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Introducing Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 12

Ever wonder how you can turn your snapshots and video clips into impressive photos and home movies? Itching to showcase your most cherished memories, and share them with family and friends from wherever you are? Say hello to Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere Elements 12!

Now available for download, Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 12 are here to help you organize and edit your photos and videos to make them look their absolute best before you share them in print, online, or as keepsakes. Plus, now you can take your Elements photos and videos with you, wherever you go, on your smartphone or tablet.

What’s New in Photoshop Elements 12?
Photoshop Elements 12 gives you new options for perfecting and sharing your favorite memories with friends and family. Organize, edit, enhance, and share more quickly and easily thanks to bold icons, a helpful Action bar, and the ability to choose from Quick, Guided, or Expert editing modes so you can edit your photos the way that works best for you.

Take a look at what you can do with Photoshop Elements 12:

  • Take your photos with you wherever you go: Easily view, relive, and share your Elements photos on your smartphone and tablet. And finally—unlock the photos from your mobile device, and see them in your Elements albums back at home.
  • Share: Quickly and easily post on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and more. Share your Elements photos in Private Web albums, and view them on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Easily move objects: Move objects in a photo and have the background automatically filled in with Content Aware Move.
  • Add your personal touch in an instant: Use one-touch Frames, Effects, and Textures to add depth to your snapshots.
  • Correct pet eye: Remove green, yellow, and other “pet eye” discolorations as easily as you remove red-eye in photos of people.
  • Make it uniquely yours: Get intelligent photo corrections with Auto Smart Tone, which learns your preferences in a snap.

What’s New in Premiere Elements 12?
Premiere Elements 12 gives you all the tools you need to capture your memories in stunning works of art. Use special effects and in-app guidance to create entertaining movies that will really “wow” your family and friends!

Here’s what you can do with Premiere Elements 12:

  • Take your videos with you wherever you go: Just like in Photoshop Elements 12, you can view, relive, and share your Elements videos on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Learn as you use: Use Guided Edits to learn advanced editing techniques with built-in video tutorials. Build your moviemaking savvy in no time.
  • Get Hollywood effects and styles: Discover more FilmLooks (Comic, Trinity, Yesteryear, Cross Process) to add Hollywood effects and styles to your movies.
  • Add music to your movies: Enhance your video with over 50 musical scores. Use over 250 sound effects to add depth and drama to your movies.
  • Spotlight your subject: Add graphics, text, and effects that move with your subject with the help of Motion Tracking.
  • Share your stories: Make your debut by uploading your finished movies to Vimeo, YouTube, or your personal website. Premiere Elements 12 will optimize and format your movie for specific destinations, so your movies will always look great!

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We want to hear from you! Download Photoshop Elements 12 or Premiere Elements 12 today (or grab both with the Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 12 bundle) and tell us what you love about it.

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New products not working 1100 kroner out the window

Just bought PS elements and Premiere after waiting and waiting for the new edition.
4 hours download time. I have slow connection.
Long installation process. Big program, yeah!’
And then error upon error. Nothing works.

Never again Adobe.

    Thanks for the feedback Christian, I’ve also responded to your review.
    Would love to help you out if I could get more information on the errors you’re receiving when trying to install PSE.
    Also, are you on Mac or Win?

    Blogs or Amazon reviews aren’t the best support venue, so I’d recommend emailing me directly at petgreen [at] adobe [dot] com.


      So I have been reading a lot of the comments below as I have my own photo company and looking into different soft ware I used this in school a lot of years ago and liked what I was able to do with it but I see there about 3 possive things to like hundreds of negative. So I dont understand the big issues as I just bought a brand new system to edit my pictures and it seems like I should move onto other software as you guys are more trouble then its worth. I am looking for something user friendly and something that has back drops for sports and school portrait shots. Also something that has green screen and such what can you tell me about this new 12 version as in easy to use and remove backgrounds even if its not green screened. As well easy to edit and can find and download more back grounds and such? Thanks for any info in helping me decide if im staying with adobe or if I need to look else where.


      I downloaded Elements 12 from the App Store today and am totally stymied—- both in how to get simple operations to work, and also where to get help. (the Adobe website forums are down for maintenance–and I don’t know how long that will be for—so I am hitting a brick wall. ) I am hoping that if you can’t answer my question you can let me know where to go for help. The App Store version doesn’t include the Organizer. I figured out how to bring an image over to Elements from iPhoto, by changing the editor default in iPhoto, but can’t figure out how to save it back into my iPhoto program, which is serving as the organizer. I am beginning to wonder if I should return this version and replace it with a version that includes the organizer—- but I’m afraid the organization that I have created for my pics in iPhoto might be lost. Granted, I am new to Photoshop Elements, so it is possible I am just not understanding the process, but it seems it should be fairly simple to figure out. Help! Thank you so much!

    Hi I am really struggling with the adobe 12 – can’t get it to work – I have been trying for over a week now it worked on the trial but when I tried to add the full version – couldn’t get it to work – I have removed the lot and redownloaded it three times to no avail – I have been on the support site twice morming and evening to be told contact between 9 and 5 tried to ring after 9 got placed in a queue after pushing buttons for over 5 mins. _ Ihave used premiere 3 for years with no problems and just because I have had to change my computer, I am getting all these problems – need support and can’t get it!!!!

I would have bought Photoshop Elements 12 tonight if it had the channel mixer and more of the adjustment layers I need to use but it does not. I do photography as a hobby only and just need a handful of tools to be happy with. New features… don’t care one bit about them as I’m more interested in lower cost than things I can live without/don’t need.

    Thanks for the feedback Jason, sorry to hear it’s lacking a feature you really wanted.
    I’ll pass the feedback on to the team.

    If I had known it hadn’t got the Channel Mixer I wouldn’t have purchased Photoshop Elements 12.

