, as he was. That ad not only left a lasting impression, but established a philosophy that we all can make a difference.

Thank you, Steve for your influence on my life. You will always be remembered.”

– B. Winston Hendrickson, VP of Engineering – Digital Imaging

“Steve Jobs has certainly had an impact on the world. And each of us has our own personal story of how he and his innovations have changed us. After using my first Mac, I wandered on to a new career path which continues to be very fulfilling. I work at a company that was started with Steve’s help; on a product that was developed on a Mac (and for a Mac); and with many people who -like me- are inspired to ‘Think Different’ and strive for more. Thank you Steve.”

– Maria Yap, Product Management Director

“Even though I never knew him personally, I feel sad. I never worked with him, but throughout my career we crossed paths – whether it was Display, PostScript or NeXT Step. Seeing a great guy like him die was a shock to me, as it reminded me of our own mortality. It’s really beyond comprehension.

He really inspired people like me to even more firmly believe in doing the right thing and not to compromise. The one slogan I took away from working at Apple is ‘Think Different.’ How do you ‘Think Different?’ You insist and be defiant. I believe that has influenced me. His example encouraged me to do something that I believe in.”

– Jeff Chien, Principal Scientist

“Steve Jobs is a big part of why I moved to the Valley; his passion, charisma, leadership and vision were intoxicating to me from a young age. By chance, I met Steve once – shortly after he returned to Apple; I chose my words carefully and simply said, ‘thank you for making technology fun, for caring so much about your products – and for my career.’

My favorite Adobe applications were all born, built and tested on the Mac; my son is obsessed with Toy Story; I photograph my boy’s every development with my iPhone – Steve’s mission to ‘put a dent in the universe’ has certainly done so for mine.”

– Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Sr. Product Manager

“I never met Steve Jobs. I have no idea what he was like to work with. And I have no idea what he was truly like as a person. And yet, there was something about him that I, and many others, especially in the tech industry, found compelling. For me, it was his apparently relentless focus on distilling things down to their bare essence. There seemed to be a continual striving for clarity. Clarity of ideas, clarity of purpose, clarity of design…That clarity, and in a way purity, of the products he and others built, seemed to transcend the uglier aspects of life that sometimes wear us down – the daily slog, the dirt and grime, the complexity and moral ambiguity, the general messiness that is part of human life. What he helped create somehow, and in some very small way, touched on a more hopeful vision of the future that was simpler, clearer, and more beautiful.”

– Dave Howe, Director of Engineering

“From purchasing my first Mac with babysitting money, to viewing the first Toy Story, to Photoshop first on a Mac…All along, you showed me how to ‘Think Different.’ Thank you.”

– Jackie Lincoln-Owyang, Quality Engineering Manager

“My first computer was an Apple IIc. I begged my parents to buy it for me after spending time in front of an Apple II in grade school. By the time I was in 8th or 9th grade I had saved up enough money from delivering newspapers to buy a brand new Macintosh SE. I never gravitated to video games. I had to create. I’d spend hundreds of hours painting and creating images in MacPaint. Throughout the years, the Macintosh was my conduit for creativity, as my interest migrated to music, video and photography.

The Mac has always had a special place in my heart. Eleven years ago, my first task at Adobe was to help bring Photoshop 7.0 to OS X. My most recent assignment was to help migrate Photoshop CS5 to Cocoa/64bit. I would not be who I am, or doing what I do today, without Apple, the Macintosh and Steve Jobs.”

– Jeff Tranberry, Chief Customer Advocate

“In the early 80’s when the personal computer market was still in its infancy, I had spent time using (and was enamored by) the Atari 800 computer. At the time, there was a decent knock-off of Pac Man (called Gobstopper) that I constantly dreamed about playing. When it was time for me to get my first computer in 1982, I wanted to get that Atari 800 but my father refused and instead requested that I get an Apple II+ so that I would be forced to learn how to use computers instead of just play games on them. I spent the next few years of my life investing all my free time learning that system (and later Apple II models) inside and out.

Thanks to Jobs (and Wozniak) – the time I spent exploring software and hardware during those years provided me with the training and background for the work I do today on the Photoshop team testing and developing software.”

