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HiDPI and Retina Display Support

The Photoshop and Lightroom teams are pleased to announce we will provide support for HiDPI displays in the coming months, including the Retina Display available on the new MacBook Pro. Supporting this new technology requires significant work by our product teams and we’re committed to provided a free update to all Photoshop CS6 customers this Fall and Lightroom 4 as soon as the work is complete. Please note that Creative Cloud members will receive Photoshop updates more frequently and receive this update in advance of updates for non-members. While Photoshop, Photoshop Touch and Lightroom will be joining Adobe Ideas in their support of HiDPI Retina Displays, Photoshop Elements will not fully support HiDPI displays in the immediate future however the team is investigating the effort required to support these new displays.

We are also hard at work on some new features that will be rolling out to Creative Cloud members in the coming months. Stay tuned for more details.

For additional background and information on other Adobe software products, please read this blog post.

Thanks for your patience as we work to ensure the quality of our products meet your expectations.

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Wow! Awesome, glad to hear is coming soon :)

Will this also be for the windows side as well for people that are using bootcamp?
This is a must needed feature!


“Please note that Creative Cloud members will receive Photoshop updates more frequently and receive this update in advance of updates for non-members.”

The preferred delivery of updates to Adobe Creative Cloud customers is pure harassment and I don’t see a technical reason.

Any chance of Acrobat update?

comment je fais p^hotoshop

“Please note that Creative Cloud members will receive Photoshop updates more frequently and receive this update in advance of updates for non-members.”

This is a pure BS method of selectively providing updates!

Hold on a second here Adobe, it’s one thing to add a new content aware tool and make it a 2-3 month exclusive to creative cloud but supporting retina on a fundamental level is about supporting high resolution displays. That dear adobe isn’t a feature , that is an essential device update. So when your customers who paid outright for Photoshop tells you that it is absurd that someone who paid for only a year of PS is going to get the update before you – who paid in full retail price early adopter glory – really pissed. Especially when you live in Asia and especially when you are an honest customer.
So not cool.


    Please reread the post. Retina support is going to be a free update available to all CS6 customers, whether they’re Creative Cloud members or purchased a traditional license.

      Its the fact that creative cloud members get the update first that annoys me . Some have called it greed but honestly there isnt a good reason to deny someone who paid in full for a piece of software over a subscriber. Not asking for benefits here , just fairness.

    What does living in Asia have to do with this?

      Here are 2 problems with being in Asia (ex Singapore, HK)
      1. On launch no creative cloud for us here. nope – pony up the full price
      2. Adobe’s biggest problem in asia is piracy. I would wager that there are more copies cracked versions of photoshop running than original ones. If I had to guess it would be like 5 to 1 . – so when honest people pay full price for something, we hope that at the very least , they are getting the same treatment as as those who are merely subscribing. Fair?

Coming month(s)? Is this a good news? I thought such an update would be released (beta or anything) in the coming days…

So this is Adobe’s ploy to get people to switch from perpetual licenses (buying outright) to subscriptions? By making quite essential updates available earlier to subscribers than those who own the license outright?

Getting an update for the retina display is good news, the earlier the better. As I own a full license and creative cloud membership, I don’t care about the announcement that cc-members will get the update earlier – but: it is highly unfair to those who own a license and are not cc-members. Dear Adobe marketing staff try this announcement and see what happens: “Male users will get the update earlier than females!” Treating your customers in different ways is a really bad idea and won’t convince any future cc-member of the benefit.


Making the update available first to those who subscribe to Creative Cloud is absurd! It makes me want to use another application – any other application – rather than spend any more money on Photoshop upgrades.

finaly. YAY

Thanx to the photoshop and lightroom team for provide support for HiDPI display and also providing free update. It is a great thing.if u need any solutions regadingSEO services contact us.

Just looking for this news today! I have truly enjoyed the Creative Cloud and love access to all of the programs and the constant updates – can’t wait to get Retina support across all the Adobe products.