I usually feel compelled to purchase the latest version of software I own and have been anxiously awaiting the release of Photoshop Elements 12 & Premiere Elements 12. After downloading and installing the 30 day trial version, I’ve learned there is not one new feature that interests me. I’d hoped for the ability to directly upload photos to Google’s Picasa from Organizer. That alone would have been sufficient for me to upgrade. One Premiere Elements feature that I do use, SmartSound, appears to no longer be integrated. Guess I’ll have to stay with Photoshop Elements 11 & Premiere Elements 11 for at least another year.

    Thanks for the feedback Don — I’ll pass the request on to the team.



I have just downloaded (and paid for) the PhotoShop Elements 12 upgrade download offer that appeared on my MAC PhotoShop 11 program. The download that arrived was the Windows version, which is totally useless on this machine. There is absolutely no way to get any assistance or response from anyone at Adobe, so if you opt to download an upgrade offer on your MAC, you’re screwed. You have been warned!

I bought PSE 12 the day it was released because I needed some of the features I had seen on a trial of version 11. But now I can’t see how to make a PSE file with multiple PDF images. This was available in PSE 9 and I have used it a number of times to create a single file to get a book printed or make a PDF document. Am I missing something or is this a backward step in release 12. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I had known this feature had been removed. Any suggestions please?

i will try it :)

Just updated to elements 12 from 11, and it says it will not work with my current Mac version. I have checked for an update and Mac says my computer is updated. ???

You’ve done it again – released software that does not work on my laptop – tells me my display driver is not compatible – all my drivers are up to date – the trial version does not work so there is no way I am going to buy the product – as usual support from Adobe is ZERO and info on forums seems to point to many others suffering the same problem – very disappointing – you still have not sorted out this problem and insist on blaming our pcs. Funny how other companies’ software works without a problem!! Disgusted

    Sorry you’re having trouble. Which video card are you using? Have you gone directly to the manufacturer’s website and downloaded the latest display driver? Updates tend to be released frequently and are worth checking into if Windows update doesn’t report a newer driver.

    If you still need help, head here for support from the team:


      I have installed, uninstalled, returned to a previous restore point, installed, checked drivers for both display cards, gone to the websites and downloaded the absolute latest versions, all to no avail. If I disable a card the screen resolution goes to approximately 640, and I can’t even see the entire interface…
      None of this happened with either 11 or 12 trial versions.
      Please provide a link to the fix, because it is on your end…

Unless I missed it, version 12 of Premiere Elements still does not support 3D editing. I’ve used Premiere Elements since version 2 (with many upgrades along the way) and was hoping to stay with Adobe to edit video from my new 3D camcorder. Unfortunately, I am going to have to switch to a competing product. I know the pro version of Premiere supports 3D but at over $200 per year for a subscription, I really don’t want to pay for my software over and over and over just to edit family videos. Hopefully I’ll be back with Adobe with version 13 of Premiere Elements if it finally supports 3D and I won’t have to pay for it more than once.

    I am in the same situation Barry. I would prefer to stay with Premier Elements, but until 3D is supported I am using a competitors product. I will also hopefully come back in release 13…

Thank you. very article.

It’s looking good – though I only bought version 11 two weeks ago :(.

Photoshop is getting better and better, and I love the ease of mobile album connection on PSE. Thank you so much!

    Thanks Midhunraj! Glad you enjoy the new features!

Pete, I have been dealing with your Customer Service regarding a free upgrade to Photoshop Elements 12 and Premier 12, since I recently purchased 11. I submitted “proof of purchase” and now they want to know the name and platform of my product. I have the bundled version of 11 that is compatible with both MAC and Windows platforms.
Yesterday I chatted with a Customer Rep who was obviously out of country. He could barely comprehend my question and there were long delays in him responding back to me. I think he was totally incompetent in his service.
He finally said that I could only have one platform, either Windows or MAC. I know that Version 12 has the programs which will run in both platforms. Obviously he was misinformed. I am still waiting for a response to my last posting on my Open Case after I provided the information that I have program CD’s that are compatible with both platforms.
Can you help? I will there was someone I could call in the US to resolve this issue. Spending hours on-line is not acceptable.

    Hi Roland,
    The disks have both Windows and Mac versions. The serial should work on both.

      Pete, sorry, I am still confused about whether I can install PSE 12 on my Mountain Lion OSX 10.9.2 AND my Win 7 pc. I have PSE 10 with lots of photos on the Win 7 pc, but I want to start using PSE 12 on my iMac. But I hoped to have the flexibility to use PSE 12 on occasion on the pc, since I am so used to it. Sort of a crutch until I feel confident on the iMac. Before I install on either platform, from my purchased DVD, could you help me know if I can do the above. I spent a long hour on your site and in the forums, and I’ve seen exact opposite answers. Thank you!

I still struggle to get the ”Open with” to function in PSE 11, opening from My pictures in Windowa 7.
When I choose “Open with” a second time the pictures show up. Can anybody help, please?
Could PSE 12 be a solution?

    Aasmund, I have the same problem with PSE 11 on my Win 7 machine but the trial version of PSE 12 on my Win 8 machine does not exhibit the problem. I can’t say if PSE 12 resolves the problem or Windows 8 resolves the problem.

    Feel free to download the Trial of PSE12 to see if it resolves it for you.

I purchased PSE 12 and am trying to install but get an Exit Code: 15 Error with a summary that reads Error: Media DB Error: 12.

It recommends trying to reinstall again but still get the same result. When I click on Customer Support it has me sign into my Adobe ID which only takes me to the Creative Cloud support area.

What causes this error and where can I get real help?


