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Photoshop and Windows XP

The Photoshop team would like to provide advanced notice that Photoshop CS6 (13.0) will be the last major version of Photoshop to support Windows XP. (Photoshop CS6 does not support Windows Vista.) In addition, all subsequent Photoshop feature updates specifically for Creative Cloud members will no longer support Windows XP. Leveraging advances available on newer operating systems and hardware allows us to deliver significantly better performance, and focus our innovation efforts around the areas of the greatest benefit to our customers.

Photoshop CS6 already demonstrates that relying on a modern operating system, graphics cards/GPUs and graphics drivers can lead to substantial improvements in 3D, Blur Gallery and Lighting Effect features not available to Windows XP customers. The team hopes that by providing this information early it will help you understand our current decisions around operating system support and where we we’re headed with future releases of Photoshop. We encourage all customers who are currently using Windows XP to begin making their migration plans now so they can fully take advantage of future Photoshop innovations as soon as they are available.

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Is there a system that you recomend?

While I switched to Windows 7 long ago to take advantage of budding 64 bit technology, I want say that I really respect this announcement. In this day and age it is rare to see a company come forward in an attempt to protect its customers from a really really bad day. Thank you for this. It is this reason that I will remain a loyal Adobe customer.

    A company that respects and protects its customers??? Adobe???? Seriously??? What about last year when they said that ONLY CS5 users would be able to upgrade to CS6, causing many people (including me) to purchase 5.5??? And 2 months later they finally agreed to allow upgrades from CS3 and later… I had no use of CS5.5… They forced me to buy it and now I’m left with old software… I understand that adobe is a company and needs to make money… But respectful and protective of its customers, it is most definitely NOT…

    P.S. And I won’t even start with how adobe supports the mac community….

    P.S.2 I get that especially in business environments, there might be the need to keep an old xp machine around, since there are many devices or software that only works in that O.S. But I can’t believe there are many out there who use xp as their main machine and haven’t thought that the day will come when no new software will be compatible with xp anymore..

    There is something called windows XP X64

I agree with Dan Butler and also repect this announcement. I was a IT Tech for a long time and found that people hate change, but when giving a heads up it make it easier to take.
I have found in the past you (Adobe) stand by your word. For that I remain a loyal customer.

It’s quite amazing how many people are still on Windows XP. Rightfully so, it’s a reliable system. However, with the progression of Photoshop, it only makes sense to take advantage of newer operating systems.

I thank you for putting up an advanced notice. Many people will find this helpful, and I will inform all my retouching students in the future.

Do content authors still use Windows xp?!

Thanks for the heads-up.

As we all move to newer machines, we all move to multiple-core processors. It is easy to assign a different core to each virtual machine if we are virtualized. In a single machine, it is easy for the opsys to assign a different core to each application (email, browsing, Photoshop). But within Photoshop, in what ways can we engage multiple cores at once and how dependent are we on the opsys for granting this? Multi-core threading within single, major apps like Photoshop is a work in progress and an area of concern for both developers and users. How are we doing? Yes, Apple and Microsoft are moving right along, but I bet Adobe has a wish list for moving along even faster to better multi-core, multi-thread performance.

Leaving my XP machines is obvious, but can we make the payoffs even better?

My workhabits — cluttered deskspace, several big apps open at once — needs a large memory space more than a fast CPU. . . . especially if an operating system choked for memory can’t let its threads run, and the opsys dictates that the desktop/user herself is served by only a single thread. Unfortunately, most motherboards continue to offer only 3 DRAM slots, and that’s before interleaving or hi-speed issues dictate — surprise! — that you can only use two of them. Server boards for big DRAM? Yes, and they also offer multiple CPUs and GigE ports you don’t need at several times the cost.

Leaving XP machines for 64-bit hardware and software is obvious, but are there great big-DRAM platforms out there in which Photoshop can really play as it should?

The future never seems to come fast enough for groups like this one, where people understand the technology.

OK well ahead of CS7, that is fine.
anyone any idea on when the next version will be there. I am about to update my CS4. Should I wait for the next one, or will that be a long wait?

    CS7 is going to be a bit of a wait from today

Is there a plan to natively support PS on LINUX?

    @Christian : Is there a plan to natively support PS on LINUX?

    That would be great!

Adobe lies. OpenGL 4.3 is fully support on Nvidia 400/500 and 600 series GPUs on Windows XP.

