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Photoshop Touch is Now Available in a Version Specifically Built for Phones

Photoshop Touch is now available in a version specifically built for phones! Following up on the very popular tablet version, Photoshop Touch for phone is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for US $4.99.

This app shares an almost identical set of features with the tablet app, in an experience designed for smaller screens. I am particularly excited about this new app because I always have my phone with me. I can be creative anywhere using the powerful tools in Photoshop Touch, even when I don’t have my tablet with me.

Photoshop Touch for Phones

Much like the tablet version, Photoshop Touch on the phone has core Photoshop features like layers, advanced selections tools, adjustments and filters. We also packed in features exclusive to Photoshop Touch, like Scribble Selection for high-precision selections using only your finger, and Camera Fill for real-time creative blending of your camera feed with layers. This app features the same creative filters as the tablet version, like Color Drops and Acrylic Paint, and also a new Ripple filter.

With Photoshop Touch and the Adobe Creative Cloud, I can start a project on my phone, continue it on my tablet, and polish it off at my desk in Photoshop CS6. Photoshop Touch will automatically keep my projects in sync on each device, at the full resolution and with all the layers intact. This capability is available to every customer with a free Creative Cloud account. There is no paid subscription requirement for syncing.

We can’t wait to see what you can create with Photoshop Touch on your phone! Share your work on Twitter with the #pstouch hashtag!

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Amazing… this is an interesting step towards future… photoshop touch. in future this may be the ultimate software for image editing….

Biji Kurian

Hello Adobe,

You suck. Who’s gonna use Photoshop on a mobile Device, professionally? – Nobody.

You development time is gone. You should really do sth more useful for your Customers. What about a Linux Version of Photoshop?

Even Microsoft is going to ship their Office Suite on Linux.

Android and Ipad are Consumer Oriented devices. We want to use Photoshop, but not on a Phone, damn.

    heheh u got a point )))

    You could not be more wrong! I’ve been waiting for this for my galaxy note 2!

      I believe you didn’t googled it before…


      Márcio Guerra

    Mate, fully agree with you. We want Linux software. Tired of this. Only Microsoft and Mac? And we, Linux? From time to time I need to go back to my girlfriend’s mac because I no longer operate Microsoft on my pc. Adobe, think what you want for your life. To develop apps for Android? Really? How about professional apps? Nothing? Why not develop a Linux suite based on RIA or something, to allow us to use it professionally? I feel that you have no care for me because I’m not a fan boy, and you were abused a lot by Steve Jobs when he dropped Flash out of his pad, and you still kiss thoses guys… «derriere»? The most important is professional. Or at least serves also, we are here longer and you don’t care about us!


    Márcio Guerra

      So many people here claim to use Linux, and do not realise just HOW MUCH WORK it would take to adopt software that has been based on PC and Mac FOR DECADES for a completely new platform. It would take years of development, and last time I checked, Linux was installed on LESS THAN 2% of computers worldwide. Does that sound like a reasonable investment to you?

      I love and respect Linux, but some fanboys really need to be educated.

        Given the fact Mac OSX is based off of Unix itself (FreeBSD to be more precise) means that it actually wouldn’t be too difficult to port it since it’s already running on a Unix-like OS. Of course there’d be plenty of changes needed to be made, but they still have at least a basic framework to work from.

          Mac uses UI/UX Libraries and a ton of APIs that have not been ported to Linux. They are copyrighted, patented, and protected, so simply going form Mac to Linux is a HUGE investment. It took them how long to port Audition from Windows to Mac, for example? Think about it. Look how long it’s taking them to port Revel from Mac to Windows. It’s been like a year since they said it was in the works and it’s still in the works.

          Porting Photoshop, Lightroom, Audition, Dreamweaver, Premiere, etc. to Linux would be a massive investment that goes far beyond any returns they’d get form the port. It would likely end up pirated more than it’s sold, and it would be a support nightmare as Linux users are absolutely against settling on a common distro. Supporting software across different Linux distros is much harder than supporting software across different Mac or Windows versions, even.

          It isn’t worth the investment for them. Stop asking about it.

      I need a Linux version so badly, as well !!

      Linux Forever.
      Photoshop + Linux = Quando?

    Why then did Linux fanboys say say free Gimp was just as good as Photoshop ?