Creative Cloud is one of the most greed-inspired products I’ve ever seen. All I want is Photoshop. Not extended, not cloud-enabled. And the cost is exorbitant. Avoiding this level of corporate greed makes the lame but free interface of GIMP look good.

Perhaps it is indeed something does with Photoshop and me. Now that Retina support is there … who knows. šŸ˜‰

very nice … we are waiting :)

Hey did you guys forget to do something? Release the Retina update!

Retina-update coming soon???

    It is coming soon, no ETA to comment on, but yes, it’s coming!

      Its november and we’re still waiting .

Come on guys! This is taking way too long for a $500+ product. I could have made a retina version of Photoshop within a week if I had a team your size.

When will Acrobat, either version X or XI support the retina display?

    Not soon enough!!!

Hey, that’s really TOO long…

what about all the vector based program like InDesign and Ilustrator!?!?!

Guys, it is a shame that the biggest graphic software company in the world, with 9,925 employees, it is not able to update the resolution of their software’s gui!

No competition made adobe lazy and greedy!!

Really bad job.

tai anjing

    another angry asian …. see the problem adobe ?

kami mau edit poto

This is ridiculous, I have invested heavily in a new MBPr and for what? I am a professional photographer and right now Adobe is restricting me from doing my job instead of enabling me to do so.
I cannot express how shameful this is that Adobe cannot provide an update for CS6, 3 months after release. It’s not like they didn’t know the retina was coming. It should have been ready to go on release or very shortly after.
Shame on you.

Do we have a definitive date? at least for photoshop???

    No definitive date yet, but in the near future

To anybody considering buying a retina display macbook, I would definitely hold off until Adobe adds retina support. Everything is completely blurry, and very difficult to design on. I immediately regret buying a macbook retina.

As someone who spent WAY too much money on a MacBook Retina 15″, I would HIGHLY recommend waiting to buy a Retina Mac, or switching to new software if at all possible (something I’m reluctantly doing right now for photoshop and illustrator).

To be perfectly clear:
The Creative Suite (CS6) is completely unusable on a MacBook Pro 15″ Retina.
You can do extremely generic stuff like resize photos, but anything that requires anything remotely close to pixel accuracy is just impossible. Not to mention everything just simply looks so awful that it’s distracting. This is not just the user interface, but photos, vector lines, etc. It’s horrible.

These machines have been out for months, and we were anticipating their arrival for the better part of year. I sincerely wish Adobe would take this more seriously. At this point, I’m glad I switched to a subscription model (CreativeCloud), because it will be easier to drop their products and switch to something else if they keep delaying these updates.

I hate to say it, but I seriously fear this is just another side-effect of the on-going Apple-Adobe scuffle, that’s boiled down to the end-users getting the short end of the stick.

    Pfft. Completely Unusable.. What an exaggeration. Absolute Hogwash.

      You, sir, are a troll.

      Troll indeed. I agree with Jackson, hold off on the Retina. If you consider yourself any level of professional when it comes to being a creative, you will want to murder yourself. Wheres that damn update?! I had to actually hook my macbook up to a thunderbolt display ( extra 1000 dollars ) after paying 2,800 for a custom retina display. kind of some bullshit, if you ask me. I wish adobe would try a little harder to fix this.

    I completely disagree. I’ve been using InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. on my MacBook Retina and while Retina support would be GREAT, everything works fine. The program display isn’t “blurry”, it’s simply low-res. It’s like using a lower-res laptop. The edges are crisp, but the pixels are large. I agree with the “hogwash” comment. LOL.

      i have a problem with this . it is not usable for photoediting. you cant expect pro’s to use a low res monitor. and this retina macbook was rumored for months and the fact that adobe had a “working copy” for schiller to demo makes no sense at all .