    Hi Rob,

    Try rebooting. Otherwise, you can try either a different disk drive, or you can download the installation files (download the trial) and use the serial number to register once installed:


I have Elements 9 and now have a Nikon D800. The old Elements will not read the D800 RAW files.
There is a lot on the web about problems with Elements generally and D800 RAW.
I have three questions:
1) Can I download a 12update for the 9 elements version or do I have to start from scratch?
2) Does 12 have a licence that covers my use of the same programme on my MacBook and the iMac?
3) Will 12 handle the D800 RAW files?

I use a MacBook Pro and an iMac, both with the latest OS.

Thank you.

    Hi Paul,

    First, if you’re happy with PSE 9, you can use the free Adobe DNG Converter to provide D800 compatibility for older versions of our products including Elements 9:

    1) You can purchase an upgrade from Elements 9 to Elements 12 if you choose
    2) Any license provides two activations that allow you to run Elements on two of your personal computers.
    3) Yes.

I too looking forward to using my recently purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 12.
My laptop is 6 months old with Windows 8 and HP tell me all drivers up to date (latest available)

Problem –
Every time I attempt to open my Premiere PSE 12 I get
“ADOBE PREMIERE ELEMENTS” We have detected an incompatible display driver. To get a better and faster playback performance, please update your display.
Where do I go from here????

Yesterday, I tried to place an order online to upgrade to versions 12, but got an error message when I hit PURCHASE which said my order did not go through.

I then called Adobe on the phone and successfully placed the order.

However, when I went to my Adobe account ( I saw both the phone and online orders are there.

The first, online order CO129950572 needs to be cancelled.

I called Customer Service but the voice who barely spoke English could not immediately help me … something about elevating this to a higher authority. He gave me a Case No of 211646937.

I only want one order.

I got emails about the phone order and successfully downloaded the two upgrades last night – but I want the charge for the first (online order CO129950572) to go away.

Hi Pete,
I have Elements 10 and am considering upgrading to Elements 12.I have a few queries. (Windows 7).
1. I have a Windows Desktop and a Laptop. Will one update apply to both computers ie will I just pay one price for the two.
2. Whether I buy the update or buy a new version can I only do this online or can I buy a disc?
3.Will the Camera Raw deal with NRW files? At present I have to use the DNG converter which is an extra step.
4. What are the Camera Raw changes from Elements 10?


make it faster. I have 11 and it’s slow to load slow to view pics delete edit. super slow. my pc is i7 and ssd . we all have a thousands of pics and videos. we need software that can handle this quickly.

I just installed Elements 12. The opening window opens and seems to work properly (eg I can watch the tutorials) but I can’t launch either the Organizer or the Photo Editor.

Adobe photoshop elements 12 freezes and crashes constantly. It scrolls with uncontrolled speed through images, freezes when you try to look at them one at a time. I have a brand new Mac computer, there are no excuses for the problems I’m having with this software. It was a waste of money.

I bought PSE 12 from Costco. Keep getting error 1935 during install. I follow the troubleshooting directions but no help. Called Adobe support. They say the problem is with Microsoft. The box shows capability with windows 8. I was told to install .net framework 4 from Microsoft to solve the problem.. Microsoft download says that it already included in the OS so it can not be installed again. Is PSE 12 compatible with Win 8 or not?

    I’m running it on Win 8.1 with no problems.

I just purchased PSE 12. In Lightroom 5, can set up an Edit in Photoshop Elements.

When I try to edit a .dng or .cr2 raw image in PSE from Lr5, the first dialog I get asks if I want to edit a copy with Lr adjustments. Then PSE opens but no file(s) are loaded.

If I open the file directly from PSE 12, it will open (with Lr5 adjustments)… but that’s not the point.

Any ideas on getting the Lightroom 5 –> PSE 12 workflow to operate properly?


Adobe did it again:
Why do you sell people products you know to be outdated?
I bought Elements 11 suite on August 14th and the next month you release version 12!
And now you expect me to buy a new update???
No way!

Well I this its alright. Well I cant say anything bad, but that’s probably because I didn’t the 11th.

I just downloaded the trial version. Where is the clone feature? If this program does not offer a clone feature, please tell me which one will.

Hi I am really struggling with Adobe Premiere Elements 12 – I used the trial reasonably well, but when I changed to the full version things started going wrong – I removed it off my computer 3 times and redownloaded it, but I can’t get it to work – I have used Premiere 3 for years with no problems and if my old computer hadn’t died I would still be using it,I upload from a Sony mini dv camcorder through a firwire, I hope I don’t have to change my camcorder too. I can see the upload through the little screen at the front – but it won’t go to my timeline or save – I have contacted support twice to be told try again later when more technical people are there – I have been struggling for over a week now – getting nowhere – need help

I am currently running Elements 8 and am looking to upgrade to the new version (Elements 12). At the same time I would like to edit some of the videos that I have taken and make AV presentations using my photos so I thought that I would go for the combined Elements 12/Premiere 12 package. As I only have a previous version of Elements but not Premiere can I purchase the combined upgrade package or do I have to start with a fresh install?

I updated from element 9 to element 12. I have tried to convert the catalog but no catalog is available to convert. HELP how to I find and then convert the catalog.

    Thought I would get some help with my issue.

I just purchased Photoshop elements 12 for my new laptop. I was previously using 11 without any difficulties. Now with my new Ideapad complete with windows 8, 1T hard drive, 6 gb ram, and fancier graphics card the product is sooo very slow ehn nothing else on the computer is. Is there anything that can be done? I am very disappointed.

I’ve just purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 12 Bundle Edition and I’m getting the following error message:

DirectX/Directplay could not be intialized. Please be sure that it is installed on your system.

I’m running Windows 8.1, so I assume it’s already installed?

any supprt suggestion would be appreciated.

    Directplay error under windows 8.1 simply solved.

