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Celebrating Manipulated Photography with the Photoshop ‘Faking It’ Contest

Aliens, clones, chameleons and contorted faces – we’ve seen our Photoshop fans create incredible images since we introduced the ‘Faking It’ contest last month. For the past six weeks, we’ve challenged fans of the Photoshop Facebook page to create manipulated images inspired by artwork in the Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

There are still two more weeks to submit your own altered images to be entered for a chance to win a weekly drawing for a print copy of the 296-page exhibition companion, Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop by Mia Fineman. Fans who submit short videos of how their photos were made will also be eligible to win the grand prize: a trip for two to see the Faking It exhibit in person at either the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. or the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.

The contest is a celebration of image manipulation and encourages fans to explore what creations are possible with Photoshop. So far, we’ve been thrilled to see some incredibly imaginative photo and video submissions. All of the submissions can be viewed here, but we wanted to share some examples of the work that has resulted from the contest. Below are a couple of images from each of the six themed weeks so far. Today, we will kick off the seventh week, which focuses on ghostly images. The contest runs through February 6.

Week 1: The Tall Tale Postcard

Tall Tale

Week 2: Colorization


Week 3: I Want to Believe

I want to believe

Week 4: Camouflage Photography


Week 5: One Figure Multiple Times


Week 6: Photo Caricature


For more information about the Faking It contest, visit our Facebook page and read the official contest rules. Happy manipulating!

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Some of the pictures you posted look awesome. Must be difficult and complicated to make them. Must need lot of experience?

Fantastic…..I really learned new tips from your blog..All the best wishes for you…

Very cool! I’ve been a designer for 10 years and LOVE the program. Just completed a simple overview of how Photoshop takes your raw photo to the next level:

It is so nice

very funny images collections.

Great collection, im a graphic designer and i didnt do much photo-manip.
Inspiring Artwork!

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( lv h-a-n-d-b-a-g)
(cha nel w-a-l-l-e-t)
(D&G s-u-n-g-l-a-s-s-e-s)
(ed har dy j-a-c-k-e-t)
(UG G b-o-o-t)

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Last is… funny 😀

Very good!!!!!

Loved the fourth and the last one !

Very good!!!!! . Must be difficult and complicated to make them. Must need lot of experience?

I was very interested to read this article because for adding to my knowledge. thanks

and complicated to make them. Must need lot of experie

and complisdake theslot of experie

Pretty interesting concepts there. I believe, as long as you can think of something, there’s nothing Photoshop can’t do to turn an idea into reality. Inspiring stuff indeed, can’t wait to get my hands dirty with some of these concepts myself!

wheres the naked photos of women at/?

I love the “The Tall Tale Postcard” one.




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