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Photoshop Touch for iPad 2 Available Now!

You can’t schedule in creativity like you do a trip to the gym, a conference call or a morning latte. Sometimes inspiration catches you by surprise. Thus the beauty of tablet devices and opportunities for uniting the fun of touch with the magic of core Photoshop editing features.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad is available today for anyone who wants to ideate on the fly, express something imagined or just “get lost” in creation mode. Using intuitive finger gestures and features, Photoshop Touch allows you to combine photos into layered images, add cool effects, share to Facebook, and even bring images back to Photoshop CS5 to do more.

Brian Yap, creative director at Boxing Clever, who has been using Photoshop Touch as a step in his workflow, calls his iPad a “digital sketchbook” that lets all his ideas flow in wherever he may be. He finds that Photoshop Touch allows him to be more “playful” and brings him back to the roots of true artistry, where he can cut, draw, sketch and just have fun.

Check out this video of him “at play” developing some ideas in a local coffee shop…

Whether you’re a pro like Brian trying to help clients visualize their next ad campaign or you’re just looking for a creative outlet, you can use Photoshop Touch to combine multiple images together to create scenes that are visually stunning—or totally unexpected. Retouch a photo or transform a simple shot into a beautiful work of art using professional effects. Add text to your photos or make a photo into a painting.

Photoshop Touch is the result of the team rethinking how tablets can change the way creative people work. Not intended to be full Photoshop on the iPad, Photoshop Touch is built to help you be spontaneous, quickly create and easily adapt to the tools at hand. For instance, you can do things like:

  • Make great selections by simply scribbling on the part of an image you want to keep and then on the area you want to discard—Photoshop Touch handles the rest.
  • Apply precise tone and color adjustments to your entire composition, a particular layer, or a specific selection.
  • Easily remove unwanted image elements and retouch photos using the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush tools.
  • Combine multiple images with layers. Adjust layer order, control individual layer opacity, and manipulate layers independently.
  • Choose images from multiple sources, including sites like Facebook and Google Image Search, or a live feed from your tablet’s camera.

You can work with images on your tablet, and then take them further on your PC or Mac in Photoshop CS5. You can upload your projects through Adobe Creative Cloud to access in Photoshop on your computer. The Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to easily move between Adobe Touch Apps and Adobe Creative Suite software so you can view, access, share, and present your creative work any time, anywhere you are. You can also open native Photoshop (PSD) files in Photoshop Touch; however, image layers will be flattened into a single layer. We constantly evaluate potential new features. If accessing multiple PSD layers in Adobe Photoshop Touch is important to you, please provide us your feedback in the Adobe Photoshop Touch user forum.

TIP: Photoshop Touch natively uses a different file format, .PSDX. A Photoshop CS5 plug-in is available to convert .PSDX to .PSD files.

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Download the app today for U.S. $9.99 in the iTunes store or Android Market and start playing!

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Hi, I was wondering if we can use the Creative Cloud as a Team sharing cloud service. E.g. if someone in our team creates a file in Photoshop Deskotp. Can they sync the file to another team user’s creative cloud dropbox? This feature would be very useful.


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