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Photoshop CS6 Operating System Support…and beyond

With the announcement of the Photoshop CS6 Public Beta, I thought I’d take some time to discuss our plans around operating system support in Photoshop CS6 – and beyond.


I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be providing official support for Windows XP, in addition to Windows 7, with Photoshop CS6.

We know that some of our Windows customers were concerned about Photoshop CS6 dropping Windows XP support similar to Lightroom 4.

We will, however, be dropping official support for Windows Vista (Please note: although Windows Vista is not officially supported, we do not restrict users from installing and using Photoshop CS6 on their Vista Systems)

Why is Photoshop CS6 still supporting Windows XP?

Quite simply, Photoshop’s user base is much different than Lightroom’s and many more of our customers are still on Windows XP. However, the number of our customers on XP is decreasing and we expect to see more and more of our customers to migrate to Windows 7 and Windows 8.


On the Mac side, we made the decision to end support for Macintosh systems that are not 64-bit capable. See related Apple documentation: How to tell if your Intel-based Mac has a 32-bit or 64-bit processor?

Apple is no longer supporting 32-bit hardware with their latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), so it makes sense for us to follow suit.

Current recommendations and future guidance

Our current recommendation for the best Photoshop experience is to use 64-bit hardware and Operating Systems, specifically Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) or 10.7.x (Lion) for Macintosh and Windows 7 64-bit for Windows PCs.

We’re actively working with Apple to create a great Photoshop experience with future releases of OS X, including the recently announced Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

We’re also working with Microsoft to also create a great Photoshop experience with Windows 8 for when it becomes available.

I hope that this information helps you understand our current decisions operating system support and where we think we’re headed with future releases of Photoshop.


– Jeff Tranberry, Chief Customer Advocate
@jtranber on Twitter

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cs6 can’t see my graphic driver on windows8..

    What video card are you using? Video Card requirements indicate you need 512MB of RAM on your card. System Requirements:

    I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Trial for my MacBook (Intel Core 2 Duo 64 Bit)
    Adobe says this system is not compatible.
    |This is definitely a 64 Bit system, does anyone have a solution to this?

      This is the system I have:
      Model Name: MacBook
      Model Identifier: MacBook7,1
      Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
      Number Of Processors: 1
      Total Number Of Cores: 2
      L2 Cache: 3 MB
      Memory: 4 GB
      Bus Speed: 1.07 GHz

      Someone mentioned an alternative link from Adobe that works.
      Has anyone heard of this?

      What OS are you running? You need 10.7 or later.

I believe you may have less users on XP than Windows 7 using Lightroom but i’m a working photographers and will have to continue using Lightroom 3 until I finally need to upgrade. What I don’t like is the way I had to find out on my own after downloading the new beta version that it wasn’t compatible to XP. Nothing likes a heads up. If there is another software that will do the job I believe I will switch. I’ll continue to use Photoshop as I make a living using it and teaching others how to use it.

    Hi Bob,

    Sorry you missed that XP wasn’t supported in Lightroom 4. It’s clearly stated that it’s not supported in the System Requirements – and we even worked with Amazon to display an alert warning in the product pricing area on product pages to help inform XP users. Tom on the Lightroom side, and myself on the Photoshop side, are trying to be as open and clear about OS support early and often so our users can make informed buying decision. Our intention was to make this as clear as possible – and that’s the intention of this blog post in particular.

So, just to clear, Photoshop CS6 for Windows is going to be available for 32bit WinXP? What about the CS6 Suites? Can you say anything about other apps that will not work with 32bit (other than AfterEffects and Premiere)? I’m fighting the corporate battle of slow 64bit adoption. Thanks!

    Hi JeffL,

    Photoshop CS6 will support Win7 and XP 32bit and 64bit. After Effects and Premiere dropped all 32bit support with CS5. 64-bit is the path of the future – especially for graphics/video programs that work with large files.

Jeff, your plate is so full, I don’t see how you handle it.
I am grateful to Adobe for continuing support for XP for one more iteration. We can’t upgrade our machines at work yet because it would require a major upgrade to our network equipment. I’m sorry to be left behind on Lightroom.
I’m just a tiny voice in a huge user database, but I’m following you on facebook and remembering your youngest in my prayers.

    Thanks David,

    You know more about me than most folks and appreciate the support with Stella’s recovery.

