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Photoshop CS6 & Illustrator CS6 Updates Available for Creative Cloud Members & Mac Customers

Wondering why you’ve received a notification from your Adobe Application Manager (AAM) today? Well, we’re pleased to announce that an update for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator CS6 is now available for Creative Cloud members and Mac customers! For more details and to learn what’s new, please join us at the Create Now event on Dec. 11 at 10 a.m…. READ MORE

Photoshop and Windows XP

The Photoshop team would like to provide advanced notice that Photoshop CS6 (13.0) will be the last major version of Photoshop to support Windows XP. (Photoshop CS6 does not support Windows Vista.) In addition, all subsequent Photoshop feature updates specifically for Creative Cloud members will no longer support Windows XP. Leveraging advances available on newer… READ MORE

Photoshop World Day 3: Nicole Dalesio Takes the Show Floor

Day 3 at Photoshop World included a fun booth session with our Next Photoshop Evangelist Contest winner Nicole Dalesio! Nicole is a 5th grade school teacher based in the Bay Area who enjoys creating all kinds of digital art in Photoshop. Her creative uses of Photoshop CS6’s video features kept the audience inspired. (You can watch… READ MORE

The Photoshop Team Heads to Comic-Con

My love for comics brought me to San Diego Comic Con in 1993 and it was my first convention experience. Now, almost 20 years later, I’m back on the convention circuit with Wondercon and soon San Diego Comic Con 2012. Myself and a few others from the Photoshop team will be hosting a panel session on Saturday where… READ MORE

Photoshop CS6: The Need for Speed

Performance is now a feature in every new version of Photoshop and as Photoshop Architect, it’s my job to look for ways to make the software faster and more responsive than ever. We’ve heard from our customers that they perceive improved performance as a feature and a key reason to upgrade to a new version…. READ MORE