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Photoshop CS6 13.0.1 Update Now Available

Today, we released an update to Photoshop CS6 with version 13.0.1. This update fixes a number of functional, crashing, and performance issues across the product.

How To Get The Update

    1. In Photoshop, choose Help > Updates
    2. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CS6 and choose Update

Noteworthy Fixes

We fixed a total number of 76 core issues in 13.0.1, including:

Here are some specific fixes for the following bugs:

  • 3D: Reflection does not render when ray Traced
  • 3D: Ray Trace does not stop rendering
  • 3D: OpenGL widget stops working in Full Screen Windows
  • Paths and Shapes: No way to select a Shape layer without path getting activated
  • Paths and Shapes: Shapes do not constrain properly with non-square pixels
  • Paths and Shapes: Unable to type on paths or shape layer
  • Paths and Shapes: Vector Layers Copy/Paste attributes not actionable
  • Paths and Shapes: No vector preview when transforming shape layers.
  • Windows task bar location & image window problem
  • Paint is offset with Grip Pen
  • Actions: An action that copies, closes, and pastes to another open image gives error that it cannot paste Documents open as floating
  • Actions: CS4/5 Actions that include “Use legacy” option are not using legacy in CS6
  • Liquify: Mac 10.8: Corruption when using large images on a background layer
  • Type: Extensis: Update All Text Layer becomes available after replace missing fonts
  • Layer Comps: “Could not complete your request because the result would be too big” displayed with this CS5 sample file
  • Group Styles: Some blending options not saved with file
  • Video playback should use draft quality for faster playback
  • After crop, Adjustment layers with dropdown menus become grayed out in properties panel
  • Channels Panel: Thumbnails don’t update after moving layer
  • Performance: Moving layers is slow compared to CS5 if layer palette is visible and thumbnails are showing

Stability and Security

We work hard to ensure that Photoshop rarely crashes and we’ve raised the stability bar even higher with 13.0.1.

However, if you do hit a crash, please let us know about it.

Here are some guidelines on how to submit crash reports to Adobe:

Giving us feedback

The quality of Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

We hope that this update resolves a number of your top issues in CS6 and we welcome your comments!

Barry Young
Quality Engineering Manager, Photoshop

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Thank you for publishing this list, Barry, and a special thanks to all the Adobe people who worked to fix problems in 13.0.0. It’s been a fun day so far trying various things known to have been broken and finding them working properly now.

    You’re welcome.

Thank you!

Two of my top problems have not been addressed.

Adjustment Panels the two Fly-out Menu Options if set to other then their default setting will cause Some Actions to work incorrectly and some others to fail with Error messages.

Photoshop general Preference Image Interpolation: if left set to its default setting Bicubic Automatic will cause some script to fail with and internal error for Photoshop scripting does not support that option.

    Sorry to hear that. We do try to address as many issues as possible, but unfortunately there are always things we do not get to. We will investigate these and consider for future releases.


      Barry that the same story I receive from Adobe when I reported the adjustment panel problem back in CS5. Adobe assigned the bug a number but deferred fixing it to some future release of Photoshop. I called Adobe support before I paid for CS6. Adobe support assured me that the problem did not exist in CS6. So I paid for CS6 but found that the bug is still in CS6. So I reported the bug is still in CS6. Now Barry your telling me Adobe is once again is not going to fix a bug that was introduced in CS4 in the current CS6 release of Photoshop. That Adobe will once again investigate the problem and consider a fix for future releases. Adobe support! What support???

        John, i’m very sorry to hear that you purchased the upgrade based on an expectation that a bug didn’t exist. I’m sure it was not the intention of the support agent to mislead you. As i mentioned above, I am following up on these issues so your feedback has been heard and we’ll take action to prioritize these issues accordingly.

          Yes I hear your Adobe song just like I have before from other Adobe employees. Two weeks from now we’ll be celebrating this bug’s song for second year. The bug was introduced in CS4 along with the introduction of the adjustment panel. I skipped CS4. When I upgraded to CS5 I reported the bug in September of 2010. Adobe agreed it was a bug and assigned a bug number to it. Told me system engineers were working on the problem but it would not be fixed in CS5 it would be fixed in a future release. Because its not possible to install a trial version of standard Photoshop I called Adobe support to find out if the bug had been fixed and I was told that bug was not in CS6. So I paid for a licence for CS6 but the bug is still in CS6. The Adobe bug song wares on one after a while so now it my turn to sing a song.

