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Lightroom 5 beta Now Available!

We’ve been working hard on the next version of Lightroom, and now we’re giving our customers a chance to try out some of the new technology available with the release of Lightroom 5 beta. Since the initial Lightroom public beta release in 2006, we’ve learned a tremendous amount through a collaborative dialogue with our customers, and I’m excited to continue that collaboration to receive feedback on the Lightroom 5 beta.

With this release, our goal was to add some highly-desired features that allow photographers to quickly process and enhance their images. We’ve added more robust healing options, the ability to create off-center vignettes, and a one-click auto perspective correction tool. We’ve also added the ability to edit photos when not connected to your original images. Each of these improvements is a result of feedback provided by the Lightroom community. Thank you.

There are a lot of new features in the Lightroom 5 beta. Here’s a brief description of some of our favorites:

    • Advanced Healing Brush: Enhancements to the Spot Removal tool allow you to heal or clone using brush strokes. A new “Visualize Spots” tool highlights sensor dust spots for easy removal.

Lightroom 5 beta Advanced Healing Brush

    • Radial Filter: Apply any of Lightroom’s local adjustment attributes to a circular mask. The area of the mask can be resized, feathered or even inverted to give you maximum control over the focus of your images.

Lightroom 5 beta Radial Filter

    • Upright: Automatically level horizons, straighten buildings, and correct other askew lines.

Lightroom 5 beta Upright

  • Smart Preview: Lightroom allows you to edit offline images by storing a smaller version of the original image, called a smart preview. Edits made to the smart preview will automatically apply to the original once reconnected to Lightroom.

Download the free Lightroom 5 beta here. To learn about more technical updates to this release, visit the Lightroom Journal blog. We’re always listening and we love to squash bugs, so please do not hesitate to submit your thoughts and ideas to our feedback page.

To be among the first to hear about Lightroom 5 news, follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus and YouTube.

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looks great. but the download link is broken

    It is still broken today.

      And STILL broken?

        Not sure if it is of any use but I was trying to download using Free Download Manager and Chrome. I switched to Opera using it’s native downloader and it’s working fine now.

So glad to see some features I’ve been asking for a long time are finally included! Can’t wait to the final version!

Excited? Yes, Skeptical? You Betcha! After being disappointed with LR4, I’m learning to be more cautious. Speed performance issues from LR4 still not worked out and LR5 beta is out. Well done Adobe!

    Speed performance issues from LR4? Uh!? Are you using a 2004 computer? I have never experienced such thing as performance issues.

      Lightroom performance is not terrible however it is far from good. Try load a couple of thousand pictures to your library and try to process them very fast. You will start to notice significant time-frustrations which other competitor software do not seem to have. Partial reasons is that Lightroom still does not utilize GPU-acceleration and does not have very-good multithreding model so I agree with eadwine that LR5 in that perspective is disappointing.

      Condescending much?

      LR4 is slow as a dog on both of my computers (an 8-core and a brand new i7 quad, both with ample RAM and SSD’s). It’s ok (but just ok, still not fast) until you use noise reduction, spot adjustments, distortion correction, or anything beyond basic adjustments.

      Speed will be the #1 determining factor on if I purchase LR5.

        @ RF I have the same problem as yourself. Using brush adjustments is brutal most times, and I’m hoping performance will be better.

          Totally agree!
          The LR4 and I suppose LR5 still not supporting GPU. It’s shameful!

    Using Lightroom with a light weight computer will lead to frustration. You definitely need a fast computer with ample memory for Lightroom to function properly.

    Thanks Julianne for some great informative videos as usual. They are always packed with a great deal of information.

    It would be nice if Lightroom was all things to all people at the snap of a finger but it doesn’t5 work that way. The program has evolved beautifully over the years.

    I reckon “a” must stand for asshole… no other possible explanation comes to mind.

Love it!

What about face recognition? Will this finally be added?


    Indeed i missed it too. Disappointing when you´re making photographies of lots of people …

      I can’t believe it. STILL no face recognition? Really, Adobe? Really?!?


        Face recognition isn’t needed for the advanced amateur or professional user. There is no need for this feature for the bulk of it’s users. If this is a big deal, I might suggest Aperture or iPhoto.

          Hi Patrick,

          in that case I would recommend you ask for an increased price from Adobe, so there is no confusion with “amateur tools”…

          Your remark is a bit short sighted, I think in general the number of photos managed with LR increases exponentially, so any advances in tagging should be welcomed by the majority of users.

          Patrick, I have to disagree – there are very applicable uses of face recognition for a professional photographer. It all comes down to what you shoot – if you just do studio work, then you probably aren’t concerned, as you can easily keep track of whom you shoot; but if you do event photography, especially when the events commonly have the same people, it can make life much, much easier. I imagine the same could be said for news/crowd/editorial photography.

          I primarily do performance photography, and a common request I hear from performs is “I want a copy of all pictures of myself” – facial recognition, and dedicated people tagging features, make it that much easier to satisfy such requests.

