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Introducing Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC

Today we’re announcing the immediate availability of new Photoshop CC features for Creative Cloud members. This update to Photoshop CC (version 14.1) includes an exciting new technology, Adobe Generator, which allows new workflows, especially for web designers, screen designers, and anyone who needs to extract image assets out of a Photoshop document.

Real-time Image Asset Generation


Generator allows you to create image assets in real time as you work, eliminating the tedious steps of copying, slicing and exporting each layer manually, and saving you hours of time. Simply add a file extension to the name of your layer or layer group, and Photoshop will automatically create a JPG, PNG or GIF from the contents of that layer. If you make a change to that layer, the file is immediately updated. This means that you now have a folder of images that are always up-to-date with your Photoshop design.

If you need larger dimension images for Retina displays, you can also quickly create those by adding a scaling factor.

To turn on this functionality, go to File -> Generate -> Image Assets. Now all you have to do is rename the layers or layer groups you want to export. Here are some examples of supported tags:

  • .png (Default value: png32 with semi-transparent alpha), .png8, .png24, .png32
  • .jpg (Default value: 9), .jpg(1-10), .jpg(1-100%)
  • .gif
  • 1-n%, (Number) px x (Number) px for scaling

Here are some examples of how tags can be used:

  • “200% logo-retina.png, logo.png” produces both a 2x and a 1x asset
  • “heroImage.jpg10” produces a 1x asset with max quality
  • “400% tuningfork.png, 250×250 tuningfork.jpg40%” produces a 4x PNG asset and a custom-scaled JPEG asset

Adobe Edge Reflow CC Connectivity
Generator also enables a real-time connection between Photoshop and Edge Reflow, the responsive web design application available as part of Creative Cloud. This connection allows you to get assets from your Photoshop document into Edge Reflow with just one click, so you can get started on your responsive design right away.

Open Source, Interoperable Technology
Generator is a platform that can enable so much more, which is why we are excited to release the Generator technology platform and the image assets generation feature as open source projects. If you know JavaScript, it’s easy to modify the existing plug-ins or write your own. Check out this video from the The Engine Co., who used Generator to write a plug-in for their Loom gaming engine that allows game designers to change the UI of a game in Photoshop while the game is being played:

For more info about The Engine Co. and their Loom engine, go to

Generator is based on the popular Node.js platform and plug-ins can be written in JavaScript. Generator plug-ins give you deep access to your Photoshop documents, including bitmap representations, layer bounds, and much more. Get started with the Generator source code on GitHub.

Additional improvements
This update also includes many other improvements to Photoshop, including enhancements to Color Range options, Isolation mode, and path selection, as well as native PSDX support (read-only) and 32-bit image support for many more filters. See here for a full list of these and other performance improvements and bug fixes.

How to get the Update
1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click “Update”.
2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop and choose Help > Updates.
3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked
1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
2. The version at the top should be Version: 14.1

How to learn more about Generator and this latest Photoshop CC update:
1. See What’s New in Photoshop CC in Help
2. Visit the Photoshop forum
3. Watch this video
4. Visit

Give us feedback!
Once you’ve updated to the newest version of Photoshop and experimented with Generator, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without the loyal community of regular customers who help us find and fix common issues. If you keep talking to us, we’ll keep listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback about Generator:

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i updated and they no more update stuck at 13 phpshop6


    This update is applicable for users having PS CC, Please download PS CC from creative cloud.

    Please refer following link for more details:


      Yes, well, I DO have Photoshop Creative Cloud and yes, I DID do the Updates thing in PS and NO – doesn’t work !!!!!!

      As usual

        As usual? Um … no … every single feature, update etc has worked 100% perfectly since day one for me. Seems to me you’re bitter. Now, maybe you should chill out a little and contact support, instead of getting irate over it on the blog post :)

        The details provided in this article and the videos really help. This is an exciting new development for Adobe users. You may find it a bit tricky to operate in the beginning. I have often encountered such issues with updates. However, new products are usually more functional.

    Hi Gordon,

    I ran into the same issue. Tried reinstalling, doubled checked the installation, rebooted my machine… nothing. Then I realized I was running my copy of the Adobe Photoshop CS6 application, which is not the same as the Adobe Photoshop CC. Fired up the Adobe Photoshop CC application, performed the updates for my CC applications, checked the version – and it’s up to date with the current features running.

    Hope this helps!

Why are you forcing us to use Photoshop! Come up with a good alternative for Fireworks.

    You should really try Sketch.

    Since there is no Firewirks CC I think you should forget about Fireworks. I’m afraid it’s finished.

      i think thats why he asked for a reasonable alternative.
      while generator sounds like good news, putting still more features in ps wont fix that its genuinely not a website layout tool but a photoeditor.

    Fireworks is dead! :)

      Curse you, you evil dream stealer!

    no one is forcing you my dear friend. why are you forcing yourself?

Great update, however I scaled a smart object 200% and it wasn’t sharp :(.
Hope you can add smart object support to this generator feature..

    Agreed! Definitely need support for smart objects, especially graphics imported from Illustrator.

Something like:

200px x (auto)px logo.jpg

would be helpful.

    You can use 200x? logo.jpg :)
    Sadly, that didn’t make it into the documentation, it seems.

scaling on group with solid colour adjustment layer dosn’t work :-(

It would be great if you just kept Fireworks to do all this heavy webdesigner work. The agile workflow of Fireworks beats Photoshop in many ways.

