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5 Million Fans to Thank!

We love to celebrate creative, hardworking Photoshop customers who put time and effort into mastering the digital photo editing craft. There are so many mind-blowing projects that come out of Photoshop that it’s easy to look past the hard work that goes into Photoshop.

The Photoshop Facebook page recently reached a milestone that we couldn’t be prouder of: 5 million Fans! What better way to celebrate our loyal Fans than to compile some lesser-known facts about the production of Photoshop CS6: How many user-suggested features were added? How many lines of code did it take to finish the program? And perhaps most important of all, how many cases of beer were consumed during production?

Watch the video below to learn all about what went into the making of Photoshop CS6.

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Really? Just 10,000 people hours? That’s only five people for a year of full-time work.

why i can download adobe photoshop in here?

Have you had tutorials of Adobe Photoshop here?

I love PS CS6. I am prof Photograph and the new Design is awesome!

Hic…why i can download adobe photoshop in here?

Yeees i love it! 10.000 hours is awsome and the new Design rocks. As a Photograph i will love it

Great tool!




+ four = 11