          Face recognition would be incredibly helpful to a professional – when you have lost of models in assignments over several weeks, the ability to group them automatically as opposed to trying to remember all their names and then assign keywords would save me hours – and embarrassment!

          So no professionals would love that feature, huh?

          Think about it: even the fact that you KNOW that there IS a face (or several) within a given picture opens doors for automatic application of filters! “There is a face? -> More than one? -> apply filter FOO! Just one? -> apply filter BAR! No face? -> apply filter FOOBAR”

          Very disappointing that face recognition isn’t in the latest version. This would significantly speed up the workflow when you’re dealing with photos!

      As a general rule, if you disparage something someone else thinks is important, you are marking yourself as a rude, narrow-minded snob. It’s simply not credible to generalize from your own preferences and experience to include everyone or exclude anyone. What one person thinks is important may not be important to everyone, but they have a right to their experiences and opinions. You should be able to express your opinion without belittling someone else’s. I’d say that’s simple Netiquet, but such niceties are honored mostly in the breach these days. Nevertheless, your own credibility can be measured by the respect – or lack thereof – you show to others. If you want to be taken seriously, be serious, not nasty.

      End of Rant.

        Well stated


    With a medium-to-large photo collection, tagging and meta-data is everything. Tagging by person takes forever in my 150k photo set. Using face recognition would help improve on this. I get regularly asked by local musicians for pictures from them in concert, and now I have to ask them for concert dates. I’d love to just being able to find them.

    I hoped for Face Recognition, too. I mean: The free Picasa is able recognize faces since 2010! That’s three (!) years (!!). Why it’s not included in Lightroom 5?

    +1 for efficient face recognition. I have a huge database of pictures of people, and more coming every day, and i just don’t have the time to tag each and every face on each picture. Picasa does this fairly well (better than PSElements in my opinion), although I believe there’s room for improvement, but to import tags from Picasa onto Lightroom is impractical at best. I really don’t understand why this is not a feature of Lightroom. It would really help me tremendously in my workflow.
    Please ?

    I completely agree that we need facial recognition. More importantly the workflow needs to be optimized. Neither PS Elements or Picasa have a very optimized workflow. Quite honestly, if this was the only feature in the new release I would pay the $75 upgrade without blinking an eye. Not having to manually tag images with people or find a way to search for them is not practical and very time consuming.

    Same, I want to see face recognition :(

finally some good advancements, downloading the beta version.

Great News!
Could you add JPEG-XR support.
Microsoft released optimized source code:


And still no sign of a proper backup system.

For a program claiming to be a digital asset management program, this is becoming a glaring error by adobe.

Apple aperture has had it’s superb vault system from day one.

Yes you can buy third party program’s that do this but it should be built in.

I like to keep 3 external drives in sync with my master photo library and Lightroom should be able to accomplish this.

Come on adobe.

    +1 for Colin’s comment. A built-in backup system seems like a no-brainer for a product aimed at professional photographers. Yes, there are a thousand options for that sort of thing outside LR, but it’d be nice to see LR have a built-in connection to Amazon S3 or something else like that.

    Surely everyone will have a backup system installed to ensure backup of all vital files on the computer, so why would we need an extra backup system within Lighhtroom?

    My definition for “backup” as pertains to LightRoom is to have the ability to have a master storage for my images while providing a mechanism for initial capture / remote editing using portable laptops or other devices.

    I back up my master volume using dedicated backup software. What I need is a way to manage the image library between my various devices in a seamless and trackable manner.

    So, the definition of “backup” for me is more akin to a library manager that provides the tools to ensure I have an up-to-date master library while providing editing-on-the-go capabilities.

      “My definition for “backup” as pertains to LightRoom is to have the ability to have a master storage for my images while providing a mechanism for initial capture / remote editing using portable laptops or other devices.”

      A *very* weird definition of *backup*, I’d say 😉 If this is how people specify their wishes, no wonder the software developers get crazy 😉

    No! No no no! Never ever!

    Lightroom *manages* your photos – a *backup tool* backups your photos!

    Don’t confuse things!

    P.S. In case you haven’t noticed: Lr actually *does* backup your Library – every week! But you should *still* be backing up those backups as well onto another drive!

Good, I would like to test it!

Any improvements in the performance of the Develop module? Each new release seems to add more editing features at the expense of editing performance. I don’t need any new features, I need LR5 to run at the speed of LR3.

    I’m noticing it’s faster, and especially faster if you choose to use Smart Previews.

      Way faster exports. Wow.

Will LR finally offer multiuser functionally? My usage pattern is to load pictures to LR on my small notebook. Once at home, I would like to transfer these pictures to a common, shared repository in my LAN. This transfer should be handled by LR.

From a storage management point of view, LR feels like a leftover from the 80s or early 90s.

    Agreed. I replied to a comment on “backup” with this sentiment.

    There are so many challenges to managing photos, including tagging, editing, and library management. Having to manage those manually has resulted in lost metadata and edits for me.

    I’m hoping LR closes these small-yet-significant holes soon.

    Agreed, the ability for multiple users to work on images and the catalogue is needed. I work in essentially a media lab where up to half a dozen photographers need access to images from a common library stored on a network.