This sounds great! Looking forward to it – this can realy speed up our process of developing new mobile apps.

Pretty cool! How about support for a svg extension?

    Good request.

    There’s some early, very rough work around this. It’s not production ready.
    But if you want to play with it, have a look at and create a configuration file with the following contents:

    “generator-assets”: {
    “svg-enabled”: true

    But, like I said: don’t expect too much.

      Important thing to note, Dennis, that file has to be named generator.json and placed wherever you want (inside your user folder (still “beta”))
      “generator-assets”: {
      “svg-enabled”: true
      text file named generator.json
      (beware of ” “”straight quotes)

Can you save the color profile with the generated images?
That’s essential when saving images for the web…

Cool, but when I try to do a square with rounded corners in retina- and normal resolution, the radius of the retina squares shoulders should double up. It doesn’t, it stays the same. Super great feature though, and I eagerly wait for an update that fixes these kinds of bugs!

    That does sound annoying and I can confirm it.

    However, there’s a (cumbersome) workaround: after modifying the shape in a way that makes it “non-live” (e.g. moving one of the vector points, confirming the dialog, then moving it back), the rounded corners are scaled. Of course then you cannot easily adjust their radius anymore.

Great idea! Though I have a problem while testing it. All images are exported as high-contrast black and white assets.

Great idea, but I’m worried we’re losing meaningful layer names for the sake of easier exporting.

    You can exploit the multiple file name feature, as long as you don’t add an extension: “Meaningful description, foo.jpg” – the layer will be exported as “foo.jpg”, “Meaningful description” will be ignored.

And us here in Israel still can’t use Creative Cloud. Thanks Adobe!

To match up with tools like Slicy ( this needs more. More control of the bounds, smart object scaling and the ability to have Paths in the names + save the generated images in different folders..

For example


So we need to have a layer names such as

200%, HD/Logo.png, SD/Logo.png

And a way of setting the target folder.

    I don’t do a lot of work in Photoshop. I still use Fireworks, but I get a lot of Photoshop documents that need slicing. This is a very good start for Photoshop.

    I’d like to +1 to what Andrei Nadin mentioned. Generator needs some more options for setting paths and controlling bounds. Slicy is a great reference. I think if Generator added these options, it would be hard to beat.

The divorce has begun! Loyal CS6 users get left behind, only those can afford CC (pro’s etc) get all the new stuff. As an amateur who makes no money from photography and had invested over £600 of my small pension in CS6 I feel totally let down by Adobe…Aperture anyone?

    No divorce yet, hold on a bit and you can get the Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC Creative Cloud bundle voor $9,99 a month. I’m sure you can afford that?

      That’s not his point. Firstly, maybe can’t afford $9.99 a month; don’t assume he can. Secondly he’s already paid >600 for the software and just wants updates – that’s more than reasonable in my opinion.

        Hi John,

        Photoshop CC is the next full Photoshop version after CS6. CS5’s version number is “12.0”, CS6 is “13.0”, and CC is “14.0”. This is the same policy that was in place where owners of CS5 didn’t receive the feature updates found in CS6 – and owners of CS4 didn’t receive the new features in CS5.

    Not Aperture…Pixelmator.

    Photoshop CC is the next full Photoshop version after CS6. CS5’s version number is “12.0”, CS6 is “13.0”, and CC is “14.0”. This is no different than the policy that owners of CS5 didn’t receive the feature updates found in CS6 – and owners of CS4 didn’t receive the new features in CS5.

The Creative Cloud app is showing no updates available.
Launching the update window from Photoshop results in a message saying all software is up to date.
Version number is still 14.0

Any ideas?

    Close Creative Cloud app, and restart. Update will appear.

    Mine is the same, stuck on 14.0, have updated CC and closed and restarted but still no updates available. In the UK by the way…

      Are you still not seeing the update?

      I’m also in the UK and it’s not showing for me either, despite closing the CC app and doing everything else suggested in this thread…

    yep no update… gives you an impression how good this adobe cloud stuff works.

    i hate that we have to rent it now.

      Are you using Photoshop CC (14.0)? Choose Help>Updates… or quit and relaunch the Creative Cloud app to update.

        i can see no update.

        “all up to date” says the help -> update updater.

        have closed and restarted PS a few times.

        i don´t get the indesign 9.1 update either.

        and of course there is no offline update.. done good adobe!!!

          ps: of course im using CC.

          You need to quit and restart the Creative Cloud app (not Photoshop or InDesign).

        why do we need to have two ways to update??… are you smoking pot at adobe?

          so i even rebooted the system… -> no update

          Send me an email with your adobe ID and I’ll have someone assist you. jtranber at adobe dot com.

          after some talk with our IT guys it worked.

          im on CC for teams and there must be something work different.

          Excellent. Thanks for the update.

          Guys, i have the same problem. I really want the typography bugs fixed, but the 14.1 update doesn’t show up in my creative cloud. Isn’t there any place where you manually can download it?

          What’s your Adobe ID?

          Hi Sahand,

          I didn’t find an active Creative Cloud account under the Adobe ID you sent. Is it possible it’s under a different Adobe ID?