          @John just be happy you haven’t established your career around designing in Fireworks. It’s one giant bug itself and has been beaten to a pulp and left to die.

      Above you wrote I quote
      “Giving us feedback

      The quality of Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.”

      Listening or its it lip service?

        For God’s sake the Adjustment panels problems are easy to fix. Adobe has added and removed UI in the past. If Adobe simply removes the two Adjustment Panel Fly-out menu option. That Adobe wrote in the forum that the most user don’t know exist or use. Then Photoshop users will not be able to change Photoshop old designed default behavior. Photoshop will then once again work as designed. The bugs cause by changing Photoshop designed behavior will be gone.

I ran App Manager a few moments ago (I have a hang/freezing problem and wanted to make sure I was on the latest version. I wasn’t: 13.0). App manager ran updates for 3 creative cloud products and said that the update failed for Photoshop and Photoshop Extended. It suggested that I reboot to see if that completed the installation. I rebooted.

Photoshop CS6 still says V13.0. When I run Help|Update I get told that my applications are all up to date.

Where is V13.1 on my machine? Has that update been pulled (it was just released today).

    The version is 13.0.1.

    If you choose Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac) or Help > About Photoshop (Win), the version displayed should be 13.0.1.

    If it doesn’t refer to 13.0.1, try running the update again. If that still fails, there might be something wrong with your original installation, such as deleted files, and a re-install will be required. Uninstall Photoshop CS6, re-install it, and then apply the patch again.


    I have Photoshop CS6 13.0. When I run Update it tells me everything is up to date. It does not indicate that there is an update available. I went to the downloads page, got the update from there, unpacked and installed it – now running 13.0.1.
    CS 6 appears to have an issue with not seeing updates – or else the updates haven’t been posted where CS 6 is looking for them.

It is also possible to download the update directly from the web (Mac and Windows) here:

    In general, the downloads page is recommended for enterprise customers. We recommend that end users use the Help > Updates path since it’s more reliable and less prone to user error.

      I am running cs6 v 13.0.1 64bit and when I try to use Help>Updates I get a message saying “The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the Internet or Firewall settings may be incorrect.” I still have cs5 and the same thing happens in cs5. I have avast! Antivirus and have tried disabling it and I still get the error message.

      I got the cs6 v 13.0.1 update from the Adobe update download site and it seems to have worked properly.

        Hey there – I am getting the same “The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the Internet or Firewall settings may be incorrect.” from all attempts in all the applications in CS6 web and design. I’ve re – everythinged. Reinstalled Windows 7 ult x 64 from scratch. Reinstalled CS6 and the updates were working for a bit then one day the above error popped up again and I’m out of hair to pull out now. What could possibly be the problem? Having to go to the downloads site and scan for updates all the time is going to be a drag. Please help.

          Do you know if you have an altered hosts file? Is this a pirated copy of Photoshop (apology if not, just checking for reasons why your machine isn’t able to see our update servers)?

          If you’re not sure about the hosts file, you could reset it with this microsoft article:

          Other than that, do you have any firewalls turned on that might be blocking server access?

          I have CS6 through my creative cloud membership and cannot update anything. The update option inside Photoshop is disabled (grayed out) and if I try clicking on the “participate in the Adobe Product Improvement Program” tab, I get a message saying that my system administer has disabled that function within Adobe. I am the sole owner of my MacBook and have admin rights, my cloud subscription is up to date and always has been, so I am going INSANE trying to update. When I launch the Application Manager everything says it is up to date, HOWEVER, that’s not correct. This is so frustrating! Any way to check if host files were moved or damaged on a Mac (10.7.5)? Would removing excess unnecessary languages after install cause an admin issue? Please help… any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

          Hi Christine, Can you try the update in a newly created admin account (steps here or logging in as root to see if their difficulties continue ( It sounds like Photoshop is having difficulties accessing the Adobe Application Manager. I am curious to discover if you have access to Help>Deactivate or if that is grayed out as well?

          I tried using a wired Ethernet connection instead of wireless, and suddenly, the updater works! It may be an issue with wireless connections.

        I have the same issue with my 30 day trial of PS6 extended and my older SC5 apps however the update server works fine for lightroom 4.2 on the same machine???