    The fact we can’t do it almost immediately stops LR being relevant.

    +1 on multi-computer functionality. This has been a drumbeat request for yeeeeears. Sigh.

Looking forward to playing with these great new features. Also hoping that LR5 is a little faster than LR4. And +1 for face recognition!

I wish LR had a selection tool like PS, would allow for more accurate adjustments instead of relying on brush strokes!
Facial recognition & vault backup like mentioned above would also be amazing features!

If your worried about good backup tools invest in a network raid system, it’s the only secure way to protect your images.

    Yes, if your NAS also has the ability to backup to different physical location. NAS is a good idea, but they’re rubbish over a wireless connection (which many don’t support anyway) and it’s no more secure than a USB drive if your house burns down.

    I’ve already got on site and offsite backup systems in place that’s not the problem, I just want Lightroom to be able to synchronise my onside backup drives with my master library, so when I delete or add photos from my Lightroom master library, Lightroom goes ahead and does the same to my backups.

    At the moment I use carbon copy cloner which works great but a similar system built into Lightroom would be superb. Look at apertures vault system if you want an example of what I mean.

    This must be so easy to implement, maybe even a backup tab on the top line at the end after WEB?

    Backing up should be encouraged so an inbuilt system that’s easy to use would make the program almost complete.

    The system that Lightroom uses at the moment is totally useless, what’s the point in making a backup at the time of import if you are then forced to manually delete the images from the backup which you have deleted from your master catalogue? I can’t see the point in keeping files backed up that you don’t want.

      You are confusing two fundamental concepts here: backup and *synchronisation*!

      Why are you claiming that a *good* backup software wouldn’t delete the photo in the backup, when you delete the original within Lightroom? Why would Lightroom have to take care that all copies in all possible *backups* are deleted as well?!

    Repeat at least 100 times: A RAID is NOT a backup. NEVER.

      How about RAID 6 with 2 parity drives? And a hot spare? Much safer than a single drive and fast depending on number of drives. Eg a Pegasus 6 or 8 bay enclosure with 3 TB drives–eg. 8 bay w 2 parity and 1 hot spare = 5 for data capacity x 3TB = 15TB and 1 or even 2 drives can fail. And Hot spare is rebuilt upon 1st failure. Expensive but good for working drive with huge libraries like 500,000 plus images. Get another for 1st line backup and maybe single drives for archived subset catalogs for 3rd backups.

        If your house burns down, that RAID6 goes down with it. You need offsite too (if you don’t already have it).

I wish there would be a switch/checkbox to work on the smaller smart preview dng and sync it once it’s done to the large raw file. This could help pretty much on older slower machines.

hey! R you guys aware how awsome Julieanne Kost is in her explanation of subjects!

The Advanced Healing Brush and Upright look like 2 sweet features. Now I just need to upgrade my os to 10.7!

Auto cloning source for healing brush seems to be pain in the neck, any chance to add options on/off options? The way its automatically picking area to clone or heal make my hand flying all over the pictures – not very ergonomic if you do lots of healing.

Apart that great job. Very useful brush strokes option – love it. Well done!

    I believe all you have to do is drag right away and it’s not automatic. So simple. It’s been that way in LR4 — just drag and it is not auto, just click and it’s auto. Julianne was just showing its a little better in auto than before.

      Correction: Hold the Cmdr/Ctrl key and drag to get previous behavior of deliberate placement of sources location.

I spent quite a bit of time downloading and unzipping the files for Lightroom5 Beta and when I went to open it up it said the program had stopped working. Also I cannot use any of my catalogues from Lightroom 4.4. I won’t be commenting on how it works if I can’t even use it.

    You can’t upgrade an existing catalog because it’s beta. Julianne mentions that in video. You must use beta on copies to be safe– create a new catalog of copies. You will be able to upgrade existing catalogs when final version is released (both LR4 and your experimental LR5 catalogs.

How about Photomerge? We shouldn’t have to use Photoshop to stitch photos to create a pano.


    The only 3 features they talk about are quite boring. Well, we’ll see how well ‘straighten’ works in the real world… with people in the shot.

    +1 !!!
    So waiting for stiching options!

download link not working

Many people is trying to download it now. A little bit of patience is required.

+1 Why, why, why no FACIAL RECOGNITION.. come on, free software can do it, Mac software can do it, why not the most expensive option.

    Its about the photography not a social networks:) On the serious note, it was slowing down my system when use with Aperture, don’t like it and don’t use it.

      Completely agree, don’t want such a feature slowing down my workflow, would much prefer that adobe concentrate on improving performance than adding alot of features available in free programs.

        I’m sorry, but it’s not just for social networks. I always tag the photos with people I know. Why? Because then when I need to find photos of a specific person, it’s much easier than browsing through my hundreds of folders hoping to find the one I need. Now if LR would have face recognition, it would be very simple to add those names and thus be able to filter those photos.

        Sure it would not be fool-proof (like all the other software isn’t), but it would help to bring the time spent tagging photos down tremendously.

