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Meet the Team: Tim Riot and Matthew Bice — Photoshop Experience Designers

Experiencing Photoshop It’s not easy to explain what we do for a living. The conversation normally goes like this: “So, what do you do?” “Do you know Photoshop? “Yah.” “I’m a Photoshop Experience Designer.” “You’re a designer and you use Photoshop?” “No, I work at Adobe and I design the Photoshop experience.” “Oh, awesome! I love Photoshop!… READ MORE

Meet the Team: Nathan Carr – Senior Research Scientist

Crashing light cycles and skeletons in Photoshop sound curiously fun, right? So what is it? It’s a designer’s dream, computation geometer’s curiosity, and a research engineer’s nightmare. Have I got your attention? Before I describe what this is all about, let me digress a bit. Prior to arriving at Adobe, I was amazed at the… READ MORE