I have paid for every version since LR1. Why should someone who just entered Creative Cloud subscription get it before I do ?!?! Are you pushing me to change to Aperture ?!?!?
– Erling

Oh come on! This isn’t adobe’s fault, they are choosing to support a resolution that barely any portable screen has to date, their developers and designers are faceting an entirely new GUI and code so that the macbook community will be satisfied. I am a proud owner of a MBPr Ultimate config and I love it- I work in AE/PPro/PS/Ai/ID/Bridge etc on a daily basis, it really doesn’t affect me as badly as the rest of you, it’s far from ‘unacceptable’ and I just opened my ‘show’ last friday and had 600 people come to opening night to tell me how much they enjoyed the work- really? You can’t work with it? I am also continuing my education in these areas. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. Sure, it’s obnoxious that you can now see pixellation in your work and in your UI, but it doesn’t reflect on your final output, I know, and in fact in some cases it really assists in fine tuning, because when you do eventually scale it up it looks a hundred times better than if you were on any other typical display. Apple made these advances in screens, not Adobe, and as far as cloud membership goes, I also have both, a copy of CS6 Master for my windows pc and I use a cloud subscription for my mac. Let’s get real here- most of you are exaggerating. At 30 dollars a month I pay just as much on the cloud plan as most people who buy production or design copy, and not to mention I DON’T get a hard copy, which means at the end of the day I still have to pay another 30 a month (or 50 at that point) to use the 3 or 4 adobe products ‘I must have’. Most of us are the same way, we don’t use the entire master collection, and if we do, then either way yields similar pros and cons. You cant have it all. You cant have a screen that nobody else has and expect every developer/software manufacturer to be compatible. You can’t have a one time purchase of a product and get all the ‘newer developments’ when someone else will never physically own what they are ‘renting’, and vice versa, the rentees will never get to ‘keep’ their software after they run out of money to pay the subscription. This is why I did both, because both are reasonable.

God, I remember 10 years ago, hell even 5, what after effects was like, what ps was like, what laptops in general were like, and you’re all complaining? Really?

Buy a monitor then if your work is ‘that important’ and have a place to work that isn’t ‘on the go’. I don’t know about many of you ‘professionals’ but I don’t do any of my ‘superimportantandimsospecial’ work all nilly willy- I do it in my studio, in my office, somewhere where I continuously can focus. Let me guess, you’re all super well paid freelance traveling designers/photographers/etc that live out of a backpack and constantly have to be somewhere that isn’t where you do your work.. Wait, what? Most of us have a 9 to 5, most of us do our work in one place, most of us are smart enough to not even bother with the retina display when we’re home- we use a much nicer one, or a completely different machine all together.

And for those of you that want the MBP to be your only workstation, I sympathize with you, it is frustrating now, but they’ll fix it. For the rest of you uber important folk, sounds to me like with your rockstar lives and careers that are so unbelievably incredible you can afford an external monitor, separate computer, or 30 bucks a month to have ‘everything’.

Live life on life’s terms, if you hate it so much switch to aperture and or final cut or whatever the alternative is- and quit talking about it. I think most of these are idol threats from ‘I want it and I want it now’ types, who will eventually rave about how awesome it all is once adobe finishes redesigning everything for one, single, very small portion of the marketshare, because thats how much they care about EVERY customer. They could wait until 2014 when these screens will be something more standard issue, but no, they’re doing this for like 2 percent of the must have types out there (I know, I’m one of them, but I’m also not an illogical bastard who bitches about everything when it doesn’t go my way). Patience is a virtue.

Come down to earth, it’s a nice view from here- and spend less time bitching about what your computer cant do and go take some pictures instead.


    No offense, Tyler, your entire post makes you sound like a big Adobe apologist.

    I don’t know what you use Creative Suite 6 for (maybe you’re a photographer?), but it’s arrogant and ignorant to assume that because “you” can get your work done, and you had your work in a “show” recently, that other people can use the software adequately. Not to mention your ridiculous assumption about how and where people use computers. You don’t know me, or anyone else on this thread, or the other millions of laptop users… so don’t assume that we all work the same way you do.