Are you ok, a? If so, I you sure?

What about tethering to a Nikon D600?

Still no masks for gradient filter?

For users who have downloaded…

Does LR5 still have the same horrible performance issues in LR4? This was a major problem for pros, even on high end machines.

If it hasn’t been done: Can Adobe please make the the book module allow for customizable sizes.

Does Lightroom 5 have race recognition? If I am doing an image for golf digest it is important that I remove any brown people.

Having a healing brush that isn’t based on content aware fill is about as useful as something that is not at all useful. If you have repeating textures in your image from a clone tool, you have a failed image.

Is it just me or are there literally no useful upgrades being proposed for the new lightroom. The dbags at adobe probably need another bonus so they slap another number on their software (not just an Apple trick) and tell us there is something useful in there somewhere.

    It is true, all these “new” features provide functions that could have been accomplished in LR4.

    Heal brush: better, but still not a clone stamp. You are just replacing the previous circular selection with a polygon.

    Radial filter: I just painted adjustments before which is actually more flexible and accurate than this new filter.

    Upright: distortion controls mostly accomplish the same thing.

    Boring update, the only thing I can hope for is for them to fix the clarity slider and fix performance issues with LR4. I am not optimistic…

A clone brush tool? Im on board! I would love to spend an hour trying to find an area of the image that could fill the area of a barn and not have it look like I just started taking pictures last week. There is an innovation limit to all technologies before they need to start passing off something different as better.

Has the clarity slider been fixed? LR4 turned it into a very heavy handed, mostly useless tool. It was great in prior versions…

The book module is really poor compare to Aperture one, no custom layouts. Could be more advanced.

Lightroom’s speed on my fast computer is currently at 5%. Is lightroom five going to better than horrible in this respect?

I used to have major issues with performance with my 2007 Mac.
Just got a new Mac about a month ago and the performance difference is amazing.
Use a new(er) computer with LOADS of RAM if you want lightroom to perform like a champ!

    I7 processor, 16 gigs of ram. Maybe my big boy files are the issue.

Is a cool feature!
But I want to change the function of the slide show to show to customers.
Slide show that changes between scenes and scenes of more effective, I hope the additional features.

The new whistles and bells are cool, but nothing is more important than getting the speed back that we lost going from v3 to v4. So far, I’ve seen little in the blogs to indicate that that performance has improved and I truly hope that’s at the top of Adobe’s JDI list.

Lightroom 4 just f^&ing came out! If adding compatibility for the d600 is the only thing you need to do then you might want to wait a year to justify a new release.

Why does it feel like they are turning lightroom into a $200 instagram app.

    Same, what I thought at first. But it’s actually not that bad. I have been using it for some time now and I’m very satisfied.

Hoping the awful performance issues in LR4 are solved in this version of Lightroom. I, amongst others, crave the speed of LR5. Also, why no option to control the opacity of the off centre vignette?

    I meant LR3 speed, not LR5

    Rather than control opacity (overall strength would be better term), you can control strength of each component adjustment. I find in practice that is more the common need.

I’m a huge fan of Lightroom and your new features for LR5 sound great. However, I would urge you to have all or most features work within LR, so we won’t have to open Photoshop for things like making panoramas and HDR images. The fewer times we have to switch between programs, the faster our workflow will be. (Don’t worry, most of us will continue to buy PS for other more complicated tasks). And a built in backup program sounds like a good idea too. Thanks for your hard work on such a great program.

I’m concerned beta 5 is so scaled back we don’t really get a true sense of it’s final performance. I’m running a beast of a CAD machine w/32GB RAM and sometimes experience latency using LR4’s tools. LR3 and beta 5 both run incredibly smooth and fast on the same machine. Detailed tasks are still best completed in Photoshop when accuracy is paramount.

Looking through the beta package, a FaceDetection.agtoolkit module exists, with Lua files for face recognition (AgFaceDetection.lua). Looking closer, it seems like it will be using Cognitec for the facial recognition engine. Oh, hell yes – thanks Adobe!

    Oh I hope you’re not messing with us… that would be awesome.

      I’m not – on a Mac, check out /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (if you can read compiled Lua)

Whaaaat?? Still no HDR?? The improvements look good, but the lack of HDR built into the app is a big miss IMO. Please fix!!

    Merge HDR is in Photoshop. HDR in Lightroom is useless.

    There are plenty of excellent tools for stuff like panoramas (PTGui…) or HDR (Photomatix), besides what Photoshop offers. These specialized tools do a great job, probably _at least_ on par with Photoshop (which costs more if you only need one or two of these features). Now would it be nice if LR offered these features? Sure. But it would have to be really good, and quite frankly there are other things that seem more important (even if it’s just because there is no alternative, or at least none that makes sense).

    Also, being able to do off centered vignettes is amazing. Upright is awesome too if it works (there is a wonderful and free tool called ShiftN, but being able to do it from within Lightroom…). Hopefully it is possible to select the lines that are used to calculate what has to be straight and what not. Will have to have a look at the beta… :)

Is it possible to save the the cataloge on a NAS and work in a group in a network?
Is it possible to synchronise a cataloge on a NAS and a mobile computer?

