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January 10, 2012 /Revel /

New Update: Adobe Carousel Now Named Adobe Revel!

A big thanks to all of our fans, followers and customers who have brought the number of Adobe Carousel downloads to almost 4 million in just a few short months! We’re happy to see so many diving in to check it out!

Starting today – January 10, 2012 we will be changing the name for Adobe Carousel to Adobe Revel.

We originally chose the name Adobe Carousel because it was descriptive of core functionality in the product – access to all your photos on any device (i.e., viewing photographs in a circular manner, like a carousel).

Revel means to take great pleasure or delight…and that’s what we hope to do in the future as we continue to add more functionality and fun to the app. In the future, you can expect we will also be able to offer additional photography solutions on the newly named Adobe Revel platform.

How does the name change impact you?

The impact to you should be minimal since all we are doing is changing the name.

Some specific things you should know:

1. Your current subscription will not be affected. When it comes time for you to renew your subscription, you’ll be asked to renew your Adobe Revel subscription instead of your Adobe Carousel subscription.

2. When you update to the latest version of Adobe Carousel, it will be replaced with an app called Adobe Revel. Please visit the Apple App store  to update to the latest version of Adobe Revel (formerly known as Adobe Carousel).

3. Support web pages have been updated to reflect the new name. When you visit for help or information, post your questions or search existing topics using the name Adobe Revel.

4. While the name has changed, we will continue to use the word carousel within the app in reference to a library of photos. You will see buttons to create and delete carousels or photo libraries.

5. Our Facebook page will be updated with the new name. It takes a little time to officially change via Facebook. Good news is – if you are currently a Facebook fan for Adobe Carousel, you don’t have to do anything.

6. Our Twitter account is updated as well, and our new Twitter handle is @AdobeRevel. Good news is – if you are already a follower of @AdobeCarousel, you don’t have to do anything.

What’s New in Adobe Revel 1.1

We’ve made some minor fixes – responding to some of the early feedback we’ve received – to make your Revel experience smoother. Of note, are the ability to automatically import photos from the Camera Roll on your iPhone and iPad. We’ve also added photo sharing via Flickr.

How to use Auto-Import

  • In the Settings menu you have the option to pick a carousel where all photos from your iDevice asset library are automatically imported.
  • Use the Apple Camera app or any 3rd party camera app to take photos, and they’ll automatically be added to the selected carousel when Revel is open and when you’re in that carousel.

Have questions or need help?

If you have any questions about the name change, please comment below, post them here or tweet us @AdobeRevel.

Thanks again,

The Adobe Revel team


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