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Photoshop Playbook Tutorial Series Solves Common Problems

One of the best parts of being on the Photoshop team is seeing how eager our community is to learn more about Photoshop. This is evidenced by the hundreds of Photoshop tutorials across YouTube and the web. We’ve noticed over time that most of our customers don’t seek Photoshop help as it relates to individual features like content-aware patch and camera shake reduction. Many customers want to learn how to use a combination of Photoshop tools to solve a problem.

That’s why we created a tutorial series just for solving problems. It’s called the Photoshop Playbook, and it’s dedicated to answering the questions we see most across our social channels, like how to make a fine-hair selection, how to remove an ex from a photo, or how to whiten teeth.

I encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when new videos are available each Friday. We will be posting a new episode of Photoshop Playbook each and every week! Further, we encourage you to join the conversation on Twitter about solving Photoshop problems with the hashtag #PhotoshopPlaybook.

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Thank you for the Photoshop Playbook.

I plan on watching the videos to remind on a regular basis of things I learned to do with Photoshop in the past, but tend to forget. I am looking forward to refreshing my memory and keeping up to date on Photoshop features.


I am really looking into learning photoshop,

The tutorials gave me motivation to enjoy learning PS. thank you.

Hi there. I just want to ask a favor if u are in western Australia,can you
help me to do 3 photos from black and white into colors, and a few manipulations of old pictures, Which I lost in the fire?
But because I’m an old lady and don’t know much of a computers
I need someone to come to my place and help me do it. I need this
photos done,so I can make an album for the grand kids, to see who their grand
mother was.

So please let me know if u are willing to do this on my pc and I can explain what I want. I don’t know how to send the pictures, or put it on scan and on the USB drive. None of this I don’t know how,
So if you would be so good people and decide to do this for me and tell me how much it”l cost me.
I’ll be forever grateful to you, Just don’t be too expensive, you know my pension is not very much, so please consider this and let me know.
Kind Regards
Rayna,Nollamara Western Australia

This is an AWESOME news. I am definitely looking forward for the tutorials. Kudos to the team.

Really great news. Directly suscribed your Youtube Channel also. But why this video gets only 11.000 views?

P.S.: For those, who tant to stay up to date like me, give Photoshop a like on Facebook 😉

Great news from adobe. Looking forward for the series.
@Nico: on my way to like it :)

I hope Playbook will help me finding best videos more quickly and easily.
Thanks Adobe Team

Beware. If you are a mac user this upgrade is quite simply useless.
No RAW converter
No Lens distortion (Keystone ) correction
No photomerge
No scene cleaner
No direct export from Apple Aperture
No Photostich
In short, it’s crap and I’m back to using version 9 and expect I’ll be on the phone for hours trying to get my money back.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.

    Hi David,

    What product are you referring to? This is a tutorial for Photoshop CS/CC.

    Are you referring to Photoshop Elements? Elements has a photomerge feature. Export from Aperture is controlled by Aperture’s External Editor preference and Elements (or any editor) can be specified as a application to export to.

    If you need help or have questions about your product, I would suggest posting to our forums here where more folks are able to assist you:

I like the tutorials, i find them are very helpful, congratulations and thanks!

Nice – new one just posted:

Photoshop Playbook: Adding Borders to Images

I’ll join the community of course, I had some problems with photoshop when making the logo of my site, these tutoriols will help a lot, thanks guys.

The tutorial simply awesome, help me to retouch my family gathering photo and kick the “ex” from there! Thanks :)

Photoshop is more and more popular today. It is important for anyone who is working on computer and especially must love creation. I hope you will provide more useful information concerning the Photoshop.

Awesome. Can’t wait for your tutorials. I just bought a copy and looking forward to learn new tricks. Great job Adobe, love your products.

Great news from adobe. I am very happy to read this. I am definitely looking forward for the tutorials. Appreciate your sharing this best posting

Adobe has been pumping out very impressive software with excellent customer service for years now. Great tutorials, can’t wait for the many more I’m sure you’ll produce.

cheers, i am a big fan of photoshop!


Thanks for taking the time to write this up. The play book will certainly help with my training

Once again thanks

I just started using Photoshop for my painting business and I can say that these videos helped a ton. For those who own their own small business, I would definitely think about investing in this software as it is a life saver.

That’s great. And thanks a lot!