          I would see if creating a new administrator user account resolves the inability to update issue.

          If you do that, can you update within a new admin user account?

          Good thought Pete but I was able to resolve the issue last night. I was searching the net for any/all the folks with the update server unavailable issue and found one listed about a year ago that had the issue with his laptop and not his desktop. Guessed the only real difference might be wired vs wireless web access. So I attached a 50 foot cable to my wireless modem and plugged it into my PC disabling the wireless access and the update manager was magically available for 2 hours worth of adobe updates! Kind of weird that light room 4 was good with my wireless in the house but not PS6 or CS5… I am very happy now and hope this helps someone else with the same issue… Looking back, I moved my PC about a year ago and started wireless access vs wired back then…

          You nailed it, Daniel! I just tried using wired Ethernet instead of wireless, and the updater works like a charm. Thanks!

I hope you sovled the problem that causing crashing photoshop and slowing down to death when opening photoshop and enabling Arabic texts on OSX 10.8 only

    I’m not aware of this one. I’ll follow up.

    We’ve received complaints about the speed of the MENA type engine, especially on Mountain Lion. The truth is that the MENA engine is a little slower, but the most likely reason you’re seeing trouble is because third party fonts for complex scripts in general and for Arabic in particular tend to be hacked up and/or prone to corruption. Check out this link for a thorough discussion and solutions:


Hi, thank for your effort but I still suffer a bug with the keyboard shortcuts, despite of saving a new shorcut (for example, for undo) after closing PS and opening it again it’s lost.

    It sounds like there is an issue saving the photoshop preference file after quitting the app. What platform are you on? You should try clearing you prefs back to the factory default state (cmd+option+shift on launch on mac, or ctrl+alt+shift on launch on win) and then try changing the shortcuts again.

      Nothing happens, but maybe the problem is using the “Ctrl+<" combination because I'm trying to use it for the undo option and it isn't saved after a reboot, whatever the shortcut is.

        This will be saved as “Ctrl+Shift+,” and the shortcut worked for me.

          Impossible !! I’ve used every combination with “Ctrl+<" and "Ctrl+Shift+<"and the "<" symbol is always changed to "&". Always. Thank you for the help anyway.

          It could be an issue with certain keyboard layouts. Try bringing this up on the user to user forums. It’s better than trying to solve it here.

Thanks for listening to all our groaning. It’s good to work with a product that provides close contact with the folks who can make changes/improvements.

Many companies still use the spider web menu, with customer “support” who merely punch buttons associated with these menu choices. It’s maddening.

Love CS6!

    Some groaning is a good thing! It means we have room for improvement.

I still can’t run most CS6 without running them as an admin (and even then, there are issues). The reason apparently was that CS6 Photoshop (and other apps) do not work correctly when the \Users folder is NOT on the same disk as the installation of the Adobe Suite. In my case (and many others apparently), I’ve installed CS6 on the main drive (a smaller SSD) and moved my large user profile (in \Users\Aaron) to a secondary Hard Disk. For some reason, CS6 apps fail in this scenario (CS5.5 and earlier versions were fine). There are quite a few people that have complained in the forums about this as this setup is common. I don’t see this in the list? I’ve been forced to run the suite in a VM temporarily while I wait for a proper fix. :(

Was this issue resolved?

    Can you provide the forum link? Thanks.

    This isn’t a solution to the aforementioned problem, but as I recently moved to SSD + HDD on my MacBook Pro, I thought I’d share a tip:

    You might reconsider moving your entire \Users\Aaron directly to the HDD. The reason is that you may lose the speed benefit with the caches, preferences and other files in your user folder. Matt Gemmell has a good tutorial on a more efficient set up:

      No other software I use has this problem (and earlier versions of the CS web suite did not either).

      (I’m also using Windows 7, not a Mac in this case.) In Windows 7 at least, there are too many things that are put in the Profile that cannot be safely remapped to another drive.

      Junctions on Windows makes lots of things work well (and mask tricky drive/folder manipulations), but not everything.


I updated to 13.0.1 but I am still having interface issues. Using Windows 7, 64 bit the Windows OS Menu bar will change from correct grey color to pale blue and all the menu items such as File, Edit, Image disappear but briefly reappear if I hover the mouse over the place they should be.

There is still an issue with making new actions that include saving for web. While recording the action, save for web functions as it should. But once the action is played, regardless of the original format the saved image should be, it gives it an html filename extension. This can be extremely frustating when you have an action that saves over a hundred images from a single action.