Performance feels much better than LR4!

Will LR5 have a real plug-in-interface? I mean, a plug-in-interface like B….. had.

LR page and download links are dead. FYI.

Looks so great. Looking forward to it so much.

Would LR5 be able to load “As-shot” picture settings for RAW image edits (.nef for the case of Nikon). In LR4, this is the biggest frustration from my point of view. Whenever you load a RAW image for edit, it displays the preview of “As-Shot” image for momentarily. However, just after that it only displays a dull image with no proper light setting and expects User to perform the settings from scratch. LR should at least load those settings by-default, which was shot on camera and if user wants more enhancements, LR can do the rest.

Please add this “must-have” feature.


    What you are seeing for a flash is display of a jpeg camera preview. Although it may appear to look nicer because it was created with your camera jpeg settings like saturation, contrast and sharpness, your camera applied this to an 8 bit jpeg preview.

    It disappears as Lightroom creates a proper preview of the RAW file. You’ll find you’ll want to apply different amounts of these adjustments in LR because the RAW file has soooo much more data as a 16 bit file with wider gamut and tonal range (actually may be a 12 or 14 bit fie in a 16 bit (2 bytes) container).

      Don’t miss the drop down menu for camera like adjustments. These can come close, but if you want the same adjustments yet camera made to the jpeg, you should use your camera’s proprietary software, since only the camera manufacturer knows the exact transforms applied in camera and duplicated in their software. Lightroom does a good job of respecting the white balance the camera applied.

I dislike it soooooo much?

What exactly, you ask?

That small white explosion animation on deletion process.

I am running I Mac 10.6.8 and am told there is no further upgrade available. Why then do Adobe say I need Mac ox 10.7 or greater?

    I’m with you.
    I will not “upgrade” to Lion. I’ve tried it and I do not like it.
    No Lightroom 5 for me if I have to install Lion.

      I’m with you on that.

Is color management for the otherwise-nice integration between LR and Blurb fixed, i.e. being able to use the Blurb ICC profile please?


Looks so great. Looking forward to it so much. !!!

In Lightroom 4 you instantly see if a lens profile is selected or not. Not so in Lightroom 5 Beta. So if Lightroom can’t detect the lens used and therefore isn’t able to apply the correction the features shown in Upright don’t work a 100%. So the checked “Enabele Profile Correction” can be a bit misleading if you don’t see / know that there is no profile selected.

Otherwise the new features look great.

Film shooters of the world, rejoice!! At last I can remove defects that are not round without jumping through a million hoops!


    YES!…… the new clone/heal/clean features alone are worth
    upgrading for – Film is alive and well.

The download link is currently failing with “We’re sorry, we encountered an error processing your request” – both from this page and from the Lightroom product page.

    OK, tried again from Internet Explorer, and it worked fine. Problem seems to be specific to Chrome

Speed is the most important thing to concentrate on. LR4 is dire in this respect. I have tried everything on my Quad-Core 16Gb RAM machine. System booted from SSD. Catalogs and previews on SSD. Cache on SSD. Even the images themselves. Nothing has sped up preview rendering in develop module.

Its painful to flick between images because LR has to re-render the preview every time, regardless of whether adjustments have been made or if an image was cached previously. LR5 seems just as bad, with one notable improvement. Smart previews. These do speed up the time to render previews in develop, but they’re still not fast and seem a bit like a workaround to a fundamental problem that should be addressed first.

    I only get a slowdown if I’ve used local adjustment tools on a lot images. I suspect to strike a balance, these complex computations with their feathered edges are updated on the fly and held in the cache for speed as you start to use these tools.

    If I have 500 images from a sports event and I apply a lot of local adjustments and the previews slow down, I quit and restart Lightroom and I get lickety-split speed back. I’m guessing that’s clearing the cache and forcing the previews to be consolidated and written to disk. When I reopen, it’s faster even with the empty cache. And as long as the cache has room, it speeds up just a bit as the cache holds and returns previews on a fast machine with 1 TB SSD and 16GB RAM.

    I’m looking forward to see what smart previews strengths and weaknesses offer.

It seems it has some great new features. I avoided the 4, but I guess I’ll update to 5 as soon at it will become available (hope they keep the discount).
But, man, it’s still lacking the focus check tool (focus mask) as available in Capture One.
Several years ago I had to choose between these two softwares, knowing both because of the studios I was working in. I opted for Lightroom hoping for this great functionality to become available soon, but still no good news.
Adobe, any chance?

Is Lightroom 5 going to introduce proper support for aspect-ratios in the Olympus OM-D EM-5 or is it going to remain crippled as it is now? Currently, the cropping is baked into the raw file and you have no way to access the full raw file without duplicating it to a DNG.

If you don’t fix this, don’t expect another dime out of me.

    That’ an Olympus problem not Adobe. LR can’t covert Olympus proprietary crop to LR crop. It could eliminate the crop, but the folks would complain even more that the in camera crop was not respected. Putting in a feature just for Olympus opens a can of worms.
    DNG files require some computing time and will remove the crop as conversion involves linearizing ALL the data irrespective of in-camera crop. but it’s not a bad way to go.