    I can see where you are coming from, for sure, but at the same time are you serious? Wether or not Linux even EXISTED do you really think Adobe wouldn’t create this anyway? There is profit to be made from it, plain and simple, and there is a use for it whether you believe it or not. Certainly this app would be far better at editing than anything that comes built in on any phone and I could practically guarantee that this is going to be better than a great majority if not all of the apps available for any mobile OS that do something similar. I wouldn’t use it all the time but for 5 bucks I’m definitely willing to try it, and who’s to say it won’t evolve? As mobile devices change and improve so will this app and in the future it may be just as good as Photoshop on any computer, and there’s no way you could argue otherwise unless you’re a legitimate fortune teller (I have my doubts that you are).

    People never think about what they say before they say it. The world needs more of that.

      People typically choose Linux because it is a an alternative OS and whoah, lookee here – it’s FREE! What are the odds that someone using a FREE OS (or not interested in using any other OS), is going to buy a software package from Adobe? I don’t know – 0%? With that in mind, why do you think Adobe would create a Linux suite?

      Look into the pricing for Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a lot cheaper at $50/mo for the software (short-term), and buy yourself a big-boy OS.

        Actually most people use Linux not because we’re freeloaders but because we know a good OS when we see it and appreciate the speed, stability and infinite customization (Not to mention the base of people who use it for ethical/privacy/security reasons). I know many people personally who realise GIMP doesn’t cut it and would happily pay for (not pirate) a native Adobe suite for Linux. As for cost of porting, well, Steam managed it and they’re over the moon about it, as are all the other game makers who sell their products through Steam. Though I agree Adobe has far more years of Windows/OSX development behind them and know what they’re doing by now, so are pretty-well stuck in their ways.

        And Windows is a big-boy OS? hope you’re enjoying that Metro thing.

    Well its all about money, there is a lot more people who got and use a phone than people who use Linux, everyone i know got a cell phone and a computer but 92% of them use Windows, 7% Mac and 1% Linux, there more benefits for Adobe to make apps for phone than paying a whole team for a Linux version that only few peoples will buy and the others will download it and crack it for free !! I already got PhotoShop CS5 on my computer who run windows 8 on a SSD drive and its damn fast, and it could be useful sometime if i can get PhotoShop touch for my Lumia 1520 and a version who can take RAW and DNG, because the phone can take it, but actually there is no PhotoShop for Windows phone, i know its coming soon they said but im still waiting !!!

I’m a windows mac and linux user. I preferred Linux over windows and macs cause it is more reliable and faster. Please release Photoshop for Linux and the speed performance will be the best!

Please make it available for free apps too in Google Play.

    Please, tell me more about how Adobe should give Android users a free app…

      They could make a free version which only saves in very low resolution, which is already done with free versions of camera apps. Then people can try the interface and tools before paying.

      Another method for any sort of free software is to only include some features (this would be easy for something like photoshop, which consists of a large number of independent tools).

      They could also have a free version with all tools available but limited to a certain number of file saves. This would be more complicated as they would have to keep track of which phone IDs have already saved files and invent some method of checking home before allowing it to save (having the app track itself could be bypassed by re-installing).

    If you can’t pay 5$ for a good apps this is probably because you dont need it, peoples work for these phone apps/games but there is always someone who want everything for free !! If you can’t pay for, it mean that’s your damn poor and you should maybe thinking about selling your phone and buy food instead or its because you are a kid who got a phone that your parents pay for it and got nearly everything from them, they just dont want to lend you there credit card number because you will buy every apps on the market and ruin them !!!

I also agree that PS should work with Linux but I’m also excited to see something to out-do Snapseed for the iPhone. Most of the time it’s enough but I’d like to use layers sometime too. Good Job PS!

I bought the iPad version of Photoshop Touch and Adobe Proto. Proto got discontinued and my $10 went down the toilet. I don’t feel like having to rebuy when I lost out on Proto and already bought the iPad version of Photoshop Touch. Adobe should do the right thing and make this right and credit back people who bought Proto or the other discontinued Touch apps or at the very minimum give a promo code for the iPhone version of Photoshop Touch. Please have the proper person at Adobe contact me regarding this.

    Totally agree on crediting existing users! The fact that in this day and age Photoshop Touch isn’t a Universal app is pretty pathetic and screams CASH GRAB! ESPECIALLY with a bunch of the Touch apps getting axed! I bought Proto because I have Creative Cloud and before that had CS5, CS4. There is NO logical reason for this app to NOT be included for users who purchased the iPad version.

    As for Linux – Creative Cloud should have supported it from day one!

What is with Windows Phone?

    Adobe hasn’t even released its tablet touch apps for Windows 8, let alone a Windows Phone app. I don’t know why Adobe hates us Windows/Windows Phone users, but if they don’t change their ways soon there is no way I am renewing my Creative Cloud Subscription

      Oh and its also funny since they make Phone Gap so there is almost no excuse.