    Go in windows te programms >> programmas and features >> setup windows ore somthing like that…..

    enable here windows directplay. Mostly this is off.

    Suddenly the organiser works…… Great.

After installing Premiere Elements 12 for Windows I tried starting the program. I received the ” … incompatible display driver … ” error. I have now updated the video and display drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled Premiere and still have the same problem. My system is a ASRock M3A785GMH/128M mother board with a AMD Phenom II X4 B50 (Deneb) cpu, with 8 gigs of memory. The video is on board and is ATI Radeon HD4200 (RS880). It has 368 MBytes of dedicated memory and has access to 3 gig shared memory. It’s driver is 8.631.0.0. What do I now have to do to get Premiere to work?

    I’m wondering if you ever resolved this problem. I have just installed the trial version of Premiere Elements 12 and I’m getting the same error message. I’ve got the latest version of the display driver installed. I tried deleting the badtext file (recommended somewhere else) and no luck. I’ve tried contacting Adobe, but their tech support people will not help me with a trial version. I’m not sure of the logic here, since I’m obviously not going to purchase something that I can’t get to work … so they are basically losing a sale by refusing to help me.
    Did you get it to work somehow … and if so, how???

Installed premiere 12 and it says, I have an incompatible display driver.
But it ist the newest that I can get from HP.
I cannot use the program! Premiere 11 was running. Elements 12 is running!
lightroom 5 is running.

I love the fact that I can share my pictures across various social media; that I can move objects with ease; that I can add great depth to them; that I can carry my photos and videos with me wherever I go.

I’m currently trialling the free version of Elements 12 on a Mac. At the end of the thirty days do I have to buy direct from Adobe or can I download from Amazon who are about £20 cheaper than Adobe or will there be problems?


    You can buy from Amazon and just enter the serial # to activate.

I purchased Elements-11 with Premier 11 several months ago at Best Buy for my office PC. I’ve recently purchased a new MacbookPro without an optical disc drive. Is it possible to download and install both these programs from your website, Or do I have to pay an upgrade fee now that version 12 is released? Thank you.

    Hey you can get a external drive so you can add the programs by the cd and they are cheap as I picked up a blu ray one for $40. Plays recorded and burns eeverything as well as plays it can also do 3d so theres alot it can do for a great price. As well it not a no name it Panasonic and they make great products.

I purchased Adobe Elements 12 and Premiere 12 at Adobes website on the Internet for a special that is on. I signed in with my adobe id, and downloaded the bundle, I received a email with the links and serial numbers for the programs.

I installed both programs as listed on the email instructions, when I open the software for use, it asks me to validate the serial number, when I sign in with my adobe id, there message says, please connect to the Internet to validate!. This can’t be, because my Internet works fine. I work with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Please help, the software says I only have 6 days left to validate.

Question on licensing, can I uninstall Premier Elements from one machine and then license it on another? I know I can use it on two machines but will the license transfer from one to another machine if I get new computers?


I just purchased Elements12 in trying to download I am being informed my order could take up to 24 hours to process, I have never had to wait before , any ideas.

I bought Elements 12 recently and though the camera raw plug-in says it can convert .RAF files, it doesn’t. While I’ve moved on to another camera since these .RAF files were shot, I still have a lot of images in that format. What’s the solution?

    Is it a newer camera? Choose Help>Updates from Elements to install the latest version of Camera Raw for Elements 12.

I have never been as disappointed with a product as I have been with Adobe PS Elements 12. I will not be purchasing their products again. They don’t work properly and support is abysmal at best. I loaded the program from dvd and it still loads the trial version – -repeatedly. This is not good. So that was $120 wasted. MY MISTAKE.

    I’ll have someone contact you and get you up and running.

I’ve purchased Premiere Elements 12 to finalise a video project I worked on using the trial version. When I open it, it still has the “created with Adobe Elements trial version” statement across the video. How do I remove this?

Photoshop elements 12 works fine for me but all I get when I try to open premiere elements 12 is a box that says my display driver needs to be updated..when I try to update my drivers they say they are up to date. so this was a waste of my money. My laptop is only a year old and already programs will not work because they claim my drivers need updating..unbelievable.

    What card do you have? Did you go directly to the card manufacturer’s website? Just using Microsoft Update won’t get the latest and greatest.

Am planning to expand my photography business to include videography, and purchased the PSE 12 and Premiere Elements 12 package enhance my photo editng and to edit the videos. Unfortunately, Premiere Elements 12 will not open consistently; I get a blinking window where the shortcut is and the loading icon turns on and off indeterminately. Sometimes, if I “end task” in Task Manager and “run as administrator”, it works, but only sometimes. I have attempted to uninstall and reinstall 3 times, each time re-registering with Adobe. It seems to me the the 7-day lock up thing is happening over and over again, even though I register. PSE 12 works fine, and so I’m confused why one program works and the other doesn’t. When I got Premiere to work the first time, I edited a video of my niece’s Christmas Program as practice for pro work, but now I can’t get to it. PLEASE HELP!


I’m just getting used to adobe elements 12. I’ve been trying to get background portions of my home videos that are not relevant, to blur.

I manage to do it in the preparation stage but as soon as I render the completed project to save to my computer, the blurred portions turn up on the completed video in the wrong place, blurring out those portions that I DO want to keep.

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?


I bought PSE 12 and its a disaster. Photo Editor is not working. I wish I hadnt bought it. Never again!!

