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October, 2012 Archives

Windows 8 and Photoshop

We’re happy to announce that Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and Elements 11 are compatible with Microsoft Windows 8. The only issue customers might see is with document window transparency/flickering in Photoshop CS6 caused by video drivers. The drivers that ship with Windows 8 may not be the most recent available from the card vendors. See here to… READ MORE

Adobe Delegates Head to New York for a Week Full of Photography

Next week, more than 20,000 photographers will meet in New York City to learn from some of the industry’s most prominent artists and instructors. On Monday, October 22, events will kick off at this year’s Photo Plus Expo and ShootNYC events, and Adobe will be at both to connect with today’s photography professionals and enthusiasts…. READ MORE

Meet the Team: Chintan Intwala – Computer Scientist

As a Photoshop engineer and an avid user of the creative software, I constantly tried to find ways to make something that would not only add new functionality to Photoshop but also make it simple and fun to use. However at the heart of these efforts were simple ideas, ideas that were fueled by my intuition… READ MORE

Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

How have advances in digital imaging software and digital capture changed photography as a medium?  “Not as much as you might think” according to Mia Fineman, Assistant Curator of Photography at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Fineman has assembled an exhibit demonstrating a wide variety of pre-digital image manipulation representing three years of research on… READ MORE

Shawn Clover Merges Past and Present in Earthquake Blend Photos

Manipulating time is a theme photographers have used for decades with techniques like time-lapse, stop-motion and long-exposure photography. But one photographer caught our eye with a project that manipulates time with a very unique approach. Shawn Clover found a creative way to use Photoshop to tell the story of how San Francisco has recovered from the city’s… READ MORE