Interesting news !!! Before reading of your blog i dont know about adobe generator but now i have to learn most of the things about photoshop. Its really nice sharing…

I wish they made a layer property that can save the certain layers specifically through a fast interface properties. Instead of typing in values. Im sure there will be strict rules and spacing conventions that might mess up properties unless they are 100% typed correctly.

This works well. Tips

1) Some layer types like solid colours won’t work, but blending modes do. If a gradient fill layer doesn’t work, try using a blending mode instead.

2) Name layers like this placing a comma after the layer name


3) If you have a long list of files to create, construct the list of tags in a text editor and paste into a new layer. This worked for this list I needed…

AppIcons, iTunesArtwork.jpg, 76x76 Icon.png, 152x152 Icon@2x.png, 72x72 IconOld.png, 144x144 IconOld@2x.png, 29x29 IconSettings.png, 58x58 IconSettings@2x.png, 40x40 IconSpot.png, 80x80 IconSpot@2x.png, 50x50 IconSpotOld.png, 100x100 IconSpotOld@2x.png

    Interesting approach!
    Another option is to create groups that only contain a single layer (or a group with a group with a single layer…) and export that group also, distributing the file names.

I like the looks of things, but I often use layer comps to modify base art without duplicating layers. Will that become part of the Generator workflow?

    We do want to support layer comps eventually and have an idea for how. This won’t make it into the next version, though. Finger’s crossed for the one after! For now, it’s code cleanup and documentation time. :)

      Yes please! We do a lot of interactive design in PS using layer comps to keep consistent elements in the same place on each screen etc. Generator looks like it could be a god send for our programmers, but not without some sort of layer comp integration or workaround. I hope you guys get to this soon. Leveraging the power of both Generator and Layer Comps would really change the game for people like us.
      Keep up the good work!

        I agree with this fellow! layer comps+ auto generate = making life easier for all of us. Yes there is the script “layer comps to files” but seriously… layer comps has become a vital part of production. Get it workin already Adobe! I’m adobe’s biggest critic yet biggest fan!

Adobe and Adobe Photoshop are things of the past… The signs of it? They are too clear!

I am glad to see the so-called “progress” of Photoshop and its new so-called “features” being nothing more than rip-offs! In this case, Adobe Fireworks and the Create Web Assets free (!) extension [see link:] are clearly the ideas behind “Adobe Generator”. The rip-off is so clear that only a blind person won’t see this.

So Adobe Fireworks had the feature “Create Web Assets automatically” in May 2013, and in September 2013 Photoshop Team comes with “Great new feature!”, LOL! Photoshop copied too many features from Fireworks already and always pretended they are “new features”.

Good-buy Adobe and CC! Sketch and other products are coming to replace your old, extensive and non-exciting products! :-)

The Loom video shows “position detection”. How is this metadata delivered through the generator flow? Also, I don’t see any mention of “registration point”. So if asset sizes change (i.e. moved outer elements or added glow), the assets would change in sized and potentially shift in the final product?

    There is a custom plugin for Generator that reads the position of the layers and writes them to a layout file (XML + CSS) which Loom consumes and updates in realtime. What’s not shown in the video is another panel we wrote that allows you to add additional metadata to layers that are consumed by the engine.

    You are correct, if the bounds of an element change, everything has to shift, which it does. For example, in the video when I first changed the “Play” button to “Let’s Play” it ran off the side of the button which changed the bounds.

      What is the name of the custom plugin for Generator that can export co-ordinates of layers into an XML file?

The Generate Assets feature is a great addition, but is it possible to define the size of an asset, to give an icon some padding while keeping a transparent background?

    We definitely plan on doing this!

      This is good to hear. I tried every way I could think of to place an invisible object in the folder, to fake it into generating with padding, but it looks like you guys have covered all those bases… unless there’s something I don’t know about, that I could use in the meantime?

      Nice feature though, cheers.

        Yes, sorry about that. The most realistic thing might be to use pixels in the wanted corners with an alpha value of 1. That would count as “not fully transparent”, therefore influencing the trimming to visible pixels, while not actually being visible to the naked eye (at least mine). Obviously very cumbersome.

      I’m just chiming it to reiterate how absolutely essential bounds support is to making Generator truly usable. Creating a series of transparent images with identical dimensions is a common use case and something Slicy got right.

    You can do this! With transparent PNGs, follow these steps:

    – Create a mask in which visible area of the mask is the desired image size
    – Make sure this mask is on your “content.png” (an example)
    – “content.png” will output to the size of your mask

      THANKYOU! I’d been using the 1% alpha solution, this is much easier!

(old, expensive and non-exciting products) [typo fixed]

Would wish for Fireworks to come back.

Photoshop is just so clumsy for all the webstuff. :-/

Still: Nice new feature

Looking forward to trying this new feature out. Thanks.

there is no update…..

great to see how the cloud works… not.

    Mine updated first thing this morning, they may update in different regions faster than others.

    The Creative Cloud apps checks for updates once every 24 hours (as well as when the app starts).

    If you want to force a check, just restart the CC app (we are adding a “check for updates” menu item for a future release).

    mike chambers

Since announcing Adobe would be shutting down Fireworks, I’ve invested 100’s of off work hours trying to get as fast in Photoshop as I am in Fireworks. (already losing me time aka money)

I’ve been using both programs for years and am very proficient in both. But I use them for their intended purposes. If I want to do intricate photo adjustments, I use photoshop. If I’m mocking up a website or create all purpose web assets, I use Fireworks.