I’m definitely going to subscribe to your YouTube Channel so that I can learn more about Photoshop and use it on my design agency. Do you think there is a huge difference between Photoshop 7 and Adobe CS5? I can’t easily differentiate them.

This is a great tutorial. I just started learning a little about photography and Photoshop so this will be very helpful. I’ll definitely come back here for more help.

Thanks for the post on Playbook. I use Photoshop daily, but would be interested to see how CS5 can help me!

Photoshop is challenging for beginners and I applaud video tutorials because they are so much more helpful than a text or verbal instruction. Step by step walk through’s help individuals conceptualize the design they’re trying to make. Videos for Photoshop are a great idea as I know many people I associate with would find them helpful.

I appreciate this tutorial. I am looking for Photoshop. I was very pleased to find this site. I wanted to thank you for this great read.

I am learning about Photoshop. I am very much pleased with the contents you have mentioned.I really appreciate the thought that you put into this article. Thank you for sharing

This is a great tutorial, I’m new at photoshop.

I’m not an expert in Photoshop, and this tutorial is exactly what I was looking for. I gained some useful knowledge on the subject, which will surely help out in the future.

Am new to photoshop and i find the youtube links very useful.
Thank you Bryan O’Neil for the tutorial.

Great article. Thank you for your writing.

This article guided me to your youtube channel where, after subscribing, I watched some amazingly useful videos which helped to better use Photoshop when working on my website.

I highly appreciate the work you’ve done.

his article guided me to your youtube channel where, after subscribing, I watched some amazingly useful videos which helped to better use Photoshop when working on my website.

I highly appreciate the work you’ve done.

This article helped me solve the problem. Great article.
Thanks Adobe Team

Great tutorial, photoshop is still a best program for graphic.

This is gold. Thank you for the tutorial; I’m off to put it to use!

Useful post as always. I sent this tutorial to my brother. Kudos!

Great news! I’m a big fan of photoshop.Kudos to the team

Thank you. I love the Photoshop Playbook.

Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find
out some additional information.

Thanks for your post and video! The Tutorial is very helpful to me!

Excellent tutorial, simple to follow and clear to understand. Even for novices such as myself!

Photoshop is a challenge for the new start and I applaud video guide because we have a lot more useful a text or verbal instruction. Every step walks through the help of the personal concept design they trying to do. Video for Photoshop is a great idea as I know, a lot of people I associate with will find them useful.

Great Tips and idea, Photoshop is a best program for graphic and photo editing

Great resource, guys. I wish I’d found this earlier this year. I spent all of June trying to figure some basic Photoshop moves and lost a lot of time. I’ll definite pass this on to my friends. Cheers..

Thanks for showing us this tutorial!


Great tutorial guys. I have the Photoshop Playbook, but have been getting a few errors lately. Fortunately, this tutorial has solved all of my problems. Thanks a lot mate 😀

Thank you for the tutorial, I feel like I’m getting to grips with photoshop more every single day

Thanks for the tut! Be back soon to keep learning more about adobe.

Great tutorial. Nice to see good thing from here. Thanks team

Thanks for the tutorial. It really helped me to solve all my problems.

This is amazing to me based on I never understood this concept. Thank you team. Keep your working.

While using the Adobe Photoshop; there are some common problems are arrive.
Thanks for adding youtube video to solve this Photoshop problem.

Hi there! I have a strong likeness for all kinds of gadgets and software solutions. Thanks for sharing this piece. The idea of creating an Adobe Photoshop tutorial series for beginners is an amazing initiative. I see many people wanting to use the software but are unable to use it the way it’s supposed to be used. I may have been using Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years, but I still don’t call myself a pro. I will definitely be following your tutorials. Once again, thanks for doing this!

Loved the tutorial. Getting there with Photoshop but great stuff like this really helps.

Thanks! Mike

Thanks for the tut! Be back soon to keep learning more about adobe.

Great tutorial. I will be back for more tutorial.
Thanks Bryan.

Thanks so much for this easy to understand tutorial. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this exact thing. Everyone else made it so complicated. I knew it was supposed to be easy.

Thanks for adding youtube video to solve this Photoshop problem..Photoshop is a challenge for a new beginning and I welcome video guide because we have a lot more useful than a written or verbal instructions. Every step through the help of the personal design idea that they are trying to do. Video for Photoshop is a great idea as I know, a lot of people I associate with will find them useful.




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