        Dude… Do you have any idea of what you’re saying? If you think a PhoneGap HTML5 app can do what it’s taken years of C++ coding iterations to do, please share whatever it is that you’re smokin’!!!
        Why not on Windows Phone/Tablets? They have an app acceptance guideline that’s even stricter than Apple’s. Even Bill Gates admits they have gone the wrong way about mobile. My guess is they haven’t reached market share enough to justify the time of development that it would take to make Photoshop Touch run on WP as Microsoft enforces.

    Why you dont’ like WP (Lumia) users?

    We are increasing every day more (expecially in Europe now more than 10% are using Nokia Lumia with WP7.5 WP7.8 or WP8)

I don’t believe that you can make precise selections with a finger. Who are you kidding. These are designed to give the illusion of using Photoshop without having to learn anything or know anything or do anything.

    The Scribble Selection Tool (in PS Touch for tablets) is actually pretty good. I use it all the time.

Not really, it’s designed for Photographers and artists who use smartphones, and want to make quick edits to photos they have taken using software and techniques they already know (ie Photoshop).It isn’t a replacement for Photoshop, and it isn’t going to put you out of a job, if that’s what you’re worried about.

wat abt windows phone 8

I’m a Snapseed fan and there are plenty of effect apps plus apps that work with layers already out there. The price seems steep for an app especially as I would have to pay twice, once for iPad and once for iPhone where you’ve already said the functionality is basically the same. I would buy this if it was universal I think. iPhoneography is my great hobby. Think I’ll wait for some third party reviews.

Tnx Adobe ! ! ! ! !

Acrobat: You forget Windows Phone 8 users!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember showing the Photoshop product manager at Macworld on July 17, 2002 how to edit full PSD files on my smartphone with Conduits Pocket Artist. That program was just about on par functionally with Photoshop 3. Channel operations and all! Those were the days.

Gostaria de ter um desses. Me dêem 1? POr favor!

What about a Windows phone app?

I just tried to download this from the US Apple App Store and got a message saying that its not available…

As a photographer and ‘Mobile Photographer’ this is an anticipated release for many. There are already many applications that provide filters and effects which are well and good but they are not for me. I’ve used Snapseed for both Iphone and now Android as I found it to offer the best editing with out the use of filters.
As soon as I saw this was released an hour ago it was bought and I’m not disappointed. It offers a lot of functions I enjoy and use on the PC.
I can see it used professionally as mobile photography is already being used professionally for media coverage and commercial publications.

Thanks Adobe!

When will it be available in Australia?

    It should be available now. If you’re not seeing it, it may be because your hardware doesn’t support it. Photoshop Touch requires you have an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or 5th-gen iPod Touch. iPhone 4 and older aren’t compatible.

Need photoshop app for Windows phone 7 & 8 too…

Photoshop now on cell phones! I’m really wonder to see this news. I was looking for here to there about to use photoshop on mobile phone. finally its on our hand. thanks for the developer team for their hard work.

Waiting for windows phone 8 version

    Waiting photoshop for windows phone 8 too!!!

      mee too! :-/

To peeps naysaying about using PS Touch professionally: This was never meant to be a replacement for desktop Photoshop. (Even Photoshop Elements is more fully-featured.) Think of it as an extension that toolset, especially when you’re out and about when creativity strikes.

the app does not work on my note 2. it will not import pictures from the gallery

when in windows phone???

A great opportunity for Photoshop fans, now on cell phones! I’m really glad to see this news. I was hoping to be able to use it on the mobile and now finally its on our hand.
nice post keep posting.

Ohh, great. Barbara will love it!

Why don’t you rather release a patch for a Photoshop on Windows platform? For example, Crop tool is buggy since initial release of CS6 and still not fixed. Or will you rather pretend that there are no bugs and you will fix those in next version of the product so people will have to buy the new one to get a fix? Because that’s what you usually do Adobe. I’m sorry to speak like this, because PS CS6 is really a good software, but buggy as all versions before.

Can we please get a compatibility list? Says it’s incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 running Android 4.2.1.

Photoshop Touch for phone, I use iPhone 4s. ios6
While I use your app in Landscape Mode, it turns to Portrait Mode when I open a picture from Camera Roll.
So I have to tap Home Key twice and check the mode, then only I have the Landscape Mode again.

Thank you

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Cool, I made a videotutorial for the tablet version some months ago, now I will make a tutorial for this one. Working on my iPad is fine but working on my iPhone is a little hard.

