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Lightroom 5 Now Available for Download!

"Sleeping Beauty" by Taylor McCormick

The Lightroom team is proud to announce the availability of Lightroom 5 as a standalone license and as part of Creative Cloud! Lightroom 5 is now available to try or buy on, and as a free update to Creative Cloud members.

A number of you downloaded Lightroom 5 beta, and we are thankful for the valuable feedback that you provided during the last couple of months. Thanks to your input on our public forums, we’ve made more than 400 tweaks since releasing Lightroom 5 beta. It truly was a team effort that we can all be proud of. Thank you.

Lightroom 5 has all of your favorite features from Lightroom 5 beta including the Advanced Healing BrushUprightRadial FilterSmart Previews, improved photo book creation, and slideshows that mix video and still images. The final version of Lightroom 5 also contains several new updates including more than 400 bug fixes, the ability to share photos using the Behance Publish Service and an expanded range on the Radial Filter’s feather slider.

Here’s a brief description of some of our favorite new features:

    • Advanced Healing Brush: Enhancements to the Spot Removal tool allow you to heal or clone using brush strokes. A new “Visualize Spots” tool highlights sensor dust spots for easy removal.

Lightroom 5 Advanced Healing Brush

      • Radial Filter: Apply any of Lightroom’s local adjustment attributes to a circular mask. The area of the mask can be resized, feathered or even inverted to give you maximum control over the focus of your images.

Lightroom 5 Radial Filter

  • Upright: Automatically level horizons, straighten buildings, and correct other askew lines with a single click.


Lightroom 5 Upright

  • Smart Preview: Lightroom allows you to edit offline images by storing a smaller version of the original image. Edits made to the smart preview will automatically apply to the original once reconnected to Lightroom.

Lightroom 5 is available for $149 (for those new to Lightroom) and $79 (for previous Lightroom customers and student/teacher editions). Download Lightroom 5 here. See a full list of added camera profiles and release notes on the Lightroom Journal.

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Thanks, Sharad! Right on schedule!

I’ll be teaching the new Lightroom 5 features at the PPMA Convention in Huntsville, AL this Wednesday morning June 12 at 8am, as well as the week-long GLIP Photography School in Ann Arbor Michigan June 17-21. Cheers!

    I upgraded my lightroom 4 catalogue to lightroom 5, all the keywords were transferred but my photos have lost their keywords!!! about 80,000 of them!!!
    Any Suggestions???

      I have had the same problem. Can anyone help?

Awesome! The whole team has been waiting for this to go live.

Personally, I am especially looking forward to the new radial filters.

Thanks adobe-team. You guys rock :)

Gah! I just purchased Lightroom 4 (standalone) on 5/31/2013 (haven’t even installed it yet). Is there some way you guys can help?

I have a question! LR5 is downloading as I type. I have LR4 on CC. The Application Manager said ‘Install’, rather than ‘Upgrade’. I need to know, should I uninstall LR4 first, or not? Will it leave two installations? Anybody know yet? Looking forward to getting stuck into this new edition!

    Hi Carl,

    You can have both Lr4 and Lr5 installed on the same system at the same time. Thanks,

Warning, be careful while upgrading (I wasn’t, I threw away my old catalogs already).
There’s a possible problem with LR5, while exporting images of certain output resolutions. Output sharpening isn’t working anymore, so your images will come out blurry. There are also reports of non-working noise reduction.
Here’s the thread:

Almost all editing features. There haven’t been real upgrades to the cataloging functionality in several versions. I want hierarchy keywords, duplicate and similar image finder, face recognition, creative search options (predominant color, etc), more things I can sort on, etc.

I uninstalled LR 5(Beta) as instructed, and then installed LR 5 (full version). However I am still having problems running it, and it continually “stops working” and I have to re-launch. I was also instructed to, when prompted, uninstall the beta version from my preferences, or I might have problems running LR 5. I never got a prompt to uninstall from my preferences, and I cannot find preferences anywhere on my laptop. Windows 7, Dell. The only references I can find when I search my files is for “language” preferences. HELP please! & thanks!

    Had similar issues, very slow performance at times. The Beta run better! Maybe there is a clean uninstall of the beta required.

    These steps will help you reset the preferences then be sure to select your catalog once Lightroom starts back up.

      Wow. I guess I will have to have a programmer actually sit with me & walk me through this. I attempted to follow the steps listed in the link. Have to say, once again, I do NOT see the word “preferences” ANYWHERE. As for the beta vs full version, I have had a GREAT deal of difficulties with the beta, and quite a few w/ the full, tho not quite as many. I am thinking now that the reason I have had so much trouble is due to this “preferences” issue. Alas, my tech skills are not up to snuff :(

So pepped right now!
Just bought it and it’s going to be a loooong night evaluating all the new stuff. :)
I just hit the subscribe on your youtube channel as well.
Great stuff!

Will Lightroom 5 be compadible with Sony files. Right now I have LR 3 and I have to convert all of my files from my Sony a99 into DNG so that lightroom can read them. It is very frusturating and takes a LONG time. Really hoping if I upgrade you guys have solved this issue…. So?