    A suite of creative applications such as this can be used a million different ways. Try doing anything requiring pixel accuracy in CS6 on a retina display right now, or work with text (or drop shadows)… and I think most people will find it’s extremely challenging. It slows me down to a crawl in many instances, other times it’s a complete show stopper. The demo of photoshop on-stage when they presented the retina display laptop was totally misleading.

    And the rant about buying vs renting, or whatever.. I have no clue what your point was. You paid for Creative Cloud and a boxed copy of CS6. Yay for you. And you’re ridiculing people who may or may not buy CS6 vs CreativeCloud.

    For the record, there were lots of applications ready for Retina displays before the MBP15-Retina was actually released. Abode’s products are the only apps on my Mac that I use daily that haven’t been upgraded. I bet Adobe did have early access to hardware, or could have if they really wanted to work with Apple. How else did they do a photoshop demo on the retina hard ware? Something tells me that their scuffle with Apple these past years has something to do with this.


      Really? You’re telling me it’s Adobe’s fault that they ‘mislead’ you by showcasing a piece of software on new technology that was in a beta type form of release? Like every other software manufacture in the world does? And which programs in particular are you referring to? Illustrator? Yeah, I use it almost every day, as far as several non-adobe products that require PRISTINE pixel accuracy. Regardless, this thread is titled what again? You’re seriously tearing at me because I am a photographer commenting on a photoshop blog? Wait, what? Nice moves, seriously, I take everything I said back, because you’re obviously right. I have no room to speak here.

      Yes, I’m a digital artist, and yes, my work is quite good, thank you. No, I’m not an apologist, no I didn’t take offense, no harm no foul, my feelings don’t get hurt as easily as yours obviously- but the truth remains that, yet again, the apple camp has entitlement issues- and it’s not Adobe’s problem. Whatever demo they used as far as retina support was concerned could have been a number of things, most likely it was a beta release that still needed a lot of work, and rather release it flawed and lacking in luster (like Final Cut X for instance) they figured they’d get it right before they gave it to you, or otherwise you’d be complaining here about how it wasn’t good enough for you.

      Face it, you’re exaggerating, and nothing is going to make me believe any differently. There are armies of teams out there doing just fine with what they have today on the MBPr- web designers, graphic artists, developers, yet you absolutely can’t work with it. It stops you completely. I don’t buy it- either you’re prone to give up too early or you don’t think before you buy, it’s a really small problem with anyone with half a brain could work around in no time flat, especially people who spend over two thousand dollars on a new laptop they HAVE to have.

      My guess is you’re somewhere in between. Yes, it’s a speculation, just like every other opinion out there, including your own. I wasn’t referring to the level headed individuals who request an update because it is ‘frustrating’ to work without retina support, I was speaking to the crowds of people that claim they simply ‘can’t get anything done’, because ‘they HAVE to have retina support.’ Look, you didn’t have to buy a piece of tech that is barely supported by 5 percent of the developers out there, you didn’t have to have the best screen in order to do what you subsequently did every day of your life before you purchased your macbook. You don’t get to have the best of everything unless you work really hard, you’re solid at what you do, and little hiccups like this aren’t excuses to why you can’t be productive. If you are those things, this isn’t even a problem for you, not one bit.

      And if you actually ‘cant’ get your work done (which I highly doubt), then you bought the wrong machine, because once again, you had to have the best of everything and YOU didn’t do your research before you made your purchase. Take some responsibility. The types of people that go out and spend over two grand on a laptop, who will depend on it daily for their super important work, are smart enough to google “photoshop retina support”. Apparently I’m the dumb one who doesn’t know anything about what anyone else does, but at least I didn’t ‘allegedly’ spend my money recklessly and then come here and complain that Adobe ‘mislead’ me. They did nothing of the sort.