Nice features, but photo stitching for panoramas and HDR/DRI would have been also important.
There are so many freeware tools and libraries which already do a good job.
The acceptance for this update will depend on the pricing.

These changes look awsome and finally a proper healing brush!

I just needed one other feature to work 100% with LR. I need the pages for printing books could be customizable and we can create and save templates with the dimensions we want. The templates LR offer are too restrict and do not allow to create a professional looking album.

Maybe next time you can add this feature, it would make a big difference in wedding photographers work.

Thanks by the new features, hope to work with LR5 asap!!

Download does not work and contacting Adobe (“Broken Link?
Send us an e-mail.” doesn’t either. #fail.

Bonjour Merci beaucoup et vais tester: PS pourriez vous me faire parvenir un formulaire comme je suis débutant pour donner mes commentaires et s’il y a des test a effectuer !!
Je vous remercie beaucoup bon journée.


Book module is Lame lame lame. What happened to Jpeg as an export option? I don’t care about preferred vendor. This is an easy one Adobe

    Couldn’t agree more Gabriel, you said it all! We NEED the book module to be customizable.
    Only people who doesn’t know how to make a book uses blurb and all the other online crap, there are tons of other companies doing professional books and albums, why can’t we use the book module to do it? As Gabriel says, that’s an easy one to you LR guys!

Hi, here crash averytime, no lightroom 4 catalog compatible.. why crash ? I installed LR4 and beta5 together maibe thats why ?

LR5 Beta is running faster on both my Mac and PC platforms, that’s a plus for me. Love the new radial tool and the changes to the healing brush tool! Looking forward to more changes and Julianne’s videos were great allowing one to use the new features quickly.

Is it me or is anyone else having the issue with the selective mask overlay when I put it on and go to continue my adjustments it comes off and the check box at the bottom still says its on so I have to click ‘o’ on and off and on again!! Glitch or me being an idiot & missing something?? Anyone?

Looks really good and will probably persude me to upgrade from 3.6. The upright function is perfect for me as all ,y images seem to be tilted to the left.
PLEASE PLEASE Adobe can we have a facility to add a simple border to an image within develop module?

I love the new healing/cloning brush and the radial filter!! Wish I could try it out but the download link isn’t working… Is this something you are working on???

The reason I observe this web-site is simply because I believe you really do normally provide a slightly distinct inclination on
issues to many other sites so high 5 bro. !
. !

OK, call me old fashioned. I’m content with OS 10.6.8 and the LR 5 Beta needs 10.7…

The download link is still broken. I’ve been trying for two days at all hours. Anyone else having this problem? I’m using the current IE, have cleared cookies and still no luck.

They guys at adobe do an awesome job there is no doubting that, but we have been in this software for a long time right now. If you have to caption and keyword all your images when working for an agency this is an area they need to clean up. We still all have to ingest with photo mechanic (still the fastest thing out there) keyword and caption, then import in to Lightroom. I use a 2012 17in i7 with 16 of RAM, solid state drive 512gb, and a custom graphics card. Lightroom 4 is about 7 x slower than photo mechanic. Come on guys seriously after this many years. We all want to love your software, but please do something about this.

Download issues: definitely Chrome is unhelpful. Same computer IE10 no problem

Anyone get this message while trying to export for edit in Photoshop CS?

“This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 8.1 for full compatibility.”

I would love to try LR5 if it would start for me. I’mm using Windows 8 Pro with 12 g of ram, tons of hard drive space and I updated my graphics driver, but it won’t work, Windows says there is a problem and shuts it down. I uninstalled it and downloaded it again, same result. What do I do now? Tim

    I’m seeing the same problem trying to start LR5 in Windows 8.

    Having same issues with Windows 8 install. Tried both 32x & 64x versions, installs fine but errors out at start up with message “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has stopped working”

    Followup, just found a Youtube video showing problem behavior, along with plea for solutions. It looks like they solved it (I haven’t tried yet), but solution is in the comments below video


      Solution worked for me
      It is the Lightroom preference file that causes the problem:
      1) Rename the Preference directory (\Users\[username]\AppData\Roa­ming\Adobe\Lightroom) and give it any name you like.
      2) Start Lightroom 5.
      3) Close Lightroom 5.
      4) Move all previous preference files from the renamed directory to the new Preference directory. (There were only 2 files, I just moved the LR4 pref file, assumed the LR5 that was there was causing the crash)
      5) Done!

I can’t even install it on my computer. Will try again.

program was developed well over the years

Having an issue on occasion when switching back and forth between tools where it only gives me an option to zoom in on the photo instead of apply the selected tool’s action. It eventually comes back and works again, but it is a bit annoying after a while.

The sliders are much faster and much more responsive, kudos to Adobe on fixing that!

I can not install either vision on my windows 8 PC

Nice features, but photo stitching for panoramas and HDR/DRI would have been also important.
There are so many freeware tools and libraries which already do a good job.
The acceptance for this update will depend on the pricing.