    Glad XP support for Photoshop is going to buy you more time on hardware/network upgrades. The landscape is changing quickly with OS/64bit changes, rapid OS updates, and tablet/mobile devices. There are many choices for consumers and developers to make in terms of what they support and maintain.

Why did you keep XP? Why did you cave to people running museum equipment?

    Brand new OEM built computers were shipping to consumers as late as 2010 with totally legal Windows XP licenses. Many enterprise users still receive brand new 2012-built machines with 32-bit Windows XP and their companies still don’t have a clear migration path. Yes, people need to upgrade. Yes, official support for XP has ending. But, people still using it – especially people who can afford a $700 photo editing program – aren’t all using horribly outdated machines.

    I think I explained why. There was still a good chunk of our user base that was still using XP – though that number is expected to dwindle rapidly over the few years.

    Because XP runs way better than any of the new windows, and yes, I have used them.

    Nothing is wrong with XP. Stop being jealous. XP Forever.

Which apps in CS6 are going to support Windows XP? Only After Effects and Premiere AFAIK right?

Sorry I meant which apps are NOT going to support XP? Only After Effects and Premiere dropped support since CS5 and that’s the same for CS6 right?

    I don’t have the final tech specs needed for all CS6 applications. But, yes. since Premiere and After Effects dropped XP (and 32bit support in general) for CS5, I wouldn’t expect them to time warp back in time and support an OS they’ve dropped.

You still support XP but drop support for the newer Vista??? Explain please!

    I think I explained why. There was still a good chunk of our user base that was still using XP – though that number is expected to dwindle rapidly over the few years. Vista use was tiny compared to Win 7 and XP. Unfortunately, users didn’t flock to Vista.

      You may THINK you explained, but you didn’t. You explained why you still support XP but not why you dropped Vista . . .quote – “We will, however, be dropping official support for Windows Vista (Please note: although Windows Vista is not officially supported, we do not restrict users from installing and using Photoshop CS6 on their Vista Systems)” – end quote.

      If you are going to announce something to the world then please don’t sacrifice clarity for the sake of brevity.

        it is unfair that photoshop supports xp but not vista.!!!

        I am currently taking a course on photoshop and would like to purchase the software. But, I use VISTA. What should I do?

          Best bet is to upgrade your OS.

a. You guys have so many platform versions to keep, that’s cool.
b. New interface like a copy version of light-room
c. Windows XP will be expired on 2014.4.8 , last version SP3 with incredibly bug fixed since 2008.4.21.
Basically windows XP and mac 32-bit (or 10.6 version older) are both on the same situations , only one different thing is bugs eating windows, not hardware support.

Adobe have to make things simple or easy way to play, not thinking ‘what kind of customers we should say goodbye?’

It’s not fair.

How is it that other 32 bit application run on lion, such as pse 10?
Or are you talking about mountain lion or some other cat?

Just curious, is there some technical reason vista isn’t officially supported?

I am a graphic design student who has CS4. CS5 came out just a few months after purchasing CS4 so it wasn’t financially reasonable to purchase the new version. I’ve been anxiously waiting for CS6. Over the summer I purchased a new computer. It’s a laptop PC with 600 GB, Intel(R) Core(Tm) i7-2630QM CUP@ 2.00 GHz, 64-bit operating system. It’s an HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC. I’ve been using a laptop for years and that is my preferred mode of using a computer because of the flexibility of working anywhere. I just received a call from a none-design friend who said I will not be able to use CS6 on my laptop or any laptop because it wasn’t made to do so. Is this true? Am I doomed to have CS4 for the life-time of my computer – and I tend to keep my computers for a long time. Please tell me this isn’t so.

    That is false. Photoshop CS6 runs on laptops that fit the system requirements.

Hi, I downloaded CS6 beta onto my 32 bit Core Duo Macbook having failed to thoroughly check the system requirements first (I just checked whether my OS version was supported). Photoshop doesn’t run, obviously, but why did the installer let me go thru with the installation? Shouldn’t it make a quick check and warn me before installing 2.5GB?


I am familiar with the general requirements of the Adobe CS6 suite but am curious to know if particular CS6 programs, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign will work with my 2008 MacBook Pro (15″ 2.2Ghz, 2Gb RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo), which has a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor with 128 MB of GDDR3 SDRAM. It’s the VRAM specification I’m most curious about. I understand that the VRAM of my laptop doesn’t meet the general system requirement of CS6 in general, but I am curious to know if my 128mb of VRAM would be sufficient for most image, design, and layout work. I’m not interested in using the most taxing features of CS such as 3D effects, video, etc., and pre-CS4 CS’s have worked fine.