Well I read some of the reviews and now I am more confused. When I loaded the software I don’t know what I am supposed to do as I see there are two software versions and I guess one is only good for a few weeks, WHY? I want to keep a better record of the 3,000 plus pictures I have on my computer and I just want one program not two. Please tell me what to do and how to set this up so I only ve one program which will help me catalog, make different sets of still photos and possibly change the look of some of the photos

George Yohanek
1988 Glendower Cove
Cordova TN 38016

I purchased bundle Elements 12 and Premiere. I don’t understand why I need both. I’ve gone through the motions with both of them and they each appear to hold the identical photos. What’s more they have taken up too much space on my C: drive. I’m finding both to be complicated. I don’t want to ‘edit’ photos, I want a simple system where I can store and label my photos and videos. Maybe I’ll get creative at some stage when I’ve had some lessons on your product.

Can I delete Photoshop Elements 12 and go just with Premiere?

PSE12 Cannot get Organizer to work because it cannot initialize DirectX/DirectPlay.

How do I solve this problem? I am using Windows 8.1

This is my first time using this type of software and I am surprised to find it is completely un-user friendly. Honestly, just trying to do what I can simply do in Publisher but on a photo. I have spent hours and hours and hours trying to decipher how to do simple thinks like change a color from blue to yellow and still can’t get it done. Nothing works and there are no simple instructions to guide me. Very disappointed that it is so complicated. I bought this to help with a fundraiser I need to do and I just wasted money on this instead of generating donations to help us.

It appears Elements 11 was a lot more user-friendly for someone who is not a software expert and wants to do simple photo editing.

PSE12 I cannot get organizer to work, get message Directx/Directplay cannot initialize. I am using windows 8.1

I have tried three times to install my upgrade from 11 to Elements 12. First error message and rollback was due to some sharing issue. Followed the prompts and reinstalled. Second error message says a 1311 error and corrupt file…
I cannot get through to anybody on the provided live chat support. It is so frustrating… how can a company of Adobe’s size have the nerve to release a product with so many flaws and incompatibility issues?
Somebody, anybody please help me!!

    Hi Darren,

    Try downloading the trial installer and see if that has better luck with the installation on your machine.

    If not — try creating a new administrative user account and installing using that user.


I have paid for download of Premiere Elements 12 on current Windows PC. I understood I could use it on 2 computers. I also want to use it on my Mac. I downloaded the trial Prem Elements on the mac & tried to activate with my serial number for Windows version & it would not accept that serial number. I need it on both computers & paid good money for it. Help please. I also pay monthly subscriptions to Creative Cloud so am already giving Adobe lots of $s but Premiere elements not part of CC. Please help me register my Premiere Elements on Mac as well as PC.

    Hi Jan,

    The serial number for the PRE Windows installation will only work to register within Windows.
    You can install on 2 computers that are using Windows, but the serial will not work for Mac installations, that would be a separate license purchase.


Is there a disc for Adobe Photoshop Elements 12?
It seems that my yahoo for cell does not work. My opinion for/of yahoo, is not printable!!!!!!!!
I down loaded it to yahoo, CHROME and PC work with yahoo.
It is possible that I did make a mistake in ordering Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, as my Adobe experience has been with PHOTO SHOP ELEMENTS. The caveman edition!
Due to death of my PC, I could no longer reload it. It kept saying that I had to have Explorer/Windows 4 or higher.
I had been using Windows 7 with it, but the rebuilt PC does not recognize it. It was my favorite tool!!
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
David Scott

    Hi David,

    Yup — You can download the installer for Photoshop Elements 12 here — It says it’s the trial, but during installation you’ll have the option to input the serial number for registration purposes.

I tried Premiere Elements 12. It’s good that one can use more than 25 menu markers for making a DVD, but PE12 fails in more basic a feature – one cannot change the style of a title after the 1st or 2nd titles style was changed. Sometimes it helps if I close the program and reopen it, but it makes it unusable. I might go back to PE10 or find another software to work with.

Wondering before I purchase does Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Adobe Premiere Elements 12 have the capability to add your own music? It does say it has a number of music scores in the program but I am making a graduation video and want to add specific music to it…. thank you,

    Hi Barb,

    Yes, Premiere Elements 12 lets you add your own audio clip for use with your projects, and they can also be burned to a DVD/BlueRay.


Oh and can it be burned to DVD?

I have elements 12 and when opening RAW images from my Canon T5i, generally it will open them. After a few though, I get an error, that it a ‘program error’. After that it no longer opens them, just the error appears. I have read that opening them in the Camera Raw window and saving them creates a .dng file. This could help. The same thing occurs. I am using Windows. Vista, had elements 6 prior to this and had no problem like this. Thanks

    HI Eric,

    Are the files being opened off of the card? or have they been imported already to the computer?
    If you restart Elements does it allow you to further open your RAW files?


I need to chat about my new purchase of elements 12 and can’t find where to do it on your website. Every time I try to share I get a message that requires a code. It also says the code will be e-mailed to me but the mail never comes. I have not been able to make elements 11 or 12 properly and I need some serious help.

Please respond because I am at a point where I guess I will just give up on elements. I have been a loyal customer of photoshop ever since elements 6 and everything worked flawlessly through elements 10. Once I upgraded to 11 and then 12 I can’t use it properly. I have been told by an Adobe tec representative the problem is with the interaction of Outlook and AOL. I just can’t get anyone to help me. Microsoft is useless and I need help. PLEASE! Tom Johnson

Hi Thomas,

Where are you trying to share to? and What code is it asking for you to provide?

Have you tried posting this question to our Elements forums?:


please let me know when you are about to release a product that works I tried so far
Acrobat 9 what is it about the black screed?? I tried fireworks what does it do I still am clueless I used many versions up to CS6 cannot use them you don’t provide linking or sites that can work with this product I tried Photoshop CS6 likewise I think it does no work why not a file system support network something???

I tried Dreamweaver … also I am disappointed cannot see the beginning cannot see the ending cannot see any support to adobe, acrobat or any other working tools … what is it could you create a new site something like to explain how this stuff starts stops or whatever … been working with this stuff a long time and nothing but disappointment what is about cloud why not a free version for people who would like to see 10 percent of the path you hurt more than help any professionals on your team??