XP can support advanced OpenGL 4.3 features, but like Steve Jobs said, Adobe monkeys are LAZY and incompetent.

    XP was built before GPUs were used for anything but fullscreen games. It does not support synchronization of hardware and software windows + has no built in GPU memory virtualization + has no preemption of gpgpu program execution. There is a reason MS decided not to try to support gpu acceleration of IE on XP nor Vista. Win7 cleaned things up, and with win8 we finally have a very mature driver model (with preemption of compute).

    Google dropped XP support for Google Docs just a few days ago. MS dropped Office support a few months ago. MS dropped IE gpu acceleration from the very start . There certainly must be a world full of lazy programmers out there if what you suggest is practical.

    Do yourself a favor, upgrade to Ivy bridge hardware with PCIE 3.0, and a nice Nvidia, or AMD video card.

      Jerry Harris, you’re a moron and a retard. I run the latest Ivy Bridge and Nvidia Kepler based GPUs on XP. It blows the 64bit Winblows 7 crap out of the water in performance and stability, reliability and compatibility.

      It’s a well known fact Adobe monkeys are LAZY and incompetent, no wonder they killed Flash on mobile after years of futile work trying to get to to even work acceptably on mobile.

Good luck Adobe, but You loose a lot of potential customers. By the way XP aren’t dead yet when it comes to updates. This is a poor decision. I will now boycott Adobe and uninstall the few Adobe’s running. Too bad i have to keep that ridicilous Flash. Hope all Adobe fail and dies !

By the way to You x64 freaks, there is a XP x64 Edition. Don’t complain on drivers, they are there if You search really good. Have never had any problems with drivers for XP x64.

I’m a little confused, works with Windows 7 but not Vista?

    Officially, that is correct.
    You *can* install CS6 on Vista SP1, but not officially supported.

    Windows 7 is officially supported

      Do you know which version of Photoshop is the last to officially support Windows Vista?

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To start with I am 76 year old woman and trying to keep up with changes is a little hard for me to understand some times, the directions being the hardest. I love to work with my photos and print them out. I have about 8000 on my computer right now and am trying to put them on discs or print them out. What you are going to do, will it make a difference in the program that I have now? Will I still be able to keep the present Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 to work with?

    Barbie, you can continue to use Elements 7 on the computer/OS you’re currently running on.

I havn’t used XP for 6 years, and don’t regret it. Support for x64 systems is a must as Adobe CS progresses (and for those of you who will no doubt bring up XP x64 edition, it was never a widely used OS (and was only released in 2005), and most, almost all in fact, XP users use x86. In this sense, XP throttles RAM by today’s standards.

People resist change. This is clear, and even Microsoft has decided to drop XP support in future software packages.
XP was fine five or six years ago, but six years is a long time in computing, and it’s time we all moved on…

    I have Windows XP and am quite fearful of the change since it is the only operating system I’ve ever used. Also, as a person with limited financial resources it is going to be a financial hardship for me to just chuck this computer at some point in the near future and invest in a new one that I know nothing about. I don’t even know if my Word and Excel programs I’ve been saving for 10 years since 2003 will work on whatever Word and Excel are these days. I am not a computer geek, and all I know is that this change for me is quite worrisome and expensive. I have a Dell Inspiron 530, Windows XP that I bought in Sept. of 2008 and I’m told I will not be able to upgrade it to even Windows 7, let alone 8 which I hear is like apps. I don’t have a cell phone either, so I am living in the dark ages. But, there are some of us who just can’t afford every new technology device there is. Thank you for informing us of the changes since we need to know.

I purchased Elements 7. My HP crashed and bought a Mac. How can I continue to use my elements 7?

    Geraldine, the version of Photoshop Elements you have (7) is not compatible with a modern Macintosh computer (running OS x 10.7 or 10.8). You would need a newer version to be compatible with current OSes.

Once upon a time I made good money as a photographer…..the first rule of which is get it right when you take the shot. However for the time that nature plays tricks with the lighting, or subjects time their blinks with the shutter, their is photoshop, even if it is just Elements. Butt…..(spelling intended), when the instructions for the expanded features that accompany the new version tell you to uninstall your current version before downloading the new features, I did not see a note indicating a requirement to purchase the new version of Elements along with the added features. Choosing not to do so as a requirement, I elected to perform a recovery, which of course is worthless, as their are portions missing….hence my previous version is no longer functional. Nice trick Adobe ! I’ll just find something else to play with from now on…..!

göt müsünüz olm?

