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Thank You for Downloading the Photoshop CS6 beta!

We’ve been blown away by the response to the Photoshop CS6 beta. In less than one week of its release, we’ve seen over half a million downloads and counting!! Download it for free today!

It’s not often that we provide an advance preview of the next release of Photoshop and we’re grateful for all the support and buzz the beta has received. We’re glad you’re as excited as we are to see all of YOUR requests come to life.

We just returned from Photoshop World, where thousands of Photoshop power users were cheering during the keynote when senior product managers, Bryan O’Neil Hughes and Zorana Gee showcased the new features. Check out this video for a bit of the excitement we captured from attendees who visited our booth.

We’ve been following all the social buzz and are happy to see you engaging with our posts and viewing all the videos.

Rather than say what we love about the beta, we thought it’s better to hear direct from our fans and followers who have graciously given us over 12,000 Facebook Likes, left over 2,000 Comments and kept the buzz going with over 110,000 Tweets.

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us! We feel the love and more importantly, are glad Photoshop CS6 is a release to get excited about.

If you haven’t already downloaded the beta, you can do so for free today, here. Be sure to visit our forum to provide any feedback along the way. And if you just want a quick tour of what’s new, subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the Photoshop CS6 beta playlist or our Sneak Peeks.


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Render Clouds doesn´t work it only gave a black or withe canvas with litle points

I love Photoshop CS6, for years waiting for them to change the color of the interface, apart from having the new features. But I have noticed that some brushes driving the program crashes after a while returns to normal but is a bit frustrating at the time … I hope they can fix that fails, I do not know if everyone feels the same. Anyway, PS C6 is a success. Greetings to all the Adobe team from Peru.

I’ve tested Photoshop CS6 Beta by creating an 48×26 inch illustration. The document reached 6.79 GB (CMYK/300dpi). Consider me an early adaptor of CS6. Here’s my write-up and the results

    Very cool Bram. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve tested the content aware scale on some of my phoographs, which not always gives me the reult I want, but is way better than the other versions.
The only issue I have come across till now is that the system hangs up while doing a simple crop. 1300px x 900px 92dpi for the web. It takes up 2103906k memory, a bit much I’d say.

I tried to install Photoshop CS6 Beta, and could not get the installer to work at all. I got a message that says “Installer failed to initialize. This could be due to a missing file. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.” I downloaded and ran Support Advisor, and it could not detect any problems. I also downloaded Photoshop again to see if files were corrupt and that was the problem, but the download is the same size as it said on the Beta webpage, and I still get the same error message. Any idea why this might be happening?

I am having the identical problem to Monica. Have downloaded 3 times and each time get same message – failed to initialize. Adobe Support Advisor does not detect any problems.
Can someone offer suggestions?

Me too! Identical to above.
I was so so excited and had to go to bed dreaming about it instead.
Would love to know what is happening there. Might my computer be the issue, the link or…hmmm help is needed. Thanks for any advice. Can’t wait to test it out.


I love your blog :)

Good Job Adobe you have now made it so every kid and his mom can learn how to edit videos, transition and effect them, way to ruin our industry you MORONS!!! You already killed off 3/4 of Photographers Careers and now your killing the Editors Jobs.

    I fail to see how democratizing creativity is a bad thing.

Photoshop CS6 beta new features videos were cool. Found a link to Photoshop CS6 beta from another site btw. Maybe could try this
beta someday…

Awesome blog, i really like it.

I have got photoshop cs5 and i download cs6 beta. New tools are very well. After complete i buy it. I love photoshop. I’m a Web designer.

I have been working on CS6 since it became available and it has only crashed once when i was using one of the tools, i had one of the original versions of photoshop (8 I think) and find this easy to work with. Am definitely going to purchase this eventually. Does the Beta have anything disabled? or will the purchased one be exactly the same? Would like to see some filters that give a more grainy scratchy sepia tone. Or have i just missed that? Great program any way.

    The Beta doesn’t have anything disabled.

    You can certainly create a grainy, scratchy sepia tone using the tools in Photoshop. There isn’t a filter to do it in one click, though there probably are actions that do that. Google is your friend.

    Do a search for: aged sepia photoshop action

Can you tell me if My issue can be resolved.

I am download the product 6-7 time. (My ISP give me very few bandwidth because they not update record atleast solve it). Most of time I got 100,107,108,109 Error.

I thing their should be a option for download parts of file. 6 days later I fianlly got the product. I am trying to run it but it’s not running.Setup failed to initialized.

How I can got it works.


hi awesome post man, i think u hav put ur point across excellently ty

I noticed that you have business templates. I’m staarting a direct mail marketing company and I was wandering if you allow business’s to download your templates for free. If not, what is the cost per template?

Thank you sharing about this…

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