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The Next Photoshop Evangelist Could Be…YOU!

We’re on the hunt once again for the Next Photoshop Evangelist. The last winner was Gavin Hoey, who flew from his home in the UK to hang with the product team at Photoshop Orlando and showcase his favorite features in Photoshop at our booth. Gavin’s enthusiasm and energy were definitely characteristics of a great evangelist, who passionately provides engaging ways for people to learn more about Photoshop.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the coveted title – Adobe Photoshop Evangelists are folks like Russell Brown, Julieanne Kost and Bryan O’Neil Hughes who travel the world “preaching the Photoshop gospel” and educating the masses with tips and tricks for the software. The popular Adobe TV series of tutorials from Russell Brown and  Julieanne Kost, along with the “Photoshop Hidden Gems” series on our YouTube channel are a great example of that special instruction.

We’ve just launched a contest to give YOU the opportunity to shine as the “Next Photoshop Evangelist” and show us your favorite Hidden Gem in Photoshop CS5 via a video submission. Hidden Gems are lesser-known features or new uses for commonly used tools that people may not already know about.

How to Submit:

It’s simple!

1)      Visit our Next Photoshop Evangelist tab on our Facebook page.

2)      Upload the 1-2 minute video by clicking “Submit a Video” and follow the instructions.

3)      After it’s been reviewed, your video will appear in the Submissions Gallery.

4)      You can submit as many videos as you want—just make sure that your content is original and doesn’t feature any copyrighted material.

5)      Remember: your submission must reveal a “Hidden Gem” and mention the phrase to qualify for the contest.

What You’ll Win:

A panel of Photoshop Evangelists will select five finalists. Once the finalists have been chosen, Facebook community votes will determine the grand prize winner, who will receive:

Be sure to check out our official contest rules before entering and submit before 11:59 p.m. PST on March 5.

Good luck! If you’re not vying for the evangelist title, you can still participate by “liking” and sharing out the videos, as they appear on our Facebook tab. Get your friends to join in on deciding who is worthy of the next spot!

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with.



I’m loving the program Photoshop and I want to enter until the increased knowledge of

Well, I’m nota Photoshop Guru, but I’m definitely passionate about Photoshop~~it’s saving my life :~)

Your subscribe button is not working…

I would like to try my luck, thanks for the offer

great giveaway i will try my luck…
thanks admin….

I love Photoshop, thank you for video and all information.

Photoshop is and always will be the best program when it comes to image editing.
keep up the good work!

Well, I made my video, uploaded it before the deadline, a got a ‘your submission was successful mesage’ from the Facebook page – yet its not shown on listed on the the Facebook submissions page…

Can anyone help?

So what happened with this contest? Was it cancelled? I submitted 3 videos and only 2 of which showed up, and finalists were never announced. Would really like to know the results!

Can I recommend a good book to the Adobe team:
“Custoners for Life” by Sewell and Brown. It contains some great advice on running a business.
One of the chapters is about what to do when things go wrong – and, hey – things go wrong for us all. What matters is how you respond. The best way is to apologise: hold up your hand and say sorry – we messed up. Then fix it. People respect that.
The one thing you don’t want to do is stop communicating, and ignore your cutomers issue.

BTW: I agree with Nicola. I entered the Evangelist competition, I entered before the deadline – and my video never showed up. It’s now eight days after the finalist list was due to be announced and there has been not one word from anyone at Adobe.

I’d buy some copies of that book if I were you.

Sorry Nicole – I got your name wrong!

Well, I entered my video, got a “succesful” msg, have been curious about the outcome.
However, the gallery page still maintains that they’re reviewing the submissions. and
the World Of Photoshop is in 4 days, so unless it’s not for this year, I guess you folks at Adobe are doing something else than reviewing our submissions.
Well, I wish you all the best with whatever it is you’re doing!

Still wonder how you folks liked my “smudge” video though.
It was a smudged video as well, but that was because I chose the wrong output format in Premiere, and there was no time to render a better video, as the submission period terminated

Sure wish I’d kept some e-mail adresses when I quit Adobe Tech support, they’d come in handy right now

I too think Adobe needs to get their act together, and I’m an Adobe User Group manager for my area. Adobe never seems to do much support of communication.
I agree with Mike, that they really need to get their act together.
And like Nicole, I too submitted 3 videos but only 2 ever showed up, even through the rules say you can enter as many times as you like.
I hope we here something soon.

Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent work!

Well guys and girls,
It’s now well over a month since the closing date – and still no word from Adobe.

I don’t think that’s acceptable. People have put work into entering and Adobe should meet their obligations in response.

According to their careers site:

—– QUOTE —–

“Since its earliest days, Adobe has been committed to a set of core values that were embodied by its founders and remain the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. These values shape everything we do, from how we develop and market our products to how we serve our customers, employees, and communities. These are the four tenets we live by:

We are sincere, trustworthy, and reliable.
Operating with integrity, being ethical, and treating others with respect is at the heart of Adobe’s culture.

We are committed to creating exceptional experiences that delight our employees and customers.
At Adobe, good enough is not good enough.

We are highly creative and strive to connect new ideas with business realities.
Ideas come from everywhere in the company.

We are inclusive, open, and actively engaged with our customers, partners, employees, and the communities we serve.
People are our greatest asset”


Let’s hope Adobe live up to their ‘Genuine’, ‘Exceptional’ and ‘Involved’ tenets with regard to this competition.

I’m going to do my best to persue this – on behalf of all those who entered. I’ve no idea if I’ll get anywhere – but I’ll try. Wish me luck :)

Well, that didn’t take long… :)
I made contact with one of the Senior Adobe Managers here in the UK, who passed my message on to the US: and we have a communication – at last:

That’s good. It would have been better if it had happened 4 weeks ago, but hey, at least something is happening. Good luck to you all.

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