– Adam Jerugim, Sr. Quality Engineer

“If I hadn’t had the chance to see what could be done using Digital Darkroom on a Macintosh SE back in 1990, I would have become a therapist…It’s just one of the many reasons that the world is a better place because of the work that Steve Jobs and his team at Apple accomplished over the years!”

– Julieanne Kost, Sr. Digital Imaging Evangelist

“When I was 14, I somehow convinced my single mother to buy an Apple II+ with 48k and a single floppy drive. Over the course of time, it became my hobby, my ‘every-waking-moment-obsession,’ the foundation of my education and eventually, my profession these many years since. I can’t imagine what my life would be today without what Steve Jobs made possible those many years ago and many times since. Rest in Peace Steve, and know you have made a difference.”

– Jon Clauson, Sr. Computer Scientist II

“I worked with Steve Jobs when he started NeXT. What I remember the most was his tremendous attention to detail, and desire for everything to be premium quality. That and his ‘dent the universe’ attitude fundamentally changed my path – for the better.”

– Andrew Coven, Director of Engineering

“Thank you Steve for inspiring my love of technology as a child and for the platforms I so loved to code on. Don’t know what I’d be doing today if it weren’t for the Apple II and the Mac.”

–  John Penn II, Sr. Solutions Architect


It’s so awesome what one man with a vision can accomplish. 95% of everything I have seen today regarding Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. has been positive. I just want to say thank you to a man that I never met for giving me something that I will use for the rest of my career. And also thanks to everyone at Adobe for making the programs that I use everyday better with each new version. RIP Steve Jobs.

    Steve, I cannot thank you enough. You inventions fueled my interest in computers from when I was 12. You provided me with tools for work and fun that I have enjoyed using every day for hours and hours. You have been living proof that success and unwavering commitment to one’s ideals are not just compatible, but that valid ideals, pursued relentlessly, are the drivers of lasting business- and personal success. You have been an inspiration when I have taken my own steps into the unknown, showing that failure is nothing to fear, but something to learn from.

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I’m 15 years old.
My very first computer was the Macintosh. The original Macintosh. I would spend almost all of my freetime playing around with paint. Eventually my parents got the iMac, and would do the same. When I was 10, my parents got the iMac with the iSight camera, and that changed my life.

I made videos on that everyday. We didn’t have a video camera that was compatible on the mac, so I would just use the iSight camera and iMovie for my daily projects. I would continue to find creative ways to use that camera over and over again.

Years later, I am now using that same iMac, FCP7, and much more Apple hardware and software to make my very first large scale film.

I wasn’t around when the Macintosh was announced, but Jobs changed my life for certain.

When I thought about the fact that there’s barely a waking hour that I don’t have one of his creations in my hands or at my fingertips, I started thinking. Two decades ago I changed professional direction based on my love of the Mac. Lots has changed and there’s plenty of thanks to go around today (Adobe), nothing would’ve materialized without my first love. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for my livelihood and entertainment.

my first computer was a Mac… it inspired me to be creative and in a way Steve Jobs helped me achieve being the graphic designer I am today. He will surely be missed.

Well, Steve.. rest in peace. You have definitely put a DENT on the universe.

staying hungry, staying foolish…

I never owned an apple product, but i was always amazed by Steve Jobs. He lived in our world but unlike us he had a vision to change it to something different. Steve wasn’t just creating products he created a whole new lifestyle and he managed to meke our life easier with his ideas.
Today technology has lost a great mind who had much more to give, but at least as he was saying he lived everyday like it was his last. Thank you Steve for the inspiration, rest in peace!

Well, i watched Steve’s Speech at Stanford, and for someone who dropped the university, he’s speech was very ‘hopeful’ to me, which made me move forward with this idea i kept in mind, which he mentioned in the speech, talking about what’s interesting and what’s not to the individual.

And Well, yea.. he is right.

Steve Jobs was like a modern day Leonardo da Vinci. I’ve thought about this prior to seeing that others have drawn similar comparisons. Steve combined technology we didn’t know we needed with style which made it desirable, and did it while marketing his brand.

My first experience with Apple products was the Apple II and MacIntosh computers. My high school had just built a science wing (we had the State’s best football team, but not enough land for our own stadium) and the computer lab grew from TRS80 Model I’s to Apple II’s. I still have a working early generation iPod and my children have the latest iPod Touches. Perhaps an iPad will be next.