I’ve tried doing the latter in Photoshop and from a UI perspective its a total disaster. The changes being made to try and force Photoshop to also be Fireworks have not been working in terms of creating a productive workflow.

Fireworks allows for extremely fast and efficient creating of web prototypes. Not just exporting, but the act of creation works much faster in Fireworks than in Photoshop.

Can Adobe please save Adobe Fireworks or sell it to the web design community so we have a tool that continues to work for design prior to web development? Sincerely, Ed Olens (a fan of both programs that uses the right tool for the job).

    Firework CS6 is still usable. You don’t have to ditch it just because Adobe is no longer supporting. I’m still using Fireworks and Photoshop without any slowdown to my work flow.

    I do wish they would continue Fireworks because there is nothing like it and its meant for web more than PS.

update to 14.1 was instant and painless. well done, Adobe.

    Thanks for the report Vincent! Enjoy!

    Great. Glad to hear.

For anyone who doesn’t remember if you have Creative Cloud you still have access to Fireworks CS6 so I recommend downloading that Application (as well as other things that will not have a CC version like Encore CS6 etc.)

Also I think this is a fairly decent improvement in terms of workflow. I’m not really concerned that it is a “ripoff” as I could point out very quickly how many people have “borrowed” features from Adobe products or Adobe standards such as Apple.

As for Apeture, Apeture can’t hold a candle to Lightroom let alone Photoshop. Photoshop is the industry standard for a reason. It is possible to use something else to produce those results, but good luck with that on your resume or explaining to your clients why you don’t use Photoshop, since anyone in a hiring chair is going to simply assume that you can’t use or can’t afford it, thus drawing the line between professional and non-professional very firmly in the sand.

Web Designers, you can still buy Fireworks CS6 as a standalone product if I’m not mistaken, I recommend doing so.

Anyone saying you “I don’t make money off of Photoshop”. That is not an Adobe issue. You don’t make money I would imagine off your car, or your XBox, blu-ray player etc. So I don’t see why you would even bring that up. It just comes off as immature. If your argument is its too much money for a “hobby”, then its not an argument for you to be making. People blow excessive money on their hobbies all the time (Warcraft anyone?).

At least as a hobby Photoshop has the potential to be lucrative.

As for features/upgrades, are we really having the conversation about minor updates considering how many of you have probably defended Apple despite this?

Many of Adobe’s recent moves mirror things Apple has done, is currently doing or plans to do, yet I’ve seen far less criticism than Adobe is taking (and I would argue Adobe does a lot more for the creative services industry than Apple does).

Many of you cry for Adobe to fall due to their “dictatorship” or “arrogance”. I doubt it would happen, but at the same time I think that this is a more emotional outcry than the result of any rational thought, given that if you eliminated all the things produced by Adobe products most of the things we all enjoy would not be around or as well produced as they are, such as most of the great block buster movies of the last decade that After Effects and Photoshop played a role in.

    Monopolies are bad.

This is a welcomed addition to my workflow, however a few things I have found immediately which hinder it’s usability is the fact that there is a character limit for layer names. Additionally, being forced to name my layers with this new convention messes with my workflow dramatically.

It would be great if we could append the asset names in between brackets, for example:
glyph – back (50% glyph-back-arrow.png, glyph-back-arrow@2x.png)

As other posters have mentioned, SVG support is crucial and the ability to rename the assets target folder.

    Oops – the message below yours was intended to be a reply :)

I understand your concerns. What you can do is use “glyph – back, 50% glyph-back-arrow.png + glyph-back-arrow@2x.png” as the layer name (comma and plus do the same thing, but this looks nicer then using only either).

For the layer name limitation, you can use groups as a work around (export both the group and its only child, the result should be the same in most cases).

    How would Groups help here? My groups have the same character limitation.

    Dennis Kehrig,

    “As a workaround for the character limit”??? Are you kidding me? At my company we would fire an engineer who designed the _Generate_ feature they way you guys have done it. It’s insanity to the point that it baffles me you guys are actually an industry “leader” with this ridiculous tool.

    There is NO technical excuse for the arbitrary character limit. There is no excuse that you force your users to pollute the names of their assets and groups to affect a file-system output. Who is the Adobe project manager that approved this and said “Good job Timmy, you’ve done well implementing this feature!”

    I’m furious that I have to keep paying for a software subscription where the features are half-baked and force me to do things the same tedious way as 10 years ago…

    Why is it so hard for you to do things right, or hire engineers who can make the right choices regarding workflow? I seriously hope a competitor comes and disrupts this space because I think Adobe needs a competent competitor to actually make an effort to implement features correctly, and not half-half-bakedly.

      To add some more constructive feedback,

      What I’m looking for is an artist usable system that lets me output assets to a number of different sizes (5-6 different sizes for devices with varying DPIs).