Boiled down, my question would be: will the CS6 applications mentioned above for the most part work on my laptop, which meets all general CS6 specifications aside from VRAM?

Also I would be curious to know if upgrading my laptop’s RAM to 4GB could possibly offset the lower VRAM capacity, in relation to the general CS6 sys. req.

Insight on this appreciated.
I would guess there are others out there with a similar question.

    Yes. It should run, but some of the GPU acceleration may not be available. (the feature would default to CPU mode)

    You can always download the trial to make sure it works the way you expect on your hardware:

I am using Beta CS6 and my Gateway desktop, running Win 7 64-bit. The graphics processor is Nvidia GeForce 7100, 256MB RAM. Why am I getting the messaage “Photoshop detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported”.
What is supported, and what graphics card would you suggest?

    Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is important and all. However think of if you added some great visuals or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with pics and video clips, this website could definitely be one of the greatest in its niche. Amazing blog!

    Determine what video card you have and go directly to the manufacturers website (nVidia or ATI/AMD) and download the latest driver:

It sounds weird to me. Let’s look at these:

Photoshop CS6:
supported in XP, runnable in Vista, supported in 7, runnable in 8.
Lightroom 4:
cannot run in XP, supported in Vista, supported in 7, sunnable in 8.

It feels weird. It would sound somewhat more “normal” if Vista gets official support status as well.

But I’m glad you’re no longer doing OS version lockout. I remember having to modify the XML files in the installer to install the design and production parts of CS4 on Windows Server 2003.

I’m using cs6 in 64 bit windows and it work very fast. Photoshop don’t need xp.


i cant save a file, when i press save for web and device he say “not enoguf storage to complete this operation

pleas help me!!!

Hi, i downloaded the photoshop CS6 beta and i am wondering about the graphics processor settings. everything was fine before i downloaded the Windows 8 consumer preview… but after it, OpenGl wasn’t running. i have been searching all throughout the internet and found negative results. do you know if there is an alternative or if there will be an update during the win8 consumer preview period for opengl?
(if i knew things would stop working the way they did before, i would have never dl’d win8 consumer preview)

    Drivers for Windows 8 (Beta software) have a number of bugs. I don’t recommend running on Windows 8 for critical work.

When will a plug-in be available for downloading CR files from Canon’s new 5d Mark III to Photoshop 5 and Lightroom 3 running on Mac OS Snow Leopard? Thanks.

    Choose Help>Updates… and install the Camera Raw 7.1 update.


What about XP x64, will photoshop run on that?

Thank you.


I was wondering if it is possible to run Encore and Premiere pro on a 32 bit system now that CS6 is here? How come there isnt a compatible version for a 32 bit system. ? If it is possible I definitely want to buy it.

There is no program better for editing videos than Premiere.

    Premiere and AfterEffects dropped 32bit support back in CS5.

You talk of OS support:

I’m getting tired of the old old deprecated SAVE FILE prompt that’s STILL using the old XP system. We pay you thousands of $$ and you keep the old Windows XP save system? No excuses Adobe. I want the Windows 7 save prompt. Don’t give me the “we still need to support XP” junk. That’s an excuse to not put an OS check (if > Windows XP use new save prompt).

Yes you have a base of XP users (I feel sorry for them), that doesn’t mean I STILL should have to use the old save prompt. The one thing I’ve been wanting to see changed since CS3 still stares me boldly in the face as a giant “Screw You” from Adobe. You add all of this fancy stuff (much of which I don’t use), but the only thing I’ve personally asked for is an updated save prompt (that’s been around since Vista). I don’t care if you create your own, anything but the ancient XP non-customizable system.

    Those of us who are STILL XP users have kept this system because it is very crash proof, like old NT. After nightmare experiences with Vista and 7, I am sure many of us who were not born yesterday are holding on to the tried and true until microsoft can prove to us that their new OS won’t impair our businesses. If you work in an office situation where you have outside computer support, then you don’t care about this. For those of us responsible for our own maintenance, this is a huge issue. So thanks, Adobe. You got this one right.