Clearly Steve was a man before his time and, sadly, has left us before his time. Thanks for thinking different. Steve will be missed.

love u steve.pakistan is also vry sad

Even though the world is now Job-less, I am motivated by his work ethics. He has really made that ‘dent in the universe’ and has revolutionized our lives. Condolences to his family and close friends and to his company Apple.

This visionary who revolutionized technology and entertainment, and brought out gadgets which we never thought as a necessary part of life, will be remembered forever!
My simple memories of him

I just remember being age of 16 and i was having my first contact of the Apple world through a simple Mac Classis. I remember days and nights i spent playing with computer settings, exploring the Mac , later i discovered the world of photoshop and i started “play” with those that in future i discovered being the layers, brushes & etc.

I was completely in love with Mac and Photoshop even though i was really young. I remember how many friends, Win users, was having fun of the APPLE,really fun.

And today Apple is the world leader of the market, of photo editing and of those who desire work professionally.

This is the world that Jobs brought to us.

Thank You Mr. Jobs.

The world has lost a great man. He had a major impact on our lives, he will be mised. Thank you, Steve for all you’ve done. You will always be remembered. Montenegro is also sad.

In 2007, after announcing first iPhone release, he interviewed on CNBC saying that our new product will change things in your pockets and whole phone industry. He was true. Now, almost every cellphones have touchscreens with it. Great inventor who made the apple, one of the apples that changed the world.

…..Distiction, creativity, quality, superiority, brilliance, greatness. That is what you brought to this world Steve. Heaven will be delighted to have you. Rest in Peace. You are one of a kind.

Such a great loss for the new generation and us. Without Steve we would not have ‘touched’ any thing. The whole world is suffering from this loss. I don’t know what would be the future of ‘Apple’ without the big brain who created it.
Rest In Peace Maestro. You will always be remembered, You have made us touch our phone and applications. God Bless your soul. Thanks

I can’t think of another individual so influential in my carrier as a graphic designer than Steve Job, throughout my professional development the alliance of Apple with Adobe, has been crucial to all us of the commercial and publishing arts sector.

I second Dr. Brown’s comments.

Sometimes I think Steve Jobs and the Mac were a wake up call for me – the Mac was released on my 20th birthday, January 24, 1984. I’m happy to share my birthday with the Mac and sad to see it’s daddy no longer with us.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments and personal stories. The team has really enjoyed reading them. It’s been interesting for us all to recall our very first interactions with Apple this week…We’ve sent a link to this post to If you have anything further to share, we encourage you to also send them an email, as I’m sure they would appreciate your remembrances.


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Good – I should definitely say I’m impressed with your blog.
I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs as well as related info.
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amazing Good – I should definitely say I’m impressed with your blog.
I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs as well as related info.
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Awesome read. I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. He actually bought me lunch because I found it for him! So let me rephrase: thank you for lunch!

Steve Jobs will never be forgotten. He has obviously left an everlasting impression on a large amount of people. His technology has allowed us to accomplish things we didn’t think were possible 10 years ago.

His creativity, innovation, and purity will definitely be missed.

I wish that more business owners would be as pure and innovative as Steve Jobs was. He has changed a lot of peoples lives!

May Steve Jobs R.I.P.

good Post.. I enjoy some of content in the post.. please keep it up.. i want same like this from you… thanks

I enjoy some of content in the post.. please keep it up.. i want same like this from you… thanks

Awesome read. I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. He actually bought me lunch because I found it for him! So let me rephrase: thank you for lunch!

It was good to read so many comments from the Adobe team about the impact Steve Jobs had on their lives. I have many similar feelings, and to help express them, I shared a number of personal comments and a photo from a MacWorld Expo Keynote here :

All the best,


RIP, this guy shaped our world today…but also:


me encanta
estas decoraciones
me facina…

Back in the day, I’d find Steve in chat rooms and in on message boards when it seemed there were only a hundred or so of us using them at all. He was just one of the gang using ICQ and more…being silly and sharing cool ideas. To see where technology has come, to see that BILLIONS of people have made the Internet a part of their personal and professional lives all over the world, and to know that Steve had a huge impact on that…thrills me. Text in Peace Steve! Something tells me heaven’s going high tech now!

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Even as we go into a new year, this sad tragedy is still lingering with me after all these months. He truly has one of the most innovative minds in today’s day and age. He can never be replaced!

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