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Reflections on the Photoshop CS6 beta

As a quality engineer here at Adobe it is the team’s number one priority to deliver a high quality product. Why? You, our customers, our fans…demand and deserve it. We remain focused on the customer in every meeting, every brainstorming and planning session. What are we solving for? What is the customer impact? What will… READ MORE

YOUR Release: Photoshop CS6 Inspired by Customers

It’s a lot of fun watching downloads of the Photoshop CS6 beta skyrocket to nearly one million in just a few weeks! We’re also enjoying seeing what’s been powered by the Photoshop CS6 beta from Facebook fans like David Drummond and today, Stewart Wood, whose images have been selected as our Facebook cover art . Tonight, Adobe has officially… READ MORE

Your Creations: Powered by Photoshop CS6 beta!

There have been over three quarters of a million downloads for the Photoshop CS6 beta and we want to see what you’re creating! The Photoshop team has developed a simple way for you to watermark your images, so you can show us what you’re up to with the cool new features in the latest release…. READ MORE

Thank You for Downloading the Photoshop CS6 beta!

We’ve been blown away by the response to the Photoshop CS6 beta. In less than one week of its release, we’ve seen over half a million downloads and counting!! Download it for free today! It’s not often that we provide an advance preview of the next release of Photoshop and we’re grateful for all the… READ MORE

Experiencing Photoshop World – Washington DC

I arrived in Washington, DC just a few days ago to unseasonably balmy weather, which encourages the cherry blossom trees to full bloom. Absolutely perfect conditions for exploring the city with a camera in hand.                       My personal passion is photography and it’s rare that I… READ MORE