I have seen posts in Adobe forums from countless people regarding this very irritating bug, including posts from Adobe employees acknowledging the bug. This was present in the Beta, the initial release, and in this update. No fix.

The employee acknowledged this bug THREE months ago, yet all things considered, this doesn’t seem like something that would take three months to fix!

I have spoken with a friend that is a computer programmer about this bug. Considering that the action is saving the file correctly, and it’s only the name that is not saving properly says that this is a superficial error, and not an issue that would require rewriting the code completely. Also consider that this WAS functioning properly in CS5, and that this is a very easily reproducible bug. Adobe should have plenty of information required to correct the issue.

I don’t understand this mentality. Please Adobe… Put CS7 down for a little while, and fix what needs to be fixed in CS6. People (myself included) have paid A LOT of money for your products, it’s not unreasonable to expect them to work properly. Bugs happen, it’s understandable, but it’s not unrealistic to expect a fix for them when the software is as expensive as it is.

    Sorry about that. We have raised the priority and will look into the issue.

So SO happy you finally fixed the bug with the images snapping up to the corner with the start bar on the top of the screen. Thank you, THANK YOU!

    This was fixed BEFORE I bought CS6? Why am I still having that problem even though my software is 13.0.1?

I updated and the first time I ran PS after the update BAM a crash. But I have one problem, I have never seen the Adobe Crash Reporter Program. I am using Windows 7 and I will see the message “Photoshop has stopped working. Windows is looking for a solution.” (Or something along those lines.) This will show indefinitely until I hit “Cancel” which then closes Photoshop.

Maybe this isn’t technically a crash but why do I not see the Crash Reporter and how do I find the crash reporter? (The link above did not help.)

Otherwise good work and Thanks!

    The Crash Reporter dialog is on Mac only. On Windows, the Microsoft dialog pops up if the app crashes. Does the app crash on every launch or only once? If it’s recurring, try deleting your prefs (Ctrl+alt+shift) on launch to see if that helps.

      Thanks for the reply, it would be nice if that distinction is made in the documents I have read. (IE the crash reporter is Mac Only) I am curious as to why there is no Win version? As for the crash it happened only once and the crashes I have had occur (before the update) were sporadic and normally happened only after running PS for a while. If I keep having crashes I will see if the Microsoft dialog will pop up. If not I will submit a report with what information I do have.

      Thanks Again!

Please add support for Pixel Bender in the next CS 6 update. It is a sorely missed plugin.

Major bug that causes Photoshop to hang/crash while working with Paragraph/Character styles is still not addressed. It happens all the time on both Windows 7 and OSX ML, from CS6 beta to this version 13.0.1. It is impossible to use this important feature properly, the only workaround I found is adjusting style directly in text box and then using redefine style option, PS hangs for 15+ seconds but updates style after all. Summoning “proper” style dialog window is impossible as PS crashes or hangs 100% of the time. I checked and re-checked system fonts (it’s stock ML fonts anyway) with your checking script and all other offered solution, but nothing helps. It’s a torture to work in PS unfortunately due to this bug, operations that should take 1 second take several minutes. Also, there is no way to sort or organize paragraph styles stack and it becomes messy in a production document. I’ve seen those issues being reported since beta times on Adobe forums, but apparently no one from dev team bothered to have a look. Very upsetting.

New computer running Windows 7. Installed CS6 and worked for a few days then next time programme run screen was frozen. Computer returned to supplier who wiped hard disk and re-installed Windows. Re-installed CS6 and again o/k for a few days but then froze. Uninstalling and re-installing makes no difference. Contacted Adobe and the asked me to delete preference file – no difference. Previously had Photoshop 7, CS2, CS3 and CS4 without any problems, so a bit surprised that I have had so much trouble. Previous were upgrades but CS6 full version.


i need to delivery the photoshop updates 13.0.1 for some desktops, but dont get to create a script to it.
can you help me or indicate one site to help me?


This may sound like a silly question, but do we have to purchase the entire CS6 Suite or can we just buy Photoshop and Dreamweaver?

    Yes, you can still purchase Photoshop separately, either a subscription or a perpetual license. I believe Dreamweaver can also be purchased separately.

    You can buy individual products.

This update breaks our commercial extension built using Create Suite Extension Builder 2.0.

