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Hidden Gems in Photoshop CS5: Customer Requests (aka – JDI’s)

Every version of Photoshop needs to turn heads with exciting, breakthrough technology. Aiming high, however, doesn’t mean forgetting the “small stuff.”

The release of Photoshop CS5 incorporated a record number of innovative technologies that came direct from the brilliant minds of the Photoshop engineers and scientists in the Advanced Technology Labs at Adobe. Tackling this type of feature integration is no small feat and often prioritization is required. Bryan O’Neil Hughes, senior product manager for Photoshop, says they particularly targeted features that make you say, “Man, if only someone took a little time to change X, things would be so much smoother.” They’re the kind of changes that are listed in John Nack’s blog post “CS4: Sweating the Details.”

With this in mind, the Photoshop team decided to try something new. They challenged themselves to take time out to address many of the smaller feature requests and enhancements that don’t necessarily make it to the top of the priority list. The effort was named the “Just Do It” (JDI) project. They decided to pause work on big, long-term features and instead focus on minor, yet much needed enhancements and changes. It was meant to be a brief, yet intensive run that produced these customer requested Hidden Gems in Photoshop CS5 – or JDI’s.

In order to select JDI features, Bryan solicited information from many avenues, including blogs, user research, the over 70,000 strong National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), sales, customer support, forums and evangelists (Russell Brown and Julieanne Kost). Bryan was also featured as a guest blogger on NAPP President Scott Kelby’s blog, where he shared the JDI Program (and his email address!) with thousands of his readers. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive with readers proactively sharing hundreds of their own feature requests.

The Photoshop team always takes customer feedback into account when approaching each new product cycle. Whether big or small, the team felt strongly about taking care of requests like these that just make life easier – refining the workflow and overall experience within the application.

Fueled by the encouragement of a very passionate community, the team exceeded their own expectations and delivered dozens of JDI features in the final release. Thanks to our fans, followers and commenters for all the great input!

Here’s Just a Few of the JDI Timesavers:

    • Added a Gradient Tool preset for neutral density
    • Added the ability to save to unsupported bit depth for JPEGs (down-sampling 16-bit files to 8-bit)
    • Enabled easier reversing of clone source
    • Lowered the default amount for Shadows/Highlights
    • Enabled the ability to move a selection while an active layer is hidden
    • Added a command for deleting all empty layers
    • Added a straighten image tool
    • Added the ability to close all open images without saving
    • Added a preference to always default to the folder you last saved an image to
    • Added the ability to drag and drop a file onto an open PSD to create a layer
    • In the Adjustments panel, enabled a keyboard shortcut (Shift-Enter/Return) to put the focus on the panel text fields
    • Increased performance for the OBJ file importer, making it faster to import OBJ files
    • Added GPU rule-of-thirds and color

Made improvements to Lens Correction:

  • The grid display is now off by default
  • The show grid, grid size and grid color are now sticky
  • Default grid size has been increased from 16 to 64
  • Decimal point adjustments for the chromatic aberration correction sliders are now allowed
  • Added a third slider to correct the common green/magenta aberrations with one slider instead of two
  • Replaced “Background Color” with “Black Color” and added “White Color” edge fill option in the edge fill type drop-down
  • Reset to reset calibration settings only

….and many more!

If you would like to submit feedback on Photoshop CS5 or ideas for a future release, we’re always listening.


Thank you for such a great innovation! These little helpers are exactly what i was looking for! Timesavers are very important! I really love these features!

Thank you so much, Adobe and in person Bryan O’Neil Hughes!

You made it! I love it! Just Do It!

merry xmas

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