Cloud Member. I’m interested in the upgrade. Beta means, not available as update??? Or, available?

Thank you for your response!


Tempted to try the beta, but I’m worried by the comments on how slow it can be. I’ve used Elements in the past and found it to be slow, too. I have a new HP desktop with Windows 8 and it’s very fast. My main interest for now is basic editing, but nothing exotic (yet) and I have little need for batch processing. I’m reluctant to buy LR 4 with an upgrade looming in a couple months and would like to have a trial before buying anything.

I really appreciate the comments above and would be grateful for any advice.

one more vote for face recognition here – although there are other features that would be helpful that’s still the top of my list for what’s missing in LR4

A killer feature that would make me upgrade from LR4 is a metadata spell checker for the Windows version. I really can’t believe that it hasn’t been included yet. So, it looks like I don’t need to upgrade this time around.

Excited about new features, but can’t get LR5 64-bit to run on my 64-bit HP tower or 64-bit HP laptop both running Windows 7. Installed 32-bit on laptop and it’s running. Will try same on tower later. Anyone have suggestions?

Wow, this is so amazing. THank you for the information!

How about adding a way to adjust (comparative adjustment) a file according to an image previosly shot, i.e. colour matching etc in developer mode.

This is great post! Thanks for your help.

I wish it had an option to paint white and black instead of only colors. I know you can do this with exposure, but its not the same. I paint white in Photoshop to make a really nice sun haze.

Also adding text to photos, would be nice.

i’m still a lightroom novice and I must agree that version4 it is not lightning quick. Mind you Corel paint shop pro is no ball of fire and it hasn’t got a fraction of the ability of Lightroom. Trying the beta of 5 and the improvements are very good. However, it will come down to how much Adobe are going to sting us for to upgrade. If they charge anywhere near full price it will be a bit of a rip off

I am currently using the slideshow tool in Aperture version 4.4 to mix multiple soundtracks with stills and retain the original sounds recorded with videos in 30 minute slideshows. Will Lightroom 5 have this feature also?

Downloaded and tried the beta. Couldn’t use a current catalogue because it would have changed it to LR5 and could not be changed back. Had a small project that was one-time, so tried it out on that.

Everything seemed on the slow side. The program really jumped around while I was selecting and flagging images. When I neared the end of the project, I needed to do some flagging, and it was interesting to say the least. I would flag an image, and move to the next one, sometimes it took the flag, sometimes the cursor jumped back to the beginning of the grid row. It happened so often, I’sure it’s some kind of glitch.

Glad the project is over, but not sure I will use the beta again. I am presently using LR4.5 and PS CS 6.

Works way better than LR4 but it has some bugs: sometimes i cannot use the brush/spot removal/gradient/radial. instead of these i have the zoom in tool in all.

Glad to see some features I’ve been asking for a long time are finally included! Can’t wait to the final version!

I don’t know if this is proper forum for it…but I am compelled to jump in here and add my own comment: Facial Recognition is by far my most desired new feature to be added to Lightroom. Please Adobe!

It’s broken!! I can’t download =/

Going in the right direction Adobe, no doubt. BUT if you continue the sacrifice of speed performance for anything else you will lose the event community. I can’t imagine why it is not your primary priority with a majority of your users driving hot-rod computers but feeling more like we are behind the wheel of golf carts. Plain and simple, fix it.

Thank you for the information! Smart Previews are the best thing that’s new in Lightroom 5.

I’m happy there are some improved features i was hopying for :) Will wait for the final realese review but it’s look very promising.

I uploaded some videos that I took of my granddaughter, with my Sony A77 SLT into LR5 beta, everything looks fine, I played them without any problems. I want to edit them and combine them with some stills in PS CS6 for a mother’s day gift to my daughter, but when I open them in PS CS6 there is no audio when I play them, I’ve checked to make sure that it isn’t muted on the film clips, etc., turned up the volume on the computer and clip and still no sound. Is there a problem with the compatibility of LR5 and PS CS6? I really don’t have time to reshoot the video and edit before Mother’s Day.

This looks really good. I would surely love to give it a try.

Thanks Julianne for some great informative videos as usual. They are always packed with a great deal of information.

It would be nice if Lightroom was all things to all people at the snap of a finger but it doesn’t5 work that way. The program has evolved beautifully over the years……………………….

I want to edit them and combine them with some stills in PS CS6 for a mother’s day gift to my daughter, but when I open them in PS CS6 there is no audio when I play them, I’ve checked to make sure that it isn’t muted on the film clips, etc., turned up the volume on the computer and clip and still no sound. Is there a problem with the compatibility of LR5 and PS CS6? I really don’t have time to reshoot the video and edit before Mother’s Day……………

I have downloaded the program but when I go in to launch the program it says it has stopped working.?? Any suggestions? I am using windows 8

    Try restoring your preferences.

      How would you do that? Im not familiar with doing that. Thanks

Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let
you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m
not sure why but I think its a linking issue.