Adobe Extension Manager CS6 shows the plugin installed, however it is no longer listed in the Windows > Extensions list.

Your change list doesn’t seem to have any changes that would affect this.

Any ideas?

Your bug fixes on shape layers have made the ability to toggle to the direct select tool with the move tool active disappear. This is a big deal for those that work a lot with shape layers. Please fix

    How do you mean? Can you record a video of what you’re seeing? I just tried a few things between the two versions and didn’t notice the difference you mention, but I may not be looking at the same shortcut you are.

Hi, maybe it’s not related but well I’m using windows XP SP 2 and windows 7 on my laptop and pc.
I didn’t have time to upgrade my pc yet, but the hardware spesification should fit but it stated above that it support Windows XP SP 3. Does it means it didn’t support Windows XP SP 2 or I still can install with no problem?

    Yes, you can still update and it will run on XP SP2. However, XP SP3 contains many security fixes from Microsoft, so I recommend that you apply the free update.

Thank you for continuously improving the quality of Photoshop with these updates! They are always welcome.

Really looking forward to seeing Photoshop CS6 optimised for the Retina screen on the new MacBook Pro. I hope you guys manage to release that update very soon!

Excellent to see CS5 Layer Comps “Result would be too big” error fixed. This had been causing me many headaches! Also the performance issue when moving multiple layers. CS6 is almost perfect.

Just one thing outstanding which causes me so much pain (and I think everyone that has mentioned the problem because it’s actually extremely annoying)… The inaccuracy in auto-selecting shape layers as described here:, here:, here: and here:

Barry, could you let me know if this is on the Adobe teams radar?

Great work. Thanks!

why my ps cs6 is no 3D menu?

    Are you using Extended? First thing to do would be to update your video card driver to enable 3d —

Have CS6 installed. All programs work fine apart from PSD. (13.0.1).
Just bounces in the dock when try to open and then quits.
On 10.6.8

I can’t get the updates to install my system is telling me to shut down the dynamic click manager executable…. I have no idea what this is or where to find it?

    You will need to quit Adobe applications that use DLMS (Dynamic Link Media Server), such as Photoshop, Premiere, etc. It takes about about 10 seconds for this component to shutdown after quitting the app, so you should be able to run the update about 10s after quitting.


Thanks Barry. I thought I had closed everything. Apparently the dynamic click manager is one that I missed even in the task manager. All done now. Much appreciated.

Hi I’m running the latest version of Adobe Photoshop 13.0.1

I notice in my Photoshop when I access several of the different fly down menus at the top many of the items are randomly high lighted a light blue.

Is their some way to fix this problem.


    It sounds like you have the New in CS6 workspace selected which is highlighting the new menu items in CS6. Try Window > Workspace > Essentials (Default)

    you turn on the default mode of cs6

i don’t what key i pressed suddenly Photoshop cs6 stopped opening any of the file…then i have to not only shutdown the Photoshop but also the computer…i want to ask that that was due to some wrong pressed key or its phtoshop cs6 bug etc…thanks in advance

i cant get on and use it its just on adobe applocation manager what do i do to start the phothshop cuz i wanna use it so can someone help me plz how do i get on it for there?? what do i do??

I have been using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended for about 5 months since my last installation. I am using Windows 7 on a 64 bit machine and using CS6 64 bit. I started getting an error “Adobe Photoshop CS6 has stopped working” on opening CS6. I found that if I opened Lightroom first and then selected the image and chose to edit in photoshop, CS6 would open and work just fine. Yesterday, CS6 gave me an error message that I needed to update my video driver and started working very slowly with jerking as I moved the mouse. I updated all me drivers (Nvidia 57xx) Last night, and CS6 stopped working completely. It gives the “Adobe Photoshop has stopped working” error while initializing. It doesn’t open at all. What can I do?

    Video Card is ATI Radeon 5700

    PROGRESS – I uninstalled everything “WACOM” from Windows 7. CS6 Extended is back!

When I go to updates, CS6 does not show up as an option.

Hi guys, a few really irritating issues with CS 6. The path line from the pen tool is too light, it is really difficult to etch with. Couldn’t find anyway to change that in preferences. The brush tool cursor flickers and disappears constantly, it seems to be related to adjusting the brush size with the brackets shortcut. Tiling images always puts the last column behind the palettes which in previous versions never happened – all the images would be visible. There are workarounds for some of these issues but it really impacts on our workflow so it would be great if these were adressed in future updates.