      Yes, I am a big fan of Adobe, because without them I’d be far less productive today than I was before their contribution to digital production. Yes, I think it’s ludicrous for people to blame them for ‘not having an adobe product ready for an apple release’. Yes, I think it’s great they’re going to provide an update for us, regardless if were one of the smallest minorities of computer owners on the face of the planet. Yes, I think you’re an idiot.

      When I purchased the damn thing I did so with the understanding it will probably be a while before I will be able to operate on it ideally. I researched it in great detail to see what it’s capabilities were before I forked over 4 grand. I made sure I had a back up plan, just in case. I guess you’re right, I don’t know how you do things, and I shouldn’t speculate how you do, or in this case do not get work done. I, myself, like many many other professionals, are doing just fine. Get with the program.

    wow dude, you are the most idiot person here. Suck me.

      Wow bro, go take another bong rip, dude bro.. Suck itttttt.. Nice one, next time do you think you could be any more brody in your participation here? Next time try typing WHILE on your dirtbike bro, that will make your dude and bro way harder bro.

I’m just curious if we can get something more focused than fall, not necessarily asking for a specific day but month, week anything more specific would really help the people who are eagerly anticipating this update. As an early adopter to the Macbook Pro with Retina display I know there will be a lot of developers who haven’t updated their apps to support HiDPI and Retina support but at WWDC when this product was announced it seemed like a photographers wet dream…having to wait isn’t a deal breaker but give us something

    I agree, a release date other than this fall would be nice. Isn’t fall almost over? Does this mean that by the end of November we will have retina support?

    I’m with you guys, and at this point I would be happy with any kind update – I feel like we’re left in the dark with our fingers crossed at this point.

Hi guys,

as most of you I’m not amused about the update policies Adobe shows in respect of retina support. It takes way to long and leaving customers who paid in cash behind in the second class seats upsets me.
But what is all boils down to is that Adobe obviously does not care about our post, so the only alternative is to recommend not to buy Photoshop or other products without retina support. For those how already have down so (including me), this will not help, but some times life’s not fair…

No retina support = No more cash

Best regards,


Hi everyone.. Seeing as there are now two retina-class Macs out and still no hint of when we might expect to actually see Photoshop – though I should point out that if it is still to be within the definition of “Fall”, then Adobe has just about 9 days left, depending on your local timezone. Hopefully they (and their investors) will care whether they end up making that self-imposed, publicly announced deadline.

But assuming a miracle does not occur, I wanted to share my secret for not being as actively angry as most of you seem to be. The biggest problem with not having a full resolution Photoshop is that I can’t trust the pixels I see to use my screen properly / accurately. I have gotten around this by using a utility called SwitchResX to change my screen size to actually be reported as the full 2880×1800. The result is the interface elements are half the size but with no wasted resolution. In some ways, assuming you have good eyes (which I hope you do if you spend your life working in Photoshop), this may be a better solution than what I expect will be released when it’s officially supported – because you can have access to the full set of tools while using the square root of the screen space you would otherwise use on UI elements. If you know the UI well enough, you don’t need the visual cues to be huge.

All in all, it’s kept me from tearing my hear out or screaming at the engineering team at Adode, who I am hoping are already either doing their best or are properly ashamed.

SwitchResX is a well-made product and an incredibly good deal, every Retina MBP owner needs a copy.

Best wishes,
– Paul

    Paul writes:

    “… though I should point out that if it is still to be within the definition of ‘Fall’, then Adobe has just about 9 days left, depending on your local timezone.”

    While it is true that Adobe wrote this post two months ago, according to Google we still have a ways to go in the fall this year:

    “The astronomical fall (Northern Hemisphere) 2012 began on September 22 and ends on December 20.”

    Of course, the sooner the better this fall, but the company is not yet off track from what they promised above.

