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Forrester Groundswell Award Submission

In May 2013, Adobe announced a dramatic shift in its business model, from perpetual box software to a cloud subscription model. While the new Creative Cloud provided the latest offerings and tools to every subscriber, many photography consumers were unhappy about the change, and vocal about this on social, driving a rise in negative sentiment.

In September 2013, Adobe announced its Photoshop Photography Program (PPP) available to customers who owned Creative Suite 3 or later. The program was created specifically for photographers, and offers Photoshop CC, Lightroom 5 and a Behance ProSite as a discounted bundle package for only $9.99 a month. Due to its popularity and as a way to widely increase product adoption and sales, Adobe opened up the PPP in November 2013 to everyone in order to build brand awareness and reduce negative sentiment.

The strategy was to use original social creative on social channels to convey inclusiveness and a sense of humor while driving adoption of the program. The announcement poked fun at the company’s previous restrictions on subscription upgrades and touted that for the first time, this program was available to EVERYONE. The strategy was to use a humorous and approachable cast of characters (sasquatch, robots and designers alike) to illustrate the low barrier to entry on this offer.  Adobe hoped that by taking a cheeky, friendly approach, they could catch the attention of customers and improve upon previous sentiment shown in response to sales messages on social.

FB PPP For Everyone

Included in content was a sassy flowchart used to illustrate why signing up for PPP is simple and downright smart. On Facebook, this post garnered a 9% engagement rate.

As an alternative piece of content, we posted a flow chart showing the decision process when purchasing the Photoshop Photography Program.

The social team also responded in real-time with additional Cover Photos that included the various illustrated character designs and real comments and replies from fans and followers.

FB Cover Photo

Adobe’s primary business goal was to drive awareness and product adoption of the Photoshop Photography Program and to reduce negative sentiment in response to the Creative Cloud business model shift. The program performed extremely well, exceeding initial social sales goal more than tenfold. In addition, positive sentiment increased from 12% positive during the initial Photoshop CC announcement to 19% positive during the PPP campaign.

Content was supported by paid promotion on Facebook and Twitter, targeting users interested in photography that were not already connected to Photoshop’s social networks. The paid promotion increased impressions on Facebook and Twitter for the Photoshop Photography Program by 3,295,113 impressions.

The high sales, engagement rates, positive sentiment, and reach statistics are a testament the strategy and approach for the Photoshop Photography Program. Additional results are as follows:

  • Gained 8,024,011 potential social impressions
  • Garnered 17,672 total social engagements
  • Drove 32,854 clicks to the Program Offers Page

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