I’m a PC user that is considering switching to MAC within the next year or so. I just purchased CS6 and before I open the box I suddenly wondered what will happen when I switch over? Will I have to make another $700 purchase to the MAC version, or is there a way use it on the new MAC system? In other words, I might return it and wait until I go to MAC if I’m just going to have to buy it again.


I am looking to purchase lightroom 4 to be used on both my iMac and my laptop PC.
You state the following requirement: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; Microsoft® Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2 or Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1…
I have Windows® 7 Professional and the following processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU. Will lightroom 4 work on my laptop? Many thanks!

Just got CS6 and installed in Windows 7 (64-bit).

My system is Intel Core i7-2640M CPU 2 2.80 GHz, RAM 8 GB, System 64-bit Operating System
I’ve never had problems like this before. I don’t see any photo when I open Photoshop.

Am I missing something here? I need this going ASAP!


hi, i dont know i should ask this question here or not but :
why cant i access to the New 3D Extrusion menu in photoshop CS6 ?
and also i cant turn on ” use open gl ” in graphics processor settings menu :(
i use macbook pro , OS X 10.6.8 , and my graphic dard is : AMD Radeon HD 6490M

Hi Jeff, I just upgraded my older version of Photoshop from CS4 to CS6. The installation runs ok, but when I want to use image adjustments tool eg. curves, I choose the option ‘auto’ or ‘option’ at the right side of curves menu, the program encounters error which say “Photoshop CS6 has encounter a problem and need to shut down.” I’m using a HP Pavilion tx2000 notebook powered by a dual-core AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-66 processor with a clockspeed of 2.3GHz. Combined with an integrated Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 graphics chipset, upgrated 3GB of RAM and running on Window Vista Home Premium. Each time I do image adjustment or editing, if choose ‘auto’ or ‘option’ this message hits again and the Photoshop CS6 to close without my artwork being saved.

I’m a state of California employee. We still use Windows XP, and, although there are upgrade rumors, nothing is confirmed.
Will all the CS-6 programs run on XP? I tend toward more print and print-to-web products,so I’m not too concerned with Flash, Fireworks, etc.
Which CS6 software products will run on XP?

I have XP Pro, but I don’t know whether it’s 64 or 32 bit. How can I find out?

    You should be able to tell after getting properties on My Computer and seeing what the OS version is there in the general tab I believe.

    Microsoft’s webpage suggests:
    Method 1: View System Properties in Control Panel
    Click Start, and then click Run.
    Type sysdm.cpl, and then click OK.
    Click the General tab. The operating system is displayed as follows:
    For a 64-bit version operating system: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Version < Year> appears under System.
    For a 32-bit version operating system: Windows XP Professional Version appears under System.
    is a placeholder for a year.

    Method 2: View System Information window
    Click Start, and then click Run.
    Type winmsd.exe, and then click OK.
    When System Summary is selected in the navigation pane, locate Processor under Item in the details pane. Note the value.
    If the value that corresponds to Processor starts with x86, the computer is running a 32-bit version of Windows.
    If the value that corresponds to Processor starts with ia64 or AMD64, the computer is running a 64-bit version of Windows.

Not interested in 3D. What about Photoshop 6, Illustrator 6, Acrobat 6,

…oh, and InDesign 6

will photoshop cs6 work in a windows xp 32 bit system?

I want to learn photo editing but i don’t know where to start. I don’t even know if there is any picture editor is installed on my pc. Would you please help me how to know if there’s one. And which editor should i choose to learn editing as a beginner?

Is there a way to get Photoshop CS6 on Lion to automatically re-open the documents that were open when the application last quit?

    If you “last quit” by means of a crash, Photoshop CS6 will open with an Auto-recovered version of a document.

    If you quit without a crash, then Photoshop doesn’t open the most recent file or last open file automatically.
    They can be found in File > Open Recent however.

I have MAC pro (OS 10.7) with 4 gb ram and I need to install Adobe CS6 for my college freshman year. will this work for adobe CS6?

    Yep, you should have no trouble installing and using CS6 in 10.7 with that system.

      Hi Pete.

      Thx for the reply.I meant Adobe Creative Suite 6. the spec says 2 gb RAM (recommended 8 GB).I am not sure why 4 GB is not enough?

I have a laptop with Windows Vista and a pc with Windows 7.
I am considering getting CS6 (but I need it for my laptop mainly) — I noticed someone mention that CS6 is still runnable in Vista. Is this true? So I can still get the software?