Can’t install update for Photoshop CS61(3.0.1). keep getting Error Code: U44M1I210

I have been having issues specifically with CS6 crashing a lot when working on layered PDFs. Hopefully those were addressed. Pretty please. FYI, video drivers are uploaded and I’ve got 12GB of RAM.

    Anything in particular that you’re doing with the PDF when it crashes Tony?
    Can you post information about the crashes, and also provide us with a test file here at our feedback site so we can have a look at it?


Please amend the problems with touchscreen monitors. In CS6, you cannot use a tool by touch, it automatic selects the pan (hand) tool. I do not have issues in the other adobe cs6 programs, only PS, and it seems that others have this same issue too, even though it works in previous versions of PS.

Thanks for your hard work to keep this a great program!

    You are seriously using a touchscreen monitor for photoediting??? I can’t think of anything worse!

      You can’t see the advantage of being able to place your signature on something digital, using a selection tool while zoomed in or one of a million other uses with Photoshop and a touch screen monitor? You should spend more time learning to use the software creatively instead of digesting an obviously fact-less and unprofessional opinion towards somebody who will benefit in now way, shape or form from your input.

    Same problem here (inability to use any tools with touchscreen because CS6 automatically reverts to hand tool). I’m frustrated that we’re still waiting for a solution. How can this program be absent such a vital function that worked great in previous versions? We need this fixed!

I don’t know why, but i can’t click on “updates” in “help” because it is light gray colored and so it is unclickable.. why? How can I update it???

    What platform? What version?


my photoshpe cdk is nor work

Hello Barry!
I changed the date on my computer forwards accidentally, and I had more than a week left of my trial, but when I launched photoshop it said trial ran out, so I reverted the computer to it’s normal date, and tried to launch Ps, but still, it wont work, please help.

    Sorry, I don’t think I can help you with that. If the trial license has ran out then it won’t work for longer, even if you change your clock time.


I think that I use that great article to my work :)

I have since the last summer CS6 on my computer. Everything is fine in the progam, I had no problems with it. Onlt one problem is still coming back.

If I want to choose a color for my drawing and go to the colorpicker is everything just fine. There are no problems, but after some times is the problem coming back. Photoshop tells me that there is a error with choosing the colors and tells me that I need go to Adobe help for more info. No problem for me normally, only the internet explorer starts for 50 times on my computer and let it crash. There was a update for this problem and I use it for my photoshop. Thanks to this is it not a daily problem anymore, but it happen sometimes… stil after the update.

Do you know what I can do for this? Or just wait for the update?

    Do you have a screenshot of the error that appears in Photoshop?


      something similar is happening to me…cannot choose a color. the D and X shortcuts are causing the same error…”could not complete the request because of a program error”.
      been using PS for a long time and never had this occur?
      Can you offer any assistance with this problem?

Hi Barry, I have noticed a bug with Photoshop CS6.

When using the Render > Lens Flare tool, I press Ctrl + to zoom in on the preview box, however the zoom function does not work correctly. It adds another copy of the preview, but a few pixels to the bottom left of the original.

I think an effective zoom function for the lens flare tool would be very useful, so users can be a bit more specific as to where to place the flare.

Many thanks,

Hi, is this update ment to be supporting the retina display on macbook pro, because, i have updated photoshop but i can still see that the interface and images are not sharp. they still look pixelated.

Photoshop 13.1 for Creative Cloud
Installation failed. Error Code: U44M1P7

Any ideas? 3D is not working.

Late 2008 MacBook Pro 15′
2,4 GHz Intel Core Duo
GeForce 9400 256 MB
OSX 10.8.3

    I didn’t remove anything, all I did was simple update.

Have you deleted any plugins? This failures normally occurs if any expected files to patch have been deleted.

If you have removed files, you will need to uninstall, reinstall, then apply the patch.


Just updated to Photoshop 13.1 for Creative Cloud … yes I’ve lost 3D too … menu greyed out …????
Why ?

iMac 10.6.8 / Radeon 4670

Updated to 13.1 for creative cloud. Now seeing the following pop-up on start:

Photoshop has detected graphics hardware that is not officially supported for 3D, and has temporarily disabled 3D functionality. Updating the driver of your graphics card may resolve the issue.

Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest software.

Note: This only applies to 3D features which require a minimum graphics card with 512 MB of vRAM.

3D menu is all greyed out. There is no new update for my ATI Radeon HD 2400 on iMac 10.6.8. What can I do?

I’ve just updated to the latest version of photoshop. However, the 64 bit version freezes as soon as it’s finished loading and it’s impossible to close it without restarting the PC. The 32 bit version seems to work OK.

I’ve uninstalled it and re-installed it with the same results.

Any thoughts or solutions?

    Have you tried reseting the preferences? Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift on launch. Let me know if that fixes it.


Right before the update of ps cs6, my 3d options worked and now they do not (they are all disabled). PS is telling me that the features will be disabled until i update my video card. I already have the most current drivers and software for the card. It was working and now it is not nothing on my side has changed … any way around this, any way to enable the features?

I have ps cs6 64 bit and all the 3D options are disabled. My graphics card is Nvidia Quadro K2000M with 2GB GDDR3. All drivers are up to date and the card is working correctly. Any advice on how to enable the 3D functionality, please?

    What version are you running? The version is available in Help > System Info.

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I wrongly assumed that it was in the US at first. To discover it was here in the UK is quite saddening.

this new update version have fix crashes when using the blur brush tool ?? my PTS freezing everytime when i’m drawing

I can’t believe what I’m seeing here. A bug, introduced in CS4, has STILL not been fixed. Instead, I see features are being given priority over fixing what needs to be fixed.

Tell me, what other company could get away with this? Would it be a car company? Would they produce a model and an issue is brought to light later down the road, and they intentionally overlook it to push more features on the next model? No, they’d issue a recall if the problem was severe enough.

The point is, if a company creates a product and there’s something in it that needs to be fixed, it should be given priority over features.

Now if another company makes a comparable product available that beats Adobe at their own game and has better customer support, Adobe has no one to blame but themselves.

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Does this works on xp sp2..?

Just got the latest (13.1) Photoshop extended and the 3D menu has been disabled. That was one of the main reasons to get Photoshop extended… and the 3D worked fine beforehand and was a good feature. Perhaps 13.2 could just remove the new hardwired setting and let people access one of the more useful features again??

    Andrew, Since restarting photoshop have you regained the 3d tools?
    Do you have a creative cloud subscription? or just a photoshop individual subscription?

    Andrew, make sure you have updated to the latest video card driver for your video card.
    The 3d functions will be disabled if Photoshop runs into trouble with the video card driver during it’s initial startup checklist.

Hello! I have a problem and I hope you can help me fix it. Half an hour ago I opened Photoshop CS6 and it worked perfectly, then I had to restart my laptop. After the restart, Photoshop didn’t open… I restarted again but nothing was different. I have the latest update, but Photoshop still doesn’t open. [Windows 7 user]

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Hi! I wanted to know how to copy a picture in peices with magic tool and then past it in a new page mirge them, but when ever i do this it loses its quality. plz help

    Just selection, copying, and pasting does not lose quality of the pixel information.
    Doing what you have suggested should be just fine.
    What is the quality and image dimensions of the original images you’re copying from?
    What are the settings on the new image that you’re losing quality from?

When trying to apply updates i get an adobe online error saying the file could not be downloaded. http://cgi…tform=ODLLVer=
An unknown internet error occurred.

    Which update are you attempting to download and install Leslie?

    Maybe try rebooting the computer, and double-check that nothing interrupts the internet connection when you are downloading the update.

I am trying to install 13.0.1 and hope that will solve my problem of not being able to save my work. This just started happening. Any ideas of a solution?

Great idea to reboot. I can now save files again and didn’t have to install anything. I am not sure why it happened but it seems to be fine for now. Thanks Pete.

Problem: When opening Adobe Photoshop CS5 in Mac OS 10.6.8 an error box shows up “could not load default keyboard shortcuts because the file could not be found”.

Resolution: Navigate to the Adobe CS5 application folder: Applications > Adobe Photoshop CS5 > Locales > en_US > Support Files > Shortcuts > Mac > Default Keyboard Shortcuts.kys

Double click the “Default Keyboard Shortcuts.kys” file WHILE Photoshop CS5 is open. You will see the keyboard shortcuts are now active again. Quit photoshop and re-open and the dialog box should have disappeared.