I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

I am having serious speed issues with LR5 beta. The time to render 1 photo took over 10 seconds (and I even render 1:1 previews on import and do not discard them (ever). In fact, if I edit a photo (first in a group) and then synchronize across the group, there are photos in that synchronized group that will not render at all (and stop somewhere in the ‘grossly pixilated’ stage that makes me an abstract artist (Watch out Picasso and your Cubist period). If I am importing and rendering photos, I am completely unable to do any other functions in LR5 because of the speed lag. I am using a Mac 10.8.3 with i7 and 8GB RAM. Theoretically, I should have enough memory to handle the processes. LR4 is S-L-O-W for me – and LR5 so far is almost unusable.

A second concern I will have is the size of the smart previews. I am testing that feature by rendering smart previews for 2 trips. Currently, I have roughly 2000 photos imported and they take up about 2GB of space. I can see with a full catalog how that would become impractical to have all photos with Smart Previews (although I do love the concept). You would just have to be judicious in how you utilized them (i.e. I can’t convert my entire catalog into Smart Previews without needing a second hard drive).

I am also interested to see that if you render Smart Previews on import, that they render FIRST (before the 1:1 Previews). For some reason, that seems backward to me. But, there is probably some math in there that explains why. However, it definitely makes my import times and rendering extremely long. I had 1375 photos from a recent trip, and started rendering over 30 minutes ago and is still not finished with the smart previews (825 rendered) and the 1:1 previews are just at 125 after 30 minutes. That is incredibly long to me.

I don’t know if it is possible to do the ‘bulk’ of my adjustments/editing in LR3 – then when I am “done” import those photos into the LR5 catalog for some minor additional touchups. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose? And couldn’t I just do those things in PS anyhow? I was really hoping that this version would fix the speed issues. I am really sad to see that so far, it has not.

Someone necessarily help to make critically posts I’d state. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and up to now? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual post incredible. Excellent job!

I have download the windows beta version. And as soon as I try to import one photo I get an error message and the program stops. What should I do ?

I can’t get it to download. Are there still issues with this?

My main wish is for it to be faster!

I seem to spend most of he day waiting for images to import and then renders! Dreadfully slow, and even on a new dual Xeon Boxx computer with 128Gb RAM with fast drives, it is still dreadful, the problem is i have not yet found good alternative, i dont really care about new bells and wistles, if it is still on the same base programming then something different is required! But what?

Lightroom is OK if your library is small, say 1000-5000 images, but mine is presently sittng around 90,000 taken over the last 4 years, all of which i need to keep and refere to, and all catalogued with keywords, etc, somethin i think Lightroom is perfect at, but what should be a joy to use, and an asset, has become a pain and instead of spending time beind the camera, i now spend more time at the computer, useually swearing at it!

So please, Adobe sort out the speed please! And if not the speed of rendering previews, then at least find someway to load images faster, Maybe look at Phoo Mechanic, they seem to have it cracked, just a shame it does not have the other fetures that Light has!!?

I have been using LR5 beta for a few weeks. A friend just told me never to download a beta version, as all files will be lost when the new version of LR5 is released. True? Are files not importable to LR5 from the beta version?

    Hi Shirley, Your files will not be lost. They will be available in Lightroom 5 once it’s officially released.

I am going to skipp this one. Just installed the trial, and it’s a good thing I did. This release is way beyond slow! Way, way, way beyond slow. Seems every new release since Lr3 is trying to set new standards for slow procesing. I am running a Win 7 PC with SSD, 8GB RAM @1800Mhz, an i7 CPU clocked at 4,5Ghz and a Nvidia Quadro4000. So it should be able to run smoothly. Just switching between the modules took a around 3 seconds, preview rendering took even longer. After doing some tweaks I got it to work a bit faster, but it’s still noticably slower that LR4. So It’s back to LR4 for me. If this will not be adressed in the future I will need to be on the lookout for some other software all together. It’s a real shame as I used to advice people all around me to use Lightroom, but now I just can’t do that any longer. The lag of procesing speed completly ruins the joy of working with Lightroom 5. I have a large catalog of around 25.000 photographs, with makes for a slower procesing, but the speed difference between LR4 and LR5 is just stupidly great.

I just love lightroom.

    Im using the 5.6 version now and its truly something. Great stuff can be made with it. Superb work.

Maarten Verbunt is right a little bit slow. Speed performance could be better

Just wondering if face recognition is there? That would be great!

Thanks Julianne for some great informative videos as usual. They are always packed with a great deal of information.

It would be nice if Lightroom was all things to all people at the snap of a finger but it doesn’t5 work that way. The program has evolved beautifully over the years

Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and also the rest of the website is very good.

Sono in possesso della versione 5.3 . Vorrei sapere le migliorie dalla versione 5 e la versione Beta cos’è.
Grazie saluti Aldo consani

I’m looking for a simple way to add a border in the develop module. I know there are work arounds that are not very smooth. This missing functionality is a deal breaker for me.

It’s so amazing. I will try directly it

The video’s really great for beginners.

I am getting the same. Didi you resolve the issue meanwhile?




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