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Lightroom 4 Now Available as Part of Creative Cloud

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Lightroom 4 as part of Creative Cloud.

We’re excited to get Lightroom, our end-to-end solution for both amateur and professional photographers, into the hands of Creative Cloud customers who want to bring out the best from their photographs. Lightroom will help you organize, perfect, and share your photos more easily than ever before.

New tools in Lightroom 4 provide more detail in shadows and highlights and let you make targeted adjustments of white balance, noise reduction, and more. The new Map module allows you to find and group images by location, automatically display location data from your camera or smartphone, and assign locations to images. Lightroom 4 also allows customers to craft elegant photo books and easily share your images on social media and photo sharing sites, including Facebook and Flickr. Newly added video support lets you view video clips, make simple edits, and then upload your HD clips to Facebook and Flickr.

Creative Cloud is the digital hub that lets you download and install any of the new Adobe Creative Suite 6 desktop apps you want, plus cloud storage, device syncing, and the ability to easily publish, manage, and host websites through your membership.

Lightroom coming into Creative Cloud is a good example of why we think people will really love Creative Cloud — we can add new creative tools and members just get them at no additional cost – it’s as simple as that. We’ll be adding even more great stuff to Creative Cloud over time; Lightroom is just the beginning.

Getting started with Lightroom 4
If you’re a member of Creative Cloud, log into your account to download, install and start using Lightroom 4 today.

If you’re not yet a member to Creative Cloud you can join and/or find additional information here.

If you already have Lightroom installed as a 30-day trial, or already own Lightroom, see the following FAQ: Lightroom & Creative Cloud FAQ It covers converting your current Lightroom install to be part of your Creative Cloud membership. It also answers questions regarding recently purchasing Lightroom 4 as well as a number of other questions about using Lightroom with Creative Cloud.

Finally, I’ve gathered a number of free learning resources on my personal blog for folks getting up to speed with our products, including Lightroom 4.

Operating System Support
A few notes for customers looking to start working with Lightroom along with Photoshop CS6 and the rest of the Creative Cloud family of applications:

Lightroom does not support Windows XP and is a 64-bit only application on Mac OS X. The system requirements for Lightroom include support for Microsoft® Windows Vista® & Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7.x (64-bit only).

While the Photoshop CS6 system requirements currently include support for Windows XP, some features that heavily leverage modern operating systems, graphics cards/GPUs and graphics drivers were not supported specifically on Windows XP. These include 3D, Blur Gallery and the new Lighting Effects features.

What does this mean for customers who use Windows XP? I recently wrote an article on the blog titled “Photoshop CS6 Operating System Support…and Beyond” in which I discussed system requirements and OS support in Photoshop CS6 and forward looking guidance that suggests customers move to a modern, 64–bit OS like Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.7 Lion, and start eyeing Windows 8 and OS 10.8 Mountain Lion.

I hope this information helps you quickly get started using Lightroom 4 along with the rest of Creative Cloud. Enjoy!

– Jeffrey Tranberry
Product Manager – Chief Customer Advocate – Digital Imaging
@jtranber on Twitter

Additional Resources


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As an subscriber of the Creative Cloud and within the last month having upgraded from LR3 to LR4 , will I get a refund or extension to Creative Cloud as compensation?

It’s a shame this isn’t available to those who purchased TLP versions of Creative Cloud/Team Ready, which are more expensive than the personal version (yes, I realize they include support).

I’ve contacted support 5 times, and received various answers from “You should have received an upgrade coupon for Muse, Lightroom, and Edge” to “Just login to the creative cloud with your Adobe ID” to “Just download a trial, and use the CS6 Master Collection Serial.

It’s frustrating that it isn’t readily available to download, and more so that the support folks don’t seem to have any idea how to obtain these other products. Is there anyone who can shed some light on this?


    Hi Jeffrey, let me look into this. You should be able to install the trial of Lightroom from here to start using it immediately:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I asked around. Lightroom, etc, should be available with Team Ready accounts for Creative Cloud.

    1) Are you scrolling to the bottom of the list in the Adobe Download Manager? (Apparently some other folks 2) Can you confirm what OS you’re using? If you’re on XP, Lightroom won’t show up in the list at all)
    3) Can you confirm you’ve activated your Creative Cloud membership aren’t still in trial mode. If you’re in trial mode, Lightroom wouldn’t show in the list.

It’s awesome tool! Very easy to use and to get perfect result !

Hello, i have now mac, i Mac and lion X. I’am cloud member, but i don’t see Lightroom 4 program in Adobe Application Maneger. How i can install Ligthroom my mac?

    Try Signing out of the Adobe Application Manager (under your name in the top left), and sign back in. That has fixed for others

I read this post fully regarding the comparison of hottest and previous technologies, it’s awesome article.

Nice article! I have creative cloud and just installed Lightroom on both my desktop and laptop Macs (as I have the rest of my creative cloud apps. Trouble is, my wife would love to access our photos on her laptop as well to share with friends, etc. Is there any way to do that without shelling out $150 at the app store for another license?




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