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January, 2012 Archives

The Next Photoshop Evangelist Could Be…YOU!

We’re on the hunt once again for the Next Photoshop Evangelist. The last winner was Gavin Hoey, who flew from his home in the UK to hang with the product team at Photoshop Orlando and showcase his favorite features in Photoshop at our booth. Gavin’s enthusiasm and energy were definitely characteristics of a great evangelist, who passionately… READ MORE

Your Burning Lightroom 4 Beta Questions Answered!

Connecting with our fans and followers is a lot of fun for us. It’s not often that we find a reason to join calls with 300+ people from near and far – the UK, Germany and even Tahiti! – to live chat and share what we love about Lightroom 4 Beta. Or meet at the Adobe… READ MORE

Happy Accidents: An Afternoon with Bonny Lhotka and Russell Brown

Cascade, TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner and Oxy Clean, along with an aluminum plate and a hot steaming dishwasher are just the recipe for a “happy accident.” At least that’s what experimental artist Bonny Lhotka calls her concoctions in the kitchen. Whether she’s sanding a plain sheet of silver to create a glittery, almost crystalized surface… READ MORE

Hidden Gems in Photoshop CS5: Painting with Adobe Camera Raw

There’s no shortage of Hidden Gems or inventive ways to use existing features in Photoshop CS5. Bryan O’Neil Hughes, senior product manager for Photoshop, puts every feature to the test and through these challenges, finds clever ways to accomplish new things. Whether he’s lining up a row of colorful rubber ducks in his backyard to push… READ MORE

New Update: Adobe Carousel Now Named Adobe Revel!

A big thanks to all of our fans, followers and customers who have brought the number of Adobe Carousel downloads to almost 4 million in just a few short months! We’re happy to see so many diving in to check it out! Starting today – January 10, 2012 – we will be changing the name… READ MORE