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Photoshop CS6 beta Available Now!

After 20 years of delivering Photoshop, you might think that developing new versions has become a predictable, turn-key process.

You would think…

While there are aspects of each release that are the same, such as hitting key milestones, every version brings with it something new. The technology, industry, and our customers’ needs are always changing, and so we try to approach things with a fresh perspective. Nothing is status quo. And so we’ll do user research, fill conference room white boards with new ideas from the team, review customer requests, and generally try to “out-do” what we did last time. In the process – we lobby, debate, brainstorm in the halls, burn the midnight oil, and on occasion, welcome a little quality time with “our friend” Don Julio…all in order to give you the very best.

And once in a great while, an Engineering team comes across a release that’s like no other. A release where you wonder whether you’ll really be able to pull things off like you have in the past.  Luckily, this release didn’t present the same challenge Photoshop CS5 did.

For the Engineering team, Photoshop CS6 was a smooth release, insofar as software development projects go. There are always unknowns, ups and downs, and slight changes in direction, but also, pleasant surprises along the way. We laid out a plan, tweaked it as needed, and executed. It felt good.

And though Photoshop CS5 put many of us to the test, it did bring with it a silver lining. It gave us the opportunity to look at things differently, and make a new start. Photoshop CS6 is a release where we took some lessons from the past and began more aggressively laying down the foundations for the future – a more proactive stance on architecture, widespread use of the GPU and a renewed emphasis on UI and design. We also took some time to revitalize existing feature areas, increase our focus on quality, productivity, and stability, and of course, continue innovating and incorporating your feedback.

Photoshop CS6 is not the culmination, but the beginning of a journey to further improve, modernize and transform Photoshop for the future.

You can probably tell from the number of “sneak peeks” we shared with you that we’re proud of Photoshop CS6, and excited by the opportunity to get this beta into your hands now, as an advance preview. Working on Photoshop is a very personal thing for myself and everyone else on the team. We’re users of the product, just like all of you (though perhaps not quite as talented!). And when we’re not using the product, we’re spending long hours making Photoshop better, hopefully enabling all of you to be even more productive and creative. But there comes a time when we must call it a day and let the release out into the world. Now is that time.

You might notice there’s a new process for activating the beta. You must log-in using your Adobe ID. Jeff Tranberry, our Chief Customer Advocate, drafted a blog post recently about all the ways this ID will help protect you and your software purchase. We hope that it will become a way for you to easily access your serial numbers at any time and ensure the Photoshop you purchase is a valid one. And for you designers out there, Photoshop CS6 will also be a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud offering.

Thanks for all the input and inspiration you have provided the team over the years. The team and I value your loyal support and look forward to hearing what you think of the beta!

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David Howe
Director of Engineering, Photoshop
@dhowe on Twitter

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Camera RAW and the BLUR thing really looks promising. Totally waiting for the stable version to release.

hi there! just downloaded the beta for cs6 i have been waiting for cs6 forever and i’m so excited to start using it! the only problem is whenever i try to open it i get a prompt telling me that “Adobe Application Manager, required to verify your license, is missing or damaged” and that i should “Please download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager from

i did intact download the application manager again but it doesn’t seem to be working as i keep getting this message upon trying to open cs6 :(

PLEASE HELP! Thanks for your time and i can’t wait to see how great CS6 is!

Great to see so many InDesign-type text features now in Photoshop… but how about the ability to set Tab Stops? Been hoping for that one for a few version now… seems silly to have to create a PDF layer just so I can import text formatted in InDesign.

The Blur feature is brilliant! No more need to buy a Macro lens or a LensBaby to get that niche depth of field effect. :)

Biggest feature I love – Merge vector layers WITHOUT rasterising! Brilliant work folks…

I didn’t tested PS6 yet, but I hope that it has now a better lenscorrection (I assume the same like in LR4) plus some tools like in DxO or even Gimp which simplify the correction of parallel lines.
And I hope it runs better on my 4 month fresh, fast Hardware than Lightroom 4.

    Yes. Check out “Adaptive Wide Angle” for improvements to lens corrections.

      Jeff, I’m lovin’ it and please tell me there will be an upgrade from CS4 to CS5.

        I mean CS4 to CS6.

          Yup, CS3, CS4 and CS5 users will be able to upgrade to CS6 when it becomes available.

Just Downloaded and can’t wait to get started

For how many days i’ll be able to use the free beta version of Ps6??

