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Harmonic Convergence? Adobe Celebrates Perfect Trifecta of Birthdays!

What do Smokey Robinson, Copernicus and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) have in common? Other than just the right mix of science and creativity…they all share a February 19th birthday. ACR fits right in with this group of right and left-brained all-stars. Astrologists say that those born on February 19 have, “the ability to put ideas into form,”… READ MORE

Meet the Team: Thomas Knoll – Photoshop Co-Creator

In the late eighties, Thomas Knoll co-invented Photoshop and changed our visual world forever. If you take a look around, there isn’t much that hasn’t been touched in some way by the software – your Starbucks coffee cup, the movie you watched this weekend or the magazine you flipped through on your iPad. It’s amazing… READ MORE