      I think this “Generate” feature should make manipulation of a few things very easy:

      1. It should be easy to tell it what resize filters/algorithms to use.
      2. It should be easy to tell it to rasterize the layer before the resize. Certain photoshop-blend effects or complex vector objects with curves don’t necessary scale well and their rasterized-first+resized-second versions look better for low-DPI outputs.
      3. The generate tagging name shouldn’t interfere with the name in the project workflow. I shouldn’t have to look at file extensions as part of my layer name when I’m working in photoshop! This is insanity.
      4. The generate tagging should be somewhat easier to do through a more hand-holding UI. I shouldn’t have to worry about if I’m missing a comma here and there. This isn’t X-code or visual studio….

This razzle dazzle Photoshop talk sounds more like “coding” than image manipulation. If you want to talk about Photoshop I’ll be in my cave with my camera and version CS5.

Updated photoshop cc which failed, now will not open, help please.

    Hi Alan, what error did you get? I would try uninstalling the application and reinstalling.

I did a couple tests on auto-generate and it worked pretty well. But ran into a weird problem when saving out a “retina” version of a vector smart object. I expected it to render a clean 200% version since the object is scaleable but that didn’t happen. It gave me a slightly fuzzy larger version. Will it do the same thing with photos if the resolution is not there to support 200%?

    We’re working on better support for smart objects! Note that we may not be able to deliver when certain plugins are involved since we generate the pixmaps in a background thread and those plugins may not thread safe. But otherwise… we’re working on it!

Happy to see this implemented in PS!

    Excellent. Glad you’re digging the new stuff.

      Looks nice, but not as convenient as Slicy for Mac (in the part of naming the layers). Much more type work to name each layer. I would prefer to have default settings like create 2x and 1x images (100% and 50%) by default when naming layer_name@2x.png

      Also I have the same quality setting for the most of layers so it also can be done by default settings and if necessary I can explicitly set it via naming particular layer.

        We thought about doing that, but the issue is that it’s not clear wether people are working at the 1X or the 2X resolution. If it’s the 1X resolution, foo.png would be at 100% and foo@2x.png would be at 200%, while otherwise foo.png would at 50% and foo@2x.png would be at 100%. With the syntax we chose, you get to decide, but it’s definitely more typing work, I agree.

ERROR CODE: (U44M1P6) Photoshop CC update through CC Aplication updater

3A.M. 10. Sept. 2013 pinned down the adobe exchange panel as the problematic issue, apparently.
NOW WHAT do I do. Re download? Please email me.

    Hi Kathy,

    We should probably get your log files. Did you work with support on this? Case #? Do you mind if I, or someone on my team, contacts you directly?

Generator is WAY more than a web assets export utility…
It is just the tip of the iceberg, as Generator is a third way to control Photoshop via scripting.
One can learn how to program a generator script from Tom Krcha’s site:

*Please* can we have this in Illustrator as well?

Has anyone found a way to set a maximum crop size without scaling?

For example: I have a 12x16px icon that I want PS to export as a 16x16px image. I’ve tried a variety of methods but haven’t managed to find one that works yet.

Thanks guys!

– – – –

Dear Adobe,

The recent updates PS CC has received have been great. I’m starting to believe in you again!

    I am also looking for a way to prevent trimming /cropping. I need all the defined output images to be in full resolution of the document.
    Adobe, is there a way to achieve that?

      To output an uncropped image add a layer mask to the layer.
      Awesome for aligned game assets

Also, Photoshop seems to be ignoring any blend modes applied, any one else have this issue?

I still can’t get this update to show up for me. I have quit and re-launched the cc app several times, logged out and logged back in, even restarted my entire system several times, and still no luck! Any idea how to get this to show up for me? I’ve been waiting for this feature since the initial CC announcement and I really want to get this up and running!

    It finally showed up for me!

That’s really a nice feature.
But how can I get a transparent png 24?

And YES, Illustrator needs that too (I largely prefer to do webdesign with it over Photoshop).

    foo.png or foo.png32 would by default create a PNG with RGBA colors (24-bit for the colors, 8-bit for transparency). To NOT use transparency, use foo.png24.

    If you mean transparency outside of the smallest rectangle containing all visible pixels… we’re working on allowing that by setting a layer mask. Can’t promise anything for the next release, though (I spare you the gory technical details).

No updates available. Sucks to be me. I seem to be the last to get rollouts of these updates. It is more then frustrating.

    Did you quit and restart the Creative Cloud application?

This is pretty exciting.

I’ve been using it on some web graphics where I usually crop the graphic and export as a jpeg. But, I’m finding that the quality of the export is much worse with the Generator auto-export compared to to manually exporting with ‘Save-for-web’.

Using ‘Save-for-web’ at Quality: 45 gives an acceptable image, file size 62k.
Using Generator at 45% quality (layer name: image.jpg45%) winds up 38k, but the quality/compression I see in the resulting image is comparable to exporting using Quality: 20 from ‘Save-from-web’.

It would be nice if the quality percentage named in the Generator would sync up with the quality used for ‘Save-for-web’. Does anyone know why this doesn’t match?

Also, I ran into a problem were a smart layer was masked, but it ignored the mask when using generator. the layer exported with Generator was a folder.

how can i download this Photoshop to my laptop acer aspire 2930?

    What OS are you running? CC requires Win 7 or Win 8?

Thanks for screwing up my work space! The #$%^$@ scroll no longer works and it is key to how I work!