    It will be available until CS6 is officially released later this spring.

Is there a way to just update PS CS5 to CS6 beta??

    No. They are completely separate installs. CS6 will be installed side by side with CS5.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring Project Bin to Photoshop CS6. It is not the same as tabs or Mini Bridge. I love the interface upgrades in PS CS6 and will be lobbying for an upgrade when the Creative Suite 6 comes out. However the icing on the cake would be Project Bin.

    You don’t like what we’ve did to MiniBridge in Cs6 to be more like a project bin?

      I strongly agree. Project Bin is a necessary tool for working with multiple files. Perhaps I just don’t understand the mini-bridge? Can the mini-bridge be used the same as Project Bin?

It will not let me download, says my platform does not have permission. I’m on a mac and trying to download the dmg of course. Please help as I’m anxious to check out the new features.

I hope the text/paragraph improvements make it to Fireworks. Fireworks is a lot faster for doing web comps, however for heavy graphics and text, PS is is still currently better.

Beta only works on OSX 10.6? #applefail

Awsome tools!

video2brain provides top-10 new features courses in french, spanish, german and english:

Video2brain (en) top 10 new functions by Tim Grey:
Video2brain (fr) 10 meilleures fonctionnalités by Yves Chatain:
Video2brain (es/mx) Novedades de la beta pública de Photoshop CS6 by Mariana Cabral Fernández de Castro, Ignacio Lledó
Video2brain (de) 10 top neuheiten by Olaf Giermann:

I’m getting the following error when I try to open the dmg file: “The following disk images couldn’t be opened. photoshopcs6_p1_mac_032112.dmg. Reason = invalid checksum.”

I’m redownloading right now. Any other ideas?

Same here. 4 downloads so far and the checksum issue is still there.

Video editing does not look that robust. But guess it is not culmination but a journey into the future :).

    Video editing is designed to be efficient and easy for photographers to put together videos. You’re not going to edit Avatar in Photoshop CS6.

Trying to install the free download Photoshop CS6 and I’m getting a message saying, “Please insert disk Photoshop CS6 to continue.” Now what?

    Try restarting your computer and extracting the installer again. Sounds like you have two Installers mounted on your system and it’s getting confused.

I know this sounds stupid, but I’m new to this sort of thing. Trying to install free download of Photoshop CS6. I have a Macbook Pro, and using Firefox. It reads “What should Firefox do with this file?” What should I click on in applications? Also, my connection speed isn’t really fast at times. I have DSL, but I’ve had faster DSL. I read somewhere that Opera is faster? Would Opera still be faster with my just okay DSL speed? What about Camaro? Thanks so much.

    Save the DMG (mac) or ZIP (win) file to your desktop. Expand the DMG or ZIP file and double click the “Install” icon to install Photoshop CS6.

Will there be the Image Deblurring function in the ready CS6 version as seen here:

    No, that is not in CS6.

    I was used photoshop cs6. But filter Deblur….this not in here. why??

      That feature/technology is not yet implemented into Photoshop. What was shown in the video demos was just a technology sneak, not a feature in the new photoshop demo.

Some of the new features look great! However, again Adobe is adding things in that aren’t needed and should let other apps handle. Video editing, for example. 3D editing was first. No 3D modeler I know uses Photoshop for 3D modeling – only to create textures. It is a useless feature that time on could have been spent elsewhere (like for example, adding the text features in that have been added in CS6).
I have been asking for paragraph and text styles like Illustrator for about 7 years now. I was not going to even bother upgrading to CS6, but because those particular features have been added, I probably will.

I’ve also requested better spot color channel support for over 10 years now. I want to be able to change the PMS color of a font in Photoshop, and have it understand that this is a PMS color and automatically add it to the spot channel in a nondestructive way. For all the amazing 3D and video stuff PS can do now, it seems like this should be a cake walk to add. PRINT IS NOT DEAD!

    Hi Tim,

    3D in Photoshop isn’t about creating 3D models. It’s about manipulating 3D content in the Photoshop imaging model. And 3D isn’t just for modeling anymore. Check out the newly revamped Lighting Effects in the Photoshop CS6 beta. It replaces the antiquated filter/plug-in. It allows for fast lighting effects, previewed on canvas. Video is more and more popular and with the advent of video in DSLRs.

    I agree with you that Text Styles were a long time coming and we’re happy that we have added that feature in CS6.