I have adobe elements 9 and now have adobe 12
Can I keep both 9 and 12, or is there a problem keeping them both

    Hi Mary,

    Yes, you can have both installed. You don’t NEED to have them both installed, but they shouldn’t cause any trouble for each other if you do decide to keep them both installed. It’s your choice!

For the past month, I’ve been using Photoshop Elements (upgraded from PSE6). Today, I installed a new copy of Premier Elements 11 that I had purchased, but when I attempt to open movies in PSE12 Organizer using Premier Elements, I’m told I need to install the trial version of Premier 12.

Is there a way to use my PSE 12 catalog with my just-installed copy of Premier Elements?

Thank you,

    Hi PGMac,

    The different versions of Elements Organizers and Editors are not coded to communicate with each other while editing. They’re setup to work with the version of Editors that correspond to the version of Organizer.

    You can use the E12 Organizer to work with your files in E12, but to work with the video files in PRE11, you will want to import the footage directly into PRE11 rather than going through via the E12 Organizer.

    Hope this helps,

Bought elements 12 licence download card for windows 8.1 and have messed up by deleting part of program, as now have no start icon? How can I reinstall? Can’t find any support contacts apart from this one.

My husband and I bought PSE 12 yesterday. Installed in a few minutes, and we always thought we had a slow connection, so no complaints there. Then big problems. How do I CREATE an Adobe ID? Is it my email address and a password? And why no message that the ID has been created or rejected? The ID is necessary to register the PSE 12.
Next problem is to REGISTER the PSE 12? And do I have to ACTIVATE it? How dfo I register?
Thank you.
Jopie Bosman

    Hi Jopie,

    Adobe login is currently offline, impacting access to Adobe services. We apologize for the disruption. We have identified the cause and are working to restore the service as quickly as possible. We will share updates on Twitter at @AdobeCare.

    This is likely the reason why you’ve having trouble getting an Adobe ID created to register and activate the installation. When login services are restored you will be able to create the new account.

    In the meantime, you should be able to use Photoshop Elements as a trial.
    Apology for the trouble.

Photoshop 12 (Mac) crashes as soon as I try to put text on the image. WTF?

HI Gerald,

Does this happen with all Fonts? There may be a corrupt or duplicate font that could be the cause of the crashes. Try the suggestions in this article to troubleshoot fonts:

Another solution you could try to resolve the crashes are to reset the preferences. Steps can be found here:


I purchased the DVD of Photoshop Elements 12 as I have a new laptop, but it will not load. I get Error 1935 and then it uninstalls. I tried the troubleshoot workaround described on the website, but when I go to the files within Program Files and Adobe to delete the two suggested files, they aren’t even there. Which of course why would they be, as I have been unable to install the software. I’ve tried all of this about 6 times now with no result. I’m getting disgusted with this, and I feel like I really wasted my money. I’m tempted to just use Gimp!
Can you help?

I have a IMAC OSX VERSION 10.9.3. On 05/02/14 I purchased both Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12. I have a problem with the Premiere Elements Editor, when I render my project all of the files FLICKER and loose FOCUS. After numerous attempts I have not been able to correct this problem or talk to an ADOBE TECHNICIAN.

I purchased Photoshop Elements 12 with the Premier bundle in April. I am trying to open an image from iPhoto to the editor. Will not allow me to open RAW image. Says not supported. I have a Canon Rebel EOS Xsi 450D. It states that I only need plug in version 4, and Elements 12 has 8.4 version. So in trouble shooting through the site I uninstalled. How do I re-install. Purchased online. And why wouldn’t it open in the first place? I have Mac OS10.9.3 so very frustrated at this point.

Have had photoshop elements 12 since Christmas 2013 gift. Still can not email or open my edited pictures nice to be able to change your photos but trying to share them is impossible! Unless of course you want to purchase them from SHUTTERFLY! Customer Service? Adobe has no clue!

It would be nice to register v12 as PS12 claims I don’t have internet,

I am a photographer and rely heavily on Photoshop elements for all my organizing/editing needs. I am currently using Photoshop Elements 12 but HATE that the date organizer has been removed!!! I relied heavily on that feature and used it frequently. I know the ‘Events’ tab can be used as an alternative but it requires sorting and tagging from me to be effective. I miss being able to scroll through my calendar to see at a glance when I took photos. This is such a problem for me that I’ve considered reverting back to an earlier version of Elements but don’t want to sacrifice some of the newer features. Please, please, please bring it back!!!!

I purchased Photoshop Elements 12 last weekend and cannot figure out how to access the many albums I have in Photoshop Elements 9, which I’ve had for years. Please help!

I downloaded Adobe Premier Elements 12 onto my iMac with Maverics, and it has never worked. It freezes immediatley after adding a video, or shortly thereafter, or the timeline freezed at the left end, or the images disappear of the timeline, etc…. Very, V ery disappointed with Adobe on this one.

I have had ELEMENTS 12 since December 13 and STILL CAN NOT email pictures! Seems how all ADOBE wants is to SELL me more programs to be able to EASILY SHARE MY PERSONEL PHOTOS WITH FRIENDS and FAMILY! Which is the way ELEMENTS 12 is advertised! Talk about a FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! If I PURCHASE ANOTHER PRGRAM from FLICKER for 40 a year or PURCHASE my own personnel pictures through SHUTTERFLY I then can SUPPOSEDLY EASILY share my photos! WHAT A FARSE!! REALLY ADOBE? I should just be able to COPY and PASTE MY PHOTOS TO MY EMAIL! So why can’t I? NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO FRUSTRATED!!!