    Hi Que,

    Of course PS CS6 will work just fine on your Windows 7 machine, the Vista machine may be just fine as well.
    First thing you could do, is download the trial version of Photoshop CS6 on your Vista laptop and see how well it runs on that system without spending a dime: Photoshop CS6 trial:

    After that, we do have some information around vista and our support of it:

    a snippet from the blog post:
    [snip]We will, however, be dropping official support for Windows Vista (Please note: although Windows Vista is not officially supported, we do not restrict users from installing and using Photoshop CS6 on their Vista Systems)[snip]

System requirements for Photoshop CS6
Mac OS

Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
Mac OS X v10.6.8 or v10.7
1GB of RAM
2GB of available hard-disk space
1024×768 (1280×800 recommended)
OpenGL 2.0–capable system
DVD-ROM drive

I have
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 (11E53)
Resolution: 1440 x 900
How do I find out my MacBook Pro is OpenGl 2 Capable?

I get a message when I try to use Photoshop CS6 3D
“Photoshop detacted graphicshardware that is not officially supported. If you experience problems please uncheck the Use Graphics Processor checkbox in the Performance panel of the Preferences dialog.”

How can I get this to work?

    You’ll want to find out what video chipset you have on your macbook, and then look it up through google to see what technologies it supports.
    Apple menu > About this Mac > More Info — Graphics: __________ xxx ___________

    This will tell you what video card gpu is in the system. From there you can search for more technical specifications on the card.

    You can also look at this document to get more info on Photoshop and GPUs, including information on which video cards in Apple machines support some of the technologies such as OpenCL.

    The GPU Sniffer
    To help guard against Photoshop crashes related to bad GPU hardware or drivers, Photoshop employs a small program called the GPU Sniffer. Every time Photoshop launches, Photoshop launches the sniffer. The sniffer runs rudimentary tests of the GPU and reports the results to Photoshop. If the sniffer crashes or reports a failure status to Photoshop, Photoshop doesn’t use the GPU.

i just read that winxp user going miss out on photoshop Cs6 3D it doesnt support winxp in basic. i think this is so wrong lucky i manage to have photoshop cs5 and cs6 working side by side so i have 3d at lease in cs5 .

When starting photoshop I get a message saying photoshop detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported. Please check the use graphics processor check box in the performance panel of the preferences dialog

    Hi Jeff, PHotoshop performs some tests when it launches to test the video card’s ability to work with PS, if it discovers an issue with the card or driver, it will disable the GPU features in PHotshop, or at least turn them to basic.

    First step would be to update your video card driver and see if that resolves the issue with the warning message.

    If it indeed is a card that doesn’t play nicely with Photoshop, see this list of supported video cards that have been tested to work well with Photoshop CS6:

I have a Dell Laptop with Intel Core i7, 8 gigs of memory, Windows 7 64 bit, and WIntel HD Graphics 4000. In CS6 when I select the Oil Paint filter I do not get any image on the preview screen. I can make selections in the blind and the Oil Paint filter will process, but I can’t preview while making selection choices. Any suggestions?

IF I missed this somewhere I apologize but I can’t seem to find it Photoshop CS6 and Dreamweaver CS6 are supported on units running Windows Server 2003 or not?

If windows 2003 systems are not officially supported then why we are not use windows 2000 or windows 2007 for installation. Is it possible?

ohhhhh!!! it means windows never compatible for 3D? Any specific reason for 3D is disabled for all flavours of XP?

hi I Have lenovo G570 LAPTOP WITH 4GB RAM , 500 HARD DISK, windows7 32 BIT, 32 BIT, INTEL I3
after effects cs6 is not installing in my system as it is 32 bit..
is there any way to make after effects cs6 installed in my 32 bit laptop….
please help me out….!

    Unfortunately, no. After Effects is a 64-bit application only. It will not run on a 32-bit system.

Hi Jeffery, will Photoshop work on Windows XP 64bit Professional? (I remember the latest service pack for that was SP2, instead of the 32bits with SP3.)

    You can install and run on XP 64 but it’s not a supported configuration. 3D is disabled for all flavors of XP.

Is Photoshop CS5 compatible with Windows 8? Is CS6?

    Windows 8 isn’t officially available, yet. We will be posting information on compatibility tomorrow once it’s officially available. Stay tuned.