The playlist on youtube (Spanish)


It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before end I am reading this enormous paragraph to increase my know-how.

I need windowsphone 8 version of photoshop touch..

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Can we please get a compatibility list? Says it’s incompatible with my Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 running Android 4.2.1.

I use photoshop and can’t get the tablet version to do essential things like “save as-” or choose a destination folder.It won’t see my CS4 files, and have lost hope of being productive on my tablet with Adobe products. It’s not much like Photoshop,the key commands don’t work, the file menu is useless to me and it won’t read Photoshop files????.I may be missing something because I can’t use these features, but the tutorials and Adobe TV material is more like ads than lessons. I wish there was a real help menu about specific tools, features and menus.I will keep trying as it came on my Note 10.1, but sure glad I didn’t pay.
Re the new subscription, 50 bucks a month is way over my range. I am a fine artist and use real P-shop as a drawing program. It’s great but many people don’t make money from using it.

Okay, so I saw this on the app store. One word: Excitement. Obviously of course I’m am going to buy it because as I said earlier I was excited. So I tried buying it. This notice came up:
“This App Is Incompatible With This iPhone – This app requires a camera flash”
So apparently as expected I am not happy. Why do you need a stupid flash to use an app?!
If there is anyway you could make the app compatible with an iPodtouch 4g, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    (or an iPad 2)

    Hi Nick,

    PS Touch requires an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 because of the heavy processing required. Apple does not provide a way to specify which phones are supported, so we have to use “require a flash” and other filters to restrict which devices are supported.

It is amazing to see what way off target statements people make when they have such totally different expectations about a product from the reality it delivers.
When you expect things with no bearing on a product you look woefully misinformed on it’s intent.
PS Touch is meant for Mobile operating systems platforms, Period.
PS Touch is not intended to be a on the go Professional replacement for PS CS6 or any other editor.From a simple prototyping tool to a full fledged image editing tool, it is only limited by your imagination…or erroneous expectations of it.
As Smart phone cameras become the new photographic commodity, a need arises for better editing tools than simple filter processing to a mobile image like Instagram.
There is nothing preventing anyone from using a properly captured, edited and processed iPhone image to make a gallery quality 15″ X 15″ print. That editing must start somewhere and at least sync easily with PS.
No the product is not totally easy to use with PS desktop expectations…but we are talking about a screen the size of a pack of cigarettes, not a Cinema display with tablet folks!
For what it is capable it is pretty good for starters. Yes I wish it had masked layers and other features but once gaining expertise you will find ways of achieving the same result.
I don’t claim to be a PS expert despite having used i since release 2.5, but simply learning more and more about it over the years.
Simmah Down whiners and take an objective look at what is offered with this product, not a product it will never be.

Seems I am having the same problems with incompatibility with my Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 running Android 4.2.1. Could that be checked please? A List would be great!

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This looks like a wonderful thing.

Everyone seems to be going nuts over the new Lumia 1020. It’s touted as “the photographer’s phone”. Could you please provide Touch for Windows phone????

To the Linux guys… I ran Photoshop via ‘Wine’ for awhile. If I’m not mistaken, you can run Photoshop via Linux (Ubuntu in my case). It would be great if Adobe produced a Linux friendly suite, but it most definitely would be a waste of time and money. Very small market…

If you wish to run Windows applications on Linux, check out Wine!

And yes, please release a Windows Phone 8 Version of this app! I obviously would not be doing any retouching for clients with it, but I would love to have something to edit on the go with! :)

Please release for WINDOWS PHONE…….The market share has grown very much no more a small OS

I work with flowers arrangements. I need to be able to do some work on my tablet and/or phone sometimes, then take it to the store and finalize the arrangements. I have always worked with Photoshop on my mac. I am seriously thinking about getting the Photoshop TOUCH APP. I will need it for the solely purpose of being able to when talking to a customer, import some suggestions (images) of different flowers saved in a transparent background. Then, with a prototype/suggestion of an arrangement, add some flowers to it, rotate them, resize them, change the colors, basic things.
Can I do that using the APP? To be able to send image back and forth b/w my tablet and my computer, I will need to also get the Creative Cloud, right?
I would appreciate any suggestion, help with this matter.

do you hate microsoft?
but many windowsphone users love Adobe company! (like me :-) )

This is what I have been searching in many websites and I finally found it here. Amazing article. I am so impressed. Could never think of such a thing is possible with it…I think you have a great knowledge especially while dealings with such subjects.

Adobe taking a very useful and helpful step but I have a problem with the apps price.It will be good for me if the apps price less then $2 .


I am eagerly waiting for this app in my phone




five + = 8