Further, I had to (again!) reset preferences so far as General and Interface (so far! I haven’t checked them all. At least you left my named work space alone this time!). This happens every upgrade. LEAVE THIS STUFF ALONE!! YOU DON’T MESS WITH OTHER SETTINGS, WHY THESE TWO?

Each “Upgrade/update” makes my work harder to do, not easier.

I’m not looking forward to the next session.

At all.

BTW, I did check the scroll wheel. It works correctly outside PS.


    What OS/version are you running? I’d like to look into the scrolling issue.

Have updated to latest version of PS CC and no sign of generator under file menu – do I need to do something else?

    Can you post your system info? Choose Help>System Info… and post the first two lines shown in the dialog.

Wuold be super nice to have such a feature in Adobe Illustrator.

Other than size and jpg quality, is there an extended list of the generator syntax for specifying dithering, transparency of PNGs and other features of the “save for the web” panel?

I get this blog post instead of details about update 14.1 via the link on the App Manager and via the Forums link. Really annoying not to have that information available.

    Hi BJ, This blog post is the correct link and includes all the details about the 14.1 update.

I would love to see the export naming/settings convention a little more consistent and intuitive.

file.jpg10, file.png8, file.jpg 100%

This seems a little confusing. Is that a 10bit jpeg? Or a PNG with the quality of 8??? Oh that’s 100% quality on that jpeg…

To be honest, I would love to see a settings panel or something to set this stuff up. Maybe something akin to smart filters and the way you can turn it on for a layer and then set it up.

This is a great feature and I’m excited about it. But it feels unnecessarily confusing and inconsistent with the rest of the UI.

Jeffery, it is an issue concerning resetting all the General and Interface settings. The scroll box was unchecked and i missed it when I went to reset the rest of the stuff. It works now.

I notice a quick new upgrade yesterday, and my General ans Interface remained as I set them on 9/10.

I don’t know what other things need resetting. I suspect my hotkeys have reverted to default as well, but I haven’t checked them.

Many settings changes are made as I use the program over a period of time and many are used infrequently, but when I need them….

I hope that the new update, 14.1.1 is a harbinger of better attention to this issue not happening in the future.

What did 14.1.1 do? The notes accessed before installation were vague.

Has anyone run across the following message when starting PS:

There is a problem with Generator. Please quit Photoshop and try again. If the problem persists, remove any third-party plug-ins or try reinstalling Photoshop.

I have tried all of these and still get the same message.

    I have seen this between sessions if File>Generate>Image Assets was selected when no document was open.

i use PS CC 14.0 version, and i wont to update 14.1 so how can i update. and i wont to use adobe new feature Adobe Generator plugin. how i install this script from this link.[] i try many but i didnt understand how i did this. help me out.

I have a quick question can i open my cs6 files on cc? . I’m not sure if I’m in a right section for this

For god, do that script work also on Illustrator!

    Does God use illustrator then too? So was he using V1 to create the world then? I guess that’s why man evolved as he got his upgrade to V2 and V3.

    Imagine what he could have done with Creative Cloud then?

Generator etc. are the type of changes Adobe should be making for their web designer user base so I’m happy to see that happening. I designed my first website in Photoshop 4.0 and I still design them in Photoshop CC today. I honestly think that the move to Creative Cloud was a good one as well.

But I have a word of warning as well for Adobe as well. As the next generation of web designers become frontend designers who code – creating drop shadows, using icon fonts and clipping photos in CSS. In fact thanks to .svg etc. Illustrator may start to be the primary web designer tool over Photoshop. And as you can’t fold in Ai features into Ps like you did Fireworks, you may be at risk of losing the professional web designer user base. I don’t know how large that user base is so maybe it’s not a real concern for ADBE.

There is a lot of design time wasted in Photoshop because it is really for PHOTO-retouching. For example creating tabular-heavy interfaces (i.e. is still painful. Just so. many. layers. Or perhaps you won’t really do web layouts or states in Photoshop – it will just be those super-long UI .psd’s with all the buttons, states, models, menus etc. At that point it’s just easier to make design adjustments in the code. And even if you can’t think creatively in code you use a visual editor like or create a interactive prototype in it a lot less time that using Photoshop – then throwing it away. A big reason websites or apps don’t look they way they original Ps document does is because .psds are just to time-consuming to update.

Especially with the growth of responsive web design, pixel-by-pixel design in Ps for all different devices etc. bloats design budgets very quickly. It’s just too time consuming to create something with hundreds of layers that just has to be re-created in CSS/SaaS/LESS etc.

I probably will stop using Photoshop for any web design soon because it takes just about as much time to do it in code – that you can actually use. I really thought when you bought Macromedia you were all set. You have had a lock on the web design industry but, as noted by the comments, there are other upstarts that are filling needs that your web user base wants (kind of like what you did to Quark with InDesign).

Sincerely thanks for the 15+ years Adobe Photoshop! We had some good times.


P.S. I hope that new usage data you are collecting with Creative Cloud allows you to see which features in your software are actually being used vs. what is just feature bloat/theft motivated by $.

Is there a way to force Generator to regenerate new files after altering the layer? Seems like it lags behind, I often have to close the file and re-open it for it to run through all the folder names and make new .pngs. Is there a command to force it to re-scan the file and recreate the output files?

Hi, I liked your plugin, but here is the problem in quality after export. Generator reduces chromaticity, color becomes blend. Losing true colors is not good. What should I do to solve that?