    Please feel free to add or vote for feature ideas here:

    Many of the features you see in CS6 are a direct response to customer feedback.

Im not sure where i should be posting this, I have found a number of bugs, one is that in my font pull down it shows all the weights twice. for example if i choose helvetica ill have regular listed twice bold twice etc.

The ability to make things 3D totally reminds me of the program: Cinema 4D.
Very great beta version of Photoshop CS6, I must say.

cant download the CS6 on my PC. it says a missing file. i downloaded the advisor as recommended. nothing happened. Can somebody help me?

Hello and thank you for this Blog Post and a great beta to try out! I had a question that I was wondering if you could answer for me.

I currently use Photoshop CS2 and I want to upgrade to CS5 so that I am eligible for the CS6 upgrade. My question is in regards to Video editing that I see CS6 has available and I hear that CS5 has available. Will I need to upgrade my CS2 to the Photoshop CS5 “Extended” version to be able to use the said video editing or can I just buy the Photoshop CS5 regular version? I went online to Adobe and clicked to “chat” with someone to help, but I did not feel I got a straight answer, and this is a lot of money for me to spend to not get it right the first time. In fact the Adobe “chat” representative suggested that I buy the Photoshop CS5 regular version and upgrade my Lightroom 3.6 to version 4 for an extra $79.00 upgrade fee. They said that Lightroom 4 has video editing capabilities and that the final version of Photoshop CS6 “May” have those capabilities. I want to be sure that if I don’t buy the “Extended” version that I will still have these video editing capabilities. Thank you again!

    Buy the ‘regular’ version. Photoshop CS6 ‘regular’ version will have the video features.

      Thank you!!

I’ve been using photoshop since 1999. I’m currently a UX Developer in Dallas/Fort Worth. There are SOOOO many things that are absolutely GREAT about CS6. Very relevant for taking UI/UX Design to the next level. This post, in particular, I would like to highlight the new video editing feature. One word, AWESOME! For years I’ve always hoped that you guys might throw a bone and add better animation support in photoshop. Well, you’ve absolutely outdone yourselves with this one. UI design will never be the same. I’m even using it for putting together quick AND compelling office presentations, animated mock designs/wireframes, and more. This tool has definitely made implementing custom video interaction to web development.

I attempted to download cs6 beta says cs bridge running to end it and I have tried everything to get this to run on system any ideas

Is there a way to use the magical deblurring from now ?

If not, when and where will it be available ? can’t find good answers on google, cause every *grrrrr* search result points to the incredible super magical unbelievable oh so great CS6 Sneak Peak Deblurring video and now Jeffrey says that this feature won’t even be available in the CS6 final ?

I have a lots of pictures of my child that I’d like to unblur


how can I remove the new background in new PS CS6 for Mac? I hate it!
I like to see Finder through the applications.

    Disable the Application Background. Choose Window>Application Background to toggle it off.

      Thank you!

I want to please the serial number cs6

    Sure. Purchase a copy on and we’ll send you a serial.

i wish, i wish, i wish :( wanted to keep my trial edition but i cant afford it & mum wont let me have it, even if i swap 10 christmas’s for it :(

i loved my photoshop :(

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Camera RAW and the BLUR option is the one i was expecting for. With the photoshop CS6 installed in my system, i forget the world.

Dear Sir,

I recently purchased the Master Collection CS6 and have installed the the different applications but each time I open an app I get a message that says reinstall. I cannot do it and I cannot put my serial number in which is xxx-xxx-xxx

Please help

Many thanks

Raimund R Pohl

    Hi Raimund,
    I’ve removed the serial number from your post. Be careful, and I mean *VERY* careful about putting your s/n up in public places. Thankfully it is registered to your account if push comes to shove, but incase you have posted the serial number elsewhere, I highly recommend revisiting those posts and removing the reference to the serial. Somebody could steal it and cause you some unneeded grief.

    As far as the issue, You could post here for Master Collection installer support:

    What I would personally do at this point though, is uninstall

    If mac, go into your applications folder, and remove all CS6 folders
    If Win, after uninstall, go into your program files/adobe folder and remove the CS6 reference folders

    Then run the cleaner script (to clean out all CS6 apps) which can be found here:

    then reinstall the Master Collection and see if that resolves the messages.
    If not, try to launch Master collection in a new administrator user account, to see if that behaves differently/better, Otherwise post to the forums above.

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