    Do you get an error when trying to send an email or does the person you are sending to simply not get the email. What we generally see is that the emails are spam filtered by email service providers. So even if your recipients won’t even see the email in their spam filter, they have to contact the service provider to get the email.

    Also, you CAN copy and paste your images from Photoshop Elements to your email, if you prefer that method. Or simply drag and drop.

I bought Photoshop Elements 12. It will not install on my new computer. I’ve been trying all week. I’ve talked to personnel at the store where I purchased the software. I talk to tech people from the manufacturer of my new computer. Everyone tells me to contact Adobe. Easier said than done. I am unable to find help on I was able to talk to an Adobe tech person today on the phone. He told me it would cost me $39.00 to have him install the program on my computer over the phone. What a farce. I have a program that does absolutely nothing, it won’t even load, and Adobe wants another $ 39.00 to fix the problem.

Hi I have been having issue installing and running this software. Everytime I go into the Premiere 12 it keeps telling me to insert a disk, there is no disk, I downloaded from the Adobe site. How can I get this resolved. I have had several issues with downloading at first with the 64 bit issue as I have Win 8.1. Any help would be appreciated as I can’t find an answer to this issue.

Since downloading Elements 12 on my new windows laptop, worked for about a week then consistently crashes upon opening, saying windows is looking for a solution. Works fine on my desktop, but won’t work on my laptop.

When I edit my photos in Elements 12 it replaces the picture with an icon in my PC folder. If I click on the icon it tells me that Windows viewer doesn’t support it. If I open up the editor or the organiser the photo is clearly displayed. How can I replace the icon with my edited picture?

I would be happy to buy Elements 12, because conceptually it is just fine. The only problems are that it takes 3 to 4 minutes to load and then, when I attempt to invoke a command (e.g. “open file”) the program freezes, never to recover. I’m running Windows 8.1 with 16 GB or RAM, quad 4.2 GHz processors and plenty of drive space. For what super computer was Elements designed? And, please, Adobe: Get out of the 32 bit world.

I have tried to purchase a hard copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 but cannot get the hard copy any longer. Can I purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements12 and Premiere Elements12 Bundle or is this also only obtainable through I cloud subscription I need this for my Mac

I’ve just downloaded Premiere Elements 12 and can’t get it to recognise my MiniDV Camera – a panasonic nv-gs300. any suggestions?

Please let me talk with an agent or at least chat. I have been unable now for days to create a DVD of a slideshow with photos and videos that I have spent days on only to find I am unable to create a DVD for myself and my friends of our trip

what’s going on with this?

Just purchased Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 from Amazon. Installed on Win7/64 pc and both Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 open and flash briefly on the screen and disappear. After sorting through another problem finally got Photoshop Elements 12.1 update to install but same problem. Total goatrope.

I’ve been looking a mid range video/photo editor so I downloaded and installed the trial version of elements. Premiere elements runs much slower and rougher than Lightworks free does on my computer. The instant movie button is the worst idea in the world. I still can’t get over how bad it is. I wish I could get rid of all the bloat and get valuable screen space back and have it be easier on my system.

I wish adobe would cut out all the bloat and lower the cost. If someone is upgrading from something free like Movie Maker they are probably past all the “Instant”/”auto” features. Basically we need elements to be expert mode without all the fat. When that happens, I’m buying. Hopefully 13 will be a leaner version.

I AM BEYOND ANGRY!!!!!!!!!! I just purchased photoshop elements 12 , I have no other version—I have windows 7 with a dvd player—it WILL NOT INSTALL. Everything works fine on my HP computer, I paid nearly $100.00 for the DVDS, windows and mac included from Amazon. I NEED THIS for my photography business, I can’t keep sucking data from my hotspot and I live rurally so I MUST have a photo editor installed. I am so pissed off right now because obviously this is NOT WORKING and I dont have freaking hours to sit here and continue to read blogs about other people apparently having the same issues, what a bunch of #### ADOBE!!!!!!!!! I will plaster my disdain on every social platform I am connected with

    Hi Patti,

    First, please don’t use foul language our blog. Second, I don’t see an Adobe ID account or support case. Have you tried to contact support for help with your install issue? I’ll have someone try and contact you and get you sorted.

    Im in the same boat Patti is in .I also called Adobe talk to an agent they tried to keep it from freezing. It worked for about a day then its back to the same freezing up . I called them back and they said they can’t help me and to go online . REALLY!!!!!!
    I even made a new catalog . I’m so frustrated and my photography is going in the toilet cause I cant seem to edit my pictures without it freezing . BEWARE of this program . NOT HAPPY wouldn’t recommend this to no one !!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Photoshop Elements. However I was a little bit disappointed when bying no 12 (before that: no 10). I think the big change (only) was about the layout, lots of functions were suddenly located in the bottom. Generally the Photoshop layout (12) look less professional, I think. However the layout is not the most important. I wish multipel functions to be more “smooth”/”gentle” (one example among severals: moving letters on an image). And (of course) several functions to be more exact (already before further actions).Are you working on that? In no 13?

HI. I have Windows 8.1, & use Photo Shop 7. I wanted to buy 11 or 12, but after reading about all the problems with them,even from reviews on other sites, I’ve decided not to. Can you tell me if Photo Shop 8,9, or 10 will work with windows 8.1? Thanks

Can someone tell me if there is a way to tether my Nikon D5200 to my laptop using PSE12?

    Elements doesn’t support tethering. You’d have to use the camera tethering software or a product like Lightroom.

I received Photoshop12 with my camera. It is taking over 3 hours to download on my windows8 computer. Is this right? I don’t think it should take this long?????

I bought adobe elements 12 and it will not install on my windows 8. What do I do?

I am using the trial elements 12 & love it.
I did buy the program but waiting for the trial to end.