    Make sure your source file is converted to the sRGB color profile.

It would be really useful to add a custom path where all generator files could go to. That way I have one place where all my Photoshop files .png’s can be auto updated. Thank You.

    For me, that would cause chaos when working on multiple clients files. I’m happy with he way it is now.

Dear Adobe,
Please add pages and master pages to photoshop!!!! You can copy this feature from InDesign or Fireworks. But please do something!!!!!

So, I think there’s two great use cases for Generator:
1. Exporting image assets – for web developers
2. Exporting top-level groups of different page views – for UI and UX designers

#1 works well, but #2 doesn’t — Generator is exporting images that extend beyond the canvas. Is there a quick fix? Modifying dozens of top-level groups so that everything’s precisely within canvas bounds is tedious.

    Was there any fixes/workarounds to exports of layer/not respecting the actual document/canvas size?
    For now Im having to apply a layer mask, to force cropping to document size on export, (without loosing additional image data I wish to still keep in my PSD assets)

can i open my files on CS6 cc?

For anyone who likes the *idea* of Generator but wants more control over things like canvas size and supporting multiple states per object, check out PNG Express ( ). Fantastic product with a big 2.0 update coming soon (I’m on the beta), and includes some great auto-documentation features as well. I wish Adobe would buy it rather than trying to start from scratch with Generator

I got the error “There is a problem with Generator. Please quit Photoshop and try again. If the problem persists, remove any third-party plug-ins or try reinstalling Photoshop.” while in the middle of a Photoshop session. I am not trying to use generator now.

I rarely need the generator functionality and I prefer to not have than have it misbehave.

Is there a way to turn it off? Photoshop crashed about 2 minutes after giving me that warning.


    Hi Sherry, Are you on Mac or Win? Did you submit a crash log?

    You can disable it in Preferences>Plug-ins by unchecking “Enable Generator”

my png24 assets are not saving a transparent background, they all have a white background… how can I fix this?

    What syntax are you using for your layer name?

    Name your file abc.png and it’ll default to 32 which supports transparency. 24 doesn’t in generator, but does provide the option in save for web.

I downloaded the trial version because i hope this image asset thing can help me. But i want to try it first before i pay for it but it seams i only get 14.0 on the trial… why?

I don’t see “Generate” under “File.” Is there something that I need to enable to view this?

quiero bajar este programa

quiero tener este prorgrama porque es muy interesante

Is it possible to saving files without sRGB color profile?
Because now in this case we automatically get .png-s that look different in Safari and Firefox.

Ive been working on a file with quite a few layers and groups. I wanted to test generator to see if it will greatly enhance my workflow for extracting assets for my project but my end result is not as advertised. I rename a group or layer using filename.png24 and I do get a png of that element but with no transparency. I was on with support for over an hour attempting various steps to achieve the advertised results with most ending in the same white background. The only successful attempt was when I saved the file on my desktop and then created the assets. Now I cant seem to get it to work again. This is a frustrating situation for me and I hope someone can fix the issue with the generator or explain to me why the named elements are created in a new file but do not have the transparency I specify. Please help.

“its genuinely not a website layout tool but a photoeditor”, wait… what? It has so many tools that you wouldn’t ever use when editing photos, so snap out of that shortsighted remark and see that it is much more than “just” a photoeditor.

It’s been used for many years in webdesign, and has adapted the features that imageready had back in the day, so of course it’s “also” a website layout tool. Doesn’t mean it’s always best to start out in Photoshop for your webdesign but that’s another discussion. (personally I’d first do the layout using a frontend framework and add photoshop extra’s on top of those)

Hello I have booked a prepaid ps cc but unfortunately does not like me the
way it really ByVal taupe but is bright and even tools to the right letter
nefuguje I do not know when larger and azmensujem brush because the cursor
does not work, etc. We ask you to help you with that?

Still no PNG8 with translucent pixels? Back to Fireworks for me. I hate having to tell my students… “Once you create your 32bit PNG, go to the tinypng website to re-compress”. Adding a trip to a free tool from a paid tool is NEVER a good workflow. (At least not for a tool making company)

Adobe Generator seems like a late effort to catch up with the many tools that are out there to bridge the gap for web designers using Photoshop. Although my preference is to design using Photoshop and coding from scratch, the process often means that I’m sending clients mock-ups that are not fully or at least partially functional/properly displayed in a web browser. I think plugins like or are game changers.

My photoshop CC is up to date – I updated with Jan 2014 updates as well as the update for Illustrator CC ( the pencil tool and live corners .. etc) and InDesign cc – but my Photoshop CC still 14.0 and i am not able to find the generator (I know it is in General/PlugIns) but the option is not there!!

Also, it is not the only problem I am facing with Adobe CC – the Hebrew language (Right to Left) is not working also, I tried to follow the steps on Adobe Support but the things are displayed there on support screenshots are different from what i’m finding on any Adobe CC software that I have!!

This is a really cool feature. I’m new to web design so this will come in handy.

I feel like a side menu with a list of common fie formats, sizes, scaling, etc. would be faster. Something like Right Click Layer> Name > choose formats (.png .jpg .gif) > choose size > scaliing etc. etc.

Somewhat like how you would choose file formats in save for web. Just an idea…

Adjustment Layers don’t appear to have any effect on the exported files.