Jeff, I recently bought a new HP Envy 64 bit computer following a crash of my old one. It is a PC running an AMD core 6 processor,and uses a Radeon 7400HD series graphics card that supports Open GL and Open CL. I am having frustrating difficulty with Adaptive Wide Angle Filter not being able to access the auto lens profile selection, Issues with having to run the Advanced Graphics Processor in Basic Mode just to keep the screen from flashing black to transparent, and an inability to use the oil paint filter. Any thoughts on this.

where do you find the curves tool?



    Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves…

My computer has 4.00 GB ram and i still cannot use the 3D functions in the cs6 since i cannot turn on the” use gaphics processor”. what should i do to be able to use the 3D functions?

    by the way, my computer is windows 7

    Which video card are you using?
    Make sure you’ve gone to the video card manufacturer’s website and download the LATEST driver available and install that. See if that helps out.

Hello, I am Brazilian and I can not solve the problem Following. I downloaded the Adobe website, but every time I try to open Appears” Could not find the entry point of the procedure GetLogicalProcessorInformation the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.” I’ve just downloaded this DLL, and I do not know Mai solves them. Have uninstalled and installed. Please. help me. (I used a translator).

    Which product are you trying to install Shar?
    Which version of Windows is this?
    Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling under a new administrative user account on your system?

I upgraded to CS6 (32 bit) last summer but am now looking to replacing the computer it’s on to a 64 bit machine. Is there a path to update Photoshop CS6 from 32 bit to the 64 bit version? thanks a ton!

    The 32-bit/64-bit version are on the same install disk. Just run the same installer on the 64-bit OS and it will install the 64-bit version (as well as the 32bit version if you want – or in case you have 32bit only plug-ins)

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Hello, I just bought Photoshop CS6. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work at all. I keep getting the message “Photoshop detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported. If you experience problems, please uncheck the Use Graphics Processor checkbox in the Performance panel of the Preferences dialog.”

I unchecked the “Use Graphics Processor” checkbox but I still cannot use the program.

I am running a late model, 2006 Macbook with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (64 bit) and my OS is 10.6.8, Snow Leopard. I have 4GB of RAM and almost 20GB of hard drive space left after installation. These are all within specs, so I’m not sure why it’s not running on my computer. Please Help!

Thank you

OK, so fo whatever reason, the program sort of works today. I mean, pictures can be loaded into Photoshop, but I’m still getting the message “Photoshop detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported. If you experience problems, please uncheck the Use Graphics Processor checkbox in the Performance panel of the Preferences dialog” even though the “Use Graphics Processor” checkbox is already unchecked. Is there any way to get rid of this message?

Never mind. I clicked “do not show message again” and that seems to have solved the issue, at least for now. Time will tell if I continue to experience problems with this software.

This may be a rather silly question but is the functionality or speed of Photoshop CS6, which I used mainly for editing still images, affected by whether my OS is Windows 7 Home Starter, Basic or Premium. All are 64-bit. Thanks.

Hi! I have created an animated banner and saved it in gif, html and movie (render video option) formats.
I have a mac pro with retina screen. My manager has a pc and is not able to open the files. I have sent the files to another person who has a pc and the same.
I have checked if there is an option to save being compatible with pc but I couldn’t find it.

I need help! Many thanks Jeffrey.

    WHich files did she have trouble opening? The movie files? Or the GIF? You probably want to use h.264 for encoding your videos for cross-platform use.

i have mac pro os x 10.6.8 (snow leopard) ,INTEL CORE 7 and now i am using FCE 4 for editing. but i am interested i using after effects so please tell me which version of adobe is compatible with my computer. CS5 or CS5.5 or CS6 PLEASE HELP! MR. JEFFREY


Hi, I just got Photoshop for Windows7 a few weeks ago and I’m still new to it. I’ve been having this problem when it comes to drawing and painting in Photoshop when using my Wacom Intuos5. At first it was working fine, pressure settings were good, all brushes worked and it barely slowed down. A couple days later I’ve been noticing a lot of problems when it comes to brush strokes and editing. Sometimes Photoshop won’t register brush strokes and other times pressure sensitivity will cut off completely for a second. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Wacom driver and it barely fixed the problem. So all I really want to know is Photoshop causing the problem? Is there any solution? Will I be able to use the activation code again if I decide to uninstall and reinstall photoshop or install it to another computer?