2 questions:

1.) How to erase a date o a picture
2.) How to get rid of white sky?


Very disappointed in Elements 12. How can hundreds of photos become disconnected?
Doesn’t happen in other photo programs I use. Feel like I wasted a lot of money upgrading to this.

    Hi Lou,

    Hundreds of Photos can become disconnected if the name of the parent folder they the images are in gets renamed without Photoshop Elements doing the renaming, or if a drive letter on a removeable drive changes with a reconnect of the drive. Basically, if the original path of the image has changed without Organizer knowing about it, they will show as missing/disconnected.

    Are your images still on the system? Did a drive letter change? Did a parent folder name change?

    In the Organizer, we don’t store the images in the catalog, just links to where the images are stored on your
    hard drive.

    See if this article helps:


Hello, I recently purchased Photoshop Elements 9 and am unable to install it on my Dell laptop running Windows 7. I am receiving “Error 1935, an error occurred during the installation of assembly component.” There are a ton of 4 digit/Hex codes accompanying the message. I tried installing it with my virus protection disabled, same results. Any ideas? Thank you.

Regarding my first post, and in case it helps, the codes accompanying this error message are:
74FD 3CE6 2A8D 0E9C A01F C8B3B9A1E18E HRESULT: 0X800736B3. Thanks!

Recently bought a new iMac running OS 10.9.5, installed Elements 9.0.2, current catalog on old Mac, successfully restored the catalog to the new iMac. Installed Elements 12.1 backed up Elements 9 attempted to restore to Elements 12. Restore completes successfully but the conversion fails and suggests repair and reconvert which does not work. Have tried this 3 times and get the same result each time.

Today I downloaded Photoshop Elements 12 okay and it’s working okay. I downloaded Premiere Elements 12 but I can’t find it. Both have valid serial numbers and both downloaded via the same path, Premiere being the second. Is there a need to download Premier to its own folder, in order to ensure it is saved and accessible? There are two products . . . Elements is working as it should, but where’s Premiere? What have I missed?

Got Elements 12 today, installed fine but will not validate, says not connected to the internet when i blatantly am. Not blocked by Firewall, no host files to delete. Installing on company computer with admin privileges. Not sure where to go from here, help please.

Used PSE3 for years and loved it. Wasn’t compatible with Windows 7 and after a few years of it half working bought Photoshop Premier and Elements 12(on CD’s) from July 2014. There was no warning that support for the product would end when I bought it or I wouldn’t have! Now after 3 months of trying to get it to install – it will not open, have uninstalled and re-installed many many many times… – Adobe will not help and can not return to so I have a $100 CD only good for a coaster!

Tried one more time – Organizer will open but not Editor

I am having problems with my adobe premiere elements 12. I have an Imac After I add about 5 minutes of video clip it begins to freeze for several minutes. After it unfreezes if i try to save it, add something to it, or click anything on it it begins to freeze again. It is not letting me do nothing. What can the problem be?

I bought elements 12 from Buy tech solutions but am having difficulty in downloading and installing it.
Can you help.
I have a valid serial number from them.

    Are you having trouble downloading the product? Or activating with your serial #?

My friend ended up taking the program, I thought he was just going to ask his buddy on how to use the green screen version inside the program, because he said he knows a friend that’s an expert so I trusted that he could help, but he has installed my bought CDs onto his computer and now after getting it back from him it will not except downloading it to mine? How come, and why does it not tell you how many computers can you download it to ? Please help me I’m loosing my mind with this thing, I got enough anxiety as it is, I purchesed your program and put my trust into you.

Help please. Thanks

I just got a tablet, but before that I had a computer that had adobe. I wan’t to know if I can download the account from the old computer to the new device, with the same ammount of pay, not having to pay extra. So, can I do this? ☺

    You can install on as many systems (Mac and Win) as you like. I have 5 systems at any given time between home, work/testing machines. However, you can sign-in and activate CC on two of those systems at a time.

    To start using on a 3rd computer, simply sign out of one of the two other activated computers. Don’t worry if you don’t have access to the computers to sign out. When you log-in and encounter that you’re signed in and activated on two other systems, you will be asked if you want to deactivate the other systems so you can sign-in and start using the current system immediately. This eliminates lost activations from dead systems or systems you don’t have ready access to.

    Cross platform licenses and roaming activation are both new features of Creative Cloud which hopefully adds a level of convenience not available before.

I just want the darned program to OPEN. (Prem.El.12)
Opening the program gets me a “card” making me choose between Editor and Organizer; then “existing” or “new” project.
why not just OPEN and THEN let me choose.
cannot tell you how annoying this is.
I have to preview the files in MS Media Player to make sure I have the one I want.
Only THEN do I go to Premiere and then have to go down the “tree” all over again to locate the file.
There MUST be an EASIER way!!
ted k brown

i’ve been trying to install adobe photoshop elements now for about two freaking hours, what a nightmare. premiere elements took hours then kept crashing when i tried to use it. at least lightroom 4 and 5 work but the damn crap keeps trying to own everything on my computer. adobe software can rot in hell


Generally the Photoshop layout (12) look less professional, I think. However the layout is not the most important. I wish multipel functions to be more “smooth”/”gentle” (one example among severals: moving letters on an image)

I’m gonna use it to take the screenshot in my home video.

When we go on trips we take a lot of pictures and when we get home I examine all of the pictures and put them on a DVD. Not a movie but a DVD. I put music with them and then the pictures are so they change every ten or twelve seconds. I see where elements premier will make a movie but that is not what I want. The last trip we were on was to Norway and Sweden and we took 1600 pictures. I examined every one of them and naturally I did not put all of them on a DVD but a lot of them. If photoshop will make DVD’s like that I would buy it but I don’t want to make a movie just a DVD.

Charles Chaplin




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