I upgraded my lightroom 4 catalogue to lightroom 5, all the keywords were transferred but my photos have lost their keywords!!! about 80,000 of them!!!

    None of your photos have keywords Robert?
    Or did some of them get retained?
    What if you try to convert the LR4 catalog again? does it do the same thing?
    Mac or windows?

Just downloaded LR5. Upgrade if you have CC. Now it all becomes clear.

I am a Creative Cloud subscriber but prior to that I had purchased LR4. I get the pushed updates on it but it is not connected to my CC subscription. Any guidance on if I should uninstall stand alone LR4 and reacquire it under my CC subscription?

    Yes Mark thats what I had to do. I first downloaded the trial but couldnt activate it. I had to use Application Manager to download it again.

    If you have a full Creative Cloud subscription (aka, not a single-product subscription), start the application manager and look for “Lightroom” there should be an “install” option next to it. That will begin the LR5 download and install.

How come it says above that the upgrade is $79, but when I go to buy it, it’s $99? Oh yeah, that’s right. I live in Australia! The mysterious Adobe Australia Tax.

Adobe, please explain why we must pay more for an internet download than those in the US? Many of us are VERY curious.

Hello, I’ve got the Creative Cloud service, so where do I go to get the free upgrade?

Will we ever see support for tethered shooting for sony a99….other than using auto import. thought it might have been added with version 5.

    It’s unlikely, sorry.

      Really? Why?

      Any particular reason why Sony A99 not supported in tethering?

        IIRC – Sony doesn’t provide and SDK for tethering – and demand for tethering w/Sony is low compared to Canon and Nikon who do offer an SDK.

Still no unsharp-mask…why?

    I’m with OP on this question.. Even Elements has unsharp mask, This feature is something that should be in any editing program with a higher priority than a sharpening feature.

I want the upgrade on my laptop and my PC. If I download rather than purchase a disc am I limited to only one device for my money.

    Download licenses and disk licenses are the same license. You can install to 2 devices.

i upgraded to LR4 on May12. can i be elligible to a free upgrade of LR5 ? i cannot find any info on site.

-If I subscribe to Photoshop CC only, is Lightroom 5 included in the package? I can’t find any information on the website of Adobe.

    No, not currently.

      That doesn’t make much sense. They seem like an almost necessary combination, so can Adobe please get this included?

I’m a total beginner. Have used photoshop for editing but don’t have a lot of experience. I want to add tags to my photos and have those tags show on or with the photo when viewed in a slide show. I would also like to use those tags for location search for individual photos. I want them to be almost like mug shots showing name, dob, dod, address, etc. I want to use this with family reunion photos. Does a program exist that will easily do this?

I’m getting this error from a week or so, when trying to download LR5….

We’re sorry, we encountered an error processing your request.

Please try your request again. You may wish to try one of the following links:

Was about to download LR5 but came across the before mentioned issues. I will wait till the platform is more stable. LR is a solid interface…but I will remain w/ LR4 until better days prevail. Can’t wait!

I’ve been using LR5 Beta and have joined the CC. I have many edited photos in Beta and want to use those edits. Will the beta catalog automatically be used? Then I need to add my LR4 catalog as well. Is that straight forward?

I love the new features, but am finding LR5 to be buggy. It will randomly changes all the corrections I’ve made to a photo, after I’ve quit working on it and am working on another image. It happens quite often and is very frustrating.

LR 5 Beta worked perfectly, but the new release appears to have memory usage problems. Now the Radial Filter and the Adjustment Brush are effectively unusable due to delayed responses and the dire spinning wheel. Mac OS 10.8.4, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1600 Mhz DDR 3.

    SAME HERE! It’s completely unusable for me because of the brush tool – incredibly slow.

Have been greatly enjoying the new version so far. Adobe just keeps the good releases coming.

I have been using Picasa for years. I would like to use LR5 – but want to know if i can import all my images with tags and favorites. What would be the procedure?


Smart Previews are the hottest feature since Adobe Camera RAW. Our main excuse NOT to work on a coast to coast flight is over.

Can I shoot tethered with my Sony A99 and lightroom 5 ?
Best Andy Schulz

I have LR3 installed and want to upgrade to LR5. Will I have to purchase LR4 upgrade to then purchase upgrade to LR5. Or can I just purchase LR5 upgrade for my current LR3 product.

    Nope. You can upgrade directly from LR3 to Lightroom 5. Go for it.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I really need for photo editing. Photoshop? or will Lightroom 5 do the job? I’m not into doing crazy things with my photos, just making them naturally beautiful. Also, I was wondering what Camera Raw is and whether it is only on Photoshop or also on Lightroom 4?

Is there anyone else out there running a mac pro on os x 10.7.5 having difficuties getting Lightroom 5 to read images? The mac pro I am running can’t be upgraded further as Apple deems it past its use by date…2007! Interestingly, the files can be imported to my (internal)hard drive and opened just fine, it’s just when I try to access them off the external hard drive, i get this displayed in the top right corner an with the msg, “Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo, you will not be able to make adjustments to this file.”