      Pull the other one, that’s got bells on. That’s a lovely technical definition but I think you’ll find few people who would think that anything past November is Fall/Autumn. Try Winter on for size.

Computers, or notebooks, with high resolutions are bringing higher value to people working with graphical things! I don’t really need my mac book pro with retina display to read my eMails!
That leads us to the point, where the persons who really use and require that high resolution and speed of the new mac book pro with retina display, will not be supported by one of the best software manufacturer of the world for graphical issues.
I made my decision on that: I switched back to apples software built-in preview for PDF. I was considering to switch to ligthroom, but I decided to stick with aperture. I don’t get so many updates with aperture, but I get that functions in time, that really count for a photographer. And I will not update Photoshop, because there is no need to spend money for a software, where the really important features – which I see on a daily basis – will not be provided on time.

“this Fall”? The winter is coming. No more infomation do let me disappoint.

we are waiting !! please , don’t late

please, give us a status on the update…

Any info on this update?

Radio silence on the Retina support?

Can Adobe post an Update on this please? Fall is here and support for retina macbook pro’s would be much appreciated!

Come on, is it really that hard?

Wow, you guys really work slow Adobe. It’s just ridiculous the time you’re taking to give us the update for Retina displays. It’s a joke. Seriously.

But I guess that’s what happen when you have no competitors, right? :)

At least I don’t pay to use your softwares :)

Just do your work a little bit faster, ok? 5 months for this update is just unacceptable.



    It’s not big, it’s not clever.

    Adobe could probably pay for more developers and artists to work on the update if people like you weren’t ripping them off left right and centre.

We are in WINTER already, not FAll.

    Winter is a matter of perspective. In the USA and UK winter starts in the middle of December. Other places it starts mid-November.

I’ve been using LR on a Retina MBP for a couple months now, and the display looks fantastic. I can just about press my nose against the screen without seeing any breakdown of the visible image quality. So I don’t understand what everyone is complaining so loudly about. Particularly Sam The Loser who doesn’t even own a licensed copy of LR. It’s $130, dude. What kind of moron steals software and then complains the developers he isn’t paying aren’t working fast enough for him?
LR 4 is an extraordinary photo editor that handles probably 80% of my work without even needing to round-trip to Photoshop. I don’t mind waiting a few months for a non-critical update. Code doesn’t write itself, people.
By the way, check your calendars; it’s still fall.

    I’m not sure how you don’t see a loss in quality, Peter – I do know that the quality issue is less noticeable in the Library window and much more noticeable in the develop window, which also happens to be the most important work-window for accurate quality previewing.

    Within the develop window the quality is degraded significantly, so any sort of fine-quality finessing is a guessing game until export.

    Looking at the screen grab I took (below) you can see the crispness of the graphic’s “Library” & “Develop” and compare it to the detail of the tree bark on the image that I’m editing. The image is not scaled beyond it’s format, it is a RAW image shot on a Canon 7D and should not be pixelated at all.

    Any light shed on the progress of an update would be greatly appreciated, Adobe.

      I agree , i still dont see how anyone cant see the difference on their monitors . its horrible .

Just be honest with us! Where are you at? 80% done? 100% done and in testing?! ANYTHING.

Hello adobian coding slaves,

Please tell if you will make both Windows 8 and OS X 10.8 release of Photoshop CS6 Retina Update???

I need them both.

Today using CS6 under Windows on any kind of HiDPI screen is a terrible experience.

And finally post release date of update.

You behave like we are not your customers but circus monkeys.

But we pay you money so you could buy food and rent.

Remember it next time you’ll skip responding.

– Bo

Beyond bad that Adobe haven’t produced Retina updates for CS6 yet…

They knew Retina was coming. Why didn’t they prepare their software. Completely Nuts.

What this shows, together with other debacles like dropping Flex (a great cross platform, but their dumb executives got swayed by the HTML5 buzzword without thinking) is that the company is in disarray. FWIW I also interviewed an Adobe engineer for a job recently, and he said the situation internally was horrible, with management pursuing blind outsourcing of engineering to India.