Also Will .bmp be supported?

    Hi Dmitri,

    I’m not able to reproduce the bug you’re reporting with adjustment layers — they appear to work properly in my testing. Can you give me a bit more detail about what type of adjustment layer you’re using and how it is positioned in the layer order relative to the asset you’re trying to generate? (e.g. Is it clipped to a group or a layer? Is it inside or outside of a group where you’re trying to generate assets? Anything else unique?)

    We’ve had bugs with adjustment layers in the past, but all the known bugs are fixed as of PS version 14.2.1. So, please also make sure you’re on the latest version of PS.

    At this time, there’s no plan to support .bmp in the asset generation feature, as it is not commonly used on the Web. Do you have a particular use case in mind?

I also have the latest updated version of photoshop cc and the generate menu button is simply not there. Has anyone come up with an explanation for this yet? Just curious.

Found a great forum that explained my problem. Evidently the adobe creative cloud manager says you are updated when you really are not because it checks in intervals. To make sure photoshop cc is updated to the latest you have to open the program, then click help, then click updates… Hope this fixes things.
The forum address:

you are forcing us to use Photoshop! Come up with a good alternative for Fireworks.

Loving this tool in PS tho was wondering if support for .ico file types will be implemented? this would be handy for times when you have a large version of a logo say 256×256 and you setup all your icon sizes to be generated. so the layer/group woiuld have a 16×16 favicon.ico to create the favicon in websites…..

Just a thought 😛 it would be awesome saves having to rename the file from png to ico

    Support for ICO is on our backlog (feature list) — I’ve made a note that there has been a user request, so that bumps the priority.

    In case you’re curious, the main reason it hasn’t been implemented yet is that we’re a bit unsure of the right user interface. there are actually lots of different “ICO” formats (for web, it’s just a renamed png or gif, but for Mac and Win, it’s a different story entirely). We’re not sure how to either a.) allow the user to specify which flavor of ICO they want, or b.) make it clear to users that only one type is supported. Moreover, for Mac and Win file formats, ICO actually allows bundling of different sizes — if we wanted to support that, it would require changing the “tagging” format entirely.

Is there a way to generate images and contain it to the document size? I don’t mean set it to save to a specific size ie. 300×250.

For example:
I want a 300×250. In the psd I have an image that hangs off and goes onto the artboard (outside the 300×250). If I generate an image from the group it includes the whole image even the content outside of the defined document size.

What I expect to happen is have an image saved out that is 300×250 but instead end up with an image that is 389×250 or something else that is not a 300×250. If I define the size in the layer name all it does is distort all the content outside of the defined document size to fit within the specified size in the layer name.

Maybe this tool isn’t intended for this purpose but it would be nice if I could save out 15 different 300×250’s that are in the same file w/o going into save for web.

    You can specify just the document bounds by using a layer mask. If you want to bounds of the document, select all on a layer, click the “Add Layer Mask” button. Then areas outside the document won’t be saved with the file.

      Thanks Jeffrey. I tried masking in as many ways as I could try and sometimes it worked and sometimes it wouldn’t! I figured it was user error but just couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong. It would be nice to be able to a single mask on a main group and have it apply to all the groups within it but I will take this. Thanks so much for the quick response.

        Applying the mask to the group will work if you export the group as a flattened asset.

What are the requirements for a layer to be converted to SVG properly? I have a PSD that contains text layers which convert OK, but a pixel layer does not convert OK. What do I have to do to convert pixel layers to SVG?


I am working on website comps and I have seen an Adobe tutorial of using the Generate Image Assets tool to save PNG’s for entire comp layers. I am trying to do that now but there seems to be an issue with certain type or symbols that is giving me an error.

The error reads:
[Mon Jul 28 2014 11:01:50 GMT-0500 (CDT)] Layer “+44 (0)1273 552 922”: Expected Either a default asset specification or a layer asset specification but “+” found.
[Mon Jul 28 2014 11:01:50 GMT-0500 (CDT)] Layer “+1 888 123 1234”: Expected Either a default asset specification or a layer asset specification but “+” found.
[Mon Jul 28 2014 11:01:50 GMT-0500 (CDT)] Layer “•Online access to up-to-date intelligence (breaking news, “: Expected end of input but “,” found.
[Mon Jul 28 2014 11:01:50 GMT-0500 (CDT)] Layer “+44 1273 552922”: Expected Either a default asset specification or a layer asset specification but “+” found.

I assumed that rasterizing the text or converting it to a shape would help, but I keep getting the same error. Any help would be great… Thanks

do u knw how to convert 326px(retina res) image into 163px (normal) using adobe genrator

Can I change how the resample is made to 200% scale? For example next to neighbor or bicubic etc.

could be like: “default 200%(bicubic) @2x, normal”

For low-fid, you should really try

This looks like an amazing feature. I was just commenting on another post that I was looking to sign up to Photoshop CC and this kind of seals it. I think the comments are helpful here for helping users with any issues they face.

Anyone that has purchased Photoshop CC already have you seen the benefit? Im currently using an older version and have been considering purchasing this. I mainly use it for web design projects.

Can I change how the resample is made to 200% scale?

The details provided in this article and the videos really help. This is an exciting new development for Adobe users. You may find it a bit tricky to operate in the beginning.




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