Furthermore, I created a new catalogue where the same issue arose. I also thought that this might be resolved when updating to Lightroom 5…not yet??

I have also tested this on my Macbook pro running os x 10.8.x(latest) with no issue reading the same catalogue on both LR4.4 and LR5 from the same external hard drive without issue.

In the meantime I am having to revert to using the older LR4.3 as this works fine on the Mac pro desktop as this is the main computer i use…at the moment!

Can someone assist me with a suggestion as I would prefer to have lr5 as my preferred tool across all platforms?

can I upgrade Lightroom 2 to 5?

    Yes. Customers who own Lightroom 1-4 qualify for the upgrade price for Lightroom 5.

Thanks for this upgrade .
only one thing hurt me …each time i open LR., and it’s several times a day.
The first window is really very very ugly!
Please give us a simple logo without this cristal quartz!

    I’m prepared to suffer the ugly logo if, instead, you could concentrate on the operational bugs that cost business users time and money.

    Thanks in advance.

      We’re looking into the logo issue on the store. The logo looks correct on the iPad once installed.

I think the newest version of Lightroom is what DSLR Camera users are going to want to use for their editing workflow, especially now that it has options for video, like adjusting the exposure and white balance in the same way as we would with our still photos. This solution is probably more practical for photographers if they don’t want to sign on for Photoshop CC as it has all the benefits of Camera Raw combined with Bridge and several features neither product has.

I have some 20,000 pictures with many scanned from pre-digital age. Is facial recognition planned soon? I have LR 4 and would love new features, but do need facial recognition.

I too am not getting my keywords on import.
If I import photos that have keywords in metadata they disappear when they arrive in LR5!
Very annoying as I have to go back to LR4 for this action.
Any idea if I have something set up wrong or is it a bug?

I have LR 3.6 which came with a camera purchase. To upgrade to LR5 what is my path and cost?
I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Can no one answer my question above?
It is very annoying.

I have purchased LR4 and LR5. My mac has both running on them but i was just about to try and put LR5 onto my PC laptop. Does anybody no if this is possible? When i purchased LR5 my mac already had 4 on it.

cheers all


    Lightroom 5 is a cross platform license. You can install on both your mac and your PC.

I was very disappointed when facial recognition was not included in Lightroom 4, especially since it has been in Photoshop Elements for some time now. Did it NOT make it into Lightroom 5?? That would eliminate much of the incentive to upgrade.

Is there an actual working download link anywhere on Adobe’s website?? Every time I try to download LR5 I get error messages.

I have LR4 for my windows laptop. I am about to buy an Imac desktop. Can I upgrade to lr5 and have one device a windows based and the other device a mac with my 2 device installation per purchase?

    Hi Zane, yes, Lightroom 5 is a cross-platform license.

Hello, Can someone please recommend a Windows compatible desktop or laptop for good performance of this new Lightroom and Photoshop. My computer is suffocating and I am ready to upgrade to be able to use these wonderful new tools. Thank you!

I have downloaded LR5 and when I launched the program it has opened with my existing catalogues. However when I have “relocated” files (e.g. of photos stored on external hard drives, LR’s development features aren’t all there (e.g. it has “fill light” like in LR4, rather than “whites”). The photos that were on the hard drive when I upgraded to LR5 are showing what seems to be all the LR5 development features.

I recently read that the program should initially have asked to “upgrade the catalogue” (a relatively lengthy process apparently) which it didn’t, and which sounds nothing like the new LR5 version just opening up the existing catalogue.

Can anyone suggest what is going on?

Thanks for any help.

I just purchased LR5 from B&H,.where i can find the 24digit serial number,. i’d tried to looked on the cover or on the back of DVD ,.but had no clue?

“My programmer is trying to convince me to move to .net from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the costs. But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using WordPress on a number of websites for about a year and am anxious about switching to another platform. I have heard very good things about Is there a way I can import all my wordpress posts into it? Any help would be really appreciated!”

I purchased Lightroom on my old computer. How do I download it on to my new computer with Windows 8?

I am new to lightroom more enlighten on how get the better understanding about the usage .

Wow, i love the Upright and Advanced Healing Brush, Thumps up!
I currently have a great natural scenery, which you can then super set the scene :)

I believe I am blind. I can’t find how to download and pay for lightroom 5 without having to pay a monthly subscription. I want a stand alone version. The link provided send only to subscription. Has anyone a link the stand alone version to download?


hi there… i made a huge mistake by downloading the .dmg file instead of the .exe. The download buttons were not so helpful since both said download now… this is the second time i have downloaded the file, first time before i had to reformat my laptop and now (where i was so careless to download the .dmg)…

anyone can help with what i can do now? i have emailed digital river and awaiting answer, i need this app for my photo work…


I purchased LR5 DVD for my iMac. I am about to purchase a MacBookPro with no DVD player. Can I use my serial # for LR5 to download it to my new MacBookPro? How do I get LR5 on my MacBook?

The update is a paid update, or if you are a full creative cloud subscriber it is part of your subscription

In CC a common subscription PS * LR would perhaps welcome?

best regards




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