Too many people depend on Adobe products. I hope shareholders take note and slash and burn their current management and save the company from what looks like a downward spiral.

I just tried Lightroom 4.3 RC1 which is supposed to be all about Retina support. I really hope this is still a work in progress as currently this seems to be limited to the view in ‘Develop’ module. When you switch from Develop mode back loupe view in Library mode you can see the image become blurry again. That is fine for a release candidate but I trust the intention is to complete this support across the application for the actual realse.

It can be immediately noticed the the UI artwork (tools etc.) have not been upgraded to retina graphics, the preview in Navigator is still very fuzzy as are the thumbnails in film strip and the histogram also has the jaggies. It looks like Adobe still have a lot of work to do as currently the only thing that seems to be done is the view in Develop module and nothing else in the app.

We eagerly await completion of retina support Adobe :-) (and availability of Photoshop CS6 too)

Even though it’s a limited update to the rest of the program, the fact that the “develop” module now utilizes the retina display makes a world of difference for me, incredible to finally see the image this way.

Anyone looking for a download of the release candidate check out –

This has made so much of a needed improvement.

That aside, I can’t believe the lack of interaction/updates that Adobe has made over the course of this partial support fix.

With the latest 4.3 release, Adjusting levels etc. in “Develop” module are incredibly slow now… I’m sure the retina detail is coming at a price (performance), but this is … painful to work in – Even adjusting white balance or exposure has a significant lag.

The release note says the RC only supports Retina in Develop mode. I use a MacPro Retina 15″. When going from 1:1 in Develop Module back to Library, the picture blurs for a short while (like Tom says above), but my impression is the it then re-gains all detail, at least I have a hard time seeing any difference when going back to Develop module. Is there something I have misunderstood, or is there Retina support also for Library module (at least full size images)?

    Sorry, should have been Tony, not Tom (about the blurring)

      1:1 mode is retina display quality in both Library and Develop modes in my 15″ MBP

      not just 1:1 – Fit, Fill and 3:1 mode also retina quality

      Thumbnails and Navigator image also retina quality

      Slideshow playback is not retina quality but the slideshow Preview window is retina quality!

        Yes, I also noticed that slideshow playback is not Retina quality… WTF?!

I’m honestly disappointed In adobe. For a company that charges so much for their product line; customers expect updates and support in a timely manner. As the owner of a programming / Design company I understand the difficulties and setbacks to an over haul like this. Most companies would not consider retina support a “critical update” however, considering the company provides products dealing with design, and image quality; I’m completely disgusted as to the lack of communication to us, (your customers). Thanks for nothing adobe. I will be pulling my business license for all adobe products; across the entire company.

Please hurry! This is really a handicap. Aperture is becoming more and more appealing.

Thanks for everyone’s patience and feedback. We are targeting December to provide HiDPI (Retina) support to Photoshop CS6 Mac customers.

Tom Hogarty
Digital Imaging Group Product Manager
Adobe Systems

    YES! Thank you Tom! We will be eagerly waiting for December, and I’m sure we’ll be more than happy to get a GOOD product if it takes you just a little more time. Just please, let us know! Thank you again!

    I don’t trust you are a real Adobe employee, Tom. Give us the exact release date if you’ve got some valid (real) information. Company that BIG as Adobe is won’t be releasing MAJOR update “sometime next month probably”. In case it PLANS to release something at all! Again looks fake statement of fake employee, sorry.

    In any case I’m not surprised Adobe will be delaying the release again.

    You could at least say SORRY you won’t release ANYTHING this FALL as you STATED in August.

    – Bo

    Urm dno if you are a real Adobe employee. If you are, please relay to whoever is in charge that we would like an ***official*** statement from someone. Working with Illustrator CS6 today on my retina MBP. Really poor graphics quality.. can’t get my head around how you guys could let this creep up on you.