I was wondering if anyone knows if we have a PC and install the cs6 would we be able to take what we do on the pc and load it on to a mac?

    Files are cross platform as long as you have the same fonts installed on both systems.

Hi. Thank you Adobe for letting CS6 work on XP. I have XP and I have no intention of moving to that inferior bloated Windows 7. And I love the new dark look of CS6. So, I’m happy. And Photoshop Elements 7,9 are the best versions Adobe created. Hallelujah, CS6 works on XP. And I don’t need anymore added features of the next versions. See, XP users aren’t greedy. And they don’t need more.

Hi I’m looking to upgrade from photoshop CS4 to Photoshop CS6 but it does not say on the system requirements that it is supported in Windows 8 under system requirements. Can you confirm whether or not Photoshop CS6 will now work in Windows 8.
Many thanks.

    Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC both work on Win 8.

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be accessed on their webpages, while some websites send the tutorials directly to your

I have been working with an older PS version (CS2)on a Core 2 Duo/XP Pro/32 system for photographic work and have recently purchased a newer DSLR which requires CS6/ACR to recognize and work with the Raw image files. I plan to replace replace the PC in the coming months with an I7/Windows 8.1/64-bit system and my questions is this- I need to install CS6 on my present system to work with these files NOW and am wondering about the ability to install again on my new system. Will I be able to re-install (64-bit) CS6 on the new system and transfer the license? What is the procedure to accomplish this?

I just purchased CS6 (not CC) and want to confirm that it will work ok with Windows 7 and more importantly will preform ok with using Intel i3 2.4Ghz processor. Thanks!

I just bought a Windows 8 and have been able to download my software I used for Windows XP that I bought in 2003. I would also like to download my Adobe Photoshop 5 but the Setuo.exe will not open to download this while even for my Microsoft Office Publisher 3 I could download it since the Setup.exe opened for it. Is there a way for me to download Photoshop 5? I go the route of English and PHOTOSLE but the setup.exe does not appear next to download it. Is there any other way to download it?

Thank you. Any help I can get will make me happy since I am used to working with Photoshop 5 and enjoy using it.


I have installed photoshop and my system is slow down…what are the graphic card requirements for windows 7 for using photoshop

I have a HP Split X2 with a 4th gen i5 processor and incorporated Intel HD Graphics 4200 running Win 8.1. Photoshop CS6 consistently causes a video driver crash, but not always. Is there anything that can be done in the Photoshop configuration or in Windows that will solve this problem? It’s unacceptable that I have to fall back to Photoshop SE. Thanks!

Very unhappy that you won’t support 32 bit machines anymore. There are still plenty of us out here who would purchase your software for our machines. It makes more sense to continue the software that you already have developed and give it 10 years to phase out. Disappointed in you Adobe.

    Hi Jacob, are you on a Mac? You’re welcome to keep the version that runs on your system. Apple hasn’t sold a 32-bit system for years and we need to focus on building software for modern systems that give the best user experience.

I have a perpetual license for cs5 on Windows that I upgraded to CS6 last year. I just purchased an iMac and would like to load CS6 on the MAC, do I have to repurchase or is there a way of that Adobe can help me do this?


I’m trying to install my photoshop free trial onto my computer, and it says “You are running an operating system that Photoshop no longer supports.” but I checked, and my computer has 64 bits. Do you know if my computer is just too full or too old?

    The OS is probably to old. What OS are you using? What version of Photoshop are you trying to install?

Hey –
I’ve got Photoshop CS6 Extended running great on Windows 7; will it work on Windows 10?
Thanks in advance!

    We’ll announce compatibility with Windows 10 once Microsoft finalizes and releases it.

Hello! I have Windows Vista and I cant download the Photoshop free trial.. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP!!

This comes up…

“You are running an operating system that Photoshop no longer supports. Refer to the system requirements for a full list of supported platforms.”

I have a MacBook Pro (3.06 GHz Intel dual core, 8GB RAM) running OS 10.6.8 and am wondering if I can use the latest version of Photoshop (the pay-per-month version) on my system. I see at the beginning of this page you wrote “Our current recommendation for the best Photoshop experience is to use 64-bit hardware and Operating Systems, specifically Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) or 10.7.x (Lion) for Macintosh” so it seems like I won’t have to ‘upgrade’ to a different OS. Is this really true?

You can install and run on XP 64 but it’s not a supported configuration. 3D is disabled for all flavors of XP.




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