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Lightroom Team Travel Spotlight: Adriana Ohlmeyer and Tom Hogarty

Last week we announced the Around the World with Lightroom Photo Contest, and we’ve really enjoyed all of your amazing submissions so far! The submission stage ends August 24, so make sure to continue submitting your photos for a chance to win a photo expedition to Thailand with photographer and photojournalist Steve McCurry!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got a team that’s passionate about photography and exploring the world. On Friday, you heard from Lightroom team members Sharad Mangalick and David Auyeung and their recent experiences in China and Japan.  This week, Lightroom team members Adriana Ohlmeyer and Tom Hogarty show how you can practice travel photography overseas in Paris or even right in your own backyard.

Adriana Ohlmeyer – Software Quality Engineer, Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw

Where have you traveled recently?  Any good shots?
Adriana: My last trip was to Paris, I spent 12 days there.  There was a lot of great architecture and the weather was perfect.  You can never really take a bad shot in Paris, every corner and street is very different.  One nice surprise was this enclosed park that I walked into where people were practicing Tai Chi. It was so peaceful and the lighting was beautiful.

What is your most important piece of photography equipment?
Adriana: I have to have a wide lens with me, especially for shots of architecture.  Sometimes I only bring a 24-105mm and a 16-35mm. On the trip to Paris I took the Fuji Xpro-1 with a 35mm, a 60mm and a 18mm pancake. It was great!

If you could go anywhere in the world for purely photographic purposes where would that be and why?
Adriana: I would have to choose Africa.  The scenery is amazing and I would love to go on a safari to photograph animals.

Why is travel photography so important to you?
Adriana: Photography is what I do every day, whether it’s with a phone or a nicer camera I’m always taking shots on the go.  It’s my job and it’s what I enjoy doing when I am not working as well.

Tom Hogarty – Principal Product Manager for Lightroom, DNG & Adobe Camera Raw

When you travel, what is your favorite subject to capture?
Tom: My favorite subject to capture is the sense of the journey.  It’s a little difficult to discern…something reminiscent of the fact that you were going somewhere or are on your way.

Where have you traveled recently?  Any good shots?
Tom: My last trip was with the Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) team.  We went on a boat ride on the San Francisco bay.  I got a lot of shots with the team, the light couldn’t have been better, the golden hour exposures were great.  It’s really rare to capture the team outside of the office relaxing.

If you could go anywhere in the world for purely photographic purposes where would that be and why?
Tom: Instead of traveling to a location where an amazing scene is delivered to me, I’d prefer to become a much better photographer of my local surroundings.  For me it’s currently a bigger challenge to extract interesting images from my every day travels.

Why is travel photography so important to you?
Tom: We make a big deal out of vacations and journeys because we want to cram a lot of meaning into those moments.  It all goes by so quickly, so when you’re capturing the moment with a camera it helps you recollect and extend the trip in a way.

We’ve really enjoyed all of the photos that many of you have shared and are looking forward to seeing more images and stories about your recent summer travels!  If you haven’t done so already, take a look at all our contestants’ submissions and participate yourself on our Facebook app.  Also, make sure to check out our playlist of travel photography tutorials on YouTube with cool tips on what to do with your travel photos and keep following our blog for more inspiration from the team!


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They should travel less and instead take care of the sloooow Lightroom issue.

Your travel photography is really nice. It makes me want to go!

I reckon the best sort of camera for travel these days is an easy to carry camera capable of stills and video such as the Samsung WB850F which also has wifi capability to share / backup your pictures.

Very good photos !

Once again some great pictures. Both of them did an amazing job here, I’m THSI close to booking a flight now :) I’ve already been to Paris though, so I recognize the places in some of the pictures.

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