I am really looking forward to Lightroom for my 15′ Retina.

really looking forward to having that update.. having retina and not being able to work properly on photoshop is simply terribly frustrating.

I have a 15 inch Macbook Pro and a Nikon D800 and was disappointed with my results on Photoshop but then I used Aperture my images look fantastic because it makes full use of the Retina display. Over the years I have spent so much money on Photoshop why have I bothered I am getting used to Aperture now at a fraction of the price!

So, Xmas is coming and still now news from Adobe on the missing retina support for Photoshop. (Remember: Photoshop claims to be a professional product, not some open source project…)

To anyone reading this blog: Don’t spend any money on Adobe products! These folks leave you out in the rain without any notice!

Please make these updates a top priority. Working with the new CS6 on a HiDpi screen feels like beeing back in the eighties. In this case nostalgia does not help at all.

Adobe, you are ridiculous. What you’re doing it’s unacceptable.
The way you’ve been ‘dealing’ with the new macbook display has been a huge disappointment for many of us. You guys really should re-think how to treat your customers.

    We have been working on the update and are still working on it. It has been no simple task or easy flip of a switch. How is this unacceptable treatment of our customers?

      The problem is that you let Apple show a Retina MacBook Pro 15″ running “optimized” photoshop in June, so if you are aware that it is not just flipping a switch and it is going to take more than half a year to get it, you cannot allow others showing your vaporware. The same goes with Autodesk and Autocad, but anyway this is an opportunity for smaller and more agile companies.

Steve Jobs was often full of shit, and in many ways was in his criticism of Flash, but goddamn Apple could turn shit like this around in a matter of weeks, yet Adobe probably couldn’t write a help file without a committee of hacks fucking off for a couple of months over it. That Adobe can’t immediately be on top of every display/technology, no matter how niche or small its market-share, is inexcusable. It’s Adobe and is (at this point tenuously) the industry standard.

Sketch 2 has had Retina support for months. They address feature requests daily, acting like you’re alone in this business will ultimately be your fall.

Thank you Adobe, I understand it’s difficult to do what you’re doing, and I appreciate that you are working to support my unique need for a hidpi GUI for one of your several programs. Not to mention that I am in a market share of about 1 percent of laptop owners. Although I am struggling to be without PS in some form of a hidpi, I’m willing to wait, because nobody does it like you guys. Thank you for your countless years of incredible customer service and outstanding product line up. Keep up the good work. Let them go to aperture, they’ll be back as soon as this release hits anyway- nobody is fooling anyone here.

are you kidding me? i just bought the new Macbook pro because i’m a graphic designer and needed a update and the retina display really is nice. Except for the fact that i now have to use my old hardware because everything gets pixelated in all the adobe programs. Thank you for getting the support i needed. you guys are still aware of the facts you sell this master collection of yours for almost a 990,- euro, thats 1,292.8 US dollars.

i hope you are taking care of this fast.

I am just another guy who spent a ton of cash for the fastest, bestest, latest and greatest MBP with retina and all, just to find out that nothing runs on it.
Good thing people are talking so I have an idea what’s going on. I was going for dreamweaver, but I guess I will either wait or look elsewhere.
Adobe guys should work faster.

Interesting that there are 3 months of bitchy posts here and not one acknowledging that the update has been released. Thanks for getting it done, Adobe.

Lots of whiners here- itll be nice to see them all cheer for adobe now- just wait and see.

HiDPI support doesn’t seem to work in Bootcamp/Windows…? Has anyone got it working in Windows?

    It’s Mac only at the moment.

      Thanks. Any idea when we’ll get windows support?

        Sorry. No ETA, yet.

          It’s been another 6 months… any news?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Will CS7 traditional perpetual licenses Be available when CS7 come out, and does anyone know more or less the date we can expect CS7?


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