The problem that cause crashing photoshop when using Arabic and Persian characters on OSX 10.8, still remains!!! It’s really annoying!

    Hi Vahid,
    Visit this document:

    Go to solution 5 and download

    Make sure that you have enabled the middle east text engine in PS preferences, and close photoshop then run the downloaded script.
    Follow the FontTest_readme.pdf file.

    This has solved this issue for other users, let us know how it goes for you.

Can’t update – My Help/Update is grey. Is there another option to update Photoshop CS6? I’m also trying to get update for (new camera model) Nikon D600 raw images.

Thank you.

I am having a problem that when I rasterize or cancel a transformation Photoshop stops working and I updated to 13.0.1 to see if that would help and it did not. So if you could help me with this issue that would be great.
Thank you.


I work at a global company and I have to use Photoshop CS6 (coorporate licensed). Once I start using the program it starts just one time and it never starts again. No matter what I do, it never starts more than one time. Once I click on the exe file, it seems like it’s loading the program for 3 secs than nothing happens. I’m going insane and I can’t find the reason. Please help.


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I am having a problem that when I rasterize or cancel a transformation Photoshop stops working and I updated to 13.0.1 to see if that would help and it did not. So if you could help me with this issue that would be great.
Thank you very much.

Where is the download link?
Where do i download?

Updated all Adobe products Said to contact Customer Support

Updated all Adobe Products EXCEPT ps6 said to contact customer support

Is there another option to update Photoshop CS6? I’m also trying to get update for (new camera model) Nikon D600 raw images.

I’ve uninstalled it and re-installed it with the same results.

Any thoughts or solutions?

Unless I missed the statement/response my problem is creating a “new group from layers”, which I did in Photoshop CS5.1. But when I open the file in Photoshop CS6 some how the group has become flatten and I can’t make any changes/corrections to it. Is this a bug or is there a solution to this problem.
Thank you!

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This update seemed to have fixed the worst-ever CS6 bug for me: if I had a filename on the clipboard and then did save-for-web, pasting that filename into the save dialog put it into the quality slider instead of the filename dialog. I didn’t see that mentioned in the notes on this, but it seems fixed. That was horrible, horrible, horrible for a web guy. Thank you!

Anyone who uses save-for-web and needs to paste filenames while saving, do this update.

    Hi John, my guess is the fix for the arrow keys not working in text fixed this. It was a general purpose focus fix. Glad to hear your issue was fixed.

I would like to revert back to the version prior to this update. I was able to use the 3D feature with the original CS6 on my 2011 Macbook pro and now I cant due to the graphic card (which can’t be updated). Adobe should warn users of these types of issues that they might encounter prior to updating. Currently my only option is to re install cs5.5.

    Hi Jeremy, you can uninstall Photoshop CS6 and reinstall it to get back to a prior update.

I didn’t see that mentioned in the notes on this, but it seems fixed. That was horrible, horrible, horrible for a web guy. Thank you!

for those of us just getting commenced, is there any chance of getting some with the letters mailed in the past?

I’ve had CS6 for about 3 months, working OK. Have the update 13.0.1. About one week ago whenever I started up the CS6 it now shows an error: Microsoft visual C++ runtime Library R 6034. It (CS6) finally comes up after hitting the cancel key 3 times. I’ve changed nothing, there are no viruses, etc. How do I get rid of this error so when I load CS6 it will load properly?

CS6 and AMD do not get alone. A atioglxx.dll crash is very common. Has this been fixed in the upgrade? It is the most annoying thing. Thank you.

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1. In Photoshop, choose Help > Updates
2. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CS6 and choose Update

The HELP>UPDATES is greyed out on my CS6 Extended and the application manager fails to do the update either.

So I do not have the ACR DNG converter on my patch list?

Help please !!

    Hi Richie, I don’t see a registered version of CS6 under your account.

I am an iMac. What is the latest version of CS6 for the mac?

I am use trial version of Photoshop CS6. I still can update this, right?

Last fall I purchased Adobe CS6 for $700 and was told that it had all the stacking features. I found out that they are greyed out, that that functionality is available only in CS6 extended. I do not need 3D or Video, I just want to do stacking. I cannot afford to go to CC and pay a subscription to get it after spending $700 for nothing. This really is not a good practice and I hope that Adobe will allow this specific functionality to be available in an update. There are many of us in this boat.




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