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Retina, Bigger Images and More with Photoshop Touch v1.3!

I’m very pleased to announce that a new update to Photoshop Touch is now available! Photoshop Touch 1.3 can be downloaded from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. In this free update, we have some great new features and improvements:

Retina Display Support

Those of you on the new iPad (third generation) will be able to see your images like never before, now that Photoshop Touch supports the new Retina display. The interface, text, and virtually all other areas are now more crisp and clean as well. It was no easy task to get such a complex app like Photoshop Touch to work with the Retina display, but we think you’ll love the result.

Even Higher Resolution Capabilities

Photoshop Touch can now work with print-resolution images, up to 12 megapixels with several layers. Remember that Photoshop Touch works with up to 16 full-size layers in a single file, all in real-time, in contrast to more simple single-layer apps. The ability to work with multiple layers at such a high resolution is a big accomplishment, and we can’t wait to see what you can create with it. The default resolution is 4.2 megapixels with 10 layers, but you can raise that to 12* megapixels in Preferences.

More New Features

  • Two new Effects: Shred and Colorize
  • Smoother animation and scrolling in the organizer, tutorial browser, and file picker
  • New three finger tap gesture to toggle 100% view and fit screen
  • New pixel nudging mode for precise movements
  • Support for Apple Photo Stream**
  • Various bug fixes

*Note: iPad 2 supports up to 10 megapixels

**iPad only

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Any word on when Ps Touch and the other Touch apps will be available to Android 4.1 devices, like the Nexus 7 tablet?


Big Photo for ios is designed to complement with high power app like Photoshop touch. I hope the users of Photoshop touch like it.

Cool move. With increasing popularity of Hybrid PCs and tablets in the market, Adobe now has a software to enrich the photo viewing experience of the users.

Does 1.3 fix how the brush tracks? I have the version that came with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and drawing with a smaller brush is atrocious; I can’t recall any version of Photoshop on the desktop ever being this bad, at least from version 2 forward.

And how do I go about upgrading from 1.2 to 1.3, since PS Touch was bundled with my tablet? So not the obvious pay for it route. I read another post, that stated that when they contacted Samsung, they said to contact Adobe and basically he got the run around. Who should I contact?

I wait for the Nexus 7 update.

Looking forward to a version that’s compatible with the Nexus 7.

What about the version for Nexus 7?

I have problems using the shred effect. Everytime trying to use it, PS just crashes without any message. Do you have any idea what´s wrong here? Anyone else that kind of problem?


    Can you please post more details about which device you’re using for the engineering team in our forums?

    You can also try restarting your device, and let us know if that helped.


    Sounds like your video driver is out of date. Try these steps:

I had the same problem, this fixed it perfectly. Thank you for the hint!

Si quieres conocer a fondo todas las características del nuevo Photoshop Touch, no te pierdas este análisis.

If you want to know all the brand new Photoshop Touch Specifications…

I have problems using the shred effect. Everytime trying to use it, PS just crashes without any message.I need help …Please

    Hi Tro,

    Photoshop Touch works best with lots of memory available. Sometimes iOS does not free up enough memory. Try force quitting all of your running apps:

    1. Double-tap the home button
    2. Press and hold the first app until it shakes
    3. Tap the red “-” button on the first app and it will disappear
    4. Do this for all of the apps until there are none left
    5. Start Photoshop Touch




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