XP ist best, i use it till it dies ;- )

    I think I’ll use XP until it dies too.

I like windows xp, but i think i will have to install windows 7, to take advantage of future Photoshop innovations.

Я не использую Windows XP, у меня Windows 7 Professional Edition. И отлично совместима с фотошопом (на томуровне, на котором он нужен мне).

I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 with Win 7 Home Premium (32 bit) since purchasing my newest computer on Nov. 17, 2010. I have never had a problem until this week when Photoshop keeps crashing. I thought if I did a reinstalled it would fix the problem. However, it tells me that it is not compatible with Win 7. Therefore I have not reinstalled it.

If it is not compatible how have I been able to use it for 2 1/2 years? It looks like I will have to purchase another of the programs that I use all the time. Windows 7 ended up being an expense situation with all the other programs I have had to replace.

Is the same thing going to happen if you updated to Windows 8?

I used Win Xp to do works. i think XP is the best so i don’t change………..

I still use XP for work and my children use XP to play.

I used to keep and use xp with CS2 until recently.

Well, I guess I’m up a creek without a paddle. I have Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows XP for my HP (it slowly died or old age). Then I needed up get a new computer so I opted for an iMac 27″ desktop. Now, let me get this correct. I CAN NOT GET AN ELEMENTS 7 FOR iMAC? NOR CAN I USE ANY ADOBE PRODUCT FOR ANY APPLE PRODUCT THAT I HAVE?

That’s real nice guys. Oh, and I only paid about $80 USD for my Elements 7 and you WHAT FOR A CS6!!! ALMOST A $1000 USD ANYWHERE FROM $800 TO ONE THOUSAND BUCKS FOR AN EDITING SYSTEM?!?!?!?!?!!!!!? SO SORRY DUDES that’s wayyyy outta my budget just to make cool photos.

Guess I be looking for someone else who seems to want to keep their customer base and not one who would rather have someone’s rent money. They’re far more things I could use that money for…shelter, food, medical, you get the “picture”. I DON’T NEED YOU AS BAD AS YOU NEED EVERYONE ELSE IT SEEMS!

Nice knowing ya, so long forever~

    Older licenses for Elements were platform specific. As of Elements 10 or later, Elements is now a cross-platform license for Mac & Windows. You can get a copy for about $60 on Amazon. Otherwise, Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC is a cross-platform license for both Mac & Windows.

Interesting post, I use it often and think it is a great application, to me is very, very useful so I’ll be all pending updates.
Thank you.

Will Photoshop 7 (NOT Elements!) run properly on Windows 7 or 8??

Thank you!

I like windows 7 and 8, but i think i will have to install windows 9, to take advantage of future Photoshop innovations.

Well of course, Microsoft neither supports Windows XP already. I think it’s time to renew one of the best windows and spend 8 for maximum support and updates adobe

    No thanks. Windows XP is okay for me.

Thanks for nothing Adobe. You are just like Microsoft. Some people love using Windows XP. And I’m one of them. But I guess you have to be a follower. Oh well. The newer Elements are ugly. I’ll just keep on using Elements 9. Because I hate the flat look. And I have CS5. And thank you for giving XP the CS6 darker interface version. I’m glad I’m off the forever software newer version cycle. Free to use the version I like. Tire of updating every year for a couple of added “new” features just so Adobe can make more money. Elements 9 and CS6 will be fine for my lean, easy XP OS. I hate Windows 7,8 and soon to be 9.

Widows XP operating system was not bad , it hurts to be over

Hello . There are no patches on the network to start the CC 14 in win xp ? I do not need all the features.

    Correct. XP is not a supported OS by either Microsoft or Adobe.

Baloney. It has little to do with benefiting the customers and everything to do with forcing the customers into a cloud membership model where they have to pay Adobe continually in order to use the product. I refuse.

XP was one of the best OS in recent times in my opinion.

You can also us MacOSX Mavericks and let Windows XP on you PC, Laptop.
XP is the best OS for PC, Laptop.

Windows XP is also in 64-bit avabile.
Windows 7 has crap startmenu.
Windows 8, 8.1 has crap graphical interface.
Dualboot Windows XP and Windows 7 you can add Programs are missing in Windows XP.

I hate windows 8 interface. I agree that XP is the best OS for PC atm! I got the CC suit on MacOSX, love photoshop CC!!




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